but he called me fat

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Thank you for the amazing update! I'm curious; while you gave us a good idea of what drunk Yuuri was yelling about at the party with the 'you' and the observation that it sounded like a series of insults, did you have in mind exactly what Yuuri was saying? Or just the general gist since nobody in the fic knows (and will never find out anyway)?

Lol will Yuuri’s yelling in Japanese forever remain a mystery?? ;)

Are we ever going to know what yuuri said when he was drunk?


I wont write it out exactly but the general gist of it was:

Yuuri’s face contorted in an instant, eyes narrowing and mouth twisting into an almost snarl as he called something sharp and harsh in an unfamiliar language across the room, eyes still looking directly at Viktor. Despite not understanding a single one of the few words that Yuuri had just said, from the tone and his accusatory pointing finger Viktor was pretty sure that the words would translate into something very similar to a version of ‘you’ that was very far from polite.

This is pretty much exactly what it looks like, Yuuri is pointing at Viktor and saying something along the lines of ‘you! Hey, you’ in a rude way.

“Ignoring his hesitant words of greeting Yuuri snapped out another tumbled string of syllables in the same foreign language as his first.”

Here Yuuri is telling a brief summary of why he hates Viktor, something along the lines of ‘yeah, you! you called me fat and didn’t think I could be a skater. How do you like me now asshole?’ 

At Viktor’s lack of response Yuuri yelled something else that sounded suspiciously like a series of insults

Again, this is exactly what it looks like. Viktor isn’t responding so drunk!Yuuri is just generally insulting him like ‘you’re so arrogant and I hate you’ etc

Viktor turned back to Yuuri who was still slumped in his arms, glaring up at Viktor, mumbling something in Japanese and poking Viktor sharply in the chest

Here Yuuri’s kind of mellowed out slightly because he’s yelled most of the actual insults his drunk mind can think of so now he’s saying more along the lines of ‘I hate you and your stupid skating and your pretty face’

After some manoeuvring he managed to get Yuuri back on his feet again but the other man ended up clinging to his shoulder, half draped over Viktor as he continued to drunkenly rant at the man he had plastered himself too, feet too unsteady to stand on his own.

“Here Yuuri is ranting about his feelings basically. Something along the lines of ‘I hate how you always beat me and now I beat you and you didn’t even stick around to see it and it’s not fair, why did you just leave?’

Yuuri mumbled something else that was definitely not in English and finally stopped ranting, resting his head on Viktor’s shoulder with a yawn and sounding considerably less angry than he had a few seconds before.

But at least you’re here now

Every now and again he tossed another couple of words at Viktor but they sounded as though they had much less bite to them as before.

‘I still hate you, you know.’ etc but much less mean and more of an afterthought

Instead he simply wound his arms around Viktor’s neck and buried his face into his shoulder, muttering something else that Viktor couldn’t quite make out.

This is where he started to get into sappy territory, when Viktor picked him up. Something like ‘you feel really nice’

And then obviously he finally starts talking in English

Silver Storm (9/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst, SMUT , fluff

                                                      Chapter 9

   “Hold still or I’m going to end up poking your eye, you big baby.” Bucky keeps fidgeting under your hands as you try to apply eyeliner neatly to his lids.

 "Or we can just not put makeup on me,“ he grumbles.

“You lost fair and square, sweetheart. Don’t make a bet if you’re going to back out of it.” What a big fucking baby. He mimics you in a high voice, pulling a laugh from you. You return to trying to finish his makeup despite his inability to hold still. You finish ten minutes later and you back away from him, capping your eyeliner. You tilt his face up towards you, biting your lip to hold off the laughter at his defeated expression. You gave him perfectly winged eyeliner and applied a lengthening mascara that seemed to really do the trick. You only applied a little blush and a light layer of pink lipstick stains his lips. After an hour of him begging you not to do his hair, you settle on just putting into two lazy buns on the sides of his head.

  “Anyone ever tell you you’re beautiful, doll?” You can’t stop yourself from laughing.

“You’ll pay for this, y/n. Just wait.” You roll your eyes, taking his hand and dragging him out of your room.

  When you enter the TV room, the entire team was there, and all eyes fell onto Bucky.

“Oh this is fucking gold,” Sam bursts out laughing resulting in Steve doing the same, whipping his phone out and snapping a quick picture. Bucky goes to throw himself at Sam but you tighten your grip on his hand.

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“That is the only picture to be taken, understood?” you threaten. You receive nods in return. Have to at least try and save his pride. You hear snickers coming from the team as Bucky parts from you to go to the kitchen. Sam smacks his ass as he passes, a smooth whistle leaving his lips.

“Damn Barnes, you and Y/n are one pair of gorgeous ladies.” The room breaks out into laughter, no one bothering to hold back any longer. Bucky glares at Sam but that doesn’t stop Sam’s happiness.

“Alright alright. Come on Buck, let’s go wash that off. I think you’ve been punished enough for one day.” He follows you right on your heels like a sad puppy.

You hear Steve yell from the tv room behind you, “Maybe next time Y/n will let you win, pal!” I still can’t believe I beat him.

 You pull Bucky back into your bathroom, beginning to gently wipe off the makeup. As you do, you replay the fight from earlier in your mind.

    “Okay guys, start on 3. 1…2..3!” You and Bucky begin circling each other on the mat.

“Come on doll, show me what you got.” He keeps his eyes locked to yours. You know he isn’t going to make the first move so you bite the bullet and do it yourself. You lunge forward, aiming a punch at his abdomen. If you assumed correctly, this should sway the fight your way. And it does. He blocks your fist, pushing it to the side. As he does, you crouch down, sweeping his legs out. He barely catches himself, standing up a little wobbly.

“So you want to play dirty?” he asks.

“That’s the only way to play, honey. ” You wink back at him. He moves first this time, throwing a high kick. You duck out of the way and grab onto his hand. You use all of your strength to swing your legs up and around his neck to throw him back down to the floor. It’s always been your favorite move to use against someone; there’s something empowering about choking someone with your thighs. You successfully bring him down, clenching your thighs just to get the point across that you can do serious damage. You don’t want to hurt him or risk losing control of yourself in the environment you’re in right now. Last thing you want is to seriously hurt him because soldier mode kicked in. He looks up, locking eye contact with you from between your thighs, a devilish smirk appearing.

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“You know, I wouldn’t have objected if you said you just wanted me between your thighs, Мой маленький микс (my little minx).” You roll your eyes, squeezing a little tighter. He moves his arms up, brushing his fingers against the part of your stomach he can reach. You shriek at the contact, the way his fingers brushed tickled you enough to let him go.

“That is so unfair! Who the fuck tickles someone in the middle of sparring, you dick!” You’re still trying to catch your breath, nearly having a heart attack from even the idea of being tickled. He tackles you before you get a chance to move, knocking you onto the floor. He settles on top of you, pinning your hands above your head.

“Looks like I win, dollface. And I think I know exactly what I want.” You see a mischievous glimmer in his eyes.

“As much fun as that sounds, I don’t think so.” You lift your lower half, grinding it against his. You see him suck in a breath, his grip on your hands faltering. He lifts his hips from you slightly, barely leaving enough room for you to gain the upper hand. You knew that would catch him off guard and you take advantage of it. You pull your knees up, hardly fitting them through the gap he left when he raised himself up. You press your knees to his chest and launch him off you and onto his back.You immediately throw yourself over him, straddling his lap and pinning his hands. His eyes are wide and lips parted. You lean down, catching his earlobe between your teeth.

“Looks like you’re losing your touch, Мой маленький микс (my little minx),” you whisper. He growls when you repeat the nickname back to him.

  “Well damn, Grandpa. Looks like your age is catching up to you!” Sam shouts. You laugh, leaving Bucky a flustered mess on the floor.

   When you finish cleaning Bucky’s face, you both fall into bed. You look at the picture Sam sent you, giggling as you set it to your background.

“I can’t believe you actually did my makeup. You could have bet anything, had me do anything, and you just had to pick that?” he groans, rolling himself on top of you. You huff out under his weight.

“Barnes, I can get you to do anything I want anyways. Even if I lost, you would have let me do it to you.” You struggle trying to roll him off you. “Jesus, you are fucking solid. I can’t breathe,” you whine.

He laughs into your neck and you feel his smile against you, giving you shivers. “Are you calling me fat?” he questions, mock offense dripping from his tone.

“Well, I’m not calling you thin.”

“Damn, that’s cold doll.” You finally get him to roll off you, dramatically inhaling.

“You are such a drama queen.” You roll yourself onto him, resting your chin on his chest. You look into his eyes, studying dazzling shade of blue.

“You going to keep staring at me or are you going to do something, doll?” he playfully questions. You push yourself forward, gently placing your lips on his. You mean for it to be a little innocent kiss but Bucky pulls you deeper into it. You roll around his bed while your lips dance, switching between who is on top of who until he permanently settles himself on top of you. He grinds himself against you, both of you releasing moans.

  “You going to keep teasing me or are you going to do something, Sergeant?” He growls, kissing your feverishly. You completely give yourself over, enjoying the way he takes control. He moves his kiss from your lips down your body, removing all your clothing quickly. He begins sucking dark marks as he makes his path down your body, making you writhe underneath him.

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“Please, I need you,” you whine as he kisses your waist.

“Keep begging me, doll. Tell me what you need.” His movements become even slower, making you ten times needier.

“Please, Bucky. I need your mouth on me, I need to feel your fingers on-” You gasp as he licks a long strip along your pussy, finishing with a strong suck on your clit. Your back arches and you claw and the bedding underneath you.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, sliding two of his metal fingers into your soaking center. A long, loud moan was your only response as he begins harshly thrusting his fingers into you.

“God, I love the way you sound, the way your body reacts to the littlest touches. Does it do that just for me baby?” His fingers begin moving faster than you could have imagined. The only thing to be heard in the room is your moans, the obscene noise of how wet you are, and Buckys strained breathing. You feel the coil in your stomach tighten as Bucky’s mouth engulfs your throbbing clit. He switches between sucking and nipping at your bundle of nerves, making your eyes screw shut at the feeling of your impending orgasm.

“Buck I’m going to-” He sucks particularly hard at the moment. Your hands fly to his head, weaving through his hair and holding his head to you as you uncontrollably roll your hips against his face. He slows down his movements, gently taking your hands out of his hair.

“Doll I want to try something,” he says shyly from between your thighs. What a fucking tease, I was so close!

“Anything. Just- Bucky I need-” He chuckles, getting up to kiss you.

“Ride my face.” I’m sorry, what? Your face must mirror your confused thoughts because he lets out a hearty laugh.

“I’ve never-”

“Neither have I, that’s the point. Please?” You nod, letting him guide you into the position he wants you. You’re facing the headboard, hovering over him with a thigh on either side of his head. Oh my God, I’m going to suffocate him. He pulls your core down to his face, his tongue delving into your core instantly.

“Oh my God,” you whimper out at the new angle his tongue is hitting. His hands urge your thighs to begin moving against his face and you let him lead the pace, afraid you’ll do something wrong. That fear passes quickly, your hips involuntarily grinding against his face at a rapid pace as his mouth devours you.  

    Before you know it, your orgasm washes over you. Your thighs begin to quiver as Bucky slowly slides out from under you. When you’re positive he isn’t directly behind you, you allow your body to fall back onto the mattress. He moves himself over you again, this time his clothes not present. You pull his lips to yours, tasting yourself when your tongue tangles with his. You moan into the kiss, clawing your nails down his back. When you separate from the kiss, your eyes meet his lust blown ones, the blue barely visible anymore.

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“Bucky, fuck me. Please,” you beg, lifting your hips to his. The moment his hard cock makes contact with your slit you both let out moans. You flip him onto his back, taking his length in your hand and gliding it through your wet folds repeatedly. When he is about to say something, you fully slide him into you. Your back painfully arches at the fullness, its bordering between painfully stretching you and absolute pleasure; the latter wins. You begin slowly lifting and dropping yourself on his dick, placing your hands on his chest for support. His fingers dig into your thighs and you can tell he is trying to give you control but you want him to take it. You finally speed up, bouncing yourself on him as you roll your nipples between your fingers. He plants his feet flat on the bed and starts driving himself up into you. He hits a sensitive spot, almost bringing tears to your eyes from all the pleasure.

  “Oh Bucky,” you cry as he continues to slam his hips up. He finally loses his restraint, flipping you over and onto your stomach. He swats your ass, a surprised moan from you causes him to do it again.

“Do you like that, Y/n?” You nod, not trusting your voice. His hand slides into your hair, pulling it slightly so you’re on your knees with your back pressing to his chest. He slides his cock into you again, thrusting hard as his hands move to your chest. He holds you to him by your chest, playing with your nipples while he pounds himself into you.

“I’m so close baby, cum with me,” he whispers as he bites your ear. You release a string of profanities as one of his hands slides down to circle your clit. Both of you are spiraling through your orgasms, Bucky still holding your body to his. A sheet of sweat covers both of your bodies as you both collapse onto the bed. “Jesus Christ,” you say, trying to pull yourself together.

“I love you y/n,” he says sweetly from beside you.

“I love you too. Always have, always will.”

“Sergeant Barnes, Miss Y/n, your presence is required in the conference room. It is urgent.”

“What is it FRIDAY?” you ask. I really don’t want to move right now. “Secretary Ross is here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Bucky says as he begins looking for his scattered clothes. You copy his actions, finding a pair of random sweats and a tee. When you’re both done he takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together as you make your way to the conference room. You walk up to the conference room, seeing that the windows have been tinted. You can’t see inside like usual, making your anxiety flare. Why would they tint the windows? What is happening in there? This is what Nick warned us about.

“Calm down, we don’t know why they’re here yet, Y/n,” Bucky says before you both enter the room.  You know why they are here but you know he is just trying to calm you. Stepping through the door was the biggest mistake of your life. As soon as you both fully step in, two different sets of hands find each of your shoulders, detaching you from Bucky’s hand.

“What the hell is happening?” you hear Bucky roar, seeing him being restrained also. You hear cuffs clink close before you register the feeling of them around your wrists. Panic shoots through you. No no no no no.

“Bucky!” your scream bounces off the walls of the conference room.

I cant lose him again

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Hey guys! This is kind of an au story, enjoy the bughead goodness, while we’re on hiatus!

Jughead was leaning against the vending machine in the student lounge, headphones resting around his neck as he watched his peers. High school was a nightmare, he’d been bullied ever since he was a kid but it got increasingly more brutal when he entered the higher grades.

When he was younger he had Archie and Betty and Dilton, even Moose had been his friend, but now he had no one. He was on his own. His family had abandoned him and he had abandoned his friends, it was a vicious cycle that seemed to never end.

His number one tormentor, Reggie Mantle, was lounging on the couch, Veronica lodge on one arm and Josie McCoy on the other, he was surrounded by his football minions and Archie was sitting on the lounge chair. Reggie had been eyeing him for a few minutes now and jughead just knew he was trying to come up with an insult.
Running his eyes over the rest of the room, he stopped on Betty Cooper. The beautiful blonde with the biggest heart he had ever seen, she was the definition of girl next door. Her wholesome all around nurturing personality was something he admired and he found himself staring at her soft smile and warm eyes as she listened to her best friend Kevin Keller ramble on about something.

Betty had been one of the best parts of his childhood. She was sunshine and vanilla frosting. Warm hugs and milkshakes. More often than not, being around her was the only bright spot in his day. But then he messed everything up.

When his mother and sister left him he distanced himself from everyone, he wasn’t going to let anyone else leave him, so he left. Left Archie and Betty. They had both tried to fix things, he remembered her bright green eyes shining with tears, asking him what she had done wrong? Why he didn’t want to be her friend anymore? Even at 11 years old he remembered his heart breaking.

Suddenly the annoyingly loud voice of Reggie Mantle broke him out of his thoughts.

“What’s up with that stupid beanie, Donnie Darko? Do you even take it off when you shower,? what does it protect you from something? You’re own weirdness maybe. You think you’re some kind of king of darkness? King of the loners maybe.” He snorted high fiving chuck Clayton as the others laughed, Veronica rolling her eyes.

As he opened his mouth to come back with a snappy retort, he was cut off by the sugary sweet soprano voice that was Betty Cooper.

“And who are you to talk reggie mantle? You haven’t taken off your letterman jacket in two years. You even wore it to the pool over the summer.” She raised a brow, rising from her seat next to Kevin.

Reggie seemed taken aback and the rest of the football jocks went quiet.
“Stay out of this Betty, it doesn’t concern you.” Reggie said stiffly.

“Actually it does concern me Reggie, I happen to remember you carrying around your green stuffed rabbit in your backpack all the way up to last year. Maybe you should look in the mirror before you cast judgement.”

Reggies jaw dropped and he stuttered as moose snickered beside him.

“I.. you don’t know what your talking about…”

Betty just shrugged her delicate shoulders, there wasn’t a hint of malice on her face, she wasn’t trying to be mean, she was just being fair.

“Maybe not, but you don’t know Jughead either. Maybe we all can learn something from one another.” With that Betty turned on her heel, walking from the room a smirking Kevin on her tail.

Jughead was standing there , the most confused expression on his face as the rest of the football team teased and taunted Reggie about being owned by a girl.

What had just happened? Betty Cooper had just stood up to the most popular boy in the school…. for him.

Okay. Yeah okay.

The day went by so slow, Jughead didn’t see Betty for the rest of the day, not until he stood outside the girls locker room after school, waiting for Betty to finish cheerleading practice.

He spotted her walking next to Veronica, her gym bag slung over her shoulders and the tiny little black shorts she wore were positively sinful. She threw a wave as Veronica headed the opposite direction. Betty’s eyes caught Jugheads and he smiled shyly, his hand going behind his neck, scratching nervously.

She made her way to him smiling
“Juggie.” She said softly

He felt his heart flutter at the nickname.

“Bets” he choked out nervously

She looked up at him
“Were you just in the neighborhood? Or were you coming to visit?” She giggled

Jughead rolled his eyes “I wanted to thank you, for today, ya know with Reggie. You didn’t have to stick up for me.”

She looked up at him, adjusting the bag on her shoulder “ well of course I did? Why wouldn’t I?”

He didn’t really know what to say to that so he settled with “well we haven’t really spoken in six years.”

She continued staring at him with that confused smile on her face
“Well that doesn’t matter, you’re still my friend juggie. Think of it as payback for when you put bugs In Cheryl’s pudding cup because she called me fat when we were six.”

He snorted
“Yeah well that was a lie. She was a liar.” He smiled sticking his tongue out.

Betty stopped walking and turned to him
“So is Reggie. There’s nothing wrong with you, your beanie is your security blanket, it makes you comfortable and confident. there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ve got your hat and I’ve got my pony tail. Sometimes everyone needs something.”

He just stared at her with his slack jaw, could this girl get anymore perfect.

“But..” she continued a wicked smirk on her face “if you really wanna repay me, you can walk me home annnddddd carry my bag.” She sang

He rolled his eyes, trying to fight the smile that was creeping through

“You got it green eyes.”


Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)

2 a.m. Cuddles

John Laurens x Reader

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1345

Warnings: Kissing, fluff, angst

Request: @askparanoidtwilight:Nervous laugh over read so much of yours aaAAAA-ahem. I was wondering if you could make a sUPER MEGA FLUFFY John Lauren’s x Reader? He’s honestly my adorable little freckled baby and Ive been in a constant need of John fluff-oh wait I have prompts-3,20,30, and 33 would all b really cute during like a thunderstorm or snow or something where they have to stay inside? Either that or just cuddling but who wouldn’t want to cuddle with John- and, preferably, modern AU? I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot-

3:  “You call this cuddling? You’re choking me!”
20: “Stop calling me cute!” “Stop doing cute things!”
30: “C-can you hold my hand?”
33: “Are you playing with my hair?”

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but I loved writing this one! I Hope you all enjoy!

“Party time!”

Your apartment door swung open without warning. A drunk on happiness, John Laurens falling through your doorway. A cluster of bags collapsing with him. John quickly jumped to his feet and kicked the door closed behind him and gathered the bags and their spilled contents in his arms.

“John! What the hell?” you shouted.

“Evening, darling.” he smiled, slamming his bags on the kitchen counter.

“John. It’s two  a.m.!” you pointed sharply at the clock.

“I am well aware, (Y/N).” he put his hand over yours. You stared awkwardly at it. It was going to be a long night. “Now, the question is why are you up at two a.m.?”

“It’s my apartment, John!” you yelled, crankily.

John gave your hand a quick squeeze, then swiftly pulled the book you were reading out from under your arms.

“Hey!” you reached over the counter. “Give that back! I have to study!”

“Study for what?” John turned over the textbook. “Ugh. Philosophy, don’t you know that’s the most useless major?”

“I’m not majoring in it. It’s just a throwaway class!”

“You consider philosophy a throwaway class?” John laughed. He skimmed through the book. “So, you would rather theorize whether the egg of chicken came first, than take an easy class like art or poetry.” he winked. “With me.”

“Ugh. John, sometimes you just drive me insane.” you groaned

“You are a college student after all, gotta keep you a little insane. Otherwise you’ll stand out. Mental breakdowns are a normal and required thing of a college student.”

“John.” you cried. “You aren’t helping.” You dropped your hands on the counter and put your head down, surrendering. Philosophy was the worst decision you could have made. You took it for the idea of it, not tests on Greek philosophers, their life stories, and to learn Greek. You had hoped John would have taken it with you, like he had promised last year.

But things change.

You started to cry. You started to have a breakdown. Mentally checking off a box in your head, the requirements of a college student, according to John Laurens. You knew John didn’t really mean it and he was only teasing and trying to cheer you up.

“Hey, (Y/N), no crying, we aren’t in kindergarten anymore.” that made you laugh a little. He tickled under your arms and made you spring back from your chair. He caught you and your head landed between his legs. Your tears rushed up your forehead. John laughed and smiled at you too. His energy was contagious, you couldn’t help but laugh.

John pulled you back onto your feet, and your fell against him as you tried to regain your balance. He gave a little laugh and steadied you with his hands.

You stood back up on your feet and John walked in the kitchen again. He started pulling everything out of the bags onto the counter.

“John…what is all of this?”

He pulled out cans of mountain dew, two pints of Ben and Jerrys, and several boxes of candy. “Midnight oil.” he smiled. “Except,” you pulled the textbook back out of your hands and closed it and put it on the counter. “Not for studying. Your brain is going to be fried if you study anymore. And I know you aren’t going to go to bed even if I tell you, so I thought I met try and cheer you up.”

John scooped the party supplies into his hands and dropped them on your coffee table then pulled you onto the couch with him. He bent over the table and pulled out some movies. “I’ve got Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Titanic. We can go through all of them or none of them. Whatever you want to do.”

You sighed and leaned in next to John. You rested your head on his chest. He smiled shyly at you.

“I’ll take that as a maybe then?” John leaned forward and put in Princess Bride. He reached over you and turned off the lights and handed you a carton of ice cream, along with a spoon. “Cheers.” he smiled, clinking your spoons together.

John snuggled a blanket over the two of you.

Halfway through the movie, John reached over to you. His hand between the two of you.

“C-can you hold my hand?” he whispered.

You smiled and laced your fingers through his.

“Thanks.” he blushed. You kissed him on the cheek. His eyes widened and a wide smile settled on his face.

John slung his arm behind you and rested his hand on your neck. You snuggled into him, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

A few minutes later, you felt a gentle tug against your head. You looked to see that John, had a small curl of hair wrapped around his finger. “Are you playing with my hair?” you laughed.

John blushed and dropped his hands. “Nope.”

His arms tightened protectively around you. Swaddling you in the blanket, in his arms. The blanket came just under your chin. Your movements were restricted. You tried to slide up to break free. “Oh my god!” you gasped. “You call this cuddling? You are choking me!”

John loosened his grip slightly and pulled the blanket from under your chin. “Sorry.” he frowned. “I just didn’t want you to get cold.”

“Well you about just choked me to death!” you teased, giving him a playful shove.

“You know what, (Y/N)?”

“What?” you laughed, staring into his eyes, the silhouette of the television, the film flashing on his face.

“You are cute.” he smiled, reaching for your hand again.

You laughed. “John, you’ve got to stop calling me cute! You call me that all the time!”

“Well stop doing cute things!” John laughed, slipping an arm above you and pulling you down to wrestle.

The two of you fell in a heap on the floor. John cushioned your fall and tried to hide his pain with a smile and laugh. “That didn’t hurt at all.” he laughed.

“You calling me fat?”

“Nah, babe.” he rubbed his back. “Just calling you boney.” he laughed.

“Well, my bad for having a spine!”

“Yeah, it is your bad!” John laughed, smiling at you. He rubbed the back of his neck and played with his hair. “You know, I don’t call you cute all the time. LIke tonight, I’ve only called you cute like once.”

“Well, I can hear your thoughts.” you laughed.

“Oh yeah?” John sat closer to you. You were still laying down on the floor. John hung over you, his curls falling in his face, masking his eyes. “What else are they saying?”

You leaned against the couch to sit up. His face was inches from yours.

“Everything.” you smiled.

John laughed. “You’d be right.”

“Let me shut them up then.” you sat up and met John halfway. Your lips collided and his hair brushed your forehead. His hand moved from your arm to your neck, to just under your ears. Holding you in his hands. He fell forward slowly onto you, and straddled his legs over you. He pushed you up against the leather couch. Your hair falling in your face.

He spared a finger to brush your hair away, letting it fall back behind your ear. His touch was warm and comforting. He kissed you slowly with sincere intent. You pushed up against him, up against the coffee table and kissed his chin, back up to his lips. They were small but long kisses.

Savoring each moment. Savoring each other. Savoring this foreign experience. This dream. This fantasy you always dreamed about. His heart beat like a drum against your chest. You put your palm over his heart and pulled away for a moment. Smiling breathlessly and staring into his eyes. He nodded slowly with you and his heart began to beat to a steady soft rhythm.

The credits of the movie played. Some snacks were pushed off the coffee table to the floor.

 It was four a.m. and you were kissing the boy you loved.

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I'm curious: do you have an opinion on what would happen if canon Victor and Yuuri somehow interacted with their UMFBAMHA counterparts? (Like, just assume A Wizard Did It.) I'm picturing canon!Yuuri being like, "Lol, no calling me fat was the /third/ thing he ever said to me, right after showing up at my home completely naked!" while both Victors make increasingly dramatic sad facial expressions in the background.

umfb!Viktuuri are basically canon Viktuuri’s worst nightmares. canon!Viktor would be so upset that he was capable of driving such a deep rift between him and Yuuri and it would be made worse by the fact that he could totally see how it would happen and umfb!Viktor would be so unbelievably jealous of canon!Viktor and how everything could have been avoided if he hadn’t made that one stupid mistake early on. 

Canon!Yuuri would be horrified at umfb!Yuuri because he understands Viktor and can see things more clearly so he would see what was really going on but he would also understand why umfb!Yuuri thinks the way he does and would hate the fact that he and his insecurities could be the thing that keeps him and Viktor apart as he’s already had a taste of that almost happening with ‘after the final let’s end this’. umfb!Yuuri would resent canon!Yuuri a lot because he has more achievements than canon!Yuuri and has technically done ‘better’ in life and yet canon!Yuuri has a life that he would kill for regardless of medals 

Ethereal ; G-Dragon

Characters: Jiyong (G-Dragon) / Reader //slight mention of bigbang members
Genre: Alternate universe, fluff??, romance
A/N: this was a prompt that was requested, but since we are no longer doing that (kinda) this happened? i dunno. technically it’s the same thing, we’re just not drawing names out of a hat // also i’ll just be using seungri’s stagename since it’d be confusing to have two seunghyuns in one story // this is also really long oops

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Daesung groaned, throwing his head back onto the couch. “One day,” he mumbled, “can’t you two go one day without insulting each other?” He asked, his voice desperate. The usual sunshine of your group was honestly tired of your constant bickering you did with Jiyong. “No,” the two of you said in unison, turning to narrow your eyes at each other.

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1.2 k words

Stiles’s P/O/V

Ever since Y/N and i broke up i have been feeling awful. We were together for 2 years. It had always been her, Scott and i. And after a while i realised that my feelings for her were more than friends. I told Scott right away. I mean she was his sister and that’s my best friend. He had to know. And he was also the one that convinced me that i had to tell her.



I was walking down the hall alone. Not that i hadn’t done it before. I always did. Right as i reached my locker this jock came up to me. He always found it funny to mess with me. About everything. Grades, friends, body. I had always been very insecure and he somehow found out.

“Hey beautiful” he said sarcastically. I turned my head towards my locker trying to ignore him.

“Y/N. look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME FATTY” He yelled and pulled my arm around.

“What do you want Jackson” i said tears already starting to form in my eyes.

“What are you gonna cry now” Jackson laughed. I tried running out but he grabbed my arm again.

“LET HER GO” I heard Scott yell and the tears over flooded. I ran out of the school and started crying. I ran behind the school to the bleachers. I never wanted Stiles and Scott to know. I just wished they would let it go. But of course Stiles showed up.

“Y/N… Are you okay” he asked me. I teared up again. I didn’t want Stiles to see me like this.

“I’m fine Stiles. Don’t worry” i told him.


“Stiles please don’t yell at me today. I can’t take anymore” i cried again.

“What did he say to you” Stiles said while sitting down next to me. I sniffled again. Stiles noticed and put his arm around me.

“He just makes fun of me. He calls me ugly and fat.”I said my voice just above a whisper.

“WHAT. Y/N I’M GONNA KILL HIM.” he yelled standing up.

“Why he’s right” i whispered

“No he’s not. He’s so wrong. Like unbelievably wrong. He is so wrong. It’s more wrong than the stoner and that blonde cheerleader together. Cus you’re beautiful. Gorgeous even. Your body. Your face. Everything” Stiles whispered.

I looked up at him shock written all over my face. Did Stiles Stilinski the guy i had known all my life just tell me i was beautiful.

“What…” I whispered not trusting my own voice.  I didn’t even dare look at him. I couldn’t. I had had a crush on him for years and if he was just saying this to make me feel better it would kill me.

“I’m in love with you” Now it was Stiles’s turn to whisper. I turned around to see him looking more nervous than ever. I quickly leaned up to kiss him.

Present time

3 person P/O/V

Stiles thought back to the time he had told her he was in love with her. A little smile made it’s way to his lips. He really did love this girl. And he wanted to be with her again. He wanted to hear her laugh at his stupid jokes. He wanted to hear her whine about not wanting to watch Star Wars again. But most of all he wanted to be there for her when she was sad. He had recently seen her crying behind the school. He of course wanted to help her but Lydia was already there and it didn’t seem like Y/N would ever talk to him again.

“Heeey.” Jackson said when he caught up to Y/N. Ever since Y/N and Stiles had broken up Jackson had been coming on to her all the time. He tried kissing her all the time. He tried to get her to go on a date with him. And of course Y/N didn’t want to date Jackson. He was the guy making her life a living hell.

“What do you want” Y/N whispered. She was actually a little scared of Jackson.  He started off hating her and now he wants to sleep with her.

“Well sex.” he said straight forward.

“I thought you thought i was ugly” she said with a loud smack of her locker.

“Yeah you might not be all attractive but you’re an easy target” He laughed and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away from him disgusted with his behavior. Stiles sighed, how could anyone treat an amazing girl like Y/N like that. Telling her she was an easy target and that she was ugly. Jackson was a jerk is all Stiles knew.

“Go away Jackson” Y/N whispered scared of his reaction. Jackson laughed loudly. How could she think he was good enough to tell him to go away. No way was he gonna let that go.

“Okay you little shit. You think you’re smart when in reality you’re an ugly piece of shit that people only hang out with because they feel bad for her.” Jackson screamed in her face. Y/N backed into her locker biting her lip to stop from crying. She tried to get away but Jackson had a strong grip on her arm. “Stilinski only dated you for sex” He laughed.

“I didn’t sleep with Stiles.” She was so quiet. Like she wanted to say it but her body wasn’t cooperating.

“Yeah you keep telling people that” He said. Stiles couldn’t look at it anymore. He had to do something.

“She didn’t sleep with me” Stiles said pulling Jackson’s arm away from her arm. Y/N looked up at Stiles with tears in her eyes before running away quickly. “I was with her because she’s one of the most amazing people on earth and like hell am i gonna let you make her feel like shit” He spat in Jackson’s face before running after her.

He saw her sitting in front of the school head in her hand as she was crying. She didn’t care who saw her as long as Jackson didn’t. Stiles went to sit next to her without saying anything. He put his arms around her and they sat in silence. “You didn’t have to do that Stiles.” she whispered.

“Yeah i did. I don’t want anybody making you feel bad about yourself.”

“YOU ARE SO ANNOYING DO YOU KNOW THAT. FIRST YOU ARE MY FRIEND THEN YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE ME THEN YOU BREAK UP WITH ME AND NOW YOU’RE GONNA START TREATING ME WELL AGAIN” She cried. Stiles was shocked at her words. “You didn’t even tell me why you broke up with me. But i figured it out.”

“You did” Stiles said scared. He didn’t think she would have guessed that he was scared of going too far. He knew how she felt about her body and he knew she would have regretted it if they did end up having sex.

“We were gonna end up having sex and you didn’t want to be with me because of my body” she said looking away from him.

“NO” Stiles’s heart broke into a million pieces. How could she think that. “I thought you were gonna regret it if we did you would regret it.” She looked over at him with a shocked expression


“Yeah really. I still love you” 

Sweethearts--Imagine #21

Anonymous said: Hey! Love ur imagines so frickin much omfg😍😍 could u write an imagine where my crush is sad about his parents divorcing and we get to talking and I cheer him up a lot and we hang out a lot and become really great friends?

A/N: Aww, thank you so much Anon for that sweet compliment!!! I am SUPER sorry for getting to your request so late. Hope this makes up for it! <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

This was the fifth day that c/n had missed school. The fifth day he had been marked absent. The fifth day that I hadn’t seen his handsome face or passed him in the halls or gotten the chance to exchange a hello. 

I missed him horribly, to say the least. But the worst part was the bundle of nerves in my stomach that hadn’t left since the first day he didn’t arrive to class. For some reason, I felt like I could sense something was wrong. Like there was more to the story than him just missing a week of school. I couldn’t appease myself with the reassurance that he was probably just sick or maybe had taken an impromptu vacation. I couldn’t be calmed by any lame reasons I thought up of why he was missing for so many days. 

I was sitting on the grass, eating my lunch outside where tons of other kids had decided to take their lunch outside as well and take advantage of the pleasant weather. Where I was sitting though was farther away from everyone else. My friends were absent today so I was alone, and picking at the grass on the lawn. 

“You mind if I take a seat by you?” A tentative voice asked from behind. 

My head whipped around to meet the eyes of C/n. I was taken aback. What was he doing here so late? My body felt like it removed a hundred pound brick  from my stomach, though and I moved aside my lunch bag to make room beside me.

“Not at all,” I smiled, shyly. 

We had never really talked much aside from friendly smiles and the occasional greetings and “how are you”s. But I had harbored a crush on him for awhile and this was something I’d only dreamt about happening. 

He sat cross-legged next to me, heaving a sigh that made me feel heavy. Maybe my anxieties about him hadn’t been off. I looked closer at him as he pulled out a simple sandwich and apple from his backpack. His eyes had shadows that weren’t normally so dark, the redness rimming his irises making him look weary and suspiciously like he’d been crying. His lips were set in a tight line, chapped. His normally well-kept hair was covered in a beanie in a poor attempt to contain the wild shock of hair underneath. His clothes looked rumpled and hung off his hunched shoulders. 

Yeah, something was definitely up.

“It’s good to see you,” I smiled softly, hesitating.

I didn’t want to push him into talking about stuff he’d rather avoid but questions were threatening to spill out of my mouth. 

He turned his head to look at me and that’s when I knew for a fact he’d definitely been crying. His brows furrowed a bit.

“Yeah? I guess my homeless look suits me pretty well, hm?” He joked, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“We all have those days. Had a rough day?”

“Try rough couple of months,” he mumbled, a frown settling over his face. 

Suddenly he looked up, regret written over his face. 

“Forget I said that. I didn’t meant to bother you by sitting down. I just didn’t feel like talking to my friends and you’re always so easy to be around– and now I’m rambling,” he cut himself off. 

“Hey,” I said, and he looked up from picking at his sandwich. “I totally get it. You want some space. And you’re not bothering me. I like your company and if you have anything you want to get off your chest, I’m all ears,” I said, smiling reassuringly at him. 

“Thanks, y/n. It’s been a stressful week what with not being here to understand my homework, and dealing with my parents’ divorce, and my friends being the careless bastards that they are,” his shoulders slumped even more, and I wanted to reach out and pull him into a hug. 

“I’m really sorry about your parents. I had no idea,” I whispered. 

He shrugged, trying to pass it off as not a big deal. 

“Is that why you’ve been gone?” 

“Yeah. Frankly, I’m surprised you noticed. None of my other friends have.”

“I noticed the first day you didn’t show. I was honestly worried about you. God, I sound like a creep,” I shook my head at myself, instantly regretting my words. 

“No, actually, it’s really nice to hear,” he said, his sunken eyes looking deep into mine. “My parents have been working on this divorce for awhile and any day where we said hi and you smiled at me really made my spirits lift. Even if just for a bit. I feel kinda lame talking about all my problems when this is the first real conversation we’ve had,” he confessed, looking apologetic. 

“There’s no rules for how to talk to people. At least, not with me. I’d much rather have you tell me about your bad months than suffer through awkward, forced small talk,” I chuckled. 

That got a real chuckle out of him and I savored the rough albeit soothing sound of it.

“In all seriousness though, I’m really sorry you have to go through that. And you really don’t look bad, by the way. In fact, I’m kind of digging the beanie,” I bumped my shoulder into his playfully, eliciting another laugh out of him.

“What about my hair? What do you think of the style?” He asked, flipping his hair like those snotty girls do in movies.

I giggled. “It suits you. Looks rebellious.”

“Wow, didn’t know I’d be capable of pulling off a rebellious look,” he said, chuckling along with me. 

A few minutes of silence followed while we chewed on our lunches before c/n spoke up. 

“I know we’ve only had a real conversation today, but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at the mall tomorrow? We could look around some stores and get some of those delicious cinnamon rolls?” He asked, eyes finally lighting up with what I could only describe as hope.

“I’d love to!” 


Two weeks had passed and though we had only gotten to know each other recently, I already felt like I knew c/n for years. 

His parent’s divorce was taking a toll on him, so when we talked and hung out I always made sure to keep the conversation light, unless he wanted to talk in-depth about his parents. I savored those moments when I cracked a joke and his dull eyes that used to shine brightly would spark again and for a moment he was his old self. 

Still, is situation was hard on him. Some days he showed up to school looking how he did that first day we talked and the only words he would say to me were hi and goodbye. Still, I stayed by his side even when he chose not to speak. I knew he needed my company, needed someone by his side, showing him they loved him no matter his mood. 

Today, I sat squirming in my seat, my eyes darting to the clock. The bell would ring any minute and c/n still hadn’t walked through the door. It seemed I had become just as addicted to his company as he was to mine. Right as the bell rang and our teacher was closing the door, he bursted through, bloodshot eyes and all. 

It took me only one glance for me to know he’d been balling his eyes out before he’d come. 

He darted to his seat, not wanting to draw attention to himself and sat down behind me. As the lecture began, I let my arm drop down to my side and reach back. Not even a moment passed before I felt his warm palm slide into mine and I squeezed his hand, offering what little strength I could to him. 

This had become a thing we did. Days when words failed for the sadness he felt or when we simply felt like being connected in some way, I’d reach behind me and hold his hand from my seat in front of him. I liked the intimacy of it. It was shy, but calming and the comfort we both got from it benefited us greatly.

Class couldn’t have ended soon enough and I pulled c/n out of the room before the rush of students could block the hallways. Without grabbing a hold of his hand, I led him to a quiet corner near our lockers. 

When I finally turned to him, I simply dropped my backpack to the floor and flung my arms around him. His body reacted immediately, his arms wrapping around my body cocooning me in his comforting embrace. Our bodies were pressed flush against one another and I couldn’t think of something I’d ever experienced before that was so bitter-sweet. A few sniffles escaped from c/n’s mouth and were muffled by my hair, which he had buried his face into. 

“It’s ok. I’m here. I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered to him. 

I pulled back just enough to see his face, every inch of the rest of our bodies still pressed against each other. 

A tear slipped from his eye, and I brushed it away gently with the soft pad of my thumb. The vulnerability with which he looked at me struck my heart and I reached up a bit to place a feather-light kiss to the cheek that had just been dampened by a tear. 

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he said, his arms holding me tighter.

“Well, you certainly wouldn’t be ditching class that’s for sure,” I said, a hint of a smile tugging at my lips. 

His eyes widened when he realized what I was implying. 

Fifteen minutes later, I had taken him to a nearby flower shop. On the way, I’d bought us hot chocolate because that had always seemed to help him cheer up a bit. 

But now, we perused the flowers in the shop, losing ourselves in the sweet scents they were giving off and feasting our eyes on the brilliant colors surrounding us. 

“Y/n check this one out,” c/n said, tugging my on my hand. 

I smiled as he brought me over to a beautiful bouquet of peonies. 

“They’re beautiful,” I breathed. 

“They have such a soft color. But they’re not small, they have personality. They take up space. Just like you,” he smiled, looking at me with earnest eyes.

“You calling me fat, c/n?” I asked, smirking.

“No!” He exclaimed, then laughed as I laughed with him. “God, no. I’m saying, that just like these flowers have a gentleness about them they’re not without personality. Look at how they fill up an empty vase. Just like how you filled up my empty heart,” he finished, entwining his fingers with mine. 

And that was the first day we referred to each other not only as best friends  but as sweethearts, too. 

Clothing Swap Tag

“Hello everybody, and welcome back to my channel!” Jack claps his hands together in front of him, grinning over at the camera. “As you can see, I am joined by the one and only, Joseph Sugg!”

“Hello,” Joe smiles and waves at the camera, his hands moving to clasp behind his back.

“Now, you may wonder what we’re doing,” Jack continues, “Or not, because the title of this video. But it’s a pretty big tag, and many of you have been asking for it!”

“Although I still don’t see it turning out very well…” Joe mumbles.

“They just want to see you in my stuff, babe.” Jack winks over at him. “Joe and I are doing the clothing swap tag!”

The other man lets out a small groan, his head falling down, “Wasn’t doing this with Caspar torture enough?”

“This is different, because we’re actually dating. Everyone just thought you two were.”

“Can you just finish explaining?”

“Alright,” Jack faces the camera again, “We have each chosen three outfits. Casual, gym, and random choice. Neither of us have seen the others choice, so it’ll be a surprise.”

“And it’ll be a surprise if you fit my clothes.” Joe adds.

“Are you calling me fat?”

“What?!” He stares over at Jack, “NO!”

“Relax, I’m teasing,” The younger man laughs, “It’s kind of obvious we’re different sizes. I’m excited to see you in my stuff though.”

“You’ve seen me in your jumper…”

“That’s just a jumper,” Jack rolls his eyes. “Go put on the first outfit!”

“Alright,” Joe laughs, heading for the guest room.

When he walks out a few minutes later, Jack’s clothes hanging off of his slim frame and a small frown on his lips, his boyfriend starts giggling.

“What?!” Joe snaps, trying to push the sleeves of his shirt up, only for them to fall back down.

“You look adorable.”

“I look like a child,” He rolls his eyes.

“How are my pants staying up?”

“I tied the belt.” That sets Jack off again, and he throws his head back, laughing loudly.

Joe just glares over at him.

“Alright,” Jack giggles, “My turn.”

“Good. Have fun.” Joe smirks, watching Jack head to the next room to change.

And when he appears, it’s Joe’s turn to laugh, because Jack is holding Joe’s jeans in his hands, and the shirt is pulled tight across him, but he’s also got Joe’s shoes on.

“We need to talk about how small your jeans are.”

“I have skinny legs!” Joe protests, his eyes falling along Jack’s body, his laughter slowly fading away. Because there is a lot of Jack on display, and since Joe’s shirt is tight, the muscles on the younger man are made more prominent.

“Yes, you do,” Jack rolls his eyes, “I couldn’t even get a foot into one.”

“Sorry.” Joe replies, not sounding sorry at all, because he knows how much Jack likes his jeans on him.

“Go put your second outfit on.” Jack throws the jeans at him, pushing lightly on Joe’s shoulder.


“These are comfy.” Joe announces as he walks into the room, wearing some of Jack’s gym clothes. “Why don’t you wear these more?”

“Because they’re for the gym, not for everyday.” Jack replies, scanning his boyfriends body. The clothes are still loose, but there’s more skin on display. Like Joe’s collar bone, exposed by the collar of the shirt hanging low on his chest. And Jack loved that part of Joe, because of the delicious sounding noises he could draw from the older man when he sucked along a certain spot.

Clearing his throat, Jack shook his head. “Right, my turn.”

“Yes, it is.” Joe smiles over at him, noticing the look in Jack’s eyes. He glances over his shoulder when Jack walks out of the room, his own eyes watching Jack’s ass as it leaves.

And when the younger man walks back into the room Joe feels his cheeks turn red and his body warm, because Jack isn’t wearing a shirt. Only some tight basketball shorts and shoes.

“Did you choose like all your smallest clothing?” Jack asks, running a hand through his hair. “I couldn’t even get your shirt on.”

“Oh, no.” Joe shakes his head, looking anywhere but at Jack.

“At least I got your shorts on.”

“Because I chose my loosest fitting ones.”

“Calling me fat again?”

“Stop thinking that.” Joe snaps, his eyes meeting Jack’s, but they fall to the exposed skin again, and he has to drag his stare away. “I’m going to change.”

“You do that,” Jack smirks, catching on to what Joe’s feeling. Mostly because he’s feeling the same way.

“Oh gods,” Jack groans lightly when Joe walks back into the room, hand holding the swimming shorts up, his feet bare along with his torso. Jack knew Joe had been working on getting more in shape, but hadn’t really noticed how much he’d changed until now.

“Really?” Joe asks, “Swim wear? It’s March.”

“Your point?” Jack mutters, his eyes slowly moving down the length of Joe’s body, his body responding immediately.


“Huh?” He looks back up at Joe, his face warm as his boyfriend smirks at him.

“Time for your last outfit.”

“Right. Outfit.” Jack nods, but it takes him a minute before he finally turns and heads for the guest room.

By time he comes back into the room, Joe has shifted hands that are holding up the clothing, and the shorts are hanging lower on his hips. Jack feels his mouth water at the sight.

“So we had a problem,” He calls out, and Joe glances over his shoulder, eyes widening when he realizes Jack is wearing nothing but his boxers. “I couldn’t get anything on.”

“Oh?” Joe says softly, his eyes falling on the clothes in Jack’s hand, hanging in front of him. Hiding something.

“I didn’t feel like ripping your clothes,” Jack tells him, moving to stand beside him. “Especially since I really like this shirt on you.”

“Thanks,” Jack laughs, but its weak sounding, his mind too distracted.

“I think that’s it for the video,” Jack mumbles, his free hand snaking around to the small of Joe’s back, his fingers dipping under the waist band of the shorts.

“Yeah, I think so.” Joe replies breathlessly, his body shifting towards Jack’s. “End it.”

“End what?” Jack asks, looking at Joe’s rapidly darkening eyes.


“Right.” He shakes his head, facing the camera. “Uhm, that’s it guys. Sorry I wasn’t able to wear more of Joe’s clothes, but I didn’t feel like making him spend money on new clothes.”


“Remember to subscribe to me, and Joe, his links are below. I’ll see you all in the next video!” He rattles off the rest quickly, tossing the clothes onto the ground so he can pull Joe’s body against his, their lips crashing together.

Joe’s own hands move to around Jack’s neck, the shorts falling off of him, but neither care, because they wouldn’t have been on much longer anyways.

The Other Boy

Summary: Jughead is now homeless thanks to his rotten day (this episode made me feel the feels guys) but Betty is here to save the day.

Notes: This is a terrible attempt at Fluff guys sorrySTORY:

It is raining, a big storm. The first storm since Jason Blossom’s death. It puts the whole town on edge, there is a murderer on the loose and sheriff Keller just got robbed.

A loud knock rings out through my empty house. My parents are out at the office. I’m used to it. Slowly closing my laptop I get up and slouch down stairs. The storm outside has gotten worse. I pull the door open slowly and only a little bit to see a tall boy soaked through to the bone, his beanie clinging to the dark hair plastered to his face. He has a large backpack hanging off one shoulder.

“Jughead?” I ask, surprise evident in my tone.

“Who else?” He smirks, shifting his bag on his shoulder. “As much as I’d like to continue this conversation outside in the rain, it’s kinda cold.”

“Oh yeah, of course.” I move aside and let him in.

He enters my house, dumping his bag on the floor and immediately going to my kitchen. I follow him into my kitchen and chuckle to find the boy already beginning to make waffles.

We used to do this all the time as kids, he’d come to keep me company when my parents were at work. He’d make us waffles and we’d watch movies until I fell asleep. But he hasn’t been round in a while hence why I was surprised to see him at my door.

“What are you laughing at?” He asks balancing a crazy amount of ingredients and utensils in his arms.

“Just you Jughead.” I smile but it quickly drops to a frown.

“Hey, what’s up?” The tall boy asks as he places the ingredients down on the counter noticing my frown.

“Nothing.” I try but all I get is a skeptical raised eyebrow. “I mean… It’s just I’ve… We haven’t done this in a while and I missed it- this. You. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” He whispers pulling me into a hug.

“So,” I say after the hug ends. “I heard they closed the Drive In. I’m sorry Juggie I know you were staying there. Hey if you need a place to stay…” I trail off at his sad expression.

“It’s okay. Um, my dad didn’t offer me a place to stay and I’m not on good terms with Archie, I was just gonna camp out in the park…” His voice is quiet and soft and it’s on the verge of sounding broken and vulnerable.

“Hey no. No way Jughead Jones the Third is living in the park. If my mother saw you she’d probably find a way to kick you out of school. You’ll stay here. No ifs buts or maybes.” I grin at him hoping this will cheer him up.

“If you’re sure…” He seems unsure because of my stuck up mother so I grab his hand and pull him out of my kitchen.

I pull him into the hall and grab his bag then pull him up the stairs. Pushing Jughead into my bedroom and onto my bed I catch him muttering:

“Wow, I’ve never been forcefully pushed on a bed before though I imagined it would be under different circumstances.”

I struggle to hide my laugh and try to busy myself by sorting through his bag. I begin to tidy his clothes away while he snuggles into my bed.

“Hey, Jug you’re still soaked buddy.” I laugh as he groans.

“Come on.” I pull him up. “You’ll catch a cold.” I am about to turn to leave when be pulls his shirt off.

I’ve seen the tall boy shirtless before but only when we were younger.

Man this boy’s clothes hide a lot. He is er… Well he’s very attractive. I feel myself turning very red. I quickly turn away.

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me Jug.” I call as I leave the room awkwardly.

He mutters something in reply that I don’t catch as I leave the room.

I hop down the stairs two are a time and head into the kitchen to continue making the waffles. Jughead joins me about five minutes later (once my blush had gone down, luckily) no longer wearing his jeans and denim jacket but instead wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. His signature beanie is still on his head.

“Sup, Jugs?” I grin.

“Sup, Betts?” He grins back as he grabs a plate of waffles.

“Y'know, your hair will dry a lot quicker without the hat.”

“What? If I take my hat off I risk you finding my bald spot.” He fake gasps.

“Ha. Ha.” I reply dryly.

I reach up while he is distracted eating waffles and pull his beanie off his head.

“Hey!” He cries and I run away with his hat.

For one sweet moment it was as if we were children again. I always used to steal his hat when we were little. I run upstairs with his hat and he’s hot on my tail. I dive into my room, but I trip on the way falling on my floor, landing on my butt. Jughead follows me into my room, he also trips but luckily I’m there to break his fall. He gracefully (not) lands on my stomach.

“Oof.” He’s quite heavy what with all the those waffles.

“Ouch.” He chuckles, he’s still on my stomach.

“Oh yeah like you can say ouch, you haven’t got a 6ft boy sat on your stomach Juggie.” I complain.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He asks sarcastically, wriggling around as if to prove his point.

“Jug!” I cry. “Stop! Juggie!” I laugh because he has started tickling my very ticklish stomach.

“I can’t hear you!” He laughs, his beanie lies forgotten beside us. All the awkwardness I was feeling earlier dissolves into the air.

I manage to push him off of me and he rolls onto the floor next to me. We are both lying on our backs very close to eachother laughing our heads off. We laugh for a good few minutes until the raven haired boy’s laughter stops. I stop laughing and turn my head to see him already staring at me.

“Thanks.” He’s says seriously.

“For what?” I ask.

“For distracting me from my shitty day Betts. For letting me stay here even though your mother will kill you if she finds out. For making me laugh.” He mumbles.

“Oh Juggie I’m sorry your day has been shitty.” He laughs when I swear. “And as for my mum she’s always at work right now- she’s barely home.” He looks slightly relieved by this. “And I’m always here to make you laugh Jugs.” I grin at the boy next to me.

He smiles at me and for a second I get caught up in how beautiful he looks-not hot or handsome but beautiful. I can feel myself leaning closer to him and I’m sure he is leaning in too. I quickly pull away before things get awkward and I end up ruining this friendship. He pulls away too and coughs awkwardly.

“Err boy am I tired.” I laugh nervously. “Bed?” I ask as we both stand up.

“Err… Yeah sure. Where should I sleep?” he asks scratching the back of his neck adorably.

“Oh, er, I don’t have a spare bed. And I can’t let you take the sofa incase my parents come back. So would you be alright sharing my bed?” I ask feeling nervous for some reason.

“I can just sleep on the floor. I don’t want to be an inconvenience and I’m used to sleeping on the floor.” He says and the way he says it so nonchalantly breaks my heart.

“Nope.” I reply. “I care about you Jughead and I’m not letting you sleep on the floor you’ll sleep in my bed with me, if I’m not too repulsive.” I add as a joke at the end.

“You’re not repulsive Betts, you’re sweet and kind and apparently too stubborn to let your friend sleep on the floor.” He jokes back.

“I am all of those things, now come on let’s go to bed.” I smile at him and he smiles back. Luckily I am already in pyjamas which spares us the awkwardness of getting changed.

I climb into bed an wait for Jughead to follow. He looms awkwardly for a second before joining me. We both lie there awkwardly for a few minutes until I start to drift off. I roll over before I fall asleep and I feel the taller boy shift away but I’m too sleepy to properly notice.


We wake up to my alarm. It’s a Saturday but mother checks on me every morning at eight so I like to be awake half an hour earlier. This just happens to work in our favour today because it means I can hide Jughead before my mother finds him.

When we wake up I find myself pressed against Jughead’s chest with his arms wrapped around me. It’s a shame we have to get up because I could happily spend all morning cuddling with Jughead. The alarm doesn’t appear to wake the tall boy. I lean up and try to escape his arms. I shake him awake gently until he groans and brings his arm up to rub at his eyes.

“Betty?” He asks, his voice gorgeously laced with sleep. I pull myself away from his warm body and stretch.

“Sorry to wake you Juggie but my mom will be in to check on me soon before she goes to work.” I explain.

“Okay.” He grumbles slowly sitting up and yawning. He slowly stands up and stretches.

“Where should I hide?” He asks, his voice still deep with sleep.

“Err my closet should be a good hiding place. I’m sorry you have to hide.” “Its okay.” He says. We hear footsteps coming towards my door.

“Quick!” I say pushing him into my closet just as my mom, Alice Cooper enters.

“Oh, you’re awake.” She says dryly.

“Yes I am.” She begins her daily routine of nosing around my room. Once she’s done looking around and she heads back to the door and I think I’m in the clear. She turns around and looks at me. Her eyes drift around my room until she catches something.

“Betty, what is that?” She spits out pointing at none other than Jughead’s jacket on my chair.

“Mom, you know it was raining last night- with the storm. And you know Jughead is my friend. He leant me his jacket so I wouldn’t get wet on the walk home.” I explain.

“Betty, you knows I don’t approve of you being friends with this boy. He’s dark and mysterious and gloomy. He’s going to ruin your entire image.” She complains.

“Mom! Jughead is the sweetest, kindest boy in this whole town and it doesn’t matter what he looks like! I’m sick of you telling me who I’m not allowed to have as my friends. I like Jughead so you’re just going to have to deal with him being my friend.” I snap at her.

“Well don’t come crying to me when he breaks you. And I don’t think you should trust anyone with a name like Jughead.” She mumbles loud enough for me to hear. “Oh and your father and I will be at work all day again.” She snaps and with that she leaves, slamming the door behind her.

I wait a few minutes until I hear the front door slam and her car start. I go to the closet and let Jughead out.

“Sorry you had to hide.” I say with a sheepish smile.

“It’s okay.” He smiles back. “So what’s the plan?” He asks.

“Well I’m still quite tired, wanna go back to bed for a bit?” I ask nervously biting my lip. “

Yeah, I approve of this plan.” He chuckles and we climb back in to bed.

This time instead of the awkwardness of lying awkwardly, we go straight to cuddling eachother. Jughead pulls me in close and wraps his arms around me.

“This isn’t weird is it?” He whispers. “I feel like people might think it’s weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird so I won’t tell if you don’t.” I whisper back.

“Cool.” He replies. We quickly fall asleep in eachother’s arms.


We don’t wake up cuddling. We wake up a few hours later spooning, he’s the big spoon and he’s holding me protectively. I sit up slowly and accidentally wake up the taller boy up too.

“Morning.” He smiles.

“Morning!” I smile back.

He stretches and gets up before going to have a shower. I sit reading in my bed until he comes back. What I was not expecting was for him to come back in wearing nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips. I flush bright red and try to distract myself by reading but his treasure trail is too distracting.

“The bathroom’s all yours Betts.” He mutters. I stand up to go and use the bathroom but I make the mistake of trying to walk past him while looking down. I trip and just like a cliché I fall straight into his arms. Our faces are so close and without thinking I can feel myself leaning closer. He is leaning closer too.

“Betts.” He whispers staring into my eyes. “I think I’m going to kiss you.”

“Juggie.” I whisper back. “I think I want you to kiss me.”

He smiles and I lean in to kiss the smile off his lips. The kiss is slow and sweet. My hands tangle in Jughead’s black hair and his go to my waist. The kiss doesn’t last too long as we’re both a bit uncertain. We brake apart but remain in eachother’s arms.

“That was…” Jughead starts. “Betty.” He continues in a serious tone. “I thought you were still in love with Archie?”

“Well, to be honest Jugs, I think I just confused my feelings for Archie. You see I thought I was in love with him but another boy made me realise I love Archie but I’m not in love with him.” I explain.

“Oh.” He replies. “Wait, who’s the other boy?” He asks.

“Juggie, I’m stood in my pyjamas in your arms while you are wearing nothing but a towel. And we just kissed in my bedroom which I am letting you live in despite my crazy mother.” I explain to the clueless boy in front of me. “Who do you think the boy is?”

“It depends, is he devilishly handsome and the funniest guy you’ve ever met?” He asks jokingly.

“Yes and yes.” I seriously reply.

“Oh damn then he’s not me.” He chuckles sadly.

“Of course he’s you Juggie! Who else would I possibly fall for?”

“Tall, athletic boys.” He mumbles.

“I only have eyes for tall, dorky, sweet boys whose clothes actually hide a lot.” I chuckle.

“Oh.” He mutters.

“I like you Juggie. I think I’ve liked you for years it just took me a while to work out my feelings.”

“Oh.” He says again but then what I’m saying sinks in. “Oh, so uh, can I kiss you again?” He asks looking adorably nervous.

“Of course you can Jugs.” I smile and lean in to kiss him again.

As we kiss we forget about Jason Blossom’s murder. We forget that Jughead is technically homeless. We forget about Archie and Veronica and everyone else and all our worries and just think about what’s happening in the moment. We are happy together and right now that’s all that matters

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Based on: this imagine from @middle-earth-imagines.

Warnings: self-esteem issues

Dedicated to all those people who are insecure about their body and appearance, for whatever reason: you are not to thin or too fat, too short or too tall… You are perfect the way you are!!!!

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You waited for the Dwarves to settle down in their bedrolls in the hay and to start snoring. Even Thorin seemed asleep, while Gandalf was absent, as usual. You quietly sat up and crawled as silently as you could towards Bilbo, who had been curled up under his blanket in the most obscure corner of Beorn’s stable. He was lying on his side, facing the wall but, from his breathing, you could say that he was still awake.

“Hobbit?” you whispered, squeezing playfully his arm through the blanket. Bilbo didn’t answer, he simply turned his head to looked at you and smiled meekly. You smiled back and kissed tenderly his ear, reaching for his hand and interlacing your fingers with his; his hand, as his whole body, was warm and soft, not used to hold weapons or to hard journeys like the one he had courageously joined.

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if schools are gonna claim that they don’t perpetuate bullying they have to stop letting teachers get away with projecting their blatant bigotry onto kids and validating their intolerence because i’m tired of teachers claiming they’re “”anti-bullying”” one minute and making hateful comments the next

anonymous asked:

hey so touching on that gaslighting post. i have an ex friend who would constantly lie and try to get me to remember things differently by staging himself as right in situations where he was clearly in the wrong. like one time he called me fat, flat out, and then when i said that hurts me to hear he would be like, "idk what youre talking about i never said that. i think youre going crazy" would this be gaslighting or am i just over reacting? (if you dont wanna answer thats fine 😊)

I mean, it’s a shitty thing to say, but without knowing him it would be hard for me to say if he simply didn’t remember. It seems SUPER suspicious though because he actually suggests you are crazy instead of listening..

I can’t say for sure, but know that either way the situation is an abusive one.

Be safe ❤

SVT - Click a Prince: Wonwoo

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Series: Click A Prince (intro)

Member/s: Ot13 - Wonwoo x Reader 

Words: 1455

A/N: Oooo some kiss up ahead ;) And written/posted with batch 2 per request 

You threw your book at the wall in anger.

How dare he. How dare the author make you believe that the tall, dark, mysterious and handsome man was perfect for the protagonist. Her heart had already been owned by her best friend, who didn’t even see her as a woman. For her to be swept away by the other lad had been terrific. How dare that author make him the antagonist - and rip away the joy she had been feeling.

You huffed in annoyance. You could already feel the fanfictions forming your head, but you decided to ignore them.

Instead you decided that finding a new book would be best, something light, and possibly with no love interests; as your heart felt broken, even if yours wasn’t the one that had been toyed with by the man, the author had.

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Needy Shawn (Imagine)

It was a Saturday evening, and you were sat on Shawn’s bed scrolling through your phone. Shawn was lay next to you, his head resting on yours as he watched you look through Instagram.

“This is boring” Shawn groans, moving his head so it rests on your tummy, his arm holding on to your legs loosely.

“Mm” You reply, not really paying much attention. You were too busy reading someone’s post, not noticing how bored Shawn really was. He started playing with the tassels on your jumper, tugging on them slightly.

“Shawn, stop baby” you mumble, running your fingers through his hair. He sighs deeply, before stopping. However It’s only seconds layer before he’s whining again.

“I’m still bored” he groans rolling next to you again.

“What do you want me to do about it Shawn?” You say, not taking the eyes off your phone.

“Talk to me” he says stealing my phone.

“Oi, give me that back” You say, pouting slightly.

“Not until you kiss me” he grins, hiding the phone under his pillow.

“No way” You say turning to face him.

“Yes way” he smirks, pulling his lips into a pout.

“Kiss my ass.”

“Okay” He grins, rolling on top of you.

“Shawn stop! You’re too heavy” you laugh, trying to push him off, but it’s no use.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He says in horror, pulling the worst surprised face you’d ever seen.

“No, I’m calling you a 6ft nerd” You grin at him.

“6ft 2 actually” he smirks, making you roll your eyes.

“Why do I love you?” You ask, watching his lopsided grin appear.

“Don’t say that!” He laughs, getting up and sitting in between your legs.

“I know what you can do if you’re bored!” You say suddenly.

“What?” He asks, his eyes instantly brightening.

“You can give me a massage!” You say happily. Watching his face fall so suddenly was pretty damn funny.

“You’re unbelievable” he sighs. You weren’t going to give up that easily though, opting for pulling the classic puppy dog face that Shawn always gave into. "Fine!“ He sighed, making you cheer.

"Now I know why I love you!” You say happily, shuffling to sit in between his legs, placing your back against his chest. His hands make there way to your shoulders, gently rubbing on the skin around your neck.

“You’re not even funny” he mumbles into your ear, before attaching his lips to the skin behind it. The whole situation was sending shivers down your spine.

“I’m kidding, I do love you” You hum, as his lips and hands work magic against your skin.

“I know” he mumbles back before turning your head to the side, attaching his lips to yours. “I love you too.”


Request- Reader is the only female patched in and she’s the sister of Opie.She comes back from a run with Jax and meets the new prospect, Juice. 

Reader’s POV

Runs were usually fun except for when I was stuck watching Jax flirt with some girl. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t because I was jealous that he was flirting with her but actually it was because I was insanely bored. I smirked as an idea formed in my head on how to get back on the road.

I straightened up from my spot against my bike and fixed my cut. I walked over to where Jax and the girl were and once I was next to Jax I wrapped my arm around his shoulders. He looked at me confused and I just smirked at him.

“Hey baby, I just got off the phone with the doc and he said everything should clear up on your dick as long as you keep using the ointment.” I said sweetly and his eyes widened. I heard the girl gasp and looked over at her. She was already walking away fast. Jax groaned.

“Did you have to do that?” Jax asked.

“Yes I did, I was bored. Come on I wanna ride.” I whined at him and started pulling him by his cut to where our bikes were.

“I swear to the reaper, I’m never going on a run with you ever again. Your brother can go with you from now on.” Jax complained and I laughed.

“Oh come on you didn’t want that whore anyways. She was way too easy to not have anything. I just saved you from actually getting something.” I told him and he rolled his eyes but he did end up cracking a smile.

“Yeah you’re probably right.” He said. He walked over to his bike and I grabbed my helmet. I was the first female to be patched into the sons but it wasn’t a surprise considering my dad, Piney, and my brother, Opie, were both in the club. I was just recently patched in for my 18th birthday. I had pretty much been prospecting my whole life, just like Jax and Opie had been before me.

Jax and Opie were 5 years older than me so they had been patched in for a while and helped to get me patched into the club. Even though there was an age gap between us, they were my best friends and I was theirs. That was part of the reason that everyone thought I liked Jax. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jax just wasn’t my type. I looked over at him once he was on his bike.

“Ready to go home?” I asked.

“Yeah this run was easy but I miss Charming.” He told me.

“Same.” I said.

“Did you hear that while we were gone they got a new prospect?” Jax put his helmet on.

“Really? No I didn’t hear that.” I said.

“Yeah I guess he was new in town and Chibs saw potential in him.” Jax told me.

“Well if Chibs choose him then there has to be something special about him.” I said and Jax nodded in agreement. At that we started on our way home. When the Charming sign came into view I sped up and Jax sped up too. That started a race back to T-M. We were neck and neck until I saw the entrance to T-M and sped up even more. I bypassed Jax and pulled into the parking lot fast. I pulled into the lot so fast that I had to do a loop around the lot just to be able to slow down. I pulled into my spot and giggled as I took off my helmet. Jax looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“Be careful darlin.” He said. It was my turn to roll my eyes then.

“Whatever you say dad.” I told him sarcastically. “Come on let’s go see our boys. I’m curious about this new prospect.”  We got off our bikes and headed inside the clubhouse. I saw Chibs, Tig, and Opie standing by the pool tables. I took off in a run and jumped on my brother’s back with a giggle. Everyone laughed as I did and Opie put his hands on the pool table to keep himself from tipping over.

“You aren’t getting lighter, did you know that?” He chuckled.

“You calling me fat, Op?” I glared playfully at the back of his head.

“Yes, now get the hell off of my back.” He said while laughing.

“Fine.” I groaned and jumped off. I went over and hugged Chibs and Tiggy.

“How was your run with that one lass?” Chibs asked while messing up Jax’s hair. Jax playfully elbowed him.

“It was okay. Pretty boy spends too much time in the shower though.” I told them and they chuckled. “I heard we got a new prospect. Is he here?”

“Aye he’s cleaning the bathroom.” Chibs told me. I looked at Jax and he smirked at the same time I did.

“Prospect! Get your ass out here!” Jax yelled towards the back. A minute later I heard feet coming out this way. A guy with a mohawk, not much older then myself came out into the front room.

“Yeah?” He asked while looking at us. He noticed Jax first and then his eyes met mine. I had to refrain from blushing as he looked me over. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking back. Now that was a fine boy, damn.

“Get us some beers.” Jax told him. He nodded and went behind the bar and grabbed some beers. He came back and handed out beers. As he was handing me one, Opie grabbed it.

“Nuh uh. She’s 18.” Opie said.

“1, I’ve drank before and 2, seriously? This is the one law you are going to pretend to acknowledge?” I gave him the look and he rolled his eyes and passed the beer back to me. “Thanks.” I took a drink of it and looked at the prospect who was watching us with amusement.

“What’s your name?” Jax asked.

“Um well it’s Juan Carlos but you can call me Juice.” He answered.

“What kinda bike you got, Juice?” I asked.

“A dyna super glide, you?” He asked looking down at my cut with a smirk.

“Same but mine’s blue and black with the reaper on one side and SOA on the other side.” I told him. He smiled and nodded. “Do you work on bikes and cars or are you just our cleaning boy?”

“I can work on them but I’m better with computers.” He told me.

“Really?”: I asked, impressed. Most of the guys couldn’t even turn on a computer.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Think you could show me sometime? I never really had the chance to learn about them.” I told him.

“Yeah, anytime you want.” He said.

“You know Jax, I’ve always wanted to learn about computers too doesn’t that sound interesting?” Opie said while elbowing Jax in the side and giving him a look.

“Huh? Oh! Yeah, you can show us all can’t ya Juice?” Jax asked while wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I frowned at them.

“Um… yeah. Of course.” Juice said while looking at Jax’s arm wrapped around me.

“Right come on Juicey boy. Ya gonna help me in the garage.” Chibs said and started walking out of the clubhouse. Juice met my eyes one more time and then followed Chibs out. Once they were out the door, I elbowed Jax hard in the stomach. He groaned and bent over, grabbing his stomach.

“Seriously, you two!?” I asked while turning to give them each a glare.

“What? He was getting a little too chummy with you and I didn’t like how he was looking at you.” Opie said with a shrug.

“He was looking a little too much.”

“Seriously?” I crossed my arms over my chest. “What if I did like the way he was looking at me?” Tig began to choke on the sip of beer he just took. He put the beer and sat on the couch, knowing a scene was about to unfold.

“You what!?” Opie yelled.

“He’s way too old for you!” Jax yelled.

“Do you even know how old he is?” I asked Jax.

“Well… no…” Jax said sheepishly.

“He’s 21.” Opie said with a frown. “Jax is right he’s too old for you.”

“That’s only 3 years older than me, you dipshits.” I said.

“That doesn’t matter. He’s still old.” Opie said.

“Okay you two need to relax. I just met the dude, so don’t go over protective big brothers on me.” I told and took a drink of my beer.

“Oh trust me, it’s not going to go any further than club business.” Opie said. I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Since when did you become my dad? I can do whatever and whoever I want to Op.” I told him. I held up a hand to stop him from talking. “Look you are blowing this way out of proportion. I don’t even know if I like this Juice, just chill okay?” The boys looked at each other and sighed.

“Fine, we’ll chill.” Opie said.

“Yeah, sorry.” Jax said.

“Good, now I want to kick your asses at pool.” I smirked at them.

“No way! I’m totally gonna kick your ass.” Jax stated.

“Wanna play Tiggy?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Tig got up and we all went to the pool table and began to play. After a couple of rounds, Clay came in and called us to church to discuss mine and Jax’s run. Once we got were done with that Jax, Opie, Tig, and Chibs decided to go out to the bar. My dad wanted to go back home and Clay decided to stay and take care of some club business. I headed back to my dorm and changed into some T-M work clothes and decided to get some work done since no one was going to be around.

The doors to the garage were closed so I went in the side door. Gemma had already left for the day so I figured I’d have the whole place to myself but I was surprised to find the lights on inside the sound of metal against metal. I walked over expecting it to be one of the mechanics. The person was under the car so I leaned over the engine. My eyes landed on Juice who was working beneath the car.

“Thought you weren’t very good at this.” I smirked. He jumped and hit his head on the bottom of the car.

“Holy fuck! Ouch!” He groaned and rolled out from under the car. He pressed a hand to his forehead. I tried not to laugh.

“I’m sorry. I figured you heard me come in.” I apologized and bent down beside him to check out his forehead. I moved his hand away and looked at the giant red spot. I let out a little giggle at it.

“Do you try to scare all the prospects to death? Is that why I’m the only one?” He asked and playfully glared at me.

“Well as Happy says death is always a plus.” I giggled more.

“Who?” He asked.

“One of our Tacoma brothers. He’s from here originally so he visits a lot.” I told him.

“Well don’t tell anyone I said this but he sounds slightly terrifying.” He chuckled.

“Oh he is but he loves his family so we don’t need to worry.” I shrugged.

“Family huh?” He asked.

“That’s what we are, a family. We love each other, stand by each other, and if need be we’d die for each other. Sure we fight but all families do and at the end of the day we still love each other.” I told him seriously.

“I’ve never really had that before. It sounds nice.” He confessed.

“What?” I asked.

“A family. I mean I had a family but it wasn’t a good one.” He told me. He frowned slightly and looked like he was thinking about something. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me. I smiled softly at him.

“Opie, Jax, and I are going to get tattoos tomorrow. Would you like to come with?” I asked.

“Like to get one or to watch you guys?” He asked.

“You can get one if you want to.I can call my tattoo artist and I’m sure he’ll fit you in but you don’t have to though.” I said.

“Well I actually wanted to get a new tattoo. Is your guy any good?” He asked.

“Yeah wanna see my tattoos that he’s done?” I asked. He nodded and I held out my forearm so he could look at my reaper. He looked at it and lightly traced his finger over it.

“Nice.” He smiled. “You said tattoos but that’s only one.”

“Yeah hold on.” I said and started unbuttoning my work shirt. He looked at me wide eyed as my bra came into view. I pulled it off and showed him the tattoo under my boobs. It started between my boobs with the anarchy symbol and then wings spread out from it and go under my boobs. He was blushing while looking at my tattoo. I wasn’t a shy girl so it didn’t bother me that he was seeing me in my bra. Plus the croweaters walked around in a lot less then what I had on. I giggled at his reaction.

“You just strip often?” He asked with a playful glare.

“You see boobs often?” I countered back with a smirk.

“Oh so it’s like that?” He asked.

“It’s like that.” I laughed. He smirked at me.

“Hmmm I wonder….” He said and then reached over and started tickling me. I started to giggle.

“Noooo!” I laughed and tried to move away from him. His smirk got bigger and he straddled me to keep me from moving. I laughed and squirmed under him. He started chuckling too.  

“What the hell are you two doing?” I heard Clay say from the doorway. I pushed Juice off of me and looked up at Clay.

“Goofing off…?” I said more as a question than a statement. He raised an eyebrow at us and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Be careful son. Her brother will kill you if he finds you two like that.” Clay said and then walked away. I looked over at Juice.

”He’s not wrong.” I said quietly. Juice nodded as I put my work shirt back on. “Anyways do you want me to call my tattoo artist and see?”

“Yeah, thanks.” He smiled at me. I pulled out my phone and dialed the number.

“You have an idea of what you want?” I asked and he nodded. “Cool you can tell him when we get there tomorrow.” I made the call and my tattoo artist only had me scheduled for tomorrow so Juice could get in right after me. Once that was done I hung up and looked at Juice.

“Need help with that?” I gestured to the car.

“Yeah sure.” He smiled and we both got up. We started working on the car together. It took about two hours for us to complete it because we kept goofing around and making each other laugh. The way we interacted was just fun and easy. After we finished with the car we walked out of the garage together.

“Do you stay in the dorms?” He asked me.

“Yeah I was living with Opie but his girlfriend Donna is there all the time so… yeah.” I trailed off.

“Don’t like her?” He asked.

“Oh! Oh no! She’s fantastic but it’s just they are in that like honeymoon stage of their relationship so it’s just kind of awkward to be around them. Ya know?” I smiled at him.

“Oh yeah, that stage makes everyone around the couple sick.” He chuckles. “I understand why you moved out.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and we stopped by his bike.

“So meet you here tomorrow at noon?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“See ya.” He turned away from me and then stopped and turned back. He leaned over and kissed my cheek before getting on his bike and speeding away. I blushed and walked back into the clubhouse and to my dorm.

The next day I was sitting at the bar at 11:30 when Juice showed up. He saw me and smiled.

“What are you doing here already? Jax and Opie aren’t even here yet.” I smiled at him.

“Well I wanted to let Chibs know I was going with you guys so I’ve been outside talking to him for the last 15-20 minutes.” He told me while taking a seat next to me.

“Ah yeah that’s a good thing. Don’t want any of the members calling you out in the middle of your tattoo.” I said and he nodded. We talked until Jax and Opie came in a little bit later. They both came over and hugged me. I had already told them that Juice was coming with us so they weren’t surprised to see him.

“You ready to go darlin?” Jax asked me.

“Yep!” I said and jumped off the stool. I headed for the door and the guys followed me. We got on our bikes and headed for the tattoo shop. Once we were there we parked and went in. Jax and Opie went over to their tattoo artists and started getting everything they need around and Juice and I went over to my tattoo artist and I introduced them to each other. I went to the bathroom while Juice and him discussed what Juice wanted. When I came back the artist was drawing up his design.

The design was simple. It was like the design you would but on the side of your bike. He had two of them drawn out on the paper and I looked at Juice.

“Where you putting them?” I asked.

“Surprise.” He smirked.  

“Okay fine don’t tell me.” I laughed and he chuckled. After the artist was done with designing Juice’s, he pulled out the design he already made up for me and I sat in the chair. I pulled my hair to one side and the tattoo artist put the design on the side of my neck. Once it was good enough for him to see, he started the tattoo. It took an hour and a half for him to finish. I went over to the mirror to see the finished product. It was SOA in all caps with roses around it and vines, thorns, and leaves wrapped around it.

Once I was done looking at my new tattoo I went over to check on Jax and Opie while Juice was getting set up. I showed them my tattoo which they both called badass. I looked at the tattoo that Jax was getting on his forearm. It was a memorial tattoo for his dad. I smiled at him and went over to look at Opie’s tattoo. Opie’s was on his side and it was a skull with bones coming out the side of it and a bomb in its mouth. SOA was carved into the head of the skull and the anarchy symbol was on the bomb.

I told them how I thought their tattoos were looking and went back over to Juice. He was sitting in the chair now and the artist was putting the design on each side of his mohawk.

“You’re getting them on your head?” I asked looking at him with wide eyes.

“Yeah.” He smiled at me.

“That’s fucking awesome.” I told him. He smiled and I sat in the chair next to him and the artist and watched as the tattoo was getting done. He didn’t move at all and kept up a light conversation with me. I was really impressed by him. Once Jax and Opie finished their tattoos they came over and showed me theirs. They also commented on Juice’s tattoos. Even though they didn’t say it, I think they were impressed too.

Once Juice was done, we paid and went back out to our bikes. We headed back to the clubhouse to show the others our new ink. When we got their Chibs and Tig were outside on the benches smoking. We parked and headed over to them. They nodded their approvals and smacked Jax and Opie’s tattoos. Which started a playful fight between the four of them. I laughed and headed inside the building. I didn’t realise Juice was following me until I turned around to go behind the bar and bumped into his chest.

“Oh hey.” I smiled at him.

“Umm… Okay I know this is weird since we haven’t known each other long but I feel really comfortable and happy around you and well I was just… I was just wondering… I mean you don’t have to say yes but….” He continued to ramble for a solid minute before finally blurting out. “Will you go out with me?”

“I… umm.. Yeah that sounds like fun.” I said still surprised. He smiled brightly.

“Cool.” He kisses my cheek. “I’ll talk to you about the details later.” He walked out of the clubhouse and I smiled.

~This was a lot of fun. Thank you @amazingmackenzieisnotonfire for giving me this request.~

Just Try pt.3

“You promised.” 

You continued to ignore Jimin and scroll through your phone, a half eaten twizzler hanging out of your mouth and the muffled noise of the television in the background. You heard a sigh before your cell phone was snatched out of your hand and the television switched off. 

“Hey!” You whined, looking up at a pouting Jimin, “God, seriously?” 

“Yes. Seriously.” He said before muttering, “You promised.” 

“Fine.” You said, turning in your seat on the couch on to face him. You were sitting cross legged in a an old pair of gym shorts from high school and a v neck t shirts, hardly the sexiest attire you could’ve worn for tonight but you didn’t really care. “You have my undivided attention.” 

Jimin’s face lit up and he looked so child like in that moment someone would’ve thought you told him you were taking him to get ice cream instead of agreeing to have sex with him. You raised an eyebrow at him, “Well, go ahead.” 

Jimin hurriedly scooted closer to you on the couch and licked his lips. It was a beat before he finally spoke, a frown marring his handsome face as if he was in serious contemplation over what he wanted. “Sit on my lap.” 

You got up from your seat without a trace of hesitance and plopped down on Jimin’s lap, straddling him, your legs pressed tight on either side of his thick thighs. He groaned, “My dick.” 

“Really? Already?” You leaned back surprised at your own sexual prowess. Huh, maybe this wouldn’t be so ba- 

“No you idiot. You sat down too hard.” He said a look of anguish crossing his face, he slid a hand between the two of you to cup his crotch and let out a hiss of pain, “You’re not riding a fucking mechanical bull, what are you doing? Jesus that hurt.” 

You raised both eyebrows at him, “Are you calling me fat?” 

He gave you a bored expression before pointing a finger in your face, “You are not responding in the way I imagined you’d respond when I acted out this situation in my head. Stop it.” 

You rolled your eyes at him, “Maybe we’re just meant to be friends Jimin did you ever think of tha-” 

“We’re doing this.” He deadpanned. 

“Fine, fine whatever.” You sighed, raising your hands in defeat. “But when shit hits the fan I don’t want to hear any kind of crying…” 

You had lost Jimin’s attention long ago, his main focus was on the deep v of your shirt, and the soft globes of your chest that was exposed. Without thinking he buried his face between your breast, his arms wrapped around you waist. You stilled in the middle of your tangent. “What are you doing?” 

Jimin pressed a soft kiss to the middle of your chest before speaking, “I may not have loved you our entire friendship, but I’ve definitely been in love with these.” 

He paused to massage your breasts, you stared down at him, it was as if he was entranced, “Jesus when did they get so big?” 

“I…” You stammered, not really sure what you were going to say but you felt like you had to say something. Your body felt hot where he touched you. It was strange, but so erotic. His thumbs rubbed over the hard peaks of your nipples, so lovingly and full of tender affection that you definitely believed that he was in love with your tits if not you all the while you two had been growing up. 

“Nevermind, I know exactly when,” He looked up at you with a soft smile, “The Summer of sophomore year. Do you remember? When we went to that water park?” 

You remembered vaguely. It was like any other Summer with Jimin, but it was in the middle of a heatwave and you two had done tens of thousands of chores to save up for those park passes only for Jimin to ditch you thirty minutes in. 

“I got a hard on. One of the worst of my existence thanks.” He chuckled, still playing with your breasts, he leaned down to press a kiss to your nipples. You inhaled sharply, your back arching in response. It was too short of a kiss. You wanted his tongue, you wanted there to be less clothes between the two of you and you wanted him now. “I’m still pissed about that to this day. You were having so much fun in your two piece, shoving me under the water, bouncing around, shoving these in my face…” 

You gasped when he squeezed both your breasts in the palm of his hands. Jimin shook his head before his hands went to your hips, your eyes followed to where they went. “Stay still.” 

You hadn’t even realized you were dry humping his crotch. You were so turned on, whether it was talking about your past or the way he was touching your breast or what you didn’t know but you had never seen this side of him. Part of the reason you were able to keep your attraction for Jimin turned off like a switch was because he had never treated you like a woman

Sure he was a great friend, but it was a platonic friendship. Not one in the books where he went chasing down every one of your ex boyfriends and beating them up for breaking your heart and you didn’t want him to. That wasn’t real, that wasn’t Jimin. He shit talked with you until three in the morning over cheap beer until you felt better, he made fun of you until you got out whatever pity party you had fallen into, he made sure you were you. He kept you grounded. 

But this Jimin, was new, a whole entirely different side you had never seen before. He was dominant and denying and looking at you as if you were his last meal. 

“What are you thinking so hard about?” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your neck. “You should only be thinking about me.” 

You shivered as he pressed his erection and ground it into your clit, the thin fabric of your boxer shorts the only thing between the two of you. You felt his fingers play with the elastic of your shorts, “Take this off for me. I want to see what kind of panties you’re wearing.” 

You couldn’t respond to his command fast enough, as soon as you lifted your ass to take your shorts off they were torn from your body and somewhere across the room. You winced as you stared at the plain cotton panties with a little bow on them. You really wish you had put more thought into this, but you hadn’t expected to actually be into it! 

“You know I used to steal your panties when we were in high school too.” He said lazily a hand trailing down your stomach and past your underwear. You gasped, whether it was at his confession or the feel of him finally delving between your wet folds you didn’t know but you didn’t give two shits right now as long as he kept on. Jimin gave you a cute eye smile and you gawked at how inappropriate it was right now, “Are you surprised I was pervert back then too?” 

“God no.” Your eyes closed slightly as he thumbed your clit gently, his fingers slipping and sliding in your juices. You tugged the hem of your shirt up and pulled it over your head, feeling too hot, wearing too much

“I remember when you got your first thong too.” He laughed, “It was a milestone for both of us. I came so hard into them I couldn’t even wash and return them.” 

You moaned as Jimin stuck a finger inside you, finally, you thought. You rocked your hips against his hand, hoping for more friction, anything at this point because his trip down memory lane was doing more for you than any foreplay you’ve ever had with any other guy. “You.. dick…” you groaned as he added another finger, your eyes glued shut, a prisoner to the pleasure he was giving you. “That was my first pair of Victoria Secret panties. I thought my mom threw them away.” 

Jimin increased the pressure on your clit and yelped, pressing your tits in face, his mouth latched onto one of your nipples and you could feel him smiling around the peak and you wanted to slap him and ride his face at the same time. 

“They’re in a better place now.” he said around your nipple, the vibrations taking you closer to the edge of your orgasm. 

“Hurry up, I want to cum.” You said, your fingers lacing in his hair and tugging gently on the strands. You felt his fingers retract completely and you cried out at the loss, feeling completely and utterly empty without him. 

Jimin’s wet fingers clutched your face, somewhere in the back of your head you had the mind to be grossed out that he was using the same hand to finger you with to touch your face but you didn’t care. Jimin’s face was darkly serious when you stared at him, no longer looking like the sloth like, irresponsible friend you had grown up with but looking like someone completely lost on you, “I’ll let it go for now because it’s our first time but I tell you when you cum, you don’t tell me.” 

You felt your lip quiver and you leaned forward to press a soft, gentle kiss to his lips. Your tongue traced the seam of his lips before he let you inside of his mouth, but it was all a hoax because as soon as your tongue entered his mouth it was no longer a battle for dominance. Jimin kissed you hot and wet and senseless until you were panting. You pulled back first, your fingers brushing his longish hair behind his ears, “Please Jiminnie.” 

You felt a smile against your lips, “How can I say no to that? When’s the last time you called me Jiminnie? The third grade?” 

“Who cares?” You panted, “I want you now, please.” 

“You got me he whispered, before you felt him undoing his belt buckle and tugging down his zipper. You helped him rid himself of his shirt and boxers until he was finally, gloriously naked and pressed against, skin to skin, all the important parts of you lined up. You felt him reach around and pat the couch until he found his jeans, he pulled away from your kiss and grabbed his wallet, taking a condom out. 

He let out a shocked moan when you shoved your tongue back in his mouth, kiss him long and deep. He looked up at you with a slight grin, “What was that for?” 

“I’ve never actually seen a boy pull a condom out of their wallet. It was really hot.” You shrugged, a little breathless. 

Jimin gave a soft chuckle and you appreciated this. The intimacy of sex with your best friend, of being able to laugh with him in the middle, of not feeling so self conscious and being lost in the feeling of Jimin. To the point where your thoughts were just blur and all you could focus on was feeling. 

“Are you ready?” He whispered, pressing soft kiss to the side of your mouth. You nodded as you felt the head of his erection slide over your clit teasingly. You moaned, tilting your hips so he slipped the head in by accident. 

“Ah ah ah.” He said teasingly, “What did I say? I’m in charge. Not you. Now be good for me.” 

You nodded your head but you wished he would hurry up and- 

Jimin.” You nearly yelled as he slid balls deep into you, impaling you on his cock. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you felt your hips tip forward as if they had a mind of their own. Anything to get your closer to orgasm. Jimin shifts in his seat and slowly rolls his hips forward so he’s hitting the spot, the only he would know about because you had ranted and raved to him about all the men before who had missed it. 

“I want to draw this out but I don’t think i’m gonna last that long.” He whispered hotly. 

You thanked God and all the apostles because you needed to cum yesterday. Jimin grips your waist tighter and pulls you closer to him so every time you ride your clit bumps teasingly against his hard abdomen, you moan at the sensation overload. Somewhere in the back of your mind you remember to clench, but as soon as you do you feel nails dig into your hips. 

“Are you trying to make me cum first?” He mutters, “Don’t do that.” 

And then suddenly it’s a challenge, and Jimin sees it in your eyes. His thumb makes it’s way to your hard nub and he’s rubbing, drawing you closer and closer to orgasm. You’re not giving up yet though, you ride him for everything your worth, satisfied when you finally see his head drop back against the couch. 

“Hurry up.” He mutters. 

“I’m almost there.” You panted out, suddenly losing sight of the competition and greedily searching for your own release. Your back arched and your head dropped as your orgasm peaks. Your orgasm crashed into you, wave after wave of pleasure hitting every nerve of your body. Your nails dig into Jimin’s back, clawing your way up and you hear his muffled groan of release follow your own. “Shit Jiminnie.” 

There’s only the sounds of your labored breathing for a moment and then you feel Jimin’s light pats on your naked ass, “I used to hate that nickname growing up but I think it’ll grow on me if you keep moaning it during sex.” 


And thats a rap!!!!! I hope yall liked it omg. im creying. i got a lot of scenario rq and au rq im not ignoring yall but im not respond to them bc i want them to stay in my inbox until i write them so i dont forget if that makes sense lmao ? anyway i have a day off coming up so expect an unexpected update lmao and an ahs yoongi fic update and the jaebummie fic post!!! love u all send me comments/chats BC I WNAT FRIENDS

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Atop the Christmas Tree (Cisco x Reader) Imagines

Atop the Christmas Tree (Cisco x Reader) - Fluff
Written by: reversephysics
Holiday Special: #13 (placing a star on top of the Christmas tree, but I’m too short so you’ll have to help me up) + Cisco Ramon (Vibe)



“How much longer?”

“Just a little bit more.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Of course,” you huffed, as you tried your best to stretch towards the top of the Christmas tree. “I promise you, I can reach it.”

Although you couldn’t see his face, you could tell that Cisco was nervous. Not that you blamed him.

Obviously, sitting on your best friend’s scrawny shoulders while you attempted to place the star on the very tippy-top of his tree wasn’t the best idea; but, given your lack of motivation to get a chair or to ask for a taller person to do the job for you, you had no choice but to coerce Cisco in bad decisions.

So, here you were.

Probably looking goofy as ever, but hell - you didn’t care.

Keep reading