but he didn't even blink or even give any indication he just went for it

One For the Storybooks

Hello, I am not dead, but I am back from my vacation!  I also have a missing scene from my selkie story, which is maybe silly considering that as it is not yet written that technically means all the scenes are missing, but here we are anyway.  This started as something meant to be vaguely in the spirit of “YAY HALLOWEEN!!” and then became … something else.

“Sid.”  Geno slides into the seat across the aisle, a faint, curious smile on his face.  He nods towards the back of the plane, where a quiet but vicious card game has attracted most of the guys who are still awake.  “Gonch yell at you?”

“What?  No,” Sidney says softly, mindful of Flower sleeping next to him.  “He just … wanted to talk to me about something, that’s all.”

“Yell,” Geno says with a decisive nod.  The corner of his mouth crooks up a little higher into a crooked, sympathetic grin.  “Thought he only do that with me.”

“He wasn’t yelling,” Sidney insists.

“Okay.”  Eyebrow raised, Geno swivels to face him more directly.  “What he’s not yell about?”

“Nothing.” He sighs when Geno just continues to stare him down, and after a moment of calculating how long it will take him to convince him to let it go, decides he’d rather get at least a little bit of sleep on this flight.  “He brought Natalie and Victoria to optional skate last week—”

“I miss?” Geno interrupts, openly disappointed.

“It was after the game against the Islanders; I think you were still hungover.  Anyway,” Sidney says with a roll of his eyes at the pout still lingering on Geno’s face, “they were excited about Halloween, telling me about their costumes.”  He can’t keep a smile off of his face at the memory.  “It was really cute.”

“Rubbing in,” Geno grumbles.

“Sorry,” Sidney grins, unrepentant.

“You try to kidnap?” Geno guesses, smirking when that makes Sidney’s eyes narrow.  “That why Gonch get mad?”

No.” He scowls for a moment before he finally, grudgingly, moves on. “They kept asking for a scary story.”

“You scare babies?”  Geno sounds somewhere between dismayed and delighted, and Sidney flushes guiltily.

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