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TWIN ANDREWS | juggie x reader

A/N: im hoping to turn this into a short series and i hope yous enjoy it!! please hit the follow button to be updated with my blog posts! this is my first time as a solo blogger so i hope you enjoy my writing!! im also looking for a co-owner that loves to write/edit!! enjoy my lil nugs - R🌹

part 2: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158896154168/twin-andrews-part-2-jughead-x-reader

“arch im kinda nervous”

i admit as we near the familiar diner

“you’ll be fine, it’s just Betty we’ve known her since we were in diapers don’t stress sis”

i huff my stomach turning as the neon sign comes into view

“i don’t know about this I haven’t been home for a really long time i think id rather just go home and rest”.

we pull into the parking lot and i turn to beg to my brother but he pulls the keys out of the ignition

“come (y/n) they are excited to see you, it’s been years at least come in for something to eat then I promise ill drive you home whenever you want”

i sit back and think it over before my brother starts again “dad wants me to help you ease back into it- it’s your first day back at school and wouldn’t you rather have people to talk with tomorrow so it’s not so-” he pauses

“terrifying” i finish

“i was going to say daunting but yeah terrifying works too” i huff
“fine but you owe me Archie big time” a smile spreads across his face as he gets out of his truck. “what have i gotten myself into” i think aloud copying my brothers actions and following him toward the entrance.

“oh and heads up I kinda didn’t tell them you were in town-”

i spin on my heels but he grabs my shoulders “it was supposed to be a surprise” he whines i run my hand over my face “fine- you’re so annoying you know that right”.

he sighs throwing his arm over me and walking me toward our normal booth we’re a spot Betty, Kevin & an unfamiliar raven headed girl.

“arch who’s the other girl-”

“(y/n)” i hear Betty call looking shell shocked

“i-i- I can’t believe your here I-” she chokes on her words.
things didn’t exactly end well between Betty & our friends when I left, after my parents divorce i went into a downward spiral and i was forced to leave with my mother no note no explanation to any of my friends as to where i was going or why and let’s just say i was terrified that they hated me.

“betts” i smile tears welling up

she looked so much older from when I last saw her the more I looked the more she looked different yet entirely the same. she stand from the booth her blonde hair swishing in her ponytail as she rushes over to wrap her arms around me pulling me into her warm embrace

“i thought you were never coming back” she whispers as she held me “me either” i whisper back crying slightly.

i pull away and wipe my eyes glancing to Kevin who’s jaw was lying on the ground “you going to close your mouth and come give me a hug or?”

he glances to me shocked with no movement as if he’s too scared to move in case I run “Kev!” i joke

I spread my arms as he climbs over the raven haired stranger and leap into my arms causing me to stumble back slightly.

“wow” he breathes pulling me at arms length examining me

“girl you got hot” he blurts

I laugh tearing up at the sight of my best friends “you finally grew your hair out im obsessed you look so so so good Chicago treated you well”

i run my fingers through my long red hair “thanks kev, it did it really did” “oh and you look so much thinner!”

I freeze at the comment catching my brothers gaze.

he senses my reaction and laughs stiffly

” I mean you look great, seriously” i breathe a sigh of relief laughing to cover my awkwardness.

“thank you i decided to loose a few pounds and well it worked!”

they smile at me “well have a seat we’ll order and we can catch up!” Archie offers and i nod slipping into the booth opposite Betty Kevin and the other girl.

“you going to introduce me to your pretty friend?”

i ask glancing at Betty

“oh of course this is Veronica Lodge-”

“Ronnie works” she smiles at me

“im (y/n) Andrews im-” “Archie’s twin?”

i nod “obvious?” i mentally face palm “yeah the red hairs a bit of a giveaway” i nod my brother sliding into the seat next to me.

“so you’ve met my sister ronnie” she nods sipping her milkshake “I sure have, will you be going to school this semester”

i nod “i sure am, now both the crazy red headed twins will be attending Riverdale hey arch” i nudge my brother.

it falls silent at my comment and i shift uncomfortably

“oh my god- what did I say?” i glance around Veronica looking equally confused.

“what other twins” she askes confused

“the blossoms..” i finish

“(y/n) I thought I told you about Jason in the car” i furrow my eyebrows at him “I just came from the airport arch i was half asleep and jet lagged i don’t think I was really paying all too much attention to you” i laugh.

“god please don’t tell me their dead- i was going to ask Cheryl for my spot back on the vixens, I miss cheer the girls in Chicago were awful”

still silence

“Jesus will someone tell me what’s going on” my brother touches my shoulder gently

“Jason was killed a few months ago- it was the Fourth of July weekend-” i zone out my breathe catching in my throat.

this is why mum didn’t want me to return home, there’s a murder running around. everything makes sense now while it seemed so eerie when I first got back and how mum refused to let me contact anyone from back home including Archie the past month.

“wow” i exhale “i had no idea- but polly oh my god Betty your sister must be devastated” she nods inhaling sharply let i said something wrong.

I glance down to my food not feeling hungry at all “um arch can we go home im not feel so hot I think I need some rest before tomorrow”

he nods “of course” “ill see you guys tomorrow” i smile waving goodbye to my friends before following my brother out of Pops and into his truck

“you okay?” i nod my attention slipping away “yeah just a lot to process that’s all” he nods pulling out of the parking lot driving toward home.

and you couldn’t help but think something was off something was missing or maybe it wasn’t a something it was a someone


Confessing to girls is hard!

Inspired by a friend of mine who complained about how hard it is for a girl to subtly flirt with another girl because they tend to think you’re just giving them a sweet compliment.

Don’t Be Shy

Request (2)

You had first met Joe a few months ago at an event that you had been invited to. You were standing in a small crowd listening to the speakers, well half listening, half counting the bubbles that had formed in your glass of champagne trying to keep yourself from falling asleep when a stranger leaned in and brought you back to reality. 

“Pretty riveting stuff huh?” The stranger said tilting his head towards the stage. 

“Oh yes, very interesting.” You said before finishing off your champagne. 

“Looks like you could use some more, I know a few places around here that has a lot better champagne than this place.” The man said watching you place your empty glass on the nearby table. 

“We can’t exactly leave…” You started but were cut off. 

“Why not? Neither of us are speaking tonight, you’re not speaking tonight are you?” He asked with a hesitant chuckle and you shook your head. 

“No I’m not. Just here to listen.” You laughed but quickly stopped when the heads of nearby people turned towards your direction. 

“Then lets get out of here.” The man whispered. 

“I don’t even know you’re name.” You whispered back. 

“Joe.” Joe said extending his hand out to you. 

“Y/N.” You said taking his hand, giving it a slight shake before he tugged me out of the crowd. “Wait where are we going?”

“To get more champagne and to sit down somewhere because my feet hurt and I can imagine yours do too.” Joe said looking over his shoulder giving you a quick smile before looking down at your heels.

You felt yourself blush for some reason but you allowed the stranger to pull you out of the building and down the street to a nearby pub where you spent the rest of the night getting to know said stranger. 

You didn’t know that you could fall for something after 3 months. There was just something about Joe that made you trust him that night when you first met and that same something made you keep coming back for more. 

Joe felt the same way. In the pub that night he revealed that he had been admiring you ever since you walked through the door, wanting so desperately to talk to you. So when she saw how bored you looked listening to the speaker, he took his chance and luckily you went along. 

When he properly asked you out a few days later, you saw a different side of him. At first he was just a mysterious man that took your hand and lead you to a dimly lit bar and bought you a drink, but this date was different. He had asked you to lunch and he was no longer a mysterious stranger. He was kind and sweet and his eyes lit up every time he laughed, something you didn’t notice in the pub. Shortly after that date he asked you to be his girlfriend. 

The two of you spent the last 3 months doing everything young kids in love did. When you weren’t together, you’d stay up all night FaceTiming or texting each other, neither of you wanting the night to end. When you were together, you’d be all over each other. Obviously it’d be behind closed doors, Joe hadn’t anyone about you, not properly anyway. 

His parents knew he was talking to something and his mates knew something was up since he’d always opt out of joining them on a night out. They’d had their suspicions and kept their banter at a minimum as they did eventually want to met whoever Joe was hiding from them.

Just like they had, you had asked Joe when you were going to meet his friends. He talked so highly about them and you had seem them in his videos and really wanted to get to know the six other boys who made of the Buttercreams. Joe’s response would always be, “One day.” which would just cause you to roll your eyes and shake your head at how cautious he was being about you meeting his friends.

You were sat on Joe’s couch, your eyes scanning the words on the pages of the book you were reading while Joe sat everything up in his filming room. 

“Hey Y/N.” You heard Joe call out.

“Hmm?” You said, you’re focus not leaving your book. 

“So a few oftheboys….” Joe’s voice trailed off as he fumbled with his filming equipment. 

“What?” You said looking up from your book and glancing back towards the hallway where his voice traveled down. 

When you didn’t get a response you closed your book with a sigh and pushed yourself off the couch and made your way over to the room. 

“Whats up?” You said leaning against the doorframe watching Joe adjust his camera on his tripod. 

“You know how you keep asking to meet the boys?” 


“Well today is you’re lucky day.” He said stepping back from his camera. “A few of them are on their way over to film some videos.” 

“Oh is that so?” You smirked, grabbing Joe’s hands and intertwining your fingers. 

“Mhmm.” He said leaning down to kiss you. “I thought it’d be better to meet them in groups” He said before placing another kiss against you lips.

“Oh? And what group is this?” You said against his lips.

Joe didn’t answer your question, instead he cupped your cheeks and pushed his lips against yours again but this time more passionately than before. You brought your arms around Joe’s neck, pulling him closer to you as his hands moved from your cheeks and down to your thighs and picked you up and carrying you to the bed before laying you down without breaking the kiss.

He positioned himself between your legs and ran his hand down the length of your leg. Your skin turned hot under he’s touch even though you were separated by your jeans.

Joe had that affect on you. He could send your heart into a frenzy whenever he blinked and his touch made you melt. You couldn’t control yourself around him and you found it very hard to stop once things got started. 

Joe’s lips moved from your lips down to your neck causing you to let out a quiet moan as your hands moved to his his back, slipping themselves under his shirt and running over the outlines of his muscles. 

“Ahem.”  A voice said from behind them causing you and Joe to freeze. 

“We’ll this is something!” Another voice said as Joe got off of you and helped you sit up.

“Um hey guys.” Joe said shyly moving his hand to his neck, “Y/N this is Conor, Josh and Oli. Guys this is Y/N, my girlfriend.”

“Hi” You said giving a little wave as they greeted you. 

“Ok so are we going to film or would you two like to finish?” Conor said looking between the two of you causing your face to flush. 

“Didn’t even start.” You said standing up and giving the boys a quick smile before leaving the room and returning to your spot on the couch. 

“Ha! I like her!” You heard one of the boys say.

“Did you really think that you could get some before we got here mate? We don’t live that far way.” Another one said causing the other two boys to laugh.

“That wasn’t what we were doing. We just got caught up in the moment.” Joe’s voice drifted down the hallway. 

“Mate it was exactly what you were doing.”

“Awe mate don’t be mad, we’re only joking.” 

“Yeah mate, she seems nice…and fun.” You decided that that voice belonged to the one Joe called Conor. He had a very distinctive laugh he made after every sentence which made you unconsciously smile. 

“We understand why you kept her a secret. Don’t know if she’s ready for Cheed’s antics, or Randy’s.” The boy who had a South African accent said. 

“Yeah mate good thing he’s not here!” The last boy said; Oli, you said making a mental note. You liked Oli, he was the one who said that he liked you earlier. 

You sat on the couch, book propped open on your lap but you weren’t reading. Instead, you were listening to the boys film, making mental notes of each of the boys. You decided that Oli was sweet like Joe. He was quite but had some good comebacks. Josh was also sweet but in a different way that you couldn’t quite place. When the boys were filming his video, you couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of times he had to start a sentence over either because of his own mistakes of because of the boys. Conor was usually the one to get the laugh going with his side comments or just his general personality. 

You brought your attention back to the book on your lap when you hear the boys close of the last video. There were a few mumbles that you couldn’t comprehend before the boys filed out of the room. 

“So Y/N, sorry we had to meet you like that.” Oli said with a smile. Yep, you liked him. 

“No worries, it was bound to happen at some point.” You said closing your book, catching a glimpse of the blush on Joe’s cheeks when he came to sit down beside you. 

“If you’re not busy tonight, would you like to come to dinner with all of us? You could meet the other three boys but just know, you’ve been warned.” Josh said taking a seat on the couch.

“Yeah, I’d like that. If I don’t go who knows when I’d get to meet them.” You said nudging Joe’s arm before leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“They could just walk in on you two going to town…” Conor started but ended up laughing when Joe shot him a glare. 

You laughed a little at Joe’s reaction causing him to focus his glare to you. 

“Hey, don’t give me that look. You started it I do believe.” You said giving him a smile as you watched Joe’s face relax. 

“Awe you two are too cute.” Josh said causing Joe’s face to turn red for the 3rd time that day. 

“Don’t be shy love.” You said before lifting Joe’s chin and planting a light kiss his lips.

Who You've Become

Summary: How Charles got his plants in Logan.

“Logan, he needs a hobby. He may be senile but—“

“Don’t you ever call him that. That’s the Professor you’re talking about. He has one of the strongest minds in the world.”

“That might have been, once. But now? You can’t possibly believe that he’s anything but half mad anymore. Even when he takes his pills, he’s half mad and only a quarter coherent. Maybe you don’t notice, but I can’t help but to. I spend most of the day with him, Logan.”

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More scisters time!

upside-down | pony imagine.


summary: ponyboy and reader admit their feelings for each other at the park.

Illiminated by moonlight, my brother and I wait at the park for his friend. You couldn’t tell it, but the night has barely begun with a time of only nine.

Johnny, my brother’s friend, is sleeping over our place tonight, and we agreed to meet him here — half way — after he finished dinner at the Curtis house.

My brother would probably be at the Curtises, too. Except our mother made him stay home for punishment. He’s really pissed at her for that.

Maybe a few months ago, I’d also be dining with the Curtis gang.

“He brought Ponyboy,” I note aloud as Johnny’s figure comes into view with another.

“That a good thing or a bad thing?” I wish I knew, myself. Is it — a good or bad thing?

Johnny hands my brother a cigarette when he reaches him. I know it’s a pack that Dallas Winston gave to him. “Hey, man. You ready to go?”

He nods, “Come on.”

I want to tell them that they’re acting like this is some sort of drug deal, but I keep my mouth shut.

I mean, boys are weird. If it was my friend, we’d be laughing and hugging and skipping back to my house.

I keep my comments to myself only because I know my idiot of a brother will retort back with something Curtis-related.

Johnny throws the awkward Ponyboy a glance. “Pony?”

Ponyboy swallows and looks at me. Why is he looking at me? “I’ll catch up later, Johnny. You guys can go on. ‘Sides I’d only be walkin’ further back to my house.”

My annoying brother sends me a wink, and walks off with Johnny. They’re such… diseases.

“We need to talk,” Pony states as he begins to climb the monkey bars. His hair isn’t as greasy as usual. “I can walk you back to your house, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worrying.” That was kind of bitchy, wasn’t it? Oops.

Pony keeps climbing the monkey bars, positioning himself at the very top and middle. He looks down at me. He’s really up there.

He has to be, like, ten feet high.

I look away, because I’m nervous. My heart’s pounding. I like him a lot more than I’m willing to admit, I think.

His green-grey eyes meet his hands which he fiddles with. The air is tense, thick.

“I miss you.”

What the — That’s not what I was expecting him to say. I’m happy, but I don’t show it quite yet. I let him continue.

“Can you come up here?” I’m not sure if he’s looking at me, because I refuse to look at him. “With me?”

I hate eye contact.

“I don’t want to get blisters on my hand,” I laugh a little in the middle of my statement. It’s forced. “I always get ‘em on those things.”

He makes a noise, like he finds it funny or something. “Yeah, alright. You heard what I said, didn’t you? I wasn’t lyin’, Y/N.”

“How?” Where are Johnny and my brother right now — Are they halfway to my house? Did they stop; hearing the constant noise inside Curly Shepard’s broken-down house?

“How? That’s an awfully weird question,” Ponyboy starts moving on the monkey bars. He’s trying to hang upside-down, I think. He’s gonna bust his head. “How do I miss you?”

He’s hanging by his legs. How the fuck is he doing that? This boy will be the death of me.

“You’re all I have,” he says. He’s red, blood all in his face. I don’t mind staring at him now. He’s not as intimidating upside-down.

Somehow, he’s lower than eye-to-eye. His chin is at mine.

“I’m stupid. Darry’s right 'cause I don’t use my head. Not one bit. Look, I just wanna be your guy, again. See, I really think I’m gonna die right now, but I mean, this sort of disguises the red my face would get saying this to you otherwise —" 

“Kiss me.”

Pony blinks. Then, I realize he can’t. He can’t kiss me. He tries to stretch towards me, but it’s kind of impossible to do.

So, we laugh and I kiss him while he’s dangling upside-down. I put my hands on his cheeks to keep him where I want him, and I really kiss him.

He’s more than shocked. So, so shocked that he lets go of the bar he’s holding onto.

I’m fairly certain Pony is out for a few seconds. I rub my face in exhaustion and possibly amusement, and bend down.

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me,” I tell him. I know he’s fine, but I can’t help but make sure. He’s such an idiot. But he’s my idiot.

“I. am. so. good.” Ponyboy manages with a goofy smile.

The Bar Series: Luke Pretends to be Your Significant Other

So… the Bar Series, where it all began. This is the first part to the Luke story I am writing. I was posting it on my personal @mcfierce87 but it’s been decided to move it over here. Enjoy!

“Babe, wait up!” You hear the footsteps pounding closer to you, and your instincts are telling you to run. But you look back and a tall, lanky dude is quickly catching up to you.

His hand quickly finds your waist and you look over at him. His eyes are a shining blue, his hair blonde and slightly curled, falling in his face. He grins at you, “Names Luke.” He greets. He looks over his shoulder and back at you, “It’d be great if you could go along, I just told like 5 girls back there that we’re dating and I had to catch up. Because you’d definitely leave me and have done it before.”

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What Lies in Wonderland // BTS’ Jungkook

In which the Mad Hatter realizes that love might possibly be his cup of tea.

Jungkook // Jin

[A/N] The first of a new oneshot series, What Lies in Wonderland.

The Hatter was a man of many things. Hats, obviously, was one of them. He had an entire closet filled to the brim with top hats, bowlers, fedoras, and even a flowery bonnet (which, make no mistake, had been given to him as a joke by that cheeky cheshire, Jimin). Tea was another. He liked to consider himself an expert in the art of flavoured leaves and steeped drinks. Of course, it helped that he happened to run his very own tea shop in the village- a quaint and delectably sweet little cafe, the townsfolk often complimented.

His credentials didn’t stop there. Riddles. Pocket watches. Jackets with neatly hemmed coattails. In all of these and more lay his knowledge and personal interest to varying degrees. His pocket watch must be wound once every two days, precisely at nine in the morning. His black coats could never be hung out to dry, otherwise the sun would fade their colours. And oh yes, a raven was quite like a writing desk in many ways (although with the last one, he still had trouble convincing the March Hare so).

The Hatter was a man of many things, but love was not one of them.

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Fucked Up, I'm Black and Blue

Title: Fucked Up, I’m Black and Blue

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared

Summary: can I request a fic where the reader is an actor on the show (like 18ish) and the cast are really protective when they find out her boyfriend has been hitting her and she’s upset and fluff and stuff. I love your writing

Word Count: 1300

Abusive relationship, cursing

This was requested by and anonymous… Hope you like it :) AND if you’re going through something like this, please speak up! No one deserves this!

The alarm rang on your phone and you groaned, moving to stop it. Once you saw the time you realized that was actually your fourth alarm, you were late; you should be leaving to set right now. You got up and ran to the bathroom, taking a quick shower and not even washing your hair, leaving that to the hair & makeup crew. You got your clothes and began dressing, looking in the mirror you saw all the bruises covering your body. Some black and blue, reminding you of the night before and some green, from a week ago. Tears welled up in your eyes from the thought of how weak you were near him, letting him do those things to you, but you shook them aside and finished getting ready. You got out of your bedroom for the first time that day and got knocked with memories of what happened a few hours ago.

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anonymous asked:

you have such a strong will to not watch the next episode!! I was a manga reader and the manga chapter ended right here and we had to wait A WHOLE MONTH to see what happens next, it was awful. good luck on your finals! <3

oh geeze that’s awful, having to wait about a day on this cliffhanger is bad enough

but yeah tomorrows my only day to wake up without an alarm, so i need to get to attempt a decent night’s sleep. i’ll definitely watch a few more tomorrow once i finish studying. don’t expect anything on Thursday though; i have a final Friday morning at 8 AM, so i can’t be staying up getting emotional over anime. considering my current pace and where i currently am, i’m expecting i should finish on Saturday! 

…which is wow, considering i started this series a month and a half ago almost

thanks so much! <3 

Tale of how I came to be

This Fairy Tail AU is something Claudia and I came up with. Be aware, this is my first fanfiction, so sorry for grammar mistakes and basically anything you don’t like. There will be few OC. Hope you like it!

(Due to some tag bugs I had to post it again)

Fanfiction written by @theupcomingstorm19 You can also find me on wattpad by name TheVampGirl19

Fanfiction drawn by @turnipdoodle (give her support)

Word count: 2810

Also this will be longer fanfiction, maybe 10-15 chapters. I’m not really sure. As for upload I will upload when I find some free time.

X806 year

Hello there, let me introduce myself. My name is Zera Dragneel. I have shoulder length black hair and green eyes. Currently I’m six years old. Even for a young child such is myself I have really big reputation. My father is emperor of Alvarez Empire, and my mother is first guild master of Fairy Tail. Mum may now be empress of Alvarez Empire, but she still watches over her guild. Current master of the guild is Laxus Dreyar. Ninth master. But back to myself. Even tho I’m Alvarez princess, I don’t live a life of a princess and I’m glad that my parents made that decision. Even tho I am one, I get to go to real school and have real friends. It’s something my parents wanted me to have. A nice and bright childhood with family, something they did not have.

Aside from my parents there is the rest of my family. Uncle Natsu, auntie Lucy and their children. Nashi and Luke. Uncle Natsu has salmon hair and onyx eyes like dad, he is strong like dad. He’s part demon…thanks to dad. Uncle Natsu is da best. Mum and dad says he spoils Nashi, Luke and me a lot. Aunt Lucy and dad usually get jealous because he is much better with kids than they. Uncle has really changeable personality. He’s always down for a fight. And is really overprotective of his family and guild. Auntie Lucy is more of a calm type of a person. But when she gets angry, nothing can save you..hahahha… She has straight blond hair which is usually tied up in a pony tail. As for Nashi and Luke they’re completely mixture of their parents. Nashi has hair like her mum just it is the same color like her dad’s. Her eyes are like her mum’s and her personality is same as uncle’s. Luke has blonde hair similar to his dad’s hairstyle. He’s too much like aunt Lucy. Nashi uses dragon slayer magic while Luke celestial keys and a bit of demon curses.

But after this introduction story of how I came to be starts 14 years ago… This is story of how my parents got together..

The war was over. Six months later Magnolia was rebuild again. With the help of Alvarez. Peace papers between Alvarez and Fiore were signed up. Mavis and Zeref were free of curse. Well not completely. They still have it’s powers but under control. They are not immortal as they used to be. Only way for them to die now is due old age. After everything got back as it used to be Zeref left empire for a while in the hands of spriggans. New Fairy Tail master needed to be chosen. And all members of guild wanted Laxus as their guild master. Grave for Gramps was risen. Grave was located in the backyard of guild. It was Mavis’ idea. Makarov was born in the guild and should rest there too. Grave is surrounded by flowers. It’s reminder to all guild members who Makarov Dreyar was. And story to be told to generations who are to come. After new master was chosen and Mavis made sure that guild stays fine and went to find truth wether fairies have or do not have tails.
As it was fate, Mavis and Zeref meet once again in the middle of nowhere. They talked and talked of living world they finally were able to see and feel. It didn’t take much time for lost bond to be rebuild. They camped buy the lake, since it was too late to go to nearby town. Zeref tried to lit the fire, while Mavis went to take some water. When she was back Zeref has not only lit the fire but set tents too. It was really beautiful scene to Mavis. They talked more. About Fairy Tail guild. Mostly about Natsu, since Zeref was interested in guild life of his little brother. But eventually they got to point of their own relationship. Both Zeref and Mavis sensing heat rising in his/her cheeks tried to avoid the subject as much as possible. And so on Mavis called it a night. She went into her own tent and soon after she fall a sleep. Zeref stayed out for another 30 minutes and went to sleep himself.

Next day they decided to travel together since that was much better than traveling alone, and there was no way Zeref would let Mavis travel alone. Too many bad ideas of what could happen to her went thru Zeref’s mind for him to allow her to continue her journey alone. Few hours later they arrived in some small town. It was a cute town. Mavis and Zeref have decided that it’s better if they first check in some inn. When they got to reception of one… well… they were given the only one left free room since other were full. Zeref thought it couldn’t get any worse. After a fight of who will pay for the stay (which Zeref obviously won) they were shown their room. They stood in front of door. Mavis unlocked the door. She went three steps and stopped. Her face was red as tomato. Zeref not understanding what have gotten into her went to see the rest of room. One bed. One king sized bed. Zeref’s face had darker shade of red than Mavis’ now. Mavis went to bathroom to wash her face in hope her body heat will cool down.Now it was only a slight blush on her cheeks. She went out of bathroom. Zeref waited for her since they wanted to check the town. The blush which was spread on his face was no longer there. But it only took one eye contact between them for them to blush madly again. Shortly after they finally went into the town. It was beautiful. Mavis and Zeref went into a cafe/ restaurant which had view on the central park of the town. Children played and laughed. There was a couple with little kid learning their child how to walk. Joy and happiness could be seen on Mavis’ face.

It was then when Zeref noticed how much Mavis has changed. How much has she grow up from her childish form. He guessed it was side effects of the curse. Mavis was at least 15 cm taller than 6 months when he last time saw her. Her chest were bigger. A tiny blush spread on Zeref’s cheeks and he immediately looked away towards the park. Mavis caught his little stare few seconds ago but decided to let it down, she had enough of embarrassing scenes today. Their food came. After they finished they took longer path towards inn. There was silence. It wasn’t the awkward type of it. Children squeaks and laughter could be heard in the distance. After an hour and half they arrived. Mavis went to take shower. Zeref went to balcony. It had beautiful view of sunset. Soon after Mavis came out in her pajamas. Shorts and T-shirt. She silently came to Zeref and leant into Zeref’s right arm. Neither of them said anything. They just watched sunset. After sun disappeared they went into the room. Zeref took shower. By the time he finished, Mavis was already in the bed, her back turned towards his side of bed. He said nothing and went into bed and soon both of them were asleep. Mavis awoke only to be held by Zeref’s strong hands. Her face was buried in his chest. He was still asleep. Mavis tried to get out of his hug without waking him up. After she did, she went and changed her clothes and went to buy supplies for their journey.
They checked out and went towards the other town. They were near the borders of Alvarez. Another night passed, and soon it was one week since they were traveling together. There wasn’t awkward scenes anymore. They were used to each other completely. Five more days and they arrived at Alvarez empire. When they got to the gates of empire, they recognized some faces. It was Brandish on the gates guarding. She was taken back a little that emperor got back so soon, with Mavis Vermillion too. Anyway Zeref and Mavis were now in the palace. All of the private rooms were taken by spriggans and there was one for emperor. Total 13 private chambers. Since there was some renovating Invel showed “his majesty” and “fairy heart” Zeref’s new room. It was bigger now. While Zeref was looking at his new room he heard Mavis and Invel arguing. Apparently Mavis didn’t like being called “Fairy heart ” since it made her feel like an object. Now the rest of spriggans have came to see their emperor. Mavis and Invel were still arguing about Mavis’ name, only for Brandish and Ajeel to call her empress. That was not something neither Mavis, Zeref or Invel expected. Spriggans left silently. Mavis and Zeref were now in Zeref’s room. Bouth blushing. Uncontrolled. They just sat there on king sized bed. Soon it turned night. Mavis went to take shower. Zeref still sat there on the corner of his bed. After Mavis finished, Zeref took shower and they went to bed. Neither of them caring about the fact that after two weeks they once again shared bed. They both laid on their backs. One week left until year x793 come.

Next day Mavis and got information that Natsu, Lucy and Happy will come for New Year Eve. It was Natsu’s and Brandish’s idea. Days passed Mavis and Zeref haven’t talked much. Not after that incident five days ago. Next day original team Natsu have arrived. It was rather pleasant family meeting. At least this one was much more peaceful than one six months ago. After a good talk and catching up between brothers, Zeref, Natsu, Lucy and Happy went to eat as Brandish said lunch was ready. One thing Natsu and Lucy did not expect was to find first master here of all places. As they ate Mavis and Zeref explained everything. As Mavis got closer to that scene from five days ago Zeref interrupted her by asking Natsu how he spent his past six months. They all continued talking their lives for the past six months. And Zeref catching up for the days he was on travels. As they say time flies fast when you’re having fun. Before any of them noticed sun was disappearing behind the mountains. When everyone went their separated ways, it was rather time for sleep. Since the palace was still rebuilding, Brandish gave her room to Natsu, Lucy and Happy and went to sleep at Dimaria’s.
On the other hand there were Mavis and Zeref still little embarrassed by the “Mavis as empress ” thingy. Both of them knew if they don’t overcome this problem it will become worse. Especially with Nastu being there. If he were to find about that, he would take every single second to laugh and joke about it. While in their presence. And so they talked after five days of nothingness. In the end their chat became argument and that argument ended with a rather furious kiss from Mavis. Zeref was taken back.He was in shock. Paralyzed. The nightmare of their first kiss automatically came into his mind. Out of fear of losing Mavis again, he pushed her back. She was confused.. But after seeing Zeref’s facial expression she understood it. It was fear written all over his face. She tried to comfort him that she’s okay. Mavis put her arms around his neck and hugged him. It was after few moments that Zeref got it. Mavis wasn’t dead. She was fully breathing and hugging him tightly around his neck. He felt like weight has been taken off his shoulders. He immediately without any control of his body hugged Mavis so tight that she had problems breathing after it. After few seconds of eye contact, their lips were once again connected. Only this time it wasn’t a furious kiss. It was slow, gentle full of love kiss. The two moved in sync. It was need for air that separated them, but not for long. After their make out sessions, it was clear to both of them that they never meant to be only friends. Zeref laid down on his back, only for Mavis to fall on him and burying her face in his chest. It only took a minute for Mavis to fall a sleep. Zeref took the blanket and covered Mavis and himself. This night he went with full happy smile on his face.

Next morning. God help him. How on earth did they from Mavis laying on top of him came to his face being buried in Mavis’ chest. He felt heat rising on his cheeks. As he tried to get out of her grip, Natsu came bursting off in his room asking for address of some cafe or something. Zeref didn’t really listened.. He tried to pretend to be asleep. Hoping Natsu would just go away and forgetting everything. But of course not. He just had to call Lucy, Happy and all 12 spriggans.

It was only a nightmare. Zeref awoken from his sleep, finding Mavis sleeping next to him with a smile on her lips. Still under the impression of his “nightmare” Zeref went to wash his face praying something like that never happen in real world. After he got dressed up, he went for a walk. By now sky already turned light blue. Walking thru the corridors of the palace. Decorations and more decorations could be seen. Either on the walls or pillars. Green and red could be seen anywhere. As he got to main hall he saw one really big Christmas tree. Tree was in the center of the room and it was covered with red and white decorations. There were tables covered with red table cloth and bars too. By the looks Zeref though all of Alvarez military will be there too. After taking one last look he left the room and went back to his room. Mavis was still asleep. Lifting up the curtains, sun rays hit Mavis’ face. Watching her face expressions made Zeref laugh a little.

Nothing much happened that day until the party. Everyone was preparing for the party, wether it’s clothes or decorations for the main hall. As sun died down, guests began to fill in. Being an emperor came with prize. Zeref was stuck with welcoming the guests. With Natsu. Natsu volunteering himself. Rather boring job if you ask them. More and more guest came and soon entire main hall was filled with people.

The party went perfectly without any accidents. Neither Lucy or Mavis could believe it. Natsu for once in the all of time they knew him didn’t destroy a single thing. Lucy wondered, maybe it was because of Zeref, or (which would never cross her mind) Natsu finally grew up. That question was left unanswered. But truth to be told Natsu was really nervous since he was thinking of asking Lucy the big question. He did talk with Zeref while welcoming the guests. But asking a guy who spent about 400 years alone about how to propose wasn’t a good idea. Altho Zeref did wish good luck to his lil bro with proposal. But encourage from big bro wasn’t enough for Natsu since he started panicking. Luckily Mavis was there and gave big lecture to Natsu what to do, since she did help Yuri propose to Rita. Mavis’ idea for Natsu was to propose to Lucy when the party is over and everyone is gone. So it will be less awkward if it’s just the two of them. The idea was perfect to Natsu, because proposing to his six month girlfriend in the circle of few hundreds of people would make her blush and faint probably.

It was five minutes before the countdown and Natsu was searching for his Lucy. He could see Zeref and Mavis. Mostly Mavis holding to Zeref’s arm so she wouldn’t get lost. They were talking with Lucy. A big smile made its way on Natsu’s face. As Natsu finally came to Lucy, Mavis and Zeref ,he saw Happy sleeping in Lucy’s arms. Stomachache was Lucy’s reply to Natsu’s worried face expression. The countdown started. Ten seconds before new year. Everyone was yelling while counting down. Three more seconds before a new year with his family. Two seconds, Happy woke up , one second. “Happy New Year” could be heard all across the room. Before Happy could come back to his senses he was crushed by big family hug. First picture Happy saw of x793 was one he will not ever forget. His family, smiling to the fullest.

Sterek day 8: Halloween!!!

@merlshmallow was the one who came up with this idea! Stiles was so hyped up to make his merman costume realistic for Halloween that he had to use Derek to move around since the latex was impossible to move in!! Thank u my lil marshmallow ♡♡♡!!!!

“Hey Lydia!” Stiles greeted as the redhead looked at the scene before her, Derek on the other hand looked calm as ever and not concerned at all about carrying around a half fish half an idiot.

“Stiles what is- no actually, Derek can you please explain" Lydia huffed and leaned on the doorframe, blocking the two from getting inside the party.

”well, my amazing boyfriend,“ Derek pinched Stiles to stop him from giggling “was planning for months this costume to impress you,” Lydia rolled her eyes “he worked and worked and finally finished it few days ago,” Derek sighed dramatically as Stiles wiped a nonexistent tear off his cheek “but since it’s him he forgot to make sure he can move in it and so he made me carry him around” Derek shrugged.

“my prince” Stiles planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

”ok, but why didn’t you tell him?“ Lydia asked as she rubbed her temples.

“it was funny to see him flop around on the floor two hours ago” Derek shrugged again earning a slap on the shoulder from Stiles

“get inside, I’ll get the scissors” Lydia sighed again as Stiles screamed ‘you monster!’

The Little Shy Guy

‘Can i request jungkook’s 3 years old son being clingy over his father infront of the bts members. Thank u!’

Okay, so someone submitted this request months ago and I wrote half of it and never got round to finishing it. I’m so sorry.

Let’s just imagine Jungkook is a few years older than what he is because he’s too young and innocent to have a child at 16.

Words: 830

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Bayroot Academy Part One

“Ouch!” I look up to see what just caused the semi sharp pain to pulse through my pinkie toe. My eyes glance from my foot to his, and I slowly trace the outline of my new English teacher, Mr. Andrew Cox. I see his muscular thighs and trim torso as my gaze escalates, and I linger just a tad too long on the biceps that are bulging out of his short sleeves. Then Mr. Cox of Bayroot Academy for Young Men’s eyes lock with mine and I think for a second that I may have fallen in love. His mouth starts moving and all I can concentrate on are his luscious lips. After he’s done speaking and I’ve stopped swooning I put two and two together and realize that he just mumbled an apology and is already on his way to finding a seat in the stuffy auditorium. My first real interaction with the hottest god on campus and I didn’t even open my mouth - way to go.

Honestly I don’t think Mr. Cox would ever go for a guy like me, even if he were gay and he wasn’t my teacher and a senior in high school. After all I’m just Connor Bradshaw, mediocre at everything and just kind of floating through life. At least I’m in decent shape; for someone who’s 6 foot, weighing in at 160lbs isn’t bad. But my brown hair and eyes do add an extra element of blandness to my overall look. Maybe that’s just my opinion though. Everyone’s always calling me handsome, or hot, or cute, or whatever but frankly I don’t see it. I’m just me I guess.

Anyways seats are running out fast and I know I’m running out of time so I pop a squat next to my friend, quarterback Ross Johnson. Although Ross has his some nice assets that I wouldn’t mind gawking at, I search the crowd and quickly spot Mr. Cox seated two rows ahead of me. I stare at the back of his glorious head; even his neatly trimmed hair gets me going. Or at least it does until Dean Snow, a pale, stumpy middle aged man with an obvious toupee, taps into the microphone demanding our attention.

“I know this assembly seems rather out of the blue, but I have some very special news for the students and faculty of Bayroot Academy. I’m sure all of you have heard the rumors that we will be the newest ‘guinea pigs’ for Feeding America’s Teens, and I’m here to confirm that we will, in fact, be introducing their new nutrition plan! We have our new director of activities, George Walker, here to speak to you all on the matter today.” Dean Snow gestures for this really big dude, who I guess is George Walker, to come on stage. The guy must be at least 400lbs of fat and can barely waddle up the 5 steps without his shirt riding up under his plump moobs. He has a thick goatee and is surprisingly tan for a fat guy. Ross nudges me and goes “Shit, what a fatass.” We both snigger while George pulls his shirt from under his fat rolls and takes the microphone. He speaks breathily and rather slow like he has to think really hard about the words he has to form before they come out.

“Hello boys and gentlemen,” he starts, “I’ll not only be your director of activities this year, but I’ll also be Bayroot’s Feeding America’s Teens official advisor. I’ll be in charge of applying any and all new changes to the school and making sure everyone’s happy. If you have any problems at all relating to the school’s or to F.A.T.’s services, feel free to talk with me any time.” George doesn’t seem like the smartest man but he’s nice enough. Waddling back off the stage, he hands the microphone to Dean Snow who then ends the assembly and dismisses us.

It’s only the second day of school and they’re already popping up with surprise announcements. That’s pretty typical of them, but I could care less. More pointless assemblies means more time out of class for me. When I get back to my dorm room I can see my roommate Cameron seems to agree because he’s taking what looks like his fourth or fifth hit off a bong he smuggled in.

“Damn dude, did you even go to the assembly?” I ask casually.

“Nah man. Why would I when I leave when I have everything I need in here?” he counters. And it’s a good point too. He’s got a mini fridge set up between our beds and our closet filled with snacks. Cameron’s been my roommate since freshman year (the first year you can come to school here at Bayroot Academy) and now that we’re seniors I’ve come to accept that he can eat like a horse and smoke all the weed in the world and won’t gain a pound. You’d never be able to guess how much he eats with that sly frame of his. He winks at me with his light blue eyes and adjusts his thick, sandy hair with his hands and asks me if I want a hit, but I decline. If I get the munchies I’ll be waddling like George in no time.

The school grind starts back up. I meet up with my friends I haven’t seen over the summer and even try to hit the gym a few times, but the doors are locked every time I try; everything’s just like it was.

A few days later I’m walking to English and I realize that Feeding America’s Teens has been bringing in these little food kiosks. The food joints seem to be popping up all over campus, ranging from burger stations to churro carts, and the prices are insanely low. I mean, who’s heard of a 50 cent burger, especially when they’re the size of your face? I’m not complaining though. In fact I even pick up two, one for me and one for Cameron if he decides to show up today, on the walk to class. I easily eat mine on the way there and walk into the classroom to see a groggy Mr. Cox reaching into a box of donuts. I think about other places I’d like to see him reach into as I take my seat. My future husband starts lecturing and it’s significantly harder to concentrate than it has been before, but I can’t figure out why. My stomach is kinda full, but I’m craving something greasy. I reach into my bag for that 2nd burger knowing that Cameron stayed up way too late gaming in his friend Taylor’s room to come to first period. As I’m unwrapping the burger I realized that I’m not the only one creating sounds of wrinkling paper. The sound of wrappers is overwhelming and I can’t think clearly because literally everyone in the class is eating something. I look around the classroom and see Ross the quarterback digging into a bag of fries, and Taylor, Cam’s freind, drinking a chocolate shake, even my health nut friend Bernie is nibbling on a giant turkey leg. Normally small snacks are allowed but I’m sure this mini feast has to be breaking some kind of rule. No one else seems to notice and my stomach begs for attention so I start on the 2nd burger and watch Mr. Cox work on that box of donuts for the rest of the period.

Lunch rolls around and the cafeteria is a madhouse. With food so cheap and rumors of prices skyrocketing, everyone feels like they have to get their fill while they can still afford it. My friend Larry, captain of the soccer team, has gotten trays worth of Feeding America’s Teens’ Taco Bell knock off food every day since they first announced F.A.T.’s arrival.

“You know we haven’t actually exercised at practice yet,” Larry says with a slight Mexican accent. Bits of meat are dripping out of his full mouth. “Coach Clark just has us watching repeats of last year’s failed games and tells us how to fix our mistakes. It’s boring as shit in there. Yesterday that fat guy George came in and asked coach if we needed a buffet table in the locker room for bulking season. We seriously all thought he was kidding; it’s obvious that sack of lard has never played a sport in his life… But coach took the Fatass seriously!”

“What’d Coach say?” Cameron asks.

“What do you think he said? The lazy fuck said ‘Hell yeah!’” Larry was obviously annoyed. Soccer is his life, he wants to play for Mexico in the Fifa World Cup one day, and if he isn’t in his prime shape for his first game this season he’ll be pissed. But I don’t see exercise happening any time soon. Coach Clark doubles as our government teacher and last period he shoved in a tape about the Declaration of Independence and polished off a tray of hot dogs while the class watched.

“And Ross told me that the football team’s only playing the last two games this year,” I add on, “I mean, who’s ever heard of a season only lasting for two weeks?” Ross sits next to me in English and we’ve been talking about all of this lately. He’s a lot more intelligent than you’d think but he’s kind of all wrapped up in football.

“This whole thing is ridiculous; I don’t even have a 4th period anymore,” Bernie adds on. “Ever since they got rid of Nutrition class I just don’t have a period there on my schedule. When I asked the advisors what I should do about it they referred me to George and he told me to just talk a long lunch… So lately I’ve been chilling here and checking out what’s good.” And apparently ‘what’s good’ are those chocolate bars he’s been shoveling down his throat. Bernie by far has the darkest complexion out of all of us, and his shortly cropped hair coupled with his lean muscle he looks totally badass. But it’s kind of hard to take him seriously when he’s apparently lost all self-control.

But maybe it’s not just him who’s been feeling a little weak lately. I have a hunch that that the overindulgence won’t be stopping any time soon.


This morning in English Ross the quarterback told me that the school finally finished renovating the gym. He said he could really use the exercise because he’s packed on a few pounds since that assembly we had a month and a half ago, but I don’t think he’s the only one who’s been packing on a few. It seems that everyone here at Bayroot has been getting a little… dumpy. Even my roommate Cameron, who’s never gained an ounce in his life before this semester, is growing his own little gut. I guess the munchies were bound to catch up to him. I know for sure that my uniform pants are getting pretty tight so I agree to go to the gym with Ross. I invited Cam and he laughed and said he’d rather open a new bag of chips and chill in the dorm. Later I ask soccer boy Larry and he says that he’ll already be joining Cam tonight instead. Apparently without FIFA to motivate him he just doesn’t care about his team anymore.

Ross texts me to meet him at 7:00 pm for the grand reopening, and I’m there on time dressed in my stretchy pants for the occasion. Well, partly for the occasion, partly because most of my shorts dig into my sides and it’s getting annoying. My little roll of flab is nothing compared to what some of the guys have been putting on, though. I figure if I can stay at least slightly behind the average weight of the boys here, I’ll be fine. I try to get into the gym but the doors are locked and a pretty sizable group of plumped up guys have gathered in front, waiting to see the new equipment that’ll hopefully save their waistlines. It’s Friday night, so a lot of us are just looking for something to do, and none of us have had any sort of physical activity because of the coaches. I search the crowd and find Ross and we make small talk. He tells me that over the past month the football coach, Coach Simmons, basically told the football team that they need to bulk up and take a good long break so that they’re rested up for the first game next Friday.

“Yeah so basically we’re fucked, but I’m hoping Coach Simmons’ plan will work. Maybe with the added girth we’ll just shove them back to the goal line” he explains.

“Dude yeah and it sucks because you only have two games to prove yourself, but you’ve definitely been bulking pretty well. I mean the whole school has to put props to you, man.” A month ago Ross was like 180lbs of muscle, but he’s passed the big 200 and is probably creeping up on 215 now. He’s definitely what I would call beefy, and it looks amazing on his 6’4” frame despite his new stretchmarks. While I’m admiring Ross’s plump physique, George shows up, bulldozing his way through the crowd. He unlocks the door, giggles a bit, and shouts, “ENJOY YOUR GYM!” Despite George’s sketchy laughing, we all rush inside to see the month of renovations. What we find isn’t a gym though; it’s a room lit like an arcade and carpeted wall to wall. Instead of ellipticals and treadmills, the floor is littered with big, poofy couches sitting 5 feet across from TV’s hooked up with the latest video game systems. There are even little coffee tables separating the TVs and couches. Buffet tables line most of the walls, and on the opposite end of the room a line of gaming computers await, equipped with headsets and the works. Ironically the old motivational posters are still plastered to the walls, displaying slogans like “No Pain, No Gain,” and “If You Had Fun, You Won!”

Ross and I gaze in amazement, “Okay man, let’s work out!” he spits out and speed walks to the buffet tables, belly bouncing out of the bottom of his shirt. I notice that his ass is taking up way more room in his skin tight elastic shorts than it used to, but I’m not surprised because of how much this beast eats. The cafeteria custodians hate him because he can easily create a tower of trash in the 30 mins we have to eat. I follow his lead and we pile our plates with tonight’s mile high lasagna and bread sticks. The gym is free to all students at Bayroot, so I figure this’ll probably become the new hot spot for all of my friends and I. Ross and I find us a couch and both grab a controller and start alternating between playing online and devouring bite after bite of the delicious Italian food.  The lasagna melts in my mouth and the bread is soft like buttery little tasty pillow sticks. I eat and play and eat and play until I finally finish my third plate without realizing it. I’m full as hell, even with my growing appetite. I drop my controller and set down my plate, too full to move. A handsome man in a tux walks by and replaces my empty plate with a full one and I instantly realize that I hadn’t gotten up to get the other two plates. I ask Ross if he noticed.

“Nah but I don’t care, they can keep… *belch* bringing me lasagna forever, I love this shit.”

“Here, you want mine?” I ask, handing him my plate.

“Do you even have to ask? I’ve already finished off four and I don’t plan on stopping soon,” He looks like he’s finished off four too. Slumped back into the couch, his bloated belly is sticking out an inch or so from his shirt and his hairy belly is poking out even more than it was earlier. It looks blue in the lighting, and I can hear that his breathing is heavier than normal over the sounds of a few dozen gamers. His angular face has softened significantly from the added fat and his double chin is very prominent at the angle he’s sitting. His little bit of stubble is getting all caught up in the rolls, too. He still has some of his football muscle, but it’s all bloated with an inch or so of pudge, and he looks truly blissful sitting there stuffing his face. I’m getting tired so I tell Ross I’m gonna hit the hay and make my way to the dorms before I start craving more lasagna. I don’t even think he heard me.

I open my dorm room door and am instantly attacked by two shirtless bloated boys screaming “HEY! HEY CONNOR YOU’VE GOTTA SEE THIS!” Both Cameron and Larry excitedly waddle over to the closet doors with some difficulty. Their bellies are so full that they have to swing their legs a little to get around the pain.  I can’t imagine what they’ve eaten to get themselves so stuffed. They each open a closet door and with a cry of “VOILA!” A soda machine is revealed, alongside a thin rectangular slot built into the closet wall next to a control panel.

“Connor we got a soda machine AND a pizza button!” Cameron enthusiastically tells me.

“Oh my God that’s amazing! But damn how many pizzas have you had? And what’s a pizza button?”

“Four! Plus a shit ton of soda!” Larry answers. I want to ask if that’s four collective pizzas or four pizzas for each of them, but I’m a little afraid of the answer.

“And this…” Cam says,“is a fucking pizza button!” He turns to the wall and presses buttons on the control pannel. I very cheesy, very greasy pizza rolls out of the thin slot and into Cam’s hands. He plops down on his bed and moans a little because of the bloated pain. He shoves a slice into his mouth.

“Also George came by and told us we have servants now, dude you have no idea how good we have it,” Larry says, and I guess that explains those guys bringing us food in the gym. I fill them in on the new gym and Larry really wants to go right now but it’s too late.

“Okay if we can’t go tonight, I at least have to abuse the pizza button one more time,” Larry reasons.

“Well if he gets to, I want to too,” Cameron, somewhat aggressively, complains, still chewing a slice from the pizza he just ordered. He crosses his arms over his soccer ball sized belly. Maybe Larry can’t seem to get his eyes off Cam’s gut because of the ball it resembles.

“Alright cool you have one too then, I’m going to bed,” I say, done with the two of them and still very full myself. I crawl under the covers and Larry punches a few buttons and two pizzas fly out of the slit in the wall in clean cardboard boxes. I fall asleep watching the two pigs stuffing each other on Cameron’s bed and squirting soda into each other’s mouths from a 15 ft soda fountain hose equipped with a nozzle and everything. Right before I pass out I notice two ripped pairs of pants on the floor and think that that’s going to be a problem.


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It was almost unheard of. A fifteen year old, with a nearly perfect IQ, going off into space. But that’s what happened to you. You were (now) the 17 with the IQ of 198 in space.

“I miss you,” Today was one of the few days where the space shuttle you were on, could communicate with your loved ones down on earth. After waiting about two hours for your Commander to finish talking to their brother, you got in and called your girlfriend and best friend, Lydia Martin. 

“It’s been only about two and a half years!” You joked, making her roll her eyes. You two had agreed to try a relationship about two months ago, and so far, it was going smoothly. 

“I haven’t seen my best friend and amazing girlfriend in over two years. Y/N I really do miss you.”

“I miss you too.” You told her in a more serious tone now. 

“I got you something!” Lydia squealed, leaving the view of the camera and coming back quickly with a teddy bear in hand. “Look! It’s a little astronaut!” She giggled, you smiled and chuckled. She had gotten you a bear dressed like an astronaut, the landing stick and all. 

“I got you something too!” You told her, smiling a little when her whole face lit up. “But its a surprise.” It was a necklace with a little hollow crystal you bought a Walmart before you left, and filled it with sand from Mars. 

Mars had reminded you of Lydia. The orange of her hair, the way if you fuck up really badly, she might kill you. But mostly the hair. 

“Tell me!” She giggled, pretending to pout.

“Lets just say it’s gonna be out of this world.”

I remembered that I finally watched some popular things all the way through a few months ago being last year and early this year.

I finally finished Death Note, s1 and it was pretty good. I never liked it when it was all the buzz among girls pretending and acting like L but it was a pretty decent series. I started s2 just to see and it couldn’t keep my interest.

Caught up on the Walking Dead. Half the series is pretty good but it quickly crumbles. What did they do here…?? I didn’t read all of the comics but I really feel that they are grasping at straws here.

I watched all of Breaking Bad. Excellent show. Nothing else to say about it but it’s worth watching.

Take Flight

Oisuga Week Day 6: Travel

Summary:  On the way home from Tokyo, Suga falls into a conversation with his seatmate, the one and only Oikawa Tooru. Together they explore the past, present and possible futures.

Pairings: Oisuga

“Is this seat taken?”

Suga groans internally. He knows there’s only a slim chance that he’ll get an empty seat next to him on the plane, but he always hopes for one anyways.

“No, go ahead,” he replies with a smile, standing to allow the other person to pass into the middle seat. Briefly, Suga takes a look at his new seatmate. He’s tall, brown hair styled to complement his face nicely. Suga allows himself the brief luxury of admiring the man’s looks - after all, he has to spend the next hour or so sitting next to him.

The other man slides a laptop bag under the seat and settles down comfortably. In turn, Suga takes a book from his backpack, cracking it open. It’s only half finished, even though it’s not particularly thick and Daichi gave it to him a few months ago for his birthday. He simply doesn’t have time to read. But now that he’s on this flight from Tokyo to Miyagi, he might as well take advantage of the free time.


Suga looks up in surprise. He didn’t expect his seatmate to strike a up a conversation.

“I quite enjoyed that book,” the man muses. “The aliens were my favorite part. Are you reading it for the first time?”

“Ah, yes,” Suga nods. “I don’t usually pick up American literature…but my friend recommended it to me. It’s interesting so far.”

His seatmate winks. “I won’t spoil it for you then.” He extends his hand, as much as one can in a cramped aircraft. “Oikawa Tooru.”

“Sugawara Koushi.” Suga shakes his hand. He’s surprised by the friendliness, but welcomes it gladly. “Call me Suga.”

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So a few months ago I started painting our washroom, but only got half way done because I ran out of paint. Life obviously got really busy the last couple of months and as soon as it stopped being busy I found my life the complete opposite.
SO I took the time and got paint and spray paint and I finally finished the bathroom! It was a nasty gold colour before and mirror matched. So I did it a pretty grey colour, did the mirror in a blue and got a new shower curtain with blues and greens(that isn’t pictured).
I’m proud of myself!
My next move is to start moving our bedroom into the other room and utilizing our current room as a living/dining room and a place for nolans guitars.

KakaSaku Week 2016 Day 1: Salty

“I have to do what?”

Kakashi gaped at the smirking doctor before him. Tsunade’s smirk widened innocently.

“Physical rehab, Hatake,” she tutted, her eyes glinting maliciously behind her glasses. “Therapy, to heal that atrocity you call a spine. You’ll be at the centre Monday morning, 9am sharp.”

She scribbled on her clipboard and ripped a piece of paper off, handing it to him impatiently.

“This is your therapist, and this one won’t let you off easily, so beware,” she warned. “Now, out. I have an idiot patient coming in who might be as reckless as you are.”

He didn’t need to be told a second time, so he shoved the little piece of paper into his pocket and got to his fee. Grabbing his crutches with just a touch of exasperation, he left with less grace than he usually would have had. It took more time than he’d have liked to get down the damn stairs and out into the parking lot, and although he tried not to think about the throbbing in his temple or the numbness in his right leg, they seemed to smash their way to the front of his overly preoccupied mind.

Physical rehabilitation, huh? He’d skip the appointment if it wasn’t for the threat of permanent paralysis from the waist down looming over his head.

Still, he could make it just as unpleasant for the therapist involved…


Monday arrived far too quickly, and the more he ignored the time, the faster it seemed to pass. He finally heaved himself off the couch at 9h45 and ambled down to his car, spending another 20 minutes on a trip that would usually take him 10. Finally, at 10h20, he walked (well, hobbled, really) into the rehabilitation centre next door to the hospital, sighing in resignation. He approached the front desk and realised that he didn’t know the name of the therapist he was supposed to be seeing. He reached into his pocket, but hadn’t even begun to remove his hand when an all-too familiar voice sent dread down his injured spine.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old sensei.”

He lifted his gaze to the door behind the front desk and saw that his worst fears had come true.


“That’s Dr. Haruno, to you,” she grinned. Kakashi sighed and smiled; no doubt Tsunade was in cahoots with the pinkette before him and arguing wasn’t only pointless, it was downright dangerous.

“So, this is what Tsunade meant when she said she was sending me a peace offering,” Sakura said slyly, rounding the desk and beckoning him to follow her through to the examination rooms.

“Peace offering?” he asked in apprehension. She hummed.

“Tsunade owed me for covering at the hospital while she was hungover and Shizune was on maternity leave. Didn’t know she was hiding you up her sleeve.”

She patted the pristine white linen on a bed and waited for him to sit. She stood in front of him, hands on the back of his neck.

“How are the headaches?”

“Aching,” he supplied. She clicked her tongue and moved to stand behind him, her fingers gently poking and prodding the small of his back.

“And the numbness?”

“Comes and goes.”

Her hands disappeared and she returned to his front, her hands now on her hips.

“You have been doing the exercises Tsunade prescribed for you, right?”

Her voice was threatening but he could hear she already knew the answer. So he shrugged.

“You know, if you weren’t injured right now, I’d beat you senseless!” she huffed in annoyance, snapping the medical gloves off her hands and folding her arms across her chest. He raised an eyebrow; she couldn’t see the tiny smirk on his face thanks to the mask he never removed, but he wanted her to know he was quite amused.

“Don’t you cock an eyebrow at me,” she threatened half-heartedly. “Grab your crutches, old man, I’m putting you through the wringer.”


Kakashi had so far spent seven hellish weeks in physical rehabilitation, in close proximity to the last person he needed to be around. Throw in the fact that his numbness had been exchanged for aching muscles and an extended range of motion, it was no secret that Kakashi was physically and emotionally drained. He supposed the rehabilitation wouldn’t be half as bad if it wasn’t with Sakura, though he could only blame himself. Who had given him the right to develop a deep and unrequited affection for his former student?

He cursed his poor choices as he eyed the plate of green… stuff Sakura had just placed in front of him.

“Why do I have to eat this?”

She glanced up at him, her green eyes boring into his without shame and frowned.

“You’re not half as active as you were a few months ago, so your body needs to be kept healthy,” she explained. “If you eat whatever you want and laze around all the time you’re not here, you’ll gain weight that your back just can’t support right now.”

He poked a piece of broccoli with his fork in distaste, cringing at the thought of actually eating it.

“Don’t be a baby,” she teased, her smile just a little brighter than usual, if that were possible. “I want that finished by the time I get back.”

She walked off into the gym where there lay countless multi-coloured mats and bosu balls and dumbbells. There were just a few mirrors, and even more padded benches. Kakashi sighed and wondered if he was slightly masochistic. He’d spent an increasing amount of time at the rehab centre over the past few weeks, holed up in her office mostly, allowing himself more time to watch Sakura as she worked with other patients, listen to her constant scolding, and of course experience sharper pangs in his chest.

Today, she was helping a child with spina bifida. Though he watched her every move, he couldn’t recount what she’d done, and very soon she was approaching him with a wry smirk on her face.

“You still haven’t touched anything,” she pointed out needlessly. He didn’t bother looking down at the plate of rabbit food in front of him, and kept his eyes on her instead, watching as she dragged a chair over and sat beside him. She smiled at him.

“Okay, how about we make a deal? For every bit I eat, you have to eat,” she offered, pulling out her own, much better looking salad. He frowned.

“Yours looks like it tastes better,” he said. “That’s cheating.”

“Fine,” she laughed. “If I taste this and say its okay, will you eat it?”

He nodded mutely. She grinned and stuck her fork into his plate. His eyes never once left hers; he’d catch her if she was lying to him. She munched on the greens and swallowed, looking at him expectantly.

“Well, how’s it taste?” he demanded.


She reached forward and pulled his mask down, pressing her lips against his for a few fierce seconds before pulling back. She laughed at the shock that clearly showed on his face.