but he doesnt say much now does he

john picked up the phone and asked sherlock where he was. he was upset like why arent you in the hospital? please. sherlock tells him to meet him somewhere, its important. john goes. sherlock looks so solemn. johns shook. he doesnt argue with him as much as he wanted to. sherlock asks if john trusts him. of course he does. of course. go sit over there then, sherlock says. he ruffles john’s hair up, pulls his collar up. john questions him but doesnt rebuff him. its silent and intimate and dark and strange in here. “why are we here?” “dont you want to know who did it?” now is when john protests- sherlock why dont you just TELL me why dont we just TELL the police? -DO YOU TRUST ME? sherlock asks. his eyes ask please. john trusts him. john trusts him completely. please just be safe, he thinks. please. then mary shows up, and he’s like, mary? what on earth is she doing here? john probably gets jealous. sherlock says marys name when he woke up. now here she is? is she on johns level that she should be here to find out too? but then sherlocks not coming out to meet her. shes on a phone with someone. john remembers the perfume. he remembers the office. he starts to feel nauseated and anxious. why DID sherlock say her name? he must be ridiculous. and then he sees the gun. and hears her say she will kill sherlock again. oh my god like oh ymg god