but he did and he is coming home again

Okay so there’s this guy who I’ve seen at predrinks a few times and like he looked at me quite a lot and I noticed it and like I got talking to him and we kissed in a club and stuff, but then when we got home a guy was passed out so we took care of him with a friend of mine. Then I saw him out having been to a different predrinks but like we ended up dancing together and kissing again, after that night he gave me his number and didn’t walk me home because he had a 9am whereas I was going to run around pushing one of his friends in a trolley.

Then tonight happened. He had too much work to come out and I thought that was a sign that he didn’t particularly like me, but then he was like, I’ll probably be still awake so text me when you’re back and we can hang out. So I did, and although he was in bed he got up and came to mine. We sat in the kitchen talking for a while with others and then when they went to bed we came into my room. Like we were just talking for ages and then he like linked my finger with his and idk we just kissed, and we kissed for so long it could easily have been half hour. And usually with guys you expect like kissing in a bed leads to sex etc and them trying it on but it didn’t and like this has restored my faith in humanity. We spent all night just talking, kissing, cuddling and stuff, plus although he had to go in, he definitely struggled to leave.

Idk basically this guy is super super cool and I really like him and I really want him to ask me out, although so happy he was completely sober and still wanted me and stuff. 


"My mind tells me that you wish to see your home again, and yet there is a part of you which calls for adventure. A wanderlust."
"Yes. Well, we’ll all go home someday."

i feel like posting this even though it’s from a year ago … this is the valentine’s day surprise my boyfriend did for me aaah im getting butterflies just thinking about it. hes incredible. here’s the story, i posted this post a year ago but ill put it here with some edits:

"im sorry i need to vent about my valentines day feel free to ignore lol
so after sean and i got breakfast in the morning he made me go home so he could set something up so at 6 he finally said i could come over again and urghhhhh when i got there, he was like “just come up”
so as i walked up the staircases, printed out screenshots of our facebook messages that outlined the succession of our relationship led me up to his roof! the story of our relationship is that we were BEST friends for a year before we starting dating, and he literally liked me for 9 months before i came to my effing senses and realized i of course liked him too. so the screenshots were things like the first time we ever talked, the first time we planned a movie night (he is a movie buff and always wants to show me movies - we have watched 67 movies together so far haha)
anyways when i reached his top floor there was a ladder i had to climb up and when i did he was standing there in front of the cutest dinner setup i’ve ever seen omfg i’d never been up to the roof because it was always really dirty and gross but sean and his friends cole and robbie had swept and mopped, there were blankets spread out on the ground and a little table with a table cloth and a fan to keep away the mosquitoes and a BUNCH of potted plants that three of them had moved all the way from the gate outside up to the roof (that is SEVEN floors because his house is narrow and tall) omfg
there were Christmas lights
candles that kept blowing out because of the fan hehe he kept relighting them because he wanted to be romantic
his iPod with speakers playing all the songs i’ve ever learned and sent him (singing is one of my hobbies and music is my life), or talked to him about
a million pillows and blankets
he’d gotten my favorite cashew chicken and bubble tea and there were SO many mini m&m packets strewn on the blankets (those little yellow things) because peanut m&ms are my favorite candy
we ate dinner and the whole time i was freaking out about his cuteness and he was laughing and telling me the work that had gone into it
after we ate, the sun had gone down so we lay and watched the progression if the moon and talked about how we sucked at seeing constellations haha
i gave him the present id made him (a song i wrote for him ehhe)
wow it was so wonderful and comfortable and just cuddled and talked for ages and it was so so peaceful and i was so so so happy
he is literally just the cutest human being to exist on earth
THE END im sorry but also not really bcs i warned you”

hehe im so glad i wrote that a year ago because it’s SO nice to remember it. anyways, sean and i have been dating for a year and some months now, and we have never had a big fight or been angry at each other for more than a day. hes been my best best friend for years. we’re both leaving for university in a few months but we’re staying together, i know it’s naive to think we’ll be together forever but i dont care. he loves me so much. haha im going to cry. what an extraordinary thing it is to love someone this much

im sorry if people get annoyed at this. i know this is pda and im like hardcore against excessive pda but some things i want to share because they make me so so happy. im really not trying to brag in any way i just feel very full of warmth and affection 


Skyeward Week, Day 5 - An AU of Your Choice: Married People AU.

Grant and Skye meet when his laptop crashes three days into his new security job and the girl clocking out at the electronics store offers to take a quick look if he buys her a coffee. She fixes the problem, and they repeat the process a dozen times over the next month as Grant’s computer fails in one area after the other. Grant repays the favor by giving her a couch to crash on when her apartment complex first floods and then is deemed structurally unsound after an electrical fire. For the first time someplace actually feels like home and he realizes he doesn’t want to lose Skye when she gets her apartment back. Skye’s never had someone care about her so much, and agrees to going out and later marriage when he gets up the courage to propose.

They’ve been married a year, five months, and two days when they’re both offered positions on a special mobile team that deals with “weird things”. The details are sketchy, but money is tight and there are few opportunities for advancement for two high school dropouts, so they take the job. The rest of their team consists of the friendly but unmovable team lead, the scary but surprisingly compassionate pilot, and the disgustingly cute newlywed scientists.

Though the Wards enjoy working together and, after a few misfires, they get along pretty well with the team, the new life is far from easy: Several close calls while they’re in the field feed Grant’s fear of losing Skye and his nightmares – remnants of two tours in Afghanistan – reemerge with a vengeance; in addition, every injury her husband sustains adds to Skye’s worry. However, while they may have traded in date nights at the diner for daily brushes with danger and obscure domesticity for world-saving exploits, they know that with some hard work and love (and help from their friends) this new life will be beautiful and a whole lot of fun.


Hindsight (2015) - 1x08 - Paige Hill

Game of Thrones Modern AU l Tywin and Catelyn

Dracula Untold

Why think separately of this life and the next… when one is born from the last.


A long time ago, maybe 20 years, a family lived here. Son, the only place you’re going to find that family is in the cemetery at the edge of town. Elle was attacked by a wolf. Elle got killed right where you’re standing. That brown spot, that’s her blood. We all went searching, but we never did find the boy’s body. And the Marine? Shoot, he come home that night from the war, the whole family gone. Didn’t take too long till he took a pistol, put it in his mouth, and joined them in the great beyond. Who did you say you was again?

seventhfracture asked:

"Heart?" She slunk into his office. "I've heard something quite strange. Perhaps you can enlighten me?"

It was a mercy there were gaps in their days where they were permitted a reprieve from grave circumstance. The warning Timaeus gave did not yield immediate threat, what demon he suggested bordered inside their home somehow gaining immeasurable power with the acknowledgement of its presence, spreading as though exposure was all it needed to bring destruction upon them. It was quiet again, and the knight had not yet reached out to make contact. The way things were, he appreciated the approach. If they did not need to make hasty decisions, they wouldn’t, no matter the layer of irritation created at being forced to adhere strictly to their fleeting patience. Demons were a very delicate subject to approach. He preferred not having to come up with a solution on the run if it could be helped.

Aside from a random bowl of milk situated in one insignificant corner of the hallway, the ghosts had stilled to the usual rabble.

Atem had been working, incessantly, perhaps obsessively if one might deign to suggest, working toward a goal he wasn’t even sure he was quite aware of. He worked as a means of distraction, worried for a multitude of reasons he kept isolated inside. It did no good to allow such concerns to control him, but all knew he suffered a habit of making deep considerations toward the most simplistic of subject matters. Unfortunately, what they faced was far from registering in that scale, though he suffered the same ailment.

He worried for Yugi, her restless condition, the growing need for her to fulfill a secret bloodlust she held inside. It drove Kor wild to have her home, reeking of death, blood, sweat, fear and madness clung to her in a perfumed layer he took full advantage of.

No matter the outstanding list in need of address, he slept then, the flowers Arcane brought to him safely tucked away in a vase sitting on the windowsill where he could see them. He sprawled on the sofa, arm draped over his eyes to block out the light of day creeping to invade the interior, a fleece blanket thrown over his middle. His legs legs were exposed, his chest, but he appeared content enough to rest as he did.

Calum Buys You A Kitten

"CALUM" you shouted as you walked in the door and set down your purse. "CALUMMMM" you shouted again peeking into the living room and then finding him in the kitchen. "I heard you the first time" he said, taking a sip of water. "Did you get my texts?" you asked. "You mean the 18 pictures of a kitten?" he asked with a smile. 

You spent the morning volunteering at an animal shelter in your town. It had been something that you wanted to do for a long time but somebody had always told you not to because they were afraid you’d come home with a car full of puppies and kittens. So this morning you kind of snuck out of the house before Calum could wake up and went to the shelter.

"I ALMOST BROUGHT HER HOME" you were shouting again. Calum raised his eyebrows and you lowered your gaze. "But I didn’t because I wanted to prove you wrong" you mumbled. He laughed and pulled you in for a hug. He kissed your forehead. "You’re spectacular. I didn’t think you could do it. I expected us to have a pet when you came home" he laughed. "I really wanted to. But I didn’t. You’re gone a lot so maybe I’ll just get one during the next tour, huh?" you smiled.

"We’ll see" he laughed, pulling you close again. "You smell like a dog" he said, wrinkling his nose. You laughed and hit him. "That’s something you never say to your girlfriend" you said, crossing your arms and pretending to pout. "Aw babe. You know I didn’t mean it like that. Besides, I like dogs" he said with a smirk. You glared at him and said "I’m going to shower". You turned on your heel and heard Calum start to follow you. You turned back around. "Nope. I’m showering. We’re not showering. You stay here. Think about the dog comment” you said. He looked slightly defeated and shrugged his shoulders. 

Calum walked into the bathroom when you were drying your hair. “I have to go out with the lads. Do you need anything?” he asked. He looked you up and down, you were only wearing a bra and underwear. “Maybe the boys can wait” he murmured while pulling you towards him and planting a kiss on your lips. You pushed him away. “No. Go with the boys. And I mean, if you happen across that kitten……” you trailed off. He smirked and shook his head. “You’re not going to let this go are you?” he asked. “DID YOU SEE HER LITTLE FACE?” you asked. 

"I think I’d name her Athena" you said. Calum was sitting on the bathroom counter, watching you do your hair and make up while waiting for Mikey to come pick him up. "Athena?" he asked. "Yea. Well she’s the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, strength, strategy-" you started but Calum cut you off. "Blah, blah, blah" he said and you hit him. His phone went off. "Mike’s here" he said. "Good. Go meet him outside. Because I swear to god if that boy sees me in my underwear one more time I’m going to kick him in the nuts" you said. "And you have my permission to do so" Calum said with a chuckle. He leaned in and kissed you. "I love you. I’ll be back soon" he said. "Love you too" you yelled after him. 

Calum hopped into Mikey’s car. “Come on. Let’s go find this kitten” he smiled. “I think this is the best thing you’ve ever done. Kittens are the greatest” Mikey said. When they pulled into the shelter’s parking lot Mikey hopped out of the car faster than Calum expected. “You excited or something dude?” Calum laughed. Mikey just responded with “Kittens. Duh”. 

Calum walked in and up to the counter with Mikey on his heels. “Hi” he said to the girl at the counter. “How can I help you?” she asked. “I don’t know if this is going to sound weird or anything. But I’m looking to adopt this kitten. My girlfriend was volunteering this morning and fell in love with her” he said, showing pictures of the kitten to the girl. “I think I know who you’re talking about” the girl said and proceeded to describe you. He laughed and nodded “Yep. That’s her”. 

"She didn’t want to leave this kitten" the girl said, leading the boys back to where the cats were. Mikey made a weird noise, like a gasp mixed with a squeal, causing the girl to jump slightly. Calum laughed "Don’t mind him". The girl picked up the little kitten and handed her to Calum. "That’s her" she said. "Perfect" Calum smiled. Calum adopted the kitten and had to drag Mikey out of the building. "I was just in heaven" Mikey sighed. "I want to go back" he said. "Good. Do it on your own time" Calum laughed. "So are you going to name her Michael?" Mikey asked. "Never. Y/n already imagined a life with this kitten and named her Athena" Calum laughed, looking down at the little kitten. "Should’ve know" Mikey mumbled.

"Y/n" Calum called when he walked in the door. You walked out of the living room to meet him by the door. "Hey babe" he greeted you with a kiss. "Good thing you’re dressed because Mikey’s hanging out for a while" he laughed. "Where is he?" you asked, looking around Calum. Mikey walked in as if on cue. "Right here with my new god daughter" he said looking down at the kitten in his arms. "ATHENA" you squealed, rushing over to greet the kitten. "Hello to you too" Mikey said as you took Athena out of his arms. 

You turned to Calum who was wearing the biggest grin you’d ever seen. “I’m so happy” you smiled. “I knew you would be” he said. “I had to go get her. I could tell you wanted her so bad” he said. You stood on your toes to give him a kiss. “Thank you” you said. “Hey. So not to break up this disgustingly touching moment but I would like to play with the kitten” Mikey said. You laughed. “Of course” you said walking into the living room and setting Athena down so she could explore.

call me home and I will build a throne - 3x18 based olicity fic

A/N: Hey guys, this is my first EVER attempt at writing a fic. Eeeek! Hope you enjoy! Based on spoilers in 3x18 :)

A HUGE thanks to my new friend, the lovely longlivefelicitythequeen , for editing and helping me with this! The girl is the best :)

Oh Ray totally saw this coming. Actually no, he didn’t see this coming at all. He was only expecting to pick Felicity up from hospital and take her home after he and The Fla – Barry – saved her from that Bug Bandit Lady. What did Cisco call her again? He should ask to have a memo sent with the names Cisco had come up with for local criminals.

As a genius, Ray trusts his brain but sometimes it solves things before he has all the pieces to the puzzle and stores it under lock and key until things around him start to add up. So when he found out that Oliver Queen was the Arrow, in the deepest depths of his mind, he definitely saw this coming.

But here he is, with Oliver Queen pushing him hard against Felicity’s hospital room wall, arm holding him in place across his neck. Still, Ray is a little confused as to why.

It’s like he’s put the variable in the wrong place and now the equation – What’s the equation for the jetpack on the suit again? Okay Ray, time to focus! - is all muddled up.

He’s never seen the guy in action, but the voice that Oliver growls at him, Ray can only assume it’s the voice of The Arrow.

“Palmer, I told you to protect MY girl!”

Huh? His girl? ‘And the light bulb goes on’, his brain muses.

Oh. Oliver Queen, The Arrow, is in love with Felicity Smoak. Oliver is Felicity’s ‘more than a friend’. Well, shit.

“We…Uh, Barr- I tried, I swear Oliver!” At this point, Ray’s voice is nothing but a whisper. He tries to gasp air into his lungs as Oliver pushes harder on his neck.

The next few moments is are a blur as Ray feels rather than sees Felicity slide between them. She calls Oliver’s name and pushes him with more ease than anybody with her structure and 3 broken ribs should be able to.

As Felicity comes to stand between them, Ray puts his hands in his pockets and looks over to see Oliver standing rigid and with fists by his sides.

Felicity shoots Ray a small smile and for a split second he thinks she’s going to take a step towards him. Not like he expects her to. No, not at all. He really likes Felicity and yeah, they’ve slept together. It was nice. But it’s still Anna’s name that pumps through his veins.

Faster than the speed of sound, Felicity is standing in front of Oliver. One hand is on his cheek, and the other hand, well it’s disappeared. Ray can see the front of Oliver’s Henley move, so he guesses that it’s Felicity’s hand underneath it, rubbing soothing circles over his stomach.

Ray believes he’s good at languages, after all he did take ‘The history of language’ back in college, you know, for fun. But then he hears the faint whispers “Hey. Hey, I’m safe. I’m here” from Felicity. He has never seen a casual line of words take on something so intimate, like they are some sort of secret code, only meant for two to be shared between two hearts.

At her words, Oliver’s rigid body relaxes. He places his forehead against Felicity’s and the gentle murmurs start.

Ray knows he should look away; walk away from whatever is happening right now. He can feel a shift in the air. He doesn’t know if his presence should witness it, but he’s glued there.

C’mon Palmer, what are you doing? You’re being a weirdo intruding in their moment.

But it’s like he finally got the answer to the equation and now he’s figuring out how he could have missed it. For a genius how could he have been so blind to something so obvious?

He watches Felicity place a kiss over Oliver’s heart; the simple notion knocks him out of his haze. A memory of Anna doing the exact same thing makes him look down. The memory of her lips still hurts.

Ray feels a hand on his elbow and when he looks up he sees Felicity with a strange smile on her face. He should know what that smile means but once again his brain has it under lock and key.

“Oliver has it from here. But thanks for everything, Ray. I’ll call you later, okay?” She says.

All Ray can do is smile brightly and say “Goodbye Felicity.”

As he steps over the threshold and looks back, he sees Felicity in the same position from mere moments ago, only this time she’s giggling and Oliver is kissing her.

Ray knows that call isn’t going to come.

It doesn’t take a genius to see Felicity Smoak has already found her home.

Coming Home, Ch. 8


Coming Home

                                                            A Valdaya Fan Fiction

PG-13ish so far


This is a work of fiction, it belongs to me, the characters are fictional versions of the people they are based on and these events didn’t really happen to my knowledge and I don’t know the true nature of their relationship. Did I miss anything?

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Thorn and Flame part 11

This one’s a bit short, sorry.
(part 10)


Max couldn’t find his summoning circle. He nearly looked in its old hiding place in the shirt drawer, before remembering it wasn’t there because Enna had stolen it. But where had he put it when Ms Sparrow gave it back? He practically turned his messenger bag inside out, searching every pocket, but all he found was a pile of lint and a pen he forgot he’d lost three months before.

He stood for a moment with the emptied bag hanging loosely from one hand, then he smacked his other hand to his forehead. Dashing into his bedroom, he picked up the hoodie he’d dropped on the floor after coming home drunk, and he pulled the black cloth out of its pocket.

He didn’t really feel like cutting himself again, but he did it anyway, just to be sure.

Once again Alcor poofed into the living room and was greeted with the sight of Max pacing.

"What is it this time?" he said with a concerned frown.

Max faced the demon.

"I can’t find Tali."

Alcor’s eyebrows went up. “You’re this worried about Tali?”

Max made a vague gesture of frustration with his hands.

"I haven’t seen her since yesterday. She hasn’t texted me, she didn’t answer when I called her, she hasn’t even been in the apartment. I have no idea where she is.”

Alcor froze in place where he hovered, his eyes going out of focus.

The demon poofed away again.

Max went back to pacing, hoping Alcor would find Tali so that the strange foreboding he felt about her disappearance would go away. He wasn’t sure why he was so worried about her. After all, she got into trouble all the time, even if not for quite this long. Maybe it was the lingering stress of his expulsion from the school, and Enna’s involvement in that. Max stamped a foot on the floor. He still had to figure out what to do with his life now, but the greater part of his mind was stubbornly refusing to move on. Part of him still believed he could somehow fix everything and get back to his studies as if nothing happened.

Alcor poofed back into the living room, this time with someone in tow. But it wasn’t Tali.

Max faltered at the sight of the tall redheaded man who dropped a duffel bag on the floor as he took in the casually decorated apartment.


Alcor floated toward Max. “This is Leander-“

"Lee," the man interrupted.

"He’s Tali’s older brother."

"Okay, but what’s he doing in my apartment?"

Lee looked Max in the eye. “I’m here to help you find my sister.”

"Find…" Max looked incredulously at Alcor. "You couldn’t find her?"

Alcor grimaced. “Someone’s hiding her from me.”

"Shit." Alcor’s words solidified in Max’s chest and sank down to his toes. "How is that even possible? Aren’t you like, more powerful than anything?"

"I don’t like to advertise my weaknesses. I couldn’t find you either, when you were taken."

Max frowned. “But then how…?”

"I felt you calling me. I followed your pull. If you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been able to get in there fast enough to save you."

This was news to Max. How closely tied to Alcor was he? “So, you can’t do that with Tali?”

Alcor shook his head. “You’re a special case, Max.”

Lee cleared his throat, reminding them he was there.

"I don’t really know what goes on between you two, but I’m glad to finally meet you, Max. Grunkle Alcor talks about you a lot." He reached out and shook Max’s hand.

Max looked back at Alcor, who conspicuously looked away. “You tell people about me?”

"They’re family." Alcor shrugged.

Your family,” said Max.

"You’re my family too. Anyway, family isn’t limited to blood. You’ve been making your own, whether you realize it or not. Look at you and Jo. Look at how concerned you are about Tali."

"I…" Max considered this. But only for a second, however, before Lee spoke up again.

"Speaking of my sister," he said. "What do we know?”

"She’s been gone since yesterday afternoon," Max told him. "Enna said something about Tali not showing up for coffee."

Alcor stiffened again. “E̖ń̞̜̟n̝̺̱͔̦̕ͅa̵̬̠?̣̝̭̲̀ͅ”

Max swallowed. “You were right about her. She got me expelled yesterday. Just to get me out of that stupid demonology class!”

"Yesterday…" Alcor repeated thoughtfully.

"Tali said she knew all along that Enna was up to something - even before you warned me. She’s been trying to figure out what, I guess."

"Of course she has," Lee said with an exasperated sigh.

"M̧a̟̪̳͔̫̭̗x̴͙," said Alcor in a tone that chilled Max’s blood, "I̸ c̴an’͟t f̸i̕n̷d̢ E͟nna ҉ȩit͘h̶er.͡"

What the actual fuck did I do to deserve being put through this bullshit again.

I’ve come home to get some pyjamas and Annie’s uniform for tomorrow and he’s put a load of her things in my room and his stuff in Annie’s and honestly how the fuck am I going to get through this.

What sort of a “man” breaks up with his girlfriend of 5 years with absolutely no plan. Nowhere to go, no money to go anywhere etc. What sort of a man treats women like this at all?

I’m so, so sad. I just want this to all go away. I want him to find somewhere suitable (so he can have Annie, I wouldn’t care if he lived in his car if it wasn’t for Annie) and to go away very soon.

We’re staying at my Mum’s tonight I need space and to step away from all of this for a few hours.

Why is it fair that his life goes on, absolutely fine with no consequences. He doesn’t have to start worrying if he needs to give up his new job because it might not give enough hours to get supplemental benefits, or how to even go through the rigmarole of applying for benefits. His life will be exactly the same- work and sleep- just with added new home wrecking girlfriend.

What the fuck am I supposed to do.

vintagepaperairplanes asked:

Makorra 3 & 19 please? :3 (if the prompts are still open)


She stood in the doorway of his apartment and he was shocked. It had been years. YEARS. And yet here she was. He thought she had been long gone. He didn’t think she was ever going to come back home to Republic City, but…

"You… You came back."

"Of course I did. Can’t leave behind my favorite guy, could I?" She smirked and kissed him on the cheek.

"Korra, do you even know how long you have been gone?"

"Dunno, a couple weeks?"

"Korra. You’ve been gone years. Three years. Again."

She laughed

"Yeah right"

"No, really." He reached inside his apartment and grabbed a newspaper with the date on it. She gripped it and gasped.

"Oh man… I didn’t… I had no idea. Time in the spirit world is so different"

"Its okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me."

"Care to catch me up over tea?"

"Sure." he smiled and let her in, happy to spend time with her.


The festival was nothing compared to what was held in the south, but it was about as nice as she was going to get. With the new spirit portal came spirit lights and the festival was held in the fall. Three years after it’s founding, the spirit portal gave an amazing night show in late fall that gave the party goers a beautiful scene. 

Korra and Mako were dancing together to the loud band and laughing, having had a few drinks. Bolin and Opal were joining them along with Kai and Jinora, who had somehow snuck away from Tenzin’s watch. Mako dipped Korra back and she came back up, laughing the whole time. She struggled with her won footing and they shared a look. 

"I think we’ve had enough fun for one day. And enough wine." He said over the band.

She nodded and grabbed his hand.

"Come home with me."

"Really? You sure?" He asked.

"Completely. We can use some alone time."

"I’ll get the cab"

They walked to a less populated part of the city and he hailed a taxi, taking them to her spacious flat. The walk up the stairs was enough of a challenge, let alone getting the door unlocked. The tumbled in the doorway and Korra couldn’t stop laughing as she closed the door. Mako pinned her to the door and kissed her in between giggles.  

"I can sleep on the couch. We don’t have to do anything."

"I want to. It’s been too long." She said and pulled him down into her, giving the first of many searing kisses that night. 

anonymous asked:

Tiff can you do a michael blurb where you're really uncomfortable at like parties and such and you're scared you're like holding him back because of it? Sorry if it's a bit confusing, I didn't really know how to explain it ._.

you’d never told michael that parties weren’t your thing; you never really enjoyed being around drunk people or being in a room so tightly packed that you literally had to push people out of the way to get where you were going. and michael had tried to get you to come with him multiple times, and you’d always muster up an excuse (having homework was the #1, even though you never actually did it). and one night, michael was throwing his denim jacket on over his shoulders, checking himself out in the mirror, when he saw you in the reflection, all cuddled up on the couch with just a book and he felt really bad for leaving you at home again. and michael came over to the couch, leaning over the arm of the couch, and asked again, “babe are you sure you don’t want to come? I feel bad for leaving you home alone” and you reassure that you’re fine, but michael’s not buying it, so he sits next to you, picking your feet up and putting them in his lap. “baby, why don’t you wanna come to parties with me?” and you shrug, “I don’t know” and michael can read the fact that you’re lying to him, “babe, what’s the real reason?” and you let out a sigh, bookmarking your book, “I just…they make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t want you to worry about your girlfriend having fun the entire time. I don’t want to hold you back from having fun” “awe babe,” michael starts, tipping your chin up so you’re looking at him, “you never hold me back, okay? and why didn’t you just tell me you didn’t like parties? I’d stop pestering you about them a long time ago” and you shrug again, twirling a piece of hair around your finger. “well, I’m gonna stay home tonight, so let me go take off my pants and I’ll be back!” and michael runs off, and all you can do is roll your eyes at your dork of a boyf

anonymous asked:

I just want to know something, I was over at someone's house and they asked whether I wanted to do anything. I said no, and then they were kinda badgery. But we sat down to watch a movie, and they didn't really ask about it, but I felt really really guilty for saying no, so when they sidled up close and asked again, I said yes. I still feel guilty and for months after I couldn't be around the person. Do you know what this is? Can you explain how I feel?

Hiya anon,

I know how you feel. An ex boyfriend of mine did that to me pretty much every night in our relationship. He would come home and pester me into having sex with him— often waking me up. I would say no over and over and over again with every reason in the book until I just wanted it to stop/felt guilty for denying him what he really wanted or I convinced myself that my body wasn’t actually ever mine to begin with/it’s really a compliment/this is my job as a person with a vagina/etc.

I realized eventually what he was doing was a form of rape called coercion. He was denying me my bodily autonomy. He was pushing my boundaries. He was violating me. He was manipulating me. He was being an absolutely terrible human being.

That fuck cannon who assaulted you was doing the same thing.

People are taught that it’s not rape if the other party says “yes” and it doesn’t matter what you have to do to get that “yes—” once it’s out of their mouth, you’re off the hook. But in all honesty, that “yes” does not count if the other party says “no” first. It doesn’t count unless that yes is enthusiastic and you can verify that they want it.

You did nothing wrong. You are doing nothing wrong by not being able to be around this person. They make you uncomfortable and that’s okay. You do what you need to to make your life a little easier.

You are allowed to feel guilty. What you are feeling is 180% valid. It’s been three years and I still feel guilty, too. I still feel dirty and ashamed and disgusted with myself and humanity. You are not alone. You will never be alone.

I am sorry that this happened to you. I am sorry you encountered a shit human being.

Please remember that you deserve kindness— even if you’re the one who has to give it to you. On the bad days when you feel so guilty that you can hardly get out of bed or your thoughts circle around him like vultures, try and put on some music. Do something that you enjoy, even if it’s harder than usual.

On the days you feel like you’re head is too far in the clouds to focus, remember where you are and what you’re touching and what day it is. Remember you will be okay.

I hope you are doing well.
May the wind always be at your back.


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Are there any fics where Dan/phil returns from war?

One More Parade - Dan suffers ptsd from the war, but worst of all on bonfire night

Soldier’s Respite - When Dan returns from war, both he and Phil must battle with his hidden demons. Their family has to struggle to stay together when war and peace become interlaced and tantamount. (Chaptered)

Returning Home - Dan returns home from being in the war and is reunited with Phil again, after being away for three years.

January 12th - To Dan Howell taking showers in the dark is an escape. He’s no longer an ex-soldier with PTSD and a dead friend. Dan Howell can be normal in the wet darkness, but on January 12th it doesn’t work that way.

Whiskey Lullaby - What Dan finds when he comes home from the war sends him veering off the tracks.

Don’t Ask - Dan returns to Phil but the last thing they did was fight.

As Long as You’re Happy - Dan gets back from being in the army for four years, and doesn’t get used to normal life straight away. It takes him awhile, but he finally starts making videos again. Now Vidcon is coming up, and Dan is extremely nervous about going for obvious reasons. Luckily, he has Phil there.

If I Don’t Make It Back - Phil is a soldier home on leave.

Also, the war tag probably has more!

story time

last year i matched with a guy named Kevin on tinder. He was pretty fun to talk to but we never met, or even talked about meeting. we would just snapchat each other every once and a while.

a couple of weeks ago we decided to get together- we had dinner and watched a movie. he was pretty fun- overall it was a nice time. 

but then his roommate walked in. He had long blonde surfer hair, the cutest smile and when i introduced myself he just said, “where did you come from?”

he sat with us and we all talked for a while until i got tired and got ready to go home. I hugged kevin goodbye, and waved to the roommate, Dashiell, before walking out the door. Kevin and i talked for the rest of the week and hung out again a few days later- again, Dashiell was in the living room with us, and I really did not want him to leave.

So then, Kevin tells me- oh hey by the way I am moving to wisconsin in a month, so i told him ‘oh that’s ok, when you leave I will just date Dashiell’ and he laughed and said that would be good.

I went over there on Friday to find Dash n Kevin on the couch and we hung out for a long time. I was having such a nice time, we were talking and laughing and - all until i realized that Kevin hadn’t been in the room for who knows how long and that he had gone to bed. 

But Dashiell and I did not care and continued to talk.- on saturday we all spent the day together and i was very pleased with how everything was panning out. Kevin was doing push-ups in front of the TV as i braided Dash’s hair and then we all went to their friends house to make tacos. 

Fast forward to the oscar party last night he was in a group text with his mom and dad and i saw over his shoulder that they said ‘oh is lauren there?” which i thought was adorable and he replied ‘yes and she’s reading this over my shoulder’ *guilty* 

his mom said to ask her what disney princess she is most like, and his dad chimed in ‘probably belle’ which was nice as that is what i would say- at least looks wise-  possibly the personality of jasmine. 

anyhow this weekend was a whirlwind and I am kind of reeling from all the excitment and butterflies that live in my stomach now, thanks a lot Dashiell.


3rd POV

Although mad at his actions, Rebekah managed to stay calm until he left. She couldn’t believe his audacity to come home for less than a day and get up and leave again. In her mind she knew what he was capable off but never did she have solid proof. She had sworn to herself, that until then she wouldn’t do anything drastic.

Proof first, then she’d react and act out accordingly. Her mother had taught her better than to stoop low to a man’s level. There was no reason why she’d have to do the same when there’s other ways of getting him to realize how painful his actions are. So instead she learned to channel her anger by working out.

That’s what she turned to. Calling her private trainer for a late session, she got ready and waited for him to arrive. Andre didn’t like the fact that she had a male trainer but she had argued her way out and won the fight. If he had a female trainer, why couldn’t she have a male trainer?

When the trainer arrived, they made their way to the indoor gym and began their session. Rebekah looked at the older man. He was tall at six feet, and was well built. He certainly did look good for his age, causing a quick fantasy to play in her mind.

His sweating body over hers while making her cry in pleasure was the only thing on her mind. She fantasized about him and her in more ways than one. The longer she thought about it the more she wished it would happen. Snapping herself out of it, she focused on her session.

Their session went a bit over an hour before she called it quits. As much as she wanted to continue to work out due to to her anger, her body muscles told her otherwise. Instead, she dismissed him and went to her room to get cleaned up.

As she grabbed one of his shirts, her phone began to ring. She picked it up without realizing who it was. But by the time she heard his voice it was too late.

"Baby listen." He said to her.

"Listen to what? You left me like some bitch you bust a nut in and I’m supposed to be okay with it?" Her Vietnamese accent was slowly starting to appear in her tone.

"Bekah listen to me. Please."

"No Andre. When you get home you can explain to me what it is you’re doing while you’re away. Until then, don’t talk to me." She hung up and harshly tossed her phone onto the bed. She had the urge to yell yet, she found herself throwing the pillows as a result of her anger.

Andre knew that it would piss her off so why did he do it? Why make it a big deal to come home, fuck her senseless, and then leave like she didn’t matter? That’s not how you treat the woman you swear you love.

While she questioned his motives, he angrily cleared the screen on his phone. Swiping his texts, he quickly sent her a text in hopes she’d read it. Little did he know, she was far from reading his texts. She didn’t want anything to do with him at the moment.

He still hadn’t realized what she was going through. Yes he loved her and would do anything for her, but he couldn’t change the fact that he had been away for an entire week and now was in San Francisco for work. He had tried to explain but she wasn’t having it. Then again, his only words to her were “I’m home,” and then proceeded to want to initiate sex with her.

Instead of worrying about his wife, he worried about his client. He had invested way too much to let it all slip away because of his wife’s jealousy.

As soon as he got to his destination he went on ahead with his plans. He wanted a quick stress reliever, so that’s what he did. Yet, his wife was at home trying to forget him for a few hours.

After her anger reliever, she sat on the bed and contemplated on what to do. Opting for a snack and some wine, she made her way to the kitchen. Grabbing some of the left over fruit salad from breakfast, and a glass of wine, she sat down to enjoy the late afternoon snack.

By the time she was done eating, it was almost 10 in the night. She had enjoyed a few glasses of wine which helped with her calm down. Even with a few drinks she can still think clearly.

She knew she didn’t have to do much in order to get Andre back for what he did. Never has been one to seek revenge, nor to do more than necessary for a man’s attention. Yet despite all of it, she knew she had to play her cards right with him. If she did want to leave, she did need her proof before getting up and leaving. No need in working to find it, it’d come to her when the time is right.

'Grown ups work things out.' Was her favorite line from a book she had read back when they got engaged. That line had resonated so much that it became the main reason why no sudden moves had been done in order to leave her husband. She wanted them to work through it but you can only work so hard on it before the rest comes undone.

Letting her thoughts swirl and then settle in her head, she went to her room and went to sleep. She’d only be torturing herself if she didn’t stop thinking about him.


Her fingertips massaged her temples lightly as she poured herself a tall glass of orange juice. She had slept through her night without a problem, but this morning she woke up with a headache. Too much stress was always the cause of her headaches. This time, just like most of the time, Andre was the cause.

One of the housemaids gave her a pill for the headache. She quickly took it and chased it down with her orange juice. Placing the glass down, she began to eat her crepes. She slowly ate all the while the pill slowly began to take effect.

While she ate her food, Andre was enjoying a quick morning ‘pick me up’ before his meeting. He enjoyed the company of other women when his wife wasn’t around. He loved his wife, that’s a fact, but that didn’t stop him from going behind her back.

He could swear up and down that he was away for business, but it was only partially true. Yet he had other plans before and after his meetings. If his wife was mad, then he could spare to stay a few more hours before going home.

Rebekah sat quietly as she went through her phone. She had a text from her sister asking if she wanted to join her for lunch. Not being in the mood to go out, she asked her to come over instead and they could have lunch out on the patio.

Her sister quickly agreed and let her know she’d arrive at 1. Since she was going to be home for lunch, she asked her chef to prepare their food. The man quickly agreed and took note of what they’d like to eat. Rebekah quickly informed him that a burger with fries, and some onion rings would be fine.

While that was taken care off, Andre had left for his meeting and was now in the process of closing a final clause in the contract. He was relaxed enough that the meeting went by quick.

He spoke about the clause and made sure to finally close the deal. As much as he was relaxed, the fact that it was a female client made the business meeting easier. ‘A little flirting never hurt when closing a deal’.

"I expect the best." She winked at Andre as she handed his pen back to him. He was sitting back comfortably on his chair in his San Francisco office. She moved her hair out of the way allowing her cleavage to come into his view. His tongue ran over his bottom lip while taking in the view of his client.

At forty, she was looking great. She had the body of a twenty year old who seemed to know a thing or two on how to please a man properly. Her breast and behind were more than he could ask for and he wanted it soon. If he played his cards right he might get exactly what he wanted.

"That’s all you’ll get." He winked at her before gathering his stuff.

"Good. That’s all I want." She leaned over and spoke close enough that he could feel her hot breath on his lips.

The ringing of her office phone brought her to her senses. Looking at the machine, he took the call and told them to call back later.

"So is that it?" She asked seductively.

"Not yet, I have one more thing." He said getting up from his desk. She looked at him for a brief moment as a mischievous smirk spread on his face. It didn’t take too long for him to get on with his plans.

Back at home, Bekah was sitting at the table with her sister. Rebekah told her how her week had been, and even mentioned how Andre had been away for a week. Her sister, Christina, couldn’t believe how her brother in law was acting.

"You’re probably over thinking." She told Rebekah before taking a bite from her burger.

"That’s what he has told me." Rolling her eyes, Bekah took a drink from the long Island ice tea.

"You know better than to go off on assumptions. So try to hatch it out. You know he loves you and you love him. All marriages have their rough spots but you’ll get through it."

"Ugh…hate that you do that to me." A small smile played on Rebekah’s lips when she spoke.

"You love it because you know it’s the truth."

"Whatever." Her words were followed by both of them laughing.

Their lunch continued to be full of laughter and constant chatter. Their chatter was usually followed by some snarkey comment about whatever topic they were on. It’s good to have a good laugh after a stressful weekend. That was why Rebekah didn’t mind inviting her sister over. She needed to let her feelings out and enjoy a laugh along with a few glasses of liquor.

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So fandom did past!Oliver mention Laurel, try to see Laurel, even look at her the way he used in this new episode?

or did the writers continue to be inconsistent with their past and how much he really loved her and carried her picture around everywhere hoping to come back home to her one day; to nothing again?