but he changed his name to snoop lion

This is the only post I’m going to personally write about regarding the Miley/Nicki incident. Nicki Minaj would have had no reason to call out Miley had she not said that she couldn’t respect her because she came out with anger, and not love, when she wasn’t nominated for video of the year. Which, let’s be real, why wasn’t she? That video was a media sensation. I don’t even listen to any of that kind of music and I couldn’t get away from the anaconda video. Funny enough, I barely saw anything from the other people nominated. Now, I’m conflicted because I had recently come around to liking Miley because she does really good work for LGBTQA homeless people (she started a foundation just for that called the Happy Hippie Foundation) and that’s a really admirable and important thing she did. She used her fame not only to shed light on an issue that is not well known or not talked about, and is also raising money to ameliorate it. In that regard, I think what she’s doing is great. So in my eyes she isn’t all bad, but she’s also the epitome of white feminism. And what she did/said at the VMAs, arriving in faux dreadlocks and called snoop dogg (I know he changed his name, is it snoop lion?) mammy and atrociously defended the female nipple and didn’t respect another female artist using the stereotypical black anger trope is inexcusable to me. So I’m conflicted because as a white already famous from birth female musician she has had a privilege that Nicki hasn’t. I mean Miley basically borrowed fame from her dad and Nicki has had to fight to be taken seriously in her particular industry from day one. And god damn is she talented and empowering. As a woman, I feel better having Nicki on my side than I do Miley.