but he had the nerve to tell me

im still pretty annoyed

someone on the tag had the nerve to suggest that Minako was a warning about where Victor might up and let me tell you, kids, Victor starts the series with

  • a career he’s not sure about any more
  • an empty, beautiful apartment
  • a senior dog

whereas Minako starts out with

  • a successful career she retired from with multiple awards
    • not just any awards, but the basic equivalent of Victor’s medals
  • a career teaching the next generation of her passion
  • both a ballet studio and another business which is not cheap to maintain
  • an adopted family with the Katsukis
    • to whom she’s so close that she has practically coraised their kids with them
  • enough money to travel and support her student, who is making a mark in a related field with the skills she taught him
  • the respect of the people she loves and her community

so honestly

Victor should be so lucky as to end up like Minako??????

Ok but a Keeping Up With The Kardashians style reality tv show about the Black family???? It would be called ‘Toujours Pur’ and it would be INCREDIBLE like Walburga would be draped across some expensive furniture sobbing and screaming about how her son is a disappointment and a traitor and about how she has done nothing but love him, and how could he do this to her???? does he not care about her nerves??? pausing occasionally to sip red wine with an anguished expression on her face, and then it would cut to Sirius talking to the camera like ‘All I said was that muggles aren’t all that bad’ 

Or they would all be in the dining room eating dinner and Walburga and Sirius are having a screaming row over the fact Sirius had snuck out to see James last night and Sirius would turn to Regulus and point at him dramatically and be like ‘This is all your fault, you just had to go running to mummy and tell on me didn’t you?’ and then it would cut to Regulus talking to the camera like ‘He bribed me to tell on him. Arguing with our mother is one of Sirius’s top three favourite pass times’ and just oh my goD this entire family would be tv gold pls give it to me

cheers to this - l.h.

summary: two miserable singles spend the holidays together.

warning: alcohol

holiday masterlist 

“I don’t know,” Luke admitted, leaning forward off the couch and pouring himself another glass of red wine. He set the bottle down before sinking back down on the couch, taking a long sip to ease his nerves. He always felt more comfortable talking about his problems when he’s had a drink. “I thought it was gonna last. I wouldn’t have minded if it did, but I guess she had other thoughts. I don’t care, though, it’s over now.”

Your eyebrows furrowed as you brought your glass to your lips, gaze focused on your best friend across from you. “Did she tell you why she wanted to leave?” You questioned before taking a drink, polishing off your second cup of the night. 

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Just friends, right? END

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: mild language

Word count: 1760 (oops it got longer than expected)

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they both are unaware of the other’s feelings

A/N: Yay, My first completed series! I hope you guys liked it! Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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It was 7:50 pm as you paced anxiously around the gym waiting for Bucky to enter. Every slight noise put you on edge expecting him to burst through the door. You had been reciting what you wanted to say to him for the past hour and every minute that passed by made your nervousness grow.

You really didn’t have anything to be worried about. You already knew that Bucky loved you, it was just that sharing all your feelings with Bucky was nerve wracking. There was no telling how he would react. Would he try to take back what he said to you in the gardens when you brought it up?

“So Buck, are you going spar with me for real this time? Last time I beat you so bad, I swear you were letting me win” You heard Steve joke with Bucky as they approached the gym door. You froze in your spot unable to move, when all you wanted was to hide. Your nerves were getting the best of you, but you took a few deep breaths and regained your composure. Straightening your shoulders, you turned to the door and waited for Bucky and Steve to enter.

Their voices became clearer as Steve opened the door and allowed Bucky to go into the room before him. Immediately after Bucky’s feet crossed the threshold of the gym, Steve slammed the door closed behind him.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, lock all the gym doors and do not open them until I give you the go ahead. Mr. Barnes has something he needs to take care of in there” you heard Steve yell from outside the door.

“Of course Mr. Rogers” the automated voice replied and the click of the doors locking echoed throughout the space.

Bucky hadn’t noticed that you were in the room as he was too busy pounding on the doors, trying to get himself out.

“Steve what the hell! Let me out you dick” Bucky yelled, clearly exasperated with Steve’s antics. You were also a little shocked with Steve’s “plan”. This is not what you had expected but if it’s the only way to get Bucky to hear you out, then so be it.

Bucky’s hands were buried in his hair as he turned himself around, obviously not getting anywhere by yelling at Steve. That’s when he spotted you. His eyes widened and he immediately began yelling at Steve again.

“Steve I to swear to god, I’m going to beat your ass when I get out of here” Bucky shouted and slammed his fist against the door again.

“Bucky, we-” you started but he cut you off.

“No, no I can’t do this Y/N” he cried. Hearing him say your name for the first time in a very long time sent shivers down your spine.

“What do you mean you can’t do this? What can’t you do?” you asked and stepped closer to him.

“I just can’t” he said and gripped his hair harder and slid down to the wall and onto the floor.

“Bucky, I-”

“No, I don’t want you to say it…I know it was stupid of me to say. The last thing I ever wanted was to make you uncomfortable. I really ruined everything, didn’t I? You have to know how sorry I am for saying it but I just couldn’t help myself. I know you deserve better than me and I know what you are about to say. I can’t bare to hear it, so please don’t” His words came out rushed and he seemed to be choking on the air around him. His gaze dropped to the floor and you took a deep breath.

“Buck, look at me” you stated firmly.

“Please Y/N, don’t” he begged you but slowly lifted his eyes to meet yours. You stood above him and looked him directly in his eyes.

“Did you mean it? What you said at the gardens?” You asked nervously, picking at your nails. The silence was tense and after a few moments he opened his mouth to speak.

Every word” He whispered. A warm sensation radiated from your chest and spread down your arms and legs. You smiled and he stood up from where he was sitting on the floor. He was no longer looking at you. He just paced back and forth across the padded floor. His hand were in his hair yet again and he seemed to be getting more flustered by the second. Amidst his pacing his eyes met yours and he stepped forward to speak to you.

“Okay listen. I’ve felt… that way about you for a long time now. At first I thought it was just a little thing that I would get over. But then every time I saw you around, I couldn’t stop staring. I found myself thinking about you all the time. And then I started talking about you when you weren’t around. I’d miss you whenever you left a room. I would wonder how you would wear your hair everyday and I’d practice how I would greet you at breakfast in my bathroom mirror. Your presence made me feel at ease, like I was a human being again. You would help me through my nightmares and play with my hair. You stayed up late with me to watch movies when I couldn’t fall asleep and whenever I came back from a mission you were the only person I wanted to see. You made me breakfast and exposed me to the new world. You trusted me with everything that you had and that is something that I had never experienced. I mean, how could I not love you for god’s sake. You are so intoxicating and insanely intelligent. You were so compassionate and you treated me like a normal person when I felt like I was a monster. We were best friends, but I always wanted more with you. I should’ve been satisfied with being friends with you and I’ve waited for years for my feeling to subside but they’ve only grown. I invited other girls around to distract myself, but on every date I would keep daydreaming that you were the one with me instead. When we went to the gardens I thought that if I could tell you, even if you were asleep, then maybe I could ease my mind. Obviously that was a shit idea. Now I’ve ruined everything and I’m sure you won’t want to be around me anymore. I’ve missed you so much and these past weeks have killed me. I understand that you don’t feel the same-” His words had you nearly in tears. He had just said everything that you had every wanted him to say to you but he just wouldn’t shut his beautiful to allow you to speak. You interrupted him and began to talk.

“Bucky-” he cut you off again.  

“Y/N please just let me finish, I know that you deserve better and-”

“Bucky please-”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to be friends-”

“Bucky goddammit shut up and listen to me!” You yelled at him. His eyes snapped to you, wide, and his cheeks were bright pink. His line of sight dropped back to the floor while he tried to catch his breath from his speech.

“I need you to look at me so I know that you are listening, please” You whispered. He lifted his eyes to meet yours and they held a distressed look that he only expressed after a particularly bad nightmare. You stepped forward and took his metal hand in yours. His body froze as he stared at you.

“Bucky, I love you”

“You-you what?” his eyes opened even wider than they were before if that was even possible. You reached out and brushed his hair out of his face from his wild rant.

“I love you.”

He gaze left your eyes and he gripped your hand tightly.

“I’m dreaming. This isn’t real” he murmured. He lightly shook his head back and forth.

“I can promise that you are not dreaming. I’m real, and I love you very much Mr. Barnes” you smirked and chuckled at his reaction.

“Again” he whispered.


“Say it again” he pleaded with you and his eyes met yours once again.

“I love you” you stated and kissed his jaw.

“Again” he asked and a smile began to spread over his perfect face.
“I love you” you kissed the tip of his nose.

“Hmm again.”

“I love you” you kissed his cheek. His hands settled on your hips quirking his eyebrows to ask if it was okay with you. You smiled at him and rested your head on his chest. You were too lost in eachother to hear the click of the gym doors as they unlocked. Steve peeked his head inside and saw smiles on both of your faces. His work was done.

Bucky’s large hands held your face as he tipped your head up to kiss him. He weaved his fingers through your hair and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You both grinned into the kiss and at some point had to pull away because you were both too giddily happy. Bucky’s metal thumb rubbed the small of your back under you shirt and he leaned down to kiss your neck. You groaned and pulled him closer to you.

“Um guys, this is great and all but maybe you should go to one of your rooms before you have sex all over the gym floor” Steve smirked as the both of you whipped your heads around to the source of the noise. He laughed at his own joke and you smiled. Bucky’s hand gripped yours as he pulled you towards the door.

“Yeah whatever punk” Bucky said and shoved his shoulder into Steve with a smile.

“Oh wait there’s one more thing” Bucky stated and stopped you right in front of Steve.

“Y/N I love you, how’s about you let me take you dancing?” your smile grew and a massive grin overtook his face. “There Steve, how was that? ‘Tell her that you love her when you know she’s listening, and take her dancing’” he quoted Steve’s words from earlier that day.

“I’m gonna say that you did pretty good” You piped up from next to Bucky and squeezed his hand. He smiled at you.

“Alright so dancing? Where are we going?” you asked and Bucky led you past Steve.

“Where ever you want, love” he stated simply and kissed you forehead.


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“You’re scaring me.”  Stiles piped up from the couch.  You halted in your pacing, turning just enough to stare at the anxious boy in front of you.  His knee was bouncing up and down as a way to release his nerves as he had watched you pace silently, waiting for you to tell him why you had texted him an ‘SOS’.  “Just tell me.  What’s wrong?  I can handle it.”

Taking a deep breath you reached into your back pocket and pulled out the pregnancy test you had taken.  The two prominent pink lines displaying that you were pregnant.  Stiles leaned forward to study it for a second, brow furrowed in confusion before realization settled across his face.  He leaned back, body almost collapsing against the cushions as he breathed out.

“I didn’t know how to tell you.”  You said quietly, fingers twisting together as you waited for Stiles to say something.  To say anything.

“We can do this.”  He had been silent for so long that when he finally spoke it shocked you.  Slowly his big brown eyes rose to meet yours and he reached out a hand to pull you down into his lap.  Arms wrapping securely around your body and anchoring you to his chest.  “It’s not what we had in mind for our future, but we can handle this.”  He murmured, lips pressing against your forehead as you curled into him.  “We deal with the supernatural on the daily.  Handling a baby’s going to be nothing compared to that.

How to train your god

(Loki x Reader)

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“What do you want?” Loki asks, without looking up. He had better things to do than make small talk with every intruder that bugged him. This room almost felt like a train station. People constantly showing up to get on his nerves. Captain righteous and some of the other avengers had been here before, what did one more matter now.  

“Not even going to introduce yourself? How rude.”  

“You obviously already know who I am, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Tell me what you want and leave, I’m tired of people coming here.”  

“You make a lot of people nervous, it’s no wonder they want to make sure you’re not…up to something.” His eyes move up, finally locking with yours, “Is that what they call it now?” A smirk plays along his lips as he stands up, moving around you to take a better look, “Do I make you nervous.”  

“No.” It’s a lie but you can’t show any weaknesses in front of him, it would only make your job harder.  

“I wonder if that’s true.” He pushes, stalking around you in circles to unnerve you.  

He had a talent for that, you had to admit but if you’d be scared so easily he hadn’t send you here in the first place.  

“I was send here to look after you.”  

“By who?” Letting out a chuckle, he stops in front of you, furrowing his eyebrows. There was no one who even had the authority to assign him a damn guard. He wasn’t sure yet if he should find you amusing or annoying.  

“Doctor Strange.”  

“Interesting…I appreciate the concern but I can look after myself very well.”

“That isn’t up to you.”  

“Oh you’re wrong about that dear.” With a move of his hand, you’re left standing with an illusion in front of you while Loki vanishes all in the blink of an eye. He was good. If you weren’t trained in magic that well you’d never have noticed it but you did.  

Your energy ball hits him right in the back, breaking his with ease. Stabbing people in the back wasn’t the honourable thing to do but you never had a problem with that. Sometimes it was a necessity. If you want to beat a trickster you got to have some neat tricks up your sleeve as well.  

“That wasn’t too bad.” He tells you followed by a unamused laugh, “What’s your name?”  


“Well Athena…the pleasure was…questionable, anyway I’ll have to leave now.”

Bright light blinds you and before you can even react he’s gone, leaving you standing in the empty room.  

“Should have guessed it wouldn’t be that easy.” You sigh, shaking your head annoyed, “Looks like I have a god to catch…”

Holiday baking

Justin and you have been best friends for quite a while. Over some time you began to develop some feelings but you never really had the nerve to tell him. You didn’t want to ruin the friendship you two already had if there was a chance he didn’t feel the same way.

The day before Christmas Eve…

“Justin can you pass me the eggs?” You ask as you check your phone for the directions. Right now Justin and you were on the baking committee for the Christmas party tomorrow and so far you only had a few deserts finished and it was almost 10 o clock in the evening.

A few minutes have passed and Justin still hasn’t passed you the eggs. You look up to see what was taking him so long to see that he was staring st you. “Justin!” You yell snapping him out of his thoughts. “W-what?” He says completely dumbfounded. “I said, can you pass me the eggs please”. You repeat once again before letting out a chuckle. Justin mumbles out an apology before passing you the egg carton. You grab a few eggs, cracking them into the bowl before looking towards Justin.
“Justin you’ve been acting weird all night what’s up?” You say as you beat the eggs.
“N-nothing….you just look good” he simply says before walking towards the fridge to get the rest of the ingredients.

You quickly look up before arching your brow in confusion. “I look good with messy hair, and food all over me?” You ask chuckling. “Come on Y/N you know you always do, and everyone who knows you can say the same thing” he says looking in your eyes. You quickly look away as you felt your cheeks heat up.

Suddenly you began to feel an akward tension. “Uhm can you get the flour please,” you say trying to change the subject as soon as possible. You continued to stir the mixture as you waited for the flour.

“Y/N” Justin calls.

“Wh-” you begin to say but immediately get cut off as Justin applies flour on both your cheeks. You let out a gasp as Justin laughs. “You jerk,” you glare at him but after a few seconds you couldn’t help but laugh aswell. You quickly grab a bowl of whisked eggs aswell before smirking at Justin. “Don’t you fucking dare-” he says before sprinting away. “Justin come back here!” You yell before following him into the living room.

You searched around the room, but the house was dead silent. You knew he was up to something but you didn’t know what. Just as you were about to leave, an arm snake around your waist locking you in place. Suddenly you felt cold liquid slide down your back. You let out a shriek as Justin picks you up, as self defence you pour the bowl of flour onto his head. Justin yells causing the both of you to laugh. You escape from his arms by wiggling yourself out. You immediately try to run away but he grabs your arm causing you to spin around. Before you could escape, Justin carries you holding your legs for support. You scream as you try an attempt to escape but his grip was firm. You let out a laugh as you playfully hit him.

“Omg you look like a powdered doughnut,” you giggle before patting his face. He shakes his head chuckling before carrying you to the kitchen and placing you on the counter.

You both stared at eachother for a couple of seconds before bursting into fits of laughter.
Justin and you looked around and noticed that the whole place was a complete mess.
As you were looking around you noticed something. “Come here,” you say as he gets closer to you, in fact since you were sitting on the counter he was in between your legs. He looks at you confused, as you slowly lean in. You watch as Justin’s face brightens, but more confused as he was still not comprehending what was happening. You smirk as you quickly lick the chocolate off his cheek. You watch as Justin’s face fall, causing you to burst out of laughter.

“You’re an asshole you know that?” He shakes his head smiling, you look down to see that his hands were placed by your sides. You look up and realize how close you two were. You tried your best not to look in his eyes or you might end up doing something silly.

You guys simply stood there in silence,
You decided to look up at him confused, “why? Did you want me to kiss you?” You ask and you watch as his face turns a bright red. “W-what? No-” he says nervously but you weren’t buying it. You gasp playfully. “You like me don’t you!” You say, as you began to tease him a bit because you knew he didn’t had feelings for you but it was funny to see him squirm.

“Of course not,” he simply says. Suddenly your face fell, you knew that you were just playing it off as a joke but what he said hurt you. You still had feelings for him and being rejected by him felt like a knife stabbing your heart multiple times. “Oh..” you say, before elooking down, you weren’t quite sure what else to say.

“I’m in love with you…” he says, you quickly look up to see him smiling.

Did he just say what I think he said? You thought to yourself.

“W-what?” You say shocked. He looks at you before grabbing your hands. “I love you…” he says softly, you look at him blushing before smiling wide. “Took you long enough” you say before pulling him in for a kiss.

You feel Justin smile through the kiss, a few seconds later you both pull away. Justin looks at you, justa s he wa sab out to lean in for one more kiss, the mess catches your attention. “Shit we still have to bake….and clean up” you say. Justin looks around and groans causing you to laugh.

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!!

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Joker X Reader Feeling.

“I have feelings… harbored inside of me… for you” Joker said. Y/N looked up from the paper she was reading and stared confused at him. “What are you saying J?” He brushed his mopey hair out of his face opening his mouth to repeat what he said but lost his nerve.

 He had killed millions of people and couldn’t even work up enough nerve to tell this girl.. this loopy, silly girl he… liked her? More than like, it was an ungodly.. infatuation. He dreamed of her and needed to touch some part of her body just to get through the day. He thought of the times of her walking out of the clubs with him. The city lights reflecting off her hair. She would smile listlessly at him, her white perfect teeth seeming to reflect his ugly sin. He wouldn’t feel worthy to be in such a pure beings presence but he was the most qualified out of the other scum that squirmed around her. His finger would itch to reach for the gun that rested on his side and blast the heads off of every person looking at her in some sort of gory symphony   “J what?” she said again. 

He stared at her fighting the urge to say “I love you” but he didn’t. Instead he walked out of the room laughing at his silly feelings. Y/N was left with her eyebrows knitted together questions running through her head. J was a strange man and she didn’t often bother asking  when he said her name and stared at her for prolonged increments of time. 

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PROPOSAL {Jimin; Fluff; One Shot}

Jimin watched you sleeping peacefully next to him. The two of you had just finished the most amazing dinner date and he was all prepared to get down on one knee, but something stopped him. He couldn’t tell if it was the nerves or something else, but he couldn’t get himself to just ask you the simple question of will you marry me. He smacked himself in the forehead with his palm. It was incredibly frustrating to look at your hand and see there was no ring on it. Quietly getting out of bed, he pulled the ring box out of his coat pocket. Opening it up, he saw the glittery piece of jewelry, it was beautiful. He had asked your friends and they helped him pick the perfect ring. He held it to the small light that shown through the blinds in your room. It shimmered and glistened and he couldn’t help but smile at it.

He looked at you, laying on your side, your left hand gently resting on your hip. Looking back at the ring and then on your bare finger, he got an idea. Lightly slipping the ring on your finger, he leaned back a little and grinned. It fit perfectly and it looked beautiful, nestled on your finger as you slept. As he was reaching to take it off, you shifted in your sleep. Jimin froze completely as he waited for you to stop moving, but began to panic when he saw you move your left hand underneath your pillow. He cursed himself and tried to think of various different ways to get you to move again. But instead, fatigue hit him as he watched you breath steadily. Soon he too had fallen asleep while the ring remained on your finger.

You woke up the next morning and smiled. Jimin was sound asleep next to you, his face like an angel in the morning sunlight. You stretched your arms and opened your eyes at the exact moment a ray of light struck your vision. You looked around confused, then your gaze rested on your hand. On your ring finger, a new addition lay nestled. A beautiful diamond ring sparkled and shined as you wiggled your fingers. Tilting your head from side to side in confusion, you looked from the ring to a dead asleep Jimin. His mouth slightly ajar and his body on his side to face you, you scoot closer to him.

Jimin? You whispered and he raised his eyebrows in a half asleep state.

Yes, my love? He mumbled and you brought your left hand up to his face. Jimin felt the cool metal hit his cheek and immediately his eyes shot open. He was met with your tender gaze and he relaxed a little. Maybe she didn’t notice. He thought to himself, but a part of him knew you weren’t that stupid.

What’s this beautiful ring doing on my finger? You questioned Jimin and he blushed. He didn’t want this to be the way he proposed, but he couldn’t help the giggle that escaped his lips.

You see, I wanted to ask you a question last night after dinner. I had everything planned, the server was going to bring us champagne and it was going to be perfect. Jimin began. But something just didn’t feel exactly right. There was something stopping me. You see, ever since I laid my eyes on you, my favorite moments were the ones where we could just be silly and relax. Moments just like this. I love how you snuggle up to me and we both tell each other ‘five more minutes’ and how we just lay in the warmth of the rising sun. These are the moments I realize just how hard I have fallen for you. You don’t need a lick of makeup or a comb through your hair, as long as you wake up next to me. He said confidently. So last night when I was about to ask you that fateful question, I realized I was doing it completely wrong. The best time to ask you was right now. But in the middle of the night I slipped the ring on and couldn’t get it off before you put your hand under your pillow. Jimin shyly continued and you laughed a little. Jimin pulled on your hand and slid the ring off your ring finger. Holding the ring right in front of your finger, he looked you straight in the eye.

Y/N, I have loved you for years now. We have seen each other in our best moments and our worst. We have made it through so many trials and tribulations, but we always come out stronger and happier than before. I have thought about the future and in every situation, I see you right beside me. So can you do me the honor of wearing this ring and being mine forever? He asked and you smiled even wider. As you nodded, he slipped the ring back on your finger, kissing you and pulling you into his embrace. It was a perfect proposal, it wasn’t over the top or in front of a massive group of people. It was perfect because it was just the two of you during your favorite time of day.


THIS HAS BEEN BOTHERING THE HELL OUT OF ME! As literally all of you know cultural appropriation is and has been a huge problem in kpop. HUGE. Its to the point where some people are just leaving the fandom all together. But thats not what this is about. THIS is about the reactions. Mainly the people reacting to the people who get offended. The other day i was legit screaming at the fact that Youngbae had the nerve to say that he wanted to experience the black struggle in order to make better music. Boy. How you gonna use another persons culture and struggle to benefit yourself? And someone told me to get over it. Its not that big of a deal. Same with Jimin from AOA when she said the N word and i was told i shouldnt be offended its just a word. Like how are you to tell me a black kpop fan that someone using a racial slur isnt bad and i shouldnt be offended? Now i mention this because its completely different when it comes to k fans. No tea. No shade. Buttttt every time something happens to k fans yall are quick to defend. “We shouldnt tell them how to feel since we cant relate to why its offensive!” AND YET YALL LEGIT KNOW WHY THE N WORD IS OFFENSIVE AND WILLINGLY CHOOSE TO TELL US “Get over it. Its just a word” or yall throw the “Theyre korean they dont know its a bad word.” Lee Hi legit said it on a broadcast and immediately apologized and said that it was a bad word and she shouldnt say it. They know. Some of them dont know and i acknowledge that but alot of them do. That being said 1: STOP DEFENDING IDOLS WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING PROBLEMATIC “oh he just wants to relate to black people thats it” i should slap some sense into yo ignorant ass 2: STOP TELLING BLACK KPOP FANS AND OTHER NON BLACK POC KPOP FANS THAT THEY SHOULDNT BE OFFENDED WHEN THEIR CULTURE IS APPROPRIATED. You have NO SAY in what offends and what does not offend another person 3: STOP ONLY SIDING WITH K FANS AND TREATING THEM LIKE THEYRE BABIES THAT NEED TO BE PROTECTED. Its legit the same situation except theyre korean and were not. and finally 4: Stop being ignorant. Shit. I know its not easy but damn. Yall needs all the sense knocked smooth into ya skull. NEVER MIND ONE MORE! CAN YALL STOP USING AAVE WRONG?! YALL MAKIN US NOT WANT TO USE IT ANYMORE LIKE DAMN Anyway thats all for tea time. Tune in next time when i literally try to eradicate the koreaboo population from the earth

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Catching Up With Star Trek IV’s True Hero: the Unkind Punk on the Bus
In 1986, Kirk Thatcher gave Captain Kirk the bird. Now, he gives us the behind-the-scenes story of the most punk-rock moment in 'Star Trek' history.

But portraying “Punk on the Bus” would turn out to be Thatcher’s most lasting contribution to The Voyage Home. He and Nimoy had grown chummy during filming, so when the filmmakers were looking to cast the punk, Thatcher lobbied the director to get the role. “I told him, ‘Look, I used to have a mohawk, and I’ll dress the part—you won’t recognize me,‘” Thatcher says. “Leonard said, ‘Huh, really,’ in that deep, basso profondo way. I couldn’t tell if he thought it was a stupid idea.”

Nimoy kept Thatcher waiting for more than a week before giving him the go-ahead, prompting Thatcher to dye his hair orange, shave the sides of his head, and go shopping for punk gear in clothing stores on Melrose Avenue and in North Hollywood. When he finally showed up to the set in costume—complete with dog collar, fake nose piercings, and leopard-print Converse sneakers—one of the first people he bumped into was Trek costar DeForest Kelley. “He looks me up and down real slowly, and with that kind of southern laconic drawl, he just says, ‘Nice shoes,'” Thatcher remembers.

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Can I please request a scenario of Yurio kissing his love interest as a way of telling her how he feels because he couldn't actually say it. And then him being a blushy mess about it after? <33

“So, what exactly did you want to tell me?”

The look (y/n) was currently giving Yuri definitely didn’t help to calm his nerves. But to be completely honest, she had all reason to be irritated, since he did drag her away from practice when a competition was taking place the next day.

“Well, I’ve actually-”

Suddenly, Yuri froze up

He couldn’t say it. He just couldn’t get the words out of his mouth.

“If you don’t have anything to say, then I’ll have to leave. Sorry, but I should really be practicing.”

Seeing (y/n) turn away, Yuri started to panic slightly. 

His hand shot forward, grasping her wrist.

When (y/n) turned around so see what was happening, she was surprised to feel someone’s lips on hers, though it only lasted a few seconds.

“There. What I wanted to say is that I like you.”

Even though she was in a slightly grouchy mood earlier, a bright smile not appeared on (y/n)’s face when she saw how red Yuri’s face had gotten. Honestly, she had no idea he had it in him to do that.

“Well then,” she began, wrapping his arms around him, “you’ll come to cheer me on tomorrow, right?”

Bring your Panda 🐼 to work day

As of late work had been stressing me out. It seemed liked no matter what I did it was never good enough or better yet that I could never measure up to the men in the office. I had told J all about how work sometimes got to me and his reply would be the same every time, but I still told him every time something else got on my nerves. Like now for example we were laying in bed and I had my head on J’s lap as he stroked my hair and listened to me rambling on and on about my stupid job. “Doll you zoned out there for a minute weren’t you going to finish telling me about what happened today or do you want daddy to take care of his princess another way?” He said as he leaned down to place kisses along my neck, even though I wouldn’t mind that I had to get this workday off my chest. “Not right now J I promise we can do this afterwards I promise.” I say as I push him away with my (s/c) hands and pulled my shirt down to cover my stomach again, I don’t even know how he did that without me knowing. “J it’s just not fair how they get to take credit for the work that I do, Cole knew he hadn’t helped me with the presentation all he did was try to flirt.” J growled as he heard that lately work had started to become more difficult for you and hearing this Cole person not only take credit for your work but also try to flirt with his queen had stirred up some anger in the Joker. “Doll just say the word and I will have him and the whole office killed, I don’t see why you work anyway anything your heart wants I could give to you.” He says as he again nuzzles into my neck I shrug him off so that I can focus. “I know that J , but I’m too prideful to just let them chase me away from the job I dreamed of having.” “Ok we don’t have to kill anyone, how about I send your favorite bodyguard up there to teach him some manners hm how does that sound doll?” I actually laughed a little as I thought of Panda coming up to my office and beating up Cole. “There’s the laugh I love to hear so much, so what do you say doll want Panda and me to make a visit to straighten things out?” “You know what J yeah I do want that, so what time should I be expecting you?” “Ah aha ah that’s a surprise doll now I think you promised me something after we talked about the day you had so it’s time to pay up.” He said as he pushed me down on the bed so he was on top of me , well I guess when they come I’ll know for right now I’m going to just enjoy this. ~~~~ I walked into the office with my head up high and Starbucks in my hand, after my night with J I refused to let yesterday’s events get to me today. “Hey sweetie what no coffee for me after all I did for you yesterday?” Hearing that sickening voice almost made me throw up but I refused to waste my coffee like that. “Cole I think you are mistaken me for a secretary because I don’t get your coffee that’s not in my job description.” “I see no difference between the two I mean you’re both women, and it’s not like you’re doing anything important but standing there looking like candy.” He said as he and the other guys laughed like he had told a joke that was just so hilarious. I grit my teeth as I walk to my office and close the door, making sure not to slam to show that what he said got to me. After a while I heard a commotion so I walked out to see what was going on. “So which one of you are Cole I have a special gift for you.” I looked in the middle of the desks to see J with two dancers from his club and a big gift box behind him. “That would be me Mister Joker sir .” J points his cane at him and says oh is that so, well your coworker (Y/n) got this gift for you ain’t that right doll?“ J asked as he and everyone else in the office look at me waiting for my answer, I look back at J to see him wink at me. "Oh yea I sure did you know after all you did to help me yesterday this was my gift to you.” I said as I smiled at him as sweetly as I could. “Oh you didn’t have to do that (Y/n) I would’ve much rather you dance for me .” He said with a shit-eating grin. I could see J tense up and I knew if I didn’t do anything soon there would be a massacre. “Haha always joking around Cole, but no I got this present special just for you.” I looked at J to see him whispering to the girls and then they walked off towards my bosses office, probably to keep him busy. “Well come on up big boy and open you gift, don’t keep it waiting.” J said as I pushed Cole towards the big gift box as soon as he was close he started ripping the paper away like a little kid on Christmas Day. When he was done and about to open the box out jumped Panda. “What the hell!” Panda pushed Cole so that he was sitting down again, he then went to his desk and pushed everything off and started to smash the keyboard. He then jumped over the desk and started fighting Cole, I didn’t see exactly what was happening just that Panda was punching him by the looks of it. “HAHAHAHAHAHA oh doll did you see his face when Panda jumped out Oh My God I should’ve visited earlier. After a while J told Panda to stop and pull Cole up, when I saw his face I almost felt sorry for him … almost. He was almost unrecognizable, both of his eyes were swollen shut, his lip was busted and I’m pretty sure some of his teeth are broken. "Now that I have all of your attention I would like to make an announcement.” J said swinging his cane while walking towards Cole, he grabbed him by the back of his shirt and lifted him up some more throwing him over his desk. He rolled until he came to a stop at my feet . “Now I try to be a very reasonable person but when you continually mess and tease my doll I become very unreasonable. So unless the rest of you want to end up like that piece of shit there I suggest you start treating your new boss with some respect.” Wait new boss that’s not what we agreed on , I just wanted him to teach the guys a lesson not that I’m complaining or something. I actually like the idea of being a boss, just then my actually boss came in looking like he had just ran a marathon. “Oh there you are (L/n) I’ve been looking for you everywhere, I’m leaving the company to you now. I was completely speechless I didn’t know what to say , J had done all this for me. "Well come one Panda we’ve got to celebrate with (Y/n) about her new promotion HAHA.” As we were walking out of the building I stopped J. “J you didn’t have to do all that for me.” “What are you talking about doll of course I did , you’re mine and I like to keep my princess happy.” I pulled him down by his collar so that I could whisper in his ear. “How about we just go home so that I can show daddy just how grateful his princess is?” He growled as he cracked his neck. “Change of plans Panda drive of home it seems my princess has other ideas.” ~~ I was going to write something else but I saw this gif and I just couldn’t let it pass up. I hope you guys enjoy the story and if you have any request don’t be scared to ask me. I don’t bite ….. unless you ask 😂😂😂

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A Game with Fate [KHR]

Summary: Tsuna tells Reborn he’s going to save him. He doesn’t say how. (Crossover with Hand of Fate.)


“So, you have arrived at last, Tsunayoshi.”

Tsuna smiles at the man sitting at the scarred oak table. “Hello Fate,” he says, and tries not to give away how very nervous he is. “I’ve come for a Game.”

“I suspected as much.” The milky white eyes stare at him. He might appear blind, but Fate can still see with the best of them, when he wants to. “Tell me, does he truly mean so much to you, that man? Him, and all the others? Or just him in particular?”

Tsuna swallows down his nerves. He had resolved even before coming here tonight he would be open and honest. Even if he lost his soul tonight, he would do so without regrets. “All of them. But Reborn has… been the kindest to me. I can’t let him just fade away without trying.”

Fate tilts his head, the robes covering his face rustling. “Even if it results in your demise?” he asks, softly.

“Even then.” Tsuna lifts his chin. “Will you accept my offering and play against me or not?”

“Oh, I will play with you, Tsunayoshi.” Long, spindly hands, weather-worn and ancient from the passing of time, lift. Cards appear from beneath their shadows, and stack high on the table. Two decks, red and blue. They form one deck, and they scatter into rows of four each, before finally shuffling together once again. “Come, and sit at my table child. T’will be a long night yet, and you’ve much work to do before the sun arrives.”

Tsuna sits, rubbing the palms of his hands against his knees. Now at last he feels the pressure of an invasion, of an opponent that is showing their true power, and he knows he cannot stop here. He must push through, all the way to the end. He has to save Reborn. 

“Now,” Fate says, and gestures. The cards align themselves across the table in a pattern, and the tiny token representing Tsuna appears on the starting spot. “Let us see how very favored you are.”

Hand in Hand

“Can you tell me where we’re going?”

The question was asked a million times already, but it never tired Keith out. Not one bit.

After all the questions Allura asked, practically begging him to reveal what he had planned, each attempt sparked something inside him. Not irritation- his natural reaction in a situation like this. Instead, a smile. One that kept returning throughout their little journey through the castle.

Repetition could get on his nerves immediately- his short temper confirmed this. But somehow today, it didn’t. Instead, he found Allura’s repeating questions…

Cute, surprisingly enough.

“Can I have a hint at least?” she asked, playfully. The tone in her voice close to a child’s. “That’s the least you could do.”

Her response was so unexpected, he couldn’t help but laugh. She didn’t even have to take the blindfold off to know he was smiling. “You really want one, huh?”

“Please do.”

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Cuddles: Sirius Black

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Can you do an imagine where you are so tired that you just flop into a bed and that was Sirius blacks and you wake up to him cuddling you and you cuddle with him for a while before he tells you he likes you? Thank you! (Requested) (Sorry for it being a day late)

“I’m home!” I shouted throughout the house and instead of being greeted with the guys tackling me in a hug I was scowled by the painting of Sirius’s mother. The witch of a women had the nerves to shush me and then went on to call me a filthy muggle witch. I hissed at her and raised my wand before threatening to burn her to nothing but ashes, that shut her up really quick.

I then bent down and removed my painful black pumps, rubbing my sore feet and then setting them down beside the coat rack and heading upstairs. I released my tight bun, my hair cascaded down my shoulders in loose ringlets and I sighed before pushing open my bedroom door and entering. I shrugged off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt until I was only in my bra and then I reached down and unzipped my skirt and shimmed out so it pooled around my feet.

“I guess this gives me a chance to rest,” I mumble to myself and walk over to the bed before ripping back the covers and climbing in. As soon as the soft silk touched my tired limbs I sunk into the soft mattress and allowed myself to fall asleep immediately.


I woke when I felt the bed dip beside me and then a warm chest pressing against my back and strong arms wrapping around my waist and pulling me into the heat source more. I shifted and turned my body until my face was buried in thick luscious black curls and I was breathing in Sirius’s scent of peppermint and cigarettes. “What are you doing in my bed?” I questioned, voice thick with sleep.

“Love, this is my bed,” Sirius whispers in my ear, a small shiver runs down my spine and I opened my eyes to look around the candlelit room. The walls were a rich burgundy color and the wall in front of the bed were lined with drawings and photographs of the group hanging out. I gasp and immediately try to pull away from Sirius, I was wearing only my bra and underwear and from how much heat radiating from his body he wasn’t wearing any type of shirt.

“Sirius,” I whined as I try to wiggle myself from his body but he growls lowly and pull me closer to him. “Let me go. I want to go to my room.”

“No. I like the way we’re cuddling right now, you’re so soft and smell so good. Plus, it isn’t every day I come home to find the girl I like laying in my bed,” He mumbles into my ear and I felt his lips ghostly pass against my earlobe.

“You like me?” I question, seizing my struggles and looking up to see if he was serious or if this was one of his many jokes.

“I thought it was pretty obvious,” He replies and smiles before leaning down and ghostly pressing his lips to mine. I smiled against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deeper kiss.

“I guess it was.”


I woke up once more to find Sirius sleeping peacefully beside me and the little muggle clock on the nightstand reaching six thirty A.M., I release a groan and peal myself away from Sirius to get ready for work but gasp when I was pulled back down into the bed.

“Sirius!” I squealed, trying to pry his hands off of my waist but he shook his head and then buried it in the crook of my neck.

“Send in a letter saying you’re sick. I want to snuggle more,” he grumbles out and I melted into his body when he began giving me soft kisses. I couldn’t say no to him, especially when he’s being so cute.

“Fine, but you owe me breakfast in bed,” I whisper and he simply hums into my hair before we both fell back asleep.

Since then I’ve always loved cuddling with Sirius.

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You screamed as the lights went out around you, ducking below the desk you were nearest to get away from the flying sparks. Blue lightning bolts mixed with yellow flew past you, as Barry fought who you assumed was Zoom.

You hadn’t encountered the villain since you had been thrown into a breach, and now being in the same room made you nerves spark (no pun intended).

After hiding with the rest of the gang from the intense battle, they both stopped in the center of the room, the lights coming back on.

Everyone else but you got up, and by the look of pure terror on Harrison Well’s face beside you, you could tell the good speedster wasn’t in a good position.

“You can’t defeat me,” a gravelly voice full of darkness and malice spoke, and you’re eyes widened.

You recognized that voice. 

It was from your husband Hunter Zolomon, and he had shown it to you playfully many times, disguising it as a talent he was born with.

Could he be the person that has been terrorizing both worlds?

“Hunter?” You spoke, crawling out from under the desk to see the black clothed speedster holding a limp Barry. You felt the monster’s eyes whip to you, and all of your suspicions came true by the way Zoom tensed.

“(Y/N),” he spoke, dropping Barry before speeding over to you, grabbing your body and running.


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I was cleaning the family bathroom & put a closed sign up so nobody would go in. Of course, somebody went in anyway. And he had the nerve to tell me there wasn't any toilet paper. DO YOU THINK THAT'S WHY THE CLOSED SIGN WAS UP?

More Than That//Jace Wayland Imagine

‘’Jace,stop avoiding me!’’you followed the fearless shadowhunter while he was walking like he had something to do.This was going on for the whole day.He was literally avoiding whenever you try to talk to him or ask something and it was getting on your nerves.He stopped,sighed then turned to you.

‘’What?’’he said kinda yelling.

‘’What?I’ll tell you what Wayland.Why are you running away from me?’’

‘’I don’t’’he said avoiding eye contact with you.

‘’Don’t think that your lying skills is working on everyone. What is with you?’’


‘’Come on,Jace.’’you said with a challenging voice.

‘’Because i think i’m in love with you!’’He yelled.Right after he understood what he just said he opened his eyes widely.

‘’What?’’you said with a shocking gesture.

‘’I love you Y/N.’’

‘’Finally.’’Isabelle said  passing by.

‘’I love you too Jace.’’you said.’’Not like the way i acted.Not like a sister does.More than that.’’