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soulmate au where you are connected with your soulmate and you can feel their emotions but when they are near you(means in the same city) you feel nothing because you act like one being, the feeling of each other emotions are too strong that they are literally unrecognizable,so when you meet each other you think about how lucky you are to have a person so similar to you.

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I don't know about you but something tells me that BRIGHT PINK-COLORED index card with "HARRY" on it for SNL, was requested especially by Harry.😉

lol I thought the same thing when I saw it! my headcanon is that, while he was in NYC with Jeff two weeks ago, he went to the SNL studio to discuss stuff and when they made plans for the annoucement and the visuals for the annoucement he picked the color of the post it himself because pink is his color  💖

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Niall promotes this town all over the place and the song was very successful, I don't think he's at all stressed right now, he's focusing on his own album and his faves should just focus on him. Harry has a lot of hype for a reason, this isn't just fan created, he is an outrageously good performer and is extremely talented and charismatic. He also has a great team with an excellent strategy, it makes no sense to get mad about him having opportunities. He's earned this hype and he's gonna deliver

I think they’re complaining about how SNL is more important than the places he went to promote his song. Are they not tired of finding excuses to put Harry down? I would. I agree with you, they should focus on their fave and their work. You know why they call us “extra”?? Because the only thing we do is celebrating our fave, without caring about anyone else…they should learn from us lol Also, Harry really deserves all this hype..he worked his ass off all these years and know he’s reaping the benefits of his work!


Teddy: *lies awake in bed, unable to sleep*

Teddy: *sighs, glancing around the faintly lit room* *slips out of bed*

Teddy: *makes his way outside, the full moon looming overhead*

Teddy: *glances over at the forbidden forest* *breath catches*

Teddy: Don’t even think about it… You definitely shouldn’t do it. *takes a deep, calming breath* …. Fuck it. 

*As the boy moves through the trees, he suddenly stumbles on something*

Teddy: *cringes and looks down* *spots an odd looking stone on the ground* 

Teddy: *holds up the stone, examining it* 

Voice: …… Yeah……

Tonks: *stares, trying to take in the sight of him* *shrugs weakly* 

Tonks: *glances slowly past Teddy and smiles* 

Voice: *sighs* Not… that… old…

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And that was how young wizard Yuuri (13) met his Durmstrang idol Victor (17), who still managed to throw shade while being supportive lmao. BASED OFF OF AND INSPIRED BY @46gohan‘s absolutely lovely YOIxHarryPotter au:

♥ http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/153315272616/so-ive-been-rewatching-the-hp-series-lately-and ♥ 

When I saw the au I was absolutely smitten by the idea and I wanted to draw something for it, but then I thought maybe one frame wasn’t enough.. And then this long-ish fluff comic happened LOL. I also just wanted an excuse to put blue roses and Victor in the same shot heh. Wiki stated “orchideous” is used to conjure ANY type of flower, but it really sounds like it’s exclusive to orchids hahah. Thanks again @46gohan ~ ! :))