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“It Girl” is a vague term. What is “it” exactly that cool gals seem to naturally radiate? Whatever it is, Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim certainly live and breathe it—and leave us sitting back in awe. So when we found The Estée Edit tapped the two as the Guest Editors of its so-mod and incredibly chic line, we were stoked. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Jenner and Kim to learn their beauty secrets—and okay, hope that some of their “itness” would rub off on us, too. JESSICA VELEZ

We’re all about inspiring fearlessness at Sephora. Who’s someone in your life you think is fearless and inspiring?

Kendall: “I would say my Dad inspires me as a fearless person. (Every time I’m going somewhere, to a party and she knows I’m headed there, she always texts me, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I try to keep that in mind.”

Irene: “My mother and grandmother. They’re very stylish and into beauty. My grandma is always made up. Her glasses are blinged out.”

What’s a “fearless” beauty attitude you’ve done and love?

Kendall: “I tried a really intense black smoky eye at a party recently. The makeup artist wanted to just try it, since usually I do a natural smoky eye. It was all black shadow on top, with nothing below, not even mascara. It photographed really cool.”

What about your go-to beauty attitude?

Kendall: “I love a nude lip and smoky eye. I don’t use too much black in my smoky eye. I do more browns and greys. I love brown shadows. That’s my signature look.”

Let’s Beauty Together is the Sephora ethos. Who do you like to “beauty together” with?

Kendall: “I love getting ready with my friends. I have a big, lucite display of makeup in my bathroom. I’m always sharing my makeup when they come over. I actually do my friends’ makeup. They ask me to do it. I have one friend that never wears makeup, so whenever she goes out and we’re together she asks me to do her makeup and she knows I won’t do an intense look on her—so she trusts me. She doesn’t even need to wear makeup, she’s so pretty, but she trusts me to do it when she wants to go out. I also played with my mom’s and sisters’ makeup all the time with my little sister. We always like to pretend doing ‘older things’ that everyone else was doing, like shaving.”

What beauty trends are you into right now?

Irene: “I’m very excited for the natural bare look that I’ve been seeing on the runway a lot. The girls look like they’re barely wearing any makeup and it’s refreshing. I think it’s a timeless trend. People are really into skincare more lately, too, and I love that. It’s about being beautiful not only with makeup but making your skin beautiful and healthy. My mom and grandma are all about the night, day, and moisture creams and every other cream for your body and face.”

You’re both so confident! Do you have any advice to boost self-esteem?

Kendall: “It’s not always what’s on the outside. I have so many friends that are the most confident women you could meet, they’re like ‘IDGAF,’ and those people inspire me to be more like that. It’s just believing in yourself and not getting caught up what people are thinking. I live in a world where I’m observed with a microscope. You can’t listen to everyone else, just yourself. What you think about me is none of my business.  Know and believe that you’re a boss.”

Irene: “It’s about having good energy. The aura you exude shows through your face. If you’re not a happy person, it shows. If you’re cringing all the time, you get wrinkles. Be positive. Have good energy and vibes. Find your own identity and really trying not to be anyone else—that’s what’s been working for me. I don’t think Estée chose me because I have a cute face or my appearance. It’s because I’ve been myself. It should always be about being authentic and true to yourself.”

Given all that, do you still have any beauty insecurities?

Kendall: “I’m not always super comfortable with my skin. I get random breakouts sometimes. I grew up with a lot of bad acne. I wouldn’t look people in the eyes, I was so self-conscious about it. So having that go away, you still have that memory that doesn’t let you forget.”

Irene: “I used to be insecure about my eyes. I have a bit smaller eyes, it’s an Asian thing. I was always trying to accentuate them. But now I’ve accepted them and moved on. I love my eyes now and it makes me who I am. It gives me individuality. I don’t have to look like every other girl.”

What’s your beauty pet peeve?

Kendall: “I have mad OCD and I’m crazy about perfect liner. I’m your worst nightmare when doing my make up when it comes to liner. It has to be absolutely perfect or else we have to do it over again.”

What’s the biggest beauty mishap you’ve experienced?

Kendall: “I cut off all my lashes. I used blue and pink kid-scissors, went to a mirror and cut off all my lashes. My mom totally freaked. Everyone in my family all has crazy lashes, thank god I have good genes. They eventually grew back. Also, I once cut off all my little sister’s hair with some old scissors. My mom was screaming and crying. But [my sister] was a willing participant. When we were younger, she would listen to everything I said. She followed me everywhere like a puppy dog. So one time, when we were sitting in our doll house in our backyard, I asked her if I could just cut an inch off, like ‘just a trim.’ She said okay. I picked up her pony tail, cut it off and just kept on cutting. We were like five and six. I think I actually made her cuter. She ended up with a cute little bob.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done for beauty?

Irene: “When I was a baby, my mom cut the end of my lashes off to make them grow longer. That’s a Korean myth. She said I should thank her for my long lashes now.”

Tell us what’s amazing about The Estée Edit products.

Kendall: “I love the Flash Photo Gloss and the Barest Lip Color and Contour Lip Liner nude sets. I love the Flash Photo Gloss because it makes my teeth whiter. I’m a big mascara girl. The Edgiest Up + Out Double Mascara is awesome, we just shot with it today. They perfectly created these products.”

What do you love about The Edit Eyeshadow Palette?

Kendall: “It’s exciting to see the final result for the palette after all the work we put into it before we finished. I can still remember being in a room with bottles, etc and now it’s gratifying to see it in real life now. It’s amazing and I was so excited. I wanted to Instagram it ASAP, but in the end had to wait until the launch.”

What do you love about shopping at Sephora?

Kendall: “I shop there a lot. I go for all my normal stuff when I’m back at home or here in New York. I like going solo instead of with a group. I know what I want when I’m going in there. If I go in too long, I’ll buy everything. I’m decisive on makeup so I’m in and out. I’m pretty practical when shopping.”

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Best Friend's Love Part 2


Last night I cried myself to sleep. The guy who I’m madly in love with, forgot me and went to have dinner with some other girl.

Maybe he doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore, maybe he wants to begin to hang out with people like him, talented, famous, perfect.

Except that Kendall girl, she didn’t have a special talent that I’m aware of, she’s only famous for that reality Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I looked through the window and the weather reflected perfectly my feelings. It was torn, cloudy, cold, windy, grey and last but not least, it was raining.

The doorbell rang through my entire house. With no energy I went downstairs. I opened the door to find the one guy who last night broke evry single spark of hope I had, oh, and also my heart.

“Y/N! I misse-” he stopped as soon as he saw my red eyes and hurtful gaze.

“Were you crying?” I ignored him and frowned at him.

“Why? Is it because of a guy? Who is it? and I’ll go and kick his ass" 

As if you could kick your own ass.

Harry came one step closer, wanting to hug me but I lifted my right arm and stopped him. He gave me a confused look.

"How was last night Harry?” I asked with an ironic tone.

“Good. I went to have dinner with a friend, why?”

“Oh no reason. Just that I thought you’d remember that I was waiting for you to pick me up so we could have our night out, like we used to, remember?”

He’s eyes were giving me a questionly look, but five seconds later, his eyes opened widely.

“Shit, y/n I’m so sorry I forgo-”

“Really? I didn’t noticed. I just sat on the couch last night and saw you leaving a restaurant with that Jenner girl. Am I wrong?”

“No, but-”

“So, I don’t care anymore, Harry. I stayed up all night, crying mostly, and thinking and I realized, I’m not important to you” he shook his head as soon as those words left my mouth.

“That’s not true, just let me explain.” He begged.

“Sorry, got tell your excuses to somebody who gives a fuck, because I don’t. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I don’t want to be related to you in any way. Got it?”

he was about to say something, but I closed the door shut, and went up stairs.

Now, I’m going to start with my plan

Forgetting Curly