but he has the most adorable smile i've ever seen

  • reasons to love andy mientus:
  • • his tweet game is very strong
  • • like seriously imagine twitter without him
  • • not to mention his killer voice
  • • can he sing me to sleep
  • • amazing acting
  • • he plays kyle bishop who's kind of the cutest fictional characters with a great arc
  • • his marius is one of the cutest things i've ever seen
  • • he really has that dorky touch of pontmercy to him
  • • also his hanschen tho omg
  • • he has v pretty blue eyes
  • • and his shy smile is the most adorable thing to exist
  • • like his instagram selfies are the cutest
  • • he really cares about his fans and basically everyone ever
  • • he's super sweet and heartfelt
  • • he supports lgbt rights (being bi himself)
  • • he's a major geek (especially when it comes to pokemon)
  • • his fashion sense is the cutest (can basically rock anything from a floral shirt to mustard bottoms to a blue suit)
  • • he can make you smile in like .2 seconds
  • • his dedication to everything he does is amazing
  • • he's andy mientus
  • • how could you not love andy mientus

anonymous asked:

Richard Speight Jr. has the most adorable eyes I've ever seen. You know what I mean, right?

YEA it’s ‘cause he has super honest eyes!!

he smiles with them in a super unique way. i have a really tough time identifying emotions just through the top half of the face, but with rich it’s super easy. his eyes are also smaller which can make them appear darker, and that has the ability to give you a similar response to seeing, say, a kitten with big round pupils! c:

Anonymous said:

What the heck are the God n Gabe grumps based off of haha

game grumps! i listen to them religiously when i work on huge projects, specifically god’n’gabe. so naturally, i started to associate what they said with the characters, and gabe as arin & chuck as dan!

Anonymous said:

I have become total Game Grumps trash Thanks to you Can you imagine Chuck with Dannys hair? Beautiful.

excellent! and yes. i definitely can now