but he does look like him kinda


I walked across the glade in my knee high shorts and very small strap shirt I could tell the boys were trying to not look at me but all struggling a lot not to look at me I walked through the gardens and saw newt and Thomas messing around Thomas sore me and dropped his knife 

“what’s the matter with you tommy?” newt asks before he noticed me his eyes going wide for a second before smirking at me “oh hey love” he smirks at me “you look nice today” he smirks

“thanks newt” I smirk kissing his cheek and wondering off to my work just a little further away 

“lucky shank” Thomas sighs 

“what?” newt asked him 

“she shucking kissed you man” he sighs 

“yeah, she does all the times its kinda normal” he shrugs 

“then why don’t you… you know, ask her out?” he asks

“don’t think I’ve tried, she doesn’t want a boyfriend tommy, she just likes teasing me” 

anonymous asked:

what type of girl(appearance,body type hair eyes etc) you think that the boys would fall in love with?(i would prefer it with photos) thank you

Thank God for Polyvore XD


Body type does not matter to him.  

He thinks his girl looks best when wearing loose and casual outfits; it’s not too tight, not too loose.  She looks comfortable and amazing.  He really likes flow-y shirts as well.


Body type doesn’t matter to him, although he does lean toward bigger hips and more curves.

There are two styles that catch his eyes most; the comfortable, home style or the fitting and tomboyish look.  He really likes to see them wear leather jackets and boots (preferably no heel but he enjoys if there is a heel).  And he loves the messy bun, but prefers wavy or curly long hair.


Body type does not matter to him.

He’s more of a aesthetic kinda guy; rosy colors, warm with flow-y and stretchy material.  He loves the messy bun and really enjoys watching his girl walk around in a dress; don’t get me wrong he loves seeing her in anything, but the dress is EXTRA for him.  Don prefers flats to heels, and he loves to see his girl without any makeup because she’s so beautiful already.  


Body type does not matter to him, though slimmer appeals to him more.  He’s just happy to have you in his life.

Like his personality, he prefers the more cooler style of clothing, something that you just throw together and look great in; something that’s easy to slip on; something that’s loose.  He’s not much on jewelry since he thinks it gets in the way of everything, but he likes the chokers and bracelets.  Not much on dresses and heels.  Prefers no makeup but loves it if his girl is wearing it.  She looks great in anything.  

okay but i love that lance’s flirting is never seen as harmful or “gross” to the girls he’s flirting with???? like in most cartoons the flirty character is always shot down or given a look of disgust when they try to sweet talk someone but in voltron the girls lance flirts with just kinda giggle and look back at him in a way that’s just kinda like “haha you’re cute lol” and what makes it BETTER is that lance’s flirting is never like cat-calling or something else gross, like the most the boy does is fire some finger guns and try to talk himself up???? anyways i love lance and i love how his flirting is portrayed okay bye

Kenma recognizes him from the broad lines of his back and the strong muscles that cover his shoulders and biceps. He doesn’t move much but when he does, they ripple like water, flowing so smoothly it’s mesmerizing. Kenma can’t see much at all; there’s no moon out and the street lights are down, but he knows this body well enough.

Kenma opens the door softly and steps out. From the slightest stiffening of Iwaizumi’s shoulders, he knows the man is aware of his presence, which is impressive since he’s always been quiet in his movements. He walks forward and grabs onto the railing, the cold metal biting into his skin.

“Can’t sleep?”

It’s rare for Kenma to initiate a conversation. It isn’t lack of interest so much as it is the fact that he’s rarely comfortable enough to start talking to someone. But his curiosity is far too great when it comes to Iwaizumi. The man is different from the others in the band. He never asks Kenma questions, never tries to pry, and respects his personal space, though he does smile at him occasionally and he makes great coffee.

Iwaizumi doesn’t turn to look at him but he smiles a little, his dimple barely visible. “Yeah, it’s just one of those nights, you know?”

Kenma nods because he does in fact know. Leaning forward, he rests his chin on the metal and winces when the cold hits him harder than he expected, but it’s not a bad sensation. The wind feels nice, just this side of chilly, and the silence is welcome. They don’t live in a good neighborhood, and there’s always fighting and loud music and an absurd amount of yelling.

But on this night, at 2:47 in the morning, with the stars hiding behind the clouds and the moon nowhere in sight, Kenma has never liked this place better. Iwaizumi’s presence is strangely comforting, and the sound of his every inhale followed by a soft exhale makes Kenma unconsciously sync with him.

“Do you like it here so far?”

The tone of Iwaizumi’s voice makes it abundantly clear that Kenma is free to ignore the question if he wants to. He appreciates that, and decides to answer honestly.

“Haven’t really been here long enough to decide,” he says, eyes sliding shut, “but I think I’m going to stay just a little longer, if that’s alright with you.”

Iwaizumi huffs out a laugh, and it’s strangely endearing. “No problems here.” He brings the cigarette to his lips and takes a long drag, and Kenma watches as he blows out the smoke with a sigh, a white cloud forming into the silent darkness of the night. The metal of his tongue piercing shimmers when the headlights of a passing car shines on it, and Kenma’s breath hitches in his throat.

Iwaizumi offers him the cigarette without turning to look at him and Kenma accepts it gratefully. He takes a generous drag of his own and the feel of the smoke calms him with its familiarity. Blowing out the smoke with a lengthy exhale, he hands it back to Iwaizumi, and he feels a new bond form. It’s intimate in a way he’s never felt before, warm even when it’s cold, and he actually likes it. Might even get used to it.

He finally turns to face the man and takes in his profile, and it keeps surprising him, how handsome the raven-head really is. “Has Kuroo always been this insufferable?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen at the question before he starts laughing, loud and deep, and Kenma finds himself smiling along.

“You could say that, though Oikawa is right up there with him.” Iwaizumi winks, a playful smile dancing on his lips, “Don’t tell him I said that though.”

Kenma covers his mouth dramatically and Iwaizumi nods his approval. The two grin and face the street again.

The view isn’t terrible, if Kenma’s being honest. They aren’t high enough for him to feel anxious, but he can easily see the park a few metres away. A sigh of content escapes him and Iwaizumi mirrors it and they just stand there, shrouded by the comfortable silence between them that mingles with the silence of the night.

It’s nice, Kenma decides. It’s nice.

Hurricane AU

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Context: our dragonborn fighter recently bought a small lizard off an old lady, and keeps the lizard on her shoulder. we are traveling into a region where few people have seen dragonborn in their life. we just spared a bandit’s life because he was just a kid and wasn’t threatening us, but he only speaks the native language and our bard is the only one who speaks it.
Dragonborn (to DM): how does the bandit feel about dragonborns?
DM: he’s never seen one before and is kinda looking at you funny.
Dragonborn: ah
DM: to him it kinda looks like you’re just a giant lizard with a smaller lizard on your shoulder.

okay but important question. does ignis know how hot he is? like in a low-key kinda way? or does he just ignore it because who needs looks when you have a prince to keep alive. or maybe he has absolutely no idea. maybe he even thinks he’s kinda average or below average?? like what if he didn’t realize he got hit with a serious fucking glo up and everyone sees it but him and he just. doesn’t. know.

Captain Boomerang Relationship Headcanons

A/N: Hello my babies! I hope you like this! I am going to do one for Rick Flag but if you want anyone else from the squad or anyone else, I would love to!


  • Boomer is pretty possessive, his hands are either on your waist or the small of your back.
  • He’ll always buy your drinks for you, no matter how many or how expensive.
  • Him always laughing and throwing you over his shoulder when you get a little too tipsy and try to fight everyone.
  • Randomly, he’ll lean down and give you a hickey. He has no shame.
  • Constantly tapping, slapping, squeezing your butt.
  • Him getting jealous really easily…like REALLY easily.
  • He will totally end up trying to fight the guy that looks at your ass for about two seconds.
  • He really likes to whisper really dirty things in your ear.
  • Also, rubbing your thighs, a little too close to between your legs.

At Home:

  • People may scoff, but he actually kinda likes to clean. He will always clean up his beer cans and does the laundry.
  • If you ever told anyone about that, he would literally kill anyone that heard that because he could never hurt you.
  • He is needy. He will basically whine if you’re out of his sight too long.
  • He always likes to shower with you, and it doesn’t always end in sex.
  • Clothing: optional
  • Lazy Sunday afternoons spent with him cleaning his boomerangs on the couch and you reading a book while you lean against him.
  • You taking care of his wounds when he comes back from a mission.


  • He LOVES spoiling you, albeit with stolen jewelry, but nonetheless.
  • Also, he loves kissing you softly on the neck.
  • The first ‘I love you’ came around when you two were shouting about his drinking problem and he asked you why you cared so much and you just screamed, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”
  • Ever since then, he really had slowed down on drinking.
  • Dates aren’t really either your styles. Sometimes you went to the movies but you never saw any of it because you guys are too busy making out in the back row.
  • If he has a nightmare out on a mission, he’ll talk you and listen to your voice to calm him down.
  • When he’s with you and has a bad dream, he’ll pull you onto his chest, laying your head on his heart. He really loves when you lay on his chest, makes him feel loved.
  • He actually likes being the little spoon sometimes.
  • He wants kids, and a lot of them. 


  • Day, night, it doesn’t matter. Digger will try and fuck you.
  • He likes to take you behind.
  • His two favorite parts of your body is your ass and the arch in your back.
  • ‘Love making’ isn’t really in his vocab. He will if you ask, but you almost never do.
  • He will always have you suck him off and sometimes he’ll eat you out, and when you do, he does it until you’re literally screaming for him to stop. Even then he might not stop.
  • He loves to spank you, he loves the little yelps that come from you.
  • Digger is very aware of how strong and large he is, so he will always make sure your okay before going on.
  • Choking…lots of it
  • Light bondage
  • Him dirty talking all the time and making you call him Captain.
  • Loud af, all your neighbors know all your little pet names.
  • If he sees tampon or pad wrappers in the garbage, he will be on you like a shark, trying to get you pregnant. 
  • After sex, he will always kiss your lips really softly and rub your sides, mumbling how much he loves you.

something I have noticed is that people tend to write Thace as a very serious character, which makes sense since he is essentially the Galra equivalent of :

Originally posted by whatislifebabydonthurtme

but I kinda want Thace to be silly/chill when not on mission mode, kinda like in the poster

where he is just looking at the silliness around him and maintaining a good mood about it

basically if he does turn out to be Keith’s dad (why not) I want his personality to seem very calm when compared to Keith being something of a firecracker, Keith may fight like a Galra soldier, but that’s cause his mom would have fought like one too

i am literally 100% sure that ultimately it was lily who asked james out like

  • james is matured and he’s like “okay you’re gonna ruin it all if you ask her out”
  • because they’re friends
  • honest to god friends
  • who actually talk and laugh and have meaningful conversations and honestly james doesn’t think he could handle it if he messed everything up
  • so he just kinda sits there in love with her
  • so in love
  • and lily’s over here like “i so do not love him”
  • “no really marlene we’re friends i don’t love him”
  • “okay yeah he smells really nice and i really love that thing he does with his hands when he’s thinking and it’s really really cute when he runs his fingers through his hair and have you seen the way his ass looks in those quidditch robes”
  • “but i do not love him”
  • and marlene’s like “you’re a fucking idiot”
  • and james decides that he has to at least try to move on so he starts dating amelia boot
  • and lily can’t figure out why it bothers her so much but she avoids them at literally all costs and she just can’t see them together and she sort of feels like she’s going to throw up and god fucking damn it she loves him
  • “don’t say i told you so marlene, you bitch”
  • “i soooo told you so”
  • but now james is with amelia and it’s too late and lily doesn’t know what to do
  • so she just kind of sucks it up and tries to hang out with him except it’s so hard because she really really wants to kiss him
  • (his lips look really soft)
  • but she can’t and it’s killing her and she kind of thinks amelia hates her?? or, at least, she sends her dirty looks from across the table
  • and james can’t figure out why amelia doesn’t like lily because everyone likes lily until one day amelia sits him down and asks him to stop talking to her
  • “you’re still in love with her, james, and you’ll only get over it if you stop talking to her”
  • james doesn’t think that’s physically possible
  • so they break up and sirius gives him a knowing look but james keeps quiet about the reason because the last thing he needs is for lily to find out that he still loves her
  • lily is ecstatic
  • “i think it’s kind of awful that you’re this happy about your friend breaking  up with his girfriend”
  • “shut up mary”
  • but they’re at the three broomsticks a month later and it’s just the two of them and they’re waiting for the usual bunch and lily decides she’s going to do it
  • she has to because she can’t live like this for the rest of her life. she can’t let james potter slip away
  • “do you love me?”
  • and oh shit it comes out so wrong that was not what she wanted to say not at all she was going to invite him to get butterbeer later and oh god her cheeks are turning the color of her hair and she thinks she’s going to sink into the chair
  • james thinks he might be dying
  • “do i what?”
  • lily’s already fucked it up this much, she might as well keep going
  • “do you love me? because i do. love you, i mean.”
  • and then she stares at her hands and waits
  • and waits
  • and waits
  • and then she looks up because what is taking the asshole so long to reply?
  • he’s just grinning at her. smiling, as if she’s just told him he’s won a million galleons or signed to play with the chudley cannons
  • “yeah, yeah i reckon i’ve loved you this whole time”
  • “pay up, moony. i told you she’d be the one to confess first”
  • “god damn it sirius”

headcanon: the first time jamie painted his nails it was because he found a bottle of black nail polish in some loot he’d stolen in a heist or smth and he was like “hmmmmm HMMM” gettin those “should i do it” intrusive thoughts and so finally he decided to give it a go but his hands are so shaky that he does an absolutely shit job. so when mako sees him kinda hiding his left hand he’s like “what’s up?” and jamie is like “NOOO IM EMBARRASSED DONT LOOK” and finally mako sees his nails and instead of saying “that’s dumb, get that stuff off,” he just takes jamie’s hand and says very gently, “would you like me to repaint them for you?” and jamie is so happy he tears up and is even more happy when mako paints his own nails to make jamie feel more secure (also because mako just legitimately loves it)

(bonus headcanon: trans jamie afraid to paint his nails because he hasn’t worn makeup/polish/jewelry since transitioning but he finally has combatted his dysphoria enough to feel comfy)

Mistletoe w/ Zen Headcanons

-his eyes scanned the place before landing on a mistletoe across the room

-”aha” he says under his breath, making you look at him curiously

-he waves you off before inching towards it with you in hand

-you don’t notice because he’s trying to distract you

-”look at that snowman..it looks like me, kinda?” he says, prompting you to turn your head in the direction he was pointing

-”ooh..it kind of does.” you hum

-he finally manages to pull you under the mistletoe without you being aware

-”hey hey hey. now what do we have here?” he asks lowly as he pretended to notice the mistletoe

-you blush as he sighs

-”what can we do? its tradition..” he trails off before cupping your face.

-he gives you a passionate kiss, making you whimper and hold him close

-you break the kiss, panting slightly with a small smirk 

-”you totally did that on purpose.” you chuckled at him, making him blush

-’maybe my acting wasn’t as good as i thought’ he thought as he chuckled nervously

-you let out another giggle before saying “my lovely zenny, if you want a kiss, you can just tell me or just drag me under another mistletoe with you.”

-from then on, he always carries a mistletoe with him.

-while you are cuddling with each other and watching his musical, he pulls out a mistletoe from his pocket and hovers it over the both of you

-”oops we got to kiss now.” he says before turning your head with his finger

-you laugh before closing the distance 

BONUS: if you’re caught under the mistletoe with someone else

-you were refilling a drink at a party, not noticing a mistletoe hovering over your head

-but zen did and so did someone else

-that someone else decides to quickly dart over to be under it as well before zen could even move

-zen clenches his fist in anger

-”hey look its a mistletoe, time for a ki–” the stranger says before getting shoved away by your fuming silver-haired boyfriend

-”she’s mine” he growls, pulling you closer and instead of your lips, he nuzzles your neck before sucking on it.

-”zen, we’re in public!” you gasp

-he finally lets go after the stranger leaves and traces his finger over the mark he made


Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.

i have the worst, dumbest cishet boy co-worker who is the Actual Poster Child for every problematic thing you can think of and today he, just, oh my god ..

so these two girls came in to where i work and they were DEFINITELY together, gayly, as a couple, very obviously so, and they were walking around for a bit and they talked to me and my co-worker for awhile and i guess they come in a lot, or at least one of them does, because when they left he was kinda quiet for a minute and then he goes “i never know what that is” and i gave him a confused look, thinking maybe he meant he couldn’t figure out whether or not they were a couple, and then he goes on to say “like i can never tell if she’s flirting with me or not, sometimes i definitely think it’s flirting”

and i literally like, drew in a breath and had to swallow the enormous laughter as tears gathered in my eyes bc the gAYEST gay couple who were holding hands the entire time just left the premises and he’s trying to figure out her non-existent intentions toward him, like he had no idea, i’m-

my thoughts on 5x16

I haven’t been around for the last few episodes so I sorta missed doing my standard bullet point list. So let’s do that again, shall we?

  • I have PTSD from Oliver on snowy mountains. 
  • I feel like the stuff Talia told Oliver should be shocking but it’s not shocking. Thanks, spoilers!
  • Oliver going directly to confront Adrian is kinda hot and amazing. 
  • Now that you mention it Adrian, he DOES look tired. Are you getting sleep, Oliver?
  • Felicity touring Helix is interesting but I just feel “doom doom DOOM!” with every footfall. 
  • I don’t like Helix. I don’t like the Helix girl (I can never remember her name). I’m the physical representation of this emoji: 🙅
  • Adrian being super creepy is super working for me. I was concerned about him as Prometheus before but my fears have been assuaged. 
  • Nope, still don’t give a rats ass about Snoozan. 
  • Did it literally take Oliver a whole week to realize she was kidnapped? They can’t still be together, can they? He would have known, right?
  • Oliver concerned about where Felicity is is my jam. 
  • Watching Oliver spin his wheels during this episode is also my jam.
  • He makes a lot of stupid decisions tho. Namely: going to Adrian’s house. Also: bringing Doris to the confrontation at the end. 
  • Soon as she showed up I KNEW Adrian was gonna kill her. I thought he’d snap her neck but he went for the knife in the gut. Eh, it works. 
  • When Felicity DOES show up in the bunker, Oliver asks to speak to her alone. 
  • Felicity says she likes to get her tongue lashings in private and I immediately burst into flames. Why do I let them do this to me. 
  • Oliver’s worried about her. HER. He knows she’s hiding something and he’s concerned about it. He radiates concern. It’s beautiful. 
  • Felicity gets that but she wants to keep hiding the Helix thing so she basically says “let’s put a pin in this for now”. 
  • She asks him to trust her and he does readily and I am SO LOVING the shoes being on the other feet. 
  • Adrian’s name is Simon. Meh. I’m gonna keep calling him Adrian until they tell me to stop. 
  • Felicity goes to Helix for help in finding Susan and they want tit for tat which is so very Bratva. I love it. So Felicity does illegal things and Curtis gets scandalized like a little old lady. 
  • There’s a lot of taunting about Oliver killing Adrian in this episode. Which of course means he won’t kill him. He can’t. This season is showing that all these problems, even TALIA, is because he’s killed. Makes sense the answer is: stop killing. 
  • The pep talk from Dig was glorious and I need about 500% more of those in the coming weeks. 
  • Oliver is worried he’s a monster. Dig is showing him how to hold onto his humanity. This will be key, I feel. 
  • I also see more seeds of Oliver merging his personas and coming out as the Green Arrow being sown. 
  • Oliver barely glances at Susan after he frees her. So much warmth. So much affection. So much for him giving more than the bare minimum shit for her. 
  • Stupid decision #3 (there’s probably more in this ep but work with me): not realizing that Susan was just bait to draw him in so Talia and Adrian could kidnap Oliver. LE SIGH. 
  • Felicity being willing to burn the world to find Oliver and get him back is SO VERY MUCH MY JAM. 
  • Next week is gonna be rough but I’m also kind of excited for it. What a crazy way to feel. Welcome back, Arrow. We’ve missed you.
Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

do you have to be special? 
do people have to recognize you, no matter what? i don’t think so. 
at the very least, not when it comes to this child. 
he doesn’t need to become great. 
why does he have to be better than everyone else? just look at him. 
don’t you see how cute he is? 
he’s already great, because he was born into this world.