but have to admit demon was awful

All thoughts on intro
  •  I have to admit it’s a lot less bouncy then the first one, and as far as the animation, a disappointment. I dunno, the first one really worked well with the music. It’s not awful, but not as good.
  • Guess we’re never gonna see that Tooth character from intro 1
  • opening on Star holding the wand is nice.
  • Is Marco’s room in mewni? Does this mean he is now living with Star as HER roommate?
  • Marco’s scissors, niceee.
  • Awww, ponyhead’s sisters. And this is the first time we’ve actually seen the cloud kingdom properly on the show.
  • Tom freaking teleported them into his carriage, Tom why.
  • Tom looks so angry at Star for some reason, then they all start dancing. Which frankly makes sense cause in intro 1 they wanted you to think that giant  bug was gonna attack them before dancing.
  • Tom is still a dork
  • Carriage demon is back, but whose the skeleton dude?
  • Is Tom freaking living in that carriage now?
  • Mina’s back yo, still insane.
  • Yo Kelly!! Nice sword.
  • Wait is the goblin dog guy coming back?
  • Ms Henious and Gemini, although Star does smile at them, while Marco is still freaked out.
  • Eclipsa Yo
  • Glossaryck where were u?
  • Star is oddly more confident before she blasts them, still nervous though.
  • Marco y u have a cape?
  • Dunno What Janna is looking at over there.
  • Geez Tom, nice evil expression.
  • Is Tom looking more at Marco? Or Star?
  • Welp, Blood Moon is back :P
  • They all look so cute hanging out together.
  • The Wand became pink at the end, wonder why.
How to Fix It | one-shot

Here’s a little extension for tonight’s final Malec scene. Spoilers for 2x12 abound. I just really needed to see Magnus actually getting properly comforted after his ordeal.

“Tell me how to fix it,” Alec had said, and Magnus just didn’t have an answer. He felt Alec’s presence beside him on the couch, the warm weight of the Shadowhunter’s leg brushing lightly against his own, could hear his steady breathing, could sense the worried stare his boyfriend leveled at him.

All of the fond urges he normally felt on how to guide Alec through the nuances of a serious relationship were gone, replaced by a bone-deep tiredness. Memories echoed in his head, memories long-suppressed and forcibly brought to light by the Agony rune. 

Somewhere underneath the dull numbness that seemed to have overtaken him, Magnus seethed

He’d spent centuries all too aware of Shadowhunter arrogance. Of their own beliefs in their superiority. All that angelic power, and this is what they chose to do with it. Torture their own in a way that no human – not even Valentine – should have had to endure. 

(Valentine had been in control of his body.)

(Valentine had casually discarded Magnus’s hard-won relationships so he could betray his friends with his face.) 

… Maybe Valentine was the exception to the rule.

In that moment, Magnus had never been more convinced that their stringent warrior culture was going to be the Nephilim’s undoing. In that moment, Magnus wasn’t sure he cared.

“Magnus?” Alec’s soft voice cut through the sea of dark thoughts. When Magnus looked up at him, his eyebrows were furrowed in clear concern, and all the lines of his body were tense with what Magnus should have known was the urge to protect.

Except today, for the first time, Magnus had been on the other side. Alec’s lifetime of being raised a soldier had been on full display. Had been aimed at him

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As much as it pains me to admit, Astaroth turned 1 year old today.

Happy Birthday to my Astaroth, my Disasteroth, my Astawaffle, my Awful Waffle, my Demon Potato, my Menace, my Baby Boy, my perfect, soft child.
You were more perfect than I could have ever anticipated and I could not be luckier to have you.
When I picked up Astaroth from the breeder, after having picked him out from a tiny bean whose eyes hadn’t even opened yet, she told me “If I had known how he was going to turn out, he wouldn’t have left.”
Good thing I know how to pick ‘em!
You could not possibly be more loved and you complete our home and our family, and we are so glad to have you, even when you’re trying to destroy something or trying to get into the garbage can that you’re big enough to reach into now or aggravating your big sister when all she wants to do is sleep.
Happy 1st Birthday, Astaroth!


**Based off of Demons by Imagine Dragons**

“How was your day?” you asked softly, curling up against McGee on the couch.

“You wouldn’t want to hear about it,” McGee advised, staring at his hands. Of course he was going to hide the truth. He wanted to shelter you from all the awful things he ended up seeing as part of NCIS. It was hard to stay optimistic sometimes when his job served as a constant reminder that the world was an ugly place often filled with even uglier people.

You pursed your lips and reached for McGee’s hand, running your thumb across his knuckles gently. “I think I can handle it.”

McGee shook his head, gaze darkening as images of the day flashed through his head sickeningly. “I don’t want you to have to think about this sort of thing,” he admitted, “Every day I come home and your eyes are just shining. I want to save that light.”

You sat up, releasing McGee’s hand and cupping your fingers around his face gently, forcing him to look you in the eye, “I know you see some awful things, but you don’t have to carry all that alone. And I know that sometimes the world seems so dark and scary and terrible, but there are good people in it too. You are one of those good people, Tim. Maybe you’ve got a few demons, but you’re still a wonderful, sweet, perfect gentleman, and I love you so, so much.”

A small smile curled McGee’s lips and he leaned forwards to press a kiss to your forehead, “I love you too.”

Gif Credit: McGee

Finders Keepers Part 1

In which the course of love never did run smooth, especially when your best friend is being stalked by a vampire and a second man is added into the mix.

Genre: Keepers!AU, Vampire!AU, romance, fantasy

Words: 3,054

JiminXReader, JungkookXReader

Part 1

Originally posted by sugutie

You had been at the bookstore for an hour already when Jimin came in to find you. His face was still a little flushed, and that satisfied smile shone on his features. He practically glowed.

“How’d I know you were here?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Was it a young couple this time?” you asked. You recognized that look.

“No, they were both in their fifties. It was even cuter than when little kids find their soulmates,” he laughed.

“Aw, that sounds nice, although I’m glad I didn’t have to wait that long,” you told him with a grin.

“Can you imagine how awful that would have been if Park Jimin didn’t find his soulmate until he was old? My dad would never have let me live it down.” He shuddered. “But what have you been up to?”

“They haven’t gotten the new shipment in yet, so I just reread Black Bird for an hour,” you replied, shutting the fifth volume of said series.

“That’s the demon one, right?”

You nodded.

“Well, I have to admit,” he laughed, “the artist got the good looks right.”

You scoffed, “You say that like you’re a demon.”

“I just know a few, and they’re all very handsome,” he said.

“More so than Keepers?” A playful glance shot from the corners of your eyes caused Jimin to latch onto your waist and pull you flush against his body. You gasped, and your hands flew up to his chest.

“If you say things like that, I’ll just have to keep you in the house all day to prove otherwise,” he practically growled.

Yes, this was what it was like to be the soulmate of the Keeper of Love Park Jimin. You had only met a few Keepers over the years, but you knew that there was one for nearly anything you could imagine. In the past, they had been mistaken for gods, like Jimin’s father, Cupid, but in reality, they were more like guardian spirits.

“But I have Youngmi’s birthday party tonight, “ you reminded him.

“Ah, that’s right,” he sighed, “It’s at the club, isn’t it?”

You hummed an affirmative.

“Promise me you’ll be safe? I don’t like it when you’re in those situations without me. There are too many sleazy guys,” Jimin requested. How could you ever say no to those eyes?

“I don’t plan on even looking at any guys. Why would I when I already have the love of my life right here?” You smiled.

“No matter how many times you call me that, I think it’ll always set my heart fluttering.” He leaned down to peck the tip of your nose, which you scrunched in response.

“I was actually talking about Kyo from Black Bird,” you teased.

He shot you a look. “How you wound me.”

“You know I love you,” you said and went up on your tip-toes to kiss the heart-shaped birthmark just under his jaw.

“You’re not making it any  easier for me to hold back from keeping you home all night, I hope you know.”

But you did end up leaving for your friend’s birthday party that night with sore legs and a promise to be safe. While you knew that most of the other girls would be wearing dresses, you had opted for a tunic and leggings. You were always nervous to wear a skirt in places packed with alcohol, drugs, and sex-fueled people. Pants had the magic ability to make you feel safer. The conservativeness of your attire also helped to ward off potential flirts. You already knew your soulmate.

You met up with your friend Chaekyung at the bus stop. Just as you had suspected, she had chosen a shiny silver number for the night; it was her signature color.

“Nice dress,” you commented.

“Thanks, I got it for like half off.” Chaekyung grinned.

“Whoa, sweet!” You hi-fived.

“Yeah, I bought it a while back but haven’t had a chance to wear it. It’s an appropriate length and all,  but it’s not exactly a daytime dress, and you know I don’t go out much,” she said.

“Why are you so adorable?” you groaned.

The girl was the oldest of your friend group at 23, but she was the one who got carded the most. Even wearing a dress that was clearly for clubbing, she looked more like a pure, little seventeen-year-old with the way her short curls framed her wide eyes and cherub cheeks. It was a wonder that no one had asked her out – or, at least, it had been until Jimin had confessed to you that he could sense the mark of a vampire in her aura, which worked to drive away would-be suitors. You didn’t think that the poor girl had any idea of this.

She blushed and quickly replied, “I’m not; you are! And you’re a part of the cutest couple.”

“What can I say? Like attracts like.” You shrugged.

“Oh, shut up,” she snorted.

The ride to the club was uneventful but enjoyable as you hadn’t met for a few weeks. You had a lot to catch up on. Chaekyung had been waking up with a sore neck for the past few days; you and Jimin had been looking at dogs. She was writing a very exciting obituary; you had just gotten a promotion at work. Before you knew it, you had arrived at your stop. You quickly ran off the bus, Chaekyung shrieking as she jumped from the last step.

Although your friend didn’t wear high heels as often as you, she was the one who was able to strut down the sidewalk. You saw several men follow her with their eyes, but you also saw how, the second they looked away, they would blink and seem to forget what had aroused their attention in the first place. You sighed.

The club was packed inside, so you were grateful that Youngmi had reserved a section in the loft. You would be able to hang out and drink without being bothered by the sexually-charged dancers a floor below.

And that was exactly what you did.

Youngmi had the time of her life. Every present seemed divine after doing five shots of peppermint schnapps – everything from the designer journal and necklace set to the candy cane vibrator.

“How sheashonal,” she had twittered. It was March.

You shot Jimin a text every now and then to say you were okay, knowing he would be worried until he had you wrapped safely in his arms again. You also remembered to update him on Chaekyung’s condition. At one point in her drunken excitement, Youngmi had thrown an arm around the older girl, which had tugged down the collar of her dress just enough to expose several pairs of bite marks dotting her skin. You would have to keep a close eye on her over the next few months. The vampire that had marked her aura had begun the process of taking her. She could be dead within the year if you weren’t careful. As a result, you were wary of letting her go down to the dancefloor on her own, so you encouraged another girl by the name of Aemi to accompany her.

“Sho…” Youngmi slurred, “I think I need another drink.” She reached for the almost-empty bottle of schnapps, but you slid it further away.

“Give it!” she whined.

“I think you’ve had enough,” you chuckled.

“Com’on, ish my birthday. Let’s do one more together,” she pleaded. You paused for a moment, but you ultimately decided to give in this one time. You didn’t even stop her when she snuck a swig from the bottle. The mint coated your throat, but you knew that soon Youngmi’s throat would be raw from puking her guts out.

“You know, I’m up here getting wasted, but I’ll probably be the only one home alone later – and ish my birthday!” She slouched in the booth.

“Oh, that’s not true,” you sighed and awkwardly patted her head, “and even if it was, it’s nothing to be upset about. You’re such a romantic that you would be offended by a one night stand.”

“I know. It’s just… You have Jimin, Aeri’s dating that guy from accounting, and Yoonhee is even trying for a baby with her husband.” Tears pricked at her eyes.

“Chaekyung isn’t seeing anyone,” you reminded her.

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself too – even though it’s kind of mean – but look! Even she’s getting some down there.” Youngmi pointed at the lower level. You followed with your eyes, and the sight that met them made your blood run cold. A group of three guys had cornered her. Such a scene should have been impossible because of the vampire’s mark, so you could only assume that all three of them were also walking nightmares with fangs. You mumbled a quick excuse and grabbed your and Chaekyung’s things. You had to get out of there as soon as possible.

You fought to keep your eyes on the girl as you pushed through the throng of people covered in a mixture of sweat and glitter. The bump of the bass and the strobe lights hadn’t bothered you before, but now every vibration rattled your bones, and each flash sent a wave of anxiety coursing through your veins. It felt like an hour had passed by the time you reached her.

“Chaekyung!” you gasped out, but she didn’t seem to hear you. However, you could make out what her companions were saying.

“Why don’t you just tell us who he is? We’re really not that different from him, you know,” one asked. His voice was deep, and his eyes were covered by round, colored glasses despite the darkness of the club.

“I don’t have a boyfriend – that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Chaekyung blushed as another, taller man wrapped one of her curls around his finger. You saw a spark of red light up her eyes, and you knew that you had to act.

“Stop!” You shoved yourself into the circle. “She doesn’t know anything, I can assure you.”

“And who might you be?” the man with the glasses asked.

The third man, whose distinguishing feature was his broad grin, leaned forward to sniff your hair. You tensed; you had never been this close to a vampire, and you had honestly hoped that you never would be.

“She’s a Keeper’s girl.” His grin dropped quickly. He scrunched up his nose like even the term was repugnant. He reached for the heart necklace that Jimin had given you shortly after you had discovered his true identity, but you slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” you snapped.

The man by Chaekyung rolled his eyes. “Relax, Hoseok already has a girl. He doesn’t need you too.”

“You’re not my type anyway,” Hoseok added.

“What are they talking about?” Chaekyung’s voice trembled.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. You won’t remember this part of our meeting, after all,” the tall man told her.

“I-I won’t remember this,” Chaekyung repeated. Her eyes glazed over.

“Oh, buzz off,” you tried to pull her away, but the man with glasses held you back.

“Why don’t you buzz off? You’re the one sticking your nose into other people’s business,” Hoseok said.

“She’s my friend, therefore her well-being is my business,” you retorted.

“Is it though? Typical Keepers,” Hoseok scoffed.

“This is for our safety. If she hasn’t been officially claimed yet like you say, whoever this guy is will be exceptionally jealous if he finds out we exposed his before he planned,” the tall one explained, “and judging by those bite marks, he’s been visiting her. So, even if she doesn’t know him while she’s awake, I guarantee her subconscious know, and I want to know who I’m dealing with.” He tipped up the entranced girl’s chin so their eyes met. “So tell me, cara mia, what you call your mysterious suitor.”

You held your breath. If you could find out his name, then maybe there was a better chance of hunting him down before Chaekyung was lost forever.

She breathed out, “Suga.”

There was a pause.

“You’re kidding. That guy finally stopped lazing around?” the man in glasses snorted. They all appeared relieved. You, on the other hand, were not.

“You know him? That’s not even a real name. But tell him to stay away from her, all right?” you huffed.

Hoseok had you pressed up against the wall before you could blink.

“Stop acting like you’re a part of this,” he snarled, “Just go back and suck off your precious little Keeper before I really take a bite out of you. I’m sure he’d much prefer the former.”

“He doesn’t make my decisions for me, and I can tell you now that if you lay a hand on me, you will regret it,” you growled right back.

“Hoseok, let’s go. She’s not worth our time,” the boy with the glasses sighed. He had stuck a lollipop between his lips, so his words were a little garbled.

Hoseok gave you one, final, red-eyed glare before he shoved you away. You made sure they were gone, then turned your attention to your friend. Her legs had turned to jelly, and she leaned heavily on the wall. Light gradually returned to her eyes.

“Are you okay? Can you answer me?” you asked. You held her arms to steady her.

“I feel a little light-headed. I think I had too much to drink,” she groaned, massaging her temple. She had had only two shots, and she was by no means a lightweight, so you knew that wasn’t it.

“I already got our stuff, so let’s go ahead and get you home,” you said.

“I should tell Youngmi goodbye.” She tried and failed to pull her arms from your grasp.

“She’ll understand. Us getting out of here is more important right now,” you sighed, not letting her go even for a second.

“But haven’t you noticed  how down she’s been lately? I don’t want to leave her all alone,” she argued. That made you pause for a moment. Hadn’t Youngmi just been telling you about that before you had run off to save Chaekyung? But she was drunk, and the moment had passed. You started moving again.

“There are at least ten other girls still here.” Or at least you hoped there were. Either way, you had to leave, so you wanted it to be under the best conditions possible.

You called Jimin as soon as you left the club to let him know what had happened.

“I’m bringing her over tonight. I know she can’t just move in with us, but she could maybe get one night of rest,” you told him. You rested against a telephone pole while Chaekyung sat on a bench about ten feet away. The bus would arrive in just a few minutes, but until then you would just have to watch over her.

“That sounds good. The poor girl will need her strength. I’ll talk to Jin and see if he knows of a way to deter a vampire.” Jimin’s voice came through all crackly, but it was still comforting all the same. Even though the mist outside was chilly, his tenor tones warned your insides from your toes to your cheeks to your fingers and heart.

“All right. I have to let you go now, but we’ll be at the house in fifteen or twenty minutes,” you said, shuffling your feet. You could see a man in a hood with his hands stuffed in his pockets swiftly making his way down the sidewalk, and you wanted to be near Chaekyung just in case.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

You hung up, knowing that Jimin would never hang up first unless there was an emergency on his end. You walked back to the bench, subtly eyeing the man as you did. Hunched shoulders were never a good sign unless it was windy or freezing, and while it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold enough to warrant that position. You finally breathed a sigh of relief when he passed by her, but then that feeling was gone when he bumped into you. The impact nearly knocked you over. The man lurched forward to grab your arm.

“Are you okay? I’m so… sorry.”

You looked up at the owner of the smooth voice to find that he wasn’t really a man at all, but a boy around your age. He had a cute face like a rabbit’s that contrasted with his broad shoulders and thick arms. His eyes were charming too. You mentally chastised yourself. You hadn’t looked twice at a guy since meeting Jimin, so what was it about this one that made your cheeks turn red?

“I’m sorry too. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” you apologized. He didn’t say anything, just stared at you with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

“Are-Are you okay?” you asked, but then you caught sight of a little mark in the shape of an eye that rested just below the bottom of his hoop earring.

“Ah.” You grinned, finally understanding. “You’re a Keeper, aren’t you?”

That snapped him out of his stupor. He blinked as he jerked back to life.

“What?” he gasped.

“Am I wrong? I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else,” you backtracked quickly, blushing. You hoped he wouldn’t ask what a Keeper was.

You tried to slide out of the situation, but he latched back onto your arm, his grip firmer this time.

“No, no.” He shook his head. “I am; I just wasn’t expecting you to know. That’s actually really, really great.” His smile was free and easy, and the light of it made a smile creep across your own visage.

“Yeah, Jimin has a similar mark on his neck, so I just kind of figured,” you explained.

“Jimin, the Keeper of Love? Of course he would be involved,” the boy laughed, “Did he tell you about soulmates?”

“Well… yeah.” You furrowed your eyebrows as the boy’s hands traveled down your arms to hold yours. The first raindrop of the night fell right between your joined hands.

“I guess I should introduce myself then. I’m Jeon Jungkook, the Keeper of Jealousy, and you’re my soulmate.“


Lucifer and Balthazar x reader

Y/n knows Lucifer likes her quite a bit, but she enjoys messing with him, making him annoyed and such. All in good fun of course. (Drabble)

“You know the plan?” Y/n asked Balthazar in a hushed whisper. “Yes yes, do what I’ve always wanted to. Cuddle you, kiss you, fuc-” “NO” “ugh fine. Hug you, etc.” Balthazar went over the plan. “Are you sure this’ll make Lucifer admit his feelings?” Y/n asked, blushing. Balthazar nodded, smirking. Really, this was just a plan to fuck with Lucifer for putting everything and everyone he loved in a room with angel banishment sigils. “Alright honey. Lets go!” Y/n said smiling and grabbing Balthazars hand.
A little while they got to hell and went to hang with Lucifer. “Hey Crowley!!!” She greeted, hugging the cute little demon. “Well, if it isn’t the princess of Hell!” He exclaimed with a chuckle. “Aw, not yet, bud. Luci…he still won’t make a move…” y/n admitted sadly. “B-but, I have a plan!” She said quickly, and ran past him, into Lucifers room “BYE CROWLEY THANK YOUUU” she yelled down the halls. Crowley just sighed, grinning to himself and continuing on what he was doing.
“LUCIIIIIIIIIII” y/n screamed running through the doors onto Lucifers bed where he was laying down. “Hey baby” he greeted bwith a bone crushing hug. “Guess what?” You said excitingly. “What??” “I got a boyfriend!” You announced happily, even though it was Balthazar play the role. Luciers heart sank. “Did you bring him?” He asked, trying to make it like he doesn’t care. “Yeah! BALTHY!” You called. “Wait wha-” “hello, brother!” Balthazar called, walking in, making one hell of an entrance. “Balthy!” Y/n exclaimed, hoping into his arms, kissing him all over. Lucifer just stared. Many emotions flow through him; confusion, anger, sadness, mostly Jealousy though. “Balthazar, I know you’re mad at my amazing prank, but this is a low blow.” Lucifer growled. Balthazar had a confident grin on his face, along with an arm around y/n waist. “Aw, Lucifer, I know you don’t think anyone is good enough, but he’s three things: adorable, your brother, and cuddly!” Y/n cheerfully said, throwing her arms around Balthazars torso, hugging him tightly. Balthazar communicated through angel radio to Lucifer. “Ha, I stole your beautiful y/n” he bragged. “Oh please, no you didn’t. I’ll make sure of it.” Lucifer replied angrily. “Wha-” Balthazar cut himslef off as he felt y/n being ripped from his arms and onto Lucifer. She pulled away, blushing furiously. “U-uh, so, the plan worked, Balthy.” She said to him, flustered. Balthazar CHUCKled, and smiled. Lucifer was smiling too, holding y/n in his arms. “MY beautiful Y/n” he said, being very possessive. Y/n giggled and kissed Lucifer on the cheek.

Destiel: The Great Top Debate

For roughly the past week, my Twitter feed has been all a-tizzy about who tops: Dean or Cas? Cas or Dean? And while we’re here, is it Top or is it Dom? Do they play kinky?

I’ve ridden the fence for a long time. When my shipping was in its infancy, I was solidly Team Top!Dean, if not Dom!Dean.

And then I switched teams, because of some things, like


and especially

But lately I’ve been thinking… The two of them have something in common besides the obvious fact that they’re hopelessly in love with each other: They have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. And neither of them processes it very well, because Dean never has, and because Castiel learned virtually all of his humanity, including emotional coping mechanisms, from Dean. And when push comes to shove, I’m not sure either of them will take it upon himself to exert authority over the other.

So I’m joining Team Switch, and here’s what I think would happen, if they’d ever get their shit together:

First of all, it’ll be Dean who makes the first move. It has to be. And it will be timid, his hands shaking, and he’ll be near tears because he’s just so unsure if he should be doing this, and what it means, and what they’ll do or say when that first moment of that first kiss passes. We’ve seen Dean Winchester face demons and Hell and the spawn of Purgatory, we’ve seen him face the apocalypse, we’ve seen him do all manner of physical feats without breaking. But he’s an emotional trainwreck and he knows it. The only times we’ve ever seen him truly break, it hasn’t been physically - it’s been emotionally. And so this moment, having to truly face his feelings for his best friend, to admit that he’s in love in a completely non-brotherly way, will break him in a way no demon ever could.

Originally posted by crossroadscastiel

Cas will be a sure presence and a steady support. He’ll accept this gift Dean’s giving him, letting Dean lead the moment, but he’ll encourage silently: A hand reaching up to palm Dean’s cheek as they kiss, just lips on lips; nose nuzzling when Dean pulls back; a soft smile of reassurance and leaning in for another kiss - just as soft and slow as the one Dean initiated - after catching a glimpse of awed terror on Dean’s face. Because he’s known all along they would get here eventually, and finally, finally he’s able to prove to Dean that he doesn’t have to be afraid; that Dean is worthy of love and soft touches and the reckless, crazy calm of true love.

For awhile, it will be all about knowing glances, knitted hands and stolen kisses: Nobody’s pushing anybody into walls. Nobody’s fucking anybody into the mattress. They’ve waited too long for this to spoil it by rushing through the little stuff. So Dean will sneak up behind Cas in the War Room and shyly nuzzle his neck and place a kiss. Cas will bring Dean coffee in bed in the morning. Dean will let Cas share his Dead Guy robe, a few pairs of pajamas, an old T-shirt. Cas will awkwardly give Dean a single rose, and Dean will be completely abashed, but will keep it in a vase on his nightstand. Cas will sleepily slide an arm around Dean’s waist, hugging him close and kissing the top of his head. Dean will spend an entire move night running his fingers though Cas’ hair, marveling at how it’s soft like angel feathers, and Cas will just smile and squeeze Dean’s hand.

One night, Castiel will ask, in his Castiel way, why Dean seems to be going out of his way not to progress their relationship beyond kissing, and Dean will get heatedly embarrassed. He’ll admit to feeling inadequate; he doesn’t know how to do this. He’s been with exactly one man ever in his life, and that was an awkward one-night stand of a threesome, so he could check it off on his bucket list before he went to Hell. It was literally a lifetime ago. Castiel will smile softly, maybe a bit sadly, and kiss him again, and then ask if he can touch Dean. He’ll use the scientific words “penis” and “testicles” because he hasn’t watched or read enough porn to know the slang, and it will make Dean blush deeper but feel oddly more at ease because obviously neither of them knows what they’re doing.

They’ll fool around that night - lazy, somewhat sloppy simultaneous handjobs and shared giggles at their own ridiculousness, and Dean will start teaching Cas how to talk about their man-parts without sounding like such a dweeb.

Dean will get brave enough to try oral sex first. He’ll gag, and hate himself, and think he can swallow but it turns out the taste is just awful and he ends up spitting in the sink. And he’ll hate himself more, and be sulky but refuse to admit to Cas that he just is so fucking embarrassed because this is such a stupid thing to be upset about. So he mopes around for a solid week about his inability to give Cas a decent blowjob, until Finally Castiel pins him hard against a wall, kisses him out of breath, and gets down on his knees. He’s not any better at the task. If anything, he’s worse, because to him jizz tastes just like everything else he consumes: molecules. It’s awful. He brushes his teeth and gargles three times, and he decides that’s probably never happening again. He’ll suck, but swallowing is out of the question.

Dean eventually gets better at blowjobs, and at swallowing, and even learns to appreciate the taste. The first time he successfully swallows without gagging, he playfully accuses Cas of changing the flavor of his come with his angel mojo, to make it more to Dean’s liking. Cas’ eyes sparkle and he doesn’t confirm or deny the accusation. And as for Cas blowing Dean… Dean secretly likes coming on Cas’ face. He has no idea why. It’s just the right side of dirty to get Dean painfully excited.

They take to lying together naked after fooling around. Sometimes Cas just holds Dean until he falls asleep. Other times, Dean covers Cas’ body with tiny kisses and embarks on explorations of his blemish-free skin in search of freckles he’ll never find. It’s after one such exploration that they tangle together, arms and legs and lips and tongues, and begin to rock and rut together. Maybe it can be called accidental frottage? It doesn’t matter. It was a shared desire, somehow communicated between them without words, and it becomes their new favorite thing.

They do it a lot. Like. A LOT.

It’s close to a year between their first kiss and the first time they have penetrative sex. Because there hasn’t been any need. Because they’ve been perfectly happy and content to just be together. And everything they’ve done, every exploration, every kiss, every new venture, hell, every breakfast cooked on the same stove has been beautiful and wonderful and fantastic and there has been no need for that. Dean starts to think maybe they’ll never need to have anal sex, so long as they’re both content with what they have. He read somewhere once that something like 40 percent of gay couples never have penetrative sex, and he’s fine with it if they fall into that bucket.

But one night…

They’d hit a nest of vamps, and fuck if one of them hadn’t bitten Cas. Angel or not, the blood flowing through his veins was still human and still tasty as hell to the blood-sucking freaks. Dean had turned and slain the motherfucker a heartbeat after the bite, but it was too late, and Cas was infected.

Dean just held him, and cried, and held his hand, and kissed his forehead, before tending to the bite. “I won’t, I won’t let them turn you, I won’t, you’re gonna be OK, Cas. You’re gonna walk away from this, you’ll see…”

He doesn’t realize he’s a steady babbling stream until Sam grabs his elbow and pulls him up, and he lifts Cas into his arms. They go back to the bunker, and Cas gets an antidote, and he’s fine. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to live, and not as a vamp… as the weird, dorky little angel Dean fell in love with. But Dean’s hopped on adrenaline and when he joins Cas in bed and the wound is healed and they’re tangled up in each other, Dean just keeps clawing and grabbing and gripping tight and crying and…

There’s a moment when they’re both naked, and Dean’s kneeling between Cas’ bent knees, that their eyes connect and this becomes a real thing that’s going to happen, and they both know it. But no one leads. No one pushes.

Like everything else, it’s not rushed or hurried, but savored and slow. Lots of lube and pressing fingers and Dean’s crying silently as he rocks into his angel, the angel he’s loved for years and almost lost because he couldn’t speak up; the angel he’s been taken away from time and again but somehow always drawn back to, as though they’re on a tether. The nature of the act denotes Dean as the “top” and Cas as the “bottom” but it means nothing, because in this moment, they’re two halves of the same whole, moving as one being. The way they were meant to. Equals on a level field, partners, friends… lovers.

Across the years, as they grow in confidence, they experiment with other types of play, and kink among them, but it’s not a lifestyle they fall into. Sometimes after a hunt one of them will fuck the other one silly because of adrenaline; sometimes in the deep of night, Dean has a nightmare and Cas pulls him back to Earth with the gentleness of a true angel. Sometimes they still prefer just rocking their erections into each others’ bellies (or in extremely hurried cases, against the roughness of denim) until they reach a simultaneous release. And kissing. There’s always, always kissing, because that was the first thing they ever did, and it always feels right, no matter how many years pass or how grey Dean’s hair gets or how many fights they have over which way the toilet paper’s supposed to roll. In the end, they love to kiss; they love to touch; they love to each come halfway. They are after all the greatest love story ever told: A man afraid of flying and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. And that - the middle - that’s where they’ll always be happiest.

They’re lovers in love. They both give and they both receive. No one’s in charge; no one leads; no one follows; they just purely, simply, are.

I wasn't (that) scared!

Summary: Phil’s snuggling with Dan watching a horror movie. Suddenly, they both hear a noise. They grab stupid items for defence to go check it out. Fluffy one shot.

Words: 750

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A/N: it’s 2am. I use too many italics. I belong in the sin bin.

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Hello! Here recently a bit more drama popped up in the suggestion blog community, and I would like to address it as I have seen some questionable posts.

slave-suggestion, aka ‘Alex’ faked their death (suicide) and then recently admitted to it being fake.

This is disgusting, manipulative, and hurt a lot of people.

HOWEVER, as always, I ask that we do not say ‘attention seeking’ like they’re dirty words. Alex obviously has some kind of problem that led to them needing to do this kind of thing. Yes, it was awful, but demonizing seeking attention is only going to hurt more people.

For the most part I am speaking for the PD community (BPD/NPD/HPD especially). We do shit for attention a lot, we NEED attention, and while it’s not the same it still causes us stress to see people say things like “She just needed attention, like a child.”

We can say that what they did is bad, problematic, etc without hurting more people in the process.

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Billdip husband AU watching Coraline

Goddamn yes. This got away from me…but yes.

Other Family


“Aaand closed!” Toby McCready watched as Wendy, Soos, and Rosy all threw their hands in the air, cheering loudly. “Staff Movie Night has officially begun!” Before Toby could escape, because he’d rather not be stuck in a house full of demons with no witnesses, he felt himself picked up by the back of his jacket and dragged off. “Dipper! Mabel! Bill! Stan! Movie night!”

“Mov nigh!” Rosy cheered from Soos’s shoulders, the man cheering with her. Mabel was the first one down the stairs, movie in hand as Dipper and Bill came out of the kitchen, bowls of snacks and drinks in in their arms. Soos and Rosy started jumping up and down on the floor with as much force as they could, which was the only way to get Stan out of the basement anymore since he ‘retired’ from running the Mystery Shack.

As soon as the aged man walked into the living room where the others were, complaining about how he was too old for this, he was tackled by the flying four-year-old that was Wendy’s daughter,“Sta!! Mov nigh!!”

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More & more I see people saying how amazing (acting wise) everyone is on the show. There's a large part of the audience that thinks that but I think it has to do with what else they consider is amazing entertainment wise. On this site I've journeyed through some interesting stops explaining why the actors on the 100 are so great but then they post their other interests & then it makes sense. There isn't a high bar in the majority of those viewers interests. Which there's obviously nothing 1/2

Wrong with that. There’s a massive group of people who think Depp deserves an Oscar for his work in the Pirate franchise but let’s be real, that’s not at all going to happen. When I was younger I thought SMG as Buffy was the best thing since sliced bread, along with the other actors on the show. Now? Not so much. I love the show but I can say how bad it is & where are the actors now? Forgotten. CW churns out low bar crap that people eat up but at the end of the day it’s still crap

I love having followers I can actually have unbiased and intelligent conversations with, because this…so much this. Media literacy is SO LOW on tumblr/twitter that it astounds me sometimes. I’m glad to be able to converse with people who seem to get it. I wish audiences would expose themselves to media that has true quality and mastery behind it so they could understand what good acting, writing, and directing looks like. If people watched less shitty blockbusters and less unforgivably awful shows they would understand what “amazing” really entails in this field.

I would have zero issues with people watching things like The 1OO, the vampire show, the demon show, the female superhero show, etc if they could be honest and admit that they are factually not good. I enjoy stuff that I know isn’t high brow entertainment. We all have guilty pleasures. We all enjoy shitty TV or movies sometimes, but could we please - FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK - at least be truthful about the fact that these things are crap??? I continuously see people in their 20s-30s (people who should absolutely know better) trying to claim that WE or any of these other shows deserve awards and it makes me want to run my car into a wall. By all means, love it, but please don’t pretend like it’s good. Please stop conditioning the young audiences on this hellsite to believe that is good. We’ll forever be forced to get fucking awful media if the blind support for it continues. 

Even if you didn’t go to film school or studied film theory or media studies or whatever, you can still educate yourselves. How? I think one of the best things you can do is follow the entertainment trades. This might even be the best time to do so. Look up the year end lists of actual reputable sources (not internet blogs, but the trades). See what they are saying are the best movies of the year and watch some of those. Make it a point to read an article a day from one of the trades. It will take you ten minutes, but slowly you’ll be building your knowledge. There’s so many great places that put out reputable critical content. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, and The AV Club all cover both film and TV. Film Independent, Filmmaker Mag, Total Film, MovieMaker Mag, AFI, and Film Courage mostly only cover film. They’re all on twitter and FB. Literally even if you just read the headlines as you’re scrolling down your feed you could start to slowly digest information and be able to better discern what is actually quality content and what isn’t. If you only follow a few of these accounts follow the first four. They won’t fail you. 

Seriously, read their year end lists about what was good TV and what was good film in 2016. Watch a handful and see if it changes your perception. After a few good shows are in your system I doubt the demon show will seem enjoyable.