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  • Yuri!!! On Ice crew: *give us nothing but happiness, would never hurt us, too good, too pure*
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Jason and Tim in: Always lock the bathroom door (Ft. Dick Grayson)

Tim: *seated on toilet, happily reading a magazine*

Dick: *swings the door open*

Tim: Dick, I’m trying to use the bathroom!!*tries to close door*

Dick: *swings it back open* Nope, you know the rules little brother. JASON!!

Tim: no no please don’t call ja-

Jason: *appears from down the hall* Whats up

Dick: look at your little brother


Tim: *desperately tries to cover himself* Jason don’t take a pic-!

Jason: *takes multiple pictures* Dick, get in this selfie with me

Tim: Seriously, you guys stop!

Dick and Jason: *Take multiple selfies with Tim in the shot*

Dick: Tag me in that one!

Tim: can’t a man take a crap in peace?!

Dick: What kind of man wears My Little Pony boxers?Hahaha!

Jason: *Takes picture of boxers* This is so going on instagram hahaha

*Dick and Jason walk away laughing*

Tim: God, I hate this family

Alright! Before I get a bunch of hate here, let’s get the facts right. I don’t ship Yurio with ANYONE. I ship Yurio Plisetsky with NO ONE. Most ships with Yurio are with people who are almost ten years older than him! Guys seriously what is wrong with you? Now. Otabek x Yurio. Lots of people have pointed out that their romantic relationship wouldn’t be considered pedophilia. But I don’t ship them because I think I think that it is. No. I don’t ship them because I don’t want Yurio to be in a romantic relationship. I like that Otabek is his FRIEND. Yurio doesn’t need a romantic relationship to be happy. He just needs his grandfather, cats, and friends. Now some people said that their friendship could develop into a romance later on, like years after. I don’t mind that. (Not because of the whole pedophile thing.) (Just, I don’t like shipping every character with someone.) The important thing to me is that Yurio is happy. That smile needs protecting! I’m not going to hate you or say rude things to you if you do ship them or if they’re your OTP, I’m just simply going to look the other way and not say anything. I don’t believe in spreading hate.

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so @kyle-bosmans and @agender-washingtons both tagged me in the best selfies of 2016 thing, but jokes on them i’ve only ever taken one good selfie in my entire life bc i looked disgusting before i shaved my head whoops.

so take this, i guess?? also, i tag anybody that wants to do this bc morgyn already tagged all my friends 😒 (i love u morgyn 💖)

Otayuri discussion

Seriously guys, this argument is so exagerated… Do you realize that if Otabek and Yuri had met at one of the previous tournaments no one could say any thing wrong against it because Otabek would be 17 as his birthday is in october 31st? Or that if there is season two Yurio would be 16?

There are more wrong things with someone hating on this because they automatically think it is going to be about sex, than with a shipper that likes their relationship in the anime and thinks about how it could develop from that beutiful friendship to something more. Don’t stick to narrow thinking. Us shippers love Yurio a lot and want him to be happy, that’s why we support Otabek so much. Of course we dont want any abuse or harm done to Yurio, no one here thinks about them that way and being the story how it is and being the characters how they are, it is reasonble to think that their relationship is going to take a lot of time.

Shipping doesn’t mean “i want this two characters having sex right now”. It can mean so many things like “i like this characters together in … situation”, or “i like this characters together but only if it is unrequired” or “I like this characters together in this AU”. As it is fiction, we can imagine all sorts of situations taking the story from the canon. So there is nothing wrong with shipping to characters as you can develop their story in so many different ways.

(And everyone should really stop using the pedo****** word because it has no space in this argument. Check out what it really means before throwing it away as if it is nothing.)


MC arriving at the apartment and V revealing the bomb very early on, like in the prologue or some shit. So MC has JUST gotten past the ‘holy crap’ stage, only for a blue haired angel to come running through the door like ‘come with me if you want to live’

so he takes her to a safe house or something and is like ‘oh yeah, i just saved you from the bomb because I’m the leader, look how leadery I’m being’ and the messenger is blowing up with messages like 

Yoosung: FUCKING V


707: some meme shit

But eventually it comes down to ‘is she (MC) cute?’ and V’s like :/// ‘seriously guys?’ and everyone’s immediately apologising because they figure it’s a bit inappropriate to ask him what with everything that happened to Rika

Jumin logs on later like ‘you all are idiots. He’s legally blind.’ 

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Oh my god, I really love your Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan! I even dreamt about it and in my dream he was screaming at Bail and Padme: "Friends don't choose you as Supreme Chancellor behind your back!" Since then that phrase is stuck in my head. I guess it would be become kind of a running gag among the others.

Oh god I’m cackling! That is amazing. I wish I could have dreamt that. Thank you so much for sharing!

And thank you so much for this ask, it’s so sweet. I’m so glad so many people seem to be enjoying this verse.

jesus fuck like, it’s cute of you all to think that oh otabek will wait until yurio is 18 before they fuck!! that’s adorable!! but so unrealistic? lmao guys you’re seriously being like parents who yell at their children “YOU CAN ONLY HAVE SEX AFTER YOU’RE 18 NO AFTER YOU’RE MARRIED NO AFTER YOU–” like srsly if they’re gonna be a couple they’ll fuck, i’m sorry to break it to you but teenagers are sexually active or are you all so pure and law abiding that ALL of you only had sex after you were 18???

this is getting pathetic tbh bc it’s SO FORCED AND UNREALISTIC and y'all are finally realizing the hypocrites you are, because “it’s so wrong to ship teenagers with adults”!!! but you still want to ship yurio and otabek so suddenly y'all find yourselves in a fucking crossroads and then you go to the most stupid path which is “they won’t fuck until yurio is 18” nah man he’s probably already fucked so chill and enjoy the ship ffs

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About that ask about the whole dress thing...That's.... really kinda problematic. You don't define who you are by how you dress, not your gender or your sex... kin is a girl, she's said she'd a girl multiple times... guys, drop it seriously

Yeah i really hate it when people think that i have to wear a dress or girly clothes to be a girl…

Just want to say a huge thanks to each and every one of you for following along with my photography, you guys seriously rule!
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