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Q: Why did you put Jun as the bottom 3 in visuals on Weekly Idol?
Wonwoo: Because he just wasn’t handsome that day

Fan: Why did you put Jun in last place?
Wonwoo: He wasn’t handsome.
Fan: What about now?
Wonwoo: Now everyone’s handsome.
Fan: Eh, that’s unfair, there’s nothing to look forward to then.
Wonwoo: (eyes wide) You don’t think everyone’s handsome today?

Q: Draw the handsomest Jun cat for noona!! Also, if you were to reorder the visual ranking, which rank would Wonwoo be now?? kekeke
Jun: (puts cat ears and whiskers on his own pic) <- This is the handsomest Hahaha~ then I’ll put him one rank below me kekekeke

Fan: Why didn’t we see any explanation on Weekly Idol?
Jun: Wonwoo actually gave a really long explanation, but it was cut.
Fan: Ah, everyone was so curious about it.
Jun: Oh well, it’s just joking around anyway, everyone’s very kind.
Fan: Then without joking, answer me what rank Wonwoo is right now.
Jun: Second. I’m first.

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This is not a prompt and I know you usually don't do asks... but! just in case: the finale is really messing up with my mind. The idea that she talks to him every day and he probably doesn't know she is alive is too much for me. What worries me the most is the idea of Bellamy getting romantic with somebody in the ark, given where the storyline is going do you think it's a possibility? How do you see things panning out?

In general, you’re right, I don’t do much speculation of this type, and I’m afraid I’m not going to start now. But here are some things that I consider to be important and good:

  • That was not a finale you write unless you care very, very deeply, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Clarke doesn’t really have a non-Bellamy love interest other than Niylah, and Niylah hasn’t ever really been treated like a love interest so much as a FWB. Obviously it’s possible they could leave her single or give her a new love interest from a number of places, but I think the lack of an extant obvious person is probably a good thing, in terms of Bellarke.
  • I also think their being separated makes it much more likely that the show is, if nothing else, considering making Bellarke canon. If they were together, they’d have to deal with their relationship in the Ark, with the following possible outcomes:
    • They get together during the time jump (unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together during the time jump and their relationship is at its current level for six years, and then they get together once they get back to Earth (bizarre and probably also unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they are not interested in a romantic relationship and enter S5 as Firmly Just Friends (ugh)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they have a Huge Falling Out and have to learn to be friends again on Earth (probably the most interesting of these but also like wtf why)
  • So being separated basically allows the writers to delay making a decision about whether or not they will be canon, whereas I think that leaving them together would have necessitated making that choice, and necessitated it in ways that would not be promising for the ship. I like the time jump, and as much as the sadness both of them are doubtless feeling during their separation hurts me, I much prefer it to the alternative, from both a story and shipping perspective.
  • Our cliffhanger was literally Clarke calling Bellamy EVERY DAY because she misses him so much and Bellamy being in actual mourning, so there is every reason to believe we are getting a fucking EPIC reunion.

On a broader note, I come from the old way of fandom, and from the old way of slash fandom, especially, where we never really expected our ships to become canon, and just sort of assumed every important conversation involving our OTP would end with some variation on “no homo,” so I get that my perspective on this is probably different from some people’s. Will I be frustrated if Bellamy and Clarke don’t mash their mouths together at some point? Yes, I totally will. I desperately want them to mash their mouths together, and I do think it’s pretty possible that they will. But my shipping of things has never really taken becoming canon as a very important factor in how much I enjoy them, so I am much more likely to think of all the reasons it might not happen to keep my expectations low than try to reassure myself that canonization is coming. So I’m not a good resource for that kind of reassurance.

But that also means what I mostly think about is all the things that will make me happy aside from actual face-mashing, and that finale was basically non-stop Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much, holy shit, with every indication that S5 will continue with that. And that is 900% what I’m about.

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yesterday, K mentioned he liked Snickers. I told him that i didn’t because i didn’t like the peanuts. i said that i liked the almond ones better.
i was in his office after school. he was teaching me how to figure out a rubix cube (he can get it in literally 10 seconds no joke). he said he had to leave but i could stay in his office. he walked out, but then i heard his shoes getting closer and he stands at the top of the few stairs in the doorway. i asked, “forget something?” and he tosses something at me and then walks out. i go to catch it but i dropped it and it lands face down. i pick it up wondering what it was and i turn it around and it was an almond snickers. :))

dear journal, 

yesterday i met a boy. he was the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen. i still can’t believe it happened, it was like somethin out of a dream.   

okay so last night mom dragged me to this community church function or somethin and for some reason everyone in the county was there and as you know, i know everyone in this town and there ain’t many interesting people at these church things. it’s always the same girls from the neighborhood, nothin special, nobody worth mentionin. 

except this guy. this guy from a few towns over who i met last night. i’d never seen him at any other events, but based on his continuously bored look as he sat around with his mother, i’m assumin he’s familiar. anyway, he was sitting across the room as sam was auctioning off some vase or somethin, and i just couldn’t take my eyes off him. he was sort of slouched on the table, looking bored as hell, y'know with his cheek resting in his hand or whatever? and his mom was like listenin intently, tryin to outbid all the other moms and this poor guy just looked so… well to be honest he looked really good, like even though he was clearly disinterested he was so handsome. 

his eyes were the first thing i noticed - so blue, like what dad calls cornflower blue. and he had this dark hair, looked black, but a pretty pink mouth… and i just couldn’t even believe it, he was so hot, like someone out of a magazine, and yet there he was just sittin there mindin his own business! i know i was starin because i didn’t respond when mom asked me somethin and my face felt all hot whenever he moved. even just to scratch his arm or somethin. pathetic, i know. but hold on, it gets worse. 

so you know how most of the girls ‘round here are cute and all but i was never super into them? well i was with this kid. i found myself imaginin myself goin up to him - and i never do this - and talkin pretty to him and sayin somethin to make him laugh and then suddenly i was thinking about takin his hand and makin out with him around the back of the church! just straight up neckin this random guy!

that’s never happened before, just lookin at someone and wantin to [redacted] touch them. it was the weirdest thing. i couldn’t get him out of my head, thought about puttin my hands on him, kissin him, feelin his mouth and waist and… and well i didn’t even know his name! but then i did. and it’s a good name, too.

i guess he caught me starin because i think he looked over and i remember blushin really hard and my mom nudgin me. i don’t know, i was sort of lost to the fantasy, can you blame me? but she told me that she knew his mom from church and said his name was link. 

link. the kid at the church function with the bluest eyes. the kid i ran into on my way out the door, who not only has the bluest eyes, but the whitest smile too. i didn’t think anyone could smile like that. but he did, he said something too but i can’t remember, he ran into me and oh! wait he said i was tall. yeah, and then we sort of awkwardly brushed past each other in the doorway and golly… it was crazy. i ain’t never felt like that. i’m pretty embarrassed bout the whole thing… but anyway. his name is link. 

link. link. link.

i hope i see him again. i think i will, and maybe this time i’ll say hello. if i ever get the courage to, anyway.

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Relationship status: Happily married to my wonderfully dorky husband, despite all the teenagers out there that think real life age gaps are problematic, har har. Every time some one posts that age gaps are bad, I’m going to call my husband “sensei” in bed.

Favorite color: Coral

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I never look right in lipstick for some reason.

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman (Me too! It was so good!)

Top 3 Ships: At the moment, I’m really enjoying MadaKaka (always), KakaYama, and TobiMada. I’m adding ShikaSaku too. 

Books I’m currently reading: Oh Kat, I’m with you here! I have piles of books everywhere and I just keep buying them and I’m not reading them. I blame Tumblr for distracting me.

Top 5 Musicals: Ummm, the musical episode of Buffy.

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more than likely gonna get heat for this when he wakes up . & never was i ever the type to flaunt or nothing , but you know , i can’t keep that up when a real one deserves to be acknowledged … i miss my baby tho . shits a real life struggle not being able to lay next to him every night like i wish i could . listening to him snore on FaceTime just ain’t cutting it no more . the joy this man brings into my life , i truly couldn’t ask for more right now . deadass tho , no man can ever make me feel the way he does in a lifetime . now they say ain’t nothing perfect in this world , but Lord knows what he created when it came to this one . i get on his nerves , DAILY , & he gets on mine , but i don’t care what we go through , he will always have my heart . i love you babe , & everything that you do for me , for us @grandpaq 🙏🏾💕

You know what doesn’t really bother me, but I genuinely don’t get? People who draw fanart of Sendak and then forget his Entire Missing Arm. Can you even imagine the shitstorm that would happen if someone, say, forgot Shiro’s arm. How do you forget that an Entire Arm is missing. I don’t get it.


Okay, so this little dude came in at work last week super small and skinny. I don’t know why the breeders ship them out like this. Anyway, we had to keep him in the back because he couldn’t eat with the others around. Our animal leader left for vacation yesterday and didn’t think he had a chance if he stayed there so she bought him for me so he could be in a stress free environment by himself.

I have never had a baby, all of my leos came to me as adults so I need a little help. He’s sooooo tiny. He’s not even as long as my finger and his little arms are like toothpicks. He ate 3 small crickets last night but he threw up 2 of them. I’m hoping I just fed him too much too fast. I’ll be spacing crickets out today to see if he can keep them down. He passed the other one this morning but it didn’t look fully digested. He has a small bulge in his belly which makes me concerned about an impaction but he’s eating and pooping so things can get through. Our store keeps them on sand, which we all know if super dangerous (I’ve tried to fight that battle and I lost, some bullshit about how the crickets get stuck under the rug??). We’ll be doing a warm soak today and later tonight to see if we can flush it out of there.

He’s obviously malnourished but my question is, does this look like crypto? Or is he just super skinny? The soonest I could get a vet appointment was next Monday so I just wanna know what I need to do for him. Plus, crypto is so contagious, I’m worried about my other leos. I’m trying to be very careful not to cross contaminate anything.

Also, any idea what morph he is?

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The newest chapter had me thinking. Hak clearly stated now that he won't be the Wind tribe leader ever again. I've read many fanfictions in which Yona is queen and Hak is still general which I saw as a very much possible ending for AkaYona- till now. I can't help but stupidly hope now that Hak is eventually going to be Kouka's king instead :D I mean, if not general, then what would become of Hak? Just continuing as Yona's bodyguard, nothing more? Wouldn't that be way too unsatisfactory? :/

Hmmm, yeah, Hak’s outcome in this story for me is as cloudy as both Yona and Soo-Won’s are at this point. That’s not to say they won’t be cleared up before the end, but it means that there are currently a lot of theories that could potentially be correct. If we rule out, as you suggest, that Hak eventually returns to being the Wind Tribe leader, and that he doesn’t just stays as Yona’s bodyguard (I agree, I’d like something more from him) some of the theories that I’ve either pondered myself or have seen and liked are:

  1. Yona does not become queen and she and Hak travel as more liaisons in a similar fashion to how they do now except that they are known and official and carry some actual power to help make decisions with the ruling bodies of the neighbouring countries.  
  2. Yona does become queen and Hak her consort. I say consort because, let’s be a little real, if Hak becomes full-on king it’s possible that people will turn to him for answers instead of Yona and play the “she’s just a woman” card because they don’t know her and assume Hak (as a male and ex-general) has more authority. I can’t see Hak liking this or taking to being king all that well, so I think he’d be happier with the consort title. 
  3. And possibly my favourite theory at the moment, Hak takes on the role that Joo-Doh currently holds and becomes Sky General. He will live in the palace and could be married to Queen Yona, but still has his old general job (except he represents the Sky Tribe rather than the Wind) and a place on her council which allows him to also help in political decision-making. 

These are probably the ideas I like best, but the latter two require Soo-Won (and Joo-Doh for #3) to be removed from office, and I still haven’t decided quite yet what I want Soo-Won’s fate to be. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if we get more hints in later chapters as to what might happen, but until then feel free to add any more future-Hak theories to this list ;D

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You’re their leader,” he had said. “Soldiers don’t respect a commander who doesn’t know their weapons, equipment, and tactics better than they do. But remember this: all the clones are like brothers-twin brothers-and all clones think they’re the best. They work best under their own officers; they wouldn’t fight under me. Under you, yes, of course-you’re a Jedi. But although they respect you as a Jedi, now you must show them they can respect you as a soldier like them. You have to show them before we go into battle that you know what you’re doing.
—  Rodian mercenery Grudo’s advice for freshly promoted commander Anakin Skywalker [Jedi Trial]

I’m grateful for the ability to ask questions and struggle with things. I’m grateful that Heavenly Father lets us learn. He doesn’t condemn us for not knowing all the answers. Sometimes, when I feel bad that my testimony isn’t stronger or that I have questions, I’m glad the Spirit reminds me that I am allowed to do that. I’m allowed to struggle. Christ suffered for me so I could learn and make mistakes and ask questions and not know. Having the world’s strongest and most flawless testimony is not the purpose of this life. If we were perfect people, if I was perfect, I wouldn’t need the Atonement, but I do. And I’m glad!
So today I’m just rly thankful that Heavenly Father has the kindness and the patience to let me not be perfect and have an imperfect testimony. I’m glad I have Christ’s Atonement so I have the opportunity to learn.

I don’t know what’s going on in the be more chill fandom…it really confuses me…I googled it and I read the Wikipedia page and all I know is that it was a book before it was a musical…there’s a purple dude…and this boyf riends thing whatever the fuck that is…everyone loves that guy Michael but I don’t even think he’s the main character…The Wikipedia article said there was an apocalypse or something but everything else I’ve seen makes it look like a normal high school…I listened to one song about a dude burning a house down and it only made me more confused…what the fresh hell is a squip and why does it have such a dumb name because I think it’s either a drug or a computer but it could be neither…I have no idea what’s going on and every step I get closer to the mystery only make me more confused…I’m drowning in fanart and chat posts and I have no clue what’s going on…someone please explain