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You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

- “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last

“He promised!”, the younger man cried. A heartwrecking, choked sound. “He promised he’d come back!”

Tears seeped through the fabric of Ryou’s shirt and slender fingers dug into his back with a force he’d never thought Keith possessed. There was nothing he could do. Nothing he could say. No support he could’ve offered. He could only wrap his own arms around the smaller figure and hold him.

It had been two months. Two months since Keith fled the constricting walls of the Galaxy Garrison and vanished into the cold desert night. Two months and twenty-two days since Iverson’s spokesman announced the Kerberos mission was a failure. Two months and twenty-nine days since the comms of his brother’s ship went dead.

Noone knew where Keith went that night, except for Ryou. There was only one place in the world Keith would seek out for shelter. It was the only place Takashi had never shared with his twin. Because it was their place. Their shelter. Keith and Shiro. Only them. And Ryou had respected that, content with the fact that his brother had finally found love, even if Takashi himself hadn’t known that back then.

Now that Takashi was gone, he couldn’t help but venture out into the desert more and more often. He felt adrift and numb, left in a state of levitation before reality would finally come crashing in. Always looking for that special place that held so many memories of his brother. The shack.

Packed with supplies - food, water, wool blankets, lamp oil, a notable stock of lighters and all the little things Keith may or may not need by now - Ryou had steered his black hoverbike away from the Garrison this morning and straight into the unforgiving heat of the desert. Always looking for that one spot on the map that still held some of his brother’s very soul. That one damned spot that Ryou knew he should never seek out. For it held the only tangible evidence of his brother’s death. His absence at Keith’s side. And he knew this would break him.

When he finally found the shack, he knew Keith was there before he even saw him in person. The red hoverbike, parked right infront of the small porch, gave him away. Its black twin’s engine purred and finally went silent under Ryou. Before Kerberos, before everything went down the drain, the red bike had belonged to Takashi. A gift, Ryou had made for him. He still remembered the face Taka made when he’d seen his birthday present. Now that day seemed eons away… Surreal and alien like memories of a life that belonged to somebody else.

Keith opened the front door before Ryou could even make it to the porch. And for one moment it seemed like the world had come to a halt, remembering that there was something missing, before it started turning again with cold, regardless indifference. Feigning ignorance towards two now incomplete and broken beings. The universe had greater things to take care of.

Seeing Ryou - the spitting image of his lost brother - must’ve been the last straw. Keith hadn’t cried. Not when Ryou had called him after the ship went silent, not when the announcement came that all crew members were believed to be dead. Not even when he had left the base. He had punched people. He had seethed with rage and he had broken things, but never cried. Now however…

“He promised!”, the younger man cried. A heartwrecking, choked sound. “He promised he’d come back!”

Now, after three months, shock and numbness, disbelief and repression finally faded… Keith cried.

And it broke Ryou…


So…. uh… this… this got out of hand? All I wanted was to express my headcanon that Ryou and Keith knew eachother from their time at the Garrison and that Ryou visited Keith after he got expelled. And that they both mourn Shiro together. But somehow I ended up writing way more than I had planned. xD Oh well…

The new trailer for s3 kinda left me adrift because WHAT THE FUCK. Why they keep doing this to me with every new season?! Where’s Shiro? Why’s he not in the trailer?! Why can’t we just… have him back and be save for once? Not knowing if my poor baby survives every new damn season has me stressing like fuck! So I felt like drawing Keith coping with losing Shiro. And then I ended up drawing this and feeling bad for poor Keith! Now I feel like I want to cry my eyes out…


Ok friends in case you didn’t know, I had a meltdown on twitter the other day concerning a Certain Younger Shiro bro that hasn’t been spoken about since like, Go Lion, and what that means in my head about Shiro headcanons (particularly the older brother complex) SOMEONE BRING BACK SHIROGANE RYOU

Yu-Gi-Oh! Theory: How Bad Continuity Made Ryou Bakura the Most Powerful Character in the Series

(I should probably mention that I’m going entirely off of the mangaverse for this)

Okay so one thing about Ryou has been fucking me up for a while. When the Shadow RPG happened in season zero, Ryou Bakura summoned the NPC, White Mage Bakura. This character was obviously made as a stand-in for him, right? And if there is one thing that the season zero arc established, it was that shadow games are used to test the power of people’s souls. They are literally used to quantify the strength of a person’s heart. That being said, however…

Ryou Bakura is only two levels below Zorc.

16 year old Ryou Bakura is almost as strong as Yami Bakura, an actual literal demon. That being said, though, this is only the power of Ryou’s soul when he’s half-conscious, as he was being possessed at the time. He managed to almost rival the spirit of the Millennium Ring in sheer power, and that wasn’t even the full extent of his abilities.

No, this is all just the tip of the iceberg

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Two Minutes (part 1)

so there was this picture and a (kinda) prompt that came across my dash.  And it sounded like fun - which is to say that the first sentence bit me and once I’d written that, more came.  I feel like there’s more but in these few minutes between chicken chasing and leaving to pick up my dad this is what came out.  @theprojectava I don’t know if this is what you wanted but its my start at least.


He’s not Takashi.

He will never be Takashi.  Takashi, who’s the oldest by a mere two minutes and forty seconds and wears every nanosecond of that birth order in his very bones.

Not that his twin is all straight-laced propriety.  Taka can cut loose and subvert the rules with an almost serene joy.  But he knows it when he does.  Because Taka always knows the weights and balances in everything he does and he manipulates and maneuvers the scale like a pachinko grandmother who’s riding her entire month’s pension check on it.  Ryou gave up trying to match or even meet him when it comes to things like odds or strategy before they were even out of their pre-teens.  Taka can turn on a heartbeat, ride the edge of an eyelash, slip through the tightest spot and keep climbing.  Takashi, bluntly put, is the golden son of the Shirogane family.  And, sometimes, he would be lying if Ryou didn’t admit it was hard, seeing that gleam ahead of him all the time.  It would be harder if his brother was anyone other than his Takashi.  Because Taka never saw him as his shadow, never treated him like an accessory, never loved him with anything less than his whole fierce loyal heart and Ryou - well, Taka wasn’t just the Shirogane family’s golden boy.  He was Ryou’s too.  There had always been a strong, consistent comfort and reassurance in that steady gleam of gold.  Taka had always considered Ryou included in that glow.

If Takashi was the family mon in human form though, Ryou had his own place.  Because every mon needed steel to partner it.  And no one could match Ryou there.

The first time he got into trouble, really got in trouble, it was when he took apart his grandfather’s prized timepiece to see what made it chime.  He’d been six.  By the time he was seven he’d put it back together and for the first time in a century it had ticked time perfectly.  His mind didn’t make the leaps ahead that his golden twin’s did, his mind dug deep and kept digging.  Taka was naming the stars and learning his grandfather’s poetry as soon as he could talk.  Ryou had sat in their father’s study and poured over old, vanilla smelling books about biology and chemistry, learning to enjoy the way things slotted so perfectly into place when enough parts were present.  Taka mastered go and Ryou card games, preferring the patterns he could watch for and manipulate to make things fall perfectly into place.  Taka dreamed up adventures for them around the family fish pond and Ryou built small soldiers out of loose bolts and their grandmother’s fabric scraps to accompany them.  When they were old enough Taka learned to make a hovercraft dance like a petal in the wind and Ryou learned to tune it so that it whispered or purred or sang.  They weren’t complete opposites.  They were almost evenly matched in combat, training together young, with Taka having the advantage of strategy and Ryou the advantage of recognizing patterns quickly.  They both laughed easy, loved bad movies, told worse jokes - but Ryou was the one that would do something just to see what would happen while Takashi preferred figuring it out ahead of time and acting accordingly.  That - last trait meant that more than once it was Takashi that played the hero to Ryou’s messes, not always graciously, but, more often than not, wanting all the details afterward, just as knowledge hungry as his two minute younger twin. 

For twins, they didn’t often play the identical twin joke.  None of the family had ever fallen for it, their cat clever grandmother least of all, and Taka was too soft-hearted to use it on other students or their teachers.  Ryou had empathy.  His just wasn’t as sensitive as Taka’s.  Sometimes a good joke outweighed someone else’s temporary dignity.  As long as it wasn’t done maliciously, Ryou was more willing with the twin hijinks.  And, sometimes, when he was taking his brother’s actions apart in his mind, curious as always, he wondered… if his brother didn’t play twin jokes for Ryou’s own sake.  Because he knew and he knew that his brother could have envied him his golden position.  Sometimes Ryou did.  But that happened less and less the older they got and the more Ryou found his own strengths outside of his brother’s.

Because if Taka could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

(part 2)

What Squad Are You On?

What’s your favorite Kuron/Sheith headcanon?  These are just a few of the popular HCs I’ve seen floating around, and I’m curious to know what people like best! :)  Tag yourself, I’m on the Love From Afar Squad.

Only You Squad

Keith knew that this Shiro was an impostor.  Something about the way he moved, talked, acted around Keith – it was different.  The others hadn’t noticed; they were just so happy to have him back.  He wasn’t even sure if the impostor realized it himself.  Damn it… this guy actually thought he was Shiro.  Keith refused to kiss him or hold his hand, and he tried to ignore the sinking feeling in his chest when he saw the flash of hurt in this fake Shiro’s eyes.  He walked away then with a curt “I’m sorry” muttered through clenched teeth – no explanation, no closure.  He just… ended it.  The impostor had Shiro’s memories, his thoughts, his emotions.  He loved Keith, just as the man he was impersonating did, but Keith knew the truth.  He was going to find the real Shiro – his Shiro – no matter what it took, and until then, he was just going to have to break this impostor’s heart.

This Ain’t So Bad Squad

Kuron was sent to kill them all.  With Shiro’s memories, it would be easy to infiltrate the Paladins and dispatch them one by one, and he was going to start with Keith.  Cut off the head, as they say.  But the former Red Paladin was smart and knew Shiro better than anyone; he was already suspicious.  Kuron couldn’t make his move until Keith trusted him, and so he acted the part.  He spent time with Keith, just as Shiro would.  He talked to him, supported him, laughed with him – loved him.  Shiro was a fool.  Why hadn’t he confessed his feelings yet?  It was so clear that Keith felt the same way.  What was Shiro so afraid of?  Damn it, Kuron loved him, he loved him so much.  He couldn’t kill him.  Even as he had Keith cornered, pressed back against a wall with the searing heat of his Galra hand inches from his throat, he couldn’t do it.  “You’re not going to kill me,” Keith whispered, and just as Kuron lowered his trembling hand, Keith gripped the front of his shirt and pulled him in for a hard kiss.

Difficult Choices Squad

Keith and Kuron were none the wiser.  They picked up where they left off – sure of their feelings that neither had yet acted upon.  Now that Shiro (Kuron) was back, they weren’t going to waste anymore time.  They confessed how they felt about each other – they loved and laughed and cried and grew together.  Like always, they supported and comforted one another and kept the other safe from their own demons.  They kissed and made love.  They were happy.

Then Shiro returned, his near death experience forcing him to realize how foolish he’d been for never telling Keith how he felt.  Like Kuron, he was also ready to take the next step, to finally tell Keith that he loved him with everything he had, only to find that he might be too late.  Keith found someone else – his own fucking clone, at that.  Keith had a choice to make, and he didn’t know what to do.  He was lost.  

Love From Afar Squad

No one on the team realized that Kuron was a clone, and neither did Kuron himself.  When Shiro returned, it was a difficult transition.  The team didn’t want to kick Kuron to the curb, so they found a way to make things work.  Kuron, with the help of his friends, decided that he was his own person and took a new name – Ryou.  

Meanwhile, Keith and Shiro rekindled their budding relationship, having danced around their feelings before Shiro disappeared. They didn’t hide it from the team nor were they afraid to show the universe how much they loved each other.  Ryou had Shiro’s memories.  He felt the same things that Shiro felt and saw through the same eyes.  He couldn’t help but love Keith just as much.  And now he had to watch his love be with someone else – the real Shiro, something he could never be.

A Noctis Birthday Gift

Ignis doesn’t ask for much.

Tumblr hates long images. I had to chop it up for it to be recognizable at all.

Original Artist: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=61331994

Noctis: Hey, Ignis, is there anything you want?

Don’t put in carrots

Ignis: What’s this about all a sudden?

Noctis: What? It’s your birthday! Tomorrow! You couldn’t have forgotten?!


Ignis: Ah, that’s right.

Ignis: Yes. I’d like fo ryou to fix your unbalanced diet.

Noctis: Nooot something like that!

Noctis: Isn’t there something? A new book?

Noctis: A kitchen knife? Something?

Noctis: I wanna do something to make you happy…

Ignis: I see. There is one thing.

Ignis: Would you give your day to me?

Noctis: …Ha!


Noctis: That’s so pretentious.

Noctis: But


Noctis: Fine. I’d be happy to do it.

I’ll make a reservation for one selfless strategist.

Ignis: I’m much greedier than you think, Noct.

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Hey boss, ye cat, you need to give me some Ryou because I love him and it'll make me feel better~

Who could this very mysterious ask be from?  Gosh, @niffty24​, I’m stumped, who do you think this is from??

But okay, yeah, sure.

“It’s getting long, huh?”

Ryou looked up from the couch to see Lance in the doorway, grinning at him.  He stepped into the rec room, a floating tray bobbing behind him with popcorn and drinks.

“Huh?”  Ryou started to tilt his head, then winced.  A strand of hair was twisted around one finger, and it had pulled instead of coming loose.  Huh.  He hadn’t even realized he was playing with it.  “Oh, the hair?  Yeah.  It’s better now that I can put it up.”

Snorting, Lance sat down next to him, hard enough to make Ryou jolt.  “I admit, I like it better now too.  The mullet phase was a little too much.”

Ryou rolled his eyes.  “Enough with your mullet grudge.  Keith’s hair isn’t that bad.”  When Lance only hummed in disagreement, Ryou huffed back.  “At least it’s not in my face anymore.  That was a pain.”

“You could have used barrettes,” Lance pointed out, smile growing.  The tray settled between them as he rested his shoes on the coffee table.  It was with the full knowledge that Coran would see the scuffs later and make him clean it.  “Could have done them in all different colors for Voltron.”

“Yeah, I could also not do that.  Barrettes in a helmet sounds uncomfortable.”  Ryou held up the pad so Lance could see the program for the TV. “Pidge has Who Framed Rodger Rabbit on here.  That good for you?”

Lance shrugged.  “Haven’t seen it.”

Grinning, Ryou tilted his head.  “I haven’t either.  Sounds like fun, then.”  He tapped on the screen to start the movie.

Lance took a handful of popcorn, then picked one piece out of his hand and tossed it up.  He caught it in his mouth with a grin.  “I do like it down.  When you have it up in the bun, it kind of looks like Allura, with all the white hair.”

“I do not look like Allura,” Ryou replied, not even looking over.  “That’s a really difficult silhouette for me to pull off.”

Snickering, Lance nodded, conceding the point.  “Alright, but still.”

Finally, Ryou looked over, eyebrow arched.  “Just say what you’re getting at.”

Lance’s bottom lip jutted out.  “Aww.  That ruins the fun.”  But under Ryou’s continued stare, he sighed.  “I could put it up for you.  The ponytail is fine, and I actually like the bun.  It’s appropriately hipster of you.  But you should have some options.  I can do some cool braiding, if you’re interested.”



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so here’s what I’ve been getting and yep, I am weak.  So here’s part two (and the last part) of our Ryou In Spaaaace saga.  I hope you enjoy it, gang.  Or as I used to say ‘o best beloveds and gentle readers’.

part one for anyone that needs it

Ryou was scared.

He’d never been so scared in all his life, not even close.

And when Ryou got scared, he got angry.

In a way, the fact that all of this was so surreal helped. Everything had taken on a vague dreamlike quality, no, nightmare, and it helped him compartmentalize.  He’d never been as good at that before as his twin had been but - he’d watched the best do it and he had motivation to learn fast.  

Outside the crowd roared, like a wave crashing against rocks, sound receding a little but never going away entirely and bound to rise again.  Ryou hated that sound, and, at the moment, he hated every single throat it came out of, terror and frustration needed an outlet that was safe for him to feel.  Hate he could use, hate gave him singular focus - and he could discard hate when it didn’t suit him anymore.  Terror and frustration though - those were traps and he knew if he let himself realize they were there, they’d consume him.  So anger and hate it was and his hands, already battered and raw knuckled, clenched at his sides.

How had it come to this?

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Deathshipping - Unicorn Ryou Bakura & Yami Marik (Kek)

Inspired by @sitabethel “Role Play” chapter 56 from The Lemonade Stand and for @ninjam117 version Immorientio & Bring me to Life!

I luv the idea of Unicorn Ryou, so when one of the inktober prompts was “horns” I had to draw him! Though this didn’t make it (I was going to scrap it honestly since the anatomy was driving me crazy)! I am happy I kept trying and got a chance to draw more Deathshipping! ^^


*Sorry about the links - they won’t let me do outside links for some reason?!*

So what if Keith’s mother FOUNDED the Blade of Marmora?

So what if Keith’s mother FOUNDED the Blade of Marmora?…

I mean, she HAD to have a good reason to leave him as an infant, and that seems like… okay, not a GOOD reason, but Keith’s dad knew what he was doing more than she did, so it was reasonable? < Ryou> would do fine.

 Better than she could, at least. Human infants were so tiny and demanding… also hairless and they couldn’t even support their own heads… ?! 

This is clearly an evolutionary failing.

The Blade of Marmora is obviously older than Keith, but what if Earth is one of those places where time passes slower than in the rest of the universe…? Like the Fearie Realm, Earth is somewhere where time is strange, but also far too comfortable. (The domesticity frightens <Jane>.)


I just want to put my two-cents in this debate about if Shiro and Keith are related.

I do NOT think Shiro and Keith are brothers. Otherwise the whole “You’re like a brother to me.” scene would not have happened.

However, we cannot deny their bond from season one and their dedication to eachother no matter what. If I had not seen the BOM episode in season 2, I would still stan Sheith as much as I do Klance. (I will still ship them in the case that they end up not being related, just after that episode, I just have the inclination to see them as family to one another. )And here’s why.

Keith’s father looks weirdly similar to Shiro. Their build, the facial structure, everything.

Like I saw this man, and automatically thought he was related to Shiro. Not Keith, Shiro. And then you find out he’s Keith’s father. This resemblance leads me to assume this is Shiro’s brother as well as Keith’s dad. He seems a little too young to be Shiro’s father but I just assumed that he and Shiro had a large gap between them (maybe they’re half brothers and share only one parent?) so that Shiro and Keith are closer in age than him and his actual brother. Which would expalin why Keith would see Shiro as an older brother instead as just a friend. He’s his Uncle but they were never super formal about it. Hell, I have an aunt who is 15 years older than me and I refer to her without the title or anything.

I also have a theory on who exactly his father is. Just his name, not his story. I think he is supposed to be a shout out to origional fans. I think he is supposed to be Ryou. And yes, I know Ryou was supposed to be Takashi’s younger brother in the older canon but for some reason they wanted to use Takashi instead and reversed their ages to fit him in somehow. They’d still be siblings, just age reversal. I think the main thing that confirms this for me is the fact that Sven (who Ryou ans Takashi were combined to be as one character) made a guest apperance in the Alternate Dimension episode in season 3. If they made Sven an easter egg, I think Keith’s dad and Shiro’s brother bring Ryou would make sense. Paying homage to the original series but with their own flair. I think that’s what they’re setting up, but I don’t know

All I know for sure is that Shiro and Keith are really close pre-series (as you can see from episode one season one and the background of Pidge & Matt’s flashback), Shrio and Keith’s dad look spooky similar, and the writers love to throw in old series with easter eggs.

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Random Yu-Gi-Oh headcanons no one asked for but I’m gonna dump them here anyway

- I have already talked once about how I want Mokuba to end up being the tall Kaiba brother, but it will never stop being important to me. It’s not by much, just a couple inches, but it’s enough make the littlebrother.exe file in Seto’s head costantly crash

- Mai and Isis had a thing once. It was mostly experimenting and didn’t last long. They don’t bring it up, but they stayed on friendly terms and on those rare occasions when they are in the same part of the world they try to find the time to get a coffee together and catch up

- Jou is really good with make up. No one is quite sure how or why he learnt, since he doesn’t wear it himself, but he’s always up for doing a friend’s make up

- Ryou is agender and goes by he pronouns. His answers to the question ‘are you a boy or a girl’ are always very creative and kind of creepy

- The best way to get Atem riled up is showing him Ancient Egypt documentaries. He’ll spend the entire time ranting about how wrong everything is. Yugi has videos about that one time Atem got drunk and started screaming at the TV in Egyptian

- Seto actually has wires in that coat to make it defy gravity. He started regretting his decision when he grew up but it’s too late to go back now. That coat is his trademark now and he has to wear it. He tries to make it float a little less tho

- No one knows why Ryou’s eyes seem to change color every once in a while. His friends thought it was just an impression at first until they compared some photos and found that yes, they do change. The best hypothesis is that he wears colored contacts. No one has asked him. No one is sure they really want that answer

- The only person in his friendship group that had not given Yugi a piggyback ride at least once is Seto, and he’s still in denial over being his friend. Jou, Honda and Otogi have given Yugi piggyback rides. Anzu has. Atem had, when he got his body back. Even Shizuka has once. Yugi really likes piggyback rides and people never stop marvelling at how light he is


Shadow Realm facts, according to Pegasus, Yami Yugi, and Ryou Bakura:

1. There’s very little to eat there, at least for humans.
2. Duel Monsters are real in the realm, and you can mentally summon them up, though doing so is considerably difficult and puts a strain on your mind.
3. Running out of energy while there will shred your soul to pieces.
4. Being trapped there increases the power of Millennium Items, and it’s implied the bearer of an Item can leech off your soul for extra power.

From this we can conclude that

5. Ryou had one heck of an offscreen adventure. He was the only one sent there after Yami Bakura lost the duel, and made it out okay. (I don’t know if he just died or what in the Japanese version, but that’s also very impressive to come back from XD)

Red Water

@voltronwhumpweek2017 - Writer Nonnie’s fic for Day 3: near death/ blood loss

((Double whammy because I’m kinda on a roll. On the torture prompt and…. poor Hunk first of all but also poor random Galra commander made solely for the fic. He’s in for a world of hurt.))


Ryou’s leg was still healing, but he could walk without much trouble, and that was good enough for him. He was going to miss that chair, but Coran said it needed to be decontaminated from all of Ryous human germs.

“Oh great and mighty dragon!” Lance’s voice sang from the door as he dodged a screwdriver.

“Yes oh great sniper of the cosmos?” Ryou sang back, wondering what he’ll have to trade Coran for blueprints of the hover chair.

“The Blades need some mineral thingy that can only be found in the depths of an underground ocean on a moon we’re heading to and I was wondering if you wanted to tag along?” Lance leaned ever so cooly against the wall. 

“Hm. Stay and continue working on my things or go and do favors for a group I would trade for a corn chip in a second? Pretty tough decision.”

“Did I say underground ocean? I meant underground ocean temple filled with puzzles and traps of unknown technological origins.” Lance smirked.

Ryou stopped tinkering with with his things.

“Go on.”

The Blades were given quite the surprise when the combined puzzle expertise of Lance and Ryou got through the puzzles faster than rebel Galra logic ever did. Taka was never going to hear the end of it when they got back.

They were in and out without problem.

“This has been quite a simple extraction.” One of the Blades mentioned.

The presence grabbed Ryou’s stomach.

“All we need to do now is return to the Castle.”

“Why would you say that out loud?” Ryou looked ready to kill the offending Blade, earning many looks of confusion from the others.

“Yeah! Everyone knows you do not mention how easy something is. That’s basically asking to be punched in the face!” Lance looked around for any possible threats that was very likely nearby.

“Nonsense.” A Blade crossed their arms and turned up their nose, taking a single step to turn away from Lance and Ryou.

That single step activated some sort of trap. A thunderous boom shook the temple. And then second boom. And a third. Until the room they were in was no more, and became part of a rubble filled tidal wave. No one was sure who grabbed who, or what, but they all knew they weren’t in control of where they were going. The water had no goal other than to move forward.The path might of split once or twice, it was hard to tell.

When things finally settled down, Ryou and Lance were both clinging to the same bit of floating rubble.

“I’ll never let go, I promise.” Lance sputtered, tighting his grip on Ryou’s wrist.

“There was enough room on that panel,” Ryou managed to groan. With some effort, he managed to get on top of the rubble. He looked over to Lance and noticed the water was red. “Lance!”

A wound to his side, a stab of sorts. Lance’s grip weakened slightly, but there was no way Ryou was letting that menacing presence claim victory. He had nothing to stop the bleeding besides his own two hands, which weren’t any better than letting it soak in the water. Ryou winced, finally able to notice all sorts of scrapes on him that stung with the water occasionally splashing onto it. He looked at his hand, specifically the undersuit.

“Ryou,” Lance groaned in pain.

“You’re going to be fine Lance,” Ryou ripped off nearly the whole forearm, up to the elbow, of the black cloth, “just stay awake, ‘kay?” Bundling up the cloth, he pressed it to the wound.

“Ryou,” Lance grimaced, putting his hands on tops of Ryou’s, “you’re shaking.”

Son of a-

“You’re gonna be fine,” Ryou repeated, “you’re gonna be fine.”

“Look,” Lance’s face was serious, “I get it-” Lance tensed and coughed harshly, spitting up blood in the process, still he managed to smile. “Everyone you care about is getting hurt.”

“Shut up.” Ryou pressed harder, eyes glaring. “Just shut up and focus on not dying.”

“If I die-”

“Shut it.”

“Tell my family I died fighting.”

“I said shut it!” Ryou’s eyes watered. “Tell them yourself!”

He just wanted to know why. He pressed harder, making Lance yelp in pain.

“You’re gonna live, we’re gonna end this dumb ass war, and we’re gonna go back to Earth and-and,” Ryou let the tears fall.

“Hey,” Lance reached up with one bloodied hand, gently holding Ryou’s cheek. “Dragons shouldn’t cry like that.”

But he did.

It was a miracle the Blades found the two when they did. Ryou practically threatened them for more cloth to bandage the wound. Lance continued mumbling. Something about odd numbered wheels and not being a good fit for Voltron.

He looked so fragile in the pod.

It was about midnight, if Ryou wanted to guess, when Taka spoke from his position in the Paladin Dogpile nearby.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

It? What quote-unquote it specifically? The fact that everyone is one second away from dying? The fact that Ryou knows he can’t do anything it and still tries to no avail? The fact he had gone from nursing a cold to watching two of his best friends almost die in his arms in less than a month?


“I-” the presence gently touched his face, it’s claws cold against his skin, “I don’t-”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to but,” Taka looked at Pidge and Keith, who both took up quite a bit of space on his lap and prevented him from moving, “you know I’m here if you need me. Just tell me what I have to do.”

Ryou looked at Lance, unable to clearly see the stats on the pod. He pressed his forehead to his knees, focusing on a short mantra he learned on his journey.

He didn’t see the look Taka had on his face.

When morning came, Ryou was greeted by… Lance.

“Hey,” Lance smiled, seemingly fresh out the pod. He still had a chilly aura, literally, and was wearing his Paladin armor. “You okay?”

Ryou’s eyes were wide. He sniffled and wiped the long dried tears from his eyes. “Yeah.”

The energy of the room was oddly high. The Blades stiffly apologized for their actions, with Ryou, equally as stiffly, explaining that it was mere coincidence and that simply mentioning how easy things were wasn’t the actual cause of everything going to absolute hell. Ryou was back to work soon enough, shutting himself from the universe once more.

“I think we can all see that Ryou’s gonna stress himself to death if this kind of stuff keeps happening, right?” Hunk knew he was tempting fate, but it needed to be addressed.

“We didn’t really have a choice, but this is what comes with being a Paladin.“Taka looked down at his mechanical hand, offhandedly thinking of when Ryou was going to finish that new prosthetic he promised. "All we can do is our best, and as long as we have each other, we can make it through anything.”

“If we work together, we win together?” Keith smiled a little.

“Exactly.” Shiro smiled back, reassured that the rest of the team could share that smile.

Lance put a hand on his side, right where the wound was. They had gotten used to life or death situations, it seemed. Ryou had roughly the same amount of near death incidents as the Paladins did altogether. Even more so, considering he didn’t have anyone to save him until they found him that arena, and he had every reason to not talk about those experiences.

Maybe if he did, he wouldn’t feel so alone.

somebody: hey how are you doing?

me: do you ever think about how ryou bakura received no closure ever? how everyone around him assumed to know what was best and he was never allowed to find closure in any way but through theirs?

somebody: that’s not—

me: and he wasn’t even allowed to have a role in the final rpg, a thing created by his own hands, because the scales tipped in front of him and to this day no one can say for sure if they tipped because of bakura or because ryou and how that probably still fucks him a little because his friends are really all that he has in his life and he just wanted to be with them?

somebody: i just—

me: and that outside of his introduction in the manga/season zero and in the change of heart game, ryou bakura never gets a chance to face bakura and the darkness on his own? do you ever just think about how the final game could have differed if he had? if he’d managed to put some part of his soul into the minis the same way he did the dice and intervene when it was most crucial because he knew, he knew something big was about to happen soon? do you ever just think about that?

somebody: i’m… just gonna let myself out….


i sent a package filled with some old daiya scribbles (and a few yowapeda ones!) to a friend and it finally arrived today!!! here’s some of the things that made it in that i never posted before ; v;

plus the ryou doodle on the envelope:

The Value of Sin, Part 01 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Horror Fic

And here we have the 1,000 Follower Gift fic! It’s here!!!

Originally posted by usedpimpa

…well, part one is here. ^-^;; Apparently I really can’t do short fics?

But hey, I don’t think it’s going to be a lot of parts. Maybe, 3 or 4? And I figured it was better to tell the story in full over time than rush it and lose the quality/content.

Anyways, I hope you like what we have of it thus far!

The Value of Sin – Part 01

“What the hell…”

“When did your grandfather get this place, Yuugi-kun?” Bakura Ryou asked as he looked up at the cabin, staring until the snow burned in his eyes and he had to blink through the blur.

“Who knows,” Mutou Yuugi shrugged against the thick layers of coat and sweater and bag straps as he unlocked the front door, pushing against the scream of the hinge to hold it open for his two friends. “It’s been in the family since I can remember.”

“But you never come here, right? So why has he never sold it or rented it out?” Jounouchi Katsuya demanded, rushing ahead to drop his bags in the entry way before biting his gloves off and blowing on his fingers. The walk had been beyond cold, a straight shot from the bus with no shelter, and the whole way uphill- Forcing the three forward at a painfully slow pace.

Slowly, for Yuugi’s sake.

Keep reading

Katsugeki Rant#11

Okay.. okay let’s do this.


-Bless you Tonbokiri, bless you my daifuku-loving bara dragonfly.

-Love how our boys are so well-informed about the era they’re currently in. Even the “old” ones like Tonbokiri and Tsurumaru.

-The saniwa should start putting tracking devices on the boys everytime they’re about to go on a mission. Y’know, for safety’n stuff.

-Tsurumaru you already ask if Narasaki Ryou is Ryouma’s wife or not last episode.

-Yagen saids that all swords hold the feeling of wanting to save their former masters. I mean sure if they were on good terms with their former masters like Shishiou or Yamatonokami, but what about the ones that don’t? What would swords like Hasebe or Souza that disliked their former master feel? They’ll be doing it out of pity?


-But then again Horikawa went all AWOL not only because he cared for Hijikata, he cared so much for Kane-san. HE SAW KANE-SAN CRY AND COULDN’T HANDLE IT.

-Love how Mucchan and Kane-san are now like bros for life.


-I mean I’d rather have Hijikata die in the battlefield like a warrior rather than having him live on, gets caught, then executed or imprisoned for life. Even if he manages to not get caught he’ll be living in constant fear and depression for the rest of his life.

-Hori you’re not the only person who’s with their master till their death. Look at Mucchan, Kashuu, little Imanotsurugi was even used to commit suicide. They all turned out okay don’t they? Okay they’re pretty angsty but still…

-Or are you doing this because you don’t want to end up in the ocean?? Please Hori we need answers.

-Wait since when did Hori took Kane-san’s haori?

-At least put the kid down when you’re arguing please.

-How is the saniwa suppose to send you out for kiwame now Hori??




-Kane-san won’t do it, right? He’ll stop his sword right before it hits Hori, right??

Wow, just. Wow. A roller coaster of feelings. Now I’m so split about wanting or not wanting Hori to die. Or maybe, Hori’s dead, and Kane-san becomes so sad to the point of being corrupted. That’s win-win, right? Anyways I hope things turned out okay. Looking forward to next week.