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Prince Ali (Reprise) - WIP

Jafar (and Iago, of course)

Work in Progress for Jafar - I would have done more takes for this, but my voice is starting to die, and I don’t want my neighbours to call the police on the maniacal scream-laughter from Suite [VALUE DELETED].

Enjoy xx

(As with all my Works in Progress, I hope you enjoy it, but I don’t need any constructive criticism. Believe me, I already know everything that’s wrong with it, haha!)

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To call people fucked up over shipping/not shipping is kinda mean, ain't it? People watch for different reasons, not everyone is invested in the same way you are. I don't ship at all and I'm not interested and id like to agree with the last anon...But it's too aggressive. Besides, sometimes romance is a way to cope with a heavy situation.

AH NO!! that’s not what I meant, don’t take it that way!! I just meant that the plot is getting really heavy and Keith (as well as the rest of the team) have lost someone very important to them. I understand how people wanna ship stuff during scenes like that and I say go for it, you do you. But when it overshadows and ignores the whole point of why Keith needs comfort for example, it kinda gets too much y’know? I’m sorry if you thought I was shitting on people who ship, I didn’t mean that

- Mod Keith

Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardner is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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after years of listening to BTS and seeing photos n videos of them almost every day i kind of just now had a moment and realized that they are actual real human beings and they really exist and right now they are really doing something my mind is blown

this is how i feel when i see them in concert / irl evERYTIME its like holy shit they are REAL BREATHING PEOPLE DOING HUMAN STUFF LIKE WOW :’) its so weird imo when u just sit down and realize all thats happening in the world around you outside your own life

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So now that sugar pine 7 is part of the let's play family, would their James join the James squad on their outings

I…. I hate to admit this, but I’ve never actually seen a Sugar Pine 7 video. I saw a couple of the Funhaus and Cow Chop videos with Steven Septic in them, but I don’t know much else about them, but I’m sure SP7 James would totally join the James Squad.