but he barked at everything

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From the front seat, her new master exclaimed at his phone thing. “Aha! Ain’t much, but looks like there’s a vamp over in New Mexico. Shouldn’t take more’n five or six hours to get there if we haul ass. How’s that sound?”

Juliet had no idea what a vamp was, or whose ass they would be hauling, but she liked the sound of his enthusiasm. She barked happily to agree with him. He again flinched slightly, and everything that had felt right turned wrong again. Her new master didn’t behave like a predator, but like prey who was afraid of her. He should have been the one person who wasn’t afraid of her, but somehow that was the confusing angel-man who should have been at least a little afraid of her. Nothing made sense anymore.

tres good boys

merle is a cesky terrier, he is the type of dog that barks at everything and isn’t affectionate, but surprises you by being great with kids and not leaving your side when you’re sick. taako is a bedlington terrier, he is the dog that seems really aloof to most folks, but he has one or two people that he gets really playful and goofy and excited to see. magnus is a leonberger, he loves everybody and is a big friendly goofball but if he senses some sinister intent in someone its all growls and glares; he’ll fight a bear if it means keeping you safe

BTS reaction to you locking yourself in the bedroom after a fight

Rap Monster:

After a heated fight between the two of you the sentence “What was I thinking when I chose to date you” escaped out of the mouth of Namjoon. You had no response to that and before Namjoon could take back his words you locked yourself in your bedroom. He could not hear you crying meaning the impact left you to stunned to cry, further deepening his worries. He knocked on the door and said the words “I chose you to date because I love you and I am willing to take all the pain that comes with it”

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Being the maknae of the group, he usually won arguments but no, not with you and that made his pissed. He was usually mature in arguments but when you started to shout he became a brat. He started shouting as well not knowing how terrifying it was when a man shouted full blast causing you to run in your room in fear of what he may do to you. You knew he would not hurt you but reflex ran full speed and that hurt Jungkook. He started to cry after he realized you thought he wanted to hurt you. No more words came out. He was hurt and you were terrified.

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He never went crazy in the argument, at least that’s what you thought but inside he was trying to calm himself and in the midst of that you asked “Do you even love me?” but he was too focused on calming himself that he didn’t answer causing you to run to your room and lay your back against the door and cry. He chased you and was about to push open the unlocked door that had no lock, but stopped when he realized you were leaning against it. He didn’t want to hurt you anymore. He opened the door slightly which pushed your body slightly forward. He put his hand through the door and went through your hair with his fingers softly. “I love you more than you could ever imagine”

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You were bawling in your room and heard a ping sound, coming from your phone. You grabbed it and tried to focus through the tears. It was your boyfriend asking for forgiveness. You ignored it. After and hour or two you were sent the text “I put food outside the door, please eat something”.You were going to ignore that too but your stomach started rumbling so you rubbed your tears and were going to quickly grab it and lock it again. The moment you unlocked the door, it was pushed further back and you were gripped into a tight hug.

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You loved his silly personality but not in the middle of a serious argument. at some point, you could not take it anymore so you ran to the room and slammed the door like a teenager throwing a tantrum and you locked the door. J hope’s silly personality was gone and he started to feel guilty. He walked to the bedroom and knocked on it. “I’ll take it seriously, I’m sorry, please come out”

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He was so stunned by your words that he had no expression. You took that reaction as a way of him telling you he didn’t care. You were upset that he does not want to fix things so you slowly walked to your bedroom and cried on your bed. He decided to forgive you for your harsh words and slept beside you. Rubbing your back and humming softly. “Let’s forget about this fight”

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“This argument would make a good rap song” He retorted making you more pissed “Is everything about your job?” You barked. He rolled his eyes and you decided to respond to that by locking yourself in the room. He soon felt guilty so he took out his phone and put it outside the door. He played a rap song. A rap song he made about you. The lyrics were expressing how much you meant to him and the sincerity through the lyrics could be felt.

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I hope you guys enjoy this, much love.  -Rose

Walk in the Park || Tom Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Walks with Tom and Tessa never fail to make you smile.

Warnings: Pure fluff!!!!

Word Count: 1156 words

A/N: Format is still fucked up (it’s literally killing me) but I’m really tired and I just love fluffy Tom I hope you all enjoy because this made my heart swell with love for him!!!!!

You let out a small yawn as you slipped the end of the seatbelt into the slot, adjusting the strap as Tom got into the drivers side before doing the same.

“Tired?” He asked as he started the engine then turning to get a proper look at you, “not really, I just need'a stretch my legs,” you chuckled as Tom slipped his hand on your thigh, “we’ll be home soon,” he smiled sweetly, to which you did as well, placing your hand on top of his and playing with his long fingers as he began the drive to his home.

“You know,” you said as you followed Tom up the steps to his front door, “my arms, do in fact, work,” you said sarcastically as Tom turned to you to roll his eyes playfully, “let me do boyfriend things for you,” he whined as you chuckled but placed a kiss to his lips as silent thank you.

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Deranged: Part 12 (Final)

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Contains violence and tense situations

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11

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12.20 coda

Max’s eyes get this predatory gleam in them when he looks down into the Impala. Big guns; they’ve always impressed people. It’s a look Dean recognizes in his own face, the same youth-bright passion for really cool shit. He can’t help smirking a bit as he watches Max lean over the trunk.

“So. Bartender’s number, huh?” Dean says.

Max smirks too, still drinking in the Impala’s arsenal in all her splendor. “Oh yeah. Got a date tonight, in fact. Wouldn’t mind showing him the backseat of this baby,” he purrs.

Dean blinks. “Him?”

Max straightens, frowns at him. “Uh, yeah,” he scoffs. “Problem?”

Dean shakes his head, so fast that the world tips on its side for a minute. “Just making conversation,” he coughs.

Max still looks kind of hesitant, though. He takes a step back from Dean and ducks his head to inspect the rims.

Dean watches the back of his head as he does. Young guy, sister that loves him and sticks with him, a mother he adores and doesn’t have to worry about so much. A hot dude bartender’s number.

Dean swallows past a sudden lump in his throat.

This is everything I could have had.

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I’ll Be There || Jughead Jones

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word count : 644

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : being sick, puking (not graphic).

summary : you’ve been sick all week and not at school, so jughead comes to check up on you and makes you chicken soup. 

a/n : a smallish, really fluffy imagine. i was just really in the mood for some fluffy juggie. part two of ‘the news room’  will be put out tomorrow sometime! 

requests are open

     It cam on really quick, it had seemed like one minute you were in perfect and then the next you were puking your guts out. You hadn’t been in the school for the last week; heck you hadn’t been out of your bed. You slept most of the day away and the times you weren’t sleeping you were blowing your nose or vomiting. You could honestly say you wanted to go to school; after spending much more then 120 hours alone in your room you would take any opportunity to get out of these four walls. 

     For what felt like the millionth time, you woke up to the queasy feeling in you stomach. You would give anything to stop that, out of all your symptoms the upset stomach was the worst. You held you hand to your mouth; eyes slamming closed as you tried to focus on anything but the sickness in your stomach. 

     Maybe a few moments later there was a knock on your door then your door slowly creaking open. “Y/N?” you heard a soft voice say. You could recognize it anywhere. It belong best friend and major crush, Jughead Jones. You guys honestly hadn’t been friends for all that long; just a few months at the most, but in that time you’ve become really close to each other. “Is everything okay? You haven’t been in school all work and you aren’t answering you phone…and it’s really dark in here..” He said, basically stating everything in sight. 

     You barked a laugh, opening you eyes and looking over at him. “Thanks Captain Obvious. I thought you were some kind of detective, I’m sick.” You mumbled, voice low and croaky. You could hear his bag slid to the ground and then him coming closer to the bed. “You should have told me, I would have come over and helped you get better. I make a mean chicken noodle soup.” He said, a pout on his lips. “Yeah; a soup I would just throw up.” You replied back, slowly sitting up in your bed. 

      The raven haired male hand’s shot out to stop you, slowly making you lay back down. “No, you need your rest. Just wait right here: I’m going to make you some soup; just broth since you stomach is still finicky.” He told you as he turned and ran to your kitchen.

     Within an hour, Jughead had made and hand fed you. “Okay, that did make me feel a little better.” You mumbled lightly. “See, I know what I’m doing Y/N. I learned it from my mother.” He said lightly as he moved to get up off your bed. “No!” You blurted without thinking. The loner gave you a questionable look, setting the bowl on the night stand to give you his full attention. 

     Blood rushed to the top layer of your skin and you began to feel thankful your room was a bit dark. “Could…Could you stay in the bed with me for a little? I…just really want to cuddle right now. I think it might make me feel better.” You said softly, eyes anywhere but on him. You could hear him laugh softly; obviously not at you at all though. “Of course; anything to make you feel better.” He said lightly as he slipped off his jacket before moving in closer to you in the bed. 

     The two of you shifted around in the bed until your were laying on his chest, ear pressed into the soft cloth as you listened to his heart beat, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You allowed your eyes to close, feeling comfortable in his arms. “I’m glad I came over, Y/N. You shouldn’t have to be sick and alone.” He said softly as he rubbed small circles into your back. You only hummed in response as you feel into a light slumber. 


Chapter Six

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader | Word Count: 2278
Warnings: Angst out the wazoo, swearing, Garry being a shit

Song: Can you hear me? by Fleurie

A few days later you were ready to scream, or cry, or shoot someone, you weren’t quite sure which.

Bucky still watched you, the frown a permanent addition to his face. It was disconcerting as hell being scrutinized like that, but he did as asked and kept his distance.

Clint had left in the middle of the night the same day you’d had your blow up with Sam and Bucky, Tony informing everyone of a family emergency. Nothing major, just Laura had caught one of the kid’s colds and was down for the count.

You couldn’t blame him for leaving, but even he’d been far more tight lipped than usual, showing his disapproval of your choice of mentorship with his silence. It would have been nice to clear the air and say goodbye, but it was too late now. It would have been nice to talk to him about some of the shit going down around you.

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Order of the Phoenix. Grimmauld place. Someone’s made a joke and the laughter is contagious. Until Fred and George ask for their favorite tale:

“Tell them how you set Professor Snape on fire in your first year!”

Molly turns. “What?!”

To her left, Remus is choking on his tea. He’s beating his chest with his fist, gasping for air, yet unmistakably curious. Next to him, Sirius is grinning wider than they’d seen in weeks. He’s actually beaming with astonishment–and pride.

“Tell me *everything*,” he barks, half laughing already. “On fire, Moony!”

“I heard, Sirius,” Remus replied quickly, but he’s taking another sip to hide his grin.

Somewhere, a stag is laughing, too.

Greatcoat- Hux x Reader

Requested by @mp938368

Prompt:  Hux loses his greatcoat, and finds it on his s/o.

Hux frowned as he looked around his bedroom, rubbing his arms.

“Maker it’s cold in here,” he muttered to himself. He checked the time and sighed- he was already late. His greatcoat was nowhere to be seen, and as he made his way to his post, he reasoned that he must have left it somewhere on the Finalizer.

Once again, he frantically rubbed at his sleeved arms. “I never noticed how cold it is..” he whispered, scanning the room for his coat. He checked the bridge, every room he could think off, and every post: nothing.

“Sir, there is an un-”

“Ask somebody else,” Hux snapped, glaring at the young officer, who nodded, wide-eyed, and ran off. General Hux sighed, settling down on a chair and putting his head on the desk. He had never once gone a day without his greatcoat- he was going to have to try and survive.

Throughout the morning, he strode around the room, eyes narrowed and cold, asking anyone to try and test his patience. He would bark out orders, his voice an icy hiss.

“Is everything all right, sir?” someone dared to ask. He turned around, studying them- perhaps they had stolen his coat! When he found no evidence of this crime, he turned his back to them, scowling even more.

“Get back to work.”

When Kylo Ren made his way into the room, Hux had to clench his fists to stop himself from hitting the man.

“What do you want, Ren?” he asked through gritted teeth. He could practically hear Kylo’s smirk from underneath his helmet.

“Am I not allowed to pay you a visit?”

“You!” Hux accused, jabbing a finger at Ren. “You stole my greatcoat!”

Kylo amused, turned away. “I did no such thing, Hux.” he paused. “Though I do suggest you visit your wife.”

Hux stood for a moment, confused before it dawned on him- Y/N! Of course! His wife would surely know what had happened to his coat!

He rubbed his hands together, begging for heat since he had lost his precious pockets. The moment he caught a break in his work, he raced through the halls to find Y/N. He ran into Captain Phasma, apologizing when he bumped into her.

“Cold out, isn’t it?” she said in response. “Broke the heaters. No greatcoat?”

Hux mumbled something angrily and pushed past her, continuing on his way. He pushed the door open forcefully, calling into the quarters.


“Hux!” she shouted back from the bedroom, sounding nervous. Hux walked into the bedroom.

“Have you seen my-” he faltered when he found the greatcoat- on Y/N. She looked at him sheepishly.

“Your coat? Yeah…” she stood up, pattering over to him.

“Oh- you…”

“I’m sorry,” she said, shaking her head. “It was so cold out, and I missed you, and they couldn’t fix the heaters, and it smelled like you and I couldn’t find my-”

“Ssh,” he shushed her, taking her hands. “You look so beautiful in my coat.”

She giggled, turning red again. “Do you want it back?”

“No, love,” he replied, pulling her into his arms and lifting her up, twirling her around a bit as she laughed. “It suits you.”

“Are you sure? You’ll be so-”

He cut her off with a kiss. “I insist.”

“Well, only if you insist,” Y/N kissed his cheek. “Now, don’t you have work to do?”

Hux grinned. “Not without my greatcoat. I might as well take the day off.”

Her eyes widened. “Really? You never take the day off- you’re obsessed with work?”

“And with you,” Hux smiled and sat with her on the bed. Although it was cold, he had never felt warmer.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 2

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: There was surely no way the your father could be serious about marrying this…this stranger from another kingdom! Right?

Word Count:2840 

Warnings:Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

     You stormed into your father’s study, fists balled and face red with fury,

    “I won’t marry him! I won’t do it!” you roared as you entered the room. Your father rubbed his forehead and sighed, tired.

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Story Time: A rant about proper (human) dog park behavior

There’s a park by my house where several of the neighborhood dogs meet up for playtime between 6:30-7:30ish every day. There’s around a dozen of them and they all know each other and have a little hierarchy worked out and they get along excellently. For the past few days, however, a man and his mini Australian shepherd have joined our group and he doesn’t seem to have ANY concept of what is and is not appropriate in this sort of environment. He has tried to “break up fights” between dogs that are play-wrestling and then gotten mad at the dog’s owners when he is knocked down. He yells at dogs that aren’t his for everything from barking to peeing too close to other dogs (???). He took a toy from a puppy last week and then yelled at the puppy for jumping up on him trying to get the toy back. We’ve all tried to gently tell him to lay off and only pay attention to his dog, but it hasn’t had any effect.

Today, though, I was throwing the ball for Deacon away from the main group, and a couple of the other shepherds/labs were with us (D almost always wins, but they hold out hope). This guy’s little dog decided she wanted to join, and obviously at 1/8 the size of the rest of them, wasn’t able to keep up. The next thing I know, the man has grabbed D by the collar and is trying to pry open his mouth to get the ball away from him. Grown man. Trying to take a ball out of a stranger’s Belgian Malinois’ mouth. And he’s yelling, “DROP IT” at Deacon in this really angry voice, getting louder as Deacon rightfully holds on to his ball, looking at me like “what do I do, mom?” I was like, “Whoa, man, what are you doing, get your hand out of my dog’s mouth.” And he’s like, “he won’t drop it.” And I said, well A. he’s trained in German so he doesn’t know what “drop it” means and B. he doesn’t have to obey anyone but me. At this point, he finally removed his hand from Deacon’s mouth (complaining about the slobber) and I told D to drop it and picked it up with the chuck it. I just stared at the guy because I was kinda in shock (like. 90% of Mals you try that with are going to bite you. Hell, a good percentage of any dog breed isn’t going to take kindly to a stranger forcefully taking their toy out of their mouth). And he says, totally serious “he needs to learn how to share. My dog feels left out.”

Nah, bro. That’s not how this works. This is Deacon’s ball, that we brought from home. If he’s the fastest, he gets the ball. I do not make my dog “share” at the park. All the other dogs understand this. Your dog understands this, you’re the one with a problem.

Needless to say, I was done. I told him we were finished for the day anyway but that he should bring his own ball for his dog next time if he was concerned about her. On the one hand, I’m proud of D because his first reaction to a stranger with his hand in D’s mouth yelling at him wasn’t fear or aggression, but to immediately look to me for instruction. On the other hand, what the actual fuck, dude?

Josh Dun and Brendon Urie Imagine Imagine Pet Sitting

Requested by Anon: Brendon or Pete pet-sitting for josh and the reader?

“You need to walk him twice a day and you need to feed him at these times-”

“(Y/N) I’ve got this. You don’t need to worry,.” Brendon reassured you and you raised an eyebrow, unsure of how capable he was. Josh wrapped an arm around you and kissed your forehead. 

“I’m sure Brendon will be fine babe.” Josh said and you gave him a worried look. The two of you were going away for a few days and Brendon had offered to look after your dog whilst you were away. 

“I mean, how hard can it be?” You and Josh both laughed at Brendon’s comment. Josh grabbed your bags and you said goodbye to your dog, who wagged his tail happily as you stroked him. Brendon followed you to the door and waved you goodbye.

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” You asked Josh, as you got into the car. 

“Sure. Brendon can handle it.”

“So how was it?” You asked Brendon, as soon as you opened the door and your dog rushed to greet you. Brendon stared at the dog in surprise, as he laid down in front of you.

“How can he be so calm now, but so excited ten minutes ago?” Brendon asked and Josh chuckled.

“And he chewed my shoes. He barks at everything and when we go for a walk, he practically dragged me everywhere.” Brendon ranted and you gave him an amused smirk. 

“So you wouldn’t look after him again?” Josh asked, as he leaned down to pat your dog. 

“Are you kidding? He’s adorable, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

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I Guess They Know

Anon: “Could I have a Mikey Way imagine please?”

A/N: Sorry this toook so long! I know, I suck. Anyways, this is what I came up with, lol

(Y/N)’S POV 

You sit at your desk, rapidly typing away at your computer at 11:45 pm. You’ve been on your computer for so long that your eyes were basically beginning to burn. This was nothing new for you considering you’re a pretty successful youtuber. You make about $2 Million a year with 7M subscribers making you basically internet famous. You spend a lot of time where you are right now, editing your videos in the office you share with your boyfriend Mikey. The thing is, nobody knows that you two are dating. You’ve been together for 2 years, live in the same house, you even have 2 dogs. But since you began to get famous, you both just decided to keep your relationship secret. If it eventually got out, you wouldn’t mind that much, but what’s the rush?

You’re just finishing editing your vlog from yesterday to post today even though it’s getting pretty late. Someone opens the door, letting light flood into the room. It makes you squint since the only other light source is the light from your computer screen. Mikey comes up behind you and drapes his arms over your shoulders.

“When are you coming to bed?” He whines tiredly. You chuckle but continue clicking away. You stop and spin your chair around to face him.

“A few minutes. I promise.” You give him puppy dog eyes.

“You said that an hour ago.” He smirks and you turn back around.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. Final Cut crashed and erased a whole hour’s worth of work. I promise this time.” He nods and rubs his eyes before leaving you to finish your work. Once you finally upload the video to YouTube, you yawn and shut your laptop before going to join Mikey in bed.

The next morning, you wake up and roll over to be face to face with Mikey.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He smiles and cups you face in his hand, gently rubbing his thumb across your cheekbone.

“Morning.” You whisper, smiling back. You roll onto your back and stretch as you begin to really wake up.

“What time is it?” You ask through a yawn.

“About 12.” You nod and reach over to your nightstand to check your phone. Per usual, you have a ton of notifications from every social media account you have. You lock your phone and sit up, thinking about what you’re plans are for today.

“What do you have to do today?” You ask him and he shrugs.

“Nothing really. I figured I’d go spend all those gift cards I got for my birthday. Wanna come?” You sigh and rub your face.

“I do. But I can’t, I gotta film today. Sorry babe.” You give him a sad smile and wraps his arms around you, kissing your head.

“It’s fine. I’ll ask Gee. I think he wanted to go anyways even though one of those gift cards is from him.” You both laugh. 

Eventually, you drag yourself out of bed and get dressed so you could actually be productive. Since you probably weren’t going to leave the house, you vlogged your morning routine since it’s the most interesting thing that’s probably going to happen today. You carried around your little camera as you made breakfast, let the dogs out, did your hair, and talked about your plans for the day. Before you could even get started filming for main channel video which is a Q & A, Mikey was already back and he was excited.

“Babe, guess what I got!” You finish setting up your camera in front of the couch and look over at him as he sets his stuff down on the floor except for one box.

“What?” You ask curiously. He opens the small box and pulls out a mug. You just chuckled at his excitement over something so simple. He hands it to you so you can see it.

“This is actually pretty cool.” You smile and he nods in agreement as you give it back to him.

“Gerard gave it to me.” He says as he admires it again. You giggle, he’s just too cute! He sets it down on the table and picks up the rest of his bags and takes them upstairs as you start recording, pulling up questions on your phone. In the middle of filming, he comes back downstairs with his bass in one hand and his phone in the other, staring down at it and barely paying attention to where he’s walking.

“What are you doing?” You ask, scrunching your eyebrows together in confusion. He still doesn’t look up from his phone as he walks over to the table, resting his guitar against the wall.

“I’m going in the basement to work on a thing…. but I forgot to post about my mug on Instagram.” You playfully roll your eyes as he takes a picture and then sits in the kitchen.

“Are you still going downstairs or can I keep filming?” You ask. He finally looks up from his phone, suddenly aware of his surroundings.

“Oh, you can keep going. I got distracted.” You nod as he looks back down, rapidly typing on his phone but not making a sound so you could finish. You answer questions for about another hour, stopping once to ask Mikey how to pronounce a word which you both failed at and ended up asking Siri. Once you’re done, stand up, stretching since you’ve been sitting for so long. You leave the camera set up because you’re too lazy to take it down at the moment.

“Babe, can you let the dogs in?” You ask as you grab your laptop off the couch. You only put the dogs outside when you’re filming since they’re very loud and like to bark at everything.

“Yeah, one sec.” He replies as you head upstairs to the office to start editing.

It’s only 6pm so you should be done around 9:30-ish. You edit out all the parts where you stutter, when Mikey came downstairs, and when you re-recorded because you realized you had a piece of hair sticking out all crazy. You add music and sound effects and all the rest until you’re finally finished. Once you upload the video, you feel like you’re done but obviously you’re not. You have to tweet about it, post about it on instagram, and tell everyone on snapchat so you weren’t really done. It all gets tiring sometimes but at the end of the day, you couldn’t be happier. You make money doing something you love, you get to share your life with your amazing boyfriend, and you honestly couldn’t ask for more.

You go check the comments on your vlog from yesterday, giggling at the funny ones and just seeing what people thought. You almost scrolled past one of the second top comments but you caught a glimpse of the words ‘Mikey from mcr’ which made you do a double take.

“MIKEY!” You yell for him and after a few seconds he comes running the room.

“What happened?! What?!” He asks, clearly thinking something was wrong.

“Look at this!” You say, pointing to your screen. He squints at the screen for a second since he isn’t wearing his glasses.

“This one?” He asks in confirmation. You nod before he begins to read the comment out loud.

Did anyone else notice her shirt in the beginning is just like the one Mikey from mcr used to wear? lol” He reads then shrugs a little.

“So? Tons of people could have that shirt.” He says looking at you. You scroll down to the responses to show him what you’re talking about:

It has the holes in it and everything! omg XD’

‘I noticed another shirt that I recognized from mikey in another video but i forgot which one’

‘do they know each other?’

‘they met once at a show’

‘what if they’re friends?!?!’

We both start laughing at how much thought was put into this.

“That’s hilarious.” He comments raising his eyebrows.

“What if they figure it out?” You ask hypothetically, knowing that is nearly impossible. He responds with another shrug.

“Then whatever. It doesn’t really matter anymore, to be honest.” You nod in agreement. 

“We should go get ice cream.” He says, changing the topic and you stretch, finally done for the day. 

“It’s 9 o’clock but we really should. Let’s go.”

~~~~~~~2 DAYS LATER~~~~~~~

You’re sitting on the couch next to Mikey, checking emails and stuff as he watched some action movie. Suddenly, you receive a text from a friend of yours who’s also a pretty popular Youtuber. It’s a link to a video so you click it, wondering what it is. You guys were always sharing cool videos wth each other. Once the video finally loads, your eyes pop out of your head.

‘Proof that Mikey Way and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are secretly dating!!!’

You lightly slap Mikey’s arm a couple times as the video begins.

“Yeah?” He asks looking over at you. You hold the phone up so he could see as you begin to watch in complete shock. The person, who was basically a gossip/drama account on youtube, had taken all the evidence that your fans had gathered and created a whole explanation.

Apparently, aside from the shirt incident (which there was a side by side for), people had noticed Mikey’s guitar in the background of your Q & A video as well as the mug on the table, which he had posted a picture of on Instagram that same day (these also came with side by side photos as proof). They even noticed that in some of his old Instagram photos, the comforter on the bed was the same as the one in your vlogs from forever ago.  And if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, they concluded that Mikey was the person behind the camera based on the few words he spoke while trying to help you pronounce the word in a question in your last video.

You were both left speechless as the video ended, staring at the phone screen with open mouths.

“How did they….”

“When did I even….”

“Is that even….”

“What the actual fuck…” Mikey says, being the first one of you two spit out a full sentence. 

You aggressively open up twitter to see if it had spread and it had, of course. There was already a trending hashtag which you clicked on. The most popular tweet with the hashtag was someone sharing the video. The tweet had 12.6k likes and 6.4k retweets. This account is a pretty popular fan account dedicated to you and you’ve definitely seen the username before because this person had so many followers and was constantly tagging you in stuff. You actually follow them and had replied to a couple of their tweets once which might explain why they’re so popular.

You both look at each other, unable to grasp how in such a small amount of time, the idea that the two of you even knew each other had turned into proof of you two dating. You start cracking up at how insane this all is. You both laugh until you have tears in your eyes from how ridiculously weird the internet can be.

“Oh my fucking god, I can’t….” He starts laughing again.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” You couldn’t even speak from laughing so hard, you just nod and wipe your eyes. Once you both calm down and just kind of recap everything that just happened in your mind you clap your hands together in conclusion.

“Well, I guess they know.” You turn to him and smile. He looks at you contently before he kisses your cheek and pulls you into his body, hugging you tightly.

“I guess they do. I can finally share you with the world now.“



I had to nickname them! This is Cal and Maven!

Cal is the brown and black, he’s pretty smug ,if our cranky Blue, zippy, barks at him he barks back, but louder, he also runs head first into everything. Cal’s bulky and sweet with the brightest eyes.

Maven is full black with a little white, he’s shy and generally stays quiet most of the time. He hangs behind his brother and then runs into everything, just with more elegance. Maven’s scrawny and sweet with darkish eyes.

Chibs’ imagine based on the song “Tell Her You Belong To Me”, by Beth Hart

[Hi guys. How are you doing?

Well, this is a little personal…I love this song, I can connect with the lyrics and it brings me to tears almost every time…Sorry, let’s get into business…

Enjoy Chibs… I mean, enjoy the imagine. Tell me your opinion. THANKS for reading it! You are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

You were at the clubhouse with Gemma, Lyla and some crow eaters letting everything ready for a party to welcome Filip back. He was finally getting out of the hospital after weeks recovering from an explosion at TM. You were supposed to be there and bring him home, but Fiona was there too. She was his wife, but she had nothing to do there. They had been apart for so long that their relationship had just died. He was still married to her only to protect Fiona from Jimmy, his enemy. You could handle this situation, but her presence there was too much. She appeared to check on him, surprising everyone.

“Tell her to go”, you begged him at the hospital.

“I can’t do that”, he said. You just nodded and went home, staying there until now. He knew you were pissed off and had sent messages to your phone, through Juice, Jax and even Gemma. You ignored all of them. You knew you were being stubborn, but you needed his word and Fiona gone.

          Tell her you’re mine

          That you have been blind

          Tell her it’s over

          And you belong to me

          Tell me to come

          And like hell I will run

          Back into your arms

          Cause you belong to me

The lights were still on in Gemma’s office when you got back at the TM. The sound of your heels echoed on the floor as you made your way to meet the Queen. You were ready to open the door when you heard a familiar voice with a thick accent.

“It’s more complicated than that mom”, Filip said, “Jimmy is in town”.

“What does that mean Chibs?”, Gemma asked.

“It means she is not going, not now”, he said.

It was enough; you had heard all you needed. Fiona wasn’t going and with Jimmy in town Filip would be bound to protect her. He would never be completely yours, she still had a strong hold on him and you were just another girlfriend, a pussy to keep him busy. You entered the clubhouse and looked around.

“She is not here”, you heard. Tig was next to you, whispering in your ear, “She wouldn’t dare, with so many cats protecting their turf”.

“Nice comparison Tiggy”, you laughed, walking with him to the bar.

“Thanks”, he smiled and sat next to you, “He is missing you, you know”.

You rolled your eyes at him and ordered a beer. A few seconds later Filip and Gemma walked in, everybody got up and cheered. The crowd hid you in your corner.

“Aren’t you gonna hug him?”, Tig looked over his shoulder to you.

“No”, you said and turned to the bar again. He shrugged and sat back, ordering shots to both. He started to talk nonsenses with Chuck just to distract you and soon you were really into the conversation, really having fun.

“Can I talk to my girl Tiggy?”, you heard minutes later. You didn’t bother to turn, you knew who was there.

“Yeah”, Tig said and left. Chuck did the same and you had no choice but look at Filip, now in Tig’s place.

“Welcome back”, you said in a cold tone.

“Thank you lass”, he sadly smiled, “Can we talk?”

You looked at him for a few seconds. You bit your lip and hid a satisfied smiled when you saw him swallow. That gesture always had turned him on.

“Sure”, you sarcastically said and got up. You saw Gemma’s eyes following you two in your way to the dorms. You opened the door and entered, turning around to face him, “What do you wanna talk about?”

“Don’t be a smart ass darling”, he walked towards you, “I’m not in the mood right now”.

“I’m not Chibs”, you said.

“It’s Filip, lass”, he reached for your arm, his grip tight around it, “Filip”.

“Let me go”, you hissed at him. He was angry. He hated to hear his nickname from your lips. He liked you to call him only by his name, “Filip”.

“I missed you”, he whispered and leaned for a kiss.

“No”, you pushed him away, escaping from his arms, “You don’t have the right to hold me and kiss me anymore”.

“What are you talking about love?”, he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t call me love”, you barked, “I know everything. She is staying. Fiona is staying”.

“Shite”, he cursed and rubbed his beard.

“I heard you talking to Gemma”, you looked up, blinking, trying not to cry, “I… I’ve been in that house, alone, all this time Filip. I was waiting for you to call, to tell me she was going… It was too much for me. Sorry, I couldn’t handle”

“It’s not like that lass”, he begged, “Let me explain”.

“Explain what?”, you took a step towards him, “Did I mishear it? Because it is the only way… It’s the only way for you to have me back Filip. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me she is leaving. Take me home and prove it I’m the only one”.

          If you wanna hold me

          If you wanna know me again

          If you wanna love me

          Then take me home

          I’ve been at the bottom

          The deep end of the ocean

          Barely surviving by the dark side of her street

          Tell her you belong to me

He stayed in silence for a second and you took it as your cue to leave. You were opening the door when he hold your arm again.

“I’m going to prove you, love”, he spun you around just to push you against the door. His lips claimed yours, kissing hard enough to hurt.

He lifted you, wrapping your legs around his hips. Your fingers tangled in his hair, making Filip groan in response. You were kissing him back like your life depend on it. You had missed him so much. Your hands grabbed his shirt, popping the bottoms open and his lips moved to your neck.

“Filip”, you whispered his name. Holding you, he walked towards the bed. Gently he put you on the top of it and stop, looking at you.

“You are the only one lass”, he took off your heels and throwing them on the floor. You got up to take off your shirt and bra. Filip tugged your jeans and panties down your legs and opened them for him, “You are my love, don’t you know that?”

His fingers were inside you, his thumb rubbing, pressing your clit and his mouth was over your breast, sucking it. You laid on the bed, your back arching with the pleasure. His teeth grazed a nipple almost making you cry with the sweet pain.

“Please Filip”, you begged, “I need you”.

He ignored and kept torturing you until you climax in his arms. You closed your eyes and heard him took his clothes off. He joined you in the bed and you felt butterfly kisses on your cheeks, nose and mouth.

“Look at me love”, Filip whispered. You opened your y/e/c eyes to meet his and found them full of love and desire for you. He slowly entered you, “Did you miss me?”

He thrust hard inside you, making difficult for you to think and talk. He repeated the question and thrust deeper and harder. How were you supposed to answer with him doing that?

“Answer me”, he hissed and thrusted again, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes!”, you cried out, “I missed you Filip! I missed you!”

He laughed, but didn’t slowed down. Your eyes rolled back on your head and your nails dug on his back, definitely leaving bloody marks. You were close to another orgasm, tightening around him.

“Filip”, you whined, “Please… Oh God!”

“You are mine lass. Never forget that”, he groaned, “Say it”.

“Oh yes!”, he definitely was on a mission that night, never slowing down and assuring his power over you, “I’m yours Filip, only yours”.

You found your release together; Filip rested his body over yours, leaving kisses on your skin. You smiled and patted his shoulder; he laid next to you on the bed.

“Sorry”, you looked at the wounds on his back. They were little red marks made by your nails.

“I’m not”, he turned to look at you. “These are your marks, telling that I’m yours”.

“Are you?”, you couldn’t resist, you let it escape from you lips before you knew what you were saying. You bit you lip and looked down to your legs.

“Yes”, he hold your chin, making you look at him. You couldn’t escape from his eyes, “I talked to Fiona, she is staying away from us. I have a plan for Jimmy and after that I will divorce her, but I need something from you lass”.

“What?”, you asked, still processing his words.

“Your word”, he said, “You word that you will marry me then”.

Your hand covered your lips and you could fell the tears in your eyes. You nodded, crying.

“Say it love”, he smiled, “I need to hear you say. Say you will be mine.”

“Yes Filip, I will marry you”, you leaned to kiss him and whispered on his lips, “I will be yours, my love, I belong to you”.

          She’ll never win

          ‘Cause I’m not giving in

          You are my man

          You belong to me

My TA Tease 1/5 - Teacher’s Lounge

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: You’re not exactly the best of students and after getting to know your TA in the most sinful of ways, the year ahead is going to be promising. 

Word count: 2415

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ||

It was the middle of summer yet you found your studying in the library once again. You couldn’t pass a couple of your exams so you had to take the reseat in august. At the beginning of the year you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t let what happen to you last year again, yet it did and after spending most of the summer being unproductive you ended up with only a week to study for your tests. Couldn’t you be more irresponsible?

Thankfully for you, your university’s campus remained opened most of the summer, the library being no exception. When you finally looked through the window after hours of hiding in books, it was already dark outside. You were the only one there and to be honest it was slightly eerie. You decided you needed to take a break.

“Fuck…” You muttered to yourself as you noticed the hallway’s vending machine wasn’t working.

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