but he can't seem to help himself

jinyoung has such a cute habit of covering his mouth when he laughs 😊😊😊 he’s trying to keep his amusement contained but it’s adorable when he finds something so hilarious he can’t keep it from escaping from him

Kole was sprinting through the woods, he still wasn’t back to himself and probably shouldn’t have been out by himself. But it was his free hour and he was determined to run until he couldn’t run anymore.

Only he wasn’t paying attention and next thing he knew he was falling and rolling and it seemed to last forever before he skidded to a stop. First he was howling in agony and then with hardly a break, he was screaming. His body forced him to shift back as he cradled a clearly broken arm to the side of his body.

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Flint/Thomas. 2, please.

Early relationship, fluff, (bcz of the ending, I suppose); unexpected sexual innuendos.Enjoy! 


“Thomas, please,” James whined as the carriage shook and bumped its way along the road. “Can I take this damned thing off?”

Thomas smiled and suppressed a snicker as he watched James with the blindfold on, his head moving this way and that as he tried to pinpoint their location by sound alone. The blindfold was one of Thomas’s handkerchiefs. He’d insisted on it as part of his atonement for having forgotten and then over-scheduling his and James’s day together with a local town meeting instead. James had been visibly disappointed though he’d tried to hide it and Thomas had felt terrible. And so, determined to make it up to him, he’d decided they would spend the whole day at the Chatham Dockyard, but he had told James nothing.

Finally the carriage rolled to a stop and he let James take the blindfold off. When they stepped outside James marveled at the dockyard, built like a small city and with just as much hustle and bustle. He’d never been here before–a then-trivial matter that Thomas remembered from an earlier conversation.

“Thomas, it’s extraordinary,” James told him. Thomas grinned.

“I’d hoped that would be your reaction. I must admit, even I’m impressed.”

They walked along the street of the dockyard for well over an hour, pointing things out to one another and chattering about this and that. Thomas let James ramble on about the specifics of ship building and navy rankings and any other thing the excited lieutenant was inspired by. It was, in fact, the most talkative James had ever been. When they came to rest at the end of a pier he told James as much.

“Well,” said James, daring to discreetly slip his fingers into Thomas’s hand, “You’ve managed to hit my sweet spot,” he said wryly. Thomas blinked at him, face turning red at the very obvious innuendo.


James let out a throaty chuckle.

“Sorry. But in all seriousness, thank you.This is something to remember.”

He turned and looked into Thomas’s eyes and Thomas let the calm, serene feeling that those jade eyes always caused to wash over him. He squeezed James’s hand, pressed in close to his side.

“You’re welcome,” he replied softly. “Perhaps one day, you’ll let me board your vessel,” he said, looking sideways at the other man.

James nodded. “I can probably work something out, I–”

He broke off when he caught Thomas’s gaze, mouth twisting up as he tried not to smile. He nodded instead, feeling the blood rush to his cheeks.

“You’re weren’t referring to my ship,” he said.

“No, I was not.”

“Well, my lord,” said James, “As long as you can squeeze me in to your busy schedule, I don’t see why not.”

Thomas smiled softer this time, and together they watched the sun as it sank below the horizon over the dockyard.