but he is adorable omg

pullinajalonzallnite  asked:

Everyone thinks that Logan is the least romantic person on the face of the earth,but he's actually one of the most gushiest romantics ever and Scott has too many flowers and cute notes and he's flattered but oh-so-confused and entertained as to why this gruff man who just woke him up with breakfast in bed is now pretending he's an unrelenting tough guy when in truth he's a squishy marshmallow.

Omg that’s so fucking adorable. I do imagine Logan being the one to plan romantic dinners whenever he can and Scott always surprise every time Logan does something romantic.

anonymous asked:

Bing and Virus having a cutesy wedding outdoors in the spring, when suddenly it starts to rain and Vi is hiding under a table with the wedding cake. And omg he's so scared it's adorable.

Bing laughed “I think a nature wedding would be wonderful. Of course it would be indoors so my lovely Virus doesn’t have to worry about rain.”


I CAN'T😂😂😂