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I'm actually quite curious about the way you describe the way Kurama is able to experience things through his hosts. Not just the way he picked up sealing techniques, information, basic human interaction, or feel his hosts experiences, but the way he reacted to the kunai thrown by Zabuza. In that the way you describe it like muscle memory. How much has Kurama actually inherited from his hosts? Just how much trickles through? For example, can Kurama use a sword/perform Kushina's katas?

I tend to think of it as symbiosis, where how much Kurama can feel/sense changes depending on how “awake” he is - how present in the host’s mind. With Kushina, say, he was usually awake. Angry, but able to sense what was happening and how Kushina did things. He’s currently in Naruto’s body, and has been pretty much completely present for decades in Naruto’s mind, so he has pretty much all of his muscle memory. He defaults to what Naruto knows, but inherited skills from Kushina and Mito are definitely going to come into play later on. 

Redeemed!Sendak rant
  • Brain:Okay what if Sendak could be reformed
  • Me:Nope, don't start sympathizing with the evil chinchilla-
  • Brain:But there's the likelihood that his belief system is just a product of a corrupt upbringing. He mentions being experimented on by the druids, altered into a literal living weapon, so casually. Like he's been made to believe that his own well-being and autonomy doesn't matter as long as it benefits Zarkon. And Haggar doesn't seem to trust him, maybe there's something to that.
  • Me:sTOP-
  • Brain:Conditioning can be treated. In the right environment he might even change for the better. If he were made to truly understand the harm that Zarkon and his empire have wrought, as well as the value of life, maybe he could even choose to side with Team Voltron, try to help them.
  • Brain:I mean, yeah, and I'm probably interpreting him incorrectly, but I might not be. Just think about it
  • Me:I don't want to
  • Brain:He'd start out helping them from the background; taking out small Galra outposts, sneaking aboard cargo ships and destroying supplies, etc., and when he starts sending encoded info to the castle-ship they realize someone has been helping them. Eventually they cross paths during a particularly drawn out battle; the mysterious ally has been revealed to be Sendak, but he's bleeding out from the fight. They make the decision to bring him back and put him in a healing pod, figure out what to make of him later.
  • Me:...
  • Brain:...
  • Me:Sigh. Just continue.
  • Brain:Okay, so they decide to keep him around as their ally under extreme scrutiny. He'd still be temperamental and haughty, especially at first, and he'd argue with the team (especially Shiro) about their tactics and training regimen. They'd frequently doubt him but he manages to earn their trust slowly. Time goes by and bonding moments ensue.
  • Brain:Pidge making him carry her around on his shoulders. Lance trying to joke with him and, after many failed attempts, finally getting a laugh out of him. Silent staring matches with Keith (somehow this is still progress). A tense sparring session with Shiro that ends in an equally tense heart-to-heart. Hunk letting him help with the heavy lifting when he's making repairs. Finding Allura during a low point thinking about her father and Sendak expressing remorse over the hurt he caused her. Talks with Coran over the differences in their military training.
  • Me:...
  • Me:Y'know now that I think about it he never killed anyone at any point in the season
  • Brain:See?
  • Brain:And I mean if Darth Vader and Vegeta can be redeemed I don't see why Sendak can't
  • Me:I mean... Yeah. I can live with that.

Okay despite how it may seem I don’t actually enjoy hating on Kaiba. There are aspects about him I like and he is an interesting character, and given the kind of life he had probably could have turned out a lot worse.

Now in fairness I’m sure as the years go on post canon, of course he’ll always strive to be the best and at the top but I’d also like to think he might mellow at least a little and would certainly have a better grasp on his priorities.

But this isn’t a change he can accomplish alone or even with just Mokuba and Roland. Yes he’s been through a lot and certainly has a lot of knowledge about life but also because he had a very rough upbringing he only views the world as a cold cruel place where the only person you can trust is yourself and that o and basically only sees the negative.

This is why Yugi and Co are important. Kaiba needs someone to teach him about life. Or more specifically that there is more to life then just what he sees- blinded by his anger and hatred, jealousy and all that.

To teach him that asking for help from others is not weakness (as well as helping others)  ,friends are beneficial and that the world may not be all good but it’s not all bad either. And be able to learn from them, even through simply observing the group- (as while Mokuba accepts them as friends I can’t really see Kaiba ever fully viewing them as friends, just isn’t such an ass to them as they get older)-  that there is so much more to life then what he thinks he knows and it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

As well as realize that while he maybe be a company CEO he’s also still just a kid/teenager and needs to learn how not to be so serious all the time or to take everything so personally, that games can be played for fun without any stakes (and that you can still have fun whether you win or lose). 

Aaaa this took so long to make T_T This is my Sole Survivor, Taylor Hawkins. Purposely meant to look ambiguous so that he can blend into either gender depending on how he feels that day. Though since the Wasteland doesn’t offer many places to stop and change clothes, he’s usually rocking the skirt. I can’t wait to start the story ;U; 

me and @get-hunkedon were talking about hunk (and pidge) and kuro engineering paladin armor and bayards and whoops i got carried away

have ur local snarky asshole with his infiltration armor (the blue accents can change to purple so he can seem more like a galran if he sneaks in)

also u can’t see it but i did make his irises yellow

look at him being a smug asshole

here’s the original image too


“It’s been three minutes.” | Nicolas Brown | Gangsta e.2


Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1

Dan and Phil watching videos together :)

I thought it was about time for a new drawing! I’d like to think that Phil isn’t always alone when he watches cute animal videos :)