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What inspired you exactly for the character designs of "Skull Kid"?

The first designs, that are over a year old were inspired by Mystery Skulls and Steven Universe, I wanted a simple style that I could handle.

But over time that changed and I fell IN LOVE, with Studio Trigger’s style. But it’s too complex for me, so I wanted to animate something mixed with Soul Eater and Kill La Kill. Both animes have embraced western cartoony styles, and is why I love them so much compared to traditional anime.

Skully’s design hasn’t changed much she was inspired by Ryuko, Lewis, Skull Girls. Dex has changed soooo much, he can hardly be called the same character. He was inspired by Gorillaz, Natewantstobattles, Soul Eater, Poet Anderson. The city Salem, is inspired by Death City, London, Tim Burton and Tales Of Vesperia.

Overall I love Anime and Cartoons, and want to mix them together to create something awesome.

Thank you for taking interest in Skull-Kid!

Narcissa and Andromeda reconnecting.

Andromeda getting to know her nephew Draco.
Draco getting to know Teddy.

Teddy turning into Draco’s favourite little person.

Draco telling Teddy is trying to gain Astoria’s heart.

Teddy meeting Astoria.

Teddy telling Astoria that he’ll marry her when he grows up because she’s just so pretty but for now, Draky can have her because Draco just loves her.

Astoria blushing but smirking and feeling quite honoured to have the attention of two handsome and good hearted boys.

Teddy watching Draco and Astoria’s love blossom into genuine and beautiful and noisy named Scorpius.

Teddy being Scorpius’ godfather and favorite person because “He can change the colour of his hair. I want blue hair too.”

Scorpius admiring Teddy and wanting to be in Hufflepuff and a head-boy like him.

Teddy and Scorpius being best friends forever.

Astoria asking Teddy to be there for Draco and Scorpius when she’s gone because they’ll need him.

Teddy promising he would and asking Astoria to say hello and to say he is okay to his parents when she sees them.

Mads Mikkelsen is dying to see himself battle Darth Vader
With cheekbones that could slice a finger and a steely glare to haunt your dreams, Mads Mikkelsen has been slowly cornering the market in Hollywood tough guys. The 51-year-old Dane is 6 feet of man…

Alexa: So Galen is the father of Jyn, the lead character?
Mikkelsen: Yes.
A: Is it possible he may have designed the Death Star?
M: Well, according to the trailer, it doesn’t look like it.
A: But he’s definitely a scientist?
M: Yes, and he’s working on something on a scale that can change the world for good or for worse. We don’t know.
A: It looks from the most recent trailer that you get to fight Darth Vader.
M: Does it? That’s news to me — they might have done some re-shoots I haven’t heard about. If that’s in the trailer I should keep my mouth shut. I’m dying to see that scene — let’s put it that way.
A: Is Galen good or bad?
M: We are more 80/20 — he is a good person. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always doing the right thing.
A: He kind of looks like a hobo …
M: Yes! In some of the sequences, he does, but there’s a time lapse in the film and I do have two different looks. We are spanning 10 to 12 years, so there are different looks for all of the characters. I’m afraid I’m going to give something away, but he is at a place in his life where he’s trying not to be found.


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by sunniskies

Steve Rogers has been teaching art to veterans for two years. He loves his job, nothing can change that. Not even Bucky Barnes, the new student who irks Steve in all the wrong ways. All he has to do is make it through a few weeks teaching this stranger with the haughty attitude and annoyingly perfect jawline how to draw and he can forget about him. Right?

Words: 4552, Chapters: 1/10, Language: English

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so, in ep 5 isak told even that he decided his life would be better without mentally ill people in it (refering to his mom) and even looked really upset, then kissed him, but vanished out of his life after that for a while/got back together with Sonja, right?

But then Even reached out again. He didn’t want to let his illness get in the way of his happiness. But then he had a manic episode right in front of isak (and fuck sonja btw for saying even was manic that whole time, like, stop lying, gurl), who, let’s remember, told him he didn’t want metally ill people around him.

And now, having probably calmed down and hopefully not in a depressed phase, even won’t answer his phone. And I’m having a lot of feelings right now, because what if he is ashamed of his illness, something he can’t possibly change? or what if he is just really afraid of how isak is reacting to this? my poor baby (I call a character I have known for all of 11 days (that’s how new I am to this show) my baby. they stole my heart so fast) is already dealing with this whole stuff. and on top of that he has to deal with the uncertainty about his relationship to isak, just because isak said that stupid shit and didn’t even mean it. (and if that doesn’t show you that you should be more careful about what you say, then I don’t know what will)

ugh, I’m rambling. I’m just so concerned for even atm. PICK UP THE PHONE. ISAK LOVES YOU. DON’T BE AFRAID.

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In what colors can megumi's hair turn into and what do they mean? Sorry if this was already asked~~ ;D

I don’t think I’ve ever gone into full depth about what they mean, so thanks for asking! First, she can change he hair to any color she wants (except her own natural hair color for some reason) but besides that she can basically turn it into whatever color she can think of! :D Megumi will usually make it coordinate with her outfit in some way, but most of the time for school she’ll make it purple. 

And sometimes her hair will change colors on its own if she’s feeling a really intense emotion. I don’t quite have all of them worked out yet, but so far I have:

Pink= embarrassed or aroused (kind of like an extra blush ;P)
Light blue= sad
Dark blue= when she’s feeling really calm and relaxed (which is rare)
Green= annoyed or jealous (and sometimes when she’s feeling ill)
Red= angry
Maroon= bloodlust (only happens on the full moon; her hair sometimes turns pink with bloodlust too as it’s the full moon and her libido is increased)
Yellow= extremely happy
White= terrified 
Orange= determined
Grey: depressed

But of course they don’t always have to mean an emotion if she’s just turning that color for an outfit heh

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so i have this friend and he's actually kind of problematic. he says there's only three sexualities (bi, homo, and hetero), and he says you can't be transgender because it's "wrong to change nature". he also tries to define my sexuality by saying i'm ACTUALLY bisexual because "you've never had sex with anyone so you can't know you're a lesbian" like?? maybe that i'm dick repulsed? maybe that all my crushes are girls? idk just a thought

Ugh I’ve known these types of people all my life. I wish I could tell you that he’s the only one but unfortunately, you’ll come across many people just like him. But you know who you are. You really don’t need to explain yourself to him. If he is interested and open minded then great, teach him that there are so many different types of people that aren’t boxed into those three options and two genders.

- Nicole


I honestly hope that people can let this go. If JB is homophobic then we can’t change that. But I really doubt he meant his comment with any offense to the lgbt community. He’s always teasing his members with tough love so why is it any different when he does it with his best friend? Also I’m sure as the leader he is, he would not say anything in that manner especially when one of his members has an openly gay sister. The attacks on him need to stop and messaging Jackson to “talk” with JB also needs to stop.


“It’s been three minutes.” | Nicolas Brown | Gangsta e.2