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BLUEBERRIES. I am just gonna say a thing: if you send me multiple asks attacking one of the characters for choices made in canon and expect me to respond in kind, you are sorely mistaken. This includes comments in regards to who should be the leader of the giantass robot that kicks around the universe. I’m quite happy with how things are going in canon and that’s just where I’m leaving it! I won’t be responding to the anons I’ve gotten re: leadership skills because frankly I do not care! Just wanna have fun, thanks!! 

This has been a PSA. 

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Could I request a positivity from Mikazuki and Tsurumaru please? I'am a freshman in high school and it's a lot of pressure, more than I thought. I'am struggling in a lot of classes and I feel like giving up all the time nowadays. But I don't want to disappoint my family though. They encourage me so much to keep trying and it's great but it's becoming difficult to do so as days go on.

Mikazuki: Life always gets tough as you get older, take it from an old man. But what you figure out is all because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can talk to your teachers or ask for a tutor, there is no shame in asking for help to keep up.

Tsurumaru: Yep! And even if you do choose to give up on high school it isn’t the end of the world! The modern world is full of countless paths towards the future that don’t involve high school try looking into other pathways. The possibilities might just surprise you.

Mikazuki: With your family so supportive thus far, have no doubt they will continue to support you if you really cannot handle it. Take your time and consider all the options, you’re young so you have all the time in the world. It’ll be okay.

Tsurumaru: At the end of the day, you do go to school and study for your future and no one else’s so make the decision that suits you best. Believe in yourself and your choices, it’s going to be scary but that’s just one of life’s charms. You can do it!

1) I love Madi, I need to draw more Madi 2) Maybe she’s responsible for Silver’s pierced ears this season? I mean, his Piratey Fashion Choices™ have only improved since he’s known her, and her style is amazing, so… :’D

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{a little intro}

(Hello hello!

The name’s Elise. I’m not a stranger to rp’ing but this is the first time I get to roleplay this type of character, so that will certainly be interesting! Despite his tough warrior front, Elsword’s a soft boy. Please be kind to him~~( ah of course, the better alternative would be to toy with him and kick his ass because I’m a masochistic freak)

Please also like this post if you would like a starter with this young knight! As much as I would love to interact with everyone, unfortunately, my writing stamina has its limit. I will have to place a cap at 4!)

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So before you said you wouldn't care about mcxMark if MC had been predetermined, but then you said you still thought MCxMark was a bad ship??? sorry im kinda confused

Don’t apologize, it’s fine. Those were rambles I said in tags. I should just organize my feelings together in one post then.

Yes, if MC was a predetermined main character (like Kenna) I wouldn’t care nearly as much with PB coding a MCxMark romance. I’d still think the ship would be pretty bland, not bad per say. I don’t like saying ships are bad, all ships are valid…except the ones that are clearly inappropriate. This isn’t one of them, I just think MCxMark is bland and I’m frustrated over not having a choice in a game called choices.

I do think MCxMark is pretty weak with what we’re given, imo

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Requested by anonymous

“I got it dad!” You shouted as you ran to the door. Opening it you were surprised to see Jughead standing on your porch. He gave you a wary smile.

“I think I’ll take up your offer now. Since the drive in’s closed and all” Jughead muttered. It was obvious he wasn’t a huge fan of this, he didn’t like to bother people with his problems but in this case he didn’t have another choice.

You smiled back at him and motioned for him to come inside.
“Hey mom it’s Jughead! He needs a place to stay can he stay in the guest room?”.

“Of course! Jughead’s always welcome here” your mother called back. Out of the corner of your eyes you spotted a small smile make its way across Jughead’s face.

“Come on I’ll show you where the guest room is Jug”.


Watching Mon-El make progress is painful and messy and cringeworthy and kinda dare I say it… enlightening. Its hard to watch someone make some good choices and then really poor terrible choices and have to learn from them the hard way. The amount of times ive screeched WHAT ARE YOU DOING??! at my screen.

Oh dear Rao I realised Mon-El is me. (Only way more goodlooking.)

Me to me: ‘What are you even doing you idiot?! What the HECK why did you do / say that?!

Me to me: Facepalms. Learns shit. Grows.

20 Shades of Love - Shades Alvarez |10 of 20|

“It’s all my fault.”

You convinced yourself that morning that there was no future for the two of you besides business partners.

And you accepted it.

You had to focus on the job you had. Pop the old barber was becoming a concern for Cottonmouth and Maria so you and Shades was sent out to handle the situation.

Arriving to Pop’s barber shop you pulled out your weapon of choice. A small concealed handgun which would have been more than enough to get your point across two the man to retire.

However when another man that worked for Cottonmouth showed up on scene was there slight confusion.

“What are you doing here?”

Shades asked the man. The man looked at Shades and then you before he pulled out a semiautomatic from under his coat.

“Jesus Christ.”

You muttered under your breath.

“I’m here to take care of the situation per orders of the boss.”

He said loading the gun and headed toward the shop. You and Shades was quick on his heels, knowing you should have shot the man to stop him when you had the chance.

“You – you did what?”

Cottonmouth asked as the five of you all stood on the roof to his club. You, Shades, Maria, Cottonmouth and the gunman that shot Pops dead in his shop were all there.

“I took care of the problem!”

He gloated, obviously not understanding that Cottonmouth hadn’t wanted Pops dead, merely scared into submission. Which he quickly learned after Cottonmouth pushed him over the edge of the building.

“Sons of a bitch.”

He snapped, turning around the face the remaining three on the roof. His finger pointed toward you.

“Why didn’t you stop him?”

He asked, catching you off guard. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. You didn’t know how to answer him.

“It’s not her fault.”

The unexpected voice spoke up beside you. Shades stepped forward and looked at him.

“I mean, I didn’t give her orders to stop him. Neither of us didn’t even know what he was going to do till he did it.”

He explained. You heard Maria scoff from the side. Looking at her as she shook her head.

“You need to train your Honky better so she knows when to act without your God damn orders!”

She scolded. You flinched, the term hitting you unexpectedly as you stood in the crossfire between the two.

“You’re right.”

Shades stated as he nodded his head.

“It’s all my fault.”

He agreed.

“She should be trained better. The mistake made tonight cost Pop’s his life.”

You kept your eyes on Shade’s back. What was he doing? Why was he taking the blame for it?

Regardless, the argument was dropped and shortly after everyone went their separate ways.

But it still left questions as to why Shades had put himself in the crossfire for you?

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It's funny imagining Danse acting like an over protective older brother towards Cass, always fussing over her safety, making sure she does her BOS homework, and disapproving her choice on having a ghoul boyfriend😅😆

Danse does come across as someone who really cares and who can be overprotective…especially when he has conflict dialogue ‘u’ I actually referenced them when I was writing the comic prior to this! Hopefully I’m making an interesting dynamic…

…and to be fair Hancock is probably something most people would warn against. He’s a bad influence >u>’

Tumblr Decides! Kami Idol Grandprix Round 1 Results!

The time is up! 98 people have voted and here are the results…

First up is Dressing Pafe vs Gaarmageddon!

Ohoho! We have an upset victory! The fans choice is Gaarmageddon! Gaarmageddon is moving to the final round!

I don’t have much of a strong opinion on this one as I like both teams just about equally. Dressing Pafe is a very hardworking team, but the true friendship that built Gaarmageddon is pretty magical. 

Anyway. Moving on to Tricolore vs. Ucchari BIG BANGS! 

And Tricolore wins by a landslide! I guess that’s not too surprising. I have a soft spot for Ucchari BIG BANGS, but Tricolore is quite a powerhouse with a strong bond and lots of loyal fans. 

And…. finally…. SoLaMi Smile vs. Non Sugar…

SoLaMi Smile by a nose! The fans have spoken!

This was TORTURE because it was neck and neck for so long. Non Sugar would be ahead by 1 point, then I would refresh again and it would be SoLaMi ahead by 2, then tied, and on and on. It wasn’t until I reblogged the original post for the second time that SoLaMi Smile finally got a more significant lead.

If you have read my episode commentaries you know how I feel about this. But nevertheless I am satisfied because a.) I know these votes came from true fans and b.) I’m glad it became more decisive towards the end so it feels more like a clean victory. 

SoLaMi Smile has been around for a long time, has a lot of nostalgia, and a lot of amazing songs so I get it. 

SO! Following the footsteps on the anime, the next round will be SoLaMi Smile vs Tricolore! The winner will face off against Gaarmageddon in the final! I will post the next poll shortly. 

Found a way

I figure out what role story I should do but I have like five movie choices I picked like Chicken Run, The Princess and The Frog, Anastasia, the little mermaid and sleeping Beauty too many picks to find the right one whatever is prefect for you if don’t what the movie is i’ll tell you


A̠͎̯̤L̻͈̫͍̗͟Ĺ̫̰͙̖͎̞͇ ̧͇A̱̟̘͎͙̯ͅB͓̩̼̮̖O̪̗͎̫̪͙AR̛͙͇̖͎D͍̙̭͔͍̟̩͡ ̩͚̮͔̪T͖̩̟͈͓͙̪̀H̶͕̭̖̞̬̠̤E̖ ͡C̯̤̦̞̤ͅH̘͓͖̗͚͚̙A͈̝̳͖̞O̗̰̮S̕ ̶̱͇͙T͟Ŕ̤̗̟̲̭̱̭AI̴͙͉͙͖N̢