but he is a charmer

Show Me That You Love Me

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(Monday, Feb 6)

Clarke: FYI, I’m telling my coworkers that we’re dating so this creep will stop hitting on me

Bellamy: You can’t just leave it at that.
How creepy are we talking?  
You know if I don’t get specifics my mind jumps straight to the worst-case scenario.

Clarke: It’s not that big a deal? Mostly just annoying
But he won’t take no for an answer so I told him I had a boyfriend

Bellamy: Not a girlfriend?

Clarke: They know I’m bi already because I ranted about gross stereotypes at the Christmas party
It’s why they instituted a two-drink limit
And if he doesn’t respect my hard “no” I doubt he’ll respect my girlfriend’s so

Bellamy: You sure you don’t want to date him? He sounds like a charmer.

Clarke: I was sure the first fifteen times he asked and my decision hasn’t wavered.
I wouldn’t have even mentioned it to you except I know Anya comes to the bar sometimes and I didn’t want you to blow my cover

Bellamy: Consider your cover secure.

Clarke: Thanks. I owe you one.

Bellamy: What are fake boyfriends for?

* * *

(Wednesday, Feb 8)

Clarke: WTF???

Bellamy: I see you got my flowers.

Clarke: They’re hard to miss seeing as they take up MY WHOLE CUBICLE
It smells like a rainforest
My allergies are killing me
Seriously. Why.

Bellamy: Can’t I just show my fake girlfriend that I appreciate her?
Why must you always assume I have ulterior motives?

Clarke: Because I know how expensive flowers can be and you’re the biggest coupon-clipping Scrooge I know

Bellamy: I’m helping!
I’m just trying to back up your story, Princess.

Clarke: You’re just trying to embarrass me in front of my coworkers is what you’re doing

Bellamy: Remember that time you made me do karaoke with you?
Some might consider us even now.

Clarke: You know Valentine’s Day is next week right? If you do something like this on a random Wednesday, you’re going to have to do something for that too or else Cage will think we’ve broken up

Bellamy: So I’m going to have to top myself is what you’re saying.

Clarke: I don’t think that’s what I said at all

Bellamy: If you insist, Princess.

Clarke: I don’t insist. I STRONGLY DO NOT INSIST.

Bellamy: Unrelated question: what song would you most like to have serenaded to you?

Clarke: If that’s how it’s gonna be then start preparing yourself
Cause it’s on, Blake

Bellamy: Dammit, I did not think this through.

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My history crush is Robert de Montesquiou, a french poet and aesthete from the XIXth centuy (1855-1921). His poetry wasn’t that good, called “untranslatable” (he was even mocked by some of his contemporaries), but the man himself is awesome. He was an insolent dandy and a real charmer : « Tall, black-haired, rouged, Kaiser-moustached, he cackled and screamed in weird attitudes, giggling in high soprano, hiding his little black teeth behind an exquisitely gloved hand—the poseur absolute. »

He supported the artistic avant-garde of his time : the poet Verlaine and the composer Debussy (among several others).

He inspired Marcel Proust for the character of the baron de Charlus. This character became the archetype of the closeted-conflicted homosexual. It made Montesquiou furious. Montesquiou was indeed homosexual, but he wasn’t closeted, his homosexual tendencies being quite obvious. He lived for twenty years with Gabriel Yturri, a young and handsome south-american immigrant, who died in 1905.

He is said to have once slept with the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. He would then have vomited for twenty-four hours (but they remained close friends).

The poor guy never wrote the masterpiece he dreamt of, but eh, he was a handsome and exquisitely arrogant-provocative mofo.

Emmanuel Lewis plays a latchkey kid who can’t get into the Christmas spirit, and Mr. T plays a street Santa who swoops him up and hustles him around town to metaphorically smack the jolly into him. Which was kind of weird, because ‘80s kids were told that there were three things they were supposed to avoid: crack, strangers and insider trading convictions. In fact, Mr. T himself sang-talk-rapped-mumbled a whole song about avoiding strangers.

The most surreal moment? When a prestigious choir starts singing, Emmanuel does this head roll loop thing. It’s almost like he’s a puppet and a puppet master is yanking the string that controls his head. Or he’s a snake and the American Boychoir is his snake charmer.

Two, Mr. T doesn’t know what to do with his hands while the choir sings, so he faux conducts. You know, like we all do when we hear classical music and we’re 4 years old.

Three, and this is the BIG ONE, after telling the story of the birth of Baby Jesus, Mr. T delivers a second speech where he reveals a bizarre obsession.

The 4 Craziest Moments in the History of Christmas Specials

mercury exemplifies many facets of human nature, he is the mutable fountain of youth, he embodies the mental agility, enthusiasm, and spirit of the young, naive and curious, novel and adorable. there is swift sorcery, the alchemy of consciousness into thought and magic, an enchanted sage who flies at the speed of mercury circling the sun. he is changeable and nimble. his tongue is as silver as his mind is golden. mercury is a conman and a thieve, an academic, a charmer, a harmonizer. he knows how to create relationships between oppositions and resolve duality because his beguiled mind perceives every perspective and particle
mercury is the ruler of gemini and virgo. everyone has a sign in mercury and a sign on the 3rd/6th house cusp


“Look, I know you might beat me up for saying this, and that’s totally fine with me, but you’re adorable.”

You gave Sam a short look, trying to hide the amusement over your face at him in his current drunken state as you helped him over to his bed. “You’re a real charmer, Sammy,” you mocked, and he gave you a cute half smile before slumping down onto his mattress, still fully dressed.

“I’m s-serious,” he slurred, face now partly buried in the pillows. “You’re amazing. I love you Y/N/N,” his muffled voice just about audible and even in his drunk ass state, those words still made your heart leap in your chest.

You pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, pushing the hair from his face, “night, Sammy,” you murmured as he soon drifted off to sleep. You knew full well he wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning, and that was always the most painful part of just ‘being friends’ with Sam Winchester.

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okay but...
  • Harry insists on buying a CD player for his home in London with Ginny. 
  • Curious, he buys her a CD, one that he knows a lot of Muggle girls like but he’s only ever heard in passing. (He’s had Dark Lords and Death Eaters to worry about, you know.) 
  • And within minutes he regrets his life choices because Ginny is rocking out to “I Want It That Way” by some boy band called the Backstreet Boys on repeat. 
  • She asks Hermione about them and they buy every single boy band album from the 80′s on. 
  • They continue this for several years as new albums come out and Harry has more or less given Ginny the CD player. 
  • (Not that he particularly minds because she’s actually kind of cute when she’s dancing and singing along with a young Teddy and she doesn’t think he’s looking.)
  • She puts headphones on her pregnant belly and tells James Sirius Potter that he’s going to be such a charmer. 
  • Harry protests that she’s going to brainwash their baby before he’s even born but when has she ever taken his half-hearted arguments seriously? 
  • Eighteen years later James Sirius is tall and broad, a chiseled mix of Bill’s height and Fred and George’s stockiness, and singing some song that he’s heard Ginny hum before and Teddy pretends he isn’t watching him with a lopsided smile. 
  • James pretends that Teddy isn’t pretending to watch him
  • Harry pretends that he isn’t seeing them silently flirt and mumbles to Ginny that it’s all her fault with a light smile on his face. 
  • Ginny laughs and continues braiding Lily Luna’s hair. 
  • “But he’s charming, isn’t he?” 
  • Harry looks up from his morning paper just in time to see James Sirius holding out a sunflower he conjured in his palm to Teddy and Teddy rolling his eyes despite his blush. 
  • “Oh, he’s good.” 
  • “And you said I was brainwashing him.” 
  • They share a glance and laugh together quietly, happy that their son is boy band trash/a romantic sap.

Dave Cullen has spread countless lies about Columbine, and he should not be trusted by anyone wishing to conduct accurate research.

Here are some example quotes from his book (called Columbine):

[Eric] got chicks, lots of chicks,’

[Eric] outscored much of the football team.’

[Eric] had no interest in the marines,’

‘Neither [Eric nor Dylan] complained about bullies picking on them,’

‘Dates were not generally a problem,’

[Eric] was a little charmer. He walked right up to hotties at the mall. He won them over with quick wit, dazzling dimples, and a disarming smile.’


This is what I wrote a couple months after my first heartbreak. It started out as a cathartic way for me to pour out the story, but then the story ended up writing itself in a way that provided me healing, hope, and freedom. I shared it before and I’m sharing it again for that person out there whose heart is shattered on the floor for the very first time, that person who hates his/herself for putting their heart in the wrong hands again, that person who swore off love years ago because the pain was too much to bear.

This is my very raw and personal story, but my hope is that it’ll bring just a sliver of light to someone who desperately needs it. This one’s for you, my brokenhearted friend.


He’s going to come crashing into your life like thunder without warning – tall, dark, handsome, just like all the books and movies and songs forewarned. They said he’d be a charmer and a sweet talker, and he is. They said he’d sweep you off your feet, and he does. That he’ll be the trigger to all the warm, fluttery things within you, and they’re right. The pattern continues and everything unfolds exactly as they said it would, all signs pointing to this turning into something big, something worthwhile, something that matters. And you’re led to believe it’ll be enough.

His comedic timing is better than most movies and he can tell a great story. His words are deep and sultry, like black coffee and chocolate milk, soul-soothing and comforting and always leaving you wanting more. You could listen to him for hours, asking him every little thing so you can hear him and hear him and hear him some more. And you’ll think that’s enough.

He’s smart and an athlete, sincere and a jokester. He pushes your buttons and he loves you well, he becomes your best friend but you both know you’re meant for something more. He’s everything all in one and you think that it’s enough.

Life wastes no time and soon everything becomes a frenzied blur of mindless touches and tickles and I love yous and romantic nights and lazy mornings. There’s bliss and happiness and warmth, feelings unleashed that you’d never before experienced and for a time, thought you never would. It feels like it’s enough.

But like a sandstorm through an hourglass things will start falling and you cannot stop it. Falling backwards and falling sideways and falling apart and when it suddenly stops you’re hanging upside down with a tiny voice in the pit of your stomach wondering if maybe, just maybe, you’re not enough.

Everything settles to dust and you’re left with the messy aftermath – tears, worries, doubts, fears, insecurities. You think it was all ingrained in you, that it was a time bomb ticking since the beginning, eager to destroy everything good that ever crossed your path. Because you’re not enough.

But by some miracle, he’s still there. He lends you a hand to help you up and you take it. He hugs you close and kisses your tears and wipes the dirt from your clothes and you thank him and thank him and thank him, blind to the fact that this person you’re looking at like the solution to your every problem just made the mess bigger. But all you know is that he didn’t run or try to shield himself from your darkness like anyone else would have, should have, and you convince yourself that it has to be enough.

It’s worse because it’s not black and white. You’re happy but you’re sad, things are good but they’re bad, there’s bitter and there’s sweet, some nightmares and some dreams, a lot of words spoken but more left unsaid. It’s certainly not shattered but it’s not whole either, and with this feeling of confusion and emptiness so real you can almost taste it, you know it isn’t enough.

So you do what you do best. You dive inside yourself, trying to calm the storm and put out the fire and tend to the garden all at once, trying to fix and fix and fix and grow and grow and grow but never stopping to let yourself heal, heal, heal. You drown, you burn, you wilt. You refuse to go down without a fight but it’s still not enough and you’re left wondering if it ever will be. If you ever will be.

Options are exhausted until there’s only one left and you fear it, you dread it, you hate it, but then, you accept it. For him. Your darkness is imminent, your efforts are failing, you aren’t good for him, you think as devastating as it is, goodbye is inevitable. He doesn’t agree with you. But he doesn’t disagree either. You sit in a hard, heavy silence until finally, finally, he nods. Your head drops. Your stomach sinks. Tears fall. Your fears are confirmed - you weren’t enough.

You see him cry for the first time ever, he hugs you, he tells you he loves you, he tells you he’ll miss you, he tells you to call if you ever need anything, and you are left reeling, mind spinning, entirely speechless, plagued with one thought and one thought only: he should have been enough. So why wasn’t he? And why aren’t I?

Night turns to day and day to night, over and over, slowly at first, and then with haste. It’s been a week. You box up his shirts where his scent still lingers and replace all the picture frames that reek of love from once upon a time. You feel grief. You miss him. You feel relief. You hope he’s well.

Time keeps passing and with it comes waves of familiar feelings and waves that feel foreign. The sadness continues crashing into the shore until it starts bringing with it something else, something you can’t pinpoint, something new. New is different and different is weird, but it’s not bad. The sun seems to shine brighter, the moon looks peaceful. You seem to shine brighter, you look peaceful.

You’re ready to dive inside yourself again, this time without an agenda, without desperation, without shame, without your sword and without your shield. With a sigh of surrender, you lay your weapons down.

All it takes is an open heart and your bare hands to uncover the truth that was there all along – waiting for you to catch up. Praying you would. Hoping you’d move faster, but patient in knowing that eventually you’d get there. And you do.

At first, it seems unfair. This long-awaited truth that’s supposed to set you free instead feels cruel, wrong, painful. For a while, the naked truth always seems that way. And it does for you too.

But then one morning the world will shift ever so slightly, as it tends to do, and so will you. You breathe in the truth that once suffocated you as if you’d never inhaled air any fresher - and this idea that had been haunting you now feels like home. That he can be good and you can be good, even though the two of you together weren’t. That sometimes the very things that fall so seamlessly together, must fall apart to make way for better things to come. That some people, by no fault of their own, aren’t meant to be. That he’s enough for someone, but not you. That you will be enough for somebody someday too.

It would have never been enough for the two of you. And as much as you twist and bend all that happened to find a way to bring light and reason and peace to its sad and sorry end, you realize that it simply wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t yours either, that sometimes love works and sometimes it ruins, sometimes due to a circumstance or a flaw or a fight, but sometimes for no reason at all. Sometimes it can’t be mended or repaired and sometimes desperately holding on does more harm than letting go. Sometimes it’s just not enough.

That’s not on him. That’s not on you either. That’s life. That’s love. But do not be mistaken; love is not an omen to be feared – it’s a risk worth taking. You will risk it all and either win or lose, and this time you lost, but when love comes back around you will risk it all again. You have to. Because one day, without all the empty spaces and question marks and missing pieces, you will find love again and know without a shadow of a doubt that this time, it is enough.

So stop blaming yourself. Love takes two every time. Losing a love that didn’t fit is only as tragic as you make it. By all means, cry, hurt, let it all out because it is going to be painful no matter the circumstance. But the reality is that by losing him, you’re making room for a better self, not to mention a far greater love that lies ahead - a lasting love, one that isn’t too big or too small but fits just right. It’s out there for you. You have to believe that.  It will be enough.

But in the meantime, always remember:

You, in all your flaws and failures and weaknesses and mistakes and shortcomings, were always enough. And you always will be. Don’t ever give anything or anyone in this world the power to dictate how you feel about yourself because your worth is inherently yours, now and forever.


You are enough.

Hera occasionally falls asleep while piloting the Ghost. It’s not something she likes to do, she certainly doesn’t do it on purpose but starting rebellion takes time and energy and who needs sleep anyways? (Hera does, but she won’t admit that). 

The first time Kanan found her sleeping he panicked. What would he do? Let her sleep? He should, but she was sleeping in the pilots seat, while flying. He decided in the end it was best to let her sleep, but not awkwardly while flying the ship. So he carefully picked her up and brought her to her room, and laid her down in her bed.

Kanan sat down in the pilots chair, deciding where to go. Chopper, being an absolute charmer that he is, grumbled at Kanan for sitting in Hera’s spot. Kanan would have no idea where they were going, all he knew was that they had no current jobs lined up, meaning they had nowhere to be. With the help of Chopper, they both decided that Hera needed some joy in her life and that they would travel to some place fun.

When Hera woke up a few hours later, she panicked, because she distinctly remembered falling asleep flying the Ghost, but she soon realized she was in her bed. She got up, grabbed some Caf and sat down silently glaring at Kanan for letting her sleep so long. 

Jehanparnasse | Modern AU | ~1.5k

In which Montparnasse rushes to the hospital after Jehan sustained mild injuries during a rally. In which he’s also a dramatic boyfriend caring too much about his partner’s safety

Montparnasse flung the doors of the ER open. There were two kinds of news he hated to hear: “Sorry, we sold out” and “Your partner is at the hospital”. The most fucked up thing was that he was starting to get used to both.

Thank goodness for Eponine acting as the middlewoman between the Scooby gang and himself. God forbid Jehan themself called to keep him updated! The “what Montparnasse doesn’t know can’t hurt him” policy was bullshit. What Montparnasse didn’t know made him a very insufferable man, that was for sure.

He took agitated strides to the front desk where equally agitated secretaries were trying to keep up with incessant phone calls.

“Jean Prouvaire?” he panted out.

The secretary looked up, confused, holding a receiver to their ear. It was a wonder Jehan’s name wasn’t inscribed somewhere on the guest list, given their regular trips to the ER. They probably had a VIP bed at the ready. Montparnasse took out his frustration on his hair, passing tense fingers through his dishevelled mane. Yet another thing he hated about being worried: it made his hair situation unbearable.

“5"2, with a braid, looks like bambi heisted a thrift shop?” he tried impatiently

It was probably the main—and only—advantage of Jehan’s poor sense of fashion: they rarely went unnoticed. The secretary seemed to click it at long last.

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Werewolves - BTS || masterlist

Park Jimin, 20, Charmer

As the charmer of the pack he easily gets his will through, no matter how dangerous or insane it can be. Jimin joined the pack together with his younger brother Taehyung as young pups, roaming around the forest alone after their previous pack had been killed and the two younglings managed to escape. The killer is unknown but Jimin and Taehyung are forever grateful to their saviour, helping them escape from the pack that was planning to use them and already put them through a huge amount of suffering and torture.

They were found injured by Yoongi when he was out alone at night and he immediately brought them back to their den.

- Charms his preys in to doing whatever he pleases

- Manipulative

- Vulnerable

Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Yoongi | Seokjin | Jungkook | OT7

Photo © -rightful owners

foxygogogo  asked:

((any chance you could do ennard? ;o; if not,, maybe shadow bon aa))

((Why not both? :P

Ennard is an agender bean and Baby is their sister
Btw, in my AU, Ennard is their own entity and not a mix of the other SL animatronics

Aaaa I really wanted someone to request Shabon!!
He’s a version of Springs but his personality is like..how is this guy even related to Springs wtf
He’s the charmer, hence the rose ;)
His heart changes colour with his emotions or shatters when he’s pissed or sad or dead))

**Please do not repost or steal my art.**

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Kirollis Duskhaven:

A Sin’dorei intelligence expert currently running paramilitary operations for the state. Former criminal who reformed and spawned a tremendous military career. Always quick with a joke, or a silly statement, especially during tense times. Most have two things to say about him, either he’s annoying or he’s funny, there’s no in-between. Always a charmer, always inquisitive, always ready for a fight. Self proclaimed peoples champion. Rebellious by nature, but a strong leader when called upon. One things for certain, within his presence you’d be hard pressed not to snicker at least once.

Open for any and all RP including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, enemy ships, best suited as a comedic relief character or a heroic type. Can play both main roles and support roles in arcs.

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Soriya Duskhaven:

This little ball of sunshine is a world explorer, monk instructor, and healer. She studies both the White Tiger and Jade Serpent disciplines, she now trains younger (Toddler aged) monks. Growing up most of her life an orphan, who found solace and acceptance in a mercenary group at a young age, she was given an expanded view of the world. While still young, sitting at 25, she is wise beyond her years. Echoing the teachings of the Pandarian monks including acceptance, peace, empathy, and harmony (Among other things). Drawn to any sort of beach, she’s picked up the hobby of surfing in her downtime.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Best suited as a support character rather then a major player. More of a slice of life character rather than action adventure, while she can fight- mostly she defers to healing. Can be used as a wandering healer -anywhere-.

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Ala’nish Everflame:

A now reinstated Kirin Tor investigator of Arcane anomalies. When the Horde was expelled from Dalaran, this mage deferred to becoming a relic hunter for the Reliquary. With the events that transpired in Legion, he is now back in the fray and exceptionally busy in the Isles. A suave operator with an inquisitive mind and a hunger for learning about anything to do with the arcane or magic in general. Can be brash, or racist, not the person you want in mixed company. This eccentric elf is used to a life of high society, and it shows in his demeanor.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Can be a main character or a support character. Best venues to have him in are arcane focused, as he can swing by just to investigate and do his job.

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Korrinth Dawnshatter:

This former Rune-weaver is a tad different then most of her race. A descendant of one of the 100 original mages to be sent to Dalaran to train the humans, her family stayed there long after. With a passion for magical studies and a focus on runes, it was easy for her to transition into the Illidari- taking on the role of a Fel scribe, she has worked on countless tattoo’s both fresh and to strengthen her kin. Fiercely loyal to the Illidari she started down that path due to family issues that more or less left her with no other choice (That she saw). While she is passionate about fighting the Legion and eradicating demons, she often wonders what is after that if anything. Constantly struggling to maintain control, she regulates the amount of demonic energies consumed and deliberately targets lower level demons as prey, making her friendlier than most.

Open for any and all RP, yada yada, you get the picture. Can be used as a main or supporting character. Stationed in Silvermoon to curb the outpour of demonic forces set off course from the Isles, she is usually found there or Azsuna and Suramar. 

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