but he got chu ;)

((Still can’t believe it’s actually Saeran who cutely announces “CHERIT-CHU!” when you open the MM app instead of Seven))

“luke is getting ugly” fuck you! the boy sings like an angel and that’s literally all that should matter!! last time i checked you don’t need to be a model to have a beautiful talented God given voice!

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Hey if your taking request, could you do the bayverse crosshairs, bumblebee, and optimus reacting to their s/o being really depressed and suicidal... because that how i feel and i need something to make me happy for a little while:/

(Aww anon! I got chu, friend!)


  • don’t care about people
  • not the way he cares about you. So when he catches you about to go through with a suicide, he stops you, takes what you are using and throws it away.
  • Please, don’t.
  • It’s bad now, but it’ll get better. He promises you he will be there whenever you need to talk or cry or anything.


  • Always trying to push you to be the best! He tells you he believes in you, he just needs you to believe in yourself!
  • He will do anything in his power to make you smile. ANYTHING.
  • Gimmie those blades! Gimmie those ropes! (trash ‘em!)
  • Want some ice cream? Let’s go get you some ice cream!! Drive in theater? It’ll be so much fun!!


  • He feels really awful.
  • This whole experience has really put a toll on all of us, but when he catches you harming yourself, he finds who is the most affected.
  • You haven’t lived through war like the other bot’s have. You’re no soldier.
  • And he ends up becoming really protective of you. He’s lost so much. But not you. Not now. Please. He promises he will be there, as long as you still stand with him until the end.

michael chu loves genji enough for all of us like i cant stop thinking about jeff kaplan and how when he was on that one gameshow with seagull they quizzed them on character quotes and the moment they got to genji jeff kaplan got them right and he was like “i work with michael chu. of course i know this. god” and when they asked him to caption a meme he literally went “michael chu please make pharmercy canon” like michael chu is a lesbophobic genji stan

IM5 Preference : Freaky Nights ;)

Note: I get kind of awkward in these situations, so the writing may not be very good, but a lot of people have been requesting this, sooo here I go!


Cole repeatedly placed soft kisses on your neck, as you tried to brush him off. “Cole, I’m watching the movie.” You grumbled at him. “Come on, just a quick one.” He mumbled against your neck, moving his lips down to your soft spot. You bit your lip hard, trying not to give in to his demands. “No way.” You hissed, slowly giving in with each breath. Cole made his way up and down your neck, small moans escaping your lips. Cole smirked, bringing his lips to yours, moving quickly yet passionately.

His hands traced down your sides, slowly gripping at your hips. Your legs found their way around his waist, pulling him even closer to your body. The kisses got more intense quickly, Cole’s lips grasping you hungrily. He slipped his hand up your blouse, reaching for the clasp of your bra. “Cole, stop, not yet.” You muttered in between kisses. He paused, pulling away from your lips. “Sorry, I got carried away.” His cheeks inflamed with embarrassment. You just smiled, laying your head on his chest. “Don’t be.”


“Which one?” You asked, showing Dana two pairs of bikini you were ready to try on. “Hmm, the red one. I like you in red.” He smirked, licking his lips. You just rolled your eyes, heading back into the dressing room. You pulled on the bikini, unable to tie the back of the top. “Dana, little help?” You shouted, He slowly entered as you held up the front of the bikini, holding it in place. “I got chu.” He grinned, tying the top together. “There you go.” He smiled, pecking your neck softly, making you giggle. "So, do you like it?“ You asked, posing with your hand on your hip. "I like it a lot.” He muttered lowly, eyeing you up and down. You laughed a bit, as Dana’s hand slipped around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

You could tell where this was going, but you let it happen. He made his way to your lips, teasing you as he carefully pressed you against the dressing room wall. “Dana, we’re in public.” You hissed, trying to keep quiet. He completely ignored you, moving his lips to your neck, kissing it slowly. “Dana, be quiet!” You hissed a bit louder this time. He wasn’t giving up until he could get you to moan. His kisses became rough and edgy, sucking on your neck. You bit your lip tight, before a dangerously loud moan escaped your lips. Dana backed away from you, laughing loudly as you stood there in embarrassment. “Get out.” You muttered, shoving him out of your dressing room. “I’ll give you time to collect yourself.” He smirked, giving you a little wink.


You and Will had been dating for a few months and it had been great. The only thing that could ruin it, no PDA. Now, you weren’t the biggest PDA fan either, but Will seemed practically scared of it. He would barely kiss your cheek in public, and around fans, he wouldn’t even touch you. At first, it would piss you off that he wouldn’t show you affection, but after a while, you got used to it. You tried to not let it get to you, but Will could tell something was up. The two of you were sitting on the couch, not cuddled up like usual, you were in no mood. 

“Babe, is everything alright?” Will asked, pushing his foot onto yours, trying to tickle you. “I’m fine.” You huffed, ignoring him. He frowned, poking out his front lip. He sat pondering something, then looked over at you a wide grin. “What?” You questioned, a bit annoyed. He stayed silent, crawling his way over to your side of the couch, hovering over you. He hesitated at first, before slowly pressing your lips together. 

The kiss started off soft and subtle, as if he were nervous. You wrapped your arms around his neck, making everything feel a bit more intense. His adrenaline started pumping as he slipped his arms around your waist, your hips grinding into each other. He bit his lip, pulling away from your lips,staring down at you. “Where did that come from?” You asked, slightly out of breath. “Just thought I needed to give my number #1 girl what she deserves.”


You were at a party with a few friends, and after a few hours of boredom, someone suggested a game of hide and seek. You had sprinted up the stairs, hiding in a nearby bedroom closet. You heard soft footsteps heading towards you, the shadow getting closer and closer. The closet swung wide open, you crouched back in the corner, hoping you hadn’t been found. “Can I hide here?” Someone whispered. It was David, the cute boy in your Chem class you had been crushing on forever. “Just shut up and get in here!” You ordered, pulling him in. The closet wasn’t very big, so he was practically laying on top of you.

“I couldn’t find a hiding place, sorry.” He apologized. “It’s alright, I just hope no one saw you.” You smiled, trying to adjust how you were standing. You slipped over a few clothes, close to falling. You quickly grabbed onto David, grasping his well built arms in one hand, and another placed on his chest. You looked up at the blushing David, as he slightly smirked down at you. “Sorry,” You muttered lowly. “Don’t be.”

Your eyes locked intensely for a few seconds. Before you could reply, his hand grabbed your chin, pressing your lips together. Shocked, you didn’t know how to respond, your body frozen. His lips began to move against yours, and you did the same. Although in a tight space, you found the room to wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

David pressed you against the wall, making the hangers in the closet rattle, but you both ignored it. Both your hands traveled all over his body, as he did the same. He moved to your neck, as you gasped with each kiss and bite. They grew in intensity, from soft and succulent, to hungry and fierce. He growled against your neck, mumbling your name over and over again. You tried your hardest to not moan his name, giving aaway your hiding spot. 

“Oh, David! (Y/N)!” A friend of yours shouted form outside the hallway. The two of you both scrambled away from each other, fixing your hair and clothes, leaving no trace. “Found you guys!” Your friend screamed, swinging the doors open. You just laughed, trying not to be too suspicious about what had just happened. “Oh my god, (Y/N) is tat a hickey?!” Your fried screamed, pointing at the bright red bruises placed on your neck by David. The two of you just looked at each other, blushing in embarrassment.


You were home alone tonight, waiting for Gabe who was at rehearsals. You paced back and forth in your bedroom, looking for your favorite pair of clothes. A few nights ago, when you were in a certain mood, Gabe decided it would be funny to tease you a bit, then leave you hanging as he fell asleep. After a few nights, keeping your distance from Gabe, you decided to get revenge.

You searched your closet for your Batman short, which hugged your legs and behind tightly. You grabbed a see through white shirt, with a bright red lacy bra underneath. Everything was set, the lights dimmed lowed, a few candles lit in the back, as you sat, waiting for Gabe. “Babe, I’m home!” He shouted from downstairs, dropping his stuff on the couch. “Up here.” You whispered softly, grabbing his attention. He hurried up the stairs, reaching your doorway, standing in confusion and awe. “What’s all this?” He asked, his eyebrow raised. “Just a welcome home gift.” You purred, slowly strutting to him, placing your lips on his. 

You could feel his smirk, as his hand traveled down your backside. The kisses got quicker, and more heated, slowly sucking you in. Entranced, the two of you made your way to the bed, not breaking the kiss. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t give in. Taking away his dominance, you traced the outline of his abs, slowly, moving your lips to his neck. He held his breath, trying to not let any moan escape. Knowing Gabe, you made your way up and down his neck, his major turn on. The moan escaped his lips, as he reached for bra strap. You pushed him off, standing over him, with a large grin. He looked up at you confused, “Payback baby,” You whispered, blowing him a kiss, and leaving the room with a very confused and turned on Gabe.


Idk but i felt most uncomfortable doing Gabe’s, but i hope you guys like this! it’s very detailed, lol i feel so uncomfy. Sorry Cole’s is so short, and will’s kind of sucks.

finally posted, so yay!

Secrets; Safe

summary: “Raph, I’m still looking at you,” April reiterates, and then smiles wetly when she takes his hand again, “and you know what? You look perfect.”
notes: hi my name is lizz and it takes me months to do a shipping week challenge 


There’s something under the mask.

There’s got to be something under the mask.

Raph has his mask under lock and key; his brothers take theirs off rather liberally, seemingly under no strict code to wear it at all times, but Raph’s is all but glued to his face. He wears it to sleep. He wears it to shower. He wears it all the time.

There’s definitely something under the mask.

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Rhett rolled up to his pal's house on the bike, kicking down the kickstand and pulling off his jet black helmet, holding it between his arm and waist. He strolled up and invited himself in, "Yo. Reb. What chu got cookin' for me, babe?" (semi-problematicc)

“I’m making brownies, you got the shit?” Rebel called from the kitchen. He was so lucky his neutral connect had been able to snag him butter and cocoa from the city. “And stop acting like a fag, I swear I’m gonna stab you one day.”