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carl grimes | r.i.p. to my youth

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I dont know if you ve watched this vid yet but this is one of the cutest touken vid ive ever seen youtube(.)com/watch?v=X38394UIZnU . The name of the song is onaji hanashi means the same talk (im not sure). the part where you can see shironeki and touka crying, the lyrics say 'later you will stare at me and then cry and smile at the same time'. sounds so touken

AWWWWWWW this is the cutest thing ever, thank you for sending it! I loved it ;_; 

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first reaction when kylo took off his helmet

Oh great………another white guy fucking everything up…..watch people ship him with Rey that seems like something gross people on the internet would do

I used to really be into Zaulie. I used to like Paulie too. But yo, I’m letting you know it’s ok to let that shit go. They have such a unhealthy relationship. On both ends there are deep deep stubborn-rooted things they would need to work on personally. Zakiyah emotionally can not handle being with him, it’s affecting her spirit and the shit Paulie says not only about Zakiyah but about women in general is terribly ugly. His cockiness, his hypocrisy, his power hunger, his condescending-ness, his ability to throw her name around like a sack of potatoes….It’s just all around ugly, y’all. Love yourself. Love Z a bit. Piggy Cucumber ain’t worth it. That relationship ain’t worth it. Ditch it. Idk how you guys can watch and support something that is so emotionally abusive at this point.

Ok but just CONSIDER Klance Nerve!AU Lance automatically signing up to Nerve because he’s a daredevil and he quickly climbs up the rankings because he literally does not say no to any dare no matter how crazy and he’s quickly become most watchers’ favorite player to win the game, but then there’s this mysterious motorcycle player named Keith who comes from literally nowhere with a dark past who climbs up the rankings just as quick (apparently he’s played Nerve before and there’s rumors he was there during that bad accident where one guy lost an arm) and Lance just goes berserk claiming Keith to be his rival and trying to do as many dares as possible to knock him off and the watchers decide to make things interesting by daring these two to pair up and do dares together (like that blindfolded motorcycle scene from the movie y'all know what I’m talking bout) and then these two together become UNSTOPPABLE. They plow through the rankings and culminate viewers and become overnight sensations. But Lance still being petty af pretending to not care about Keith and still trying to say he’s his rival, but then Keith is dared to do some life threatening stuff and Lance is having a crisis over it which turns into gay panic because “omg why do I feel this way am I gay for Keith?” And the watchers just EAT IT UP and they make Keith and Lance do crazy ass dares for their sadistic shipping pleasures and Keith and Lance are just two boys in love trying to survive this crazy game and take care of each other while the watchers control their every move and things take a turn for the worst during the final round because finally its come down to Keith and Lance and there can only be one winner and omfg gUYYYYSSSS


Speedpaint of Slider! [Comic]

If you watch it on vimeo you can actually see what’s going on HAHA

bts after dance practise
  • rapmon:ngl i think my dancing has improved
  • jin:you're not allowed to improve because then I'm the worst dancer
  • rapmon:
  • jungkook:*laughs*
  • jin:fight me
  • *starts having a dance off*
  • jimin:jin do you know how your arms work
  • jungkook:rapmon i didn't know you were a robot
  • jhope:guys this is painful to watch *struts over and starts dancing*
  • suga:*sleeping*
  • v:*runs in and starts flailing his arms and running round in circles*
  • jin:dude you're not even dancing
  • v:wait you were dancing
  • suga:*eyes snap open* OHHHHHHH MAAAAA GODDDDDD
  • jungkook:BUUURRRRN
  • suga:inFIRES MANNNNN
  • jungkook:YEEEAH MANNNN
  • v:

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Oh my fucking god.. I feel so stupid by believing all this time that when 💚 said "she would eat anything that is eatable" and right after Camila looked at her, but NOOO u guys edited. And I just watched the real video and she never looked at her. 😤😤😤😤😤😤 damn it u guys.

I know I was so sad when I found the video, I had no idea either. I’m sad now. That was a really good/iconic moment. :(

This lady wanted her little kids to sit together since they were separated so she asked these gentlemen to move and they did but some random ass guy who was just watching, not even part of seat swapping complained to me:
“Why do they get to change seats?”
I politely said, “We usually try to keep families together.”
“Yeah but that’s not fair.”
“Sir, you can switch seats with someone if they agree to it.”
“I don’t want to switch seats.”


I just.

Shut the fuck up sir. Shut the fuck up.