but he brought him back to life

If you want an easy, cute read, I suggest reading Falling From the Sky.

It’s about a boy who goes to basketball can and meets another boy who decides to take him on this sort of journey over the summer to teach him his culture and along the way, the former realizes he’s falling for this boy. They realize they’ve both sort of brought each other back to life.

It’s full of cute fluffy build up, relationship pieces, heartbreak, but ends happily. Also although it’s cliché with romance, it’s not cliché in the gay book area.

Seriously go read it. I read it in a day

I caught up in MHA and (some of) my thoughts are:

You can’t change Sir’s fate. All Might is going to die. Or at least get really, really close to dying (maybe Sir’s vision involves him having to assume).

But he’s going to be brought back. How? 

Overhaul/The Yakuza have an ability to bring people’s health back and possibly bring them back to life. This is shown, because they healed rival enemies. 

Why? Why would they do that?

It was a test. An experiment to see if they could. As we know, it’s not Overhaul’s quirk that can do it. Even down to their cavities- It’s that powerful. Why? Why would they do that? Who’s is it? 

Eri. That’s why she’s so important. I’m not sure how, but judging by the bandages it’s her blood, maybe. That’s what they’re using her for. And idk what specifically they’re planning, but her, assumed to be, blood and regenerative properties are vastly important, obviously. It could also just be for them to create a serum from it to get money, like Overhaul needs, but it’ll probably kill her in the process. But that’s just a small part of what I think can happen, it’s not exactly what I think will happen. 

So one day All might is going to be cut down by a villain. Can’t change that, not according to Sir. But he’s going to be saved by Eri. Don’t know how and I don’t know when she’ll join their side, but that’s what I see will happen.

At least that’s what I’m thinking. This may be COMPLETELY wrong and very outlandish, though. 

i love how the first few pictures are of victor lingering in the back??? like he noticed yuuri having fun being wild at this prissy party and was like ?? shit shit SHIT HA i really wanna dance with this boy! and he got out there and tried to get yuuri to notice him and yuuri was receptive to him and swept him off his feet and they hAD FUN!!

i cant believe viktor fell for yuuri because yuuri was fun and beautiful and brought light and realness into his life? and yuuri fell for viktor because viktor made him comfortable and confident??? #healthiestpurestcouple2k16 #healthiestpurestcoupleofalltime

After med school, I came home to Mystic Falls. It felt right. It’s where I wanted to grow old and I did. And that’s my life: weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside, but he brought me back to life and I’m going to live it as best I can for as long as I can. Even after our long and happy life together, Damon is still worried he’ll never see Stefan again, that he’ll never find peace. But I know he’s wrong because peace exists. It lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace, that one day after a long life, we find each other again.
—  Elena Gilbert’s last words

Remember this?

Part of Yuuri’s first dialogue from episode one.

Now, when watching episode 12, this same scene brought back memories. Yuuri’s repeating the exact same thing.

The exact same words, except now he is 24.

And he is biting back tears of joy. He’s no longer forced to cry afraid someone would listen. All his life he’s been doubting that big of a skater everyone else seemed to see in him. That’s one of the reasons I’ve come to love this next line. “Katsuki Yuuri has succeeded in creating a masterful culmination of his career!”

Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t stand with his head held high. He saw the end of the road, until that one big of a dork came to his life, that russian man who made him fall in love with skating all over again, and reminded him how much he really adores to be on the ice. 

Now he can finally feel proud.


Dear Diary,
today will be different. Today I will smile. It will be genuine. Because today is the day that I get to live again. This life will be good and beautiful. But not without heartbreak. In death comes peace. But pain is the cost of living. Like love, it’s how we know we’re alive. And life goes on. After med school, I came home to Mystic Falls. It felt right. It’s where I wanted to grow old, and… I did. And that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I’m going to live it as best I can, for as long as I can. Even after our long and happy life together, Damon is worried he’ll never see Stefan again, that he’ll never find peace. But I know he’s wrong. Because peace exists. It lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace. That one day, after a long life, we find each other again.

I need a fic where the Batclan realizes why Jason has distanced himself from them even more after Damian is brought back.

 I need a fic where Damian and Dick find out what Bruce said to Tim and what he did to Jason, taking him back to where he was murdered to see if he remembered how he came back to life.

 I need the three brothers to look at what Bruce did and for Bruce to realize that Bruce, essentially, claimed that Damian was his only son when he told Jason that he would do anything to bring his son back.

 I want for them to look at how Damian died and was brought back, his entire family there to welcome him back and his Father there to welcome him back and call him son; to help him deal with his trauma.

 And then look at Jason’s death, brutal and drawn out, how when Jason came back he clawed his way out of his grave to find that there was a new Robin and his father, the man he thought of as his father, didn’t even know he was alive despite the fact that he walked the street for months, the same streets his ‘father’ patrolled every night. 

I need the boys to finally get a perspective on how Jason perceived his own welcome back compared to Damian’s. No one tried to bring Jason back. Bruce willingly found a way to bring Damian back. 

I want the boys to look at what kind of message that would send to the already damaged bird. 

I want Bruce to apologize to Tim for all the awful things he said when Tim destroyed that lab because he didn’t want Damian brought back like some monster.

I want Bruce to look at how the things with Jason have played out and how if Bruce had tried to help Jason instead of just telling him how guilty he felt then maybe things would have changed. No, he wouldn’t kill the Joker but he was always prepared to fight Jason with violence and when someone has PTSD and all the other issues Jason has that NEVER ends well. 

I want Bruce to think back to when he called Jason’s being alive again ‘unnatural’ and then look at Damian. I want Bruce to try to say those words to Damian only to realize that he couldn’t say those words to him.

I want Dick to feel horrible because he actually cares about Jason and not because of guilt. About how he’s been trying to play ‘big brother’ instead of trying to get to know the lost bird that he didn’t want anything to do with till after his death. 

I want Damian to finally understand that Jason isn’t trying to go out of his way to cause trouble for the family, for him to look at what all has happened just since Damian’s own resurrection and see that the gap between the family and Jason isn’t just Jason’s fault. His father has played a big role in it as well. 

But like - here’s the thing, really.

In a world where you can bring people back from the dead, but it doesn’t always work and it’s very difficult to do so, that’s a pretty big question. Why do some people come back but not others?

Last night, Percy stopped to consider that he’s died twice and been brought back to life both times, to his mind because people still needed him. Vex still needed him, Keyleth still needed him (and she said as much while resurrecting him), Vox Machina needed him to help save the world, Cassandra needed him, Whitestone needed him, so okay, he came back for a reason.

So now Percy is forced to consider that when people die and stay dead, it must be because they served no further purpose. They didn’t have a greater fate ahead of them.

Percy’s entire family, save Cassandra, is dead and so far as he knows, they cannot be brought back. In game and meta terms, he’s right. It’d be ridiculous to drop a dozenish expensive diamonds on bringing back all the dead de Rolos and Matt would almost certainly rule that their spirits had passed on and they could not be revived (the same as Tiberius could not be).

But within the story, that means that Percy has to realize that he is alive and his family isn’t because his family wasn’t important enough in the grand scheme of things. Percy had a fate to fulfill and the rest of his family didn’t. Scanlan, a tiny asshole of a gnome who writes dirty songs and has slept with enough women to fill a dozen brothels, Scanlan they could bring back, but not Percy’s siblings. Not Percy’s parents.

Percy’s not allowed to die yet, he has to go on living because others need him. But apparently Johanna and Frederick weren’t needed. Julius and Vesper weren’t needed. Oliver and Whitney and Ludwig weren’t needed.

Just him. He was needed.

It’s not fair.

My workmate brought back a bunch of Honey Butter Chips from Korea for meee ✨ I asked him about it and he said he was going to try to find some for me but I said he didn’t have to – I was just really curious but he still diddd ✨

I haven’t opened any yet though I just want to look at them;;;

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she really means: OK but what's with viktor. why did he say that he has been lacking life and love for 20 years. what happened to eight year-old viktor nikiforov? how did he lose his love. where is his backstory? where are his parents. his past. why 20 years. was he abandoned. did his family die. also, didn’t he get love from skating. hasn’t he enjoyed skating all these years. did yuuri literally brought him back to life? fuc K

i was thinking about why at the end, noah told 10 year old gansey dying on the ley line of the past that he’d live because of glendower, because glendower was never real, right?

i think he meant that ganseys life would eventually be saved because of his quest for glendower and the friends he made. the first time he died, cabeswater saved his life. and when he died and came back the second time, because of cabeswater again, that’s what noah’s final message to him was: he went back in time and whispered to the small gansey dying all those years ago, that he would live because of glendower. because that’s exactly what happened in the future. they all met chasing glendower. and gansey lived.

noah put into motion the events that would lead gansey to magic, to cabeswater, to his friends, his soulmate, his destiny. noah czerny made it all happen. noah’s whisper is the reason they met. noah’s final words, before he slipped into time, were what brought them all together and saved them all.

in the end, gansey lived because of the idea of glendower. but it wasn’t the welsh king, the dreamer, the magician or the tree spirit. it was the ghost all along.

Okay hear me out.

Imagine Jesse Mccree being forced to eat bland corned beef silverside as a kid and it scarring him for life.

when he gets brought in by overwatch and gets “The Ultimatum” he just calls Jack Morrison Corned Beef out of pure frustration. This gets back to gabe and gabe has to be taken to medical because he inhaled his coffee or something. 

Im sorry. I cant stop thinking about Jack “Corned Beef” Morrison. 

Some other things I think were very important in the Ishval arc that weren’t mentioned in Brotherhood:

Basque Gran’s minor coup was not simply over reckless orders. The Ishvalan religious leader, Logue Lowe (who had previously been in hiding in the wilderness), along with an escort group, had approached them asking to meet with Fuhrer Bradley. Logue Lowe intended to offer up his own life in exchange for stopping the war.

Hughes, Gran, and all the others seemed very humbled and a little sad, and respectfully granted his wish, bringing him to see Brigadier General Fessler. Fessler refused incredibly disrespectfully, and that was the final straw for his men.

Gran: Logue Lowe, supreme cleric of the Ishval region. I brought him here because he requests an audience with the president.
Fessler: You fool! I don’t care if it’s Ishvala himself! My orders are to kill them all! …Take these Ishvalan dogs out back and shoot them!
Gran: Brigadier General Fessler. An interesting statistic: Did you know that half of all officer deaths on the battlefield are attributed to assassination by subordinates?

Hughes: It was a stray bullet.
Unnamed soldier: Yup. That’s what I saw.
Gran: Now that General Fessler is dead, I have no choice but to assume command.
Soldiers: Yes, that’s the only course of action. Please take command, Colonel Gran.
Gran: Captain Hughes, take Lowe to the president! Second Lieutenant Belmot, take the injured to the back immediately!
Lowe: Should I… give you my thanks?
Gran: I need no thanks from you. I just pray that your negotiations with the president go well.

(From the Viz translations, edited slightly for conciseness + name corrections)

This was important because it shows us that even Basque Gran, a character generally known for his cold demeanor and ruthless fighting tactics, has some moral limits and wanted to end the war.

After they took Logue Lowe to see him, Bradley very rudely shot down his attempts at negotiation, saying that his life was worth no more than anyone else’s. He ordered Lowe and his escorts to be killed, while also going on a tangent about how there’s no such thing as god and that religion is stupid, because if it’s real than why didn’t Ishvala strike him down yet?

It also showed a lot of Scar and his brother, and Sarah and Yuriy Rockbell. In the anime it’s only mentioned that the Rockbells treated Ishvalan patients, but in the manga we get to see that they were truly risking their lives. Not only that, but they were constantly understaffed and undersupplied, with so many injured. At one point, several Ishvalan children pitched in to help them, since they literally could not do all the work on their own. Also, an ally who was bringing them supplies heard news that the military planned on purging Ishvalan sympathizers, and begged the Rockbells to flee to safety, saying that they had already done so much. They refused, because there were still more people that needed their help.

It was also revealed that Aerugo, who had long been at war on and off with Amestris, had been supplying the Ishvalans with weapons and other supplies in order to wear down Amestris. However, when Ishvalan refugees (including Scar’s master) attempted to flee into Aerugo, the Aerugonian government shut them out. They were using them, nothing more.

Knox was initially a surgeon, but was given orders to participate in a project gathering information on the effects of various types of bodily harm, using Ishvalans as test subjects. He asked Dr. Marcoh, “I’m a doctor, so why am I killing people?” On the opposite page, we have Riza asking, “Why is alchemy being used to kill when it’s supposed to help people?”

Kimblee was given a Philosopher’s Stone to test out in secret. After he gave his report and was ordered to return the Stone, he killed all of the men who knew about the Stone so he could keep it for himself. That’s why he had it in prison way at the beginning of the series; aside from Envy, nobody knew he had it.

The men in Roy’s squad- Charlie, Fabio, Richard, Alexandre, Dino, Albert, Roger, and Damiano- are the same men who later aided him in the coup d’etat on the Promised Day. They were so grateful and loyal to him for all he did to protect his subordinates in Ishval that they were willing, years later, to help him even though that meant going against the military. In the anime, since that entire scene was cut, nobody knows who the hell these random guys who showed up to help are or why they seem so chummy with Roy and the gang.

Cinema Sins starters

“I’ll tell you everything wrong with ___ in less than ___ minutes.”
“The first problem is that you exist,”
“This scene does not include a lap dance and I’m disappointed.”
“Stealing by accident is still stealing.”
“You’re enunciating through your nose.”
“Apparently saying 'I don’t know’ in a lecture about the pyramids is a huge no-no.”
“Oh. Awesome. Could you be a little more vague?”
“I have never heard anyone use that pronunciation in my life.”
“Only dopey nerds have allergies.”
“You know you’re a workaholic when getting called back to work is the only thing that can snap you out of your deep depression caused by your son accidentally killing himself.”
“The hell? Do you even coffee?”
“You brought in  an expert to help you decipher the code but you didn’t show him everything? The fuck kind of logic are you following?”
“He’s drawing on the screen with a permanent marker!”
“And so he owned it. But he was stupid, so he put it in storage.”
“First of all, that was morbid.”
“You look beautiful and all, but maybe now’s not the right time to be posing or photos.”
“You’re not even offering anything? Just an open hand of gentrification?”
“Yes, the questions was lame, but you didn’t have to be such a dick-tard about it.”
“I’m killing, smoking, and having everyone else do the work. You really have to appreciate my growth into a beautiful person.”
“That guy may have a big dick, but he also IS a big dick. Dick.”
“That’s like recycling all the onscreen actions of Two Girls, One Cup.”
“That’s the ‘I’m totally in love with them but have no chance’ face.”
“BDSM isn’t open during business hours.”
“I know you’re comically inept so I’ll let this one go.”
“Bonding by way of vandalism. Hmm- Bondalism?”
“That’s the fancy way of saying you killed him.”
“Sure, the one thing…. the ONE THING you had to do in the middle of a kidnapping plot is to fire a flare up in the goddamn air.”
“Your friend is the valedictorian of this school? How badly did everyone else fuck up for them to become the valedictorian?”
“To be fair, those birds shouldn’t be chirping. They should be eating that person I killed.”
“Not even the wind or that Bronco could undo the mid-life crisis look in your hair.”
“Nothing good happens when it involves gloves and a Bronco.”
“You’re perfect, in a perfect home and likely have a perfect florist, so why  not buy the real thing instead of a painting?”
“She was taking that dog to wherever as an accessory, which makes her an awful person and thus rightly tortured for the rest of her life.”
“You even walk like a thoroughbred horse at the Kentucky Derby.”
“Bow down, bitches.”
“Have you see the shit down here? We don’t need no parental advisory.”
“Please tell me she didn’t flood the city again just to make this video.”
“Ooooh, it’s a metaphor.”
“These are some stupid rules.”
“I would hope the things you eat didn’t complain, because they should be already dead.”