but he doesnt see any other way

Let me tell you something about power imbalances

Since the Otayuri-discourse is getting really annoying, I would like to tell you something. Power imbalances can have an effect on every relationship. Romantic as well as platonic. A power imbalance can turn into an unhealthy relationship of any kind. But there is one thing, that everyone seems to ignore: A power imbalance itself does not cause abusive behavior. On its own its neither good nor bad. Its the way it is used, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

A power imbalance is like a “tool”. It can be used by an abuser to take advantage of its victim. The abusers keep themselves on the higher level to maintain the imbalance. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse. The abuser can easily pressure the victim into doing things that they aren’t comfortable with. For example: Older friends pressuring the younger one into drinking alcohol/older lover pressuring younger to have sex despite them not being ready for it. And this is obviously a horrible thing.

But a power imbalance can also have a positive effect. In a healthy relationship the more powerful part tries to minimize the imbalance. They don’t see the other on as lower. They want to be on an equal level. The imbalance can be used to help the younger one grow, while also making sure that they are safe don’t go over their limits. It can be reassuring to have someone more experienced that can help you in life and share their experiences. One great example for a healthy relationship with a power imbalance in the beginning is a ship you all love: Victuuri!

At the start of the show Yuuri is a loner. He doesnt have many friends and the only thing he really cares for is skating (and Victor of course). He has huge anxiety and really lacks in confidence. He idolizes Victor and therefore sees him as above him.  Also, Yuuris love life before Victor is pretty much non existent and he just becomes a blushing mess at the mere mention of eros. On the other hand we have Victor “Sexiest-Man-Alive” Nikiforov. He is way more experienced and confident than Yuuri and has had a few relationships in the past. All this puts a huge imbalance on Victors side. We see this in the beginning, when Victor was really pushy, thinking Yuuri was still as confident and flirty as he was at the banquet, making Yuuri feel visibly uncomfortable. When Victor sees this, he tones down the flirting to keep it at a pace that Yuuri can comfortably move along with. We see Victor helping Yuuri becoming more confident in his abilities and more comfortable with his sexuality. Victor used the power imbalance to turn the idol-fan-relationship into a loving relationship between two equals.

This concludes, that a power imbalance itself does not automatically make a relationship bad. Its the mindset of the more powerful person, that determines if this imbalance can be healthy or not.

Now lets talk about Otayuri!

First of all, Yuri is not the pure, innocent, little child, that needs to be sheltered from everything, that you all seem to think he is. We are talking about the “kid” who wanted to skate to eros, because he thought it would fit him better. The kid who watched Yuuri and Chris pole dancing and kept tons of photos of it. The kid who told Mila to stop acting horny after breaking up with her boyfriend. Most 15/16 years old boys are not innocent angels…  Also, Yuri is actually quite mature for his age. Yuri moved away from his home to St. Petersburg when he was around 10 years old. He is the main provider for his family since his junior debut. Growing up away from home, with this high responsibilities makes you mature faster. He committed his life to figure skating. He had the determination and disciplin to win GPF gold on his senior debut. This level of dedication, endless training, without complaining, to work towards a goal, is a sign of maturity. Sure, sometimes he acts childish and on impulse, but so does Victor, the guy who pauses his career for a year, travels to Japan and suddenly shows up naked at a hot spring, because of his crush on a drunk Yuuri.

We have seen Otabek and Yuri both supporting and admiring each other. We see Otabek helping Yuri to grow. Yuri doesnt act like an angry brat with him. He is much calmer and happier around him.  Kubo even said that Otabek sees them as equals. There is only a small power imbalance between them. Its even smaller than between Victor and Yuuri. And since their relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and Otabek wants them to be equal, there is not even the slightest hint, why this relationship would be abusive in any way. To me this looks like the perfect base for a healthy relationship. So what makes you think that Otabek would be a predator? What makes you think he would take advantage of him? Why would he harm Yuri? This is what bothers me the most about this discourse. By saying this ship would be unhealthy , disgusting and bad, you are accusing Otabek of being an abusive asshole. And this magnificent, loving character does not deserve this hate.

This post is obviously not meant to say that all relationships with age differences are totally ok. This is meant to explain, that it is not always automatically bad. There are many unhealthy relationships where both people are the same age or where the abuser is the younger one. Age alone is not what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. The mindset of the individual person is!

ace-flux will solace headcanons because ive seen a lot of anti-ace stuff recently:

1) will solace didnt know when it started, just that, for as long as he’s known about [salt n peppa voice] S.E.X., he’s been… more fluid about it. when he’s younger, about the age most people start thinking about this stuff, he figures he’s just got mixed feelings. other people his age are all gungho and loud about it, but he feels.. something else. something less, almost. he doesnt know any of the words for it. it confuses him sometimes. he brushes it off as him just being weird, because its better than the voice inside telling him hes broken

2) he doesnt really date anyone, has a few crushes, but finds himself .. worried. the way he sees it, he only wants them sometimes, even if he thinks he wants them romantically all the time. he tells himself that people deserve better. he tells himself to give up and just be alone. “take one for the team”, so to speak. that is, until nico di angelo comes along.

3) will cant figure out what it is about nico that makes will want to date him so much. when he asks himself, the answer is always “everything”. he’s terrified to let himself be with nico, but he cant help his hands shaking and his breath disappearing when nico is near. he gets so nervous, his entire stomach and chest full of butterflies, that he can barely speak. all he wants is to be close to nico. he sometimes imagine himself and nico falling in love, giggling quietly to himself, before pushing the thought from his head. it always returns, and hes glad for it

4) when he and nico do get together, it doesnt take long for them to say “i love you” and “i want to be with you always”. theyre disgustingly sweet and mushy in private, balancing it out with sarcastic, biting comments in public, both laughing quietly to themselves. nico doesnt like pda, so this is their substitute. will loves it. he loves nico. he loves everything about his life right now.

5) it doesnt take long for them to be intimate, either, despite what most people would assume. will doesnt mind - it excites him, which doesnt happen often - and for a while, he feels like nico has fixed him. maybe they were right, maybe he just hadnt found the right person. until one day, when theyre cuddling and nico starts implying he wants more, kissing at will’s neck and whispering sweet words. and will doesnt feel the same excitement he did before. it makes him so worried, he makes a face and wiggles away a bit. nico pulls back and looks at him in worry. “everything okay?” he asks and will nods and nods, but he’s nervous. its not that he doesnt want nico. hes still in love with nico. but, he doesnt want to be touched right now, not like that, not at all. “im sorry,” he says in a guilty whisper and nico quiets him with a quick kiss to the lips. “dont be sorry. you know we dont have to, right?” will nods, and they go back to cuddling, but will cant help the guilt that creeps in. maybe he’ll always be broken.

6) it happens again and again as they start to become more intimate, and it makes will afraid. he wants to be better. he doesnt want to be this way - he wants to make nico happy. sometimes, he tries to force himself, but nico always notices and puts a stop to it himself. “you arent broken” he promises. “theres nothing wrong with you” but will doesnt believe him. he tries to, knows nico isnt a liar, but cant help but feel.. maybe hes the liar himself, for pretending he could be normal, in a happy relationship with a guy. he wonders why nico hasnt given up on him.

7) it isnt until later, when theyre off at some pride event (both of their firsts, theyre so excited its almost hilarious) and he sees all the different flags that it comes out into the open. will carries a little bi flag, waving it happily, with different trans flag buttons and “he/him” buttons. nico has his own small gay flag, wearing a few small rainbow pins and, thanks to will’s insistence, a huuuge, flamboyant rainbow hat, with feathers and glitter - so much glitter!!! theyre both grinning like fools, holding hands, and staring around like kids im a candy shop. they find people decked to their bones with purple, grey, and black flags and will asks “what flag is it?” so they tell him what asexually is, and his eyes grow wide, smile falling in surprise. “you mean, thats normal?” the people smile at him and nod. they understand. “what if its… only sometimes.” nico rubs circles on will’s fingers and it almost distracts him from hearing the word they say “that would be ace-flux. you can go from sexual to asexual, dont worry. its normal.” ace-flux. ace… will isnt broken. and if he is, then all of these people are too. hes not a freak. “im… im that? im not bad?” they hand him a little ace flag to go with the bi one. “told you so,” says nico, which makes will laugh. no one says anything about how wet it sounds, or about the obvious tears stinging his eyes. they wave and walk away from the other aces, but will doesnt stop thinking about it all day. he’s not broken. he’s asexual.

ok since i literally never shut up about how much i love youngmin i just wanted to talk about my last gifset aka the scene where youngmin gives dongbin a pep talk right after practicing in front of boa. i could talk about everything regarding boys & girls team but i’m gonna focus on this specific moment because it speaks so much about his personality and shows us a little bit of how wonderful he is !!!

everyone here knows that youngmin is always working behind the scenes to help out the other kids and this instance right here is the best example of that. the boys went to sit down in the back and it was another group’s turn to practice so none of the cameras or attention should’ve been on them but that’s how genuine he is; he never intended for people to see or hear his encouragement for dongbin in the first place. he wasn’t doing it bc he wanted to look good in front of the camera, he was doing it for the sake of his team member and his team member only. he wasn’t making a big fuss out of it and he wasn’t trying to prove how nice of a person he was. his compassion for the other boys on this show is simply so genuine.

when youngmin talked about how nervous he was, he wasn’t comparing his situation to dongbin’s. even tho he was a bnm trainee who had a lot of burden and pressure, he wasn’t using it as a way to guilt dongbin. he didn’t mean “oh you shouldn’t be nervous, i’m the one who has more pressure and more consequences, etc.” or anything that made dongbin feel inferior; in fact, he was sharing his worries with dongbin to make him realize that they were both the same. he was letting dongbin know that he understood how nervous he was bc he felt the same way too, that it was natural for them to be nervous and they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. here he was acting as an older figure by reassuring dongbin that even tho they’re nervous, they can still do this.

another important thing that youngmin does is that he doesn’t blame dongbin for his lack of rapping skills. yes, everyone knows that dongbin’s rapping skills are not up to par and that he’s struggling, but he never outright criticizes him for not being able to do something. instead he addressed dongbin’s fear of failing onstage bc his confidence is what really makes or breaks his performance. when youngmin points out to dongbin that he has performed well before and that he can do it again, he’s reminding him of his value and how successful he can (and will) be. not only does that help dongbin gain some more self-esteem, it shows how much he cares about him to remember his past achievements when they weren’t even on the same team.

the tone youngmin uses might seem intimidating at first bc he’s talking so fast and firmly but when you pair it with his hand gestures and body posture, you can definitely tell that he’s just concerned and wants to be able to help ease dongbin’s troubled mind. he gives dongbin his full attention and even takes his hand into his for support. he never breaks eye contact and the fist bump he initiates at the end makes it clear to dongbin that he is not angry with him and that he is not blaming him in the slightest. youngmin knows how to communicate with others well, especially with those younger than him since he has a younger brother at home, and it really helps him establish the trust and bond between him and his team members as both a mentor and a friend who wants the best for him. i don’t know how dongbin views youngmin but compared to how his previous team treated him when they were picking the center, i hope he was able to see how much youngmin truly cared for him and wanted him to improve with his own ability.

anyways that’s all i wanted to say about this, or all i remember right now anyways i just really love youngmin a lot and the way he treats other people on the show is really inspiring he’s truly an angel a gift to the world and i love him so much ;;;

Mob Headcanons

It’s here, it’s finally here. the one you’ve all been waiting for and the one I’ve been having the most trouble with. this isn’t exactly the end of the series, but i wont be able to write these kinda long winded hc posts as much unfortunately

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • really, really likes clouds
    • has a tendency to just stare out the windows during class and just watch the clouds go by.
    • sometimes will go outside and just lay in his front yard, staring at the sky.
      • ritsu sometimes joins him with a book to read and Mob loves it
  • has Tunnel Vision
    • basically, when he’s focusing on something (which is kinda rare lmao) the whole building could be collapsing around him and he wouldn’t notice.
      • it’s so hard to get his attention when he’s like this
        • “Hey, kageyama-kun. Kageyama! Mooooooobbbbb.” “Suzuki, oh my god, leave nii-san alone. this is the longest I’ve ever seen him read a novel.” “Riichan, he’s reading a manga.” “…..oh.”
  • doesn’t often understand jokes, especially Shou’s
    • good thing Ritsu is usually there to poke mob in the shoulder and explain it to him
    • Teru is shit at explaining jokes because he usually starts snorting and chuckling half way through
      • mob doesnt mind tho seeing Teru laugh is better than any joke in his opinion
  • also, when he tries to tell jokes, it has a 50/50 chance of working
    • half the time he just starts giggling before he can get to the punch line
    • the other half he just sits there with a small, expectant smile on is face
  • considering how he has repressed his emotions for so long, he has trouble putting a name or recognizing both how he’s feeling and how others are feeling
    • sometimes he’ll say something that hits a little too close to home, or will be a little too blunt, but he honestly doesnt mean it. He just doesnt know
  • Will show up at Spirits and Such after school, sit on the couch, and sigh really loudly
    • Reigen will instantly grab a glass of milk and ask what’s wrong (if it’s chocolate milk or not depends on how loudly he sighed)
      • “okay kid, what happened today? Make it quick, we have an appointment in ten.” “Tsubomi looked at me… across the street.” “Oh wow, two days in a row! You’re on a roll, kid!”
  • doesnt really get it when someone flirts with him…. at least, not right away
    • will suddenly start blushing at midnight because holy shit Teru called him handsome
  • has a tendency to sit on his hands when theyre cold
  • those stim videos (paint mixing, kinetic sand, etc) really calm him down, but Ritsu had to limit how often he watches them because he started floating into the sky one day
  • his Bisexual Awakening was more along the lines of “oh hey, Teru’s smile might be nicer than Tsubomi’s”
    • he doesnt really put a title to his sexuality/gender tho. Searching for a label that fits him kinda stresses him out so he is just cool with Whatever
  • “Nii-san, how can you eat that? Didn’t Hanazawa-kun make it?… doesn’t it taste bad?” “mmmm…. yeah, but Hanazawa-kun was so happy, I couldn’t say no.”
  • has a tendency to just…. lay on the floor. Right in the middle of the room. especially on days where getting out of bed is a little tougher than usual
    • “Hey, boss! where’s– is Kageyama-kun okay?” “Oh? Yeah, he’s having one of those days. Give him a few minutes.” “ah, okay.”
      • teru likes to lie with him sometimes and talk about his day to fill the silence (mob never says so, but it helps.)
  •  “Hey little brother, check out this song.” “Ahh, okay, what– is this Smah Mouth?….Did Suzuki put you up to this” “no…. Yeah. Don’t tell him I told you!”
  • Mob is the most prone to Shou’s Shitty Pranks, because it’s the perfect way to rile up both Teru and Ritsu in one go
  • has issues with self worth quite a bit
    • basically doesn’t want to be more trouble than he’s worth, (and he doesnt think hes worth much in the first place) doesnt want to be a nuisance
      • he’ll say sorry a lot for this, but no one really knows the reason
  • twiddles his thumbs a lot, hums to himself, gets lost in his head quite often
    • likes to fiddle with the hem of his shirt, always is That One Kid who is clicking his pen in the back of the class
      • basically moves his hands a lot subconsciously
  • at some point he adopts reigens weird Hand Movement Thing and Reigen is??? so old proud? he’s like some dad that just watched his son score his first goal in soccer
  • after….. recent events (the Cursed Arc) he always makes sure to tell how much he appreciates people.
  • sometimes, when he goes too long without seeing friends or family, he starts to fear that he is still in the world Mogami trapped him in
    • hates to be alone now because of this
      • sleeping alone in his room is a nightmare the first few nights
im so sorry for this lmao

i saw beauty and the beast tonight so fuckin humor me and my disney loving ass here alright 

a philkas batb au because im trash for any and all au’s this isnt new

okay so basically

  • philip is the beast.
  • but he isnt the beast because hes selfish or unkind or a horrible person. philip is the beast because of what has been done to him.
  • all of the horrible things he experienced in his life turned him into this angry person who didnt believe people were capable of goodness
  • he didnt think he deserved goodness
  • this is what he was taught growing up, and he didnt know any better.
  • on the night his mother was killed, the last shred of belief that people could be good died with her. and so he became a represenation of what he saw people as: monsters
  • the castle was once just a house for orphans. it was huge and beautiful and it was a good place to live
  • but philip couldnt see that. 
  • when philip changes, the house and everyone inside changes, too. the children become the clocks and the candelabras and the settees and the dishes.
  • there isnt an outright curse, but there is a cure for whatever made philip change
  • he has to love and be loved; he has to see that people are capable of doing good things; he has to see that he too is capable and deserving of them
  • years pass, and philip is alone, cuz thats how the story goes (this may be a really stupid au but im sticking to the story a lil bit cmon yall)
  • then one day a woman stumbles onto the castle, thirsty and lost
  • she finds the door, and thinking no one is there, goes inside. and when she finds water and food, she eats, and she drinks, because shes dying, and the castle appears empty
  • and thats how lukas, the farmboy, ends up at the castle. searching for his mother.
  • he takes his mothers place
  • we all know how the story goes from here
  • philip is cold and has completely forgotten how to be kind (he was kind as a child, but it died away as he grew older)
  • but one day lukas ends up outside and he finds this old bicycle and he fixes it up and starts riding it around and philip just watches him
    • he watches him laugh and fall on his ass and smile and it wakes something inside him
  • he starts to open up to lukas, and lukas starts to open up to him
  • lukas is hesitant because where he comes from, boys arent with boys, and they definitely arent with beast boys
  • but he starts to care for him anyway
  • and then lukas gets word that his mother is sick
  • philip lets him go, knowing that this will be the end, that lukas wont come back.
  • and when the village comes for lukas’ mother, to escort her out of the village rather than treat her, for fear of her spreading the plague, philip goes
  • he brings lukas’ mother to the castle and they do everything they can
  • it isnt enough
  • she dies and lukas loses it
  • hes trashing things and yelling and philip doesnt know what to do
    • this boy with the smile and the laugh is breaking apart and he doesnt know what to do or how to help him
  • so he starts to tell him a story about a boy just like lukas, who lost his mother
  • who saw so much darkness in the world, who was fed so much darkness, that he ended up becoming it
  • and he tells him about a boy who showed up on that monsters doorstep and showed him that maybe he was wrong
  • maybe the world wasnt all bad
  • and lukas just wraps his arms around him and cries, and philip is so focused on trying to comfort lukas that he doesnt realize hes changing
  • he doesnt realize until lukas pulls away, and looks at him, and brings a hand up to his face
  • and philip looks down at his own hands, steadying lukas’ shoulders, and he sees flesh
  • and then theyre hugging and theyre kissing and both of them are crying, over their mothers, over the bad and the dark things, over each other
  • and when theyre done, the children come downstairs, children once again
  • and they live happily ever after
  • because is there any other way, really?

anyway ill say again:

while i got extreme confidence the game has a lot of heart and effort put into it, that confidence is born from nothing but vague word of mouth from the various groups that have worked on it over the years and not at all from any official statements about hiveswap, cos there havent been any.

i get that the games gone through some hefty shit and sometimes no news is better than bad news, but when theres no word on it for five years, it kinda feels like theres a lot of bad news not being said,

surely the game isnt so terrible that theres absolutely nothing good to say about its development, and no way to identify when an update is necessary, no word on the actual content of the game? the team doesnt think so! remember when hussie said he thinks its a better project than homestuck itself?

no! theres no way its that terrible! so freaking tell people why they should buy hiveswap! whats good about it? does it have an engaging story? fun puzzles? nice characters? does it have any gameplay elements besides clicking where joey goes next? does episode 1 end on earth or alternia? where is the ADVERTISEMENT? the SHILLING?

because the worst case scenario i see for hiveswap right now is a launch failure, which would cripple the attempt to complete the other episodes. contempt is growing at the abhorrant lack of communication, so if Andrew Hussie thinks his comic is so popular that word of mouth is going to cut it he’s very wrong indeed. If he’s the one holding back the PR for this game he’s basically killing it.

Why? Why would he do this? Just post anything on your blog other than “ahaha we are delaying this week 4 into the month of release so we dont release a buggy piece of shit” for fuck sake!! Window-dress!!!

anonymous asked:

I also believe this fandom (entirety of it) have put cait & more so sam on pedestals of perfection. Sam is not jamie. He's not the king of men. He's not perfect, & quite frankly jamie isn't either. Every time something happens, the idea that they're human beings somehow jars people. So, they make more money than us. That doesn't mean they should be treated any less human than us. I couldn't imagine my life being mined & invaded. Yes, celebrity, comes w/territory. Still doesnt make it ok.

It is a strange relationship that we (as fans) have with them.  In some ways it is very unidirectional.  We see much more of them (the part that they share) than they will ever see of us.  It creates a strange sense of knowing.  

In other ways, they have opened their lives and themselves to us.  They share their passions with us.  It is a very vulnerable position for them because we are still faceless.  

So I don’t think it is necessarily that we are putting them on a pedestal.  But more a matter of feeling closer to them than we are in reality.  So, when someone you feel close to does things that are hurtful, it is natural to feel disappointment.

There is a personal connection, and a responsibility to that connection that goes both ways.  

okay so like what if Iwaizumi and Oikawa got together and suddenly Oikawa changes a lot, like he doesn’t prod Iwaizumi as much or tease him as much and he almost seems like he’s trying not to step on Iwaizumi’s toes. He doesnt blow up Iwaizumi’s phone with random pictures/3AM rambling about a weird dream he had anymore. He’s so worried he’s going to drive Iwaizumi away because he knows how he can get and he’s never been afraid of annoying Iwaizumi before, but now that they’re dating everything’s different and Oikawa feels this anxiety he’s never felt before over them.

On the other hand, Iwaizumi doesn’t see any reason he should change the way he acts, because to him he thought “we fell for each other the way we were before, so changing wouldn’t make sense”. He tries to act the same but Oikawa’s gotten quieter, quieter than he usually is (because I like to think Oikawa isn’t nearly as talkative when Iwaizumi is the only one around), and so a lot of the teasing ends up seeming very one-sided and he gets annoyed and tells Oikawa to stop acting differently. On the inside, though, Iwaizumi starts feeling a bit insecure, like maybe this was a mistake, maybe we shouldn’t have jeopardized our friendship, maybe there’s someone else that’s better for him than me.

And in the end they’re both just way overthinking this in their own respective ways that they kind of lose sight of how simple it can be between them. Eventually they get past it and Iwaizumi admits he never once thought Oikawa was annoying, even though he probably should have but for some reason he always found it endearing. And Oikawa admits how much he missed calling Iwaizumi at 2AM or just feeling kind of needy in general, and how he hated acting distant but he didn’t know what else to do.

and then imagine them just slipping back into their old rhythm, and its like being together is so natural to them. Like the art of loving one another is one they’ve spent nearly their entire lives perfecting and its so casual but so deep. Everything is the same except for the little touches and kisses that have woven themselves into their daily patterns, and its so tender and subtle that “I love you” isn’t something they ever have to say, because they both feel it in every interaction and exchange.

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do u think chloe knows that lucifer loves her?.. bc she always seems to think that he doesnt feel the same way but we know that lucifer knows she loves him bc he thinks those very feelings arent real What do u think?

I do think Chloe knows and has grown protective over the idea of Lucifer having feelings for her, as seen how quickly she gets jealous seeing him with literally any other woman, heh. So both of them are aware of how the other feels, even if they won’t admit it, and they have both convinced themselves it was not real for different reasons: Lucifer because he thinks it was a trap by Dad, and Chloe because she thinks of course he didn’t really fall for her, she was just next in line of his various female distractions. They’re both wrong, of course, but they are also not really in a place right now of being able to work that out or talk about it or move past it, especially with the mounting number of secrets Lucifer is keeping and how far he has swerved to working on his own again without any input from anyone. So yeah, I think they are as far apart right now as we have ever seen them, and they’re both clearly suffering for it/acting like their season 1 selves. Lucifer as a selfish loose cannon free agent, and Chloe shut down and only focusing on work.

I think this will obviously be shaken up/changed by the finale, since that is what finales do in bringing together story threads and resolving them and setting up the next bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucifer and Chloe finally have some kind of moment of connection or apology or wanting to let each other back in, or try again, and then welp, it all goes to hell somehow. I do think Chloe finding out that everything is real is going to feed into the cliffhanger somehow, as well as doubtless whatever else is the hook for s3. But yeah.

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What's your opinion in aaron?

i think he’s a dick in the books. he’s an asshole, and if u think otherwise ur wrong. he’s an ass and he’s a homophobe. that being said, he still cares about andrew in his own strange twisted way, just like andrew cares for him. he doesnt want to be associated with the foxes bc he doesnt think he’s anything like any of them ((hes wrong)) and tahts why he’s a dick to them. katelyn represents everything theyre not and thats why hes drawn to her. doesnt change or excuse his shitty behavior in the books, but i think he gets better slowly after tkm, so i dont Hate him. i care abt him and i’d love to see his development more but i cant look the other way and pretend he didnt say/do the things he said/did

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honestly onew doesnt deserve tht leader award. they gave it as a mark of his seniority. other than that i dont see any "qualities" that would make others envious. add on that his year long hiatus during which his group was not together. its only matter of time when shinee disbands. i feel sorry for you delusional fans.

well this was unexpected.  luckily i too have nothing better to do.

wouldn’t his being the senior most leader be a good reason to give him the leader award?  (he wasn’t, by the way, taeyeon was.)  that means that he’s led his group the longest & most successfully. 

out of the sm artists represented he was the only one with all the original members; out of all the groups represented his is the only one that consistently is a part of the creation of their own discography; out of all the groups represented his is the only one with successful solo artists; out of all the groups represented his is the only one that consistently receives popularity awards to the point that taemin & kibum (as toheart) won last year.

with that kind of success as a group who wouldn’t vote for him as leader? 

beyoned that, he is known for being kind, polite, & humble.  minho just said that he has a soft charisma & puts himself in the middle of the group instead of above it.  taemin has said that he listens & then gives advice, but doesn’t force his opinion on the others.  jonghyun has said that he is soft-hearted & worries over the group.  kibum has said he wishes he’d dress better.  ;)

maybe shinee will disband in the future, maybe.  not soon based on the way they talk about their group & the reality that they just renewed their contract.  personally i see them going the way of shinwa & continuing on for years to come, writing their own music & having successful solo careers as singers, songwriters, & actors.  we’ll see. 

by the way, he was gone for less than six months & it was major surgery.  they were active that entire year, first with their world concert series & then their japanese arena tour.

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Thing is, have you seen the comments on the videos? Most of them are just people going 'SEB!' (which is a bit cringy tbh, calm down people) so no wonder Don does most of the videos when Seb is around, thats where most of his views come from I'll bet. And as for Sebastian, if they usually do videos when hes around he probably doesnt realise its any different to usual so might not recognise hes being used in a way :S

Idk I doubt Seb’s oblivious to it. He follows him on IG so he’ll still be able to see what other stuff he posts. 

the only REAL hero in CACW is Rhodey

what makes a hero a “hero”? someone who is selfless, and fights to protect the innocent because its the Right Thing To Do.

All of the heroes in CACW are ultimately ruled by personal loyalties and/or emotions. the only one who is motivated PURELY for the sake of peace and the people, AND because its the right thing to do? is Rhodey.  

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hey i remember one time you said that dip and paz would date first and then mabel and paz?? what kinda couple would both couples be??

in canon? yeah i think it’s most likely that dipper and pacifica would date at some point first but mabifica is Endgame. i think dip and paz would be like, they know they like each other a lot, but neither of them are really sure what theyre doing and it’s awkward and weird and a little forced especially because given both of their reputations around town they would get a lot of media attention, like mabel and gideon did. people expecting them to be destined for each other and get married and stuff. theyre happiest when theyre away from everyone else and can just act like themselves and not like what youre “supposed” to act like when youre dating, dipper loves pacifica but hes not sure if this is what dating is supposed to feel like? he doesnt feel about her the same way he did about wendy, but she’s his first real girlfriend so maybe he just doesnt know any better. and pacifica loves dipper but maybe that’s just because he’s the first boy to ever see her at her most vulnerable and still want to be around her, the first boy to see past her looks and status and enjoy her company just for being herself. and holding hands is nice but theyre not sure if they really want to kiss each other or anything like that. so eventually they figure that everything they like about each other and like doing together could be easily done between friends, without the pressure of romance behind it, and they break it off on good terms.

and mabifica is just like, my entire blog, and i already wrote a wall of text and i dont feel like writing any more so come to your own conclusion on that front

hunklefordsy  asked:

I'm actually super intrigued by your blind au. Can you give us some more headcanons/info on it please? Doesn't strictly have to be billdip, I just love the idea of it!

well it was originally suggested by an anon and i fell in love with it ayy

ok so the premise is that dipper has a devil’s trap tattoo (i made it a full sleeve ha h a,,) and bill is blind. bill is trying and failing to do something, so dipper offers to help him. they end up taking each others hands, only to find they cant detach (bill is a demon, devils trap, u kno) shenanigans ensue as theyre forced to spend time together while finding a way to detach.

as for further hcs, lets go:

  • bill is demiromantic af, first up
  • everything is awkward always
  • at one point mabel ceases in her constant eyebrow wiggling to give dipper advice on how to deal w the situation
  • at the end bill clears his throat loudly to announce that hes still there
  • basically bill is an ass at any given opportunity
  • bill cant see so dipper has to be really careful so he doesnt run into things
  • or runs into everything if hes being an ass
  • bill calls him pine tree bc hes tall
  • “how do you even know that??” “I CAN FEEL YOUR OBNOXIOUS TALLNESS OKA y”
  • bill flirts a lot, at first just to get a reaction, but later for real in the hopes of dips catching on
  • dipper doesnt for a while because hes an awkward butt about feelings
  • it gets angsty at the end but that will take a lot of explaining so im not gonna put it here

its just a great au okay 

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do u have any headcanons for nico hazel and bianca (if she hadnt died)

b oi. i got this

assuming bianca didnt die, she’d still be in the hunters. so she probably wouldnt see Nico all that much honestly, because how often do the hunters stop by camp really? not that much. she sees him for holidays and takes a day off for his birthday but mostly they dont see each other unless Nico goes out and looks for her and he doesnt always have the time.

So Nico would have met hazel way before Bianca did. He probably wouldnt even know what to tell her, ‘by the way we have another sister and also the roman demigods exist and also also im caught up in some end-of-the-world prophecy shenanigens again lol how u been sis” and eventually he just forgets he was supposed to tell her to begin with??

and when hazel and bianco finally meet hazel is like “oh my gods its so good to finally meet you!!!!” and runs up and hugs her real tight and bianco hugs back but is secretly mouthing to Nico “who the heck is this???”

eventually they all get along really amazingly, and make their dad’s life hell because bianca is a Bosy Child, and Hazel will always back her up and they are not about to let Hades push Nico so hard with doing all his dirty work. also they make him take them out on ‘family days’ because family is important gdi.

essentially Nico grows up safe and warm, tho he will still have trouble with bein a gay and also bein a child of hades, his sisters will have his back to ease the burden and they are all better for it

John in The Six Thatchers

before you all get fired up about how john texting another woman and cheating is random and out of character, let me just tell you this.
A lot of men, when their wife is pregnant or just had a baby, cheat on their wife. Their wife starts putting more attention into caring for their baby and the husband feels neglected. Then a new girl comes along and shows interest, and he returns the interest because his wife isnt paying attention to him, so he accepts and seeks out that attention from the other woman.
John, generally, is a good man. He cares more for the victims rather than the case. He forgave his wife for things any other man wouldn’t. He sees the best in Sherlock despite almost everyone else not even wanting to be near him for more than 10 seconds.
But the perfect man doesnt exist. Eventually, after all thats gone on in his life, he deserves to think of himself for once. He knows that. But hes not quite doing it the way he should.
Instead of taking it easy, hes lying, hiding, taking interest in a woman when hes not available.

About him getting angry at Sherlock, there is a reason for that. Its not that he actually blames him, its that he feels incredibly guilty.
Leading up to Mary’s death, she kept noting about how good of a man he is. She truly felt she didnt deserve him. When he witnessed her death, her dying words so honest and loving, he felt guilty. He felt bad that he lost interest right before she died. He felt bad that she died before he could ask forgiveness or leave her. She died not knowing of the secrecy. Hes just directing his guilt, shame, self hatred, towards anyone but himself. It just happened that sherlock is an easy target. He did make a promise, but sherlock couldnt have stopped her from herself. She jumped in front of that bullet. Although john didnt witness that part. He walked in when she was already on the ground. Hes either doesnt know what she did or hes in denial about it. Why would she jump in front of a bullet to save Sherlock when last time she was the one pulling the trigger? Shes changed, and john feels incredibly guilty that when she changed for the better, he changed for the worst.

BUT, I dont think we have the whole story. At first, we believed he got off the bus and that was that. Later it was revealed that she also got off and he has her number. Eventually, hes texting her often and her number is saved in his phone. What if he really did sleep with her? I think her definitely met up with her. Why would she keep texting him if not to meet up and flirt? This could very well be a reason of why he feel so so terrible about mary’s death.

So no, i dont think its not out of character for john to cheat on Mary. Its not out of character to blame Sherlock. Hes widowed, left with a baby, not knowing what to do. He needs space to reflect, think, plan. He cant do that if hes being called out on wacky cases all the time.


the past few years for my older brother has been shitty, and he’s very depressed, and i’m worried about him. he lives with us, has no way of transportation to any job, or school, and he doesnt have insurance yet. 

i’m trying to help him get on insurance so he can see a doctor, just a regular family medicine one, so he can get on anti depressants. he really feels that they’ll help him with motivation and his depression. 

he also has very few pants, he has nothing to do since we’re very far away from others and any schools he wishes he could go to, and his shoes are so old that he’s had them since he started high school. he’s 20 now. 

if anyone can help, PLEASE buy him anything off my amazon wishlist, the items for him are specified, and his special interest is pokemon, i just want him to feel better

thanks for reading! sb if you can’t help out please, thanks


Alright so I have been noticing a LOT of stalia/malia hate since the start of season 4 and honestly it’s been irking me a lot so I feel the need to correct/say my thoughts on a lot of points that I have read.

First off I want to make a point to state that I am first and foremost a Sterek shipper, I am not hard core stalia and have yet to make a definite stance on their relationship, however I do like Malia for reasons I will state later on. Further more, I am not a stydia shipper really but I respect that ship and honestly when push comes to shove Stiles is my favorite character so If he’s happy I’ll be happy even if he decides to date a freaking tree, I really don’t care so long as my baby is smiling <3

THAT being said, I want to go on to discuss two seperate parts. Part A being Stalia part B being Malia as a character separate from a ship. 

Please just bare with me I don’t expect anyone to change their minds, & I understand if you don’t but I simply feel like these things need to be voiced as well. let us beginn

Part A: Stalia/Stydia

1. “It’s Unrealistic that Stiles can be "in love” with Malia when he’s been in love with Lydia for years.“

SO as many of us know the Stalia ship has been getting a lot of hate, many from opposing ships mainly the stydia side (though i’m sure also from the sterek side and various others, I’ve just noticed mainly Stydia) I’d like to first say i respect all ships and I know not everyone in every ship feels the same way but I’m talking to the majority that do. I am a sterek shipper but I have always respected Stydia, now that Malia has entered the show I find that people seem to be coming up with various different reasons to hate on this ship just because they want their other ships to be a thing. I would like to point out that no amount of hate will change which ship will become endgame. it just wont.. That being said, I am going to focus on different points people have made in regards to why stalia is apparently terrible; one of the first points being that it is unrealistic of Stiles to just suddenly be ‘in love’ with malia when he’s been in love with lydia his whole life.

This has been such a silly argument in my mind to be honest, and here is why. YES stiles was in love with lydia, and honestly he probably always will care for her very deeply but with that being said, in what world does caring for someone mean you can’t care for another? ESPECIALLY at the age they are in the show? FURTHERMORE for those of you who are saying its so random and sudden for stiles to just switch from lydia, to another girl, there is nothing random about this, because it wasnt sudden! Through out season 3 we have been given multiple indications that stiles affections are not solely geared to Lydia anymore.Let me make this clear he always cared for Lydia that will never stop but he doesn’t only think about being with her anymore and no one else, he started to branch out with girls slowly moving on from just Lydia For example; we had heather, who stiles was perfectly willing to lose his virginity too before she was killed, and who he also cared for very much, then there was the girl at the blackout party who he made out with happily, Cora in which he made a very pointed comment after giving her mouth to mouth that she had better be awake the next time, and then finally there was Malia. SO for those of you who think that him moving on from Lydia was sudden, it was not. Stiles had a very long journey in season 3 and yes, he did love Lydia, and he will always care for Lydia but he has grown as a character and finally realized that Lydia isn’t the only girl out there, however that being said I am not writing off the possibility of him and Lydia being a thing in the future should circumstances change, and they both be aloud to grow separately. also as a side note I would like to say simply that NO ONE has said that Stalia is in love.. NO ONE. it is not love yet so please don’t call it that, they are two people who have feelings for each other 

2. Stalia is an abusive relationship

oook soo this point literally makes zero sense to me. I see no signs of an abusive relationship. YES Malia punched stiles when she first saw him because she was angry, and upset about the fact that she was now human and had to deal with the fact that she killed her family. She was angry and upset that she was taken from the one thing she knew and thrust back into an unfamiliar world she didnt understand. SO yes, she punched him because he played a part in it, but NO that doesnt make her abusive and why is that? because she hasn’t done it since then, Since they have started showing affections for each other she has not harmed him in any way as well after she had punched him, she began to help stiles in echo house, which provided her with an opportunity to see that stiles isn’t all that bad, and further more that he was willing to get her to someone who could help her. Also don’t say that the scratches or bites or w.e. is on stiles back in episode 4.02 is abusive, because trust me that isnt abusive that is probably just her unable to control herself at times, much like how scott attacked stiles in season 1 when he couldn’t control his shift, or how scotts hand changed when him and alison where making out on her bed. When you are new at learning how to change at will its hard to always be in control which has been made extremely clear this whole series. So please stop calling it an abusive relationship she doesnt hurt him, physically or emotionally, and he does care for her as well. If you are going to call stalia an abusive relationship then you best be calling jackson & lydia and abusive relationship too. just sayingg..

3. Stiles doesn’t really care for her

yes he does. I think he is very timid & uncertain still for many reasons, one because this is a new experience to him, two because she is very unstable and new at being a human, and three because they are lying to her, and he is feeling guilty about that which makes him act more skidish and less like a love struck puppy, but if you want to say he doesnt care for her, Im telling you to go back and watch echo house, Malia is the one who shakes him out of his dream, and you can see it on his face how greatful he is that she choose to come back for him and that she chose to keep helping him, even though she pretty much fulfilled her side of the bargin by getting him the keys, Malia DID NOT have to go and get him from that room and get him to the basement but she chose too, further more he was very distraught about the idea of her leaving in 4.01 confused or uncertain as he may be you cannot deny that he cares for her in some capacity and doesnt want to lose her, which was also shown in the fact that he chose to let the nogitsune in rather then let malia die in echo house. He cares for her, because she helped him in echo house, and because she cares for him very openly. 

4. "Stiles is acting so out of character”

I am not going to lie this point makes me SO frustrated. Stiles is the same stiles he has always been, caring, loving, sarcastic and an all round good guy. He allowed the nogitsune back inside of him to save the life of an innocent girl, in the first two episodes of season 4, he is supportive of Malia because he knows she is trying to learn how to be human! he corrects her when she says they should just leave Lydia because they don’t leave their friends, he is sarcastic and bantery with Lydia at the jeep, and before they go into the club place, WHICH he does ALL the time with her when they are in situations like that so don’t tell me he doesnt get snippy with her because he does that hasnt become some new thing since Malia came around, they were like that last season as well, they banter thats what Stydia does, and stiles gets frustrated with her but still respects and cares for her. NOW some have made a point about how he was going to leave Lydia at the jeep to run after Malia… can I just point out that he would have done the same if it was Lydia running, or Kira, he is the only guy there and even though he has no powers or anything he still cares about them all and wants to protect them, he would have run after any of his friends. Sure he was more worried that Malia was just trying to leave, but he still would have gone after everyone. Hands down no question, that is Stiles, if you don’t believe that re-watch all of the seasons because he ran after lydia on the football field season 1. Jumped into the pool after Derek (who he has claimed to want dead btw) in seasons 2. ripped a hand saw from ethans hands in season 3, and has done countless other things in the name of protecting those around him. Him about to run after her isnt out of character at all. As well, he doesnt act all rude to her when she is so blunt about only trying to save oneself because he knows shes having a hard time, & he also probably feels a little guilty because he is partly why she is human again and having to re learn the ropes so OF COURSE he is going to be kind and gentle and try to help her through it in as nice of a way as he can, he defends her because he doesnt want everyone giving up on her, because then he would feel even worse & he strongly believes she can be good, which I believe he also thought of Lydia, and look at how far she has come.

5. “there was no build up it just happened”

honestly… sometimes there is no build up.. sometimes you have a couple of moments with a person and you kinda decide YEP I like that one, and they like me and its going to be a thing. I mean sure its nice when there is a build up, but honestly I find that Stalia had a nice connection in echo house, and it just never went away. Malia trusts and respects Stiles, he saved her life twice and also helped her find a way in which she can live as a human happily while still being a werecayote, It makes sense that she would start to feel things for him, he is cute, and kind, and he clearly has struggles like her, which I believe lead her to falling for him & vice versa. Honestly, they aren’t even 100% together yet, stiles isnt even sure what they are, and they still have a lot of time to figure it out however it doesnt have to take 5 seasons to do it.. with something like Stydia or Sterek YEA those need build ups because they started at season 1, and both pairings were so different from stiles and in different atmospheres that they needed time to bridge that gap, Stiles & Malia, were both in a place that forced them to work together, and they made their connection easily and quickly, it didnt need very much build up. Stiles showed her very quickly what kind of a guy he was, he told her he would get her to someone (scott) who could help her go back to a werecayote, He was kind to her & tried not to look at her in the shower even though she didnt care, he was friendly and tried to help her feel better/warm. I think it was in that moment that she realized that ok maybe he isn’t an ass & I was wrong, then being newly transformed back into a teenage human, she kissed him because he was nice and I dont know about you but if I was turned back to human I would wonder about the things I missed out on such as first kisses. So she took her chance to see what it was like, and Stiles being Stiles was sweet and gentle with her, which further made her see he was a good guy, he also told her the truth about the nogitsune and all of that stuff and she probably realized he had guilt and problems too and that he was like her. So no they didnt need a huge build up, because they were already very similar in their emotions and mind sets and it aloud them to become close quickly. not every relationship needs to take seasons to happen.

Part A Conclusion:

So in summary in regards to Stalia I think this ship is a perfectly viable ship, sure there may be some flaws but many ships have flaws, I could point out so many flaws in various ships but sometimes you just have to accept some things because nothing can be perfect! We have to remember that we are watching a TV show we dont have hours and hours of time to spend on developing relationships there is a story that needs to be told & I don’t think Stalia has just happened I think a lot has been building up over the time we have not seen, which is common because sometimes we need to make time jumps to keep the show flowing, I feel like we will start to see Stalia develop a lot more as we go on, mostly because we will also get to see Malia develop as a character of her own. 

Part B: Malia As A Soul Character

1. “She’s a Bitch”

let me begin by saying I actually love Malia’s character all ships aside I just love her! That being said many people are calling Malia a bitch because she simply doesnt care about the others. Honestly I don’t see her as being a bitch I see her as someone who was an animal for half of her life, She isn’t use to being around people and showing remorse or empathy, she doesn’t even really understand what those things are anymore. Sure her saying she would leave them behind isn’t the best but she lived for years simply on the soul instinct to survive. she lived in the wilderness alone and only had herself to look after of course she doesnt get that you don’t  leave your friends behind,  but the point is that she is learning, and honestly I think malia deserves a chance, she hasnt had 4 seasons to develop like the others have, and honestly if you are a Lydia fan and you stand there and write her off because she is a 'bitch’ let me just say that is very hypocritical because I recall Lydia being a class A Bitch in season one!  I mean I love Lydia, I love how shes grown and how confident she is now, but she was a serious bitch in season one, and I hated her then, but I had hope she would grow as a character and I’m glad I have her that chance because she really did grow. Furthermore there were countless characters who were dicks at the beginning some of which barely got much redemption but people still love them so why does Malia get such a bad rap? Just because of the whole Stalia thing? cause I don’t think thats fair. Malia hasn’t been in more then 4-5 episodes 2 of which she was only in for a short while.. I think its safe to say that 3 episodes isn’t a whole lot of time for her to grow as a character.. and even so, the second episode has shown that she is learning, she went with scott to see peter because she heared he was dangerous, she was willing to fight the bezerkers right off the bat & I personally think that the scene with her and kira shows the possibility for a budding friendship in the future. So all I’m saying is don’t write her off just yet, because once upon a time Lydia was a bitch who looked at stiles like he was a piece of dirt, made out with scott when she was with Jackson, and basically threw the fact that Alison’s aunt was a mass murderer in Alison face. She also made it clear that she only dated winners, and she didn’t think about hardly anyone but herself; and yet look at her now she is one of the most selfless characters and I think Malia at least has a reason for why she acts the way she does, so give her a chance she could surprise you.

2. “ She should have the mentality of a little girl she shouldnt be acting like this”

I disagree with this statement, I use to kind of agree to it, but then I stopped and thought about it… Malia has been a coyote for years.. she has grown up in the woods as an animal, she shouldnt be acting like a little kid because she hasn’t been a little kid in years, she’s been a coyote. I love Malia because Jeff Davis is writing her exactly as she should be, like a person who has been living with the same thoughts, morals and actions of that of an animal. She is precious and blunt and so incredibly oblivious to things and she is just so new at being human and I love it because there is so much accuracy in her character right now, her confused look in school, her 'Fight v. Flight’ instincts that basically was 90% of how she survived. People are always Complaining about the accuracy of things on this show, so why are you harping on the one thing Jeff Davis is FINALLY doing right! I love seeing this girl trying to transition from coyote to teenage girl. I will admit the dance scene wasnt accurate but even then you could always say that she just watched the people around her and mimicked the dancing cause lets be honest, dancing like that isnt rocket science unless you are really awkward and uncomfortable in the situation like Kira was.. never the less I think Milia is being written perfectly

3. One last point as to why i love Malia

She cares so openly about Stiles.. can I just say that? I LOVE that we have a character who is finally seeing the good parts of Stiles, right from the beginning, She saw his badish side in echo house, and saw his goofy side and is seeing all of his new sides but even still, her care for him has not faltered and I just love that because I think Stiles deserves someone who sees him for every single amazing thing he is, which is a Hero, and all round good person and thats another reason why I am rooting for her <3


So basically I just feel like Malia has been getting a bad rap and deserves more of a chance than just 4-5 episodes. wait until the season ends before making a stance on whether you hate her, its only the beginning of the season and there is so much left to happen. I love Malia I love how she is being written and I think she is a precious flower and I CANNOT wait to see her character development because its so obvious there is going to be some. So in conclusion those are my points and my thoughts on the negative comments towards Stalia/Malia please remember that I respect all ships and all opinions, this is just me voicing mine in hopes someone will read it and maybe see another side to a situation, I do not wish to force you to change your mind & if you read this and completely disagree I respect that & thanks for reading it anyways <3 in the meantime I hope everyone enjoys season 4 & thanks for reading this if you stayed with me this far <3 


Okay I was reading the gmg  arc and i saw some gruvia moments which were really sweet and that not many people talk about.When Gray arrives at Crocus he is later invited to have dinner with juvia (a date with juvia we all know it was a date) and the gruvia relationship in all.

This is maybe the first time we see juvia in such revealing clothes and i dont think that they should have been censored in the anime.I mean lucy and erza wear clothes that show a lot more skin but when juvia does it it suddenly gets  too revealing and has to be censored .Another detail that im sure was spotted by other gruvians :the butterfly on her hat.And who do we see later wearing a shirt with a butterfly on it ?Non other than the mighty Gray-sama.                                

Some people say its just a small detail not a big deal but it is a very big deal!Mashima likes to put these “small” detail and he does that with several pairings Nalu,Gajevy and Gruvia too maybe even Jerza we just havent noticed them yet.And to all those who say Gray doesnt share juvias feelings let me remind you something this boy sacrificed his life for her.That attack may not have killed juvia since her body is water but Gray didnt care he prefered losing his life instead watching yet another important person die in front of him.And to all those other “smart ’‘guys who say juvias love isnt true or she is just a fangirl stuff a cupcake in your mouth and just dont talk about her like that.I dont think any other girl will react the way juvia reacted seeing Grays death.She looked devastated as if her whole crumbled down and in a way it did because gray  is her world.Without him juvia wouldnt be the person she is today.Without him she wouldnt have saw the sun rays,join a family ,learn what it means to love .Gray showed her all those things.Juvia loves him with all her hearts content.And recently we dont see the fangirl juvia as much as before she is maturing and Gray is doing the same .He is opening up to her slowly and step by step juvia is breaking the walls that bind his heart.Shes melting the ice slowly.She even manages to put a smile on his face when no one else can.So dont dare say shes just a fangirl she is a lot more.Look at her face when her Gray-sama dies the man she loves and adores the one who showed her the light and just dare saying shes a damn fangilr I will hunt you down.


These are not the faces of just a fangirl these are faces of someone who just lost his reason of living,his light,her world,his loved one.So please dont talk about juvia and gray as if he feels nothing towards her and that she is just his fangirl.Maybe Gray doesnt know how he feels towards juvia but she is not just his friend she is much more than that,And juvia maybe has her moments when she goes ’'waah!Gray-sama is so cool!<3’'But thats how she is so bare with it.Just wait till all this is animated i really hope they dont  change the butterfly shirt