but he doesn't know me t t

  • Shiro: Look, I'm not in love with Keith. I like him just as much as the next guy.
  • Lance:
  • Shiro: I mean, clearly I have feelings for him, but feelings don't mean love.
  • Pidge:
  • Shiro: Do I have loving feelings for Keith? Sure! But that doesn't mean I... I.. oh my god. I'm in love with Keith.
  • Hunk:
  • Shiro: Why didn't you tell me?!
  • Allura: We thought you knew!
  • Shiro: We?!
  • Coran: Yeah, we all know. We talk about it all the time.

I love how the opening animation of No.6 has a rainbow as if to literally say, “Hi yeah these two main characters? FUCKING GAY.”

so like of course the ‘who?’ line is heart wrenching and the total star of the scene but the thing that always gets me is the 

‘And as his body falls, further and further down, you realize you don’t know who that is. And as you fall to your knees on the deck of this ship that has served as your home for 100 long years you realize you don’t know where you are and you don’t know how you got here’ 

just the panic and confusion that taako’s gotta be going through as his entire life is rewritten in his mind and all that he knows is he’s lost and he killed a man who was smiling at him 


“I am a human too!”

Still can’t believe im living in a time in which marinette straight up TELLS ADRIEN HE’S CUTE TO HIS FACE AND HE DOESN’T REACT AT ALL??????? BOY DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO HEAR MARINETTE SAYING SOMETHING AS EMBRASSING AS THAT?????? this kid will be the death of me

dating sweet pea

a/n: you know i can’t help but think of the nasty smelling perfume when i see his name. .opps. i have no plans on writing for sweet pea in the future unless people would like me to write for him but i’ll try my best for this guy. sorry if i really screw it up, he’s someone i haven’t really thought about writing before but i’ll do it since you asked very nicely and you love my writing. hope you have have a spendid week and life too? geez, you’re very nice. and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: HII!! Okay, I need to ask. Becuase I love your writing so much. Can you please, please do a dating would include with Sweet Pea? I just think he’s such a bean💛🌈 thanks so much. I hope you have a wonderful day and a splendid week… and just a fantastic life in general💗💗

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                        relationship(s); sweet pea / reader (dating)

You were a serpent by blood from your father and mother, needless to say you were born a proud serpent along with your older brother

Growing up as Toni’s friend when you were younger

Your older brother being very protective of you once you start school at Southside High

Sweet Pea realizing that your his friend’s little sister after you introduce yourself when you two met

Your older brother and him argue after your brother finds out you went on a date with him 

Calming them both down because you know each one could do a lot of damage to the other

Eventually them coming turns after talking to your brother about ‘Least he’s not from the North side and you can beat his ass if he hurts me.’ 

You wearing his coat even after you earned your own official serpent jacket 

While his tattoo is on his neck, yours might be on your forearm or near your ankle

Sweet Pea letting you trace his neck tattoo when you guys are alone and cuddling

May not be the biggest person on pda but will definitely wrap his arm possessively or push you into a kiss to show that your taken if he catches someone / a serpent trying to get any ideas on you

Some fighting cause his anger blinds him over things and he just needs to calm down

You giving the usual set of pet names like, “babe” or “sweets”, nothing too much or overbearing as he just calls you most of the time “baby girl” or simply “baby”

Defending your turf when Northside comes around and go full on bitch since you’re sticking up to the place you grew up with

Sweet Pea being a bit surprised since you usually are calm and not really up in someone’s face

Going out for rides at night when you feel like crap and you just need someone to talk to

Bandaging him and the boys up when he got into a fight from Archie and the Northsiders or someone else

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He wants to talk to Dri about Hotaka, but it feels like he’s beating a dead horse.

He can’t exactly ignore Hotaka, especially now that he is included in the family more then ever before. And He really doesn’t hate Hotaka. If anything his presence irritates him because he can’t get him to fill any sort of role that Reese wants him to. How much he fights him irritates him. 

It doesn’t help that its like the blond can see right through him. No matter is intentions its like Hotaka knows. And that’s probably the most irritating thing of all because he can’t read him at all. 

…part of his disappearances may be due to his inability to deal with the blond snake.

“I love you.”

“No you don’t,” he hissed through bared teeth.

“You’re in love with a concept, an idea, an intangible ability.”

Dazai said nothing as Chuuya forced himself into his personal space, so close the tips of their noses touched. Fire and regret burned within bright blue eyes.

A wretched voice, one stained with disgust and contempt, hung in the air.

“You’re in love with Corruption, aren’t you.”

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I really enjoyed the dynamic between Natsu and Lucy this chapter idk why people are complaining lol. Lucy looked perfectly okay with kissing him but it's obvious Natsu doesn't know anything about romance. Their hug was good enough for me :) except now I understand why Natsu and Lucy never had front hugs because Natsu looks like a frickin potato who doesn't understand how arms work with hugging her back lmao. Someone save that poor child. Everything between them was so pure and I loved it

Omg little potato Natsu T~T I cry. But YES, I think Lucy would be okay with their relationship developing into something more, it’s so obvious she’s in over her head in love with Natsu. And as for Natsu, he knows, he knows Lucy means so much to him, he loves her imo. I don’t think he’s ready/knows what to do, so in a very Natsu way, he still stated that they’d always be together and I think that’s pretty beautiful. I think we’ll see at some point them canonically together… :)

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I don't know what to do about this. I'm really into boxing, but unfortunately it's a very gendered activity ("girls vs. girls, boys vs. boys" and such). As someone who is genderfluid (he/him or they/them) I don't know how I can participate in competitive boxing or even sparring without feeling dysphoric. I can't start T because my mother doesn't believe that I'm really trans. Additionally, even when I do start T, I don't know how my coach would react or if he would let me fight other guys.

Kii says:

Unfortunately, you likely can’t participate on a team without having to deal with the sport being gendered, but you can spar with friends/teammates outside of formal practice/competitions and then it won’t be gendered! 

As for whether you can spar with guys, it depends on rules for where you live. Some organizations say that you need to spar with opponents of your legal gender, some will let you choose, and some will be dependent on whether you are on hormones or not. Your coach might be able to help you find this info!


Me crying IRL right now T__T

I imagine that even though Ryoma is the last to give up, he’s a gracious at losing, especially because of all the support he’s gotten.

me however, is trying very hard not to be salty; stupid hot potato multiplier. I know it’s just a game but I’m still upset…

Honestly though, I’m very warmed by all the support Ryoma’s gotten through this Gauntlet. I found many Ryoma fans and it makes me very happy to know that he’s loved. Thank you Team Ryoma!

please Team Soren, be a gracious winner and not make too many dead lobster jokes, my heart can’t take it T_T

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how does Rowan feel about gelebor and Vyrthur?

Vyrthur unfortunately tried to kill her before even so much as a “hello”, and Rowan doesn’t mess around when people try to kill her, sooooo…. >w> She didn’t get to know him long enough to be able to form any sort of opinion beyond “SHIT SHIT SHIT IF I DON’T KILL HIM HE’S GONNA KILL ME AAAAHHHHHH”

As for Gelebor: 

As far as Rowan’s concerned, he’s family- so she and Soliel visit him often. :D Usually with an armload of goodies of some kind, and updates of their travels through Skyrim~

from @astertale: I hope I’m not coming off as bothering you too much on the topic of kids, and I don’t mean to force anything on you, but… Come ON. That’s not being bad with kids, that’s being surrounded by judgemental assholes while you struggle to do the best that you can, and you did AMAZING! I mean, Pap and Dings ADORE you (can’t say the same about me & my mom lol), so right there you HAVE to know you didn’t screw them up. And for the other stuff, that’s just little stuff. Swearing? Screw up once, apologize, ask the kids not to repeat it, lesson learned. Parkour? Tell them not to try this at home. Age appropriate stuff? That’s trial and error. For that lady’s kid with the science kit, it’s not like she blew herself up or started cooking meth or anything. If she HAD, I’m sure you would’ve jumped right in there to fix it, because that’s what parents/guardians DO. You’ve probably done that a million times with Dings growing up and not even realized it. Hell, I bet you’ve got some crazy good dad reflexes and you don’t even know it. I mean, let’s consider the parkour skills and put two and two together.

Whether you ever wanted kids or not, or whether you’d ever consider the possibility of being able to spawn any of your own or not, I know a big adorkable sweetheart like you would be GREAT at it. If the circumstances had been different for you and your brothers growing up, like if you’d had a consistent source of food and shelter (and I am tremendously sorry that you didn’t, I want to build a time machine and go back to send you ALL the cookies and blankets and rain coats and clean socks and maybe also adopt the three of you), people WOULD STILL be judgemental assholes about everything you did. You let Dings & Pap pursue his interests, and now look at them. They’re both very happy in spite of their circumstances aren’t they? And you’re clearly very proud of them. You might think you went through hell to bring them up on your own, and there’s no arguement from me whether you did or didn’t, but you pulled it off and you pulled it off AMAZINGLY. You’ve got two adult younger brothers who are successful, happy, and grateful to YOU for all of your hard work and effort bringing them up. They love you and they respect you. That’s the mark of a sucessful parent-figure right there. You already ACED this.

Kids aren’t easy, rearing them under ANY circumstances isn’t easy, and people will be assholes to you about it anywhere you go. And yeah, some of the stuff they do or get into will make you panic sometimes. But at the end of the day you’ve got to remember that someday, these guys are going to be adults. And when you make mistakes with adults, you apologize and you try again - you can do the same with kids, they’ll understand and better yet, they model the behaviour. It’s a learning experience on both sides, you know?

Don’t you DARE tell me you’re bad with kids aughh why do you keep making me want to hug you so bad -_-; Don’t sell yourself so short, mmkay? If parenting and child-rearing were an exam then you’ve already ACED it.

*starts filling several boxes with homemade maple cookies and chocolate kisses, then wraps them with brown mailing paper while muttering to herself…*

((Night I hope that rant was semi-coherent I just love kids and this tickled some of my buttons about it. Hope I didn’t overstep ^-^;;))

* -!!

* … stars, sweetpea, you sure do have a way with words, don’t you..? i… hell, you’re way too kind. i dunno about aceing anything on this topic, but it means the world to me that you think i didn’t screw it all up entirely.

* don’t apologize… i know you’re comin’ from a sweet ‘n kind place of passion on the subject, ‘n i respect and love the hell outta that.

* that said, don’t get me wrong - i figure i did the best i could, y’know? i admit to myself i was a kid. i may’ve fucked up on more than one occasion - a lot more - but at the very least, i made sure my brothers knew that i loved the hell outta them, ‘n they were adamant about ensurin’ i knew the same of them.

* i may not be good at kids as a whole, but i stand by that bein’ the most important thing beyond food ‘n shelter. you can get through any number of hells, if you know you’ve got a loved one reachin’ out for you on the other side.

* but, uh, i really wasn’t the best influence. i took ‘em to Waterfall when i was 12, ‘n started teachin’ em how to parkour over gaps ‘n along the trash to get to the good stuff since i figured it was a damn important skill. i had learned the basics when i was 5, so, y’know… yeah, it’s a bad translation.

* there was also the time i started teachin’ Pap about trap puzzles because his teachers were holdin’ him back for bein’ dyslexic ‘n not pickin’ up on it. they wouldn’t teach him, but i would - but, uh, i’m not one to ever hold back on topics of passion. he wanted to know the big stuff, so… i sure showed him how to build complex spring-loaded trap cages ‘n joke ejection tiles activated by a lack of magic.

* … oh, ‘n the time i got called to the school because Dings had apparently picked up on my swearin’ while doin’ commissioned repairs at home… he never showed he had until he apparently cursed the fuck outta a classmate who he found had been filling Paps’ cubby with wet socks.

* …….. also, Pap mighta held onto the now lifelong habit of exitin’ comically through windows because of me. not sayin’ that i started laughin’ for the first time in a week when his exasperated teacher told me he had done it the first time when another kid asked him how he felt about a cute classmate… but i totally laughed myself straight off the chair and had to leave the room still laughin’ with a beamin’ Pap under my arm. i never did tell him to stop that.

* … there’s also the matter of the kids that i interact with nowadays, but… that’s a lot darker a topic, i’m not gonna subject ya to that unless you really wanna know. point is, it certainly doesn’t leave me feelin’ any kinda good about how i even can interact with ‘em.

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I just had a thought but like I realised that Steven is very affectionate and borderline flirtatious all the time but wouldn't it be fun if Andrew developed a Huge Mega Crush on him and thought "Oh but he'll never like me back becauuse it's Steven and he's like this with everyone" but also he tries to flirt back and Steven is none the wiser because he doesn't get it when Andrew's flirting - or even b e t t e r - Steven is flirting on purpose but he doesn't know if it's working or not

wait are you telling me this isn’t what’s happening between them

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i wanna get connors speech to frank tattooed on me, it was hilarious because frank proved him right too with his actions lmao. if it wasn't for him being a little loud in that stairwell at the end connor would have gotten though this whole ep with nothing but wins

I don’t think I can put into words how much I loved Connor blowing up at Frank. He’s fucking right. Especially since we know Frank literally fell to his knees telling Annalise he would do whatever she wanted to make things right. I love these moments and I can’t help but be reminded of when Connor blew up at Annalise in 3x14 about her dead sons. He’s fucking right. 

I’m disappointed because I wanted more for Connor this episode. I wanted him to be involved in something. And sadly, even the incident in the end in the stairwell with Dominic, I don’t see anything substantial coming from that. It’s just another ploy by the writers to keep us invested until January. Connor isn’t in danger. Dominic ain’t gonna do shit to him. I almost wish Connor was in mortal danger just for drama’s sake. But it seems relationship drama is the only thing Connor gets nowadays. 

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Okay but like imagine Lotor and Lance are stranded on a planet Lance gets sick really bad and Lotor semi-reluctantly takes care of me cause, "I know we are enemies but I am still a decent person and green paladin is the only person who can get us out so yeah" but he doesn't know shit about human biology so it's basically Lance instructing him what to do while half conscious while Lotor inwardly freaking out and they bond and shit

Oh no!! Poor baby T^T I love to imagine Lotor kind of poking at Lance trying to figure things out and Lance moaning in pain and Lotor being like “ohshitohshitohshit” 

I love reluctant caretaker tropes. They have my hearttttt