but he doesnt say much now does he

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ah ive been thinking abt a ym proposal fr so long.. hear me out: yg suddenly waking jm up and hes in tears and just asks jm 'you love me right?' and jm starts kissing him all over telling him 'i love you so much yoongi. god youre so amazing and i love you' and he starts listing off reasons that he does (he def doesnt tear up) and its so long and yg doesnt believe it but then jm says 'god, yoongi, id marry you right now' and yg stops sniffling, and looks up at him and goes 'you mean it?' and (1/?

and jm chuckles through his tears and cups ygs face and kisses him and says ‘id love to fucking marry you’ and it feels so surreal and yg chuckles just a lil too and says ‘what would our wedding be like?’ jm starts talking and rambling on and 'well i wouldnt date you if we weren’t both in natural black or brown i mean you also look hot in blonde hair but thats not the point! the point is id sue bighit if we didnt match for our wedding! and id wear what? a suit? probably. id force you to (2/?)

to wear a suit too, y'know. wouldnt marry you in a fucking bomber jacket like youd hope. maybe i would, actually. you look hot in bomber jackets. i dunno.’ 'i think id have nj as my best man. jin would probably kill me’ ’ oh he def would, yg. tae would probably be my best man. jk wouldnt talk to me for a few months but he’d come see the wedding yeah?’ “course he would.’ 'oh what flowers would we have? i like lillies. what do you think?’ ’… i like babies breath.’ 'yeah, babys breath is (3/?

is good.’ and they go on like that for a while, until they finally doze off. the next morning they wake up, and jm kisses ygs forehead to wake him up and smiles at him and they lay quiet for a while when yg says 'hey did you mean what you said about getting married?’ ’… yeah.. yeah i did. and you know, i dont know when thats gonna be, i dont know if it’ll be in vegas, or france, or the UK or wherever, and i dont know what flowers we’ll have or what color our hair is gonna be, but yeah. i (4/?

i wanna get marries to you, yoongi.’ and yoongi smiles so big and giggles and says 'ah park jimin is finally my fiancee huh?’ and they both giggle n peck kisses on each others faces and roll around in bed, jm talking about how yg better get a nice engagement ring fr him and how hes already thinking of one for yg. they kiss soft and slow (they totally dont fool around during their morning shower when they finally get out of bed) (5/5) - rose anon


Remember the ‘leave the math to pidge’ scene? I remember a lot of ppl saying the scene was 'not good for klance’ because of the way keith carried on the conversation. I never agreed, but I understand so much better now i see that keiths autistic that he was trying and SUCCEEDING to comfort and bond with lance, in the way he understood was best, which does not have to be the same way other people do, and this doesnt make keith worse of a friend, nor does it make this scene less 'klancey’

So as a teenager, Richie is too thin and lanky to lift Eddie up, but as an adult he does it all the time just to brag that he can now.

One day he’s lifting Eddie and is showing how strong he is and everything, and then he slips up and says “well Eds, you’re pretty light now that you only have 1 arm”

And he freaks out and apologizes but Eddie thinks is SO FUNNY that he laughs until he’s crying


in eighth year, when they go back to hogwarts on the hogwarts express. harry, hermione and ron get on but every compartment is full except for the one with draco sitting in it because no one wants to sit with him. they ask draco if they can sit and draco just glares and doesnt say anything. so the trio go into the compartment and hermione and ron immediately sit opposite draco, leaving poor harry to sit beside him.

so its all awkward silence on the way to hogwarts until harry falls asleep oN DRACO’S SHOULDER. and draco gets really red and he forgets how to breathe and is thinking “hOLY FUCKING SHIT WHY DOES THIS FEEL NICE WHAT IS THIS OH MERLIN HE’S SUCH A PRAT WHEN HE’S AWAKE BUT HE LOOKS SO CUTE ASLEEP” and he tries his best not to move because he might wake harry up because harry looks so peaceful asleep and hide his blushing from ron and hermione but his heart is beating so loudly he’s sure they can hear. when harry wakes up, he’s all apologetic and adorably sleep-rumpled and draco just wants to kiss him but he cant because he’s sure harry is straight and hermione looks at draco in that way like she knows and draco is so mortified and he leaves once the train reaches hogsmeade.

and then one day ron goes up to draco like “i hate you and all but harry keeps going on about you and its driving me mAD and all i know is you like him and he likes you and for the love of all things good please do something about it and ask him out before he makes us all as loony as lovegood” and draco tells him that he doesnt think ron can get any loonier but internally he’s so so happy and he’s already planning how to ask harry out.

and when draco works up the courage to do it, he does it in the great hall during breakfast because lets be honest draco has always been dramatic as fuck and harry says yes and the hufflepuff, ravenclaw and slytherin tables are all confused and whispering but theres pretty much a huge sigh of relief from the gryffindor table because harry goes malfoy this and malfoy that in the common room and FINALLY.


“youre like a brother to me” scene where after finding matt and shiro pidge and keith sit together slowly processing that “holy fuck our older siblings are back” but keith feels a bit bitter-sweet because he really got used to treating pidgeon like a weird, surrogate space younger sister he’s never had and now that matt is back he’s afraid that it will change and their relationship will be more distant from now on, now that pidge has her real older bro back, but pidge notices that something’s off like a smart bean she is and nudges keith with her elbow and says “you know that you dont get to slack off as my space sibling now that matt is back? i expect a piggy back ride first thing in the morning tomorrow” and keith rolles his eyes and says that she expects too much but inside hes very happy and so he hugs pidge and the next morning he does give her a piggy back ride and doesnt feel hurt when she goes to sit with matt. he doesnt feel sad at all.  he’s happy because he not only got to keep his space sister but also gained another family member 

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park jihoon as your older friend

(( AS REQUESTED! // jihoon scenario where you’re 2 years younger than him so you think he only sees you as a little sister but he confesses to you when he thinks you’re gonna date someone else bc he’s scared of losing you??? this is lowkey rly specific but THANK YOU!!! ))

  • ure used to hearing ppl talk abt how young jihoon is, and how hes so so so cute
  • of course, u agree with him
  • everyone does tbh
  • still, it makes u feel a little upset bc it seems like everyone who says those things are older than him, with jobs and life experience and history and Fancy Stuff like tht
  • so compared to them, u feel like a toddler

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Hey, could you maybe deliver some trans Frank headcanons? Bc i really really love him, thank you if you do!

THIS IS LATE BUT I LOVE TRANS BOY FRANK SO MUCH…. heres a Discovering He’s Trans post because im a sucker for those, my trans ass LOVES origin stories, its true. enjoy! and thank you for sending the ask!!!

- frank wasnt always uncomfortable with “girl stuff”. he liked tea parties just fine, didnt mind when his mom said he looked pretty, and pink wasnt his favorite color but he didnt have anything against it

- as he grows older, he starts realizing that its … just not what he wants. he gets “mistaken” for a boy one day when he has his hair tucked back under his the hood of his large jacket and it shocks him to find that he prefers it

- he mentions what happened to his grandmother and his mom on separate occasions. he tells his grandmother right when he gets home and she raises an eyebrow and asks “was this stranger correct?” and frank blinks in confusion, stares at her. “because it seems to be making you very happy, fai. youre flushed.” frank laughs and blames it on the cold. much later, he talks to his mom about maybe, if thats okay, kind of, sort of, calling him a boy from now on. asks if other girls like that too.

- she agrees, because of course she does, shes amazing. she says she doesnt know if other girls like that, but that its okay to like that. that she’ll always support her baby bear. frank laughs when she ruffles his hair and kisses the top of his head, their smiles identical. (and then, of course, she does her research “google dot com girls who like being called boys???” because she loves her kid and wants to help him figure this out)

- she talks to her mother about it and they argue about it a little before grandmother zhang admits that, yes, we both love fai, i would do anything to see that child happy and healthy. so they bring it up to him, this new subject of gender, to frank.

- they ask frank if he wants to be a boy all the time, not just at home. asks if he wants a hair cut, maybe, or different clothes. he thinks for a while.

- he doesnt see anything wrong with what he has on, exactly. theyre clothes and they serve a purpose. but the rest of it…. of being a guy everywhere, everyone calling him a boy all the time…. that feels much better. after being called a boy at home, he’s begun to realize that being called a girl at school did kind of bother him. he didnt want to be a girl at all.

- he admits this and mom and grandmother look at eachother. he wonders what adult secret hes been left out of this time.

- but then they tell him. they mention the word transgender, they explain it all. talk about the things emily read about. and frank is a little afraid, but mostly… relieved. finally, things are making sense.

- and thus, frank zhang comes into full realization of himself with a kind and supportive family. grandmother is still a mean woman, but never about this. she still calls him ‘fai’, because “if you wanted me to call you a different name, you should have chosen a chinese one!” but it doesnt upset him as much as other people calling him it does. its just a name, after all. hes frank, and at home, with his mean but loving grandmother, hes fai. he can accept that. she’s done everything else he needs, thats enough for him

baekhyun is so proud of his body, he’s been exercising and building muscles for such a long time to get to where he is now and I’m not gonna sit here and watch some people talk down about it. yall fcking demand too much from him lol. he already got low selfesteem and for once he is proud of himself. so fcking shut it and be happy that he’s happy with himself.

about haks confession in 134

ive seen alot of people being weirded out by the fact that hak just, blurted out “i love you” randomly out of nowhere. and while i was surprised at the timeing and how he said it, i dont find it “out of nowhere” as it may seem, i think within the contest of whats happening it kind of makes sense

Hak and Yona have just lost everything ALL OVER AGAIN. theyre family is being held captive and will be killed if they dont succeed. and here he is, being forced to bring Yona directly into the lion den, holding a meeting with Soowon. the same Soowon that tried to have them killed, and for reasons he doesnt know hasnt tried again, but its not like Hak can trust him to continue with this odd grace especially with Yona’s life in danger. but the worst part of this is that. lets say the meeting doesnt go well, and Yona dies, then the Dragons and Yun die as well AND the two countries go to war. or if Hak manages to save Yona, the Dragon and Yun are STILL to be killed and the countries wage war.

Hak is walking in a razers edge right now, and he’s definintly not fairing much better than Yona is but hes doing what he always does: being strong for her. i mean we had NO idea how badly Hak was also tramatized by Il’s murder until he had his complete mental and emotional breakdown in chapter 91 and that was UGLY, and hurtful and raw. Hak is defininelty hurting and terrified out of his mind right now. he could very well be sending Yona (and himself) directly to their deaths, as well as dooming their family. there is very little hope of their survival except a miracle

 so thats whats happening on Haks end now here comes Yona’s end. now this is important. yona has been concerned with hak and his mental well being and wanting to be strong so that he can rely on her for a very very long time, and we as the reader are aware of this face, but! this is the VERY FIRST TIME EVER that Yona has said this outloud and to Hak’s face ever!!!

i mean every other time she has had these thoughts of wanting to protect Hak and support hak they have been internal. in chapter 76 when Yona makes a promise to herself to make Hak smile more, in chapter 82 when she vowed to wanting to get stronger to fight by haks side and watch his back, in chapter 92 when Yona was moved to tears over Haks pain and sadness and prayed to the Gods to take his pain away. or in chapter 124 when she realized she might not be able to let Hak go. We have see this protectiveness and wanting to care for haks wellbeing grow out of Yona but she has never told hak how shes felt these things

the closest thing she ever came to telling him was in chapter 110 when she gave him that necklace and told him directly that she wished for goodfortune and happiness onto haks life. and we saw what a huge reaction we got out of Hak out of that statement.

so it doesnt surprise me when Hak is terrified out of his mind of losing everything all over again, including the woman he loves while trying to be strong for her since shes clearly terrified as well.and unlike last time where yona was immature, and a bit selfish at times, and never offered any comfort for hak over his trauma from that awful night, shes a much more mature person as well as knows Hak much better and she knows now that hes not as put together as he sees to be. so when she turned around and comforts him for a change, for the first time ever, as well as telling him that he can lean on her for comfort and that SHE is there for HIM. i can totally see why he fell apart just a little. in the same way he kissed her in chapter 98 before going to face an entire army alone. i think this was hak having a weak moment of “were going to die i have to tell her” type thing, but then refused to repeat it once said.

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I'm starting to get super serious about thinking that the guardian versions of all the kids are like, the worst possible versions of themselves like. Bro: awful. Mom: not great! popop crocker: complicit in the condesce's whatevers probably. alpha rose: left her daughter a whole house full of booze. jane and dave? probably something. and while grandpa was always WEIRD, now he's got NEGLECTFUL PIECE OF SHIT TO HIS OTHER KIDS added onto that so like. worst versions or worst versions y/n?

Grandpa was always kind of a neglectful piece of shit–he let Jade play with loaded guns. To be clear, I think its likely Grandpa very much does care for Joey and Jude, and he probably maneuvered the portal and other events to ensure they’d somehow escape their certain doom on earth. Let’s not forget this man is preparing for what he knows full well is the apocalypse, as is MOM.

Which isn’t to say that Joey’s anger isnt justified. Pa is still a shitty guardian. But that isn’t news, and it doesnt mean that Grandpa is now unambiguously terrible in all things. He’s probably responsible for saving vast swathes of humanity through sburb, and he orchestrated the salvation of the Beta kids at the very least. Odds are, he’s done the same for Jude and Joey.

But there’s a measure of truth in your idea, especially about the Alphas–l felt the same about the Betas until literally today when I had a conversation that made me reconsider a bit, so I’m mulling them over.

But like. The Beta Guardians have always demonstrated how much the Alpha kids love and need each other. They are terrible, non-functional, broken people by themselves. The only SORT OF exception is Jane/Nanna, but even she lives a life that leaves her unfulfilled and unsatisfied by her own choice to limit her impact and potential, which is why Nanna is so moved to know about Alpha Jane’s potential. 

Except for possibly Bro, who has been corrupted by Cal to some extent so I’m not sure what his state of mind is exactly, the Guardians and Alpha Kids all have an recurring motif of caring and loving desperately intensely, and none of their care and love helps them be good people to those they care about, because love only goes so far if you don’t learn to communicate and do the hard work of connecting. 

The Guardians show us the miserable, tragic extremes that those self-destructive habits lead them to. The Alpha Kids manage to rise above them and grow and improve as people through their connections to each other. That’s what matters to me.

So I guess what I’m saying is I kinda agree but I really don’t want us to swing to regarding Grandpa as like, Basically Evil now. It’s not that simple. Joey’s anger is righteous and I ate it up forever and she deserves her bitterness, but her perspective is also limited. We’ll probably learn more about Grandpa along Hiveswap and Hauntswitch along those lines, which’ll be an interesting ride. 

Bitty’s YouTube Career

I’ve been binge watching Fine Bros Reaction videos and it just got me thinking.

This isn’t going to be coherent enough to be like a paragraph so it’s gonna be a list instead

-Bitty’s a YouTuber

-He posts regular updates to his vlog, and interacts with fans on his channel and through other forms of social media

-Now N never really tells us how YouTube famous he is, but I’m actually willing to bet that a vlog like that would have at least 1 million subs. But honestly I’m imagining more like 3-4 million, and these especially picked up during Bitty’s time at Samwell (like he had a smaller following before this, and the spike definitely happens like sophomore year and just grows into Junior/Senior year)

-(Bitty wasn’t hella aware of how much he was pining after Jack and people were there for the drama)

-SO YouTubers aren’t solitary creatures, they tend to interact with, and follow each other on YouTube and on other social media platforms

-And once Tubers become bigger, other bigger names notice them. They’re verified on Twitter, so any @’s they do are noticed by any bigger people

-(which means Beyonce definitely tweeted Bitty into his Junior/Senior year and says she loves his vlog)

-(this being in response to a tweet he sent out for his most recent video where he gushes on a Beyonce event)

-(Beyonce says she’s binge watched a lot of his stuff and now follows him on Twitter and YouTube)

-(Bitty is shook)


-So I imagine Bitty does lots of collabs! He’s totally done several with NerdyNummies, since they both bake

-and honestly? He’s paying for his college with this dough. Like he’s not making a small sum, and he donates a fuck ton of it to LGBTQ organizations, cause he likes money, but not that much. 

-Like I can see him as someone who doesnt want to spend his money on himself

-Going on, he’s friends with a lot of YouTubers. He doesn’t talk about his channel much to his friends and teammates



-And Bitty kind of shrugs and is like “I mean, I told you guys I had a thing in NYC”

-Holsom is fuckin speechless and like dies and ends up subscribing to Bitty and watching a lot of his collabs and asking him questions and stuff

-Bitty gets into YouTube rewind for 2016

-When he gets asked, he DIES. He immediately tells his team, because this just isnt something he can keep in

-Also imagine Bitty with his silver and gold play buttons <3

-Tons of YouTubers have books, so after much prompting from his fans, he makes a cook book for them

-It sells millions of copies

-He’s on YouTubers React AGAIN but to react to Rewind

-Also, Bitty going to like Vid Con and being invited to Creator Summits

-Bitty having Vine and Music.ly phases

-Doing more collabs just with his team and like they love it and you can tell he’s just really relaxing into YouTube and like friendships and his like genuine openness about having a BF and being out to his channel and like having such a support group

-His parents totally know and love him so much. Suzanne is soooo proud of him and buys the cookbook and like all of her friends do too its SUCH a big deal

-Just <3 I need more of Bitty on YouTube and how this affects him because with his sunshine personality and everything, like he’d get a following. He really would.

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that was honestly one of the softest liveshows and my fave so far :(((( what do you think tiff??

im actually now going to rewatch it a second time (cause i missed the first part) so i’ll liveblog down my feelings as i go (SPOILER ALERT; I THINK.. DAN AND PHIL ARE IN LOVE,, SOFT HUSBANDS)

- dan in the white hat and kaonashi sweater and holding his pillow is the cutest and softest thing please, he’s the softest most good boy, a soft looking angel; phil dressing in black (/ mostly black) is the best thing that’s ever happened to us as a human species and we must bow to him, phil invented the color black
- they’re talking about merch for the shop, and yet why does it feel like they’re discussing which flowers to choose for their wedding ceremony—
- “we are in the room that’s not the room” pretty sure, like 10000% sure, it’s their room with the double bed where they sleep together every night
- phil called him DANNY with a deep voice and for 3 full seconds you can see dan got affected by it and i think that’s just lovely
- they’re…..in Love…………..just my analysis
- phil looks like he wants to punch dan in the face but in the most fond way possible, if he tried to punch him rn tiny hearts would come out of it
- PHIL phiL Phil phil  P HIL   P H I    L phIL phill phill l lpHIOL   P   H   I    L
- dan: “i’m wearing a hat cause im fluffy” YES YOU ARE I CAN CONFIRM, THE FLUFFIEST BOYE :((((((
- something tells me dan likes phil but im not sure because he’s only said his name 18297234379597 times maybe i am mistaken……
- phil and dan smiling together? true love is real and alive
- “PHIL, BITE YOUR LIP AGAIN” you might think dan was reading the chat but i was actually there next to him and he just said that by himself (his face when phil did it though? he felt Something)
- sorry for being gross and cheesy but dan’s laugh can make flowers grow
- dan pretending not to know what the chapstick challenge is…. pls…. what a phake, im sure he’s filmed it with phil and the .mp4 is hidden somewhere in his computer, i dont believe this
- phil: “i’m not gonna put it in your mouth”…… i have things to say but im not gonna say them, i think dan’s face when he says that is self explanatory
- this guessing game shouldn’t be as cute as it is but since the 2 boyfriends are doing it then it looks like i just dipped my whole body in honey (the honey is a metaphor for Real Love)
- is it just me or dan got more comfortable in phil’s liveshows?? i remember he said he wasnt comfortable much in phil’s liveshows but he really does seem more comfortable to me now [cries softly]
F         O          N           D
- how phil said he’s going to reblog more fanart and “showcase” the posts we make and “boost the artists”, i love him so muchhch what a good man ;______;   [btw PLEASE @ PEOPLE, DONT POST EMBARRASSING THINGS IN THE TAG, THE MAN IS LURKIN]
- “💓💓💓💓💓SERIOUSLY💓💓💓💓💓💓WHAT IS WRONG💓💓💓💓💓💓💓WITH THIS GUY💓💓💓💓💓”
- update: dan and phil are in love
- “💖💖💖💖💖💖💖PHIL💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 WHAT A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖”
- when phil was scared of dan spraying him, that was……………..too cute
- “i got some quinoa” “are you going to give me some quinoa?” “do you want some quinoa?” “yeah, cook me some quinoa” i literally feel like the most third wheel person to have ever third wheeled, what is this
- “if you don’t know who this guy is it’s DAN💕💕💕💕 DANIEL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 LOOK HIM UP 💕💕💕💕💕 IT’S DANIEL HOWELL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕”
- last update of the day: dan and phil are in 100% Love

my conclusion: SOFT 10000000000000/10, IN LOVE 1000000000000000∞

Blade of Marmora Lance

his favorite teacher besides kollivan is an older buffer galra woman who pats his head and calls him “kid” all the time. kollivan himself calls him “The Good Shot” or something in Galran that when they hear it no one one understands accept Coran he gets like..whiplash. Because Lance feeling inadequate and seeing the Blades as a good solution IS MY JAM.


“kollivan mostly referred to lance whenever he said “paladins” so you try to tell me he doesnt see lance as the authority figure in the groupd once shiro’s gone..

“ THE BOM RODE IN BLUE. All of them in blue! Lance was the one who stood up for them, not Hunk who could have just as easily like he’s done with Keith. And this season is set some short time so we could even g so far to say that the team has spent some time for BoM, Now, im not saying Lance is acting as a good go between for the aliens they save and the Blades…BUT LANCE IS DEFINITELY WORKING CLOSER WITH THEM THAN EVEN KEITH IS… “

“ Now…I’m not saying Lance- wanting to improve his worth as a paladin and keep his spot on the team against SHIRO and ALLURA…he would go to Kollivan and genuinely request training. BUT IM SAYING YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT BOM LANCE BECAUSE I HAVENT STOPPED THINKING ABOUT IT “

“ lance learns hand to hand from the blade, they hesitate at first because hes human and not even half galra…but he comes to them before even one of their own does…they also appreciate the fact he actually LEARNS from them and he wants to learn. he doesnt give them as much lip and its clear that he’s the new leader of the team even when hes not “

“ kollivan when asking about the coalition goes to lance first from now on. sure he treats allura with the same respect but in terms of inter species relationships he just skips the bull and asks lance for his opinion. when theres a big meeting and everyone swapped lions and keith and allura are arguing over plans- he turns to lance and they have a whisper convo and decide between themself what to do “

“ but like- imagine the blade getting somewhat attached to the squishy human. they could even be “fond” of him. NICKNAMES… “

“ his favorite teacher besides kollivan is an older buffer galra woman who pats his head and calls him “kid” all the time. kollivan himself calls him “The Good Shot” or something in Galran that when they hear it no one one understands accept Coran he gets like..whiplash. “

Lance is the first person to figure out how to modify his Bayard. He also has the strongest connection to any of lions- his qualities as a leader go completely noticed and Kollivan gives him a nickname (its a very offhanded comment after a particularly harrowing meeting where the aliens were threatening war because voltron worked with the blade but Lance had stood up and calmly but FIERCELY advocated for the BoM)

The name pretty much translates to a rough form of “Honorary Family Member” and “One of Us”

The other blades give him “Looks” but he gives them “His Own Look” and soon enough most of them call Lance by it and he’s hella confused hut it sounds cool so he rolls with it.

Coran pulls him to the side though and explains, and Lance doesn’t cry then but in his room he does because “WOW’ 

In return for the gesture he makes it a point to refer to the blades as “part of the team unconditionally” and he fights tooth and nail for them to be accepted by others. He really doesn’t know how else he can return the gesture because it means that much to him…

Imagine that theres a pretty big battle. Lance gets knocked down because keith put him in the wrong spot and he knew it was wrong but he didnt want to argue with keith. 

he gets knocked down and his bayard goes flying and everyone just like..PAnics…because its almost certain injury or worse and and and

And Lance growls, grappling with his attacker and thrwing some pretty gnarly punches. He fights so differently now, its wider and also more controlled. He fights like a Blade now and it shows and he summons  his bayard back because thats something he been secretly working on- not only that but he took off from the idea of modifyinghis weapon of choice to making an entirely different weapon  in this case somethng more ideal for close quarter combat.

By the end of it, the whole team realizes they’ve missed something. something BIG.

Because Lance is huffing and puffing and moving lifeless bodies out of his way like their simple annoyances- he flicks his bayard back to his side and gathers up whatever got dropped. Someone wearing the blade armor and helmet comes barreling through and puts him in like..this weirdly friendly headlock- saying things like “Atta boy! You did a decent number on them kid.”

Kollivan shows up, gets a brief description- he grins, a full toothy grin thats sorta unnerving on a normally stoic face. He claps Lance on the shoulder and unlike the weeks/months prior Lance doesnt sway or bow over he just laughs and nods along easily morphing into the conversing galra.

needless to say- the team as a whole gets a little whiplash…

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After watching GOTG 2 I've come to realize that they are so much better than the Avengers. The Guardians are a better family than the Avengers claim they are. (MCU really fucked up on the Avengers in my opinion)

To be fair i really like the Avengers. or their characters. (par example only team cap:)
Like Sam Wilson? Yes! He is amazing.
Bucky Barnes? Yeah come on. (i still hope Tony can forgive him even tho my first reaction would be exactly like Tonys)
Clint Barton? DAMN YES. (but you see not MCU Clint he is a real idiot)
Scott Lang? Of course! He is funny!
Steve Rogers? yeah ( but you know im still really angry with him.)
Wanda Maximoff? Nope sorry.

Anyway you are right the guardians are a way better family in the MCU. Like when someone there does something stupid nobody would leave him alone. And nobody tells anyone to change. like Rocket said, even tho Yondu was not always nice still everybody cared about him. and Peter says yeah of course. I think that’s true. Peter knows all the bad features of his team. He loves them anyway.

And the Avengers? There isnt as much love as they think. If they were a family they would’ve fight, too. because thats what a family does, right? But they wouldn’t have left without Tony. They wouldnt tell Tony that he should change. If Cap really loved him? He would have accepted Tony the way he is.

And that is exactly what Peter does. He knows his team and even tho Rocket is always bitching (i love him so damn much), he cant understand Groot (at first i like to think he can now), Drax destroys always a plan when he attacks without thinking or Gamora doesn’t want to dance, he loves them anyway. Course he tolds them sometimes they should just shut up or something. But he would never, doesnt matter what somebody did, leave someone behind and make them think its their fault.

Yeah i’m sorry! That got a bit longer as i thought. What i wanted to say was: You are right anon! :D

john picked up the phone and asked sherlock where he was. he was upset like why arent you in the hospital? please. sherlock tells him to meet him somewhere, its important. john goes. sherlock looks so solemn. johns shook. he doesnt argue with him as much as he wanted to. sherlock asks if john trusts him. of course he does. of course. go sit over there then, sherlock says. he ruffles john’s hair up, pulls his collar up. john questions him but doesnt rebuff him. its silent and intimate and dark and strange in here. “why are we here?” “dont you want to know who did it?” now is when john protests- sherlock why dont you just TELL me why dont we just TELL the police? -DO YOU TRUST ME? sherlock asks. his eyes ask please. john trusts him. john trusts him completely. please just be safe, he thinks. please. then mary shows up, and he’s like, mary? what on earth is she doing here? john probably gets jealous. sherlock says marys name when he woke up. now here she is? is she on johns level that she should be here to find out too? but then sherlocks not coming out to meet her. shes on a phone with someone. john remembers the perfume. he remembers the office. he starts to feel nauseated and anxious. why DID sherlock say her name? he must be ridiculous. and then he sees the gun. and hears her say she will kill sherlock again. oh my god like oh ymg god

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how does studying economy in college made you feel about capialism? i have a friend who was v leftist and he started studying economy and now he says he doesnt belive so much about it and belives in a more mixed economy

my views on capitalism are the same. I researched a lot of this beforehand so i’m not learning much new tbh which surprised me because I always feel like a dumbass lmao (and I still have a lot to learn)

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Hi, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Abby and Neil? I mean everyone knows that boy needs good loving parental figures and as Wymack pretty much has 'team-dad' covered...

I’VE THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT THIS OK NEIL NEEDS A GENTLE MOTHERING SOUL (this entire thing is cheesy but I’m a sucker for that shit so here we go)

  • neil knows mothers as hard and punishing and tough love
  • he recognizes his mother’s brand of love because he grew up around her
  • he recognizes being beaten for a wrong move because he needs to be safe
  • he recognizes love as caring for him even if its harsh and cold
  • its why he doesnt need to be told “i love you” by andrew and why he doesnt need to say it back
  • he knows love as protection with angry words and fists
  • and later he knows love as andrews hand on his neck and a rough pat on the back after a game
  • he doesnt recognize love as soft words and gentle hands, so maybe thats why he doesnt recognize abbys actions towards him

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Lets Destroy It


note : luke is the name of your boyfriend not sure why just the name i came up with at the time 


i was walking home from my job i only work five minutes walk down the road from the flat i share with my boyfriend, luke as i get to our apartment block i see he’s already home as his car a range rover TD6 vogue is in the usual place i don’t have a car i don’t mind walking to town for work and shopping anything else luke does i slowly but surely get to our apartment on the 13th floor and stand just about to unlock the door when i hear the voice of a woman giggling and the voice of luke i slowly open the door and i can definitely hear voices more clearly 

“come on mary” luke says

“i don't know if we should today, y/n could be home soon” the female voice replies 

“oh who cares about her” luke replies i then walk further into our apartment to see our bedroom door is open and lights coming from it i walk to it silently and look through the opening to see some girl i don't know sat on our bed in her underwear and luke sat just beside her the two of them snogging looking like any second about to have sex i can feel the tears welling up in my eyes but i dont want to burst in and make a scene so i just go to the front door again and take his car keys and leave without making at sound i run down all 13 floors to get to the ground floor i then collapse and start crying my eyes out against the wall i don't know what to do i dont even have anywhere to go,

scratch that i do have somewhere to go i then storm out the apartment block and get in his car still crying and start driving  to the only place i know i can go i get my phone and put it on the dashboard and call up my best friend thomas i know he’s back from work at the moment as i was going to see him tomorrow anyway after three rings he answers

“hey love” he says with his always sweet sounding voice

“hey tommy, i have to ask a favour” i reply still crying

“sure what” he asks sound a bit concerned 

“can i come and stay with you tonight something’s happened with me and luke” i say crying my eyes out again 

“course you walking or driving” he asks

“driving i stole his car” i reply 

“quite the criminal aren't you love its fine i'll open on the the garage doors and you can park the car there” he says

“thanks tommy see you in a sec” i say

“see you love” he replies before hanging up i then just keep driving luckily thomas doesnt live that far away from me now i know what you're thinking how the hell do i know him simple really he was my next door neighbor growing up and i've always been friends with him i have even visited him on sets before when i get to his house its huge and he has opened one of the garage doors so i just park the car in the one that's open and get out with in seconds he’s there looking as he often does when i see him not really awake in skinny jeans and a light blue button shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows looking if in honest like a teenager but when doesnt he honestly he looks me up and down noticing im crying “what the bloody hell happened” he asks stepping closer to me  looking very worried

i don't reply just burst out crying again he just takes me in his arms and hugs me tightly so im crying on his shoulder he moves his hand up and down my back to calm me down whispering calming sweet things in my ear as well till he pulls away from me as i stop crying and he takes me into the living room a large room with bookcases of games and films everywhere he sits me on the sofa then goes off into the kitchen i just sit trying to hold back my tears till he comes back with a mug of something and puts it on the table in front of me “hot chocolate, the only truly good drink for sadness” he says making me laugh before i drink some noticing its (whatever you fave sort of hot chocolate is)

“seriously” i ask

“yeah, its always here for if this was gonna happen…..on that not what exactly has happened” he asks carefully

“i got home and found luke in the arms of some girl called mary” i say “they were sat on the bed close to snogging each others faces of when i got there and i overheard him say he didn't care if i was gonna be home he was too wrapped up in her arms to care” i say starting to cry again but thomas just hugs me tightly again 

“hey it’s okay, i bet that mary wasn't half as lovely as you” he says

“she looked pretty good from what i saw” i say still crying from what i sore though the door she was beautiful much prettier and thinner than me

“well i bet you're still better than her, and lukes and idiot if he cant see that, he must be blind to want to be fooling around with some other girl when he has you” he says to me 

“awe you always know the right things to say” i reply hugging him even tighter 

“its true thought hes an idiot to think any girl is better then you, i mean if i was your boyfriend i would be begging to get home to be with you i wouldn't even look at another girl if i had you” he says to me pulling away so he says it to my face 

“awe thank you tommy, but no one has me now luke can go fuck himself for all i care, he can go have a threesum with my boss and the queen of england and i still wouldn't care” i say trying to be all brave and stuff even though i know i don't have to be with thomas

“what you gonna do with his car though” thomas asks

“i dont know maybe dump it in a ditch and text him directions to the ditch i left it in” i say drinking some more hot chocolate 

“well if you want i have an idea” he says getting up and taking my hand dragging me back to the garage when we get there he looks around some benches and stuff he has for working on cars and bikes and gives me a huge bit f metal no clue what its for in car terms he then gets something similar “Lets Destroy It” he says

“what” i ask

“lets destroy it wreck it then dump it in a ditch on fire and tell him he wants his car its on fire at where ever we dump it” he says making me laugh 

“are you sure” i ask

“sure just don't hit me in your anger” he says

“i wont” i say fluffing his hair out its normal place something he hates me doing but because he hates it that i do it at any opportunity 

“Y/N” he complains like a child “you're worse then ava for doing that” he says

“i know well ava got it from me” i smirk walking to the side of the car and hitting the mirror right off well that felt good so i continued hitting the car smashing various things and thomas has joined me now both of us destroying his car till these not much on the outside not yet destroyed so i yell stop and sit on the bonnet a bit not completely wrecked and thomas sits beside me “you all don't destroying” he asks

“for a sec” i say a bit tired after destroying his car to this extent “did you mean that” i ask him 

“mean what” he asks

“if you were my boyfriend you wouldn't do anything like that to me” i ask

“i swear by that” he says

“i bet your girlfriend wont be happy with that, then again she doesnt like me very much does she old isabel she don't much like me, thats gonna be another argument i can see when she finds out you have allowed me to stay here and you're helping me wreck my ex’s car” i say

“well i imagine she wouldn't but it doesnt involve isabel she’s my ex now” he answers 

“when did that happen tommy and why wasn’t i informed” i ask 

“happened three weeks back y/n and you went informed simply because you were working when it happened and i didn't want to bother you” he says

“it wouldn't have been a bother tommy, i like to know these things what happened” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he says quietly 

“what” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he repeats 

“what the hell thats stupid im your bestfriend what the hell does it matter if she doesnt like me if she loves you” i ask

“loved me past tense y/n if she loved me, she doesnt like the fact i have a friend that i constantly talk to thats a girl she doesnt like she just assumes i would cheat on her at any moment” he says

“awe poor you” i say putting my arm around him “well what do you need girlfriends for tommy we're two of a kind” i say laying back on the bonnet 

“yeah we are just two kids that can't hold down lovers” he laughs laying beside me 

“yeah we are, but if i was your girlfriend i would care who your friends are if there girls, boys, rodents or ghosts there your friends and if they make you happy it would make me happy to make sure you're happy” i say 

“awe thanks love” he says turning to face me i just turn to face him two looking into his deep brown eyes a second but before i've really noticed we were both stareing at each other he leaned forward and kissed me a way i have never been kissed before a little kiss sparking butterflies, fireworks and all manner of lovely things as we moved our mouths in perfect sync with each other a while almost fully making out on the bonnet of my ex boyfriends car till we both pull away “wow” he says

“yeah wow” i reply 

“why the hell did i wait this long to do that” he says

“i dont know why i waited so long either” i reply before we both re connect our lips with much more passion than before till we both pull away again “i just wanted to say” he says

“what” i ask

“this friendship of ours Lets Destroy It” he laughs

“better Lets Destroy It and taint my ex’s car” i giggle 

“you are so a little criminal” he laughs at me 

“and proud of it” i say  as we both get of the bonnet and go into the back seats the second we both sit down we are making out again my arms around his neck his around my waist but slowly moving down to my thighs in response i begin to lay back and he just crawls on top of me fiddling with my skirt before returning to kissing me i quickly move my hands from around his neck to start undoing his shirt he moans into my mouth as i do till i completely take his shirt off of him the second i do he moves away from me and pulls my shirt of tossing it away into the front seats of the car before scanning me over with his eyes but i just pull him back to kissing me he then moves to start kissing my neck and i twist a hand in his hair as he sucks on a sweet spot on my neck and i moan as he does till his hands move to my skirt again and gently pull it off me completely adding it to the pile of our clothes on the front seats before scanning me again and reconnecting our lips and i move my hands down his chest feeling his toned chest the whole way down just pausing at the top of his jeans “what you waiting for love” he asks between kisses 

“nothing” i reply letting my hand undo his jeans and pull them down slightly revealing his boxers before i gently palm him and he moans into my mouth moving his hands to my chest feeling me even though my bra making me moan as well till i let my curious hand slip under the waistband of his boxers taking hold of him in my hand “ah fucking hell” he says in response before undoing my bra and removing it with his teeth making me laugh before he reconnects our lips yet continuing all the way down my chest to the bottom of my stomach just above my knickers  before i grip his hair pulling his lips back to mine and use my other hand to completely remove his trousers and boxers leaving him naked in front of me i can't help but sit there gobsmacked i have never seen him naked before, well i say never once after the last day of school all our friends went skinny dipping in the dark lake and we hwee amongst them but it wasn't for long and dark at the time i wasn't really paying much attention but now i am “what” he asks 

“nothing just wow” i say making him laugh before he slips his hand in my knickers and slips them off throwing them with the rest of my clothes “i could say the same to you” he says making me laugh “now are you sure” he asks me

“fucking positive tommy” i giggle he just nods before kissing me again and slowly but surely pushing into me filling me up completely almost making me scream there and then before he begins thrusting into me with as much force as possible both of us screaming and shouting for a while till i can feel my climax in the pit of my stomach and i know he’s not far off either by the noises he’s making and the fact his thrusts have gotten much slower and sloppier till i climax screaming his name at the top of my voice we are so lucky he doesnt have neighbours with in seconds he comes into me mixing our juices together  and he collapses on top of me “you think we destroyed our friendship now” he asks between his breaths

“yeah thats gone” i laugh

“what about the car” he asks

“one more thing” i say sitting up pushing him off me and moving into the front seat and he sits in the other seat i get my bag from the footwell and get a pack of cigarettes as both me and thomas smoke i take one and bass the pack to him as i get my lighter and light mine and pass him the lighter as he gives me back the pack and we both sit naked and have a smoke making the car smell of both sex and smoke “well that was brilliant in my opinion” he says

“right back at you tommy” i smirk

“so what is this” he asks

“well i don't know, whatever we both want i guess” i reply

“how about boyfriend and girlfriend” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“how about date for dinner tomorrow night” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“and how about you pack your stuff at lukes and come here” he asks

“fine with me” i answer leaning over to kiss him again we both then finish our smoke and get dressed again and get out the car “tomorrow we drive it into a ditch and text him where it is and while he’s out we pack your stuff up okay” he says 

“okay” i reply letting him wrap his arm around me and lead me to his room i just sleep in my underwear as i don't have any other option.

when we both get up we dress and take the car out i drive the car even though its destroyed and thomas follows me in his car so we can go to lukes and get my stuff when i find a long deserted road quiet far away and stop the car by the side of the road right next to a ditch i  get out the car and thomas gets out his car and stands with me “i say don't light it on fire actually” he says

“i agree, but can we put it it facing out so the windshield faces the road” i say

“okay” i answers 

“wait” i say just getting an idea and getting back into my ex’s car and sitting on the driver seat thomas then sits on the passenger seat to see what im doing  i get my lipstick out my bag and write on the windshield

 “i know about mary arse hole

 piss of luke 

x y/n” 

“brilliant love” he says beside me “but if i may add something” he asks so i hand him the lipstick and he writes 

“p.s. we did it on the back seat

you cheating lying bastard

x thomas”

making me laugh “brilliant tommy” i say we both then get out the car checking anything we wants out of it and pushing it into the ditch and standing on the road looking at it as he wrapped an arm around me “that is how you get back at your ex” he says we then use my phone to send an exact map reference to luke as to where is car is and a text that says pick me up on it then get back into thomas’s car and drive to my old apartment and wait till we see luke leave out for his car then rush up to the apartment and pack up all my stuff and load it into his car rushing off before luke shows up returning to thomas’s “so lukes gonna let him fuck his little mary, now i've got his y/n” he laughs hugging me

“not his y/n, your y/n now” i giggle 

“yeah” he says

“we really destroy everything don't we” i laugh

“yep” he says

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the topic came up about past lives with my dad and whether or not he believed in them. turns out he DOES and tho he didnt say he was kin (he doesnt know wht tht is), he told me if he was any fictional character in a past life he would be anakin. hes always had a connection with him since watching the movies as a kid. everything he owns is darth vader themed p much. to make matters worse (or better), my brothers name is luke. i cant believe my dad is darth fuckin vader and ive only now realized