but he can change


(inspired by death note & black butler || previous ver.)

in which as an angel of death, jungkook has the ability to know when a human will die by looking at the numbers floating around their head. but kim taehyung’s numbers, the human whose soul he is supposed to take, miraculously changes every now and then. 

“can your numbers stop changing?! you are so damn annoying!”

“what numbers— can you stop changing your eye color then?! it’s freaking me out!”

“but i need it to check your numbers— oh alright i’m killing you in 20 minutes.”

“what the fuck? excuse me? killing me?”

“wait it changed again to 9 days?! when am i supposed to take your soul and go back to heaven now!”

“that’s the thing, jungkook! you’re supposed to be in heaven now not here—”



“…i don’t remember telling you my name, kim taehyung.”

“i— i. forget that. just pretend you didn’t hear anything. now leave me alone!”

(no, taehyung. he is not jungkook; at least not the same one as your very own soulmate. this one is just a crazy dude who talks nonsense about killing you and happens to have jungkook’s face, jungkook’s voice, jungkook’s built, jungkook’s bunny teeth, jungkok’s frown— but he is not jungkook.)

“do you know something that i don’t, kim taehyung?”

“no. now leave.”

Demon Notes: Marbas

Rank: President
Color: Orange
Incense: Storax
Metal: Mercury
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Marbas
Date: Mat 1-10 day (taurus 10-10)
Tarot: 6 of disks
Original purpose: Uncovering secrets, causing and healing illnesses, and mechanical arts.

Daemonolatry Goetia (S Connolly)
Healing and cursing (obviously).  Invoke when studying mechanics of any kind including mechanics of the human body (ei medicine) to retain and learn more.  Invoke Marbas to cause you to see truth in any situation.  

Crowley’s Goetia
The fifth Spirit is Marbas.  He is a Great President, and appears at first in the form of a great lion, but afterwards, at the request of the Magician, puts on human form.   He answers truthfully concerning things hidden or secret.  He causes diseases And Cures them.  He  gives  great  wisdom  and knowledge  in Mechanical Arts and can change  men into other shapes. He governs 36 Legions  of Spirits.

Luciferian Goetia (Michael Ford)
Marbas appears in the mind’s eye as a Lion, which beholds a shadow which is twisted and sharp looking. Marbas appears as any form desired, mostly as a shadowed man. This spirit reveals hidden aspects of the self through initiatory experience.  As a cursing tool, one may evoke Marbas in the mind, and his 36 legions of spirits to manifest in the enemy as a disease. He may be used also to improve the ability to will immune system to work more efficiently, thus a beneficial spirit/Angelic familiar.

As Always

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How would Monster AU!Tony react to finding out Clint's reel name is Clinton?

Clint confides that his full name is Clinton late at night. He’s ashamed of it. The circus masters always spit his name at him like it was disgusting. But it’s what his name is, so he shortens it to Clint.

(Tony tells him he can change his name if he wants. Clint seriously thinks about it. But then remembers Tony running through the mansion, calling out, “Clint! Clint! I made a harness so you don’t have to worry about dropping me! Clint, let’s try it out!” Or calling out, “Clint! I bought chocolate covered crickets will you actually eat them!?” Or calling out, “Clint work sucked can we cuddle?” Tony never says his name with disgust, or shame. He’s always happy to see him. Clint doesn’t think… anyone was happy to see him before. He keeps the name.) 

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Does yuuri's sleeping habits change after he gets pregnant? I can't image sleeping on your stomach being fun then lol

Sleeping is actually very hard for Yuuri while he’s pregnant for this very reason! He can’t lay on his belly or his back, and it’s always been almost impossible for him to fall asleep on one of his sides. 

For the first few months of his pregnancy with Irina, it’s alright because until month three or four, the embryo is still between the hipbones and no discomfort can really be felt by the carrier. Of course, his doctor eventually tells him that he has to start sleeping on his sides–because wow back damage if he tries to sleep on his back. 

Between the ages of 28 and 39, Yuuri spends a combined four and a half years of that time pregnant. He gets very good at making himself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. That doesn’t mean he likes it.

When he’s pregnant with Irina, he and Viktor construct these elaborate pillow forts (There’s no better way to describe them) to keep Yuuri propped on his side with enough support on his belly that it doesn’t bother his back, but also enough support on his back that his arms don’t fall asleep within fifteen minutes. They’re both very, very cautious and careful because A: They’ve never done this before and B: Their conception problems are not far behind them at all.

Halfway through his pregnancy with Mikhail, Yuuri is introduced to the existence of pregnancy pillows by Isabella–who is currently pregnant with Jean–as they’re swapping Bad Pregnancy Stories backstage at World’s. Isabella is there for JJ and Viktor and Yuuri are there to commentate in their respective languages.

“Look at this,” Isabella tells him with glee in her voice. “You have to look at this, I love it–I love mine, I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Yuuri, who knows exactly what he would do without it, examines the picture of heavily-pregnant Isabella being cradled by a pillow half the size of the bed it’s on and enters a state of awe.

He hasn’t fallen so passionately and ardently in love with anything since he was twelve years old and watching a boy made of starlight dance across a sheet of ice.

“I need it,” he breathes, gripping the phone with both hands.

“You can customize them,” Isbella says slyly, and taps through to a website.

“Oooh,” Yuuri says, and he and Isabella lose well over half an hour to whenyoureexpecting.com.

Yuuri shows the website to Viktor, who sits down with Yuuri in his lap on the couch and Irina in Yuuri’s arms, and tells Yuuri to pick out the one he wants.

“I can’t decide between the adjustable one and the king-size,” Yuuri says, scrolling between them. “And there’s also one that converts into a nursing pillow…which would be nice…”

Viktor buys him all three. 

“That was unnecessary,” Yuuri tells him, half-unconscious on his brand-new navy blue king-size pregnancy pillow, which leaves about a foot of maneuverable space on the bed once both it and Yuuri are settled.

“I think it was very necessary,” says Viktor, smiling and bouncing Irina on the bed.

Yuuri holds out his arms. “Give me my baby.”

Viktor does, and she settles perfectly between Yuuri, Yuuri’s belly and the pillow. Viktor feels a rush of love crawl up his throat and expel itself physically from his mouth in a ridiculous high-pitched noise that he is powerless to stop.

“Shh,” Yuuri whispers. “We’re sleeping now. All of us.”

Viktor lays down, more cuddling the pillow than he is either his husband or daughter, but it’s worth it. Yuuri hasn’t slept this peacefully since before they started trying for Baby 2.

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I'm contributing to kliensen bc there isn't enough of it. Evan regularly names tiny potted plants after people (he has at least 3 named after his mom etc.) And when he suggested naming one after Jared he was like "can I change it up a bit?" so he now has all these plants with lil tags on them that have names written nicely and then you just have "JARED THE DESTROYER"

Oh my god. It’s this cute tiny little succulent but jared and evan decorated the pot to look ~hardcore~ n it makes evan smile whenever he sees it


One Hell of a Morning: Part 4

Summary: When Bucky Barnes wakes up from a wild night out, he thinks nothing of the two bite marks on his neck. But as the days go on, it’s clear that something is changing within him. The sun burns his skin, he can talk to bats, and crosses give him goosebumps. What could it mean? Who, or what, is Bucky Barnes becoming? Based on this Tumblr post.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark

Warnings: curse words

A/N: So this is a nine-part series, and I’ll release a new part each day! Please let me know if you want to be tagged! As always, thanks for reading!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

The next evening, Bucky headed over to Steve’s apartment for their weekly movie night. He had left Matrix with a fresh watermelon and an old Batman movie to keep him company.

He knocked on the door and stepped back. Steve opened the door with a sandwich in his hand. Bucky scrunched his nose; he could smell the garlic from where he was standing.

“Hey weirdo,” Steve said with a mouthful of food. He turned around and headed back towards his kitchen.

Bucky tried to follow him inside, but he paused. It was like an invisible force field was keeping him from entering Steve’s apartment. He tried to put his foot through the doorway, but he couldn’t make it all the way in.

“What the?” he muttered to himself. He tried again but had no luck.

“Dude!” Steve called from inside. “You coming in or what?”

Just like that, the invisible barrier dropped, and Bucky’s foot entered the apartment. Bucky stared between his foot and the hallway, completely confused. He couldn’t dwell on it for too long because a feeling of uneasiness suddenly washed over him.

He stepped into the apartment, and his eyes immediately locked on the cross sitting on the table next to Steve’s couch. The small stone statue seemed to be glaring at Bucky, and he could feel a thin sheen of sweat start to form on his forehead. Bucky wouldn’t call himself a religious person, but for whatever reason, the cross was really freaking him out.

Without even really thinking about it, he took one of the pillows off of Steve’s couch and knocked the cross onto the cushion. He rolled it until it caught in the crack and then pushed it down further. He sighed in relief as the uneasy feeling went away. When he looked up, he found Steve staring at him.

“Did you…did you just shove my cross in my couch?” Steve finally asked after a few moments of silence.

“Ummm, maybe?” Bucky replied, his cheeks turning red. “It was freaking me out, okay?”

“Freaking you out?” Steve parroted. “Dude, you’re freaking me out!” He paced around his living room, sandwich still in hand. “Staying in all day, staying up all night, buying coffin beds, getting rid of crosses…” He paused and laughed to himself. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were turning into a vampire.”

Both men stared at each other and then bust out laughing.

“HA! Good one, punk,” Bucky guffawed, wiping a tear off his cheek. “Mind if I use your bathroom real quick?”

Steve nodded. “Sure thing. Want me to make you a sandwich?”

“Yeah. No garlic though!” Bucky called as he walked inside Steve’s bathroom.

He could hear Steve shuffling the sandwich ingredients together as he went to the bathroom. Once he flushed the toilet, he moved to the sink to wash his hands. He looked up into the mirror and nearly fell over.

“Oh my…” he whispered. He blinked, once, twice, then three times, but nothing had changed.

“Uhhh, Steve?” Bucky called urgently. “Please tell me your mirror is broken!”

Steve snorted and walked over towards the bathroom. “What the heck are you talking about, Buck? Is it cracked or something?”

“Not that kind of broken, Stevie,” Bucky replied, opening the door. His face had gone completely ashen, and his eyes were terrified.

“Bucky, what’s going-” Steve gasped as he finally got a look at the mirror. He stood next to Bucky to get a closer look, but his eyes weren’t deceiving him. He should have seen him and Bucky standing next to each other, but that’s not what he saw at all. Steve could see himself alright…

…but Bucky’s reflection wasn’t there.

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what are your top 2 favorite namjoon songs he's in/wrote/sang?

my all time favorite is his fools cover with jjk….,,,,every time i hear it i get goosebumps n honestly,,,the emotion in his voice i really always wanna cry hearing it no matter how many times ive heard it :( and also what am i to you bc that song is so him and the performance has me shaking every time….,,,, 

but honestly my favorite songs by him are all the old ones,, the 2014 and before onwards, the ones he wrote about society and youth and justice and things that can change the world……..that’s why his songs like ‘change’ are much more important and meaningful to me than any love songs him or any of the rest of them can ever perform. my favorite time for music for him and the group was the no more dream, adult child, n.o times,,,,i miss it n i love when he wrote music he wanted to change the world with and had deep meaning behind it !


 he’s all talk
he’s already spent like three slots bedazzling that biker jacket he hawked off kravitz


How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]