but he did about his patients

Yesterday in clinic an 90 year old patient came in with a little booklet of his medical history so beautiful I want to weep. 

Not only did it list his medications with dosages, frequency, and which pharmacy he gets them from. 

Not only did it list who his living family is, how to contact them, and who holds POA in the case of medical decision making. 

Not only did it list his surgical history *with* year of procedure. 

It had his complete vaccination history, carcinogen exposure history, and screen exams by year and finding. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a document?  

Mr. Min - Chapter 01

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 8641

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, light breath play, cum play, punishment, demeaning names

A/N: I ended up having to split this chapter in two because it was getting so long.  I hope you enjoy it anyways!

Prologue - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05

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Things that Make My Heart Melt in Achievement Hunter Videos

-Gavin asking Geoff or Michael if he did good
-Someone coming to the rescue
-Ryan helping Gavin understand something
-Geoff talking about the boys like they’re his kids
-Anyone sticking up for Gavin when he’s right
-Geoff being emotional about little girls because of Millie
-Someone congratulating someone else on a good shot/move
-Jeremy being patient with Gavin and helping him instead of getting angry
-Michael and Gavin calling each other “boi”
-Anyone sacrificing themselves for someone else

it’s been tough, this year. the way you walked in and made everything okay for a while. the way you walked out and took my heart with you.

I think I learnt more about myself than I did you. I learnt that I’m a lot more forgiving and a lot more patient than I first thought.

summer was kind. it was bright and busy and full of our laughter. it didn’t last long, but it was nice whilst it did.

I was lucky to meet him. he was a great friend and a great listener. he promised he was different, but on the contrary he was more like them than they were.

the night I spent with him will stay with me forever. the soft colours and cold sheets, and the warmth. his warmth. the smell, the sounds, the touch.

it’s been rocky. up and down, up and down. I lost so much. I lost people I never thought I could misplace. maybe it was my fault. for treating them like that. maybe it was their fault for not understanding. or maybe we just grew apart.

I miss you still. each and every one of you. but at least I can say I was lucky enough to have met you, lucky enough to miss you still. you were all so wonderful. I hope we can meet again.

—  to all the people I lost in 2016
Draco & Facebook 01

• asking harry how to make a facebook acount and how facebook works.

• harry explains a shit load of how facebook works and how he can make an account

• draco didn’t listen to anything harry said.

• he would just use his common sense to make an account

• as he was typing the password

• “HaRRy cOme quIcK! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID I DO?! what do you call people who fix computers?”

• technician


• harry would just stare at the screen; figuring what’s wrong

• “over here, scarhead” -probably draco while pointing out the ‘error’


• • • • • • • • • • • 

•  “that happens everytime; nothing’s broken. It’s normal” - harry being patient not to roll his eyes

• draco resumed and finally have a facebook acoount

• draco being artistic about facebook’s rules

• “friend request?! you are my bloody boyfriend, I ain’t sending you a friend request!”

• harry teaches draco how to set him as draco’s boyfriend.

• draco finally listening to harry

• a few minutes passed when harry received a notif

“Draco Malfoy set you as his ‘Daddy’. You can always change this on the settings”

•  (facebook obviously doesn’t ship drarry)

What I love about Renora is that, even though Nora loved the shit out of Ren for god knows how long.. Not once has she ever pushed it, or even bothered him with it. 

Not even once did we ever catch her forcing it on him at all.

(I mean, Rwby Chibi was cute, but not canon)

Sure, she did things out of love (Pushed him out of the Paladin’s path in Volume 3, held his hand in V4 E10 for comfort,)


She literally just waited patiently until he was the one to make the first move. She never asked him constantly about becoming a couple. His safety and happiness came first, and i think thats so adorable c:


Percival Graves x Reader - Rule Four

: Rule Four

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2648

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Sorry for the lack of smut >///< I just wasn’t sure where I would have fit it in with my idea for how to make Percival jealous. I hope you liked it though!!


anon: What’s up! Percival Graves will not get off of my mind and honestly anything about him would be fantastic(beastsandwheretofindthem) haha :)

@thepinupprincesses: Hi! Can I please have a Percival Graves imagine where he gets jealous? Smut isn’t required but greatly accepted.

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Torn 18
You can read past parts here.

Eric found Mandy in the infirmary working. He walked up to her just as she was about to take a patient’s blood pressure. Mandy was so busy checking the blood pressure cuff she did not notice her patient stifle a gasp as they saw the tall, angry looking Dauntless leader approach behind the nurse.

Eric grabbed her upper arm and pulled her out the door into the hallway.

“Eric! What are you doing?” Mandy started to panic when she saw Eric’s face. He was pissed and it showed in his eyes.

“I need you to listen to me carefully.” Eric’s voice was low and steady. He needed to get his point across to this woman. “Do not……Mandy…listen to me.” Eric grabbed her chin, as she looked away from his piercing blue eyes, to move her back into his line of sight. “You do not go near my child…..do you understand?” Eric squeezed her chin to get his point across. Mandy grimace as she felt his nails dig into the side of her face. “Do. You. Understand?” Tears sprung to Mandy’s eyes as Eric slammed her head against the wall as each word fell from his lips. Mandy nodded her head yes.

“Say it!” Eric’s tone was deadly as he moved closer to her face. He was just a mere inch from her.

“I understand.” Mandy managed to get out as more tears decorated her cheeks. Eric let go of her chin and watched as Mandy slid down the wall in tears. He looked at her with a hint of amusement in his face. Please with her response Eric headed back to your room. Mandy stayed seated on the floor against the wall as her body shook with sobs. It could not be over between her and Eric. She was not going to let it be over. Mandy gasped as her right cheek stung from a slap across her face. She looked at the palm of her hand and smiled as she slapped herself over and over again until her cheeks were flaming and red.

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a day in december: gift wrap

on ao3


thank you for being patient, i had an….incredibly tough week this last week. is this going to be hell to catch up with? absolutely. am i going to do it? definitely.

(we continue the pattern of lame titles)

its been faaaaaaaar too long since i last wrote adrien and chloe. enjoy~

If Adrien is being honest, he genuinely forgot they did this. It isn’t really at the forefront of his mind, he has other more…pressing matters to be thinking about. Shopping is not one of them.

Chloé, on the other hand, never forgets. Adrien swears she has all their tiny traditions and ticks written down somewhere, because he’s not entirely sure how she remembers all of them. This one, though— This one he’s embarrassed he forgot about.

He’s just relieved Chloé had texted him — ‘give me 15 adri and i’ll be on my way~ ;*’ — so he had time to actually get dressed and look mildly presentable.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from being completely unable to find a winter jacket. Which is completely ridiculous, because with the amount of clothing he owns and the fact that his father is a fashion designer, there really should be random coats lying around.

Adrien skids into the dining room as he pulls his coat on.

Chloé looks up from her magazine, arching an eyebrow. “Sleeping beauty forgot to set his alarm, huh?” she taunts with a smirk.

He rolls his eyes and brushes his hair out of his face. “I think you’re early.”

She scoffs. “I’m never early.” She tosses her magazine down the table and it slides toward the center. “Ready?”

“Am I ever?” Adrien asks.

Chloé smiles coyly. “Prepare yourself, Monsieur Agreste, because I have a battle plan.”

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GOT7′s reaction to you doing light exercise before bed.

Authors note: The request for this got eaten, and we thought it was for GOT7 so if it wasn’t please forgive us, lol.

BamBam: He is honestly such a little shit that the second he found out that this was one of your nightly routines, it would become his goal to try everything in his power to distract you every night.

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Jackson: He would actually like that this was something you did before bed and would, more often than not, join you.

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t really think much about it. He would just let you do your thing and wait patiently for you to be finished and come snuggle with him.

Originally posted by kareverie

JB: He wouldn’t really care that you did it, but on nights when he was especially needy, he would whine about how he has to settle for cuddling pillows because you’re taking too long.

Originally posted by yourdailyimjaebum

Mark: He would be a little surprised by it at first, not because he thought it was weird but because he just didn’t expect it of you. He would begin using that time every night to ramble to you about his day.

Originally posted by got7markbum

Youngjae: He is another one who wouldn’t really think much of it and would use the time that you’re exercising to do his own nightly routines.

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Yugyeom: At first he would find it just a little strange, but after a couple times he wouldn’t think anything of it anymore and would probably just sit there and watch you because he thinks you look cute doing it.

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“why i loved this so much, was because it has what spielberg does so well – it has a wide audience lens for emotional content. spielberg can pull on your heartstrings. then you take a touch of kubrick, in that he doesn’t have that accessibility, but it’s about the beauty of his frames and his shots, how patient he is with his filmmaking. I think denis did a wonderful job combining both those elements.”

 - jeremy renner on denis villeneuve and arrival

John comes home from work, completely exhausted. Too many patients, too many complaints and far too many stories about suffering, about poverty and anxiety.
His whole body hurts. He sinks into his armchair and groans. He’s so tired …
Suddenly, there’s Sherlock behind him. Sherlock’s hands on his shoulders.
“What …,” John says, but then Sherlock’s hands slowly start to massage his tense shoulders and it’s … so damn good. John sighs, closes his eyes and just enjoys.
“Where did you learn this,” he asks Sherlock later.
“Somewhere in Tibet,” Sherlock answers with a shrug and a grin.
“You’re perfect, you know,” John says smiling and kisses Sherlock on his forehead. “What did I do, to deserve you as my husband.”

I think it’s getting to him.

My shrink. I’m worried about him.

Part of it comes with the territory, right? The people who come through his door are by definition not happy about something, possibly not happy about anything at all. He is pummeled by mostly negative energy all day, every day. It’d wear you down no matter what you’re made of.

So I’m in there this morning, the first patient of the day for him, and I went in to my usual routine about what I’ve been up to for the last two weeks, how I did on my homework (there is always homework), what’s good, and what’s bothering me. And when I got to the bit about the current political situation and its effect on me, I could see his body shift. “Not another one,” his face said. He’d be awful at poker.

I felt so bad for him. Sure, he’s well paid, but he sits there all fucking day and listens to people like me freak about how we’re witnessing the end of civilization, possibly with a sprinkling of psychos who are cheering it. Even as a pro, how could it not just ruin you after five weeks of this, every day? 

(That didn’t really deter me much.)

Near the end of our session, I asked him how he was doing. He and I have different philosophies on many things, which is part of why I like our talks, but I know we are mostly aligned on this thing that is happening. And he looked at me and said, “Thanks for asking. I’m fine. But we’re not here to talk about me.” And I said, “We can be, if you want.” He paused for a second, looking off into some unspecified middle distance over my shoulder, before looking back at me and stage whispering, “Thank you.” It was time to go, but maybe he’ll take me up on it next time. It’d be OK.

We live in the weirdest fucking time right now.

Piano memories (Bucky x reader)

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Piano memories

Pairing : Bucky x reader

Warnings : anger, a bit of swearing, fluff

Summary : While he recovers, Bucky remembers that he used to play the piano before HYDRA. The only problem is…he can’t play it like he once did with his metal arm. Upset and angry about himself, you can’t help but offer your help.

Bucky’s P.O.V

 Your recovery is going well. In some cases of memory loss, though this is not particularly memory loss, it may helps the patients remembering their previous life by reliving their lives and do things they did before. I think that it could be a solution for you.” Bruce explains as he steps back, pulling off his glasses.

I stare at the floor for a while, lost in my thoughts. I can’t remember much, except Steve’s helpless face when I was falling off the train… I mean I just remember small little parts of my previous life and most of them are with Steve. But the memories of my time with Hydra still blur the rest.

“At least, if you can remember something ? It doesn’t need to be something big. Just a memory of your every-day life or something.” Bruce proposes as he tilts his head to the side, probably looking for my eyes.

“Nothing much.” I firmly answer.

“Are you sure ? Not even a thing that you loved doing in the 40’s ?” He pushed further.

I run a hand through my hair, while trying my best to remember something. “I.. I think that I liked playing the piano.” I reply with blurry memories.

“Perfect !” Bruce exclaims as he raises an eyebrow and put his hands in the air. “Tony has a magnificent piano, you should try it and see what’s left.”

He was right, I’ve never thought of trying Tony’s piano. I mean, I saw it a thousand times during some of his famous parties but the idea of playing it never crossed my mind.

“I guess I could give it a try, yeah.” I admit.

“I think too. Now just go get some rest, it’s important for your metabolism.” Bruce says as he opens the door of his laboratory.

I quickly get on my feet and walk towards the door.

“Thanks Banner.” I say.

After I close the door, I head straight to the big party room where the piano is placed. There, I sit and touch the key, remembering step by step the melodies I used to play. My right hand can play the notes perfectly but once I push the keys with my metal hand, it’s a disaster. This fucking thing doesn’t help me at all except for the fights. I can’t do anything right like I used to and I can’t barely stand it anymore.

 Your P.O.V

 You are talking with Tony about random things that happened during your missions in the resting room when you both hear the sound of a tortured piano. Who the hell could play this badly ? Tony winces every time a note comes to his ears, and so do you.

“Who’s persecuting my poor piano ? It’s a masterpiece goddamn.” Tony complains.

You escape a giggle, wondering who it could be. “Maybe I should go take a look ?” You propose. “Oh yes, please. Make it stop for god’s sake.” Tony begs. “Alright, alright.” You laugh as you leave the room and make your way to Tony’s big party room where the beautiful black piano is placed. There, you find an angry and annoyed Bucky. You’re facing his back. He’s leaned over the piano, his right hand playing beautiful notes while his left hand is helplessly trying to play the right notes. You can’t even count the amount of times that he sighed. Then, all of a sudden, he angrily punches the piano keys cause he fucked up again with his metal arm. “Fuck it! Fuck this fucking piano ! I don’t even know why I keep trying. I’m just a damn stupid old man.” He desperately complains as he drops his head. You were standing against the door, silently, during the whole heartbreaking scene. You’re now feeling really bad for Bucky. Plus, he’s been your man crush since a while now, but you wouldn’t tell anyone. You hesitate to go talk to Bucky… What if he’d reject you ? Maybe he just wants to be alone. But whatever, you start walking towards him. He turns his face as soon as he hears your footsteps coming his way, but he stays silent. You take a sit on the bench and look at him. “Something’s wrong ? I saw you punch the keys, Buck.” He clenches his jaw and look back at you. “Everything’s perfectly fine (Y/N).” He firmly says on a rough tone. But you’re stubborn, and we all know that nothing’s fine. And you also know that Bucky’s not the type to confess how he feels, not even to you. You sweetly place your hand on his and press it. “C’mon, you can tell me anything, you know right ? I was listening to sweet notes before you started punching the piano.” You mention with a warm and sweet voice. He frowns his eyebrows for a seconds and licks his lips. Then, he shows you his left arm, the metal one. “This. This is the problem. You see ? I can’t play like I used to with his fucking thing.” He says. You open your eyes in surprise. “You never told me that you could play the piano.” He chuckles and smiles sweetly, for once. “There’s still a bunch of things that you don’t know about me, doll.”

“Yeah, I got that. Maybe I can help you ? I could play the left-handed part.” you propose, as he looks at you, wondering if you knew how to play this instrument. “I mean… I had piano classes when I was younger. I still can remember some notes.” You add, as you tilt your head to the side, like an adorable puppy. And Bucky knows he can’t resist to your puppy face.

 Bucky’s P.O.V

Gosh, this girls owns my heart. Her beautiful hair, her rosy cheeks, her lips that I could kiss all day if I had the chance and her eyes, god her eyes. I won’t start talking about them or I’ll never stop. But damn, they’re hypnotizing. She’s standing there, right next to me with her puppy face that she knows I can’t resist to. She’s the only girl that can put a smile on my face, even in the worst moments. I look at her while she’s waiting for a sign of mine, but I nearly forgot how to speak for a few seconds. Then, I don’t know why but I unconsciously place my metal hand on hers and guide it to the piano keys. She seems surprised at first, but she lets me do. With my right hand, I start to press some keys, the right ones because a smile forms on her pink lips as soon as the sound comes out. Then I guide her hand on the other part of the piano, her delicate fingertips slightly pushing the keys.

 Your P.O.V

You’re in a perfect harmony. Your both hands pressing the piano keys as a beautiful melody comes out. An adoration look is on his face, as an adorable smile is forming on his lips.

You can’t help but fantasize about having his lips on yours. How would it feels like ? You’re lost in your dreams when the soldier suddenly stop playing the piano. He turns around to look at you as he removes his hand from yours. You slightly blush as you find yourself missing the feeling of his body touching yours. “I’d love to spend more time like these with you, doll.” He delivers, making you stare at your hands to avoid his eyes and hide your red cheeks. “Oh. You wouldn’t.” he immediately sates, turning his head to the other side. “No, no Bucky! I’d love to.” You exclaims, making him face you again, eyes wide open of surprise.

“Maybe we could go out next time.” He proposes on a flirty tone. “Yeah, of course, soldier.”


A/N : Here a bucky imagine ! I post it so you have something to read while i take care of the requests :) i’m sorry i take time but i’m really busy with school and all. But the requests are Open. You can take 3 seconds to hit the FOLLOW button, i’d appreciate :) All my love . -M

Natsu and Lucy Are Awesome Parents - Birds and the Bees

All the Dragneel kids are scared out of sex after they get the talk from one special story…

Natsu: Did I ever tell you about your cousin Larcade? Oh boy, he was a strange one. So the entire guild and a bunch of other mages were all fighting your uncle and all his flunkies. Things were going pretty okay in the war–despite me being unconscious after trying to blow Gray’s brains out–until suddenly your cousin shows up and casts this really big spell. Because your mom and I were good PATIENT kids at the time, who knew sex was something that you shouldn’t do until you’re DEAD!!

Lucy: Natsu…

Natsu: Anyway, as I was saying, this spell started giving everyone this weird magic orgasm of death. Except, it only worked on people who weren’t virgins. So me and a bunch of us GOOD INNOCENT KIDS were excluded from this pleasurable pit of death because we didn’t have sex. So the moral of the story is to never have sex. Ever. Or your cousin will come here and orgasm you to death.

Lucy: No…no…that isn’t the lesson here

not to get in the middle of something that seems to be Controversial™ on the tumblrs but i saw the movie split yesterday and it really wasn’t all that bad and didn’t portray people with DID to be violent or crazy or anything like that¿ his therapist cared about him and her other patients and was trying her best to bring light to the fact that people with multiple personalities are still people just like anyone else. only one or two of his personalities were actually violent (not including the beast, i guess) he was just a normal person. or a normal 23 people.
not the worst movie i’ve ever seen and definitely not the worst movie about a mental illness that i’ve ever seen either

Dad Reflexes (Soldier 76 x Reader)

Dad Reflexes (Soldier 76 x Reader)

Jack was fast, you know that, hell, everyone knew that. Either due to his training, his Indiana farm roots, or the chemicals they managed to pump into him, Jack was quick on his feet with a body that wouldn’t quit. Despite this, the poor man was tormented for these skills with the most embarrassing of labels; dad reflexes. Jack would always deny that he was a dad by nature though he let it slip out once in a while around Lúcio or Hana. After all the denial though, you knew Jack really did care for his fellow agents including you, just a simple support. It even got to the point where it seemed he cared about you in a deeper way and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel those feelings as well. It was these thoughts that were swirling in your mind as you were currently cleaning your utensils, getting ready for your next patient but the slam of the door made you jump. Turning around instantly, you spotted the man on your mind, arm around his middle, getting a bit of blood on the floor.

“Ja-ack?” you stuttered, getting over your spooked moment, “How are you?”
“I’m fine,” Jack sighed as he took a seat, taking off his visor and relaxing a little as you moved his arm to reveal a big of a big wound on his stomach, “Just a small wound.”

“Tsk, tsk,” you scolded, knowing it wasn’t just a small wound but you’ve seen this too many times from him that it practically numbed you, “Always getting hurt.”

Turning your heal to get some bandages as well as the utensils for stitches, your ditzy mind forgot about the blood on the floor as you stepped in one of the small puddles and lost traction. “SHIIII-”

Anticipating your crash to the floor, you felt yourself stopped before that happened, looking up to see that Jack stopped you in the nick of time. “Jack-k? I’m-m sorry,” you start to apologize though you couldn’t help but like the moment, your cheeks turning rosy red.

“Don’t worry about it, kiddo,” Jack hummed, giving you a week smile as a similar shade lined his face before he grunted deeply, his quick action and pressure on his gut agitating his wound, “(y-y/n)?”

“Yes?” you looked blankly before you realized, biting your lip as you got out of his arms, “Oh, sorry!”

Despite the blunder, you managed to fix up the super soldier without any other incident. Jack was quiet during that time, looking lost in thought as he bit his lip for a moment before you snapped him out of it.

“Jack?” you snapped your fingers in front of him.

“Dinner?” Jack asked, looking a little confused before he managed to collect his thoughts, “I’m sorry… would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I- sure,” you answered, rather flustered now, “But only after your wound heals.”

“Deal,” Jack chuckled, willing to endure so he could have a decent time with you that didn’t involve him getting hurt… yet.


But you decided to take fate into your own hands, well for the most part. It seemed you got into more accidents with Jack right around the corner, always there to save you like some clumsy protective knight. Yet the man was no fool, seeing that these tri[s and slips seemed more on purpose than accident now. But he guessed that’s what falling in love was all about, dad joke intended. And speaking of dad, he was soon going to be one after years of flirting, dating, and finally getting married to you, part of the American dream he was lucky to have and now he was getting another piece to that dream as he was taking a walk with you, well it was more like hovering over you, back to your room, laundry in hand.

“Jack, I’m alright,” you mumbled as you bit your lip, a hand on your bulging middle as you tried to calm the bouncing child inside as you carried the basket with your free arm.

“You can’t be too careful,” Jack mumbled, trying not to sound worried but he totally was, “You’re carrying precious cargo.”

“I know I am,” you sighed, gently smiling at him, “Believe me, I know.”

“And a man has to protect his girl,” Jack stated proudly, returning the smile. A perfectly placed kick from your unborn child managed to hit the basket, kicking a sock out and with your clumsy curse, you managed to step on it and lose traction.

“AHHH-” You were ready to fall, trying to move onto your back to protect your kid when you stopped suddenly, clothes all over the floor as you looked up, seeing that Jack managed to catch you in the nick of time. He managed to shuffle into a squat, one hand on your upper back, the other on your lower back.

“And I guess he has to protect his child too?” you couldn’t help but chuckle, heart racing as you tried to calm it down as not to stress the baby

“Especially from their klutz of a mother,” he mused though his voiced seemed a little strained.
“Jaaaaack,” you whined, playing the emotionally sensitive card a little too much, especially with his teasing.

“But I still love you,” he mused, kissing your cheek as he would always love his girl, no matter what.

“Oh, Jack, that’s so-” You were cut short as you noticed Jack whimper a little, furrowing your brow as he was straining to keep you the way you were now, tremors shooting from his tense muscles to your bloated body.

“M-my kn-nee-es,” he barely managed to grumble before he laid you down rather quickly, only to fall onto his side and rub the pained area. At least you weren’t alone on the floor anymore, giggling as you figured you could enjoy your time here as you pecked his cheek to help ease his pain. Especially since it would take forever to get you back up on your feet again. At least the laundry was warm…


“I’ve got you in my sights,” Jack mumbled in his serious commander voice as he was watching his daughter, (d/n) dancing around in a silly pink tutu, trying to show her dad what she learned in daycare. Despite Jack’s hard demeanor, he was proud of his little girl, seeing her grow up was making the old man soft and even giving him some hope in the world, especially when it gave him you and you gave him this little angel. (d/n) had her father’s blue eyes though sharper as compared to his weathered eyes and she was rather stubborn as well, especially during naptime. She got her nice (h/c) locks and beautiful looks and you hoped- no you prayed that she didn’t get your curse; your clumsiness.

“Oh please, she’s just fine,” You retorted in a hushed tone, curled up nest to your husband, watching the little show as you bit your lip, worried as you wonder even your curse would strike your child.

“I can’t help it,” he snickered, sensing your fear as he kissed your lips for a brief moment, “It’s my dad sense.”

“Well dad sense or not, our kid is gonna be alright,” you scoffed, knowing he’d always pull out the dad jokes card whenever he liked. Out of the corner of your eye though, you spotted that (d/n) managed to stumble over her wonky steps and was about to fall, potentially hurting that darling face or head. You knew what you had to do as you prevented her hit to the carpet, swooping her up into you arms with lighting quick reflexes.

“Are you alright, sweetie?” you asked her as you pecked her temple, worry deep in your (e/c) orbs.

“Again! Again!” the tot squealed, smiling wide as she bounced up and down in your arms.

“Only if your dad reflexes can catch up,” you chided, looking over your shoulder at him with a wide smirk on your face.

Jack got up, slowly clapping for you as he lightly nuzzled your cheek with his scruff. “You gave her your clumsiness in the first place.”

“Hehehe,” you laughed before you handed (d/n) off to Jack, mumbling into his ear, “I guess that’s not more ‘dirty dancing’ for the rest of the week.”

Jack was a blushing mess now as he looked at his daughter, hoping she didn’t hear that but a child’s ears are always open and absorb everything. His pulse quickened and blood got cold when his fears came true.

“What’s dirty dancing, daddy?” asked (d/n), too innocent and pure for this world questioning about the worse thing she could ask at such an age.

Queue Jack stumbling through an B-Sed answer of seeds and a farmer, red in the face and hoping this quick skills could get him out this situation… hopefully.

A patient yesterday asked me to lift his head up and then put it back down. And then yelled at me when I did it because I lifted too high. Then later asked me to fluff his pillow nicer than it was. And yelled at me for lifting his head up to fluff said pillow. And tried to demand to talk to the ICU doc about it all.

This wasn’t even my patient. His nurse was so done lol.

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Here something about Donghyuck/Haechan

I see you guys love Donghyuck’s little devil side. The tricksy side that the kid seems to love to show the world and his brothers. But sometimes, let’s talk about his gentle side, that Donghyuck is actually a sweetie, too. Like the way he stops joking around like immediately when his hyungs told him to (i.e: Mark, on a vapp, told him to stop and he did so guys). The way he cares for his brothers, like the way he taught Taeil how to use hoverboard and Chenle how to dance, or when he knew about and granted Chenle’s wish, that the younger kid only wanted 7 candles on his birthday cake. He was also very patient. When Mark seems to have no clue about essential things in life, Donghyuck teaches him patiently, like how he did in NCT Life in Paju. When his hyungs voted him the worst plan maker among them, he just laughed it off and made the mood light up.

And I think actually everyone in NCT and SMRookies knew about this, that’s why they pampered him even tho he roasted his brothers many times. I love the joke we made up about his sassy, but guys, let’s talk more about his sweet side too!

(I actually want to put his observation skill in here, that he chose Mark for the one who takes care of the members a lot, but then i’m not sure that he actually had it or he was just really fond of his Mark hyung. This kid obviously like Mark a lot, and I’m not talking about shipping thing. I think that because no matter how shitty he is, Mark still wants to take care of him and teaches him how to live properly (seriously Mark, you’re only older than him by one year). Gosh i love these two)

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Jealous tsuna


~A lot of people like seeing Tsuna jealous huh? Okay then let’s torture him while we’re at it, shall we? XD~

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  • Tsuna couldn’t stop scowling and shaking his knee underneath the table as he watched you play hostess to the crowd of well wishers attending your engagement party.
  • It wasn’t that you were doing anything wrong. You were even dressed in that ridiculously conservative dress. You looked like you were about to enter a nunnery rather than an engagement with him.
  • What the hell were you smiling at that idiot for? Who the hell was that nobody?
  • Did that man just lean too close to your ear? What the hell did he say and why are you fucking laughing like a mental patient?
  • Tsuna pulled at Gokudera’s sleeve and his right hand man leaned down to see what his Boss wanted. He ordered the bomber to fetch you for him.
  • Instead of obeying though you merely glance at him in mild annoyance before saying something softly to Hayato which Tsuna later finds out was a reprimand about welcoming the guests instead of just sitting around doing nothing.
  • And he ends up miffed that you spoke to Hayato so politely just now when you couldn’t even spare your own fiancee a goddamn smile!
  • Gnashing his teeth he practically ground his damaged wine flute on the pristine white table cloth as he continued to watch you float around the room like a goddamn butterfly.
  • Tsuna didn’t want to get married. Hell, he wasn’t even supposed to be engaged yet, goddammit.
  • It was just his damn luck to have found himself in your room that night while looking for that buxom maid who was winking at him over the dinner table your father was presiding over that evening. How was he supposed to know he was invading the rooms of his ally’s only daughter? How was he to know your father would demand marriage to you to satisfy his honor? No, it was not his intention and yet here he was begrudging other people a smile from your lips.
  • To be fair to you it didn’t look like you wanted to marry him either. He had been there while you begged and pleaded with your father in your silky thin house robe to forget the whole thing and let it go. But your father was nothing but adamant and Tsuna could not fault the brilliance of the old man’s strategy. Having his daughter married to him would cement their alliance stronger than any exchange of territory or traditional letting of blood ever could.
  • Tsuna had thought he could go through with this whole farce feeling nothing while he left his Mist Guardians to find a loophole out of this mess but as he had gotten to know you Tsuna had found you anything but cold. He had been forced to follow you around to show your father he was sincere in his plans to marry you to make up for his terrible mistake.
  • You had the warmest smile on your face as you walk through the town greeting the townspeople under your father’s protection.
  • You cried at some nameless beggar’s funeral.
  • You had a loving touch for every child that sought your presence.
  • And yet the only regard you had for him when you look at him was a chilling indifference.
  • Tsuna felt the wine flute in his hand crumble when he saw you hug a random young man from the crowd.
  • Reason would tell him it may just be a cousin or relation come to wish you luck but goddammit he lost his reason whenever it involved you.
  • He wanted you to touch him, damn it!
  • He wanted you to smile at him and cry for him and fucking hold him like your life depended on it! It didn’t matter if he wanted this marriage or not, he was not going to just sit here and let someone else hoard all your kisses for themselves. You were going to love him, dammit. You were going to love him or he’ll fucking shoot every bastard crowding around you!
  • Suddenly a suave, good looking young man came over to you and boldly took your hand for a kiss. Tsuna’s blood boiled as the fool then turned your hand over to place another kiss on your palm making you blush so charmingly.
  • His table turned over as the Vongola don stood up angrily and stomped over to his fiancee. He grasps your wrist in a grip so harsh it was almost bone breaking as he pulls you away from the fool who dared kiss the hand he had barely even touched. Tsuna then clutches the man’s shirtfront in his free hand to pull him close before whispering dangerously in his ear.
  • “Plan’s changed, Mukuro. Fuck off.”
  • He practically dragged you off into the mansion despite your protests under your own father’s amused eye and the gawking of the other guests.
  • Mukuro, in the meantime, shrugged and disappeared into the crowd while shedding his illusion.
  • It looks like the real engagement party was about to start now.



  • He had taken notice of you from the very start since you first interacted with him the day he got invited to the Iron Fort. You were the only one who came forward and offered to serve him and his Guardians as they waited for Sawada Tsunayoshi to arrive. While the mansion treated him and his Famiglia with cold familiarity you acted as though he were a man worthy of respect. You didn’t care that he had once caused the destruction of the Vongola in an alternate world. Didn’t care that he might repeat such a horrible fate for everyone you cared about in this world.
  • Byakuran teased you by making a careless threat that you might regret your politeness. That he might be there to kill Sawada Tsunayoshi after all and continue where he left off. He was surprised by your answer.
  • You said if that were truly his motivation then he will reach the Tenth over your dead body.
  • There had been no malice on your face, no hate, no lie. Just an honest promise of what will come to pass should he truly go and make his move. From then on he had made it a point to make sure Sawada brought you with him every time they had a meeting so he could have a glimpse of you. The fascination he had felt the first time you had met had grown into an obsession he had latched onto because you made his world so much less empty.
  • So now Byakuran was having a hard time keeping on his cheerful, smiling face as he watched you listen to your orders during that day’s meeting at the Gesso mansion. He didn’t like the way you were looking at Sawada Tsunayoshi anymore.
  • He had never thought himself a jealous man. What would someone with supremacy like his have to be jealous of? He had money, power and more power. Men and women begged on their hands and knees to be able to serve him. So why? Why would you not look his way?!
  • He had watched you loyally serve the man he had allied himself with and swore to never harm for what felt like forever. Sawada Tsunayoshi was a man worthy of respect and adoration. But must you follow him with eyes so filled with yearning? Must your face be filled with such undoubted want for the Vongola’s Don?
  • He gritted his teeth behind his increasingly sharp smile as you bowed your head in respect while Sawada walked passed you to leave finalizing the details of the meeting in your hands. How dare your eyes glow with love as he walked out of the room? It was as though no one else existed for you besides that man!
  • Byakuran called your name using his sweetest voice and his breath caught in anger and longing as the love in your eyes changed into something polite. Impersonal. Like he meant nothing to you beyond another man you had to cope with.
  • He clenched his fists tight as you smiled kindly down at him asking him what he wanted.
  • The chalk haired man surprised you with a gift. The keys of a Porsche he had bought specifically for you. He threw them your way for you to deftly catch.
  • You stirred his ire when you refuse them telling him it was too much of a gift for you to take.
  • Byakuran’s smile fell the moment you had walked within his reach to return the keys and suddenly you were in his lap, your lips being devoured by a kiss so harsh you were certain they would bruise later.
  • His tongue pushed inside your mouth with the fervor of a man long denied of water and he held you so tightly there was no hope of escape.
  • When he finally releases your lips and you try to scream for help he stops you with a sharp grin and sharper amethyst eyes, clear with threat and madness.
  • If you deny him he will follow through on the little threat he made the first time he met you.
  • He would be damned before he let you go.


  • He met you a few months ago. He was stupid enough to go out on his own to buy groceries even after experimenting on a new poison for his yoyo needles leaving him groggy and weak. You pulled him out of the way and saved his life from a speeding bus. He had been surprised by you. You didn’t seem the type to care that he was not gushing over with gratitude or enthusiastic in his thanks because all that seemed to matter to you was that he was alive. It made Chikusa’s heart ache. 
  • You’ve been friends ever since.
  • It never stopped amazing him that you just accepted him. Read between the lines even when his face displayed nothing. You laughed when he made a joke with his monotonous, sardonic wit and you frowned and comforted him when he tells you something that was bothering him. It was so easy being with you. You just seemed to know what he was feeling.
  • So who could possibly blame him if he developed feelings for you?
  • He knew he had nothing to offer. Being a member of Kokuyo wealth and glory were things he had very little of. He and his gang lived off of whatever they could trick out of people because they loathed accepting help from the Vongola. So was it really surprising that he had never expected to fall in love?
  • But he wanted you, oh he wanted you!
  • And now he was even following you to work. Right there in that cozy little coffee shop. He didn’t think you’d appreciate him being there so he kept himself hidden in an alley right across the street.
  • Chikusa watched your sleazy boss come over and give your bottom another discreet pinch and clenched his teeth behind his indifferent face.
  • Why aren’t you reacting? Why don’t you say something? Did you really like it that much?!
  • If he did the same to you would you let him?!
  • The same man passed by the bar as you were cleaning the coffee cups and he was leaning so close his lips were almost touching your ear.
  • Chikusa’s unemotional face remained unchanged even as he slammed the side of his fist in the wall right by him leaving a sizable dent on it.
  • He wanted to pound the man into the ground and rip his neck open with his teeth.
  • He wanted to shove one of his yoyos in his mouth and let the needles explode in his skull.
  • He wanted to tear the man touching you open and lay his innards on the ground to show you there was nothing special about the bastard.
  • Chikusa had experienced pain, agony, fear and hunger but never- never- had he felt such consuming hatred before. Hatred was Mukuro-sama’s territory. He had thought hatred was something the Estraneo had already bled out of him. He had thought no emotion in this world would ever be able to consume him.
  • Until this.
  • Until you.