but he can change

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Habits of My Heart

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader leaves Dean because the Mark has changed him, but he can’t say no when she calls. 

Warnings: smut, fluff, sad!dean, moc!dean

Words: 1172

Note: IDK. I’ve been obsessed with Habits of My Heart by Jaymes Young so this is what happened. Sorry it’s kinda sad but there’s a happy ending. SENSUAL DEAN IS AMAZING 

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Nightmares - Bucky x Reader

Requested by Anon: Can you write an Bucky x Reader one shot where the reader is scared of Bucky after he nearly kills her during a nightmare? And he shows her that he can change and that she doesn’t have to be afraid?

Word count. 1037

Warnings: angst, violence

It was in the middle of the night when you woke up, because Bucky was tossing and turning next to you. You sat up quickly, trying to wake him carefully but he didn’t wake up. “Bucky, it’s me, Y/N. Wake up”, you whispered, while touching his shoulder softly. Suddenly, his eyes opened and you smiled slightly at him. “It was just a nightmare. Everything is fine now”, you told him but he didn’t seem to understand what you were talking about. He pinned you down to the bed and looked at you with furious eyes. “What did you do to her?”, he asked, gritting his teeth. “Bucky, what are you talking about? You’re hurting me”, his metal arm pressed you down, causing a lot of pain in your arm. “Where is Y/N?”, he asked. “I am Y/N, Bucky”, you said, feeling tears running down your cheeks. You knew his nightmares were bad but it had never been that bad. “Liar!”, he screamed and threw you against a wall. You screamed in pain, when your back hit the hard wall. You tried to crawl over to the door, but he was faster and pulled you up to your feet. “Bucky, please. It’s me. Stop it”, you cried in pain. He put his metal arm on your throat and pressed you against the wall, hitting you with his other arm. “Help me, someone. Please. Steve! Tony!”, you shouted as loud as you could between every punch. The door was kicked in and Steve immediately pulled Bucky away from you and held him down. The last thing you saw, was how Bucky looked at you, realization hitting him, before you collapsed and everything went black.

You woke up in a hospital room. You looked around and found Steve sitting next to you bed. “Finally you’re awake”, he said, sighing in relief. “How long have I been out?”, you asked, still feeling a bit dizzy. He told you that you’ve been sleeping for six hours now and that the others including Bucky were sitting outside, because only one person was allowed in the room with you. You flinched at the mention of Bucky. “He never did this before”, you whispered. “I know. It’s getting worse again”, he told you. “He didn’t even recognize me. He thought I was someone else. He could’ve killed me if you wouldn’t have heard me”, again tears began rolling down your cheeks. In that moment the door opened and Bucky peaked in. His face was pale and he had puffy eyes. He looked at Steve, not noticing you were awake. “Steve? I -”, he looked at you and stopped talking. You didn’t know what to do, your heart was pacing and you tried to calm yourself down but the images of last night kept flashing through your mind. “Y/N. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Last night, that wasn’t me”, he tried to explain and stepped to you, taking you hand but you quickly pulled it back, looking at him with fear in you eyes. You wanted to believe him but your head kept telling you that he’d hurt you again. “Y/N I won’t ever do this again. Please”, this time it was Bucky who cried but you just backed away even more. “Leave. Please”, you said with a shaky voice. Your head started to hurt as you thought about the things he had done. “What? No, no please Y/N. You know I love you and-”, he was interrupted by Steve, pulling him back gently: “I think it’s better if you go now Buck.” Bucky looked at you one last time and then walked out. You felt guilty because you knew he needed you but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop being afraid.

- 2 weeks later -

When you came home from hospital everyone treated you like a little child. You weren’t allowed to do anything on your own so usually someone was following you the whole day. Bucky stayed in his new room and made sure he wasn’t anywhere near you. Until one day when everyone else was on a mission. You were alone in the tower with Bucky. Steve suggested that one of them should stay with you but you knew they needed everyone they could get for the mission so you said you were fine, which wasn’t even a lie. Later that day you got hungry and went to the kitchen. What you didn’t expect was Bucky, sitting at the dinner table. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and you started to feel bad, because it probably was your fault. You were about to turn around, when he suddenly started talking: “Y/N. I’m going to go so you can do whatever you wanted to do.” His voice was calm. Oh, how you missed hearing his voice. You looked at him, not knowing what to say. He stood up, walking towards the door when you turned to face him and said: “Stay.” He looked at you and nodded, going back to what he was doing before you came. You made yourself something to eat and sat down across from him. You felt your muscles tense every time he looked at you but you kept calm. “I miss you, Y/N”, you nearly choked on your food when he started talking. Your eyes met his when you looked up. “I miss you too”, you whispered. “Please give me a second chance. I promise I’ll never let this happen again. That wasn’t me. That was the old me. I can change. I have changed. You are the most important thing in my life and I can’t live without you. I can’t sleep when you’re not next to me”, tears filled his eyes while he was talking. You looked at him and then you stood up, walking over to him. You had to tell yourself that he wouldn’t hurt you over and over again, while you were hugging him but it felt good. The feeling to finally have him back was bigger than the fear of getting hurt again. “I love you so much, Y/N”, he said while wrapping his arms carefully around your body.

graphite-pearl-draws asked:

Perhaps sombra had a situation similar to yours. when the magic hit him it didn't kill him but the evilness inside him. or at the very least took it out of him. like what happen to you, it may have been a hard time of his life and he went around the wrong way, and it consumed him.

What happened all those years ago to turn his heart dark was his own doing. Like a moth to a flame, he was drawn to power. But now he sees his mistake and works to correct himself. I trust Sombra, for he has shown me he is willing to change. Can I not give him the same kindness others gave to me when I was reformed?

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i am in tears because i'm SURE zico won't be going back to that sexy dark colored hair anytime soon 😫 CAN I PLEASE GET A MOMENT OF SILENCE - "let's all take some time off in our daily life and pray he changes it back before the season ends so we can at least enjoy him lookin fine with the rest of his team. AMEN" 🙏😇😂😭

anon is requesting for a prayer circle for zico’s hair, whoever is interested in joining the effort is welcome. thank you.

As well as Rory being treated like a child

I think in a lot of ways Jess is Rory’s only boyfriend not to see her as some kind of project. Dean idealises Rory to the point of ridiculousness, nor can he stand the thought of her growing up and changing.  Logan constantly tries to push Rory out of her comfort zone, which while isn’t necessarily a bad thing, doesn’t always seem true to her.  Furthermore, Rory consciously tries to act differently around Logan - someone more casual, more confident.  

Jess doesn’t idealise Rory or push her behavior.  He encourages her to do more, relax a little, but Rory doesn’t try to alter herself.  He also calls her on mistakes, like when she doesn’t write or call when she’s in Washington and had expected him to wait, despite still being with Dean, or not trusting him. When Jess leaves, Rory doesn’t try to find him and refuses to go with him to New York because she knows they aren’t in a good place and the timing is wrong.   Later, during Rory’s time away from Yale, Jess comes back, having worked through a lot of his own issues. Aside from the initial shyness, they both talk and are at ease together, despite the last words they shared two years before. After drinks with Rory and Logan Jess asks, without any kind of pretence, what the hell is going on.  He can see she’s trying to be someone she’s not, has lost her way and has made some serious mistakes.  He also impresses onto Rory that he doesn’t care about Logan being a jerk to him - “Screw him!” - and wants to know what’s going with her. He also thanks her, as she is the impetus for his decision to write and complete his book. Jess’s words wake Rory up and she goes back to Yale and starts to put her life back on track. 

When Rory goes to see Jess, in The Real Paul Anka, he can see she’s visibly happier and is happy in turn.  After Rory kisses him and tells him she can’t go further with it, as she is still with Logan, Jess doesn’t pretend not to be angry but he still checks she’s parked nearby and adds that, if it’ll help her feel better, she can tell Logan they ‘did something’.  He simply says, “It is what it is, you, me,” and they share a knowing look.  They understand they can’t fix or change each other.  Jess may wish things were different, but above all he wants Rory to be herself and be happy.

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"OMG D showed his apartment in his video but there're people who don't have a place to live!!! he should be ashamed of himself and we should punish him for his ignorance!1!!" i swear to god that's the logic of some people, D isn't ignorant to the issues on this planet he is very aware of them in my opinion but he can't change them all by himself so stop to project this image of your ideal human being on D and let him live

Haha yeah and phil tweeting about how life without american pancakes for breakfast will be a difficult time when there are people starving. Scandalous.

Happy Birthday to Sweet Peter Cullen :) <3

Outta the way… gotta post it before Peter Cullen’s BDay is over… 

“In my upside down world there was only one character that gave me all the courage and hope I needed to go on, Optimus! I wasn’t wise enough to look for the ending credits so I never knew who was the man behind such an incomparable voice (I found out when I was 14 :)) Optimus made me who I am today and that can never ever change. He had been the only character I’ve been adapting traits from. I’ve been in love with him and so with the man who starred his voice for him! You have all my respect Mr. Peter Cullen! ” 

You wouldn’t believe I’m crying right now… :’( 

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Rick and Candice we very at esse together. Grant and Candice are different. They vacillate between flirting and tension. Like at the beginning of the LA times, the way she smiled at him. And then there's the EW interview when she gets flustered when someone asked about them and you can see Grant's face completely change and he starts looking down, awkward and serious. Something happened between them, I just know it.

Those are my very thoughts anon. There are just a collection of things that point to something possibly having happened between them. I’m working on the “plastique” gifs now lol. 

Yo, something just got to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, but, like, in PoA, it was only when the moon came put and hit Remus that he changed, right? So, why not just stay in a windowless, underground room made out of stone for the night of the full moon, while keeping a whole lot of Wolfsbane on you? And what if the threat of a Boggart for Remus was so bad because even a Boggart Full Moon could incite the change, so he’s gotta be hella quick with the Ridikkulus spell. And what of Greyback invents a spell like Lumos that gives off something like the light of the full moon so that he can go to partial change like he does? It’s 1am and these are my thoughts.

Here is my Bon-Bon! >w< 

Ok, let’s start with this sassy diva.

Personality: Bonnie is usually a talky guy, he get’s mad very easy and you can’t change his opinion very easly… He is very arrogant sometimes and very annoying if you let him go out of the line.
He loves Chica but, his personality changes completely, he acts like a poor silly bunny, and that’s embarrasses him, and of course, he is very jaleousy.

Cute Fact: apart from being a guitarist, he is the waiter/assistant of Chica.

I forgot to add this to my other post, if you have ideas or maybe ask something to my fnaf crew you can do it! ^^

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which one of them would be the frazzled college kid ordering a cup of just espresso shots during finals and who would be the barista concerned for the others health??

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA pj would be the frazzled college kid FOR SURE,, with bags under their eyes and shaking fingers from lack of sleep as he pays like $40 for an $8 drink and walks out before the barista can give him his change because he just DOESN’T CARE ANYMORE and luca would be the hot smiley barista who actually spells everyone’s names right and writes encouraging notes and smiley faces on petey’s cup!!

(i’m laughign tho bc luca actually was a barista before the apocalypse lol,, and technically pete was a frazzled college kid, although they lived in different states)

send me questions abt p&l or anything really

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“You’re staring again” Namjoon looked at him. “How can you change your color, can all demons do that?” he sat up properly and adjusted his t-shirt. “It’s just my special power, and no” “That’s such weak answers” “No, they’re complete answers” Namjoon gave a small chuckle and Jin lied in his lap. “I don’t think they are, how come you can change eye color when others can’t?” “Special powers, I told you” “But what are special powers?” “You’re awfully curious today” Namjoon pinched his cheek.

Namjoon plz

dan’s liveshow july/21/2015

- dinner was delicious
- dan and phil went to dinner w the people that helped them w the book (publicists or publishers idek)
- their book is completely done literally the only step left is printing they can’t change anything now
- he had lotus root and golden tofu (it was delicious)
- patrick stump is back on twitter and everything is right in the world he wants to believe
- he once posted a tweet about instagram and tumblr but no one got it
- he explained it and said that your tumblr blog represents you except none of the images are yours and instagram is the same but requires you to live the life you put out there
- he asked himself what his instagram aesthetic is
- he has minions drawings of phil and himself but now they’re ruined bc of the minion-yaoi blog
- kill bill v.2 is his fav quentin tarantino film
- he didn’t plan his steamy shower, it just happened
- he really regrets everything he did to find the minion-yaoi blog
- they already filmed the dil video and they’ll upload it sometime in the next couple of days
- he’ll try to post something on instagram once he’s in LA
- he likes wearing his earrings depending on his outfit
- he hung out w a friend from high school the other day and she told him all this interesting gossip, completely unleashing everything and then asked him how he was doing and he was like ha like id tell you you’d obvs tell everyone
- that was what lead to the tweet
- he tried to make it connor franta-esque relatable
- he thinks glee was great but the thing is it started out rlly funny (like hsm parody) and it subverted all these stereotypes
- then in season 3 it just started descending
- it was still groundbreaking to him, just not as good
- he hasn’t gotten into asmr that much
- but he still likes to listen to this one guy bc it’s quite therapeutic
- he asked for some names of people that do asmr vids so he can look them up
- the gas man spent 11 seconds in their flat
- today dan made an important video
- he wanted to do a danisnotonfire vid before he left but he hasn’t had the time
- he’s got a collaaaaaaaaaaab
- he’ll do a vid once he gets back
- he’s looking forward to seeing his friends
- he’s on two panels (one about being mean online and one about humor)
- phil’s brother is going to put up a little shop w dan and phil merch at vidcon
- being a youtuber is lonely
- he liked age of ultron
- he knows nothing about what’s going on w louis (he checked his twitter)
- his fav hp movie is either Prisoner of Azkaban or Order of the Phoenix bc either one of his fav directors (Alfonso) directed PoA but OotP was such a blockbuster movie
- his fav hp book is the half-blood prince bc it turned into a sort of young adult book (OotP was rlly dense- it was rlly good, GoB was cool, a bit longer) it was the angsty teenager book and finding out about snape was the best part of the harry potter thing
- he grew up w harry
- someone hasn’t seen the movie and he freaked
- he has two bowls left. literally.
- when phil broke the bowl he walked into the kitchen and it looked like an angry warthog had rampaged through there
- two days after that dan dropped a glass
- he said je ne pas parlez français
- new dinof video will be recorded at some point after LA
- they’ll make a big deal when they decide stuff about the US book tour
- the gaming documentary is going very well
- it’s ok to have an internal conflict if he’s your son or your dad
- he’s warm and a strong 30% hungry
- they want loads of audience interaction but they don’t want to drag people on stage bc he knows some people are anxious about it
- they’re working on a thing that’ll say when the book is coming out in your country
- he’ll look at his rolemodel anthony and say “senpai! ive been vegan for a month!”
- his mom went to a theme park and sent him a picture
- ok fuck off everything he wears on his liveshows and we ask about was given to him by a fan that’s cute let’s keeo giving them clothes
- he has no clue what his shirt means
- saw the live action aot trailer. it’s ok in his opinion
- he hasn’t watched spn yet, he’s still on the x files
- neither will ever end
- he hummed the german national anthem
- he said some random shit in german
- he’s been listening to lana del rey’s new song which is pretty cool
- he unfortunately couldn’t make the premiere (as phil mentioned on his own liveshow on sunday)
- he’s excited about the american horror story lady gaga teaser
- he religiously checks formula 1
- true detective is amazing and great
- he wants to watch the true detective characters in a boring, domestic sitcom
- in the uk apparently they say touch wood instead of knock on wood
- the thing that irks him is when people are like “irregardless of that […]” bc it’s regardless of that
- he sometimes forgets armadillos exist

i couldn’t finish but here it up until 46:34