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Hot Tub

Prompt: When you (Archies girlfriend) and Betty find out about all the girls Chuck has shamed, you help Veronica get revenge.

a/n; that scene last week was so badass I just had to do something with it. 

Word Count: 460

Pairing: Archie Andrews X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

Unlike Betty, I charged into the boys locker room with confidence just like Veronica, “Y/N?” Archie gasped when we walked into him, his towel almost falling down. I scanned him over quickly, moving forward with Veronica, tugging Betty along with us. Chuck smirked as we came up to him, Veronica stared him down. 

“Listen, asshole.” I snapped making Chuck raise his eyebrows raise, “who knew Archies girl had such a mouth on her.” He teased, thinking he was all that, but really he’s just a stuck up jerk. I felt a presence behind me and I knew it was Archie. I didn’t look back at him, listening as Veronica went on her little rant, when she had finished we turned to leave, just to find Archie watching me questioningly, normally I’m more reserved. Not to mention I almost never swear. 


I put the cap back on my lipstick as I finished applying the extremely dark red, almost almost black, product to my lips. Completing my extra sexy look, all part of the scheme to get Chuck to fall deeper into our trap. My heels clicked as I walked out to the hot tub slowly, hearing Veronica talking to Chuck. “Ah, damn. Look at little miss perfect.” Chuck smirked, scanning me over as my hips went side to side just a little bit more than usual. 

“Archie must not be to happy with you.” His attention seemed to fall more on me than Veronica now, but all of us changed our gaze to Betty as she stalked out, her blonde hair tucked away under the black wig. I lowered myself to be sitting by the edge of the hot tub, my legs crossed as I leaned back on my hands, letting my loosely curled hair fall behind my shoulders.

I couldn’t help but squeal once Chuck was gone, “we actually did it!” I cheered to myself as I changed out of the revealing swimsuit. 


I stood to the side as Chuck and his little gang of friends walked through the halls, having just been kicked off the football team. I bit my lip as the oh-so-familiar arms of Archie Andrews went around my waist, “I saw the video.” He started off, his lips ghosting over my hair, almost touching the tip of my ear. “I’m kind of jealous the whole school saw you like that.” He mumbled, laughing against my skin, unable to keep a serious attitude. I smiled turning to face him, still having his arms around me. 

“Who knows, maybe she could make a comeback.” I teased, one of my hands playing with the hair at the base of his head, he kissed me, catching me off guard, we’re normally not PDA type people. “I’d like that.”

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 7!!!!

Lance chocked on a gasp as his back slammed against the wall, air rushing out of his lunges. Momentarily paralyzed from the impact, he crumbled to the ground. “LANCE!!” ‘Wa-was that Keith?’ Lance thought. He didn’t know, his brain felt cloudy all of a sudden. He logically knew that he was on the brink of unconsciousness, which he would gladly welcome. Everything hurt. And the Galra soldier wasn’t finished with him yet. But as said Galra grabbed a fist full of his hair and punched him in the ribs, he couldn’t come to regret his decision. It was apart of his plan after all. It was rather simple to be honest. The Galra were bigger hotheads than Keith, by a very large margin. All it took was for Lance to toss a few irritating comments and throw around insults for the Galra to get rilled up enough to release the cuffs from Lance’s hands by keying in a certain code and saying something in Galran into an alien like computer. Lance smirked. *Bingo* That smirk didn’t last long as he was getting the ever loving shit beat out of him. The Galra was shouting at him, probably insults, but Lance couldn’t hear him. It was as if he were underwater. He slowly raised a hand to his ear, and when he brought it back, it was painted red. ‘Oh. That probably explains it.’ The Galra grabbed Lance by the wrist and sneered right in his face. “You pathetic waste of space. You call yourself the Blue Paladin, the defender of the universe, and yet you crumble at a single punch. Disgusting.” “You know, if you’re gonna get this close to my face, could you please use a breath mint? Surely you have space TicTacs or something cause holy quiznak, have you ever brushed your teeth?” Lance was replied with a punched to the jaw, and the force of it made it him slide against the wall. Stars bursts across his eyes. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. But he needed to stay awake. He had to. For his team. The Galra braced his hands against the wall, and began to kick Lance, over and over again, anywhere he could kick. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped. The Galra wiped sweat off his brow. “I’m not finished with you yet. When I come back..heh, well you’ll just have to wait and see.” And then he was gone. Lance stayed on the ground, tears streaking down his face, ragged breathes rocking his body. “Lance! Lance! LANCE!!!” came a broken shout. 'Yep, definitely Keith.’ Lance slowly raised up, and his legs nearly crumbled against his weight. He tried to access the damage his body had just received, but his vision was obstructed by a swollen, black eye that almost made his eye completely shut. From what he could see, he had infinite bruises and scratches, he was bleeding somewhere, probably in multiple places because his whole front was almost covered in crimson. And with the wheezing and struggle to breath, he was pretty certain he had a few broken ribs and some internal bleeding. Forgetting his pain, on wobbly legs, he made his way to the computer. He ignored the shouts from his worried teammates. If he saw their faces, he might fall apart. He reached the computer, and it was all in Galran. “Lance, what are you doing?? It’s all in their language, come over here and we’ll figure something out! Please, don’t hurt yourself even more!” Pidge cried out. Lance tilted his head toward her and sent her a small smile. “It’s okay Pidgeon..I’m afraid I haven’t been completely honest with you guys.” “What are you-” Lance turned around and in clear, perfect Galran, repeated the phrase the Galra said. The computer came to life under Lance’s fingertips. He couldn’t help but smirk. 'Too easy.’ Lance glances and the keys and he could easily read and understand what they were. Lance quickly went to work, hands flying against the keyboard. Lance’s brain took over. He no longer felt the pain in his head or his body. His minded was zeroed in. “Lance..how-what-?” “Their firewall is pretty elementary which is surprising. Of course it’s more advanced than the Garrison’s but come on, even a child could break through that firewall. I thought I would’ve had to bring out the big guns, but no. You would think they would have a stronger security than this. It would be easy to create. For example, there is this one line of code that you can place as a trap. If anybody tries to break through, it attacks them back, destroys their technology. It’s quite effective.” He chuckled. In the back of his mind, Lance knew he was rambling. He couldn’t really help it when he was in Prodigy Mode. That’s what his family called it when he got like this. As Lance typed, he couldn’t see the shocked and disbelieving looks on his teammates faces. “Ah! There it is! Just the one I was looking for! Just a few more seconds and you’ll be-” the doors of the room busted wide, and the Galra looked at him murderously. Lance froze as he noticed that in one hand, the Galra had a knife. “Why you little piece of-” the insult died on his tongue as he charged toward Lance. Lance tried to move, to defend himself, but his legs gave out from beneath him. The Galra was on top of him, pining his weight to the ground, and he slowly raised the knife to his chest. Keith thrashed wildly against his cuffs. “LANCE, NO! I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SONOFABITCH DO YOU HEAR ME? DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!” The Galra raised up bringing Lance with him. “Oh, I see what’s going on here…I wonder how the red Paladin would react if he had to watch his precious blue bleed out. Right in front of his eyes.” Lance closed his eyes, crying softly. “It’s okay guys. I’m sorry I failed, but I knew this was coming.” He gave them a weak smile. “Lance…” “Enough of this sob story! It’s time for you to die!” Just as the Galra was about to thrust the knife through him, a deafening crash rang around them, and one of the walls shattered. Lance chocked and gagged as the dust settled when he heard Keith murmur “…Red?” It was, in fact, the Red Lion…but his back was toward Keith and the others. Red was looking directly at Lance and the offending Galra. Lance stared in shock and disbelief. Unfortunately the Galra was the first to react. He grabbed Lance by the shoulder, and buried the knife deep into his abdomen. Lance made a gurgling noise from the back of his throat as his mind went blank and all he could feel was a searing white, hot pain. “LANCE!!!” Lance couldn’t respond, his eyes wide. A roar ripped from the Red Lion and he attacked the Galra. Lance’s hand slowly reached down to the gaping, bleeding wound. His brain took over once more. His body slowly taking him back to the computer keys. “Lance! Come back right now!” “Lance, it’s not worth it!” “Please, stop!” “You’re gonna hurt yourself even more!” Lance ignored his team. His fingers reached the keyboard and he typed the final line of code. The team’s cuffs fell to the ground, just when Lance did. A broken “L-Lance!” ripped from Keith’s throat as he ran to him. He pulled Lance into his lap, trying to stop the bleeding. “Come on Lance, stay with me! You can’t leave me, you idiot, you can’t!” Tears were starting to spill from his eyes. Lance smiled weakly again. “Looks like we’re having another bonding moment. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll ever remember this one.” “Lance, please. It’s okay if you don’t remember, I don’t care. Just please stay awake, please stay with me.” Lance grabbed his hand and gave him a small smile. The team gathered around him, Pidge and Hunk sobbing while Shiro had a dark look in his eyes. “It’s alright guys.” Lance closed his eyes, welcoming the calming darkness. “It was all part of the plan.”

keeping secrets (has never been so hard)

(Okay wow, this ended up being so much longer than I anticipated but I can say it was so much fun to write! It’s just cute and fluffy and very sappy. @croke-park-princess I hope I did this justice and it was what you wanted!)

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Five times Eddie and Richie were almost caught making out, and then one time they were.

1. Mike

“Why are we all the way out here Richie?” Eddie asked, caution evident in his voice as he followed his boyfriend up the hill to the barn that Mike’s uncle owned. “I really don’t want to get into trouble.”

‘Don’t worry Eds, no-one’s up here at this time of day,” Richie informed him as he laced their fingers together, pulling him round to the back of the barn and pushing him up against the wall, hands cupping Eddie’s face as he brought their lips together.

Eddie’s brain short circuited for a moment before he broke the kiss, glaring at Richie, “R-Richie we- we can’t-“

“Sure we can,“ he winked and Eddie just sighed, a small smile playing on his lips before pulling him back in, this time running his tongue over Richie’s bottom lip, coaxing his lips open and his boyfriend eagerly obliged, hands resting on Eddies’ hips, rubbing soft circles into the skin beneath his shirt.

They had only started dating about three months ago. One night, Richie had come to his window just after 2am, after having had a fight with his mother once again about his sexuality. Richie had come out as gay when he was fifteen years old, Eddie being the first person he told when they were lying back on the grass of Eddie’s house, looking at the stars. At that moment Eddie wasn’t sure what his feelings were towards his best friend, but damn he knew they weren’t just platonic.

Eddie was just shy of sixteen when he came out to Richie, although no matter how much he wanted to, he didn’t say anything about how all he wanted to do was kiss that smirk off of Richie’s face.

The night that Richie had come by, he had barely been in the room two minutes before he’d pulled Eddie into a kiss and they’d never looked back. However, none of the other losers knew about their relationship, not yet anyway. Honestly both of the boys weren’t sure how they would react to seeing them as a couple, even though they were all perfectly cool with them being gay.

Richie broke off their kiss gently when the need for oxygen became too much and started a trail of soft kisses down Eddie’s jaw towards his neck when-

“I think I might have left it out back! Let me just go check!” The voice of their friend Mike echoed from around the corner and both boys jumped apart as though they’d been burned, Eddie running a hand through his hair and Richie fixing his glasses just as Mike appeared. He stopped when he saw two of his friends and blinked, “Oh hey guys. What are you two doing here?”

“Oh us? We were just looking for you Mike my man!” Richie stared talking, which always worked when he was trying to get out of a situation. It was a gift he said. “We couldn’t find you and thought maybe you actually fell down one of these holes out here!”

“Well, I didn’t. I’m right here. I just have to grab that bucket right there and then we can go yeah?“ He looked at both of the boys and they nodded simultaneously.

“Yeah, yup, sounds perfect Mike!” Eddie said quickly, cursing himself at how high his voice sounded. Mike just gave them one last look before he picked up the bucket and disappeared back around the corner. Eddie slumped against the wall and sent Richie a glare.

“So close, Richie.” Eddie said and Richie smirked.

“Your mom said the same thing to me last night!” Which earned him a much deserved smack.

2. Bill & Georgie

“This is nice,” Eddie commented as they sat in one of the back booths of the local diner. No-one questions why they are here alone as it was something they always did even before they’d gotten together.

Richie just smiled and sat Eddies plain vanilla milkshake in front of him before he started slurping at his own chocolate fudge one, “I love our friends, but it’s nice to be able to spend time just us.” This was one of the rare occasions that Richie didn’t ruin a moment with some sexual joke or a comment about his mom, instead he glanced around the empty diner and leaned across the table, kissing Eddie on the mouth.

The kiss was so gentle, almost innocent like and it made Eddie close his eyes and lean forward, his hand coming up to rest against Richie’s cheek. He felt Richie’s tongue run along his bottom lip and he parted his lips, extremely glad for the dark booth they were currently occupying.

Eddie was just about to suggest that they finish up here and go back to his house, since his mother was out at some sowing class when he heard a familiar giggle coming from the entrance.

“Bill I want strawberry! Please!” Georgie Denbrough.

“S-s-sure G-Georgie,” came the reply. Bill Debrough.

Richie couldn’t contain his groan as he sat back down at his side of the booth and smacked his head against the table. Eddie sat back and braced himself for the inevitable, which came in the form of Bill’s 10-year old little bother Georgie. “Hi Eddie! Hi Richie!” He yelled when he spotted them and pushed himself into the booth next to Eddie.

Bill joined them a few minutes later with their milkshakes and even Richie couldn’t be mad at the younger Denbrough brother, just like everyone else, he had a soft spot for Georgie.

Everyone knew how protective the losers were over him too, especially after there was a scare a few years ago when he’d been swept up in the storm and into the sewers. Everyone thanked their lucky stars that there was a fisherman down by the barrens that evening who found him and called an ambulance. Bill’s never let him go out and play on his own during a storm again, even if his parents did say that Georgie would have learned from his mistake. He wasn’t taking the risk, and neither were any of the others.

Eddie met Richie’s gaze as he finally looked up from Georgie and he gave him a gentle smile, his leg reaching out to brush along Richie’s. Richie’s breath hitched slightly, unheard by Bill and Georgie and he felt a very faint blush cross his cheeks as the first thought that popped into his head was I love you.

Yeah. He was in love with Eddie Kaspbrak.

3. Beverly

They were in Eddie’s bedroom, legs tangled together and fingers entwined. Eddie was laying half on top of Richie and Richie’s hand had taken up a permanent position in Eddie’s hair, messing it up as he tugged on it. Their lips were firmly pressed together, tongues lazily dancing against eachother’s. Their kisses weren’t heated, not in that way anyway, but Eddie was becoming short of breath as he pulled away only for air, his lips staying a mere few inches from his boyfriends.

Even though Richie had his revelation that he was, to put it bluntly, head over heals in love with Eddie, he hadn’t actually figured out how he was going to tell him. He certainly didn’t want to scare Eddie off but he also wasn’t sure how much longer he could go without telling his boyfriend how he really felt.

“Did you know that tomorrow it’ll be exactly four months since we started dating?” Eddie whispered softly which earned him a rare smile from Richie.

“Four months eh? Maybe I’ll let you get lucky tomorrow Eds, you know, to celebrate!” His eyebrows waggled and Eddie scoffed, giving him a nudge, but not enough to actually separate them.

“You wish Tozier, and don’t call me Eds!” he quipped back, even though they both knew he secretly loved it when Richie called him that. Eddie knew it was all just playful teasing, as they had already had that discussion and they both agreed that they weren’t quite ready for that. They also agreed that if either one of them felt like they were ready for the next step, they’d talk to one another.

Richie just winked and nudged at his nose, tilting his head up so he could press their mouths back together, prying his lips apart and running his fingers back through Eddies soft, perfect hair-

“Eddie?” The voice of Beverly Marsh bounced off the walls of his bedroom and Eddie was  quick to throw Richie off of his body, sending him toppling to the floor as he sat up on his bed, smirking as Richie cursed in annoyance from his spot on the floor.

“Why? Why are our friends suck cock-blocks?” Richie groaned to himself, only to earn harsh ‘shh’ from Eddie and a pillow to the face as Beverly walked into the room.

“Sorry to interrupt your little hangout but I need help with my school project Eddie, it’s on health and I know you are the best person to talk to when it comes to that.” Beverly sat on the bed, on the spot that was previously occupied by Richie and he had to force back a growl. It wasn’t her fault, she didn’t know that they were in the middle of some EddieRichie alone time. 

“That’s my cue to depart!” Richie said dramatically, heading for the door, “I’ll be sure to give your mom a kiss on my way out Eds.” He laughed and ducked out of the door just in time before the pillow hit him again.

“Don’t call me that!”

4. Stan

It was one rainy Saturday and all of the Losers Club were sitting in Bills basement that had been renovated into some sort of den for everyone to hang out in. They were all spread out over the sofas and chairs as the movie played. They had all settled on watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which was everyones favourite Star Wars movie. They were about half way through the movie when Richie noted that they had run out of snacks. He’d seen the movie plenty of times so he stretched out his legs and stood up, “We’re out of snacks, I am going to go on a very important mission to retrieve more!” He announced, earning a few cheers from the group and Eddie glanced to the side and stood up also.

“I’ll help, there is no way you’ll be able to carry all those snack down the stairs without spilling them everywhere and we can’t have that can we?” He stood up and all but dragged Richie out of the room and up the stairs to the kitchen. No-one seemed to have noticed thank goodness, and Eddie was glad that Bills parent’s had taken Georgie to swimming lessons this afternoon.

The second the kitchen door swung shut, Eddie was pulling Richie down by the collar of his shirt and pressing their mouths together. Richie, albeit surprised, went along with it, never passing up an opportunity to make out with his boyfriend. He pushed him back towards the counter and Eddie jumped when his back collided with the counter.

Without putting too much thought into his next move, Richie’s hands moved down to Eddie’s thighs and picked him up, settling him down on the counter, without even disconnecting their lips. When Eddie let out a squeak at being lifted, Richie took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, moulding their tongues together. He groaned as he felt Eddie’s fingers in his hair and he pulled apart for air, kissing his way down Eddie’s jaw to his neck. 

“N-no marks remember,” Eddie breathed out and Richie just hummed.

“Got it sir.” He used a hand to mock salute him and placed soft kisses all the way down to his collarbone and back up again to his lips. His other hand went into Eddie’s own hair, messing it up. He broke apart again and Richie looked at Eddie with soft eyes, “Eddie I-“

Suddenly the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs vibrated through the kitchen, cutting his words off and Richie wretched himself away from Eddie, quickly putting the popcorn onto the stove and he tried to make it look like he hadn’t just been making out with Eddie.

Stan appeared into the kitchen and stared blankly at the two boys, faces flushed and hair sticking up. He frowned and went into the fridge for a bottle of water, eyes never leaving his two friends until he cleared his throat speaking up, “Were you two fighting?” He asked curiously and Eddie scoffed. 

"What? No- Richie was just um-“ Eddie found he didn’t even have a decent excuse for why they were in the state that they were, and he was about to sigh in defeat and admit the truth when Richie spoke up.

“I was tickling him, we all know how much Eds hates to be tickled, eh Eddie Spaghetti?” He winked in his direction and Eddie relaxed, and so did Stan. He just rolled his eyes at them both and retreated back to the den with his water with a call of,

“Remember the snacks!”

5. Ben

To say that Richie Tozier hated homework was the understatement of the century. He was currently huddled up in the library, surrounded by loads of history books that he needed to use for his extra credit class. He needed this grade in order to graduate high school in the summer. He’d be damned if he was staying in Derry one more year.

His eyes just happened to look up to the door just as his favourite person in the world walked in and smirked in his direction and nodded his head towards the bookshelves as he disappeared. God, his boyfriend was going to be the death of him. He closed up his books, being careful to mark the pages and he followed Eddie to behind the dead section of the library. “I thought you were volunteering today?” Richie asked.

It was a Friday evening and Eddie always volunteers at the local animal shelter for two hours, as his own form of extra credit. “I was, but we shut up early tonight, apparently there’s a storm coming. I came here to ask if you wanted to spend the night since your parents are out of town?”

Instead of answering, Richie leaned in and closed the distance between them, prying Eddie’s lips apart softly as they kissed. This one wasn’t like any of the other ones they’d shared over the past few weeks, this one was more…caring. More loving.

The kiss made Eddie shiver and he reached up to ground himself by clutching to Richie’s shoulders. He closed his eyes and moved a hand around to the back of Richie’s neck, fingers playing with the curls that rested there. “Richie? The other day there…in Bills kitchen you were going to say something, what was it?”

Richie froze and he racked his brain for a response, “I was just going to ask how your mom likes it in bed,” he blurted out before he shook his head, interrupting Eddie’s response that was about to come from the smaller boys mouth. “Wait no, that’s not what I was going to say. Fuck-“ he cursed and ran a hand through his hair, “Eddie, the thing is I think I’m-“

“I think the book is round here Mrs James,” Ben’s voice filled the silence and Richie cursed at being interrupted during an important conversation again, but he composed himself, and grabbed a book from the shelf, just as Ben rounded the corner, eyes brightening up when he saw them. “Hey guys! Oh Ritchie look you’ve found just the book I was looking for!”

Richie looked down at the book, and made a face as the title read, “Fun games to play with your pussy.” He snorted and handed over the book to Ben, who handed it to an older lady. “Fun games alright, I bet she doesn’t even have a cat!” He nudged Eddie when the lady had gone, earning a look from Ben.

“Actually she has five.” He paused, “See you guys later!” He waved and vanished as quickly as he had arrived. Richie turned to Eddie, hopeful to finish their conversation, only to find Eddie was already making his way back into the public eye.

Maybe next time.

+1. Georgie + Everyone

School dances sucked, it was all about dressing up in nice looking clothes and drinking awful tasting punch as your teachers made sure you weren’t doing anything inappropriate in the empty hallways. Richie thought they were cheesy and uncomfortable, but Eddie, Eddie loved them. He liked being able to go to the dances with all his friend and have a good time.

So Richie went along with it. Even though they weren’t going together they were still going and Richie would be damned if he wasn’t sneaking in a dance with Eddie at some point during that night.

They were all meeting at Bill’s, since his parents were the most invested of all their parents and they insisted on taking photos. Richie stood on their porch, tugging at the tie he’d borrowed from his dad around his neck. His palms were sweaty and he reached up to knock on the door and a few minutes later it was opened by Georgie, who was grinning.

“You’re the last one to get here!” The ten year old announced and pulled him inside the house. The second he passed through the doors his eyes landed on Eddie and he swallowed thickly. It was becoming harder and harder to hide their relationship from everyone, just as hard as it was becoming for him not to scream out how much he was in love with Eddie for all his friends to hear.

His thoughts were interrupted by Bill’s mom as she nudged him forward, camera at the ready to take some pictures of the group. Once all the pictures were taken everyone headed down to the den for a bit as the dance didn’t start for a few hours. Eddie and Richie stayed behind, in the Denbrough’s living room as Bill’s parents left to go up to their bedroom.

“You look really good Richie,” Eddie said softly.

“I love you.” Was Richie’s response, making Eddie choke on his own breath slightly. He was glad in that moment at he didn’t need to use his inhaler anymore.

“W-what?” Eddie gasped out, trying to regain control and Richie repeated his words.

“I love you, I have done for a while now, that- that’s what I wanted to tell you earlier in the librar-“ his words were cut off by Eddie’s mouth on his and before he could even return the kiss a voice broke through.

“I knew it!” The voice belonged to Georgie, who was jumping up and down clapping his hands. “I knew it!”

Eddie’s face had gone bright red at the realisation that the cat was indeed, out of the bag and they had been caught by a ten year old. Georgie didn’t wait before dashed off down the stairs, off to tell everyone else of his knew found discovery. Eddie quickly turned to Richie, a smile on his face and as he could hear the multiple footsteps running up the stairs he whispered back, “I love you too.”

Richie’s face broke out in a shit-eating grin and he moved closer to Eddie and whispered, “Fuck it,” pulling Eddie into, what he would describe as and earth-shattering kiss, just as the rest of the loser’s club piled into the living room.

“You owe me twenty bucks guys. I told you Richie wasn’t ‘tickling’ Eddie that day when we were watching Star Wars.” Stan’s voice broke through the haze and both boys turned around in shock. “Seriously, you guys need to work on your lying skills.” All the losers groaned and each of them handed Stanley twenty bucks each and turned on his heels, handing the money to Georgie, who grinned.

“I knew way back when we joined you for milkshakes. You were nudging each others feet under the table. I remember watching a movie with mommy and the couple in that were doing that.” He explained and everyone groaned.

“I guess we weren’t so subtle after all, eh Eds?” Richie nudged him and he flushed red.

Don’t call me Eds,” he shot back before his face softened. “No, I guess we weren’t.”

They heard the car that had come to pick them up for the dance honk outside and one by one each of the losers headed outside and piled into the car, leaving Eddie and Richie alone again. “I love you Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie said fondly and instead of correcting him, Eddie just smiled.

“I love you too trashmouth.”

A Real Hero

A Real Hero

Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: uh, a pissed af reader?

A/n: I was inspired to write an oneshot because of all the imagines I’ve been reading. A song I currently love is ‘A Real Hero’ by College and it gave me a quick little inspiration thing and AHH IM SO AWKWARD HELP. And OMG? This is SO MUCH SHORTER THAN I WANTED???


“Y/N? Y/N what’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me?” Peter grabbed my shoulder and spun me around in the hallway so he could look at me.

“What’s wrong? You ditched me!” I glared at him, “Again!”
I could see the guilt in his eyes as he tried to fumble around for and excuse.

“Baby, you know that-”

“I know Parker,” I cut him off. “You have the ‘Stark Internship’, but that’s still not an excuse! How can you have it, EVERY DAY?” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

“Y/N let me make it up to you, please!” He was practically begging me at this point.“

“Save it for someone who cares Parker.” And with that I yanked my arm out of his grip and stormed out of the school.

(Later that night)

I sat in my bed, working on a science write up that was due the next day. Normally I had Peter to help me, but I didn’t want to ask him for anything.

I was just finishing my paper when I heard a knock on my window. I jumped and fell off my bed, jumping up on my feet immediately.

I walked over and unlatched the window, and in came none other than the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man himself.

“Spider-Man? W-what are you doing here?” I stumbled backwards, almost tripping over the carpet.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked out. “I’m so sorry y/n! Please forgive me!”

“What?” I backed up confusion gracing my features, “I don’t-”

And with that Spider-Man pulled off his mask to reveal a red, puffy eyed Peter Parker.

“Baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t know how and then you got mad at me for standing you up and-”



“Shut up.” I stepped forward and placed my lips on his, grabbing the back of his head. He put his arms around my waist before we pulled apart.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I just didn’t want you to have to deal with my secret. I didn’t want to stand you up I swear!” He looked at me worriedly.

“It’s ok Peter, I get it,” I smiled before continuing,

“You’re A Real Hero.”

Cold- Iplier Egos x Reader

Since so may people liked the first fanfic I wrote I decided to write another one to get better at writing. This one pretty much has all of markiplier’s egos though. Tried to add in some humor in there as well. Thank you for being supportive!

@justwritingscibbles @twenty-third-boos (Hope you don’t mind being tagged, but I thought you’d want to read this one as well.)

In the iplier mansion, there were many ways to wake up in the morning. Most of the time it was because the egos were being obnoxiously loud and annoying. Today, however, you woke up to an awful feeling in your gut. You jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom to make it to the toilet in time. You weren’t expecting to vomit what you ate from yesterday this morning. After puking out everything you had in your stomach you slowly made your way back to your room. Careful not to move too fast to upset your stomach any further.
You laid back down and pulled the covers over you. Slowly, closing your eyes you decided to try to sleep the nausea away. It would have been nice if you weren’t suddenly woken up by a loud voice.

“Oh (y/n), time to wake up!” Great, looks like Wilford came up to wake you up. It’s a shame that you were already woken up by feeling nauseous. His yelling wasn’t helping the migraine that you were slowly getting either.

“Wilford, please be quieter, I don’t feel good.” You rolled over to look at Wilford.

“DON’T FEEL WELL?” Well, that yell didn’t help either. You slowly heard more footsteps rushing towards your room.
‘Great, looks like the whole house heard him now.’
One by one the egos walked into your room to gather around your bed. It was Dark who spoke up first while trying to keep his shell from cracking too much.

“Will, care to explain to me why you yelled throughout the whole mansion?” The egos all looked towards Wilford awaiting a response to the reason why the journalist had yelled earlier.

“Cupcake here says she doesn’t feel well.” The egos then looked towards you, completely forgetting you were there. Bim spoke next.
“Is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true. I don’t feel good, so now can you all please leave so I can get some rest?”

“Let me run some tests. I am a doctor, after all, I know whats best.” Dr.iplier moved to go near you but was stopped by Blue Google.
“You may be a doctor, but we are an extension of the Google search engine. We can simply do a scan and look up tips on how to deal with a cold.” The googles all looked at Dr.iplier with a certain glint in their eyes.

“Well, I’m the doctor here so you, Cortana, can move out of my way so I can work on my patient!”
'Great, now they’re all starting to fight.’

“Well, I should take care of them, since they’re my Senpai!”

“I should be able to take care of them since I’m Bim Trimmer!”

“Oh please Trimmer, I should take care of them! I am Wilford Warfstache, famous journalist, after all!”

“The Host thinks he should be allowed to care for (y/n) since he is the most gentle and caring one in the room.”

“Like hell, you get to care for them Host! You may be technically me, but I should get to care for them!”

“We should take care of them. Two people are better than one, right Jim?”
“You got that right Jim.”

“I should take care of them. Squirrels and peanut butter make everything better.” You grimaced on that one, food didn’t sound too good at all at that point. Especially peanut butter.

“No way bruh, like skateboards and memes will make everything better. (Y/N) just needs a good laugh to get rid of the cold.”

“Actually, if it’s okay with you guys I’d just like to sleep for a while. You guys don’t need to worry about taking care of me.”
It seems your voice, however, was drowned out by their constant fighting. It looks like you weren’t going to get any sleep unless they either quieted down or left the room. Over in the corner of the room, near the door, you saw that Dark’s shell was cracking and he was slowly losing his composure. You needed them to be quiet otherwise Dark was going to have a fit. You were going to have to get their attention first though.

“HEY, BE QUIET!” Everyone in the room almost immediately quieted down and turned towards you.
“Guys, like I was trying to say before I just want to-”

You didn’t get to finish your sentence, however, for the nausea came flooding back and you were suddenly reaching for the closest trash can to vomit in. As you were vomiting you felt someone holding back your hair and another person rubbing your back. When you were done you looked behind you to find Oliver rubbing your back and Red Google holding your hair. Dr.iplier quickly moved forward to help you lay back down. When you were fully back in bed the egos crowded around your bed.

“Don’t worry (y/n), we’ll all help take care of you while your sick.” You looked toward Dark, who looked much more calmer than before and raised an eyebrow.
'Seriously, they’re all going to take care of you, even after you just witnessed them all yelling at each other.’

“Okay I guess, but NO more fighting! I have a massive headache and you guys are just making it worse by the minute.”

They all agreed that they weren’t going to fight anymore for the rest of the day and instead, work together. After some more smaller arguing they finally agreed to listen to Dr.iplier, he was, after all a doctor. Dr.iplier slowly gave each ego a certain task that would help you feel better. Bim was in charge of making soup, the Author went off to get his pen and notebook to help make you feel better by writing it down, the Googles went to get some medicine for your migraine, Wilford went to get you some more blankets and pillows so you would be more comfortable, and Dark went to get a wet piece of cloth to put on your forehead. The rest stayed in the room and helped comfort you. The things they were doing actually helped a little bit. Soon you were feeling a little better and actually stopped vomiting. Not to mention true to their word they didn’t argue once.
By the end of the day, you were close to being back to your own self but you still decided to get some rest. Bim suggested a giant cuddle pile which everyone soon agreed with. All in all, the day might have started out rough, but it soon ended just as amazing as any other day. And what better way to end it with a giant cuddle pile with all of your favorite egos in the world.

Unexpected Dinner Guests

Ship: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

Words: 2400+

Warnings: none I don’t think

Notes: thanks for the 30+ news followers from the weekend!


You were walking, well rushing down the dirty streets of New York. It was early Monday morning and you just needed to get to work to attend a business meeting you had. It was to do with your wages and stability in the job. Rumours had it that you would be promoted so you couldn’t be late. You worked as a receptionist in a high class hotel. Work by at least 70 hours a week. That was 10 hours a day. Minimum wage. You had moved from London to New York when you and Tom broke up. Since then, you haven’t spoken to him. You’d always wanted to work and live in New York. It was your dream and passion. One year university course in hotel management and cleaning and you were on your way.

Again, back to the meeting. You were rushing up the stairs of the building, about to enter the turning doors when you locked eyes with someone you knew.

“(Y-Y/N)? Is that you? God I haven’t seen you in so long.” The male spoke.

“Dom? Yeah it’s been years.” You awkwardly laugh as he hugs you which you return.

“At least three. How has every been? Do you work here?” You nod. “Good for you following your dreams and everything. I’m so proud of you.” He says and pinches your cheek.

“Yeah I’d love to stay and chat. But I have a meeting in like, two minutes which I can’t be late for. Do you think we could-”

“Come for dinner tonight. Nikki’s cooking a stew or something. It would be great to catch up. I’m sure the others would like to catch up. Mhmm. Except Tom. Oh well. Seeing you had no relatives in New York, and you didn’t have to cook last nights left overs or heat up a microwave meal, you took the offer and said,

“Sounds good. Text me your address and I’ll pop by.” You smile.

“You still got your your London number?” Don raised an eyebrow. You open your bag and pull out a business card. “After my meeting, I’m working for another five hours. Call me at any time.” You smile briefly and wave. “I really have to go Dom. But I’m looking forward to tonight. Thank you.”

“No worries dear.” He waves back and you rush up to your meeting which you just made it to.


After you meeting, you sat behind the desk waiting for Dom’s call.

“Hang on. So your ex-boyfriends Dad and family are in town, and they invited you over for dinner?” You friend and co-worker asked polishing her nails behind the desk.

“Yeah, I bumped into him this morning.” You say pealing off a sticky note as the phone rings.

“Good Morning, Crowns Towers Hotel, (Y/N) speaking, how can I help you?” You politely ask as you pick up the phone.

“Yeah hi. I would like to book a reservation for two.”

“Of course when would you like to book it?”

“Uhm, I was hoping tonight and tomorrow night.”

“Of course. We can fit you in.” You smile. “Queen or deluxe?”


“And what name would you like the reservation booked under?”

“Holland. Tom Holland.” You bite your tongue as he spoke his name.

“Of course Mr Holland. Your check in is at 5:00pm tonight, you are more than welcome to join us at our complementary buffet tomorrow morning.”

“WiIl you be there?” He said with a flirtatious tone.

“No Mr Holland. Staff are not allowed to join guests at breakfast.” You say looking at your friend as she slaps your arm. “I’m going to search up who he is.” She mouthed looking at the information on the screen.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tonight then.”

“I guess you will.” You smile and he hangs up.

“Holy shit. Hang on. So the guy you bumped into this morning, is his dad, and he has no idea that his ex-girlfriend was just talking to him on the phone and is now going out for dinner with his family-” you went to but in “and a booking for two? That’s shallow. I wonder who it could be.”

“I don’t want to know.” You say. “Thankfully you’re working tonight, instead of me. So you can tell me which prune he walks in here with.” You gulp as the words leave your mouth.

“Ooo your jealous ex- girlfriend vibe is pulling through.”

“Just shut up and do your work.” You mutter rolling your eyes.


“So, who’s how guest tonight?” Sam asked putting extra cutlery on the table in the apartment complex they were rent as Tom did some work in New York.

“Yeah Dad. Tell us.” Harry asked pulling the chilled water from the fridge.

“Uhm, you may or may not remember her. Her names (Y/N) (L/N).”

“Wait, Tom’s ex from like, three years ago?”

“Yeah.” Dom said to the twins as the door bell rang.

You stood at the front and rang the door bell. You were holding a warm pumpkin pie freshly baked from a client they gave to you, in your hands and your bag.

“(Y/N). Come in. It’s great to see you again.” Dom smiled opening the door.

“Uhh thanks Dom.” You smile walking in. “I brought pie.”

“You didn’t have too.” He said as you follow him into the kitchen to meet up with Sam, Harry and Nikki.

“Oh dear. It’s so nice to see you again!” Nikki exclaimed way to excitedly that her sons ex-girlfriend was here. “It’s been so long. We must catch up.” You and Nikki bonded a lot over the years you dated Tom. She referred to you as the daughter she never had. Whilst completing university in London, she always made sure to catch up with you every now and again for coffe. Just to check up on you. You would send her the occasional card to let her know.

“(Y/N)!” Sam said excitedly hugging you.

“Goodness me. Haven’t you boys grown up?” You gleamed hugging the pubescent boy. “You’re no longer blonde.” Nikki had shown you a photo of his blonde hair from a year ago.

“Yeah. Changed it back.” Harry was next to greet you.

“How is everything? How’s work been? Dad told us you had a meeting.”

“Yeah, hence the pie. I got promoted.”

“That’s fantastic dear!” Nikki smiled clapping her hands. “We must toast.” She said leaving the room to get a bottle of wine. Paddy came strolling whilst playing with a game on his phone.

“Hey (Y/N). What’s up?” He asked and you guys did your hand shake you still remember. He always found it did when he was younger that you would hug everyone and he wanted to be different. So a handshake became your thing. It wasn’t every complicated. Nikki came back in with the popped wine bottle and poured a drink for herself, Don and you.

“Ahem. I want to toast too!”

“Yeah.” The twins complained.

“I thought you guys didn’t like white wine.” Nikki chuckled in her mother’s voice and they sat down at the table.

“Here let me help Nikki.”

“Oh no. Don’t worry.” She said. “It’s almost finished. I just have to toss the salad.” She said and placed her stew on the table along with the salad, bread rolls, mashed potato, and condiments. You sat down and noticed the empty chair across from you. Did the family do that intentionally?

“I’m home family. Sorry I’m late. Mhmm smells good. Is that pumpkin- (Y/N). Wow. Hi. What a surprise. What are you doing here?” Tom asked as he entered the room. He didn’t seem annoyed that you were there.

“Oh um. Dom invited me over.” You tell him as you stand up and fold your napkin.

“Don’t go.” Tom smiled.

“I uh, was going to uhm…” you trailed off. Hand shake, hug, maybe that’s in appropriate. You sat back down and Paddy passed you the salad and bread rolls and you took some.

“(Y/N) was just telling us that she got promoted.” Nikki smiled.

“Really? Congratulations!”

“Thanks. Yeah, it’s not that much of a big deal though. I just get to control a bit more of the hotel I work for.” Here we go. Drop the awkwardness. It’s coming. “I work for Crown Towers Hotel.”

“No way. I hear that’s a great place.” Tom choked on his food.

“Yeah. It’s a pretty good company to work for.” You tell him as you sip on his wine. “Benefits are amazing. I get a week off at Christmas, and some public holidays off. I also get to travel to the other hotels and improve on their staff and work etiquette.” Tom just nodded. Try and mention the phone call. Paddy spoke about his homework he had to do, and hated it because it was taking up his holiday time. Harry spent most the day exploring New York, the M&M factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar and a couple of historical monuments. Sam spent the day with Tom but came home early. Dom was trying to explain to me why he was in the hotel. He had a comedy show there coming up and wanted to check out the venue. I could barely hear over the noise of the twins. Tom though, barely spoke. Nikki began to gather up the empty plates.

“Here, let me help.” Tom said to his mother taking his and your plate. He barely looked at you all though dinner.

“Can I get you another wine?” Dom asked.

“Oh no. I have to drive home. I really shouldn’t.”

“I’ll drive you home. Don’t worry.” Tom butted into the conversation with a reassuring smile. God he was so confident. You didn’t really miss him too much though, you had blocked all feelings heading towards his direction. It took some time but you healed okay.

“A-are you sure? I don’t want to burden you.” You tell him.

“It’s fine. I’m heading into town anyways.” Ha! Go on. Mention the reservation. “I’ve got an early meeting.” He said eying you. You nod.

“That’s very kind of you Tom. Thank you.” You smile and Dom passing you another glass of wine. You sat back down at the table with Dom, Tom and Sam.

“So, how are your parents?”

“They’re good. They haven’t changed much. Still in the same jobs. I’m actually going to head back there during Christmas and then they’re coming here for a week.” You tell him as Nikki served the pumpkin pie. You use your fork to cut into it and take a mouthful. Sam was telling a story about what happened on the set today, and Tom wasn’t really listening. You could tell. Maybe h felt awkward with you being here. Had you overstayed your welcome? But Nikki just served dessert.

“Remind me again why you guys broke up.” Sam asked curiously sipping on his drink. That was question was unexpected.

“Oh uhm.” You say. You had suddenly lost your appetite and played with the slice of pie with your fork. “Differences.”

“Mhmm sure.” Sam rolled his eyes. Don’t get angry. You sigh. Tom opened it mouth to speak.

“We were both so busy with our own lives that we didn’t have enough time for each other. I was moving to film Spider-Man anyways. I couldn’t let (Y/N) be back in London alone.” You felt sick in the stomach. Well, even though you weren’t dating Tom, you could still feel butterflies and old wounds.

“So why didn’t you go with Tom?” Why has this become a therapy session.

“I just didn’t want to. I wanted to focus on my school work.” You gulp and finish off your wine. “If you don’t mind, it’s getting late and I should go. I have work early in the morning. Thank you again for dinner.” You say standing up to hug Nikki.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Sam asked Tom rubbing the back of his head. He must have hit him across the back of his head when I wasn’t looking. Tom grabbed his keys.

“A-are you sure?”

“Of course. It’s raining anyways.” Tom smiled and opened the door for you. You both left and made it to your car. The first five minutes of the ride were dead silent. You could cut the tension with a knife.

“Uhm, please thank your parents again for dinner. It was lovely seeing them again.” You say awkwardly.

“Yeah no worries.” Tom says and stops at the red light. “You uhm, you look beautiful by the way.” He compliments you.

“Thanks Tom.” You say looking at the traffic in front of you.

“I mean it (Y/N). You got your ear pierced. They suit you.” He smiles.

“I-I got them when I moved here.” You tell him. It was your sort of rebellious move, getting your ear pierced.

“They suit you. And I like your hair long like that. No that it really matters, but it’s nice.” He tells you and you turn to face him.

“Do you uhm, do you regret it?”


“Do you regret it. Dating me?”

“I regret breaking up with you that’s for sure.” Tom mumbled honestly. You nod. “Do you wanna get a drink some time? Or a bite to eat?”

“I’d like that.”

“What about now? I have a hotel room we can stay in. We can order room service and eat from the bar fridge. I hear it’s a pretty good hotel.”

“Ah, so you booked it thinking that you would get laid tonight.” You chucked tapping your tending with your index finger. “I’m not stupid Thomas.”

“Come on. No sex. That’s off the table. Let’s just keep talking.” Tom said. “Like old times. Remember the day I ended things, and we discuss where we’d think we would be in three years time. Well it’s been three years…” Tom trailed off. You sigh.

“It’s getting late.”

“Oh I uhm, I understand.”

“Sorry Tom. It was uhm, it was nice whilst it lasted.” You say as you stop outside your apartment complex. “Just drive my car to the hotel parking. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.” You say to him. He nods. His curls bounced on his head. You noticed his crooked nose. You still follow him on Instagram and get excited everything he posts something, everything he likes your photos. “I’ll still take you up for that drink on another night if you want.” He nods as you reach for the door.

“Hey (Y/N).” Tom whispers.

“Yeah?” You turn around smiling. He leans in and kisses you. You hand makes it way to his cheek as you kiss him back. You place one last peck on his lips and pull away smiling. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” You say and hop out of the car leaving him stunned.

Break in

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary: You just moved into a new town, and when your house gets broken into you meet Officer Dean Winchester. 

Words: 5095 (Oopsies?) 

Warnings: Sad Dean and Protective Dean (Because those are things you need to be warned about), break in, a bit of swearing, that’s all I think? 

A/N: So this is my first fic, for @luci-in-trenchcoats Michelle’s AU and Things Challenge, I did the Cop Dean AU. Constructive criticism welcome, oh dear lord this is frightening. Fingers crossed.  

“Kimberly police department, how may I be of service?”

“I think someone just broke into my house. I was just looking for some advice as to whether I should like, stab them and run, or hide in the closet.”

You were currently doing option number two as you listened to the sounds of someone rummaging through your things on the first floor of your new house.

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Sleepovers w/ Jeno
  • our no jam jeno got a request <3<3<3<33<
  • actually, the anon requested “sleeping w jeno” but i love doing these series so ;))) i combinated them
  • ugh, i’m super soft for jeno this is going to be so adorable i can tell
  • but let’s just start this already
  • okay so,,,,
  • this baby boy would probably invite you to the dorms 24/7
  • and today was one of those day actually hehe
  • y’all spend the whole day together, you had a little date outside and the continued it in the dorms
  • and because of all the stuff you did together you were super tired
  • because dates with jeno would be probably idk walks trought the park that always ends up in you bpushing him and then star running for your life
  • because both of you are small kids filled with energy after all <3<3
  • unless when it’s time to sleep, then both of you became babies
  • the thing is that he noticed how sleepy and tired you were
  • so he was like
  • “do wanna sleep here tonight, princess?”
  • and your eyes shined when he proposed this
  • ofc you agreed and then both you called your tutors aka your parents and mark to ask for permission
  • lmao
  • and then both of you started to organize everything
  • both of you changed the bedsheets for new ones and tied the room a little
  • even tho he did most of the things bc you seem so tired that he didn’t want you to even move
  • so he was like
  • and then it hit him
  • “oh, right, do you have your pjs here?”
  • and ofc you didn’t have them because it wasn’t on your plans to have a sleepover any time soon
  • but you didn’t want to make him feel worried about something so silly
  • “well, this outfit is not that uncomfort-”
  • but jeno being the perfect bf he is ofc didn’t allow you that
  • “no, i’ll give you something”
  • “you can sleep with the sweats you’re wearing now but i’ll give you one of my t-shirts”
  • he made sure to choose the softest material and one of the biggest he had because he knows how much you love baggy cloths
  • and both of you were super blushy in that moment fdjkslñ aw
  • and you were like okay!!!! :))) sure!!!! :))) what a pity that i didn’t brought my pjs right???!! :)))
  • but, tbh, he was just as happy as you, specially when he saw you
  • you went to the bathroom so you could chang and wash up while jeno kept organizing
  • and when you came back you were like
  • “oh, did you finish already?”
  • he literally put his hand of his chest as he took like two good seconds to calm himself down
  • you looked adorable whitout makeup and with his t-shirt that looked gigantic on your body
  • my boy wasn’t prepared to see such a cute image, his heart melted and after being able to breath again he showed you the widest smile ever
  • “yeah, lets go to sleep y/n”
  • both of you layed on bed and couldn’t stop giggling and smiling because of how awkward everything was
  • he moved his hand under the bedsheets to grab yours and tried to make the situation more comfortable while talking as he caressed your hand
  • and his soft voice and touches were so relaxing and everytime you were getting more and more sleepy
  • and the more sleepy you are the more clingy you get
  • suddenly you had you arms around his waist and you were comfortably laying your head in his shoulder
  • and you were trying your best to keep you eyes open so your butterfly kisses were making him more cuddly and giggly and aww
  • “y/n, you don’t need to keep awake for me, if you’re tired just sleep”
  • and his words really helped you to sleep
  • that and the little peck he stealed, making you fall asleep with a little smile on your lips
  • but jeno feel asleep like 20 or 30 mins later
  • your presence itself was somehow really distracting to him and he couldn’t think of nothing but how much he loves you
  • you seem so peaceful and angelic while sleeping and he couldn’t help but feel all this butterflies inside his stomach
  • he stealed a few kisses more but you never noticed a few seconds later he would fall in a deep sleep, feeling warm and secure in your arms
  • and when he wakes up because of your kisses and caresses he would have the same stupid smile on his pretty face
  • “oh? i woke you up? i’m sorry”
  • he just felt so happy the whole time, even once you came back home he couldn’t stop daydreaming about you
  • the other dreamies were disturbed, lmao
  • okay and the end
  • i’ll go to sleep myself now
  • and alone because i don’t have this kind here to make me company <l3
  • lmao, bye
I’d Always Pick You/Damon Salvatore Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)
Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Can you do any damon Salvatore smut i just need some damon in my life

Here’s some Damon Smut. Along with a heartbreaking story, Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! How do you think Hyungwon, Shownu, Kihyun and Changkyun will react (long reaction if possible^^) if their crush back hugged them and kiss them on the cheek before running away? I don't know if it makes a lot of sense sorry ^-^;;; Thank so much!! And congratulation for your 100 followers you deserve it!💕 Bye😊❤

Thank you so much! It made sense, don’t worry, and you’re welcome ^^

Edit: I’m so sorry! I reread your message and realized I wrote this as if you were his s/o! But if you were their crush, the “I love you” wouldn’t be there and they would be 10x more shy and less kisses! So sorry!

Originally posted by shownuz

Shownu - You saw him standing with the other members from far away. You had come by the company building to drop off some lunch you had bought from a near by bubble tea shop and a few pastries from their favorite bakery. Smiling to yourself, you held the bags in each hand, careful not to spill everything. As you crept closer, you had to pause to make sure he wouldn’t hear you. They were at the end of the hall, looking at their exhibition they held some time ago. You felt your heart beating faster and before you knew it, you were standing right behind him. Somehow, no one heard you set down the bags despite being (somewhat) silent. Quickly, you hugged his waist and almost missed his cheek since he was so tall. “I love you!” You quickly said before he could turn around and see you running away. “Y-Yah!” Shownu held his hand out but his foot hit the bags, looking down to see your treats. “Thank you!” He called out as the other members noticed and surrounded the bags. “You’re welcome!” You yelled down the hall, arms flailing until you left the building. He, like everyone, would be really surprised and wouldn’t say anything until he could process it. In the end, he’d be smiling at your silly action and return the favor when you least expect it. Instead, he’d pick you up and kiss you until you told him to stop. That would be… never?

Originally posted by mcnstax

Kihyun - You had gotten home from work, and honestly, just glad that you came home. You noticed Kihyun was in the shower, so you decided to surprise him for the time being. Putting your things away, you heard the door make a ‘click’ and the hot air being released into the hallway. You were hiding behind the couch, and in front was a hallway a bit to the right where Kihyun was. He had a towel around his neck and his phone in hand. You peeked your head from the couch and watched him go into the kitchen, muttering, “I wonder if they want seafood tonight… No, they can’t eat salmon, I forgot…” You found this cute as he remembered but nonetheless, you carried out your plan. He took off his towel to dry his hair a bit more before folding and setting it on a nearby table. You tiptoed your way to the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his waist. “What the–?” You kissed his cheek and chuckled before running away to use the shower. “I love you too!” He said as he noticed something. “You didn’t grab a change of clothes!” “Damn it!” You walked out of the shower in shame. Kihyun would find it adorable to surprise him. He’d laugh and find a fault in every plan you decide to do this. After all, he’s perceptive and will tease you about it later. When he does it to you, he wouldn’t actually run away and just keep hugging you like a little koala.

Originally posted by mmmgoals

Hyungwon - “Do you want to meet up at the playground? We’re about to have our photo shoot there. The theme is youth.” “Sure! I’ll be there soon.” You hung up the phone with Hyungwon and grabbed your keys and left the house. Hyungwon often called you to visit him and the other members. However, you didn’t have much time to visit them since you had to leave for work shortly after. Arriving at the playground, you saw Jooheon and Minhyuk playing with one of the staff’s little son and you looked around for Hyungwon. He had just finished his portion of the photos with I.M and Shownu, so he checked his phone and looked around like you did. Shownu smiled at you and pointed to where he was and left the scene. You thanked him (mentally) before running over and hugging his waist. His body tightened and he looked back and smiled when you kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you came!” Hyungwon chirped. “Sorry, but I have to leave for work! I’ll come by again if you’re not…” He couldn’t hear the last part as you were sprinting away from the set, almost tripping over a few toys here and there, and Hyungwon was laughing at your silliness. “Seriously, how did I let this angel come before me?” “I wonder that too.” I.M passed by him, but didn’t go without a punch to the arm. Shocked to see you but never angry because it’s you! He probably wouldn’t do anything but feel his cheeks getting hotter. If he could, he would probably just rest his chin on your head and hug you even tighter.

Originally posted by eddycakeway18

I.M - He was listening to music at the practice room as the group was taking a short, ten minute break from practicing. You decided to video call him for the time being and his face brightened when he saw you smiling. “Where are you going?” He asked. You held up your phone to your face and tilted it every once and a while when you weren’t looking. You tried your best not to make it seem like you were coming to visit him at the practice room at Loen, so you kept your phone close to you. “Uh, I’m just walking around, nothing major.” You responded. You told him that you had entered a mall where you were going to buy him a gift for when he gets home. On the other side, he was sitting on the floor of the dance room, Kihyun sitting beside him and looking at his phone screen every other minute. “Hold on, I’m going to go get a drink from the vending machine. I.M got up and headed over, not thinking about you being right behind him. You smiled and nodded, quickly approaching him and before he could see you on his screen, you hugged him and kissed his cheek, reflecting on both of your phones. “Hey…! You’re sneaky!” Changkyun turned around and ruffled your hair before you ran away and looked down at your phone to see him smiling and holding his cheek. If he could, he would run after you and spin you around in his arms. He’d kiss you and tell you that you really surprised him this time. If anything, he’d scare you first and have you clutch your heart before he comes and hug you.

Admin Mochi 

The Kilt is Sexy

This really just poured out when I saw ElRoy’s imagine. I waited a few days because I wanted her consent before posting anything, and then tumblr ate the ask and grumble grumble complaints about tumblr. But, this reader speaks a lot more like I do, so that was fun. This also started as a drabble and got just a bit out of hand. Feedback is always appreciated! Like, seriously, I’ll weep for joy. xD

Fandom: Ten Inch Hero
Pairing: Priestly x Reader
Inspiration: ElRoy’s marvelous imagine. Also, you should be following her in general. She’s kind of the best. :D
Words: 1,355
Tagging: @wayward-marvel-and-more, because without her, this wouldn’t exist.

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Prince Charming Is A Lie (Or Possibly Hellspawn)

Look, it’s 1am which is way later that I’m usually awake (because 25 is the new 80) and I wrote a thing because feelings occurred. So have 2.5k of feelings occurring. 

Blame the sleeplessness if it’s terrible.

“I think it was a mistake to kiss me, that first time.”

 Derek doesn’t look at him, continues to play with his fingers and Stiles feels like there’s a lead weight in the pit of his stomach.

 "How so?“ His voice is barely a croak. They’ve been together for a year, now, and if Derek thought their first kiss was a mistake, then maybe he’s just felt obligated to continue the relationship. Maybe the nebulous ideas Stiles has for a future have all been for nothing.

 Derek frowns and Stiles knows not to interrupt when he’s thinking – when he furrows his brow that particular way, he’s trying to figure out the best way to articulate something. Derek can hold his own in an argument, and is never at a particular loss for words, but sometimes he pauses to make sure the words he’s picking are the most effective.

 It’s what, Stiles thought, makes him so good for Stiles, who doesn’t think about what’s coming out of his mouth until twenty seconds after it’s already said. Derek’s arguments are carefully constructed and solid, while Stiles’ sow chaos and account for the inevitability of any plan going to hell in a handbasket, and they work together.

 At least, he’d thought so.

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Snow angel


Request : “71 and 101 with Peter!x”

»  “Come over here and make me, then.”

»  “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1400

A/N : I feel like I’m bad at writing fluff lmaoooo what is loveeeee

Christmas holiday haven’t ever felt so right. You were spending your days with your boyfriend Peter, and it was all fluff and cute moments. It was real Heaven, you haven’t even had an argument, or just to know who loved the other one the most. Butterflies couldn’t leave your stomach, just as your smile your face. The first days, Peter snuck by your window at night so you two could sleep together. It was a brand new experience, you had never slept with a boy before, and him neither -well with a girl. You were happy being each other first time about that. Then, Peter had the balls to ask May if you could sleep at home, and she said yes after much thought. She just instaured rules, making Peter promise some things. She knew how boys were at this age and didn’t want you and him to do stupid things.

That was not only about sleeping together. These holidays were totally magic. You went out many times just to walk, snow falling, in Central Park. The weather was fantastic, you loved snow and you couldn’t help but make snowball to throw at Peter who’d reply fast. You were so in love, you knew you would never love someone as much as him, he was treating you so well and you got along like soulmates.

“I’m cold.” You pouted. “And hungry.”

You were on the couch, watching the TV, Peter just coming back from the shower after his spider-man duty, his body still damp and his hair so wet it dropped water on the ground. He smiled at your words, May didn’t seem to be home, so he figured something might hold her back at the hospital.

“Pizza ?” He smiled, joining you on the couch. Peter wrapped your body around his arms, pushing you closer to him. He was half naked since he didn’t put a shirt on after his shower, and his skin was still so warm because of the heat of the water. He kissed your cheek multiple times, rubbing his nose against it.

“Pizza sound really good.” You admitted. When you were alone, you always ended up ordering pizza, it was like a ritual now, and you’d always make sure to order a pizza you’d never asked before. You had this stupid goal to taste all the different ones written on the menu. Peter grabbed his phone and called the pizzeria, soon, they’d tell him he would be delivered his food in like an hour.

“Okay, well. Time for Star Wars !” He shouted happily, like he had waited all the day thinking about his favorite saga.

You blushed, a little embarassed. “Hm..” Peter turned his head to see you after this light injunction, an eyebrow frowned. “I was… I was wondering if we could watch Harry Potter instead. I’m really more in a wizard mood.” His mouth became a real O and you immediately noticed he was bothered. “No, uhm… Forget about it, Star Wars is fine.”

Peter remained quiet for a few seconds before he talked again. “No, that’s okay. I mean… Uhm… I’ve, I’ve seen Star Wars so many times, and I’m not sure to remember all the Harry Potters.” You smiled, and he took charge of everyting. Soon, you could hear the theme song playing and a smile took place on your face. Peter was so glad to see you that happy, and he regretted not having watched the saga with you before. He didn’t even know you liked it that much.

Minutes were passing by and you were able to say all the lines at the same times as the characters did, which made Peter giggle everytime. His hand was on your thigh, and sometimes he would come closer to you to kiss your cheek. He was quiet, which was weird because Peter had the ability of speaking without even taking care of taking a break. It wasn’t awkward though, actually it made the atmosphere kind of… Well you couldn’t put a word on it, but it was hard focusing on the movie with his hand and his lips.

Peter was doing it on purpose. This little kid… Harry Potter wasn’t such a big interest for him, and he was all focused on you since the beginning of the film. Seeing you happy and passionated, God he loved you so much.

“Stop staring at me, I hate that…” You pouted without even having to turn your head to notice what he was doing.

“Nope.” He directly answered, approaching you all over again. He was soon on top of you, kissing your cheeks but going down your neck. It was hard focusing on the movie with this stupid kiddo trying to get your attention.

“Peteeeeer, please I’m trying to watch here !” Your hands came in his long hair, playing with his slight curls. “Oh fuck, you’re lucky you’re cute.” Then you turned your head towards him and you both started kissing. Deeply, more and more. Your relationship was quite new and even if you had slept together many times, you’ve never kissed like that before. It was more passionate, you could feel all the sexual tension in it. Something you needed even if you knew nothing about it.

Everything became hotter soon. Peter’s hand went down your chest, stopping at the elastic of your panties which he played with, waiting for some sort of permission you could give him. “Go for it, Parker.” You murmured, suddenly blushing. No one ever made his way down there and you felt shy to finally let someone touch you. Anyways you knew Peter, and it was clear he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. His hand passed under your panties and you already sighed at the contact of his warm skin on your montes veneris.

Knock knock knock.

It felt like your heart stopped. You jumped, your face all red now. You were to ashamed to afront Peter’s eyes after having him let you touch you, even if nothing happened. Without a word, he went in his bedroom to pick one shirt and put him on, quickly opening to the delivery guy.

“Dinner is served !” He shouted as he closed the door. Then he came back to the couch, a big smile on his face meanwhile Harry Potter was fighting with chess set. When he turned his head towards you, he noticed how shy you’ve became, and blushed too. Peter didn’t want you to feel bad about what almost happen. “I, uhm… You.. You want to talk about it, maybe ?”

“N-no ! Thanks, I…” You didn’t finished and took a slice of pizza, trying not to think about it. Why were you so embarassed ? Peter was your boyfriend after all, and you felt ready to do it with him. “I, uhm… It’s just… I don’t know, it’s new, I’m kind of afraid. People keep telling that it hurts the first time, and uhm… That you bleed. I would literally cry if I put some blood on your couch..”

Peter giggled, he was also shy about this, but he decided to hide it since you were lacking of confidence and he wanted you no to. “We’re not doing anything until you’re ready, and I didn’t have to tell that for you to know. It’s not like I’m with you for sex or anything.”

“Really ?” You stopped him. You knew how annoying stopping his hormones should be for him, and you wanted him. Fuck, yes you wanted him so bad, you were just afraid of the pain, the feeling. Was it a good reason to give up ?

“I love you.” The movie came to his end, and Peter stood up to go get the DVD back in its pocket. He was already putting the second part in the player. “I got it, you’re not my hoe.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, but you also decided to take this more seriously than he would have hoped. “Come over here and make me, then.” All his attention remained on you now, and you tried not to laugh seeing his surprised face. “I’m… May isn’t home. I think we should take our chance now. I mean… If it hurts, I’m going to discover it sooner or later anyways, why not now ?”

Peter blushed, so did you. But he didn’t wait for you to ask him twice, and the boy was quickly kidnapping your lips.

Out Of Nothing At All - Ten

“So, question for you guys. Is this baby gonna be a ‘Reid’ or a ‘Y/L /N?“ Derek asked from across the table.

Another three weeks had passed, and the team had been called away again. The unsub had been caught after a nine day chase and you were all ridiculously exhausted. You ached all over and you blamed your pregnancy hormones for the extra bitchiness you were feeling right now.

“Reid,” Spencer answered, just as you responded with, “Y/L/N.”

Your eyes narrowed and you slowly turned to face your colleague.

Derek’s eyes widened at the two of you as it suddenly dawned on him that he had crossed into dangerous territory. Very dangerous territory.

“I don’t think so Spencer.”

“Erm well I do. You get to carry her for nine months, and be the primary carer and what do I get? Not a lot apart from visitation rights whenever you deem suitable.” He was cranky too, the bags under his eyes darker than normal.

Okay. Trying desperately not to bite, you stood and moved to the empty seats at the back of the jet. Everyone was tired and you were in no mood to argue with Spencer. You’d been doing so well recently, and he seemed to be realising more and more what annoyed you. His comments had reduced and he didn’t interrupt you as much, although you could actually see his hands clenching and him having to bite his tongue when he knew the answer to something.

“Nice move Derek,” you heard JJ mutter.

“Well how was I meant to know. Plus it’s a valid question.”

You settled back down on the empty seats, rolling your jacket up as a pillow and resting it against the window.

It was a valid question. But you knew it would cause an argument and you just didn’t have the energy for it.

But apparently Spencer did, as two minutes later he plopped down into the seat next to you.

“Are we gonna talk about this?” he asked as you looked at him wearily.

“I’m kinda trialling the ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ theory.”

“But we do need to talk about. We need to talk about a lot of things.”

“We probably do, and perhaps one of those things should be that I didn’t particularly appreciate the implication that you’ll only get to see your daughter when I deem suitable. I’ve given you my word that we’ll come to some arrangement that will suit us both.”

“Well I’m sorry if I don’t seem to have much faith in your word. Given the fact that up until five weeks ago you weren’t even going to tell me about her, kind of makes me want to get certain things like her surname and when I actually get to see her set in stone.” His tone was bitter and scathing and although you could see his point, it still cut straight to the bone.

“Spencer….. I’m not in the mood to have a full blown argument with you in the middle of the jet. I’ve promised you we’ll come to an arrangement when she’s born. And as for her surname, I want my child to have to same last night as me.”

“Well so do I.”

You weren’t about to point out that you could quite easily go and register her name and birth without his involvement. You didn’t want to be THAT person.

“Reid, please. I’m so tired right now. I can’t deal with you griping at me today. Can you just drop it. I promise we’ll talk over the weekend.” You felt like you were going to burst into tears, hating the life inside of you for making you feel so emotional.

Spencer glanced at you, hearing the emotion as your voice cracked. His expression softened towards you.

“Okay. Promise we will though? I’m sorry for getting at you. I’m just….. Scared that you’re going to change your mind about involving me in this again.”


“I promise. Please believe me Spencer, I know I was a bitch about this to begin with; not telling you and everything, but I won’t change my mind. You’re her dad.”

You reached out and clasped his hand, squeezing it lightly. He squeezed yours back.

“Okay. Thank you. We’ve still got a few hours flight time left. Get some sleep Y/N.”

“I want Y/N to read me my bedtime story!”

Aaron rolled his eyes at you. “Looks like I’ve been replaced. You up for it?”

“I suppose so. Come on Jack, lead the way.” You held out your hand to the little blonde boy letting him pull you along to his bedroom.

Hotch had invited you around for food again, the two of you had grown closer still throughout your pregnancy and he’d become someone whose company you genuinely enjoyed as well as someone you could count on.

You tucked the little boy into bed after letting him pick his bedtime story. After rereading it to him five times and seeing him still not sleepy, you heard a rapping on the door as Aaron stuck his head around.

“Jack, you should be asleep by now.”

You were lying on the bed next to him, him tucked into the crook of your arm as he was following the words along with you. It was kinda nice, the soft weight of him against you. But that was only really because you knew that his Dad was in the other room if anything were to happen.

“One more story please!?!” The little boy begged.

“Nu uh, you’ve had enough.” Aaron strict tone coming through.

“What about a lullaby then, like Auntie sings. I promise I’ll go to sleep if you sing to me Y/N! Promise promise promise!”

You could see Aaron trying to hide a chuckle and you racked your brains trying to think of a lullaby. Your parents had never sung you any that you could recall, the only one springing to mind was one your Grandma had sang. You hadn’t heard or thought about it for years but the words suddenly came flooding back.

“One song, and then I’m leaving the room whether you’re asleep or not okay?”

“Okay.” He grinned at you widely.

You began to sing softly, just finishing the second verse when you felt a little zap in your stomach, almost like someone had given you a tiny electric shock. You stopped singing, looking around the room confused.

“What’s up?” Hotch asked seeing the look on your face.

“Nothing, it’s fine.” You resumed singing feeling the same funny little zap again almost immediately. You stopped again, looking down at your tummy.

“Are you okay?“

And again.

“Hotch I think I can feel her. It’s so weird.”

“Lemme feel lemme feel!?!” Jack asked you excitedly as his Dad crossed the room to his bed.

You took the little boy’s hand and placed it to your belly, pressing down where you thought it was coming from.

“Sing Y/N sing…. She must like it!” he begged.

You carried on and a moment later you felt it again, Jack giggling wildly with joy.

“Daddy I felt her! She touched my hand!”

Gosh it was so strange…. But so…. Cool! It kind felt like someone tickling the inside of your belly.

“May I, Y/N?” Hotch hovered his hand over your tummy, close to his son’s hand and you nodded.

He pressed gently, his large hands warm through your thin t-shirt and seconds later the brightest smile you’d ever seen on him spread over his face.

“My god, I’d forgot what that felt like…She’s very faint, but you can definitely feel her moving.”

You met his gaze and grinned. “I need to text Spencer and tell him! In fact…. Aaron I know we were gonna watch that film, but do you mind if I rain check. With Reid not being able to see the baby yet, I think this might cheer him up.”

You’d promised to book another ultrasound, but had not gotten around to it yet, what with work and everything.

“No no no, it’s absolutely fine. Go!”

You kissed the little boy on his head making him promise to go to sleep before giving his Dad a quick hug and making your way to your car.

You drove the short distance to Spencer’s apartment, buzzing to be let in and hearing the concern when he realised it was you. He’d opened his door and was waiting for you as you huffed your way up his stairs.

“Is everything okay Y/N?” he looked so worried until you grinned at him.

“Everything’s fine…..Spencer I felt her kick! She moved!”

“Oh my god! When?” His eyes were
bright and shiny, his hands twitching to touch your belly.

"Like literally fifteen minutes ago.” You grabbed his hands, pressing them to your tummy. You could feel something but you weren’t sure if it was excitement. It was weird, you still weren’t ecstatic about this, but it was kinda cool.

Reid waited expectantly, his hands splayed against your t shirt, pulling a face when nothing happened.

“I don’t feel anything.” Disappointment drenched his voice.

“Let me come in and sit down. I was lying down when she did it before.”

He moved aside and you entered his apartment, you’d not been here since the night you’d created the little thing that was inhabiting your belly.

Walking over to his coach and taking your jacket off, you noticed newspapers spread out open at the rental page, marker pen circling some of the ads.

“You moving?” you asked as he sat next to you.

“Well my lease is up in six weeks anyway. I was just gonna renew, but I’ve only got one bedroom here and…. well I’ll need two won’t I?”

Yeah…. You guess he would. You kept forgetting that part.

“So Morgans’s gonna come look at some two beds with me next weekend providing we’re not on a case…. Can I.. Erm can I try again please?” He nodded towards your stomach and you smiled, lifting your t shirt up this time so there was no barrier between his hands and your skin. Maybe she’d respond better?

He pressed his hands to you again, you both waiting expectantly.


“Y/N are you sure it was her, and not just….. gas?”

“Yes I’m sure. Jack and Hotch both felt it too.”

“Jack and Hotch.” His expression darkened.

“Erm yeah, I was round at Aaron’s for dinner. But I came straight here when I felt her move. I knew you’d wanna know.”

“So my boss and his son have felt my baby kick before I have. The same boss that knew about the baby before I, the father did?”

“Yeah.” What was he getting at?

“Y/N is there something going on between you and him? Because you always seem to be with him during the big moments in your life recently. It seems like he’s playing a bigger part in your pregnancy than I am.” His voice was quiet and full of hurt.

“Me and Hotch? Hahahahaha.”

“It’s not funny Y/N.”

“Yes it is……Spencer not that it’s your business, but no, there isn’t. I’ve told you this before and I’m getting tired of repeating myself. Aaron and I have become surprisingly good friends is all.”

It WAS suprising, you were seeing a totally different side to him outside of work.

“It is my business Y/N. Someone else is experiencing all of the first things that I should be. You finding out, the scan, the first kick. I don’t like it. He shouldn’t be getting all of this, he had it with Jack and I’ll probably never get the chance to have it again.”

“Well I’m sorry but I can’t control when she does and doesn’t kick. Like I said, I came here straight away. I didn’t have to, I had plans.”

“With Hotch.” A statement not a question.

“Don’t even, Reid. There is nothing going on between us.”

He sighed, begrudgingly accepting what you were saying.

“What were you doing when she kicked? Maybe if you do that, she’ll do it again?”

“Erm…. I was singing a lullaby to Jack.”

He looked at you, an expectant expression.

“Okay fine, but don’t laugh.”

“I won’t. Promise.”

You began to sing again for the second time that night.

“Quickly now quickly 
Blow out the candles 
Say your prayer, don’t despair 
Pull the door handle.”

That sharp zap again, and Reid’s hand jumped, his jaw dropping open. “Carry on,” he whispered. “I can feel her.”

He looked so sweet right then that you couldn’t refuse him.

“All to sleep, rest your head 
Nothings gonna harm you 
In your bed.
When you wake, we’ll be here
Here’s a little kiss now, 
All to sleep.”

You felt the tickling again and saw the image of wonder and joy plastered across Spencer’s face. “Keep singing.”

“Seasons will come, seasons will go 
Time will pass slowly, but you’ll never know. 
Deep in your dreams, life will be as you’ve always planned. 
Your special place, lullaby land.
Quickly now quickly now 
Blow out the candles
Say your prayer, don’t despair 
Pull the door handle 
Quickly now quickly”

You finished, watching a tear escape from his eyes. Seeing someone else’s happiness somehow made you feel overcome with emotion and you reached out to his face, catching the tear from his cheek.

He looked at you, giving you a small smile before lowering his lips to your stomach and planting a kiss on it.

“That’s so amazing. I mean… I felt Henry kick when JJ was pregnant but this is so different.”

“Because you know it’s yours,” you explained.

“Yes. She is, she’s mine. Well, ours.”

He pulled down your t shirt, covering your belly back up and then quickly and unexpectedly, bent to you and kissed your cheek.

“Thanks Y/N.”

Your cheek burned for the next thirty minutes.

Imagine #13 I Missed You

Originally posted by awesomebrazilianprincess

“Y/N! Are you ready to go?”

“Yes mom! I’ll be down in a second.” I quickly grabbed my purse and phone and looked in the mirror one more time. I was wearing a white dress paired with nude pumps. It was simple but fancy. They said we would be meeting with other people, one of my dad’s acquaintances, turns out they are pretty important to my parents. I walked down the stairs carefully and saw my parents already waiting by the door.

“I don’t see how you take that long to get dressed.” My dad laughed, but complimented me on my outfit.

“Men never will.” My mom said and smiled at me. “Now let’s go.”

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t that long. I have heard of this one before, it’s one of the most expensive and fanciest restaurants around here. It had one Michelin star. My dad was somehow connected to the sports world and he often had fancy trips, whether it was to a country or a restuarant. Normally my mom and I travel along, but I never go to a dinner. Those were occasions for my parents only. They seemed boring to me anyway.
At the moment we were in Barcelona, Spain. He wanted to take my mom and I to this particular dinner. I asked why but he said I would see it myself. I shrugged it off till now. Who could it be?

I walked behind my parents and followed them to our table. I tried to peek over their shoulders to see who we were supposed to meet. I failed miserably due to my short height, even when wearing heels. Suddenly they stopped walking, causing me to almost bump into them as I did lose my balance. Two hands were quickly placed on my waist to prevent me from falling. I steadied myself and turned around. My eyes met a pair of hazel-green eyes. They seemed familiar, but still I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A fine looking man was standing in front of me. I forced myself to get back to reality.

“Thank you.” I thanked the unfamiliar yet familiar looking young man.

He smirked, “You’ve always been quite the clumsy one.”

I looked at him lost but instead he gave me a wink. Do I know him?

Sure enough I heard my father say: “Ah, I see you’ve already met him.”

I was clueless. Was he talking to me? Who did I meet?

“Look honey, remember Neymar Senior and Nadine? We were very close back in the day.” I looked at the man and woman. I tried to remember something, anything. They were both smiling at me warmly.

“I don’t think she remembers…” My mom mumbled, “They lived in our neighborhood when we stayed in Brazil for a while.”

Then it hit me.

“Of course. You have a daughter, right? It’s so nice to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Santos.” I gave both of them a hug and two kisses on their cheeks.

“Yes, Rafaella, you used to play a lot together. You’ve become such a beautiful young lady.” Nadine smiled as I blushed. “Thank you. Didn’t you have a son also?” I asked carefully, afraid I was wrong.

“Yes, where is he? I thought he was going to be here?” My mom questioned. She looked behind me acknowledging the boy who prevented me from falling. I didn’t even notice he was still standing behind me.

“Oh my god. Look at you, Juninho. You’re so grown up.” My mom gushed as she embraced him in a tight hug. My eyes grew wide. Neymar Senior. Nadine. Rafaella. And that name. Juninho. That makes him Neymar Junior. It all came back to me now. That was him? Damn. We had eye contact whilst he hugged my mom.

He then greeted my father and I was still staring at him. He finally walked over to me.

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Young God (Pt.2//M)

Genre: SugarDaddy! AU smut

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: After finding out Jimin had way more feelings for you than you thought you end up teasing him just a little bit. Little did you know how much you would be paying for that. 

(A/N: sometimes I wonder why I write this stuff when I can’t even read it myself)

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, orgasm denial, etc.

Originally posted by gotjimin

His jacket and shoes came off, being thrown onto the bed next to you. He walks past you and your eyes watch his every move. To your surprise he pulls a box out from inside on of the drawers in his nightstand and he hands it to you.

“What is-”

“Just open it…I picked it out for you.” He says, sticking his hands into his pockets as he smirks.

You look at the tag on the box:

To: My babygirl

From: Daddy

As you slid the ribbons off the box and pull it open it was just as you expected it to be. The pink rose petal colored lingerie caught your attention for a few seconds until you looked up at him again. He walks closer to you. 

“I thought it’d look nice on you..” He says giving a kiss to your neck as his arms wrapped around you from behind.  You smiled.

“Yeah it’s pretty. I’m gonna go try it on, okay?”

Jimin nods, letting you go so he can sit down on the bed to wait for you. You walked into the bathroom to slip on your new “gift”. Just by looking in the mirror you had yourself blushing. You were used to him buying you expensive clothes, makeup, or bags but this was something new. As you stepped out you self consciousness covered yourself by crossing your arms. 

“What do you think…?” You asked, slowly moving your arms away for him to get a better view. 

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First Time

Title: First Time

Paring: Castiel x Reader, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 2,190 (not even remotely sorry)

Warning: some adorable fluffy awkward Castiel smut

Credit: A very funny conversation with @mysteriouslyme81 for the inspirtation

A/N: Enjoy! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx

Hearing the familiar rumble of the impala as it pulled up you opened your motel room door to see Sam and Dean smiling at you. Well, Sam and Dean plus another guy in the backseat.

“Y/N” Sam said as he got out and came over for a hug.

“How’ve you boys been?”

“Oh ya know, the usual,” Dean said as he gave you a quick hug. “Y/N, this is Cas. Cas, this is Y/N.”

You held out your hand, “nice to meet you Cas.” He stared at you for a minute before shaking your hand with a little smile. Releasing your hand, he abruptly turned and headed to the trunk of the impala. “Um, did I do something?”

Both boys shook their heads. “Don’t worry about him, he’s actually an angel.”

You stared at Dean, “an angel? Seriously?”

“Well he was, but then he lost his grace, so now he’s human. And he wants to be a hunter,” Dean said with a smug smile.

“We’re keeping an eye on him,” Sam assured you.

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Maybe This Time -- Chapter One “Random”

Tom Hiddleston x Plus Size OFC

No real description yet, It is going to be sweet and fluffy for the most part… but you guys know me… that never lasts haha

Chapter One - Random

It was just a random Thursday night. Why do the best things seem to happen on the most random days and the most random times? If it were a scene in a scene in a movie it would have been a rainy night. A chance meeting in a smoky bar or cafe. A sudden spotlight on the perfect girl in slow motion.

It wasn’t a movie though, so it had far less fanfare. It was a clear and quiet night, it was a hole in the wall cabaret in a neighborhood about halfway to being gentrified, and it was just a woman with a voice.

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