but he also likes clint


one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume



clintasha + harry potter au for @victimsteve 

Worry - Tony Stark x Reader

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Words: 1351
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, Steve Rogers
Warnings: slight angst
Requested by anon
what’s up ;) lmao that was weird anyways, how would you feel about making a tony stark oneshot/imagine (because he doesn’t get enough love) where maybe the reader is dating tony and he has kept her in a safe house also (like clint does) and they find out about her after the location has been compromised and she was attacked/killed ;)) wow I’m angsty af and this was very descriptive sorry!!! love you and your writing!!
Authors Note: I love writing cute Tony so this was a must.


“Yes, Tony, I’m perfectly fine.” You smiled into the phone, as you cooked yourself lunch.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

You laughed. “What has got you so freaked out?”

“I don’t know, I’m just, scared.” He sighed.

“Don’t worry about me, it’s called a safe house for a reason, remember?” You told him, as you continued to make a sandwich.

“I guess you’re right.” Tony said, quietly. Tony took a page out of Barton’s book and put you in a safe house when you two fell in love and things started to get dangerous. Being engaged, he didn’t want anything to happen to you. It anyone to know that you existed- not even his teammates.

“I’m babysitting the Barton children today, remember? We’ll be fine.” You reminded him. Okay, Clint was the only one who knew you existed, which was okay. Tony trusted him, since he does have a family. And it gave you a chance to make friends with the family and their children- and be able to babysit.

“Be careful.” Tony said.

“Stark?” You heard a voice- probably Steve Rogers.

“Yeah?” Tony answered, moving the phone away a bit.

“Are you on the phone?” He asked.

“Mhm.” Tony said.

“Is it important?”

You could hear Tony sigh. “I guess, not.”

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I’m trying to study! Part 5

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Bucky x Reader College AU 

Catch up here!


Hello, my amazing angels! I am sorry for the slight wait, but my college has started up again after Halloween and my time is limited. Also, I’m so happy to be working on a request right now as well (my first ever request! Yay!). Anyway, here is part five, and I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1793

Warnings: a little bit of fighting and confusion, some light swearing, overload of fluff, mentions of fonduing

When you cooked dinner, it always turned into a disaster.

Not because you were a bad cook, no. In fact, you were excellent; people went as far as fighting each other to eat some of your food (more often than not, the fights were between Sam and Bucky. But then again, those two didn’t need much of an excuse to start a row.).

Cooking dinner was a disaster because no matter how hard you tried to keep focused, something always distracted you. Today, that something - or rather someone – was Natasha and her new boyfriend, Clint.

Natasha met Clint a few weeks ago, at the nightclub she tried to persuade you to go to. Apparently, your absence at the club was a blessing for Nat; she met Clint, danced with him, got his number, the whole lot. After a few days, they began to hang out quite often, as they had a lot in common. They only got together last week, but it felt like they had known each other since childhood. You liked Clint; he was extremely sweet with Nat, but also playful and funny. Even though you had known him for just a few weeks, he already felt like family and that seemed to make your redheaded friend very happy.

The downside was that they were currently in the middle of a heated make out session in the living room and you could hear everything through the paper thin walls. Of course, you were glad Nat finally had a man, but it painfully reminded you that you were still single and so far, there seemed to be no chances of you getting together with Bucky.

The commotion in the other room was driving you insane and after about five minutes, you finally had enough. Slamming the lid on top of the pot of soup, you turned the heat off and angrily shoved your coat on.

“I’m going out, enjoy yourselves!” You called out into the apartment before shutting the door and walking to the only place you knew would bring you comfort: Bucky’s place.

“Oh, hey, (Y/n)! I didn’t know you were coming over”, Sam grinned, opening the door. You smiled back, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I didn’t, either. But Nat and Clint seemed to be getting a bit… frisky.”

Sam barked out a laugh just as Bucky shoved him away from the door to let you inside.

“Hey, doll. Please, come in.”

Smiling gratefully at him, you walked into the cosy home and ran your hand through your hair.  “Nat and Clint were nearly going at it while I was still there. Figured I’d get out while I still can.”

Bucky burst out laughing. “I don’t blame you, (Y/n).”

You grinned at him and your heart skipped a beat at the sight of Bucky’s smiling face. The brunet caught your gaze and blushed, his gaze boring into yours. You felt your legs carry you closer to him, your heart speeding up even more. Bucky cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving yours, but just as he was about to speak, Sam sauntered up to the two of you.

“So? Are you guys coming or what?” He grinned, smirking when he saw you glare at him slightly. Bucky broke out of his haze and nodded in a rush.

“Sure”, he replied, offering you a smile. “You coming, doll?”

You sighed and smiled back. “Of course.”  Ignoring the look on Sam’s face, you followed the boys into Bucky’s bedroom.

“So…” Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you.

You rolled your eyes. You had spent the past few hours studying with Sam and Bucky, until the three of you had grown impossibly bored, causing Bucky to get up abruptly and slam his books shut.

If I study any more, I think my brain will explode. I’m going to get stuff to eat and drink for us, be back in a sec”, he had said, leaving the room soon after, which caused you and Sam to be together. Alone. This was not going to be good, especially since Sam seemed to have figured out that you have a crush on Bucky.

Scoffing, you turn away from Sam. “So nothing. Stop making that face at me, Sam. Whatever the hell you’re thinking of right now is not going to happen.”

Sam pouted slightly. “You don’t even know what I was thinking of!”

You scowled at him slightly. “You were probably thinking, ‘let’s embarrass poor (Y/n) over here! It’ll be fun!’ So yeah, not happening.”

Sam snickered. “No, actually. I was gonna ask why didn’t you just kiss Barnes when you had the chance.”

Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head. “What?! Wilson, are you crazy?! Why the hell would I do that?”

Sam’s face gained an innocent look. “Oh, come on. Just make out with him already! I mean, you loooooove him!”

You could hear the mockery in Sam’s voice. “Pfft, if you must know, I only like him, not love him. At least it’s not obvious, as I am a master spy and I excel at hiding my feelings.”

“Oh, really?” Sam challenged.

“Yes, really”, you replied, your voice unsure after seeing Sam’s face.

In a split second, Sam’s face turned from jeering to purely demonic. He took one step towards you, then lunged and attacked you with his hands, his nimble fingers going straight for your most ticklish spots.

“SAM WILSON! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” You shrieked with laughter, trying to roll away from the young man in front of you, your sides tingling from how much was tickling you.  Sam laughed in response, stalking towards you once again.

“In your dreams, (Y/n). Right now, I’m making you suffer. You deserve it, after that look you gave me when I came between you and Barnes in the corridor!” Your eyes widened in horror as you attempted to jump away from him and avoid your fate. However, Sam was much faster, pouncing on you and pinning your arms on the wall above your head with one hand. You yelped, wriggling like a worm.

“Game over, ‘master spy’”, Sam mocked you. “How will you escape now?”

“I…uh…” you attempted to figure out a brilliant escape plan. “I will-”

“What the hell?!” A voice roared from the doorway. Sam immediately released you, spinning towards the figure at the door. You saw who it was and felt yourself go cold all over.

Bucky was holding a tray filled with snacks and drinks, but what frightened you was the plastic of the tray that looked like it was about to crack from the pressure he was applying to it from how hard he was gripping it. However, what frightened you even more, was the coldness and hurt in his eyes.

Bucky glared at you and Sam. “If you guys are gonna suck each other’s faces off, at least have some decency and GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” He spat out, slamming the tray down on the bedside table and spilling the drinks in the process. He then turned on his heel and sped out of the room, slamming the door closed. Sam stared at the mess beside the door, then wordlessly turned to look at you.

“At least now you know Barnes likes you too”, he stated, making you roll your eyes at him.

“Really, Sam?! Now you bring that up?”

Sam grunted. “I’m just saying! You should probably go after him though. You two have a lot to tell each other.”

You nodded with a sigh, glancing worriedly at the door. “You’re probably right. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna kill you afterwards for this.”

Sam lifted his hands in defence. “Hey! You’re going to thank me for this later, no need to get mad!”

Nodding sarcastically, you muttered a “just you wait” and ran out of the room, your heart pounding and your thoughts focused on Bucky.

You found Bucky on the roof, staring out across the city.

His entire body was tense; his fists clenching and unclenching the whole time. A few loose strands escaped his bun and flitted around in the wind, but he didn’t seem to care. You came up close beside him and could feel the wind being knocked out of you when you saw his face.

Bucky was crying, angry tears pouring down his cheeks, his eyes red. His face wore an expression of anger, hurt, sadness…it was easy to decipher exactly what Bucky was feeling. As soon as you saw what state he was in, guilt settled heavily in your chest and tears pricked at your own eyes. You reached out and gently touched his arm but as soon as you did, Bucky jerked away from your touch and turned around so you wouldn’t be able to see his face.

“The hell do you want?” He mumbled in an irritated tone.

“Bucky, I…with Sam, it’s not what it looks like-”

“Really?” Bucky cut in. “Because it certainly looked like you were about to…fondue.”

You cracked a small smile at this. “Goodness, no! Sam is like a brother to me, not anything else!” You reached out and grabbed his arm; this time, he didn’t pull away. You took a deep breath.

“Look, Sam and I were just messing around. He wanted to cheer me up because…well, what I wanna say is…I guess that…”

Before you could stutter even more, Bucky did something that astonished you. Turning around in a flash, he grabbed you and roughly slammed his lips onto yours.

Your eyes shot open and you went rigid, unable to move a muscle. Bucky kept his lips on yours for a while longer before pulling away, his hands shaking slightly.

“S-sorry, (Y/n)”, he murmured in a broken voice. “I just thought y-you wanted to say you l-liked m-me…I’m sorry.”

You gasped slightly, realizing that he thought you didn’t like him back. Grabbing his hand, you stopped him quickly.

“W-wait, Bucky!” You cried out. “Of course I like you back! You just surprised me, like, a lot.” Laughing nervously, you looked up and met his gaze.

Bucky laughed in relief. “Oh, thank god. For a second there I thought I was wrong.”

You giggled as well, your nervousness quickly fading away. “How could I not like you back, Bucky?”

With that, you pulled him as close to you as possible and leaned up, brushing your lips against his, feeling how relaxed his body became and quickly leaning into his touch. You loved how gentle he was, loved how the setting seemed so perfect and loved the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong anymore. But, most of all, you loved Bucky; with him, you felt at home.

As long as I have you with me, nothing can bring us down.

So here it is! I hope you all enjoyed this part and the little rooftop scene ;)

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Can we get some Clietro/Quickhawk? :P

ok here we go WANDA STYLE


BW- Wanda’s a little clueless and Clint’s, well, Clint

Be my boyfriend? [closed]


Clint banged loudly on the door of Loki’s house, a little scowl on his face. His parents were assholes! He finally came out about being Bi and they started yelling all this homophobic shit- and on top of that his sister’s coming home with her perfect little boyfriend.
‘Why can’t you be more like your sister?’ His father had complained, 'Where did we go wrong with you?’

Well, they want him to be like his sister? They’ll freaking get it. Quite literally, too. She has a boyfriend? Well then, so will he. They’ll hate it- but that’s the point.

And that’s also why Clint was at Loki’s doorstep. He knows Loki likes getting into all sort of trouble, so who’s a better person to go to?

As soon as Loki opened the door, Clint was already talking, “Be my boyfriend? Please?”

Tale As Old As Time

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None just super fluffy
Request: Bucky Barnes falling in love with his best friend
A/N: This is my first Imagine, please feel free to request!

Bucky kept to himself, every thought he had, every emotion he felt, even every memory he could remember. He used to tell Steve everything, they used to be best friends, but over time people change and Steve had other friends besides Bucky. Steve didn’t purposely abandon his friend, however between Sharon, Sam, and tons of other people he didn’t have the time to give all his attention to Bucky. Bucky was jealous and after months of having no close friend he decided he should find one. Wanda? She was sweet and Bucky respected her but she had too many emotions for his liking. Clint? He was also nice to Bucky, slightly frightened by him though. Sam? Steve’s other best friend, yeah no that would just not work. As thoughts ran around in his head all day on who he could trust to open up to, (y/n) ran into him since her eyes were too concentrated in the book in her hands and not the man who walked In front of her.
“Oh gosh I’m really sorry” the younger, smaller girl rambled as she took a step back waiting to be yelled at.
“It’s alright, don’t worry about it” Bucky responded looking towards the clumsy girl. His eyes scanned (y/n) as he true to think about stuff he knew about her. He even thought about making her a contender for his new friend. From what he knew (y/n) was new and because of it she stayed by herself, not having friends of her own.
“I’m Bucky by the way” he said extending his metal arm to shake (y/n)’s hand.
“Y/N” she took her much smaller had and placed it in his larger metal one. “Nice to finally meet you Bucky” For the first time ever he had someone not shun away from his metal arm nor even mention his arm was any different then their own.
“What book were you reading” Bucky asked (y/n). Her eyes sparked and her lips turned up into a smile.
“Beauty and the Beast, it’s a fairytale!”
“You seem to really like it, would you like to talk about it? I have no idea what it is about” she nodded, still smiling “We should probably go to my room though, I would hate to be picked on for not knowing something modern” he finished, referring too last week when Peter and Tony laughed at him when he asked what “Star Wars” was. (Y/n) giggled, also remembering that as they walked to Bucky’s room. She found it surprisingly well kept besides the corner of the room which was full of news articles of The Winter Solider, Captain America, and WWII. He showed her the sofa she sat on as he sat on the other side. For the rest of the day she taught him about Beauty and the Beast and other fairytales. He talked about his childhood and the war. Bucky trusted her and she trusted him so for the next month they opened up to each other about everything. She would stay with him at night through the nightmares, she could calm him down. He taught her how to stand up for herself. They were each other’s best friend. One Thursday morning at 2:34 am Bucky woke (y/n) with a scream. The girl jumped looking at her friend who later beside her.
“Bucky, it’s fine. I’m here I’m here” she whispered to him as she hugged him. Around 5 minutes later (y/n) calmed him down and got his breathing pattern under control.
“Same nightmare?” she asked still holding him close to her.
“No this one was different, this one was worst”
“What happened Bucky?”
“It was you (y/n), you fell off the train and I couldn’t save you. I couldn’t imagine losing you.” He stared at her with big eyes full of tears. “I love you”
“I love you too Bucky, and I’m right here in fine.”
“(Y/n) you don’t get it, I’m in love with you. Ever since you sat on my sofa and talked about fairytales I’ve felt like I’ve been in one. I know I’m no Prince Charming, I’m a beast. I’ve killed too many people, I don’t deserve a Belle. I don’t deserve you.”
Tears poured out of (y/n)’s eyes.
“James I’m beyond in love with you. Do you understand the Beast ended up with Belle?”
He took his metal arm and ran a finger to wipe her tears away, the pressure was building as he pulled himself closer to her face. She filled the gap by pushing her lips onto his. As they pulled away his forehead rested on hers.
“I love you my beast”
“I love you my belle” Bucky whispered before pulling her onto his lips again.

Hawkeye please…

I love that he’s a muppets fan.

Honestly marvel should put these two together more in the a+X series going on.

I keep seeing discussions of Clint Barton the absolute mess covered in bandaids vs Clint Barton, handyman and family man 

and honestly, to me there aren’t two different Clint Barton’s. They’re the same person to me. 

His life is a mess, yes. He’s got the Avengers and he bought an apartment building and he gets into trouble for all the right reasons and he’s always covered in band-aids. 

But then he goes home, and he wants to be every thing that people expect a family man to be, but that’s not who he is, and that’s not who Laura fell in love with anyway, so he accidentally hits himself with the hammer while he’s trying to fix the cabinet, and Lila covers him in Frozen bandaids, and he keeps talking about all the projects he’s going to do, because that’s what married men with farms are supposed to do, that’s what he’s seen on TV, and it’s not like he’s really got much of an example to go by

and Laura never really believes any of the things he says he’s going to, and he always tries, and he always gets hurt, and then Laura calls up Nat, who comes and actually fixes it, and Clint sits there with his Frozen bandaids

And Clint picks up strays, and that’s one of the things that makes them the same to me, because they do pick up strays. Both of them. After AOU, there’s more people around the farm. It’s a secret, yeah, but Kate comes by sometimes, and she helps Lila with her hair, and brings expensive gifts that she knows Laura can’t justify spending the money on, and she’s like a daughter and a sister and friend, and Natasha, she’s a stray too, but honestly, Clint’s just as much her stray as she is his, because they’ve both picked each other up, and they’ve both taken each other and helped them straighten their lives out, and maybe Laura had something to do with that 

he’s a mess and maybe he doesn’t have life figured out, and shit keeps happening, and he still doesn’t fucking buy a belt even though he can afford one, and his pants fall down in battle, and Cooper think it’s the funniest thing ever when Aunt Nat comes over and tells that story, or Kate talks about all the times she had to save him, and then let’s Lila cover her in Frozen band-aids too, and she brings Lucky by one time (because Kate insisted on keeping Lucky in the city), and Cooper decides Lucky belongs on the farm and she helps Cooper with bullies at school and he sneaks her pizza at the table, even though Laura says it’s not good for the dog to eat pizza, but it’s pizza dog so of course she has to have pizza and Laura has to stop Lila from covering her in Frozen bandaids too because they’ll just stick to her fur and then they’ll get everywhere

I like the idea of Clint the mess having a family that loves him even though he is a mess. 

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Natasha really likes braids. Nobody (except maybe Clint) really knows why, but the other Avengers have all conceded to her attention at least once. Thor, though, has developed a liking for her habit, seeking Natasha out whenever he misses home, claiming that Asgardian heroes would often go into combat with adornments in their hair. Finding Thor conversing with Jane in the labs, Natasha fastidiously braiding his hair, has become quite a common occurrence. Tony still finds it hilarious, though.

natasha, bucky, and thor have definitely all sat in a circle and braided each other’s hair at the same time there’s no doubt about it

karadin  asked:

which marvel character would make/eat/enjoy (or not) the recipes you've tried?

So, the thing is, I kinda have a headcanon that most of the team are total human garbage disposals; some of them experienced food insecurity as children and some of them need to cram in the calories any way they can and some of them would live on smoothies if they could. 

So I think pretty much any of the Avengers would eat anything above the “jellied spaghetti-os” level. And I am willing to bet at least half of them would eat and enjoy the avocado pie. Actually I’d be willing to bet Steve would eat the jellied spaghetti-os. “It’s pasta you can hold in your hand!” 

I know it’s a common fanon that Bruce is the chef of the team, but I think that Clint and Steve are also pretty good cooks – Clint because he has trust issues and likes to be able to feed himself, and Steve because the food is so good now, he wants to know how to make it and really enjoys cooking with good quality food. 

Of the whole team though, the one who cooks the really weird stuff is Steve. He has no context for whether most modern food is strange or normal, so he just finds these recipes and cooks them just to see.

I bet he’s really good at jello salads. 

Okay, but you know what I would have liked in Civil War (instead of Spider-Man or Vision?) More Clint. Because they don’t talk about his motives for being on Steve’s side at all, beyond that he felt he owed Wanda a debt because her brother died saving his life. Was that it? Or was it also that Clint knows what being brainwashed is like, he knows that Bucky isn’t responsible for what the Winter Soldier did - Clint was there to help Bucky because he felt a kinship with him.

I kind of need 900 fanfics exploring that now.

geekyelvenchick  asked:

how would each member of the Avengers wake up bae in the morning (ie;breakfast in bed,morning kisses etc..)

Ohhhhh I love it

Steve: Just engulfs you in his arms and holds you tight against him. Also spooning. Definite spooning with your legs tangled together and his face buried in the crook of your neck.


Tony: Presses a few kisses to your jaw, down your neck, and to your shoulder and he won’t stop until you’re somewhat alert. Also he likes morning sex…so…

Clint: Pulls you close to him so your head is resting on his chest and his arm is around you before pressing a gentle kiss to the top of your head and mumbling a soft “good morning”

Nat: Plays with your hair until you wake up. Makes a comment like “Hey there gorgeous/handsome/whatever gender thing you prefer” and then gives you a soft kiss

Pietro: Groggily rolls over, slings his arm over your waist, and then falls back asleep five seconds later

Wanda: A bit hesitant to wake you up, but eventually she ends up getting the courage to softly stroke your hair and omg it feels so relaxing and nice

Bruce: Honestly, the type who wouldn’t wake you up, because he just loves seeing how peaceful you look when you sleep

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Staring
Words: 1.7K
Masterlist: x

Being an avenger was amazing. Finally you were being valued for your dangerous and back breaking work saving lives, no more secret superhero fighting street crime with her kickass skills. No, now you were an appraised avenger working alongside the elite of the elite. It was exhilarating. It felt as if everything was possible, your teammates were like a family, you were all so close knit. 

Especially with Clint. For some reason you and Clint were inseparable, he was like an older brother to you. He even taught you how to shoot a bow and arrow with skill, he even taught you a few tricks that you somewhat mastered. Clint was always by your side for everything, he understood your skill was a touchy subject for you as you were still learning to control the power of electrical energy you had been blessed/cursed with. It wasn’t a rare occasion for you and Clint to train together, he would help you through your reps and you would encourage him on during his weakest moments. It was a perfect team as you both filled in where the other lacked, you couldn’t wish for a better friend; Clint truly was the brother you never had. 

Today was his turn to train like a maniac and of course you volunteered to help out, mainly so you could just have a chat with him also, Clint was good like this, he always wanted a good gossip; just like you, whenever somebody was being a bit of an ass, you and Clint would have a good laugh about it. It must have been about 7am, you and Clint always got the early start on hard training days, something about quicker you start, quicker you finish.  Leaning yourself against the wall opposing Clint who was at the time on the pull up bar trying to reach a new personal best you found yourself being unable to concentrate on a word he was saying. Metres from the pull up bar was a large window that shone in on the corridor outside of the indoor gym. Although it wasn’t the window that caught your attention, it was the gorgeous specimen of a man that us Pietro Maximoff. It didn’t help that he just so happened to be shirtless with only a towel hung loosely around himself, clearly stepping out from the gym showers. 

“Y/n? Stop staring at Pietro!” Clint yelled dropping from the bar. Unfortunately Clint had yelled it so unbelievably hard that Pietro had also heard and looked over at you smirking. You could feel yourself slowly turning red as he looked you up and down before winking and walking away. 

“Dead!” you shouted at Clint throwing a nearby towel at him making you both laugh, you from part embarrassment. 

“Well y/n” Clint laughed, “If you like him so much go talk to him jeez! I mean everyone knows he has the hots for you.” he smiled, the smile dropping as he saw your face scrunch up in confusion. 

“You didnt know?” he laughed even harder before composing himself and continuing. 

“Seriously? You didn’t even notice the amount of times i’ve had tor practically kick him to get him to stop staring at you? Y/n! He never stops staring at you, you can be so oblivious I swear!” Clint chuckled using the towel to wipe the sweat off his head.

“Really? Do you think I should talk to him?” you questioned looking hopefully into his eyes as he rolled his.
Before he had a chance to sarcastically reply the red alarm began to bleep. Great. The red alarm meant emergency meeting for all the avengers in the building, you had to turn up; no excuses. 

“Lets go then” Clint spoke, chucking the towel down and placing his arm round your shoulder.

“Who knows maybe even Pietro will be there.”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“Right” Stark announced placing his hands on the meeting table you were all sat around. “Simple mission, Fury wants two of us to go and keep an eye on the next shipment of weapons. Simple enough, just keep an eye out for HYDRA and make sure the deliveries go into the right van. Who’s up for it?” he asked looking around his eyes falling on Pietro who had raised his hand eagerly clearly wanting to get out.

“Pietro good, anyone else?” he questioned looking around the table once again.

“I think y/n should go, you haven’t been in a while have you?” Clint spoke smirking a little as you sent him a death glare. 

“Settled then. There’s a van outside waiting to take you so i suggest you hurry and get going.” Stark spoke and left the room, he clearly had other plans somewhere else; no surprises there.

“C'mon then y/n” Pietro spoke placing his arm around your shoulder like Clint did, you could smell his cologne that made you go weak at the knees. Clint gave you a quick wink as you left the room making you blush. 

“So, it sounds to me like we can just have it easy on this mission, right?” he spoke, the words sounding amazing coming from his thick accent.  There was something incredibly hot about this man and it drove you completely crazy. 

“Yeah easy enough, should be done in an hour” you smiled, you were not letting your nerves ruin your chances here. 

“So, i was thinking” Pietro began as he reached in front of you and slide back the van door, letting you climb in against the window and sliding right up next to you, to the point his leg was pressed against yours. Instead of placing his arm back around your shoulder he instead took the opportunity and snaked his arm around your waist resting his hand just above your hip. 

The door was slid shut and the driver slid up the shutter between the front and back giving you both complete privacy. 

“I saw you this morning you know” Pietro whispered taking his right hand which was free and knocked the strands of hair that were on your shoulder away.  You swallowed the lump in your throat and tried not to blush. “It’s okay y/n, no need to blush. I mean you’re freaking hot when you blush but you don’t need too, not yet anyways” he breathed as he let a small kiss on your bare shoulder. Pietro slid down your white skintight shirt slightly and started to place soft kisses starting from the edge of your shoulder slowly up, he stopped in the crook between your shoulder and neck and began to suck gently constantly stopping to leave open mouthed kisses. Pietro took your waist and pulled you up carefully, as if you were made of glass and let you straddle him. It took seconds before he was back at your neck this time kissing and sucking small marks onto your neck. 

“P-P-Pietro” you whimpered running your soft hands through his gorgeous blonde hair tugging every now and again. His lips were slightly rough against your gentle and smooth skin and with his gentle stubble scratching you, you felt like you had gone to heaven. 

“Don’t say my name like that princess” he groaned as moved up to your lips kissing you roughly as his hands roamed down your waist, your hands going from his hair to either side of his face, pulling you towards him. 

Pietro took his lips away from yours looking back at you and smirking at your face that was covered in smudged makeup and beard burn. “It makes me want to do really bad things to you” he chuckled darkly leaning in and biting your lower lip.

“Y/n, as hot as you look, I don’t think anyone else will appreciate us showing up like this” he smirked. “Hang on to me princess okay?” he questioned picking you up and making a run out of a moving car to the drivers shock; only Pietro.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Walking back in to the Avengers base you and Pietro couldn’t stop yourself from laughing at each other, after your heated make out session you both had gone to grab coffee and turns out Pietro was a really sweet guy. A really sweet guy who was also your boyfriend. You couldn’t help but mentally thank Clint for volunteering you earlier, and you couldn’t wait to tell him later.

“Y/n” a voice spoke. “Pietro.” Stark. “So,” he began walking into the room followed by a smirking Clint and a laughing Wanda. “I got a phone call from the men loading the trucks asking where you two were. It went fine by the way, which you would have known IF YOU HAD SHOWN UP.” he yelled making you both bite your lips and look to the floor to hide your laughter. 

“Well I was going to ask what was so important you had to skip a mission bu looking by the state of you I can probably guess” he laughed watching you both blush like mad Pietro smirking.  Stark laughed at the state of you slightly before leaving the room taking the note to not let you go on missions unsupervised again. 

“Er y/n?” Clint spoke making you glance up at him as Pietro grabbed your waist. “If you’re gonna er, how should I say, frickle frackle, please keep it down, I don’t wanna hear it. Oh and also, come find me later, you need to EXPLAIN.” he chuckled before walking off Wanda just shaking her head at her brother who looked proud of himself to say the least. 

“So y/n?” Pietro whispered into your ear before spinning you around to face him. “I was gonna watch a film but I think it’ll be better with you there, what do you say? Join me?” he smirked kissing below your ear, your sweet spot that he didn’t take long to find.

“Sounds good” you smiled watching as his face relaxed.  

“C'mon then princess, besides, we didn’t finish what we started earlier did we now?” he hushed into you ear making you almost moan. 

“Follow me then,” he paused “Princess”

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