but he cares about her well being more than his

Drarry + Lucissa headcanons for @ilvermourn

• Okay so Narcissa and Lucius have always known Draco is hella in love with Harry.
• And after the war they don’t care anymore, they want their son to be happy after everything they unwillingly put him through.
• And Narcissa actually adores Harry?
• He’s so polite and kind and he’s kind of scared/careful around her which she loves.
• Also he can’t stop thanking her for saving his ass during the war.
• Draco’s embarrassed as hell though.
• “It’s like my boyfriend loves my own mother more than me!”
• Lucius fully agrees.
• “Draco, tell Potter to stop being obsessed my wife.” “Tell your wife to stop being obsessed with my Potter.”
• But they also see their loved ones are happy. Narcissa smiles more often after her sister’s death, Harry stops being scared.
• Though the suggestion of meeting the Weasleys did not fall well with Narcissa.
• And Lucius also kind of starts caring about that boy?
• Because now he thinks about it that boy apparently grew up in a muggle variation of his wife’s household.
• And he kinda realizes maybe that’s why they bond so easily. Narcissa understands the abuse this kid came from.
• So he sits down with Harry more often, eventually teaches him about the different kinds of whiskey.
• Harry just pretends to be interested.
• Draco is so relieved his parents like Harry, and so happy everyone is becoming comfortable with him living at Malfoy Manor.
• Lucius and Harry talk about how they adore Narcissa and Draco. *insert embarassing stories*
• Narcissa laughs with both Draco and Harry about their ridiculous husbands.
• “And the time they spend on their hair, can you believe it?”
• Potters and Malfoys being a cute family okay

I’m going to make more posts about this.

[A Seer for the Seer] 

Glass shattered. Then Azriel was racing across the balcony. He darted inside the House of Wind. Feyre and Cassian not a second behind him.


She was having a vision. The crystal vase she’d been carrying crashed to the ground, shattering atop her bare feet. She had no idea. Her eyes were cloudy, lips moving as she mumbled. Her arms held awkwardly in front of her, fingers twitching and fluttering as if playing an instrument, a piano maybe.

Azriel got to her first. He hated touching her when she was in the midst of a vision, but sometimes her feet moved and the last time she’d had one while carrying something it’d been a mirror, and he’d spent all night holding her hand while two healers picked the shards from the bottoms of her feet. It’d taken a day to heal.

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V Route: V doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from fandom

*V gets blinded by the person he loves*

*yet some from the fandom still think Rika is an innocent victim*

*and this whole Mint-Eye cult is V’s fault*

*does the term…*


*mean anything to people anymore…?*

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Owned - pt 10

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“Darling, look at this arrangement. They’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Kim said.

The flowers you gave her were, of course, from the best shop in town.

The reporters were buying everything. Mr. Kim smiled and nodded at his wife.

“I’m glad you like them.” You said.

Namjoon remained silent.

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myg when you’re on your period

- not taking any of your period moody shit like he never takes anyone’s shit every other day of the month “yoongi you fucking–” “did i leave my socks on the floor again” “yes you–” “i’ll put them in the basket right now” “oh okay” 

- pays a little more attention to you even though he acts as though he could care less about your period pains “yoongi i’m hurting” “you’re such a baby” “it huuurts” “sit here” then him doing half-assed hand massages to ease your stomach cramps

- being more affectionate than he normally is because he knows you’re more sensitive during that week and you need more coddling

- always asking his mom for help when you’re not feeling well and he doesn’t know to do “mom she’s pretty pale and she says her head hurts” “i’ll send soup over” “thanks mom”

I’ve addressed this before, but since there still seems to be some confusion and I’m actually at this episode, let’s talk about this scene.

Sam did not pressure Danny into recreating the accident. She didn’t tell him that it was his responsibility to get his powers back and fight ghosts again. In fact, she’s the one to question it, and from her tone of voice, you can tell she’s concerned.

Danny was the one who wanted to do this, even though he wasn’t sure. He asked Sam to help him recreate the accident. Even though he’s afraid of ghosts, if he can do something to help people, he wants to. He’s trusting his life to a stranger here, and a stranger who herself isn’t sure this is a good idea, but he still wants to do this.

This is honestly the best scene in this episode. I have a lot of problems with it, but this moment right here shows what’s most important to these two. Sam may get the most joy out of fighting ghosts, but Danny’s safety and well-being are more important to her than that. Danny may want to be a normal kid and live a normal life, but if someone needs him and he can do something, he can’t turn away.

Just something I want people to remember. These kids mess up, but they’re good kids. They care about each other and they want to do what’s right.

anonymous asked:

Sasuke did show romantic feelings towards Sakura. What about that time in chapter 138 in Naruto when they were fighting against Gaara and he rescued her and asked Pakkun to "Check Sakura" with a sad/concerned face? Don't try and tell me he did not care.

First of all, I don’t recall ever saying Sasuke didn’t care about Sakura, while they were part of Team 7. However, I do still stand by him never having ROMANTIC feelings for her and not really giving a fuck about her after the first skip. 

The example you’re giving me just reads as Sasuke showing concern for her well-being, nothing inherently romantic. Believe it or not, Sasuke is actually a very caring person and I do think he valued his teammates. He started to feel concern about Sakura and didn’t want her to be hurt or killed but those feelings flew out the window, after the left the village. 

Even by those standards, Naruto wins. Sasuke has showed more concern for Naruto than anyone else, when he wasn’t going on about killing him. Let’s look at a few examples:

The difference is that Sasuke has a weakness for Naruto, that he doesn’t have for Sakura or anyone else. 

I hope that clears things up for you.

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7. Where momo and todoroki are fake dating to please their families but in reality todoroki is dating midoriya and momo is dating jirou? If it isn't too late

omg I’ve seen this premise before a few places and I have to say that I love it a lot. Here I go, trying to do it justice. Also, I focused on the momojirou a bit more than the tododeku because I write a lot of tododeku and there are more tododeku requests in my inbox but no one has requested momojirou. So here it is for all my momojirou fans~~

7. fake relationship au for momojirou and tododeku and kinda todomomo?

Momo’s hand feels sweaty in the crook of Shouto’s arm. She’s nervous and strung out and she hates these kinds of parties. It’s not the socializing that she hates, she was raised in this environment and she can do this in her sleep. She’s not Shouto, who still to this day requires her help to get through every formal party they’re invited to. No, the problem is that she’s pretty sure someone is going to figure everything out and she’s going to be disinherited and Shouto’s father is going to make him move back into the Todoroki family home and oh god why are their families like this?

She must be squeezing Shouto’s arm because he leans towards her, his lips barely a few centimeters from her ear. It probably looks like he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear to everyone else, especially the way her eyes drop to the floor so she can concentrate on his murmured words. “Do you want to leave?”

Momo knows how the game is played. She drops her chin, the picture of a demure high class twenty something, and turns towards him slightly. He barely pulls back to look at her and their faces are close enough to imply intimacy. “We can’t bow out this early. It would be rude.”

Shouto sighs and his breath moves her bangs slightly. Shouto is always looking for new excuses to leave these events early but Momo won’t let him make them look bad and he cares enough about her to acquiesce. He kisses her cheek just once, a soft thing that speaks more of their long friendship than any romantic feelings but it probably just looks like they’re being respectful.

Before anything else can be said Momo’s aunt walks up to them. “Momo-chan, Todoroki-kun, how are you lovebirds doing this evening.”

“Obasan, hello. We’re doing well,” Momo says as Shouto bows and kisses her aunt’s hand as is proper. Momo leans forward next and they kiss each other’s cheeks. Or, well, they kiss the air very close to each other’s cheeks. Make-up is no joke.

“You two are so cute,” her aunt says once the greetings are done, “over here in your own little world.”

Momo smiles. “I’m sorry, Obasan, we don’t mean to be rude.”

“Nonsense, it’s good to see two young people in love. Maybe even in love enough to get married soon.” Momo’s aunt wiggles her eyebrows as she says this. Shouto goes a little stiff next to Momo and Momo pats at his arm to remind him to relax.

“I don’t know. Long relationships are fashionable these days,” Momo says.

Her aunt laughs. “Don’t look so terrified, Todoroki-kun. I didn’t mean to come ruin your intimate little mood.”

Momo feels her face hear up and she swears that Shouto starts putting out heat at her side. She glances at him to see him grimacing. She really wishes they were sitting at a table so she can kick him without attracting attention.

“You know,” her aunt goes on, oblivious to the real reason for their discomfort, “if you wanted to sneak out early for a little alone time I wouldn’t tell anyone. I remember being young.” She winks.

Momo worries her lower lip and glances at Shouto again. He’s looking at her and there’s hope in his mismatched eyes.

Oh, what the hell. She’s not having any fun here anyway.

“You know, Obasan, we might do just that.”

So they bow out of the party, slowly and in stages. Eventually they’re back in Shouto’s car, Shouto’s tie is in the back seat with her heels and he drives them home just a little too fast.

According to both of their families they live with another couple, their best friends. The truth is that they’re roommates who live with their significant others like sane people who haven’t been pretending to date for years in order to stay on the good side of their very conservative families do.

When they open the door Midoriya is standing in the middle of the room. Well, more accurately he was walking across the room but he stopped dead when the door opened. He’s wearing ratty looking pajamas and holding a bowl of cereal and he looks suspiciously like he was planning to take it to the couch at nine o'clock at night.

“Oh,” Midoriya says in surprise and Shouto toes off his fancy shoes and heads right for Midoriya. He drops his head onto Midoriya’s shoulder and sighs and Midoriya just stands there and lets him lean into him like one of those giant dogs that thinks it’s a lap dog. “No fun?”

“Awful,” Shouto says. Momo rolls her eyes and walks past them to her bedroom. He’s so dramatic.

Sure enough Kyouka is on the computer editing some audio. She looks up when the door opens and her face breaks into a smile. She pulls her headphones off her ears and looks Momo up and down since she wasn’t here when Momo and Shouto left to see how Momo looks in her dress.

“You’re back early,” Kyouka says, “and you look amazing.”

Momo does a little twirl and Kyouka laughs, setting her headphones down and standing up. “Wow I’m so lucky.”

“I think I’m the lucky one,” Momo says, crossing the room. She lean’s over Kyouka and Kyouka looks up at her, completely at ease. “Thank you for putting up with all of this.”

“Babe, I will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable.”

Momo blushes and this time it’s not embarrassment. “You’re what makes me feel comfortable.”

“Oh good,” Kyouka says and her hand sneak up Momo’s shoulders until they link behind Momo’s head. “I was hoping that was true.”

Momo laughs. “I love you.”

Kyouka’s smiles gets a little brighter. “And I love you,” she says before pulling Momo down into a kiss.

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Follow-up on the live-action Beauty and the Beast thing.

Out of curiosity, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the movie on YouTube.

Oh, my God, you guys.

It’s so bad.

The actual production of the music is all well and good, but the writing… They’re using most of the lyrics and most of the script from the original movie, but every so often, they pepper in all these little changes in the words, just because they can, and it, like, actively damages the point.

This is going to be really nitpicky, but fuck it. I will pick some nits.

Here’s an example, a small conversation that happens within the song “Belle.”

Original version:

Good morning, Belle!

Good morning, monsieur.

Where you off to?

The bookshop. I just finished the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and–

Uh, that’s nice. [to his wife, off-screen:] Marie! The baguettes! Hurry up!

Live-action version:

Good morning, Belle!

Good morning, Monsieur Jean. Have you lost something again?

Well, I believe I have. Problem is, I can’t remember what. Oh, well. I’m sure it’ll come to me. Where are you off to?

To return this book to Pere Robert. It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.

…Sounds boring.

This is… Ugh, there are just so many kind of insignificant but also really, really fucking obnoxious changes happening here.

Like, in the original version, Belle actually has an opinion about the book she read. She’s invested, and she jumps at the chance to talk about it.

In the live-action version, there’s literally no passion. Just, factually: “It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.” Well, thank you, SparkNotes.

Meanwhile, in the original version, Belle’s getting so worked up, but the guy just cuts her off right there because he doesn’t really care. He was just being polite. He doesn’t actually have time for her, and he truly doesn’t care to make any. He’s busy minding his bakery, all caught up in his “provincial life.”

You know, the thing Belle wants to avoid? The kind of thoughtless, shallow, workaday life she dreads the thought of having?

Because she wants adventure and whimsy and bigger, more dramatic things than just going to work or keeping house every day?

The…theme this song exists to express?

Demonstrating that concept is the entire reason this song and this exchange exist in the movie, but, somehow, the remake doesn’t seem to get that.

Instead of just being an average guy hard at work, an example of the “ordinary” person Belle doesn’t want to be, the kind of person who doesn’t have time for books or fantasy or fun conversations, he’s…some kooky whimsical dude aimlessly wandering through town for reasons he can’t remember.

That’s, like… Kind of the opposite.

Instead of being caught up in the needs of his work, he just…randomly thinks Romeo and Juliet sounds boring. Why? What’s the point?

So, then we actually get to the bookshop.


Ah, Belle!

Good morning! I’ve come to return the book I borrowed.

Finished already?

Oh, I couldn’t put it down! Have you got anything new?

[laughs] Not since yesterday!

That’s alright! I’ll borrow…this one.

That one? But you’ve read it twice!

Well, it’s my favorite! Far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise…

[laughs] If you like it all that much, it’s yours!


Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town! So, where did you run off to this week?

Two cities in northern Italy. I didn’t want to come back. Have you got any new places to go?

I’m afraid not. But you may reread any of the other ones that you’d like.

Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big.

Bon voyage.

Number one, intensely tortured metaphor.

Number two, you know, in the original, the book guy didn’t have anything “new” because the last time she came in was yesterday. It illustrates how borderline obsessed she is, how much she depends on this place and the books.

But the remake doesn’t mention that. In the remake, he just randomly doesn’t happen to have anything new. Just…in general.

Number three, I love how the cartoon made for tiny little children operates with more subtlety than the teen-y live-action remake. In the original, she talks about what she likes from that specific book, and the viewer naturally picks up the impression of why these books are so important to her. In the remake, Emma Watson’s just fucking narrating the subtext to the audience.

And then we get to Gaston’s introduction.


She’s the one! The lucky girl I’m going to marry! The most beautiful girl in town! That makes her the best! And don’t I deserve the best?


Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village! That makes her the best.

But she’s so…well read. And you’re so…athletically inclined.

Yes. But ever since the war, I’ve felt like I’ve been missing something.




Why is this here?

The original is so clear-cut. He thinks of women like objects and feels like he’s naturally entitled, by virtue of his ~stunning manliness~, to the prettiest one.

In the remake… He’s a veteran?

He’s a veteran. Of a war. Readjusting to life at home. Pursuing Belle. Because he thinks she’ll make him feel complete again.

What the fuck am I listening to?

I mean, you know they’re not even going to commit to this. You know this is not going to be, like, an actual new take on the character. This is not going to be a totally reimagined Gaston. This line is just here. Because…why?

Because someone sitting in a boardroom somewhere said, “Gaston needs a more sympathetic motivation. Sympathetic motivations sell toys”?

Because they’re hoping for a gritty Gaston war prequel somewhere down the line?

Because the writers are just really, really, really bad at their jobs?

- Mod A.

I know I made a joke about Steve being Mr. Mom in “Stranger Things” but for real that’s kind of the template for the teenager stories. Somebody smarter than me picked up that there are three stories in “Stranger Things:” Joyce and Hopper are in a Steven Spielberg movie, the teens are in an 80s slasher, and the kids are in a Stephen King novel. Intertextuality is a big deal for the Duffer brothers, so how does this new season use that?

The lines between stories are much more intertwined this season (again, intertextuality) and they are much more movie-specific. Joyce, Will, and Mike’s story is straight out of “The Exorcist.” Murray, Jonathan, and Nancy are in “All the President’s Men.” Dustin is the kid from “Gremlins,” Max and Lucas are in a John Hughes movie (probably “Some Kind of Wonderful”). Eleven and Hopper don’t have a clear reference to me, but Eleven’s solo story in episode 7 is very X-Men/Empire Strikes Back.  

However, the only two real touchstones referenced in the show proper is “Ghostbusters” (which serves as another way to further how the Party differentiates themselves in their friend group), and “Mr. Mom,” which was one of the biggest comedies of 1983. In-universe it’s used to show how uncomplicated and mainstream Bob is, but it’s no surprise that the Byers boys aren’t really laughing at it in the scene, and later in the season it’s Steve that physically invokes that movie. 

Originally posted by allysargcnt

It’s subtle, but all the teenagers in the show are showing subtleties of the same theme of blurring gender binaries. It’s Nancy who continues to show proficiencies for more traditionally masculine traits - leading the charge to avenge Barb’s death, finding Murray, even being the one in her relationship who’s unable to say “I love you” to Steve. 

Jonathan has continued to be in the support role for a lot of the season. He’s an interesting character because he’s immediately ostracized for being nontraditionally masculine (hence all the gay slurs) and like a lot of older siblings in single-parent households, he becomes the designated co-parent to the young sibling. He genuinely loves and cares for his brother by having in-depth conversations about his feelings and encouraging his desires. Jonathan didn’t make a move on Nancy because “Will needed him.” He doesn’t laugh during Mr. Mom because the idea of being a caretaker and a breadwinner isn’t a foreign concept to him - no irony, no comedy. Furthermore, he’s more emotionally-intuitive than Nancy is and is able to communicate better with her. He’s not threatened by emotional vulnerability in the same way.

Originally posted by valramorghulis

Steve is the interesting character to watch this season, because he splits the difference between these extremes, and managing pretty well all things considered. Billy is his foil because Billy is hypermasculine in a way Steve tried to be last season but ultimately turned his back on (“King Steve”). Steve is still posturing for a lot of the time he’s taking care of the kids (lightly threatening Dustin when he reveals he uses the Farrah Fawcett spray, using bad sports metaphors, calling the kids dipshits) but his protective mode is thoroughly in the “on” position. Steve fights off demodogs, he confronts Billy, and is the first one in, last one out in the tunnels - all very male protector roles. But he also gives Dustin (admittedly terrible) love advice, and looks out for everyone. 

I hate the idea of Steve being shipped with Billy on a surface level, but also because it seems to ignore how Billy *is* what Steve hated about himself last season and they have a lot of the same impulses, might have even been friends once upon a time. But given the opportunity to protect someone (Max) when nobody presumably protected him, Billy lashed out and hurt someone weaker than him even him even worse. 

Steve did a lot of shitty stuff, no doubt. But when it counted, Steve did the right thing *and* owned up to his mistakes. 

What kind of father they are||Why don't we||Preference 5♡

Daniel Seavey- Daniel is the dad everybody wished for, he woke up early with your daughter to watch cartoons while you slept, he cooked for her, took care of her when she was sick,he read her bed time stories, he protected her at all costs and as she grew up there was never a doubt in her mind that her dad loved her. Daniel was also the dad who had demanded she stay locked in the house until 30, don’t even get him started on her first boyfriend. You spent two hours talking him into letting his 16 year old daughter on a date, he was frantic about it. He cried when she moved out to college, he shed a few tears when he walked her down the aisle and never went a day without telling her how proud he was of her. Daniel was the supportive type of dad. He taught her how to believe in herself, how to love herself despite what others might say. He taught her that there was nothing in the world she couldn’t do. That failure and mistakes are apart of life, but what she took from those that made them positive experiences. She grew up with the same mindset and attitude Daniel did, positive, bubbly and full of love.

Jack Avery- Growing up with a house full of sisters had prepared for Jack for the day he had his own little girl, and he was amazing with her. He was the dad who started fights with other dads when their kid was an asshole to his princess. One time your daughter had ran out of school crying when she was 6 and nothing had ever broken his heart more. He picked her up, kissed all over her cheeks and then brought her to an ice cream place before going home and watching Disney princess moves and playing dress up with her to make her feel better. Then the next day not only did he go to the principal and yell at him for allowing bullying to happen in the school but he also talked to the father of the child who had said the hurtful things, that didn’t go well and you had to tell him to walk away more than once knowing that not only was your daughter watching but it could seriously hurt his and the boys career. But he didn’t care about his career int hat moment, he cared about his daughter being treated with respect.

Jonah Marais- Jonah spoiled your daughter in everyday possible, he could never tell her no. Before she was born Jonah had almost bought a whole baby section because “Look how cute these are! We needed them Y/n” “Image my princess wearing this cute little booties! THEY ARE PINK AND THEY SPARKLE Y/N”. And over the years nothing changed, at the age of 14 he had bought her a phone, at the age of 17 he had bought her a car and when she was ready to move out on her own he took her shopping for everything she could ever possibly need, always wanting to know she would never be without. Jonah also had a hard time letting go, he had spent her whole grade 12 year trying to bribe her with things to make her stay home an extra year. He wasn’t ready to watch his little girl walk out the door and start a life on her own, hating the idea of her not needing him anymore.

“Ill always need you dad, you’re my number one guy” Your daughter smiled before pulling him into a hug.

If you told anyone Jonah would deny it, but he had tears streaming down his face as her car pulled out of the driveway with all of her things for her new apartment in them.

Corbyn Besson- Lets start this off by saying that babygirl Besson started killing the shoe game in the womb and continued to do so all through her life. One thing you couldn’t stand was that Corbyn and your daughter went shopping at least once a week. Corbyn was the dad that couldn’t stand to see his daughter cry, when something made her sad or angry or any type of emotion other than happy he would take her for a long drive to get ice cream where she could talk about everything going on. Corbyn and your daughter had a very open relationship, as she grew into her late teen years Corbyn even found himself asking for her advice. Corbyn was the best friend type of dad and your daughter loved it.

Zach Herron- To you Zach was the perfect dad, growing up with a single mom as a parent you never really knew what a dad’s roll was in a kids life and one of your biggest worries while you were pregnant was that you would be doing all of it. But as soon as the baby was born Zach stepped up in ways you couldn’t imagine. You and Zach parented as a team, always. He was strict when he needed to be but loving and soft when he needed to be. Your daughter had an amazing relationship with him growing up and nothing made you happier than that. You never wanted her to grow up fatherless like you did, and she didn’t. She grew up with a father who loved and cared for her more than anybody else in the world. Although there were times where Zach wanted to kill her, he would kill for her anyday, he had her back until the very end and there was no way to replace the love he had shown her over the years.

Realism vs. Believability

So we all know that people who are against HanLeia like to say that they approve of their failed marriage in TFA because it’s “realistic”–that is, because many marriages end in divorce or separation in our own society, especially in the event of “losing a child.”

However, while that fact is true, this line of reasoning seems to be conveniently ignoring that while many marriages DO end in divorce, and many relationships started during war time do end in disaster in peace time, and many people don’t stay with their spouse upon losing a child, this is not an absolute. Many marriages DO NOT end in divorce, some people DON’T separate following a traumatic incident, some wartime loves DO last.

So that being said, it COULD be considered “realistic” for Han and Leia to have a failed marriage, but it could ALSO be considered realistic for their marriage to last, because in REALITY there are lasting, successful, loving marriages.

So all the people shouting themselves hoarse about how it’s “realistic this way” for Han and Leia’s marriage to fail really aren’t making any kind of definitive claim. The argument of “realism” is self-contradictory, as either scenario could be realistic, and furthermore it’s an inherently flawed point, because following their same logic, one could just as easily posit that it’s “realistic” if Han murders Leia, because in reality husbands do sometimes murder their wives. Yes, that could be considered realistic, but what it would not be–and the thing that these fans are not taking into consideration–is BELIEVABLE.

And how do we know this?

Context and consistency.

This is the key issue with the argument of realism, because it is judging a scenario based off of “real world facts”–in this case, divorce statistics on earth–without taking into account the EVENTS OF THE STORY AT HAND–which is, obviously, what we actually KNOW ABOUT HAN AND LEIA FROM THE OT.

Because just blindly taking the facts that a couple met during a war, “lost” their kid, and were under a lot of stress and then saying they were estranged COULD lead to the conclusion that it’s realistic. But as soon as the events of Han and Leia’s story are examined, this “realism” becomes completely void, because the scenario ceases to be BELIEVABLE and CONSISTENT when considered in context.

CONTEXTUALLY what we know about Han and Leia’s relationship is that Han stayed with the rebellion for three years despite the extremely pressing and dangerous bounty on his head and despite his claims not to believe in any sort of possible victory for the rebels because he was in love with Leia. We know that Han valued Leia’s life over his own personal safety, survival, and other priorities to such an extent that he put himself between her and Darth Vader–the most dangerous man in the galaxy–not once but MULTIPLE TIMES, and without even a moment’s hesitation. We know that he cared more about ensuring Leia’s physical and emotional wellbeing than worrying about his own fate even as he was being lowered into a pit to be frozen in carbonite, a procedure he knew perfectly well would either kill him or result in his delivery to a crime lord who would kill him once he was unfrozen. We know that Han’s love for Leia was so unselfish and so true that despite being in love with her he was willing to step out of the picture so she could be with Luke, because Han thought she was in love with him and he cared more about her happiness than his own. We know that he cared more about comforting her when she was distressed than about his own pride or feelings of hurt and frustration when they argued on Endor, and he apologized and held her despite the fact that he thought she was upset because she was in love with another man and despite her evident refusal to confide in him after having confided in Luke. We know that Leia loved Han so much that she was willing to make the most private and vulnerable confession of her life in front of a room of stormtroopers and Darth Vader, the man who had tortured her and ruined her life. We know that she cared more about Han than she did about her personal safety or the REBELLION, the cause to which she dedicated her life, because she was willing to leave the alliance to go rescue him, putting herself in incredible danger and knowing that it could have meant the end of her work fighting against the Empire. We know that the filmmakers made it a point to have the very last shot of Han and Leia in ROTJ be of the two of them physically holding each other tight, with happy, tender, relieved expressions on their faces. We know that they fought tooth and nail to be together.

And finally we know that contextually as a part of the Original Trilogy the survival of Han and Leia’s love was one of the main triumphs of the franchise–one of the victories of our heroes who had suffered so much. We know that within the Star Wars legendarium, Han and Leia were portrayed as in love with and loyal to one another throughout DECADES of canon, such that fans were presented with their SUCCESSFUL and enduring love story as an indisputable, inherent and CENTRAL component of Star Wars. And we know that culturally, Han and Leia’s love story is universally recognized–that up until the release of TFA virtually anyone in modern society–even without having ever seen Star Wars–could tell you that Han and Leia end up together.

And so, is it “realistic” given what we know about our own society for a random couple to have a failed marriage? Sure.

But that is a completely separate and incongruous thing to Han and Leia’s story.


Not one single bit.

Because if there’s anything that the original trilogy tells us, it’s that if there’s any love that could withstand hardship and tragedy, it’s the love that has already overcome so many obstacles that it survived even the most powerful man in the galaxy physically trying to tear them apart. It’s the love that represented the very message that is the heart of Star Wars: that even against all odds, love is enough, goodness will triumph over evil, and faith is rewarded. It’s Han and Leia. No matter what.


Prompt: 76 “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader



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The jeep almost folded in on itself as Y/N sat in the drivers seat. It all happened too quickly that it was almost as if she blinked and then couldn’t open her eyes again. Nobody else was in the jeep, she was alone. As her body was spread across the floor as the crumpled jeep rested on it’s roof her body was alive with fire and pain. With no measure of how long she’d been out all she could feel was fire throughout her body. It was like she was sat in a fire she couldn’t move out of because her whole body was broken. The fire from the jeep started to spread and Y/N didn’t knew how long she had before it’d be over.

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Unfortunate Events

Member: Xiumin || EXO

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angsty Fluff

Short Summary: Having arguments between couples is bad enough; what about when you’re having one on a car-packed road?

Words: 1.6k

“We’ve been over this a billion of times!” MinSeok yelled loudly, slamming his fist over the steering wheel, sending her a small glare. “Can you not be so selfish for once and understand that my work is important to me?!”

“Me being selfish?! I think I’m the most selfless person to be still dating you! Do you know what day it is today?!” her voice growled, clutching her hands in frustration as tears had begun to well in her eyes.

“It’s a fucking Tuesday today!” he retorted, his knuckles white as he shook in anger. “If you’re so unhappy with our relationship, why don’t we just break up?! Huh?! What about it?! Sounds like a great solution from this situation, to me!”

Her eyes widened and the first tears fell as she blinked in disbelief. “Stop the car.” She commanded quietly, her voice raw with emotion.

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anonymous asked:

TianShan, introducing each other to their families? Thanks! X)

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, but it’s what I had in mine! ^^””” Thanks for the prompt!

2) TianShan ~ Introducing each other to their families. 

“Say,” Guan Shan asked while staring at the stacks of condiments and seasonings, “why am I here?”

“Because you owe me a whole pot of sweet-and-sour pork. If you don’t want to be here, next time you steal Zhan’s homework.” Tian took the basket from Mo’s hands and looked around the aisle. “I’m lost as fuck here. You take the lead; I’ll just follow you and pay.”

“Then we’ll need tomato sauce with red pepper and hot beans—” Guan Shan replied, reaching for the spiciest bottle.

Tian laughed. “You know you’re gonna join me for dinner, don’t you? So prepare something you would eat and don’t fuck with my food.” He leaned over and whispered in Guan Shan’s ear, “Of course, if you want it that badly, there are more entertaining ways to set your ass on fire…”

Guan Shan turned to him, a furious blush quickly spreading over his pale face. His mouth trembled as if he wanted to retort properly, but all that escaped his lips was a frustrated “FUCK! Fuck you, you cock—!”

Tian gasped. “Such a dirty mou—!” 


They both turned around to see a young-looking woman wearing a look of disgust.

“How many times have I told you not to use that language?” She slapped the back of his head. “I’m sorry, this child can be so rude. Apologize, Guanshan!”

“Ah, there’s no need, ma’am!” He Tian turned on his charm and bowed his head respectfully. “We know each other. In fact, we’re—”

“He’s just someone who goes to the same school!” Guan Shan shouted. “His name is He Tian! We sometimes have assignments together, that’s all! Right?” He cast a desperate glance at Tian, who was raising an eyebrow.

“Right,” Tian replied. Had there been a slight pause there? “My name is He Tian. I’m always in Mo’s care. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He flashed a smile that made the hearts of both mother and son skip a beat.

“Such manners,” Guan Shan’s mother blushed. “I’m this kid’s mother. Thank you for always taking care of my son. If you ever want to do your assignments in our house, you’re more than welcome.”

“You know,” Tian said once she had left, “you actually look a lot like her. Well, if your brow wasn’t furrowed so often, maybe you’d—”

“I’m not a woman, or feminine!” Guan Shan barked. “What the chicken dick are you saying? Shit, I thought I was going to die, being found here with you…”

“Eeeh…” He Tian mused. “Would that be so embarrassing?”

Guan Shan looked up, but Tian averted his gaze and walked away.

Lately there had been something odd about that guy. Of course he could have said that they were friends, but that would mean a closeness that he still refused to acknowledge – though the mere fact that he refused it only meant that he craved it. Ever since he’d started hanging out with that guy and the other two jerks, he felt less lonely. He’d often found himself wondering how many breaks it would take Tian to come to him, how many blocks they’d walk together, how many more shared meals there would be till each went their own way. That thought scared him, and he’d always believed that the best thing to do was to avoid getting close to anyone. That way, when everything was over, it wouldn’t hurt so much, right?

“Oi, stop daydreaming.” Tian touched his face with the pack of pork tenderloin. “Is this okay?”

“I’m…” Guan Shan began to say, but suddenly a shadow loomed over him.

“Yo,” the newcomer said. Guan Shan blinked. Could this be…?

“What are you doing here, brother?” He Tian asked, moving closer. “Was the Punks Anonymous meeting canceled?”

“I’ve got a break in my shift,” he replied. “Who’s this?”

“Him? He’s… just someone who goes to my school.”

“I’ll go get the eggs,” Guan Shan muttered, walking away quickly. He turned round the corner of the aisle and stopped. Why? It felt as if he’d been dealt a blow that had left him breathless. He bit his trembling lower lip. He Tian had said… He had said… He just used the same words you used, you chicken-brained shit! Why does it bother you? Isn’t this what you want? His throat hurt. Shit. So this is how it feels, huh…

“So that’s the guy,” Brother said matter-of-factly. “The one you’re after?”


“Shut up.”

“What’s his name? If he’s gonna be family at some point, shouldn’t I introduce myself properly?”

Guan Shan heard the sound of rustling fabric, and Tian’s low, threatening voice. “I don’t want him involved in any of your shit, is that clear?”

“If you don’t tell me his name, how can I protect you both?”

“He doesn’t need your protection,” Tian said, walking past his brother. “He has me.”

Aw, crap. Guan Shan’s blood rushed through his veins. Shit, shit, shit. What’s this? He covered his mouth with his hand, as if he wanted to prevent a million words from coming out. What should I do with this feeling? He was wondering whether he should go back and say something to Tian’s brother when Tian found him.

“Did you find the eggs?”

“Yes!” Guan Shan blurted out, grabbing them from the nearest shelf.

They paid for the groceries and went out of the market. As they walked to the tower, Guan Shan took out his cellphone.

“Sending a message to your mom?” Tian asked.


“Telling her not to fall in love with the beautiful boy she met today?”

“Not quite.” He finished typing and showed it to Tian.

[I’m spending the night at my friend He Tian’s house.]

Tian raised his eyes slowly and stared at him. “Don’t Close Mountain… Do you know what you’re doing?” His voice was definitely low and dark, in a way that only Guan Shan understood.

“Yes,” he replied. “Just… Make sure I won’t regret it.”

“You won’t,” He Tian smiled, taking Guan Shan’s bag off his hand.

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three little words

a quick drabble of the scene in 43 where vex visits victor with percy and the two actually say i love you to each other from percy’s perspective - and taliesin makes the point to repeat percy telling vex he loves her when he realizes laura didn’t hear.

prompted by @tieflingofcolor‘s message in the cr discord: “you know what I want to see in fic? that moment in episode 44 where percy/tal says “I love you” after vex convinces victor not to bribe themwhich is probably the first time percy said “i love you” to vex and his thought processes when he realizes he meant it”




“Two hundred and fifty gold if you would be so kind.”

“That much?” Her face twists up, and even just leaning in through the door to look at her he can see she looks almost offended.

He can’t help the little smile that flickers across his face at her response. “I’m going to make you something lovely.”

Almost instantly, she loosens up and shoots back in a sing-song voice, “I love you!”

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what happens when Y/N regrets it?

warnings: language, angst

word count:  2. 4k

request: “can you write an imagine about Y/N breaking up with harry because she feels like she cannot keep up with his lifestyle but at the end, after some tears and some days, regrets it?”

( masterlist )

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Crossfire - 18

Chapter 17
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU

Chapter 18 / Words: 1967
A/N: Its not over yet!!!!! this one is dedicated to lucy bc shes so great to me and read all the previous chapters in one night ily lu!!! 


“Jesus, girl, shut up!” the man in the suit yelled, trying to wrestle an arm around your face.

You didn’t know why his name slipped off your lips when you decided to scream, but it was better than nothing. You did everything you could to keep the man’s hand off of your mouth, and you prayed to god that the boys hadn’t gotten in the car yet.

You heard doors opening behind you and heavy feet hitting the pavement.

“Changgu, shut her up!” an angry voice shouted. It was getting too close to you.

“Believe me, I’m fuck-OW! I’m fucking trying!”

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NSFW Alphabet (w/ Zen)

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

After sex, he gets even more romantic than usual. He likes to take care of MC, cuddling her and cleaning her up, kissing all the bruises and scratches he left on her skin. 

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He loves everything about MC, but he’s particularly in love with her stomach. He loves how soft it his, and he adores resting his head on it while she pets his head.

Being the lovely narcisist he is, he loves everything about himself as well. He’s extremely proud of his hair, and he loves the way MC tangles her fingers in it, especially if he’s going down on her.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

He cums a lot, and he loves doing inside MC. He absolutely loves seeing his cum coming out of MC, and that sight is enough to make him want to start all over again. One of his favourite things is fucking MC again while she’s still full of his cum. 

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

He loves dirty talking, as in he loves MC talking dirty to him. He loves the contrast between her usually gentle and polite attitude and all the naughty things she says whenever things are getting heated.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s a master of pleasure, even if he doesn’t have much experience. His enthusiasm and eagerness to please MC are exactly what makes sex with him amazing. After a couple of times, he learns exactly which spots are the most sensitive, what things to do or say to turn MC on.

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