but he could definitely give it a shot

Anything For You

Characters: Dean x Reader
Words: 1020
Requested by @dthjoey : Was wondering if we could get a shot at reader walking in on Dean singing to his kid. But stays by the door as they listen to him telling the bby how he’d do anything for them to keep them all safe. Love your works! 

          You got out of the shower and expected to find Dean already in bed after putting your son to bed. Having a newborn was definitely tiring, but Dean had been so amazing at helping with Bryce and giving you a chance to breathe and relax.

           You got dressed and went looking for Dean. You heard his soft singing voice coming from the nursery and headed down the hallway to get a better listen at what was going on between father and son.

           “Close your eyes/Have no fear/The monster’s gone/He’s on the run and your mammy’s here/Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful/Beautiful boy/Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful/Beautiful boy,” you heard Dean singing “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon.

           You leaned against the door facing and watched as Dean carried the tiny baby around the room, “I don’t know a lot of songs for babies, Little Man,” he said, “But that one suits you just fine. You are beautiful. You are the most perfect thing I have ever seen. I never knew I could love someone so much after just meeting them, but you have proven that it’s possible. As soon as you were placed in my arms, I loved you more than anything. You are just as persuasive as your mommy and you’re not even talking yet. I’d do anything for you, Bryce,” he said, kissing the baby’s forehead.

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#6: Dustin

A lot of grief has been given to Dustin because of the fact that he was the comeback model, and in turn, a lot of people have decided to majorly hate on this photo. Though I definitely disagree with Dustin being chosen for the comeback, I do think this photo is easily one of the strongest he’s produced on the show so far and doesn’t deserve the hate that it gets. I like the connection he has with the dog (who is actually kind of stealing the shot for me right now tbh), and his profile is definitely one of his stronger angles. I think Tyra went a bit overboard when she decided to give this photo a 10, though, as it seemed to me she really only fawned over this shot because she finally got to use the angle she wanted to use the first week (even though she totally could have used that photo the first time because Hadassah literally looked the same in both shots). It’s a good angle, Tyra, but it’s not worthy of a 10.

robinabbey replied:

To be fair, all the people in Maz’s tavern felt it too since they all went outside to see what happened. I think the definitive proof was Maz giving the lightsaber to Finn since she could’ve just given it to Han.

Good point!!! But I think that since the shot of Finn had audio of screaming on it and the shots following it didn’t implies (though doesn’t confirm) that he could hear the people screaming, whereas the other people at Maz’s tavern saw it! It isn’t fully clear but that’s what I want to believe at least haha and as you said Maz giving Finn the lightsaber furthers the point………#TEAMJEDIFINNFOREVER

Anyway what we can take from this is that Cu loves flaunting that he’s in control of situations and more specifically fights. Whenever he’s dominating a fight he’ll try to drag it out as much as possible to the point of making decisions that from a tactical viewpoint are about the dumbest thing you could possibly do. Since he’s so secure in his position as the more powerful party he fucks around a lot, doing things like refraining from killing Shirou and giving him multiple shots at fighting back and kicking Archer around rather than going in for the kill immediately. He definitely would’ve continued doing this until he got bored of it too if he wasn’t distracted by Saber’s appearance and Archer’s insult respectively (which plays into his beastlike theme too. He’s an animal playing with his prey.) In fact, he seemed pretty bored with Shirou already by the time Saber showed up. If she’d been any later Shirou would be dead meat.

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