but happiness too

I have another TeruMob prompt to do and I have already done this pose for SeriRei so I decided to do something a little different for this one and played with the expressions. It made me realise how rarely I actually draw per-Mob Teruki… not sure why.


A little birdie told me that today is a very, very special day. Any guesses, @theofficiallance , as to what that day might be?

Of The Stalwart Shield

[Leaving aside the unholy screeching for a moment (but boy did I yell a bit when I first saw this.), there is a funny story behind this. My friend @swygmerl was over my house, sitting exactly next to me- And yet I did not see her commission the very, very talented @divinedespair. I even helped her by showing her the Paladin gearset, but I was so distracted (and she was very good at changing subjects quickly) that I just didn’t notice.

So this was a magnificent surprise. And it arrived in a time in which I really needed a cheer me up ;v; My verily grumpy lizard looks simply STUNNING in her style and oh-so-serious- Unlike his twin brother ( @doppelgentler ) who looks so, so very different… Yet so similar, right? ;D You’ve done an AMAZING job, I can only blabber and yell over how beatiful my boy looks ;v;

I thank both my very dear friend and the artist (Go check her page out! SHE’S A GREAT ARTIST.) who offered me something quite as beautiful as this. Thank you.]


crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 1.12 josh and i work on a case!


Lita Ford - Little Too Early (1991)

Happy Birthday to the lovely Lita Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

hey i've been a long time fan of yours and i kind of have to say this blog isn't your best work. the designs aren't as authentic as they used to be and a lot of them are recycled (i just go through your old blogs sometimes lol). i know you're sticking to your strengths but it just doesn't feel original anymore.

[ I know.

I know this very well. It’s honestly a huge fear of mine, and if you look through my tags, you can tell. There’s a reason why I ask people to help me design, because there’s only so much I can come up with. I’m human, and not everything I create is original, I admit that. 

But here’s something, anon/ ’long time follower’. I’m trying my best to represent the groups that so many people stan, to draw designs that people would enjoy. And I see it. People are engaged- they send in questions that help develop the muses, the interactions. They’re ready to tell me about other groups/lightsticks that have come out. They educate me in things about their faves that I wouldn’t have known. Playing to my strengths really helps the community of people who are so engaged, and in turn make me engaged. There’s a reason why this blog has become the one I’ve been most invested in even though school won’t let me update :U

Maybe this blog isn’t your cup of tea. And maybe the way I handle things isn’t original anymore. But you have to hand it to the followers- the people, the participants. On my own, I’m definitely far from original (there were already tons of Carat/Monbong designs before I even started this one). But with others’ input, it becomes a lot more than just ‘design’ in this blog.
Evidently, you and I don’t share the same vision with this blog. I believe that’s because you’ve only looked at it from a distance. Hey, look a little closer and you’ll see how it’s been shaped by so many amazing people who contribute so much.

And I think that makes it a little more original. ]