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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

The Yakai 1/1/2017: Wherein Ariyoshi expected complaints but instead got thanked for trying to look for drama between Sho and Jun. Meanwhile, Sho vehemently denies any flirting going on between them. :P

  • Kai: Crap, we have a flat tire
  • Lloyd: What are we gonna do? We're still really far away!
  • Jay: Don't worry guys I put a spare in the trunk!
  • Cole: Jay I swear on the first Spinjitzu Master if I open the trunk and there's bowling pins set up back there I'm going to throw you all the way to Ninjago City!!
  • Kai: *glaring at Jay*
  • Lloyd: *glaring at Jay*
  • Cole: *glaring at Jay*
  • Jay: .......
  • Jay: Don't open the trunk

title: we’re not friends, we could be anything
authors: yoursongonmyheart, nooelgallagher
word count: 115k

The next second, Harry is firing back, “If I wanted to kill you I could have just poisoned your fajitas.”

Louis rolls his eyes. “Clever boy.”

Harry feels his skin start to prickle with irritation. The way Louis talks to him, so condescending… Like he’s smarter than Harry… Fuck that.

“I don’t have time for this,” Harry says. “Some of us have schoolwork to do. And jobs to get to. So if you’ll excuse me.”

Harry doesn’t wait for a reply before he pushes past Louis, hoisting his bag further up his shoulder and rushing towards the door. No, not rushing. That would imply Louis is chasing him out. He walks to the door hastily.

He’s not sure, but he thinks he hears Louis mutter “Fucking wanker” before the door to the flat clicks shut behind him.

…Or, the one where Harry and Louis are unlikely uni flatmates who definitely don’t like each other and definitely won’t fall in love (even if Liam and Niall think otherwise).

A demon…. 

                     Or a human

“I’m fine either way, as long as I can protect my friends.”