but he also wanted to protect jesse

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Can you do anyone of your choice swooping in for their s/o with someone who is flirting heavily with them and obviously making s/o uncomfortable


Shifting from foot to foot, you stood there trying to keep up your smile as a new trainee stood there leaning on the door and was relentlessly flirting in hopes of getting your number. It would have been cute if it didn’t feel so uncomfortable to you. Most of his comments had been on your butt during the mission, and honestly you kind of wanted to punch him.

“So,” the guy said, winking at you. You didn’t like how his eyes kept wandering lower, and tried to keep your temper. “ A girl as good looking as you deserves an equal. I was thinking maybe…7pm, my place, tomorrow night?”

Taking a slow breath, you forced yourself to keep up the smile that you’d plastered over your face. “That’s…really nice of you, but I’m busy tomorrow,” you said. You have been trying really hard not to make an argument or to plant your first in his face.

Honestly, you wanted to tell this kid off but he was a new recruit. And you didn’t like being mean to people if you could avoid it. The guy was just doing some…harmless flirting, you thought with disgust.

“Besides, I-,” you started to say but you were cut off.

“How about right now then?” The guy winked, stepping closer and into your bubble. Holy fuck, did you hate strangers in your bubble and the arrogance of this guy was starting to wear your patience down. “I have the time.”

Before you could speak, you saw the trainee’s eyes catch on something behind you and he took a slight step back. Footsteps walked over, slow and without hurry, before you saw the shadow cast over the wall.

“Hey darlin’,” you heard the deep, husky Texas accent of your fiancee, as an arm slipped around your waist. The scent of cigar smoke was heavy and you glanced up to see he was smoking one, his eyes locked on the kid. “This guy bothering you, sweetheart?”

“Hey baby,” you murmured, relief flooding you as you half turned your body into his side, sliding your arms around his waist. You were glad he was here, even though worry filled you at the same time.

“Don’t worry about him, Jesse,” you said softly, voice a bit low with warning and Jesse’s eyes flickered to yours.

Jesse McCree was by far one of the most protective men you’d ever seen. Although it didn’t matter when other over watch members looked or spoke to you, Jesse always got a bit irked when other men would look at you. After all, you were his baby doll and Jesse McCree took care of his own.

No one who had ever touched you survived, and no one who had ever flirted with you (Other then Mercy and Tracer) ever left without a broken tooth or a black eye. You loved how protective he was of you, knowing that of everything in the world he was just afraid he’d someday lose you, but you also didn’t want this kid to get hurt…

The trainee was looking back and forth between you both incredulously. “I…uh, didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” he started by saying, looking a bit uncomfortable now himself.

“Fiancee,” Jesse growled slightly, and you pinched his butt in warning. “If you were half as observant, or even just had half a brain, you’d ‘ave noticed the ring on her finger.”

The trainee’s eyes dropped to your hand and locked on the gold ring on your finger. It was obvious that he had NOT seen it.

“Its not my fault she didn’t say anything about it!” The trainee blurted. It was clear that Jesse’s presence was much more intimidating as you noticed that there was the barest tremor running through him.

“I tried to tell you!” you said with a scowl, annoyed now.

The trainee made a face at you. “If you really wanted me to know, you would have gotten it in,” he said, lip curling slightly. You found your hand itching to slap him. But thats okay, because Jesse was far more pissed then you.

Jesse let go of you and stepped forward, looming over the guy. He was rather tall, and the trainee was unfortunately a head shorter. The look in his eyes was terrifying.

“Excuse me?” Jesse growled, grabbing the guy by the front of his shirt and lifting onto his toes. “Don’t talk to y/n like that. Do you got it?”

The trainee nodded quickly, fingers gripping Jesse’s wrist and he looked terrified out of his wits. now. “If I ever catch you flirting with my baby again, you can bet high noon will be coming a bit early,” Jesse growled, his face close to the trainees. Their eyes were locked. There must have been something extra scary about Jesse because the trainee looked like he was going to faint.

Dropping him, the trainee fell to the floor and scrambled to get up. Jesse turned and immediately tugged you against him, uncaring if the trainee was still there as he pressed a hot, possessive kiss to your lips.

Your heart melted a bit. You couldn’t help loving him when he was like this…and the fact that he hadn’t just beat him to a pulp made you love him more.

“Well, Darlin’, guess we better head up for dinner,” Jesse said, starting to calm down. Without another word, you pulled him down for a second kiss before the two of you started to leave.

Except then, to everyone’s horror, the trainee muttered a little too audibly as he was hurrying away.

“Stupid bitch, getting me in shit…”

Cringing, you felt Jesse freeze and instantly you grabbed at his waist, moving in front of him to stare up at him. His eyes were icy and you could see he was biting the cigar hard.

“Baby, don’t do it. He isn’t worth it Jesse, right-?” you started to say, but Jesse turned and took a single shot.


The good news is the trainee is alive. Of course, it hadn’t stopped you from panicking and calling Mercy and Ana. Jesse got a massive lecture from Ana, who was just thankful that he only shot the trainee in the ass. Literally.

You couldn’t help wishing he had the barest bit more of self control, but in the end you were still thankful that Jesse had come to save you.

So that night, cuddled in his arms, you couldn’t help pressing a kiss to his forehead as he slept, watching him with adoration.

“I love you, you darn oaf,” you murmured, stroking the brown tresses from his face. You hadn’t realized he was awake till Jesse dragged you closer, burying his face in your hair as he sleepily yawned.

“Love you too, darlin.”

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Soulmate AU with Werewolf!McCree and normal Human S/O?

Let’s go with classic, your-soulmate’s-name-is-written-on-your-arm au

You knew you shouldn’t have been out in the woods that late, but you had lost track of time while hiking. Now the sun was starting to sink below the horizon and you were still two miles from the trailhead. You kept walking as fast as your tired body would go. Behind you, the sun kept sinking, and the shadows got longer and longer. There was a full moon rising into the sky.

Just as the last bit of sun disappeared, a wolf howled and others took up the cry. You stopped. Damn, that sounded close. But you couldn’t stop now; you didn’t want to spend the night out here, so you kept walking. It wasn’t even two minutes when a deer ran out of the woods, past you, and kept going. Why would it…? Realizing the most probable reason, you grabbed onto a low hanging branch, and climbed into the tree. You were just in time, as you grabbed onto a higher branch, the wolf pack burst out on the trail. Smelling you, they gave up chasing the deer and began circling the tree you were in.

They were interested in you, but you couldn’t tell if they thought you were a meal or an intruder. One of them jumped at snapped at your feet. They missed, but they got close enough that you decided to move even higher. The higher branches weren’t as strong, but you thought they’d be able to hold your weight.

A loud growl interrupted your thoughts as another wolf appeared. It looked black, and it was bigger than the other wolves, bigger than a wolf should be. The other ones seemed scared of it, backing away from it. The giant wolf placed itself between your tree and the pack, growling savagely at them.

One of them decided to challenge the newcomer, leaping towards the back of the wolf’s neck. The big wolf easily snatched the smaller wolf out of the air and threw it back at the pack, snapping its teeth loudly at them.

The wolves got the hint and left, the would-be challenger limping slightly behind the others. The remaining wolf circled the tree, sniffing the air. Three times it went around the tree before laying down at the base. You stayed still, fearing that if you moved it would attract the giant wolf’s attention.

More than an hour passed, and neither the wolf nor you had moved. Your legs were starting to cramp; you had to move them. You decided to move to a nearby branch, not only was it an excuse to move but it would give you a better view of the wolf. Bracing yourself you swung around the trunk and settled on the new branch.

You realized your mistake too late; the branch wasn’t strong enough to hold your weight. Down you went crashing into the branches below, frantically trying to grab hold of one of them. You landed on the ground, knowing you were going to be covered in bruises and thinking you would be lucky if you hadn’t broken any bones.

Regardless of your injuries you tried to stand up and look for the wolf. The second part worked; the first didn’t. You landed on your knees, unable to stand. The wolf was only a few feet away. It had gotten to its feet and was looking at you. Shit, you thought. Please don’t be hungry.

The wolf looked at you, and cocked it’s head to one side. It took a step towards you, then another. It was right in front of you; if you reached out you could pet it. It lowered it’s snout to be level with your face, and licked you.

What? You must have hit your head on the way down, that was the only explanation. But it felt so real.

The wolf licked you a couple more times, then used its nose to push you until you were sitting with your back against the tree. It laid down at your feet. Oh, you definitely hit your head.

Slowly, you reached one hand up to your arm and pinched yourself. Hard. You stifled a yelp as you pinched yourself hard enough to give yourself another bruise.

The wolf was still at your feet but it was looking at you. It stood up again and came over to you, lying down with its head in your lap. This is to bizarre to be a dream.

You had every intention of staying awake all night, but you were so tired from your hike and the wolf’s head kept you warm; you didn’t remember falling asleep.

You awoke to an owl hooting. On the horizon you could see the first hints on the sun. Your backed ached from leaning against the tree. Why am I leaning against a tree? Suddenly, you remembered the events of the previous night, and looked down at you lap. The wolf was gone but there was a man with unruly brown hair, asleep with his head in your lap. The man was also naked.

“What the hell!” You jerked away and launched you self to your feet. The man’s head thudded on the ground, waking him up.

He blinked bleary-eyed at the sky. On hearing the string of swearing that was coming out of your mouth he looked at you. He blinked once. Twice. Then his eyes widened as he registered that you were there. “Uhhh, hi,” he said.

“Where the hell did you come from?” you demanded.

He regarded you for a second before saying, “Well, darlin’, did you see a giant black wolf last night?”

“Yes,” you said.

“That was me.”

What? “What are you, some kind of werewolf, or something?”

“Yes,” he looked serious. “Hey, would you mind telling me exactly what I did last night?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Naw, I black out when I transform.”

“Sure, I’ll tell you, just uh. You wanna take my jacket and cover yourself.”

He chuckled, “Okay.”

After he took your jacket and used it to cover his lap, you sat down and told him what happened. As you finished you said, “So, thanks for protecting me from those other wolves.”

“My pleasure,” he said standing. “If you don’t mind, I gotta a stash of clothing a couple miles in that I’m gonna go get. You probably want to get home.”

“Oh yeah,” you stood also. You stretched out your hand, “It was nice meet you…”

“Jesse,” he said. “Jesse McCree.”

You froze. No way. You froze, your mind racing to the tattoo on your left wrist. The name of your soulmate, who you tried to not to dwell on, knowing that you’d meet them when you met them. “[Name],” you said, a grin spreading over your face.

He looked at you, “Ya serious, darlin’?”


He returned your grin. “I don’t suppose you wanna walk with me to get my clothes, and then accompany me to breakfast?”

“I’d love to,” you can told him. “But you can keep my jacket while we walk.”

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Do any of the yandere guys have a type of girl? like pls pls could you do this with reaper and genji <3 <3

Hell, I’ll do it with a lot of them for you…

Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone in this, these are just head-canons really


  • Loves quirky girls that can put up a fight - if you pull his hair, for example, he’d turn into a moaning mess
  • He thinks brightly colored hair and makeup is fucking hot
  • Following that trend, he prefers the party boy lifestyle, so he loves girls who are full of energy and can keep up with his antics - so if they can handle drink and drugs, that’s definitely a plus
  • Body wise, he loves athletic-built girls who can pin him down as easily he can to them


  • Fucking adores traditional ‘girly’ girls; since Jesse tends to go for ‘Southern’ types, he loves seeing his s/o in dresses or tied up button shirts and shorts
  • This man lives for curves and ‘thicc’ bodies, he doesn’t keep his hands to himself either
  • Jesse is pretty dominant and gets extremely moody when he doesn’t get what he wants.. so more submissive girls are for him

Soldier 76:

  • Tends to go for girls who are much smaller than him, mostly so he can throw them over his shoulder and hold them close to his chest whenever he sleeps
  • He loves protecting small girls, but he also finds it cute it if they’re a little intimidated by him
  • Though he complains about it, he loves to ‘tame’ loud, badly behaved or more bratty girls too


  • He’s a massive slut shamer, and he loves it
  • Though he’ll seem possibly uninterested in public towards girls like this, he adores feisty and slightly promiscuous girls who could probably rip his nuts off
  • He’d adore keeping a girl like this all to himself, once a playbunny, now all his..
  • HOWEVER, he’s also really into seriously innocent girls.. he loves murmuring dirty things in their ear to watch them turn all shades of red


  • Prefers delicate, slight girls who are quite shy or timid.
  • He also likes rather typically feminine women who are very respectable and domesticated
  • Hanzo finds soft voices and girlish mannerisms particularly sweet
  • He doesn’t like being disobeyed, so unless he reckons he’d be able to ’train’ them, Hanzo isn’t particularly interested in badly behaved girls


  • Jamison loves girls who will agree with everything he says - if he suggests that the two of you are going to do something stupid, he’d get seriously sulky if his s/o refused
  • Similarly to Mccree, Junkrat loves curvy girls.. He’d fall asleep curled around them like some weird cat, with his head either on their lap or on their chest
  • He’ll also get extremely, and I mean stupidly protective if he sees anyone talk to his girl. Jamie would curse at anyone who dares touch his girl.. The unlucky individual may even find a little ‘present’ (an explosive) under their bed from the Australian man


  • He likes his s/o to be rather quiet. He doesn’t mind especially timid girls, he loves giving his s/o tons of aftercare because this man is a big softie deep down
  • He’s not bothered really about their body type, he loves big pretty eyes and sweet smiles though..
  • Typically likes ‘littles’


  • He loves smart and sophisticated women. He loves them to be as intelligent as they are beautiful, but they should know when to shut their mouth unless they want him to wipe the lipstick off their pretty little smirk
  • Akande quite likes taking feisty girls and totally domesticating them to his beck and call
  • He expects his s/o to wear fine jewelry and he adores red stain on their lips.. but he prefers the makeup when it’s smeared across silk pillows and they’re a sweating panting mess beneath him.
Okay Consider this McHanzo AU (re-posted because i couldn’t edit the original)

Its McCrees birthday and everyone is at his house for a the party, They are having a good time then Gabriel pulls out a Ouija board from his bag and tells everyone to gather round to play it. McCree, being the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to paranormal things reluctantly sits down in the circle. He’s the birthday boy so he HAS to join in.

Everyone except for Lena, Gabriel, McCree, Hana and Jack sit out because they all mutually agree that they’re gonna die if they join in

Gabriel, knowing full well McCree is scared of paranormal things gets him to ask the spirits if they are here. He’s only doing it because McCree and Hana played a prank on him and Jack earlier in a week where they mixed hair dye into Jack’s shampoo. Granted he’s not complaining about his boyfriends sexy black hair now (He likes it because his boyfriend looks edgy and it’s all he’s ever wanted for him). Though Gabriel would NEVER use a Ouija Board in his home, fuck that, it’s only okay to do it in his adopted sons home because he’s a demon of a son so it makes sense

McCree sucks it up and they all put their hands on the planchette (The Pointer thingy) and McCree squeaks out a greeting and asks for the Spirits name, and suddenly the pointer starts to move, everyone gasps and watches with baited breathe as it moves  to the “H”. McCree holds his breath and tries not to laugh at his friends moving the planchette because cmon how obvious. Eventually it spells our “Hanzo” and McCree, albeit still spooked about the idea of using a Ouija Board looks at Gabriel and says “Hanzo? Really, what a awfully stupid name, you could have at least made up something better to scare me” and then Gabriel just looks at McCree his face literally just says “I’m not moving it” then suddenly the pointer jerks out of everyone’s fingers off the desk into the wall and everyone SCREAMS.

McCree lets out a loud “Oh fuck this no” and quickly puts away the Ouija board, covering it in hopes that it would make whatever spirit that they were talking to go away

After a few minutes of everyone just being shocked and spooked Gabriel squeaks out “We didn’t say goodbye to end the contract” McCree says “Well boo hoo it’s gone now, get that Ouija Board outs of my house right now, I’m NEVER letting any of you do anything like that again in my house”


Few Hours Later after everyone’s gotten drunk and forgot about the incident they leave and McCree goes and curls up in bed with a smile on his face because what a good birthday. His peaceful sleep is suddenly interrupted when he dreams of pale skin blue skin and a snarl which makes him wake up with a shout, Breathing heavily he looks up to see a figure standing in his doorway and he lets out the loudest, manliest scream he could muster as he trips and falls out of bed reaching for Peacekeeper on his bedside table.

Suddenly there’s a oddly warm hand over his mouth muffling his yelling and then he’s being pushed down onto his bed and he looks up and he’s greeted with the exact same blue skin he seen in his nightmare, swallowing while trying to gather himself he looks into his attacker’s eyes and for a second all time freezes as he looks into pale white eyes.

Coming back to his senses McCree closes his eyes and tenses his body as he tries to brace himself for being ripped to shreds by a demon, because, there’s a demon holding him down staring right at him with a scowl. That’s what he gets for messing with a Ouija Board.  

Then a husky heavily accented voice reaches McCrees ears as said Demon says “Cease your screaming, i am here to make you end out contract so i can leave, you didn’t say bid me farewell”

McCree nods as the hand frees his mouth and he all but squeaks “You’re not going to kill me? You’re the Hanzo? The….. demon from earlier?’ and Hanzo replies with a “Yes i am, Though i want nothing more than to punish you for insulting me earlier, i promise i will not hurt you”

Then McCree passes out

Blah blah blah he wakes up thinking it was a dream but it wasn’t then he freaks out again and Hanzo promises not to hurt him again and that all he wants to do is to end their contract but informs McCree he needs the Ouija board they used because like ritual magic seal bindings voodoo voodo stuff so McCree calls up Gabriel and asks from him to bring it over without explaining it and Gabriel is like “Oh yah we kinda threw out into the river because Jack was to scared to bring it home he said he would withhold sex if i didn’t get it as far away from him as possible”

Upon hearing this Hanzo gets mad and shifts into a full on terrifying demon form and McCree closes his eyes and literally almost starts crying from seeing this and Hanzo looks at the human and feels guilty. So he shifts back into his human form. Hanzo says there’s no way to end the contract and that they’re stuck together unless McCree dies which McCree instantly freaks out over but Hanzo looks at him and says “Even though that’s the only way to end our contract, i cannot harm you in any way since i promised you never bring any harm to you.“ Damn Hanzos pride, he’s gonna have to suck it up being attached to this his scruffy cowman until he dies, it’ll only be a few decades. He can easily deal with that. Since he’s like a thousand years old.

McCree slowly comes to terms with being actually Haunted. He buys Garlic because he thinks it will help protect him against Hanzo but Hanzo laughs at him then puts an entire garlic bulb in his mouth and eats it as McCree watches on in horror.

Time passes. Hanzos annoying because he’s literally always watching McCree going “Ooo What’s this” “Ahhh” “What peculiar technology” and idk McCree shows him his TV and he spends hours watching it and it’s the only time McCree has been able to get away from him. Which he defiantly doesn’t spend jerking off to a certain pale blue demon with gorgeous glowing white eyes and rippling muscles.

McCree  contacts Zenyatta whos like a exorcist or something? Idk? He can’t help though. Lame.

Though to be far McCree is growing quite attached to this demon, What other human has their own demon? McCree 100% doesn’t look at Hanzo as Hanzo stares into the TV in awe thinking he’s cute. Hanzo on the otherhand is thrilled by this whole scenario because not only does he have a cute scruffy human but he has TV to watch.  

Bonus points if Hanzo is like the prince of the underworld and hes super strong so other paranormal creatures keep appearing around McCrees house and they try to harm him because he is absolutely covered in Hanzos scent. Hanzo protects him because if anything tries to harm his Jesse he will tear them to pieces.  

Also Hanzo gets mad jealous when McCree doesn’t pay him attention. Because he wants to be the only thing McCree thinks about.

But he likes to stay back and watch TV to learn about the human society. He likes to think he watches nature documentaries with McCree and one there’s an Alligator and McCree says something like “He would die if he ever came across one” and Hanzo replies “I wouldn’t let any overgrown lizard hurt you” and it’s the most loving thing McCree has ever heard him say.

Then he ruins it by saying “If anything is gonna eat you it’s gonna be me” and McCree doesn’t know if he means it in a literal way or in the bedroom way.

Also Hanzo is really over protective over his human because he’s been watching the news and there’s so many people dying and getting hurt so he usually watches over him from the shadows when he goes because no one can harm his precious cowboy

You finish this AU. Bonus points if Hanzo is a succubus so he needs to have sex to feed or something and because he’s bound to McCree he’s the only person who he can be intimate with. Just as long as they “kiss kiss fall in love”  

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Hi. Can I request for headcanons about Jesse, Junkrat and Reaper with shy s/o who likes to hide behind them when talking to people because they feel safe and secure?


• Jesse thinks that the fact that you like to hide behind him is adorable. It’s actually one of the best things about you, in his opinion. It makes him feel really special that he’s your chosen human shield.
• Every time you’re behind him he puts a hand behind his back in case you want to hold it. He’s just looking out for you, making sure that you’re okay, and that you’re still there.
• If someone is visibly making you uncomfortable, Jesse will take matters into his own hands and pull you behind him.


• Trash Boy is really tall so you’ll be pretty safe behind him. Like Jesse, trusting him to protect you wildly boosts his ego. It makes him feel like he’s finally worth something.
• Jamie is a pretty loud person, so he doesn’t mind all of the attention being on him instead of you. You can also tell him any time when you want to leave and he’ll quickly make up an excuse to get outta there.
• If the situation gets dangerous in any way, Jamie will completely straighten his body up, making him even taller, and speak in an incredibly serious tone. As well as occasionally glancing behind him to make sure that you’re okay.


• Reaper likes to act annoyed at you when you do this, but he only does it to keep his serious tough guy image. In reality, he thinks what you do is pretty cute.
• When you’re behind him, he’ll secretively wrap little shadowy tendrils around you, so that you might feel a little more secure that way.
• Mr. Shadow Man is super threatening, so most people know not to mess with neither him nor you. When the situation arises though, Reaper is ready with one of his shotguns pressed against someone’s head.

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Can you do headcanons for Krennic with a short gf?

mod jess here! i’m 5′2″ so i feel at least a lil qualified to write this, hope you enjoy lil anon friend! 

Originally posted by redderz

When Krennic is ready to show off the power of the Death Star, he makes sure you’re front and center to see the whole thing. He knows you’d struggle to see it over some of your tall coworkers, and he wants to show off to you just as much as he wants to show off to Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine. 

Krennic likes having you help him put his rank bar and belt on for him every morning because you’re at the perfect height to make sure it’s on straight. In return, he makes sure your collar is sitting right and your cap is on perfectly, but not before leaning down to kiss the top of your head in a rare moment of pure affection.

Krennic likes being taller than you because of the advantages it gives and he likes feeling needed and wanted. He also likes standing behind you in large groups because he feels like he can protect you that way since he is so much taller. He likes to rest his hands on your shoulders when he’s behind you; he’s not quite sure why, he just likes the feeling.

Krennic is kind of smug about how much taller he is than you. This is mostly showcased when he calls you a nickname (when you’re alone, of course) like “little bird” with a smirk on his face.

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Okay but like,,,,

Imagine if these were all Blackwatch agents. Like Overwatch wanted to boost public view of Blackwatch. So they got the biggest, most handsome beefcakes from Blackwatch to shoot this commercial just runnin’ around doing vigilante protection in these all black uniforms.

Jesse McCree was the first to volunteer. Gabriel Reyes also volunteered but pretended he’d been forced to do it. Genji took some persuasion, but eventually he agreed - and of course was the best at fulfilling this role.

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*psst* since you seem to like Mccree a lot (and who doesn't tbh) do you have some headcanons about him?

Anon, I do, I do. He’s a sweetheart, and I just want him and many people to be happy. But I have a lot of conflicting ones because they all seem plausible and appealing. There’s a ton of angst here (but that’s not really surprising). Thanks for the request!

  • Jesse McCree is a coffee man. A gourmet coffee man courtesy of Gabriel Reyes whose first kind gesture to give him a cup of coffee that he brewed himself.
    • Gabriel Reyes taught McCree how to roast, grind, and brew coffee. He’s never tasted anything so heavenly–he never really liked coffee before, he only ever drank shitty coffee. But now, his day begins and continues on a nice cup o’ joe. 
    • He judges restaurants and cafes by their coffee. He keep a book of reviews to determine what to expect if he has to go there next time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a place famous for its pie, he won’t go back if the coffee sucks.
  • This is now more of a character analysis on my end, and is somewhat off-putting to people, but contrary to what I like to write, he seems like a person to keep people at arm’s length. He’s a charmer, he’s a smooth-talker, sure, but he’s not one to open himself to a relationship or let someone into his heart. Everything he’s ever loved, everyone who’s ever cared for him was violently taken away from him. He’s not going to open himself to that sort of pain. Besides…
  • He hates himself. He hates dealing with the reality of what happened. Jesse is cocky, but it’s an act. He has a ton of self-loathing for many reasons. 
    • He’s like, who is he kidding? He’s no hero. He can’t even be a proper bad guy–he got caught, turned a new leaf, got that leaf turned to ashes, and now he’s lost again. 
    • He feels like he’s a curse. His sniping mentor, Ana, died. The man who took him in and gave him another chance, Gabriel, died. Jack Morrison, his boss’s boss, was also dead. Who’s next? He couldn’t handle that nonsense. 
  • He had some sort of friendly rivalry with Fareeha. He often trained with her. They were close in age when they met, but Fareeha was better than him at hand-to-hand. But he was better at shooting. 
    • This vaguely contributed to the rift between Fareeha and Ana. It’s the start of something that they couldn’t see, but I might leave that for a different post. 
    • Even now, they engage in some friendly competition
  • Jesse McCree is afraid of the cold. He won’t admit he’s ever cold, however. But when it’s freezing, he’s just sluggish and wants nothing more than to go back to bed. 
  • In Blackwatch, he learned a lot of things:
    • He learned how to write. No, not like the alphabet, but he learned how to write compelling reports and had a way with words. He already had a silver tongue, but to put that into writing, he’s golden. 
    • He learned a lot of weird things from Overwatch and Blackwatch–ballistics, hunting, tracking, drinking, cheating at cards, cooking, taking care of kids. He may have been an angry kid, but he was kept very, very busy. 
    • He’s not great at doing analysis or the tedious stuff, but he can manage it. 
  • Ana was his mentor, but not entirely by choice. Gabriel thought Ana would be able to tenderize this bad-mouthed kid. At first, Jesse had no respect for her, but when he saw her skill, he’s immediately starry-eyed. 
  • He doesn’t drink as much as he wants everyone to believe. He’ll take a small sip here and there for courage and to warm himself up, but it’s not like he’s drinking 24/7. He has good tastes, also. His palette is very particular. 
  • This is a little evidence to support this, however, a elaborate headcanon I have is that Joel Morricone is Jesse McCree’s real name. When Gabriel Reyes made him pick, “Jail or Me”, he had Joel change his name to Jesse McCree to protect himself from members of the Deadlock Gang who would be pissed to that he betrayed them. He brought it back as a civilian when Blackwatch fell. No one in Deadlock remembers him anymore anyway, most of them are rotting in jail.  
    • He’s using his blogger position to slowly cover up Overwatch’s return. He’s a sneaky guy. 

After the fight against the Reaper, the Witch, Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s monster.

Ana and Jack talking about going after Gabriel now that the witch is dead. 

Someone called Hanzo a monster and Mccree got into a fist fight over it.

THIS ISN’T MCHANZO UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BE. They might be mates who have eachother’s back. I know some people don’t like the pairing, and other’s do. Tag as whatever tickles your fancy.

I honestly just really like the brawl and the interactions between all the characters. I love this team and how when done right, work together really well!!! :D

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Jess Mariano Appreciation Week: Day Four - Favorite Scene

JESS: So, I didn’t just come here to chat. I wanted to show you something. I didn’t think you’d believe it if I didn’t show it to you in person. (takes out a book and give it to her)
RORY: Well, colour me curious. A book. “‘The Subsect’ …written by Jess Mariano.”
JESS: It’s no misprint.
RORY: You wrote a book?
JESS: A short novel.
RORY: You wrote a book?!

More Reaper76  headcanons and bonus some McHanzo

Previous post here.

This is the headcanons for my series The Road goes ever on and on

These headcanons include Reaper76, McHanzo and Reinhardt x Mercy ships.

- Gabriel has the mentality of ride or die with Jack. They also just want to snog without the world wanting them dead.

- McCree is a manchild who doesn’t know how romance works. He is very adamant that, since Jack and Gabriel are a couple, they have great advice for him to go woo a certain archer.

- Jack and Gabriel do NOT have great advice and would like Jesse to stop.

- Gabriel and Jack know each other like the backs of their hands and use that knowledge to rile each other up. It’s a competition.

- But they get super protective/annoyed when others try to do the same.

- Jack pokes and punches Gabriel a lot. Apparently it’s his brand of affection.

- Gabriel actually drops more dad jokes than Jack. Thinks he is too edgy to get labelled as Dad. Got labelled anyway.

- Gabriel is Lena’s No. 1 Dad. Winston is slightly offended. Jack is amused.

- Gabriel says all the cute lovey-dovey shit in Spanish. Insults Jack in English.

- Jack doesn’t understand Spanish.

- Jesse pulls stupid stunts to woo Hanzo every other week. The others are too nice to tell him off. Gabriel has no such qualms.

- Hanzo acts all disgusted but secretly preens under all the attention.

- Seriously, he is touched by all the small caring gestures Jesse does towards him, which Jesse himself disregards.

- Genji is having the time of his life watching his brother being courted like a maiden.

- Genji steals the shit Jesse gave Hanzo just to watch his brother storms around the house yelling and shooting things.

- Genji is secretly a little shit.

- Genji acts like a cute, respectful little brother around Angela.

- Angela knows everyone’s shit. Reinhardt gets confused when she vaguely mentions someone’s shit.

- Reinhardt is probably the most innocent member of this squad. Angela adores him for it.

- Angela is very done with having to heal Jack and Gabriel after their squabbles and very rough sex sessions. Same goes to Jesse after he did something stupid and pissed Hanzo off.

- Pulling out futuristic arrowheads from someone’s ass is NOT funny, Mercy will let you know.

I will add more in the future XD.

snowpocalipse  asked:

We both really want that parking space au

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Beca was a car talker. Or, rather, a car yeller. Jesse once threatened that he would purchase earbuds to protect his rather fragile innocence from her crude vocabulary.

And if she was a car yeller, she was also a car…signer? She preferred to use her hands to communicate the things that she knew the other drivers couldn’t hear, though most of the time that just meant that she would hold her hands up angerly in a semi-shrugging manner.

Whatever, it got the point across.

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some kylux headcanons

bc i’m trash

• kylo bothers hux with affection while he’s trying to work, and he groans and is like “not now, ren,” so kylo just gives him more affection

• kylo rarely shows affection to hux in public bc he doesn’t want others to see but behind closed doors he’s just a giant dork who kisses him all the time

• kylo hides their relationship for a long time and hux gets angry/hurt bc he thinks he doesn’t want to be with him bc he doesn’t admit that they’re together but kylo says its bc he wants to protect him so then fluff and angst happen

• kylo is the clothes stealer in the relationship, he’s constantly stealing hux’s jacket bc its big n warm and it smells like him, also sometimes he steals his hat and wears it over his mask

• kylo is a huge bottom ok fight me if u think otherwise

feel free to add to this list

Btw I understand people are afraid of getting ganged up on and look at the Arcanemysteries situation and say “oh gosh what if that was us?” Well uh… it WAS one of you - it was @starlight-and-promises for a long time. She was @constantine-spiritworker at the time and I saw plenty of people I followed just blithely ignore AM slinging baseless accusations at Jess and getting his crew to gang up on Jess.

If you just didn’t notice it happening, then bless you, but if you just gave AM the ‘benefit of the doubt’ at the time, just assumed his boyfriend really did buy something from Jess that she didn’t deliver when AM presented NO EVIDENCE of this and Jess presented evidence he was lying? And quietly watched that shit happening without giving Jess any support, public or private?

Then you’re afraid of getting ganged up on because you’ve built the community you deserve. Like seriously. What makes Jess not one of you? What makes her and me and other people who have come forward about Arcanemysteries NOT ALSO PART OF THE TUMBLR TAROT COMMUNITY? What makes the people AM stole from (there’s so many levels of proof already, but if you need someone else’s word that it happened, go contact someone the evidence shows that he stole from instead of waiting for him to speak on it) not part of the tarot community at large? Why does AM deserve the protection and forgiveness of the tarot community, of people he STOLE from, but Jess and other people speaking up about AM’s actual acts committed against other tarot readers don’t deserve that protection?

You want forgiveness for him? I forgive people when they sincerely perform an act of contrition. Not just say “I’m sorry” but make an effort to rectify the harm they have caused to the people they have harmed. I’ll wait around for when that happens before I say that a thief is gonna be welcomed by me. He committed the acts, he gets to fix it. You’re afraid of being treated like him? You’re afraid you’re next? Dude, I’ve been afraid I was gonna be his or his friends’ next harassment target after Jess for awhile now. Don’t tell me about fear.

MellyGrant’s list of the top five* people she has never actually met but would club you to death or slap you in the mouth with a trout for speaking ill of:

5. Harry Connick Jr

Those eyes! That smile! The snarky personality! I want to buy him and I matching jaunty pork pie hats and then spend the afternoon tap dancing down a major street’s sidewalk judging people. He loves to deliver crushing news with a twinkle in his eye and I LIKE it. Coincidentally I would also let his penis tap dance into my vagina.

4. Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman/Jesse Pinkman in an Aaron Paul suit

External image

Since I am incapable of separating fiction from reality and no amount of talking to me will ever convince me that Jesse Pinkman didn’t decided to join witness protection and is now cleverly acting as the actor who acts named Aaron Paul while also maintaining a profitable Etsy shop where he sells handmade boxes made of Peruvian walnut with a Zebra wood inlay, I am putting both on this list at #4. I will worry about the welfare of Jesse Pinkman for the rest of my life, which is a new experience for me because I pretty much have no soul.

3. Julie Andrews

I have never actually met Dame Julie Andrews, but due to the fact that she managed to be in two of my favorite childhood movies of all-time that I still watch whenever my uterus is shedding it’s lining, I would literally drop a drone on the face of anyone that ever besmirched the name of this international treasure.

2. Tony Goldwyn

External image

He acts! He directs! He’s a star of stage and screen!  He’s an actual good person which is something that sounds foreign to me but that’s a quality that both me and my vagina find very attractive! He is the future of evolution - a man so sexy that EYEBROWS NEED NOT APPLY.

1. Tony Goldwyn’s D

You might ask yourself “MellyGrant, wouldn’t Tony Goldwyn’s D actually be included in the post with Tony Goldwyn?” and the fact that you even need to ask me that means we’re done talking right now. 

*You should know there were originally ten but I got really lazy and decided to eat peanut butter cheerios instead.

Japril Hope

Am I the only one who now has some hope for Japril after tonight’s episode. I mean they had a civil conversation. Jackson wanted to protect April from his mother. He was shocked by what Catherine has to say about going after April. Jackson also watched April as she walked away which was cute.