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So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-


It’s been now a year that Lance and VLD took a concerning part of my life, I don’t really know how to feel about it ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)


“Guess it runs in the family.”

i can’t believe after years of stereotypical “flamboyant” and “weak” gay and bi [i wish i could include pan but there’s lack of rep for pansexual people] characters i’ve finally gotten alexander gideon lightwood and magnus bane to look up to. alec, a strong gay character who is allowed to make mistakes and notice them, who can take a higher demon out with one arrow when it’s basically impossible, who can lead an entire institute and still have dinner with his boyfriend. and magnus, a bisexual man of colour who is shown to love wearing makeup and flashy clothes but can still take you down if needed, somebody who’s not down with bisexual stereotypes or cheating and is quick to stop dot to explain that he is in love with alec. magnus, although quite extra, has never been shown as “weak”, even when he’s at his lowest point, he was still strong. strong enough to open up about his past. these two men are extraordinary characters and i’m so fucking glad i live in a time where they can influence my choices in the best way possible. i love them