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Another bunch of bookmark sketches (here were the others). But I think I have enough now. I would like to get them ready for a convention in early March… but I don’t know if I can do all of them… The won’t definetly be paintings, maybe some lineart-stuff. It may be better with the relatively small size anyway.

Tried to get some of you suggestions done in these :>
The one with Mokuba at the end is a little more manga canon. I like capsule monster chess and I wanted to make one bookmark with it.
For the one with Bakura… I just had no cool idea for it. I like Bakura, but my mind goes blank if I’m trying to draw Ryou :T

I hope these sketches aren’t too rough and you can understand what I were trying to draw :’D This is the messyness I usually don’t post.


Shadow Realm facts, according to Pegasus, Yami Yugi, and Ryou Bakura:

1. There’s very little to eat there, at least for humans.
2. Duel Monsters are real in the realm, and you can mentally summon them up, though doing so is considerably difficult and puts a strain on your mind.
3. Running out of energy while there will shred your soul to pieces.
4. Being trapped there increases the power of Millennium Items, and it’s implied the bearer of an Item can leech off your soul for extra power.

From this we can conclude that

5. Ryou had one heck of an offscreen adventure. He was the only one sent there after Yami Bakura lost the duel, and made it out okay. (I don’t know if he just died or what in the Japanese version, but that’s also very impressive to come back from XD)

Cherry Stem

Summary: You and Kai are hanging out in his living room when you show him that you can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue. Safe to say, he was impressed.

Members: Kai x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 731

-Admin M

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You and Kai are sitting on the floor in his apartment. Music is playing and boredom strikes after hours of playing video games and eating junk food. You go to the kitchen and bring back some more snacks for the two of you. You immediately go for the jar of cherries, you had a craving for them at the moment. You pulled the stem off of one of the cherries and held it up in front of you and Kai.

“Can you do this?” you ask as you bring the stem into your mouth and tie it in a knot. You pull the freshly tied stem out of your mouth and show it to him.

Kai looks at you with wide eyes, very impressed while also feeling a sort of strain in his pants. “No, I can’t. Can you teach me?” he suggests with a smirk.

Laughing, you answer, “how do I teach you?”

“Like this,” he replied, scooting closer to you, your face is only inches away from his now. Kai then brings his soft, plump lips to yours. Your eyes open widely in surprise, but you quickly recover and kiss him back. He licks your bottom lip for permission, and you open your mouth in response. His tongue, swirling with yours, leaves you breathless; but you don’t stop kissing him. He finally pulls away for a quick breath, then quickly reattaches his lips to yours. His hand moves slowly to your waist, pulling you closer to him. You straddle him, moving your hands towards the hem of his shirt. He pulls it off and takes off yours as well. Your hands find their way to his hair, holding on while the kiss gets more passionate. He unclasps your bra and slides it off of you. His hands softly caress your bare back, as you glide your hands down his torso, admiring his sculpted body under your fingertips. He hums in response, and plays with the waistband of your shorts.

You both stand up, throwing your shorts and underwear off, with him doing the same. He sits back down and you straddle him once more, your bodies closer than ever. He guides you to lie back on the floor, keeping your legs around his waist. He slides one of his hands to your core, which was already heated and soaked from the passionate kiss. His finger rubs your core gently, making you moan lightly. You can feel him smirk into the kiss, so you reach for his cock and palm him slowly. His breath hitches and he responds by rubbing your core faster. You are both panting when he decides you’re wet enough and slowly pushes himself into you, leaving you breathless and grabbing his biceps. He starts kissing your neck as he waits until you’re adjusted to him, then he pulls out until just his tip is inside you and he slowly pushes in again.  He continues doing this for a while, wanting him to go faster you push him in deeper with your legs. He moans loudly, and starts pumping into you faster and harder.

His chest is against yours, his arms around you, holding you, as he brings you to your sweet end. You are moaning his name like a mantra, and suddenly you feel your core letting go, and letting your climax take over. Your eyes are closed, but you see white stars dancing around, and all you feel is bliss. He continues pounding into you, reaching his climax shortly after you. He moans your name loudly and he collapses on top of you. You don’t mind him laying on you, despite his weight, so you both lay there until you both finally catch your breath. He pulls out of you and lays on his side next to you. Kai pulls you close to him and you can feel his heart beating on your cheek. The slow rhythm of his heart beat starts to lull you to sleep and before you slip into sweet dreams, he whispers, “you should teach me things more often.” You both chuckle, he then kisses your forehead. Kai picks you up and takes you to your shared bed, bringing you close to him again under the covers. You fall asleep to the beating of his heart, and he kisses your head again before drifting off with a smile on his face.

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Random Yu-Gi-Oh headcanons no one asked for but I’m gonna dump them here anyway

- I have already talked once about how I want Mokuba to end up being the tall Kaiba brother, but it will never stop being important to me. It’s not by much, just a couple inches, but it’s enough make the littlebrother.exe file in Seto’s head costantly crash

- Mai and Isis had a thing once. It was mostly experimenting and didn’t last long. They don’t bring it up, but they stayed on friendly terms and on those rare occasions when they are in the same part of the world they try to find the time to get a coffee together and catch up

- Jou is really good with make up. No one is quite sure how or why he learnt, since he doesn’t wear it himself, but he’s always up for doing a friend’s make up

- Ryou is agender and goes by he pronouns. His answers to the question ‘are you a boy or a girl’ are always very creative and kind of creepy

- The best way to get Atem riled up is showing him Ancient Egypt documentaries. He’ll spend the entire time ranting about how wrong everything is. Yugi has videos about that one time Atem got drunk and started screaming at the TV in Egyptian

- Seto actually has wires in that coat to make it defy gravity. He started regretting his decision when he grew up but it’s too late to go back now. That coat is his trademark now and he has to wear it. He tries to make it float a little less tho

- No one knows why Ryou’s eyes seem to change color every once in a while. His friends thought it was just an impression at first until they compared some photos and found that yes, they do change. The best hypothesis is that he wears colored contacts. No one has asked him. No one is sure they really want that answer

- The only person in his friendship group that had not given Yugi a piggyback ride at least once is Seto, and he’s still in denial over being his friend. Jou, Honda and Otogi have given Yugi piggyback rides. Anzu has. Atem had, when he got his body back. Even Shizuka has once. Yugi really likes piggyback rides and people never stop marvelling at how light he is

Yu-Gi-Oh Asks - DM

Yami/Atem - If you could be the best in the world at something, what would it be?
Yugi - What is your greatest wish?
Jonouchi - What’s one thing you’re working really hard to improve on?
Honda - How do you support your friends?
Anzu - What is your goal in life?
Seto Kaiba - What is your highest moral principle?
Mokuba - Who is the person you look up to the most?
Mai - How do you cope with loneliness?
Ryou Bakura - Do you have a bad habit you just can’t quit?
Yami Bakura - Is there anything you’d want to get revenge for?
Thief King - Do you have any scars?
Marik - Have you had any trauma in your life?
Yami Marik - Do you ever have thoughts that scare even you?
Isis - What question about your future would you want answered?
Shizuka - Have you ever been to the hospital, and why?
Otogi - Describe a game you wish existed
Pegasus - What are the things in life you take the most pleasure in?
Mahad - Do have someone that you would give your life to protect?
Mana - Do you have a teacher who has been especially important to you?
Rishid - Do you have any people that aren’t blood-relatives that you consider family?
Haga - Do you have any obsessions/hobbies that other people think are weird?
Ryuzaki - What is your favorite deck theme?
Kajiki - What natural scenery makes you feel the most happy?
Rebecca - Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
Sugoroku - How do you remember important people/events in your life?
Kisara - How much inner strength would you say you have?
Shaadi - Do you feel like you have a mission or a calling in life?
Ushio - Have you ever been bullied?
Keith - Are you proud of where you’re from?
Noah - Describe what your ideal dreamworld would be like
Gozaburo - If you could be the CEO of your own major corporation, what would it be famous for?
Dartz - What do you think of the state of the world currently?
Rafael - How long could you go being completely by yourself with no one to talk to?
Valon - If you were to ever be arrested, what would it be for?
Amelda - Have you lost anyone close to you?

I had a pretty cool dream where an internet friend, Ryou Bakura, and i were investigating and closing portals to the Shadow Realm. Something like that, anyway. It was kinda like Super Mario 64. Ryou could sense where the shadows were most concentrated, but Yami Bakura didn’t like what we were doing so sometimes we had to rescue Ryou when he went to explore and didn’t come back.

There was one area that looked like a shadowy mix of a fountain and a mirror, but built into a table upside down, and when you stuck your head in you could breathe. It was larger than it looked, too. Ryou had gone in there and couldn’t get out so we had to save him. The dream switched to something else soon, though.


Banpresto last Thursday:

In one of the corner where they need to guess which option will be voted most by the viewers, one of the question was “Which facial expression of the opposite sex do you like?“ Option #1 was duck face, and then SuzuKen, Ryou chin and Toriumi had this conversation:

SuzuKen: I wonder which one is it
Toriumi: Number one is duck.. Mamo chan right
SuzuKen: I can do duck face too. I practiced at home

few minutes later…
SuzuKen: I think it’s number 3 (being embarrassed when praised)
Ryou chin: After all, a guy’s duck face is gross right
Toriumi: Apologize to Miyano san!
SuzuKen: LOL
Ryou chin: Does Miyano san do that?
Toriumi: He does that a lot 

Bonus: Toriumi san and Ryo chin’s duck face

How I Met Your Father


How we met? It was kind of complicated. We met a few times before we actually… got to meet. I know that sounds strange. We were different people then, so to speak… I’m not sure where to begin…

I knew I wanted to meet him before I even saw him.

After the untimely death of Malik’s father, Mariku didn’t have much else to say. He’d have liked to, but with Rishid’s annoying lingering presence, there was little Mariku could do. It was boring, mostly.

He didn’t pay much attention to what Malik did. He had his plan and he ran with it and Mariku only sometimes poked his head out to watch. It was on one of these rare times when he’d peeked out through Malik’s eyes that he had first indirectly met Ryou.

Technically, it was the spirit within the ring. A right bastard playing by the name “Bakura” and parading around in someone else’s skin. It was a situation that hit too close to home, and of course Malik didn’t even blink. Malik’s intentions were so narrow and focused and fucking self-centred, why would he care about his other boy, hidden in his own body?  

Mariku paid more attention after that. He’d make it his own personal mission to find and free the other Bakura. Who else would fight for him if they didn’t even seem to know? No, this situation was too much like his own and he knew that he would never in a thousand years find someone else like this. He had to act, but how?

The hours dragged on.

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Open Incubus AU

This wasn’t going to work out.

Ryou had been an incubus for nearly a week now, and he hadn’t… fed once. He was starving. Despite the pheromones he was releasing, he couldn’t do it. After all, he had always been something of a social recluse. The only reason he had ventured from his apartment now was because he was running out of necessary toiletries. He was pretty noticeably weak at this point, and the circles under his eyes only seemed to get darker. If he didn’t feed soon, he wasn’t going to last one…


Well, I Guess Everybody Needs A Bedtime Story Sometimes

@abridgedalbino​, continued from ask

Bakura looked up at the soft voice of his host.

One, it was a wonder the boy had found him curled against that alley wall, and two…buggering hell word spread fast.

“Since when do you care about whether or not I’m alright?” His voice was far away, eyes unfocused.

“Since I found out you have a heart.”

Ryou squatted down in front of him.

“Tell me what happened.”


It had been a good two days since Ryou had last eaten, but he could hardly be bothered to notice. During this time he had been working fervently on a new track, and he was completely engrossed. Even as his phone buzzed, he hardly took note of it. He just had to do this one last thing! And then this, that, and another, but details. Ryou just kept going, staring ahead at his laptop.

Thank You’s

Valentines fluff for @thinkofitlikechess

Bakura laid on one of the sofa’s watching as his host ran around the room cleaning up the almost spotless space and trying not to roll his eyes. It was as though Ryou had taken the day off in order to instead do the housework that Kaiba already hired other people to do - yet his host had insisted they all to go home and to allow him to cook and clean and what the heck sort of music was this? He groaned and grabbed a cushion to bury his head under, grumbling something under his breath.

“What was that?” Ryou asked as he paused and lent against the side of the vacuum as he glared down at Bakura. Honestly would it have hurt him to offer to help at least a little? Seto was still at work and from the time they’d gotten back to Japan, Ryou was learning just how late he could sometimes work to. Today though he’d enlisted the help of Mokuba to try and get him home at a reasonable time, with the promise of cookies as a reward. Bakura was the only annoyance at the moment. “You could help?” “You could not be so crazy? What’s so special about today that you take the day off to cook and clean and boss me around?” he frowned and slowly sat up, tilting his head slightly at the colour in his hosts cheeks. What the fuck was he missing right now? He sighed, running a hand through his short hair and trying not to tug it out in frustration. How many times must he insist that if people had something to fucking say - then just fucking come out and say it!

“It’s valentines day” Ryou shrugged a little, turning back on the vacuum and returning to cleaning as Bakura groaned and laid back again, searching through his mind for the importance of such an event before his laughter cut through the peppy english music that filled the air.

“Wait - isn’t it girls who are suppose to do all this?” he smirked as he watched Ryou, “Are you the girl in this relationship then?”

Ryou paused - turning off the vacuum once more to stare down the old spirit, “No, it’s not that” he sighed, “Back home we celebrate differently…and I bet he’s been receiving gifts all day off random colleagues and clients”

“So your jealous?” Bakura asked before laughing happily at Ryous blush, “Wow. I remember the amount of gifts you received back in high school and I’m sure when you return back to collage there will be alot waiting on you as well” he grinned, enjoying the obvious discomfort in his hosts stance, Ryou picking at the scarf he’d tired around his wrist. Bakura grinned and got to his feet, slowly approaching Ryou until he’d back up against the opposite wall.

“Kura…just…behave for today alrigh-” he gasped as suddenly the spirits lips were over his own, eyes narrowing into a glare instead before he pushed him away and ran off into the kitchen to check on the food, Bakura’s laughter following him. Stupid bloody spirit. Ryou grumbled away to himself as he checked on the vegetables though he froze as the heard the sound of the vacuum in the next room. Curious, he poked his head out around the doorway and softly smiled at the sight of Bakura at least trying to help. He should do more around the house. It was nice for Kaiba to allow them to live here for now and it’d be a lot nicer if Bakura bloody stopped taking advantage of it so much.

Two hours later and Ryou had fallen to sleep curled up against Bakura’s side. It had grown darker outside and the food was now just ready to be reheated for whenever Kaiba arrived back home. Ryou was just exhausted after working for three days at two different jobs then spending the entirety of his day off preparing this surprise for his boyfriend. Bakura sighed, shifting slightly as he reached over and looked over the card that Ryou had made, pausing for a split second before lifting a pen and signing his own name - along with a a little doodle of a dick - cause why not? Fluffy romantic shit was between them two but they were not about to forget his presence so blasted easily either. He was aware that there was enough for all three of them - and some for Mokuba as well. Ryou wasn’t the sort to just leave people out. He’d also make sweets and candy for the staff - wasn’t really that surprising that he was so tired then.

By the time that Kaiba did arrive home though both of his lovers had passed out fast asleep, Ryou laying curled up against the spirits side as Bakura laid half sprawled out and looking as though he was about to topple off onto the floor at any moment.