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Butterflies ~7

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Part 6

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Note: This is just a filler, I’m in college. Thought I post something, I’m all day in classes till 8 something p.m. Thought I give you something <3

You slept in most of the day, not believing what Finn had told you. Was he really that mad? You hadn’t slept with Enzo or anyone. How could he say something like that? You wondered how many times your phone rang by the beside table as you laid in bed staring at the ceiling. 

It played a familiar tune over and over again, Sami kept calling you so many times you lost count. Reaching for your phone, you unlocked it looking at the screen seeing 32 missed calls from him, 12 text from him and two face time calls from him. 

You scrolled down seeing Enzo had called you as well, 21 missed calls and 15 text messages from him. They both asked you if you were asking and asking were you were.

 You didn’t answer them, putting them on read. They would know that you were ignoring them but for what? This wasn’t their faults, it was Finn’s. He disrespected you making you run to your hotel room and cry. He no longer cared about you, you could tell from the look in his eye. He was hurt but he hid it well with spiteful words, you never heard him call you such names. Sami is probably looking for him and asking him if he talked to you at all. Enzo and Finn were probably at each other throats once more, singing you sat up in bed throwing your phone next to you rubbing your face. 

Shaking your head, if Finn was going to treat you like you were the last person he wanted to talk to then he’d get a taste of his own medicine. You weren’t going to cry over him anymore, he didn’t deserve your smile or the way you looked at him anymore. He didn’t even deserve anything from you. If he was going to be an asshole, well your going to be the biggest bitch he came across.

Texting Sami back that everything was okay, that you’d come see him. He texted back right away that you should come to his room and have a movie night. You agreed, getting ready in a pair of sweat pants, tank top with a sweat shirt over it. Putting your hair up in a messy bun, you had no make up on your face. 

All natural look, it’s not like Sami hasn’t seen you without make up before. He had, he always was traveling with you or staying over. He was like family to you, when he was concerned about you there was no lying to him. Knocking on his door, it opened in seconds as a worried Sami pulled you in.

“ What happened to you?” your lips formed into a thin line, sighing looking away from him. He placed a hand on your shoulder, looking around your face for any sign that he should be worry about. 

Your silence worried him. 

“ Y/N?” 

“ Look Sami don’t worry about it, I can handle it on my own” 

“ Doesn’t look like it. You didn’t answer my calls or texts. I thought something happened to you”

“ No, I’m fine. I just needed alone time”

The bathroom door opened and someone emerged from it walking into the room. You could clearly see who it was from the back of his head, the familiar hair. Looking away, not even bothering to greet him.

 Sami noticed the change of things in the air as he looked from you to Finn who sat on his bed. His head turned seeing you in the room, he sees your averting gaze else where. Usually you greeted him but not this time.

 This time it was different, he was sorry for what he called you earlier but he had no choice. He was hurt and this was his way of telling you. Even if it meant to hurt you and to spite you, he knew it angered you from the way you were taking things. 

“ I have to go Rami” you spoke, catching Sami’s attention back to you when you used his real name. “But, you just got here” “ There are some things I need to handle” “ At this time?” you shrugged turning around to walk out the door when his voice stopped you.

“ It’s the only thing she know is to walk away or run away” your hand formed in fist as you turned around. 

“ The only thing he knows is to know is to throw bullshit around”  

Finn’s nose flared, his gaze harden turning his body towards you as he pointed a finger at you, “You only know how to use those legs, open and close them for anyone that walks with a pulse or even say something to you to catch your attention” 

“ STOP!” Sami shouted adding, “ Both of you. What is going on?” 

“ Ask asshole over there” you pointed to Finn. 

“ Asshole? Who are you calling an asshole when your the slut sleeping from every guy in the locker room” your mouth dropped open hearing the lies coming from his mouth. Eyes blinking with tears, you screamed, “ FUCK YOU BALOR!” with that you walk out the door slamming it. 

“ Way to go Fergal. She never did anything to piss you off. She didn’t sleep with anyone, that night she went out with the girls. Enzo didn’t touch her in that way. He respects her unlike you. You disappoint me, you better fix this before it gets ugly. That girl” he points to the door where you walked out off. “ She’s been through much worse imaginable things that you ever known. I don’t know how she survived for so long but she’s here, she’s the better person right now”

“ What do you mean been through worse imaginable things?” 

“ Ask her, I’m not going to tell you. It’s not my place to say. You apologize to her and tell her how much she means to you before someone takes her away from you” 

“ You’re right, fuck…” Finn mutters hanging his head down. He had to fix things quick before things gets worse between the two of you. 

You couldn’t believe him, he had the nerve to say something like that. Make up some lies about you, where did he even get that idea? You never slept with anyone from the locker room. 

Maybe flirted here and there but nothing like that. Your blood boiled. If he wanted to throw rumors around and start something, well he has another thing coming.

Friday Night

Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: every single Friday night has always been the same for as long as you can remember & you have always hated them, that was until you met Finn & your Friday nights were changed forever. Fluff.

Authors note: im thinking about doing a second part just describing little milestones in their lives together after this. Let me know if you would be interested in that at all. -ren

Friday night, everyone’s favorite night of the week, well almost everyone. You have never been a fan of Friday nights, & you have Cami your best friend to thank for that. Every single Friday night since you turned 21 Cami has forced you to go out with her. She claims it’s because you don’t get out enough, but you know it’s just because she needs a wing women to help her get laid due her extreme lack of game. Tonight is no different than any other Friday night. You walked into your usual bar, Cami went to go freshen up, & you sat in your usual seat as the bartender set down your usual drink.
“When are you finally going to tell her to stop using you so she can get laid?” Sarah, the bartender who has actually become a good friend of yours asked.
“I don’t know” you shrugged “it’s not like she means any harm, she just needs a little help sometimes.”
Sarah just gave you a look signaling that you were making excuses, “but what about you?” She asked, “when are you going to find yourself a man instead of finding her one?”
“Men don’t want regular girls like me, they want glamours women like her” you explained.
Just as Sarah was about to reply Cami made her way over to you, Sarah just gave you a look signaling that the conversation is far from over.
“So… who look good tonight?” Cami asked as she plopped down on her usual stool to the left of you. “They are people Cami, not food.” You stated causing Cami to just wave you off as her eyes were roaming the crowded room.
“I want him.” She states nodding her head to your right.
As you turned to see who she was talking about, you swear you just laid eyes on the most beautiful man in the world & you ask yourself how you didn’t notice him any sooner. You quickly snapped out of it reminding yourself that he was more than likely going to be sleeping with your best friend tonight. Once you got yourself together you tapped the man on his shoulder & quickly prepared what you were going to say. Then he turned around & you made eye contact with his beautiful blue eyes, causing everything you had planned on saying completely slip your mind.
“Can I help ya love?” He asked revealing his thick Irish accent, you were sure you were going to faint right then & there.
“Are ya alright?” He asked with slight concern lacing his voice, causing you to snap out of the daze you were in. “Yes sorry I am just tired is all.” You lied.
“Im Finn by the way” he said with a bright smile as he stuck out his hand. As you placed your hand in his to accept his handshake you felt a shock of electricity go through your body, & you thought maybe he felt it to by the way he was staring in to your eyes.
“Who’s your friend?” Cami interrupted causing you to quickly remove your hand from Finns. “Oh um im sorry how rude of me,” you stuttered “Cami this is Finn, Finn, Cami.” You tried to make sure you didn’t sound as annoyed as you were feeling.
As Cami sparked a conversation with Finn you slowly removed yourself from in between them & slowly leaned in to Sarah & whispered “I told you so.”, then made your way out of the bar but not before getting a sympathetic look from Sarah.
After you left the bar you went straight back to the comfort of your apartment. Once you showered & put on some comfortable you grabbed a beer & went to sit out on your balcony. The balcony is easily you favorite part about your apartment, always has been. You have a perfect view of the city & the stars, your two favorite things.
You were about halfway through your second beer when you heard your front door open & quickly close. When you turned around to see who it was you weren’t surprised to see Cami stumbling her way to her bedroom with Finn not following far behind. About five minutes later you were startled by the sound of the glass door behind you open, you were then surprised when you turned your head & once again came face to face with Finn.
“Why aren’t you with Cami?” You immediately asked him as he made his way outside. “I don’t kiss people I have barely met & will never see again, let alone sleep with.” Finn explained “I just brought her to bed because there was no way she was getting there herself.” He laughed causing you to smile. “Thanks, you didn’t have to do that.” You said as you got up to stand next to Finn who was leaning against the balcony edge. “She always like that?” He asked, “every Friday night.” You sighed.
“& what about you?” Finn asked turning to face you. “What about me?” You asked slightly confused. “When do you go out & have your fun?” He asked. “Never.” You stated laughing slightly at the thought of you going out & having fun, “that’s never really been my thing.”
“Why, do you have a boyfriend or something?” Finn asked causing you to look up at him as if the answer was obvious. “Definitely not” you scoffed.
“Now why do you say it like that? Like thinking you have a boyfriend is so ridiculous?” He asked not entirely expecting an answer, “you know not all men want some glamours woman like Cami.” His repetition of what you had said earlier to Sarah caused you to smile at him, “you were eavesdropping?” You asked pretended to be upset with him.
“I was standing right next to ya love, I didn’t really have a choice.” Finn laughed.
As the night went on you & Finn talked about anything & everything, it felt like you have known each other for much longer than just a few hours.
Before either of you realized it the night quickly turned to morning but the conversation continued, that was until you were interrupted by Cami sticking her head outside obviously about to ask you to do something for her. But before she could her eyes quickly went to Finn, “what are you still doing her?” She asked, “did you come back to see me? That’s so sweet! How about you buy me some breakfast?”
“Actually we just got to talkin last night & completely lost track of time.” He explained. “Clearly” you heard Cami whisper under her breath, clearly a bit jealous.
“I actually have to get going to the arena soon, I have a show tonight.” Finn explained causing Cami to start whining & acting as if she was heartbroken, “awww don’t go.” She said as she stepped outside to reveal her bra less tank top & her extra short shorts as she wrapped her arms around Finn causing you to roll your eyes.
“So I guess this is goodbye.” You said trying not to sound as upset as you were feeling. Finn just gave you a sad smile & opened his arms signaling for you to give him a hug, which you gladly excepted. As you wrapped your arms around his torso you felt that same spark you felt early jolt through your whole body that you knew he felt too. As you finally built up the courage to pull away Finn kept his strong arms wrapped around you.
“What are you doing?” You asked as you looked up & met his eyes. Instead of replying he just kept his gaze locked on yours & before you realized it you were both slowly leaning in. After what felt like an eternity your lips finally connected, & it was easily the best kiss you have ever experienced you didn’t want it to end.
Once you both built up the courage to pull away your eyes immediately found his, “thought you didn’t kiss people you are never going to see again.” You whispered. “I plan on seeing you again love. If you let me.” He says cupping your cheek & running is thumb across your bottom lip. You just smiled & nodded, you were so in awe of this man that you couldn’t even form the words.
Little did you know that just another Friday night was the start of the rest of your life.

Serenade Me #9

Summary: The conclusion of Gangster John Winchester.
Characters in this chapter: Female Reader, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, & Sam Winchester
Word Count: Around 1.4K
Warnings: Angst, suspense, language, blood, injury & fluff.
Author’s Note: I want to thank @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for granting her permission to use Gangster Dean and Sam. H/N - Her Name ||<—PREVIOUS||

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The heat of the flames intensified against your back and the smoke thickened with each passing second. You tried to pull your legs free, but they were pinned between the seat and the floor. Your panicked gaze fell to Johnny. There was blood seeping from a gash by his right eye and he wasn’t moving. Choking on a thick sob, you grabbed his limp, bloody hand. With a prayer on your lips, black began to eat at your vision as the smoke filled your lungs when you heard shouts.

God knows you tried to cry out for help as one last surge of adrenaline pushed away the beckoning darkness. You tried looking through the broken windows, but the smoke was too thick to see anything. All you knew was that men were shouting and fighting. Just when it felt like all hope of a rescue might be lost, two shots rang through the dark. Moments later hands fumbled under your arms and pulled. You cried out as the seat dug deeper into your legs, holding you hostage inside the burning car.

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Damn Hot- Jack Gilinsky


            People always asked you and your best friend, Zoe, what it was like to be the girl versions of Jack Johnson and too be quite honest you guys never knew how to answer it. You guys would look at each other, smile and then turned back to the person that asked and just say it’s odd because you guys grew up with them, and that was the honest truth. You both had known Jack and Johnson since you guys were kids, and only ever crossed paths during parties because you four went to different high schools and only ran in the same group of friends on odd occasion. Between you two girls, Zoe spat out the words in a quick manner while you belted out the chorus’ and because of that you guys got thrown in with Jack & Jack and it was comforting to know that Jack & Jack were behind you guys supporting you both, they were the guys you would call and play the track then asked them what they would say; Johnson was capable of saying more than ‘You Killed it!’ like Jack, and offer you guys more advice, and for the most part, because of Johnson your songs turned out amazing.

            The only problem you ever had with being who you guys are was the making music videos aspect, including the music video you guys were making at the moment, but luckily both the Jacks, Sammy and Nate were there to calm you down. It wasn’t like you couldn’t look into the camera while lipsyncing the words, you had done that so many times in the past years, it was the fact that the song you and Zoe were covering had a steady beat and caused your hips to move in a sexy way, it was more of a song that should be left to be done by Iggy Azalea because it was her song and she could be sexy, you on the other hand didn’t feel like you would do it justice.

            You were standing in the back room of the club that you guys had rented out for the video of your cover ‘Beg For It’ and ran your hands over your hips. The washed out high waisted shorts with a flimsy white tank top with the words ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ in black, the shirt that a low back so you had put on a black bandeau with straps on your back, so it didn’t look like you weren’t wearing anything underneath. You had your favorite black scuffed wedge sneakers and your hair was pin straight, your makeup absolutely perfect.

            “What’s going on, Y/N?” You heard behind you and whipped around, feeling your heart jump at the sudden voice.

            “Jesus, Jack, what the fuck is wrong with you?” You breathed, putting your hand over your heart as if that would help you calm down your heart.

            Jack laughed and shut the door behind him, “Sorry, Y/N, I didn’t think I’d scare you.”

            “Yeah, well,” You said and rested against the counter. “What’re you doing in here?”

            “Checking up on you,” Jack answered, his dark eyes scanning your outfit, his jaw doing that thing where it tensed and sent your knees wobbling. You and Jack had been friends for a while, but it had always been strictly just friends because it always seemed like he had a girlfriend, but that never stopped the sexual tension from thickening between you guys whenever you were around him, it also never stopped his eyes from wandering over your long legs and full chest. You always ignored the wandering eyes and jaw clenching because you didn’t want to be that girl, but you had to admit it, the older you two got the harder it was to turn away from the close, sexual positions you guys sometimes found yourselves’ in. Like the time he was dating Leigh and you somehow ended up straddling him after he insulted you about your video gaming skills and you wrestled about it, his heavy and warm hands fanned out on your thighs, just shy of the curve of your ass, and your hands keeping you up right next to his head. His eyes had darkened and looked down at your lips, staring at them for a couple seconds before they dragged up to your lips. You had felt the pull, his eyes and plump lips drawing you in, and you let it until his lips had just ghosted over yours and you remembered his girlfriend, to say you shot off his lap and all but ran out the door was an understatement, and since then you had kept your distance. But Jack has been single for a couple months now, and he was trying to break down the wall you had put up that night.

            “Zoe sent you in here to check up on me,” You clarified, folding your arms over your chest.

            “Well, she said you were freaking out about not being sexy enough so I took it upon myself to come see you before we started.” Jack said.

            “She even told you!” You exclaimed, feeling your cheeks redden with embarrassment.

            “Yeah,” Jack smiled. “But how the hell can you think you aren’t sexy enough for this video? I’ve seen you dance, Y/N, there isnt anything ugly about that.”

            You took in a deep breath and shrugged, you watched as Jack walked towards you and turn you to face the mirror. Jack stared at your reflection and you found yourself giving in to his heavy eyes, “Everything about you is sexy, your thighs, your hips, everything.” He said, and you felt his heavy hand go to touch your back, making a shiver start from your shoulders and rack through your body, all the way down to your toes.

            “Jack,” You whispered, but the only answer you got was Jack turning you to face him.

            “Close your eyes,” His voice grumbled and you did as told, letting him walk until his hips were pressed against yours, you could feel his hot breath fanning over your face and making you relax, his fingers pulled up your top only slightly so he could feel your skin. “It’s all about confidence, and I know you have it. There isnt anything you have done around me that doesn’t give me a raging hard on, the way your hips move take my breath away. We’re at a  club, act like the cameras aren’t around, and move those hips for me, pretend its only us.” He whispered, moving his lips from your ear, to the corner of your mouth, one of his hands coming up to slide up your neck, cradling the back of your head as you dipped it back, letting the fog take over and just wanting to feel his lips against yours. “Fuck, Y/N, I’m so damn hot for you, I can barely breath around you,” He groaned.

            Just like always, something broke apart the sexual tension that Jack was acting upon, this time is was Nate. “Come on, you fuck bunnies, we’ve got a video to shoot,” Nate said and walked out as if he hadn’t just caught you two nearly kissing.