but guys i almost stabbed myself


Trying out the present tense… it’s hard, guys. 


They think I don’t see. They think I’m concentrated fully on the road. But I can see them, I’m not blind. Prompto’s chattering away in my right ear, completely oblivious; Gladio’s reading his latest book; Iggy’s drinking his coffee. On the surface, it looks like they’re just doing their own thing, but in the mirror I see it – Gladio’s hand moving from his own lap over to Iggy’s, giving a small squeeze to his knee. Iggy smiles slightly, his eyes going soft as he looks out at the passing Duscae landscape. His own free hand moves to rest atop Gladio’s, his fingers curling around the much larger palm and squeezing. Gladio’s cheeks redden slightly and Iggy’s smile grows a bit. I feel myself smiling too as I round the corner and head into Cleigne. I’m with three of the greatest friends I ever could have asked for – and I’m glad two of them have found happiness. They’ve given me so much love and support over the years – I can’t put to words how happy I am to see they’ll be able to be there for each other too.


I’ve started to love driving. Not because I enjoy not being able to grab a nap in the back seat – god I hate that – but because I know Iggy’s one, getting time to steal some much-needed rest and two, stealing a few hand squeezes and knee-touches with Gladio while he thinks no one’s watching. I think it’s sweet, really, the way they keep stealing these little moments when they think Prompto and I won’t notice. It’s kind of adorable how shy they are about it. I mean, it’s Iggy and Gladio – they aren’t usually shy about a damn thing. And I mean, it’s not like Iggy’s sexuality was ever exactly a secret. We all just kind of knew without him ever saying anything. Sure, Gladio comes as a bit of a surprise to me; but it really does put how protective he is of Iggy in battle into perspective. I always just thought Gladio thought Iggy was all style and no stabbing – but I guess love just makes you worry all the time. I can get that; I love these guys to death – and I worry all the damn time about them.

I see Gladio’s hand make its way up to Iggy’s hair, replacing a few strands that blew out of their usually-perfect placement in the wind and I almost snort before catching myself. Here’s Gladio, the big, serious macho-man being the sweetest, most damn adorable dude I’ve ever seen. Huh. Maybe that’s why they’ve been keeping this on the down-low. Maybe it’s Gladio who just isn’t ready for us to see this side of him yet. My eyes fall back on the mirror as Iggy’s hand goes up to pull Gladio’s away from hs hair, holding it instead on the seat between them, smiling at down at the newspaper in his lap that he’d bought at the Coernix station with his Ebony. Gladio’s thumb rubs the back of Iggy’s hand until Iggy pulls his hand away when Prompto turns around to ask him a question about whatever random fact he’s been looking up on his phone this whole time.

Gladio’s expression looks sad to me in the mirror, missing Iggy’s hand in his. Or maybe, I guess, looking at the sour way he watches Prompto help Iggy replace his flyaway hairs by pointing them out, he’s just upset to have lost Iggy’s full attention. Luckily for him, Prompto’s easily distracted and I’m the greatest friend in the world, so I call Prompto’s attention back away from them and out of the car by pointing out the way the sun looks shining down on the dewy trees and rocks, and he starts rooting around for his camera, excited. Gladio’s lips quirk upwards the second Prompto turns away, and he leans over in the pretense of checking out the page Iggy is reading, but I see his lips press against Iggy’s cheek on the way. The cheek turns pink and Iggy huffs at him, nudging him away with his shoulder. Gladio smirks and straightens up, pulling out and opening his book, leaving one hand on the seat between him and Iggy. It only takes a minute for Iggy to reach out and take it again, shooting Gladio a gentle smile before turning his attention back too his paper, cheeks pink, as I see Gladio’s thumb start rubbing the back of Iggy’s hand again. I really can’t help but smile. Not only is this the most damn adorable thing I’ve ever seen, but these guys are also some of the best friends I could ever ask for – they desrve the world. They at least deserve a few stolen moments together in the back of the car, at least for as long as I can keep Prompto distracted. I love these guys more than anything, and I’ll do anything to make sure they can stay this happy forever.


It’s a gratifying thing knowing Iggy trusts me enough now to actually fall asleep while I drive at night. I mean Prompto, hell, he can sleep anywhere, something he proves easily sleeping with his head at a really awkward angle against the side of the Regalia, his mouth hanging open, lips and hair fluttering in the wind. I snort so hard it hurts a little– he looks like such a dork.

The sight of Iggy in the rear-view mirror, asleep against Gladio’s shoulder, catches my attention. He looks so peaceful, none of that nagging worry I keep seeing in his eyes. I can’t help but smile – he looks… happy, there’s no other word for it. My smile grows as he snuggles closer to Gladio in his sleep; it’s the most damn adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Scratch that – Gladio pulling him closer and kissing Iggy’s hair is the cutest friggin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

Gladio looks up and notices me looking and grins. ‘So how long you been grinning like an idiot at how adorable Iggy is when he gets all snuggly?’

I snort and roll my eyes at him. ‘Couple weeks. And come on, it’s not just him who’s being cute. Why you guys sneaking around? You know we don’t care what you two get up to when you sneak off, right?’

‘It’s Iggy who worried,’ Gladio shrugs, adjusting his shoulder as Iggy moves closer in his sleep. ‘He didn’t want you to think his dedication or focus would be compromised. Which is stupid, because no one is more dedicated or focused than Iggy.’

‘Right?’ I laugh. ‘Well you tell him that I don’t give a shit how snuggly or, ya know, otherwise,’ I wink in the mirror at him, ‘he wants to get with you. He’s still my Iggy. And I still love him just the same. You know, just not the same as you do.’

‘I hope not,’ Gladio yawns. ‘You looking to take a break or what?’

‘Naw, I’ll keep driving. You go ahead and get some sleep. Trust me, you’ll know if we run into any daemons.’

Gladio nods and rests his head on Iggy’s, falling asleep almost instantly. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing two of your best friends are so happy together, and of course, knowing I’m helping them get some cuddle time in. I turn towards the nearest rest area, Taelpar or whatever, and smile. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure they get as much as they need; because they’re my friends, and I love them more than anything – no matter what I have to do for them. And really, there are worse things than driving at night right? It’s not like any of us are in mortal danger. At least not as long as any Iron Giants don’t materialise in the street.

‘They still secretly cuddling back there?’ Prompto asks groggily.

‘Go back to sleep, Prompto, you get really grumpy when you’re tired.’ I smile as Prompto passes out again almost immediately. I hate the silence, but I’d rather have them all happy and well-rested than not. Like I said – they’re my friends. I want only the best for them.

Forever - Soulmate AU (Drabble)

So, uh, I promised a soulmate AU awhile back. Did not deliver. Until now. This is complete and utter shit, but I’m trying to hold myself to my new schedule. I think it’d be a lot easier for me if I had more requests…;-)

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Open the Window (Goodbyes May 4th)

He hated this place. Of course anyone that isn’t walking out with a baby hates hospitals. The florescent lights, and the smell of cleaning products always put him on edge. He couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t a place of healing as much as a place where life ended. This was the place where his Mother died, and now it was going to take his Father.  

He walked in to the hospital room the soft beeping from the machinery and labored breathing were the only sounds. In the bed his father laid asleep. It was hard to see him like this. When he thought of his father he remembered the giant man that held him over his head, and let him mess up his hair and then would act surprised for him when he looked in the mirror.  Mark could hardly recognize the slim green figure in the hospital bed.  Garfield Logan was never a large man, but the cancer and its treatments had reduced him to less than hundred pounds. His once bright green eyes had sunken into his face. His hair once hunter green was now silver and thin like a threadbare towel.  

“Dad, Can you hear me?”

Garfield Logan’s eyes slowly opened.


“Yea Dad” Mark forced a smile “how are you doing?”

“What time is it?”

“It’s about four in the afternoon”

“You got here at a good time. If I can get that window open I was planning  to take a fly across the bay.  I could use some fresh air.” His voice choked out.

“Sure Dad”  Mark agreed knowing that he hasn’t been able to change shape for the last year, and for the last month could barely walk.  

“Maybe instead I will turn into a mouse, go along the hallways, tell me do woman still wear skirts? I always liked a nice set of legs.” he said with slow creeping smile.  

“Dirty old man”

“And I am getting older and dirtier by the minute” he laughed. “The good thing about getting old it’s amazing what you can get away with. Most people just think I am confused or senile.  My body might be falling apart but I am as sharp as I ever was”

Mark could almost hear ‘Yea somewhere between pudding and warm cheese’  in his mother’s voice.  Marks parents were always like that,  always jabbing at each other, verbal sparring. You wouldn’t believe that they had been together since they were teenagers, and married for almost 50 years. One minute they were arguing, the next they would be in each other’s arms.

“Maybe you should stay in this afternoon, it looks like rain anyway”

“And Rae would be pissed if I went out and got a new girlfriend. Well since you’re here then I will” he consented. “Is Sam here? did you bring Rachel?”

“Just me this time”

He looked into son’s eyes “I am that close aren’t I?”

Mark couldn’t find the right words. The ones the doctors chose to use did not offer him any comfort. He couldn’t imagine they would help his father.  

“Mark I raised you not to lie to me”  he said taking his sons hand  "Also you are really bad at it, and I take that as a sign of good parenting"

“Hours, You might make it to tomorrow morning”  Mark said with his eyes closed as if saying them was going to kill him right then and there and he didn’t want to see it.  


“Dad? No-” Mark started but his father waved his hand to silence him.

“My affairs are in order.  We have all known this has been coming for a while. In a way it’s been a blessing” He said clearing his throat.  "Do you remember when my friend Vic passed?  Had no will, it was an amazing mess for his girls I was not going to leave that for you and Sam"

Mark didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what he was going to say to his wife or his daughter, no matter what the Doctors had said the idea that his father was not going to be there just did not seem real. Till now.  

“Dad I really don’t care about your stuff-”

“Mark I am ready.” he stated. “This has been a good life but I miss your mother so much.” his voice was ragged “I can feel it, she is waiting for me. She’s probably going to be angry that I am so late.  So I am going to blame you.  She could never stay mad at you.”

He was still joking. Mark could almost see his father looking tough his memories like flipping tough a photo album in his head.  

“We are so proud of you, do you know that.”  

“You and Mom were heroes. You guys saved the world. I am just a guy that designs buildings”

“You listen to me.” He said a new hardness in his voice “My whole life has been about beating the odds.  I was not expected to live when that monkey bit me.  I spent my life putting myself in danger. I have taken on monsters and criminals and supervillains.  I have been shot, shocked, burned, stabbed, and beaten to a pulp. My back is a subway map of scars. I have taken on the Devil himself, and I got your mother to marry me.”  Another round of ragged coughing followed Mark wondering if he should get help but his father would not let go of his hand.

“But you were it Mark!  Your father has DNA alphabet soup your mother is half demon the odds of us having you was winning the lottery while getting hit by lighting. ” Mark could feel his father’s fingers tighten around his “You are the miracle Mark”

Another round of coughing came and a deep intake of breath.  

“We got the chance to raise you, see you graduate, see you marry Sam, have Rachel.” He pointed at his face “Look at me I am a shriveled green raisin. Do you know how many of the people I have worked with didn’t make it to 40?”  He closed his eyes and laid back into his pillow.  "On top of all that I got to spend nearly 48 years married to the love of my life. Trust me nothing tops all that.“

“I wish Mom was here. She would know what to do”  Make said quietly.  He could picture her there standing on the other side of the bed.  She would put her hands on her husband’s face and she would heal him. Just like she did for him every time he had a scrape or a bruise, or that time he broke his left arm after falling out of a tree.  If Mom was here she could fix this! Screamed in his mind.  

“No Mark” His father pulled him out of his head. “I wish she was here too, but this is my time.”

“I miss her Dad, I don’t want to lose you too”

“She at times was cold, impatient, neat freak and stubborn as a mule and I should know, I have been a mule. She was also strong, giving, her mind was as sharp as her tongue. ” His eyes eased closed  "She was truly extraordinary and I miss hearing her voice. I can close my eyes and see her in her chair in the bedroom a book in her hands. She would read to me. It was the first things we did that was intimate. It didn’t matter what it was or what language hearing her voice made my head quiet. She would let me lay in her lap as a cat, and stroke my fur and I would listen to her. When she found a passage that got her interested or excited I could hear it warming her words. It was almost as good as her rubbing my fur”  

“Mom was the neat freak?”  he asked  

“Every time I leave my socks on the floor, or a dish in the sink I can hear her scold me. Even after she passed.” He laughed “I would sometimes do it just hear that.  But I kept the place neat, like she kept it, it made it easier to think she was going to walk through the door again. You know sometimes I would brew up a pot of that tea she loved just to smell it. ”

“I make that tea sometimes. Rachel likes it. She not going to understand this.”

“Children don’t understand death, I am an old man and I barley understand it. ”

“Yeah, but I thought that was because you’re not that bright.” the words slipped out of his lips.  He was going to apologize but his father’s chest started shaking with laughter.  

“You are your mother’s son!” Came out between small chuckles. “Tell Rachel that I am going to be with her Grandmother, that we both love her, and she can have the old game station”  

“My daughter lover of retro video games”

“My son the real hero of the family that keeps stone age technology running.  Also tell Sam that the library is hers, You mom loved having a daughter in law that loved books as much as she did.  I know she will take good care of them”  

“I should have brought them…”

“No, I don’t want Rachel to remember me like this, and she is going to need her mother. Sides I wanted a word with my boy.”

They just sat there quietly, Mark holding onto his father’s hand.  


“Yea Dad”

“Open the window”

Mark was frozen statue still not sure what to do.

“Mark trust me just open it,  the air is stale in here, all I can smell is my old sweat and antiseptic I want to smell the ocean, the rain, please.”  

Mark knew that look in his eye.  It was the look he had when he was going to do something nuts.  It was the look he had when he pulled him out of school so he could introduce him to the Green Lantern.  It was the look he had when he would show up at the house unannounced with toys for Racheal. Or that he and Mom were just going to pick a direction and go and be gone for weeks sending pictures back from their latest adventure.

He also knew that when his father made up his mind about something he was committed.  Mark knew that if he didn’t open that window his father would find away.  He got up slowly and walked over to the awning window. The pane of glass hinged only on the top was meant only to let air in it only opened a few inches.  He stood there taking in a deep breath, taking in the scent of the storm that was brewing outside.  

“Much better” Garfield breathed.  "Thank you Mark"

“Dad, you need anything else.”

“Could you go find that Nurse, the young blond one.” Garfield said with a smile.  

“Dad?” he asked wondering if he was making a joke.

“I am serious, my left leg is doing that thing again,  she will know what I am talking about.”

“Ok” Mark said reluctantly as he left the room to go to the nurses station. He found two older woman and a young man. None of them knew about a blond nurse working in the ward.

When Mark came back to his father’s room the bed was empty. The window was still open and the staff had no idea where he had gone.  Mark didn’t know what to think. That somehow his father was now flying over the water? Or maybe Mom had come to get him.  History will remember Beast Boy the green hero that could turn into animals.  Mark and his family will, remember Garfield Logan a husband, father and grandfather who made bad jokes, gave his granddaughter pony rides and loved his family fiercely.  

“Your late”

“Mark’s fault!”

“No its not, you got too caught up playing with Rachel.”

“I couldn’t help it. She’s cute, and she takes after her grandmother.”

“She had you wrapped around her little finger. ”

“So did her grandmother.”

“Azar,I missed arguing with you.”

“Mama take me home, and please don’t leave me ever again”.

This was a story that has been sitting with me for a long time. I was going to do the other prompt from this but when I wrote it out if felt forced. Also this is also my first attempt at something that is not pure fluff. I like to think of these characters as real people. Well real people die, I would like to think they would after a good long life with a happy family. That is why I do love these fanfics, we get to add or expand the facets of the characters that might not be explored in the books or cartoons.  Also I think that is why that years later why were still writing about them, these were not cookie cutter characters designed to sell action figures, they had depth. 

The Bait

Requested by anon: Dean x reader are at a club working a case. Reader flaunts herself in order to find the monster, and Dean gets jealous. Smut ensues. Enjoy! XOXO

Word Count: 1980

Warning: Smut

“Oh, come on,” you pleaded, leaning close to Dean’s ear so he could hear you over the loud music in the club. “Dance with me. Isn’t that why you brought me instead of Sam?” Dean was lounging on a stool at the bar, long legs stretched out in front of him, and you moved to stand between them, putting your hands on his shoulders.

“I needed you because, whatever this thing is, it seems to be targeting pretty girls who act…available. Dancing with me isn’t going to send the message that you’re looking to party. Plus, I don’t dance.”

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anonymous asked:

Tumblr is so obsessed with feminine guys, I almost think they have a trap fetish. Also on a scale from 1-10, how much does this make you want to stab yourself in the eye. "Uwu I love my gay babies. They are so soft and pure and need protection. So innocent yet so sinful uwuwuwu"

Yeah and being a pretty feminine man myself I honestly fear being labeled as a “soft boy uwu needs protection”


replied to your post

“its ridiculous that there are literal riots and stabbings going on…”

There is literally NO evidence that someone got stabbed because of the Rick and Morty sauce riots There are NO news reports There are NO known victims There are NO pictures At this very moment there is NO proof of any stabbings except for snapchat stories about the police showing up to a RIOT - y’all should be very careful with that shit especially since the rumor was that a “guy dressed up like Rick Sanchez” did the stabbing as that REEKS with lies

you know now that everything has died down and i actually take the time to look into things myself there actually isnt any evidence or news of any stabbing over the szechuan sauce

i can see how that mightve gotten spread around though, ngl a sadistic part of me almost wishes it were true because the idea of someone getting stabbed by a rick cosplayer over szechuan sauce is a really fucking funny idea


Okay, so im gonna do the thing.

yep, that’s right.

bc i cant sit here and listen to all these people say stupid crap over nothing.

So Aron said, “That’s why guys are superior. To be fair - this is my opinion, don’t take it offensively or anything but I think guys make better friends than girls. Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at, but like…


So i get people are getting mad because of the last part, “Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at.”

and yeah sure, that was dumb and it might piss you off, but–

let’s remind to the beginning, shall we?

“To be fair - this is my opinion”

not every single person is going to have the same fucking opinion. Not to mention, the “boys are superior” yeah he chuckled while he said that and the girls laughed as well because guess what? He was joking, they’re mcing on a freaking radio show– if they don’t crack some jokes every now and then there’s the probability that people won’t listen to the radio anymore.

and honestly, me– a girl, agrees with him 100%.

And for those of you who haven’t heard the full clip– shut the fuck up. Like just don’t. Both lori and tia agreed with him, why isn’t anyone saying anything about that, huh? why isn’t anyone complaining that the girls agreed with him? Where’s that scandal?


“That’s why guys are superior. To be fair - this is my opinion, don’t take it offensively or anything but I think guys make better friends than girls. Girls - you guys are hot, you guys are pretty, you guys are good to look at, but like…”

yEAH THAT ONE. GUESS WHAT? That person didn’t take the time to finish the quote, and you wanna know why? Because what he said wasn’t wrong at all and they just wanted to bash at him for something.

Now, let’s finish that quote.

"but you guys like to gossip a lot”

and guess what followed after?

“i dont know if this is true, but i’ve heard that you guys act like friends and then stab each other in the back.”

yeah, my best friend is a girl and my closest friends are girls, but if i look back, almost every single person that has brought me down or made me insecure, made me hate myself or something about myself has been a girl. Let’s get real here, most girls hold grudges or back stab their friends and if you cant agree to that, there’s no way in hell you can say boys are worse when it comes to things like that. But either way, ask anyone; most people will tell you the same thing and being a girl i, myself, know it’s true.

 And for those of you that want him to apologize, what do you want him to apologize for?

For being honest?

For speaking his mind?

For saying something that most of everyone on this goddamn planet have most likely said before at least once?

Chill the fuck out and stop hating on him, he didnt do anything wrong. And even if he had done something wrong, who are you to judge him?


Seriously it’s so annoying how much hate aron gets–

not only for this but for stupid crap on instagram for his pictures that he posts, like shut the fuck up.

Be glad that he takes the time to post pictures, be glad that he likes to joke around and be silly, be glad that he’s honest and that he tries to get closer to his fans.

He’s a human being, and he knows fluent english so it’s not like he isnt understanding what you’re saying. A person can only take so much, chill out. jfc.

And even if i didnt know nu'est or if i didnt know who he was, i would feel the same because it’s ridiculous how riled up some people are over what he said. it’s making me so irritated and i just felt like this needed to be said.

And no, Aron isn’t ruining nu'est and he doesn’t deserve to be kicked out. He has talent and NU'EST would not be nu'est without him.

It’s very irritating how all the people that want him kicked out of the band because of this don’t know who he is or don’t listen to the band itself.

if you don’t like nu'est, don’t listen to them. seriously, it’s that easy.

And for those of you who are still butt hurt or being moody about this, go listen to the clip, go listen to it right now.


Promise? Part 2:

(This has been edited and changed)

Band Member: Michael

Type: Gang AU

Description: Falling in love with Michael Clifford was never part of your five-year-plan. You’re left to pick the pieces after the attack. Things can never be the same again.
Please read Part One first!

A world without Michael Clifford was one you never wanted to imagine. A world without his laugh, his smile, his existence wasn’t easy to picture. But as your mind cast itself back to the growing pool of crimson, it was harder to say that he was going be okay. Your messed up brain was filled with the glint of the blade. Every time you came back to reality, you saw the boy you loved bleeding to death on the alley floor and panicked more.

The boys rushed outside to see why you were screaming only to freeze when they saw Mikey.

“Fuck,” Ashton swore as he pulled your phone out of his pocket. “What happened?”

He punched in a number and waited to be connected.

“He stabbed him,” you muttered as you held a trembling hand over the wound.

Luke pushed you out of the way roughly. You landed back on the concrete awkwardly, still watching in horror. He took your place so he could apply pressure to the ever-growing stain on Michael’s stomach with his hands.

“Who did?” Luke demanded since Ashton was over near the bar fire exit getting the ambulance.

You saw the scene all over again and watched the bandana that covered the boy’s face this time. Finally you realised the bandana had a snake that twisted over the front of it.

“Vipers,” you choked out finally.

Cal kicked a nearby bin and swore at the name of their rivals. Mikey had only told you one thing about the rival gang and that was the name and symbol. He told you to steer clear of it now you were his girlfriend. They were known for putting hits out on rival gang members’ girlfriends and acting like the girl crashed her car by accident. Cal knelt down and was trying to get Mikey to open his eyes.

“We’ll get them for this, Mikey,” Calum said in a dark manner. “They’ll pay for this.”

He looked up and locked eyes with you, you fought the urge to look away out of respect.

“Why couldn’t you just follow a simple fucking instruction, hm?” he asked sinisterly. “If he dies, you’re the one to blame, bitch.”

You didn’t move until the ambulance arrived, you moved to get in with Mikey but Luke dragged you back.

“Ash, go with him,” he said, his eyes trained on you.

Once they’d gone, Cal said he needed to call leaders of the gang to say there had been a Viper attack their turf and he gestured for Luke to follow him. You knew it was too much to ask for a ride to the hospital, you saw the hatred in their eyes.

Your keys were heaven knows where so you stumbled out of the alley, covered in enough blood to draw attention. People stopped their cars when they saw your shirt and hands stained red. They had asked you a thousand questions. “Are you hurt?” “Did they take anything?” “What did they do to you?” You stood looking into the distance, dazed and confused, just shaking your head at their questions.

A woman guided you to her car, telling you to get in so she could take you to the hospital. You silently gestured where you’d left your own car but it was gone. Luke or Cal must have taken it, you’d guessed, you didn’t blame them. The last thing they needed was the press catching wind of your attendance to the old bar, uptown kids always made good storylines where the gangs were concerned. It scared the uptown parents into keeping their kids in check and the police department liked that. They had enough problems to deal with without Daddy’s little princess or Mummy’s angel getting into trouble too.

The woman had kept asking questions but the words didn’t register in your mind. She walked you into the accident and emergency and told a passing nurse you needed help. You don’t know what happened to the woman, she had vanished after that. Maybe she’d come to say goodbye, you wouldn’t know. You were in your own little claustrophobic world. They said you were in shock. A nurse laid some fresh clothes out for you though the police were going to need your clothes for evidence. You nodded and she left you sat on the edge of the hospital bed. You heard your phone ringing in your pocket, you weren’t sure when Ash had given your phone back. You pulled it out of your pocket, the white case stained with ugly red fingerprints. You lifted it to your ear and waited for the other person to speak.

“Have the police showed up yet?” Calum asked, his voice was rough and it surprised you, everybody else was speaking in soft voices like they didn’t want to scare you.


“Good, ‘cause when they do, you’re going to tell them that he was mugged,” he instructed you stiffly. “Tell them that they took his wallet. You’re not going to say anything about the Vipers or anything that could get us in shit. You tell them you don’t know who Mikey is. You got that, princess?”

You heard the harshness in his voice. You nodded even though he couldn’t see you.


“Good, you can follow some instructions then, princess.” The sound of resent and hatred dripped from his voice. “Do us all a favour and stay away from him, okay? They’ll be out for you next, with any luck, they’ll find you. Just go home and don’t go outside if you want to live.”

The line went dead and your hand fell away from your ear. Sure enough, the police arrived to interview you what felt like minutes later. One officer walked through the curtain and asked if you felt okay enough to talk. You tried to avoid looking at her as you lied through your teeth using the story Calum had given you.

“Do you know the victim?”

You shook your head.

“Why were you in the alley?” the female officer asked, her pen hovering over her notepad.

“I got lost,” you lied. “I’m not from that side of town.”

She gave you a sympathetic look. You could almost read her mind. She’d be thinking about how scary it must have been for an uptown girl like you to get lost in such a bad neighbourhood and then for you to stumble across a bloody boy, how were you ever going to recover?

“Are you certain you don’t know him?” she asked again after another round of questions about the attacker.

She pulled Mikey’s school picture out of the black folder for what must have been the fifth time.

“Yes,” you answered offhandedly. “How is he?”

The officer shook her head with uncertainty. “He’s still in surgery. He was stabbed in the liver. So you do not know this boy?”

You snatched the picture out of her hand and ripped it. “I know him now you’ve asked me enough times.”

She didn’t flinch at your actions, but she nodded solemnly. She quickly wrote her number on the back of a card from her pocket. “If you remember anything, give me a call.”

You rubbed your forehead with your sore hands, you’d scrubbed them clean the minute they’d told you it was okay to do it. You still saw the blood; you would never forget the blood on your hands for as long as you lived.

The officer thanked you, leaving you alone. You slid off of the bed, your feet finding the floor odd after so long on the bed. You walked slowly. You kept looking into the wards you passed hoping to see Mikey. You didn’t want to put him in any danger but you needed to see he was okay. After that, you could walk away with the knowledge that your stupidity wasn’t the signature on his death certificate. You loved him enough to keep your distance, you knew that rifts like this between the gangs weren’t easily solved and your presence would only make it worse. The threats Mikey had got were threats on your life, not his. You were supposed to be the one in the hospital bed. But whatever Mikey had done to get that hurt when you’d seen him earlier had come back to bite him on the ass.

You eventually caught a glimpse of the black haired boy who was almost as white as the bed sheets. You gasped. His bruises looked more prominent now. You felt your legs weaken at the sight, you fought the urge to run to him, to take his hand and tell him it was going to be okay, even if you couldn’t guarantee it.

“I thought Cal had told you to stay away,” Ashton said from behind you.

“I just needed to see he was okay.”

Ashton nodded then stuffed his hands in his pockets. “He’s still critical.”

“You all hate me,” you stated. You saw Ash move to argue with you, tell you that they didn’t hate you, that Michael might have been stabbed regardless of you walking out. “No, Ash. Please don’t tell me that it’s not true. I can hear it in Cal’s voice, the way Luke looked at me, even you, I know you want to hate me a little bit. But none of you can hate me as much as I hate myself right now.”

He sighed then looked over at you. “You can’t blame yourself. Mikey upset a lot of people when he went after the guys who threatened you. He almost killed one of them.”

“Is this supposed to make me feel better?” you asked with wide eyes.

Ashton laughed darkly. “You have a lot to learn about our way of life.”

Suddenly, loud alarms came from the room in front of you. You grasped onto Ash’s hand just so you could stand up. Doctors and nurses ran towards Michael’s bed. You pulled forward but Ashton pulled you back.

“No,” you muttered. “You can’t leave me.”

You watched for what felt like a lifetime as they pumped his chest up and down, shocked his lifeless body. You didn’t realise you were the one screaming when they stood back from him. The doctor glanced at the clock and nodded in agreement. It was the one with the black dress on who came to tell you that they’d tried everything but his body was just too weak.

Ash had to catch you before you fell to your knees. He held you close to his chest but you felt his tears land on your face. He’d lost his best friend and it was your stupid fault. Your shaking hand covered your face as you cried ugly tears. The emptiness swallowed your chest, sinking your heart to your stomach. You were shaking for a long time even after Ashton had somehow got you into a taxi. He paid the driver to take you home. He kissed your hair and told you he had some loose ends to tie up.

Your mother met you at the bottom of the drive, she told you some nice boy had brought your car back and that somebody from the hospital had told her you hadn’t exactly been discharged. You walked by her as she asked you what had happened. You felt dead inside. The ache in your chest made your head pound. You fell into your bed, your head swimming with thoughts of Mikey.

“Speak to me, sweetheart,” your mother said later on when she came into your room. “The police have just called to say the boy you found didn’t make it. I’m sorry. But what is important is that you tried to help him.”

“I need to go for a drive,” you remarked as you swung your legs off of the bed. “I need to get out of here.”

“I’ll come with you,” she said, standing up.

You shook your head, the plan you had formulated in your hours alone wasn’t something you wanted to get your family mixed up in.

“I need time alone. Don’t wait up.”

You didn’t wait for her to respond as you walked out of your room, grabbed your keys off of the sideboard and headed for your car. You started driving but turned into a dead end road to call the only boy who would pick up.

“Ash,” you said quickly before he could speak. “I need you to promise something.”

“What?” he asked, his tired voice coming over the phone. “Are you alone? I don’t think that’s a—”

“Shut up and listen to me,” you cut in. “I need you to promise that no matter what happens, if the Vipers come after me and manage to take me out, the Reapers won’t go after them for revenge. I get you going after them for Mikey, just not for me.”

You heard him sit up and the connection crunched with his movement. “What? No. You are… were Mikey’s girl. Reapers don’t let family down. Where are you? I’ll come get you, the guys –”

“No, Ash, I’m fine. I just… I need time.”

“Promise me something? Promise you’re not going to do anything stupid.”

You closed your eyes. Ash was the most tolerant of you in the beginning, the others didn’t rate you much after Cal’s uptown girlfriend slept around to throw off suspicion but Ashton had given you a chance. You owed a lot to him.

“I’ll see you later, Ash.”

You cut the call to avoid lying to him. You threw your phone on the passenger seat and drove even though you were unsure of where you were heading. You didn’t know where the Vipers conducted their gang from. That was until you remembered one time when Mikey had told you to avoid the warehouses on the edge of the city. You swung the car around in the road, receiving numerous honks but you didn’t care. You slammed your foot down as you made it onto the open road. You took the turning for the warehouses; you knew it had to be where the Vipers ran things from when you saw the motorcycles outside. You pulled your car up outside and waited for somebody to appear. They wouldn’t leave you outside long; you could be from law enforcement or a trap. While you waited, you dialled the number you never thought you’d dial and spoke quietly to the person on the other side.

The door slid open and a small brown haired boy appeared. He must have been a new recruit; he couldn’t be older than sixteen. Your stomach turned when you realised what he’d be expected to do to be full initiated. Michael had to do a lot of things he refused to tell you about but you’d traced the scars that were on his stomach and back plenty of times, enough to know that initiation wasn’t easy and it wasn’t designed to be.

You were already sat on the warm bonnet of your car when he walked up to you. You put your phone back into your pocket, happy with your plan. You had faith it would work. You saw the gun tucked into the waist band of his jeans. It wouldn’t be loaded; the Ravens had pulled the same stunt with Mikey when they first handed a gun to him. The idea was to make you think on your feet and that was the reason for the scar across Mikey’s back.

“What do you want?” he asked with an accent you couldn’t place.

“Take me inside,” you said plainly. “I need to see the guy who put a hit out on me.”

He frowned but the door slid open further. A girl around your age shouted the kid in and told him to bring you. You followed him, biting the inside of your lip hard enough to draw blood. You had no idea what you were going to do to cause a riot but as you walked through the members who were littered around the warehouse floor, your anger built. You’d lost Michael because of this life. You’d lost your boyfriend because of their childish games.

“I’m Priest, head of the Vipers. You wanted to speak to me,” a tanned man said from the corner of his mouth. The other side held a cigarette he lit with a lighter from his jacket pocket. “Something about a hit?”

“You threatened to kill me.”

“ I wouldn’t take it personally, darling. I’m guessing you’re that Mickey’s chick.”

“Mikey’s girlfriend,” you corrected him as you balled your hands into fists.

“Same difference,” he said, pulling the cigarette away from his mouth. He blew the smoke into your face. “We took care of our problem with your little boyfriend. He put one of our best in hospital for you. His girlfriend doesn’t need to defend his honour. But you’ve got balls for coming here, girly, I’ll give you that.”

You stepped forward, the boy who had brought you in put a hand of your shoulder. You shrugged it off roughly.

“He’s dead.”

Priest raised his eyebrows. “I’d say I was sorry to hear that but we had nothing to do with it.”

You laughed coldly when the boy wearing the same bandana around his neck appeared from an area in the back. You held a shaking hand up to him.

“So he didn’t stab my boyfriend to death in front of me this morning then?”

The man darted his eyes across the boy, he whistled for him to join him. The boy looked afraid to be under such scrutiny, you saw the bloody knife still in his hand. He’d bandaged one of his hands up where the blade had cut his palm.

“Is that true?” Priest demanded. “You took a hit in front of the girl?”

The boy looked uncomfortable but he nodded anyway. “It was my only chance.”

Priest swung for the kid, hitting his temple which caused him to crumple to the floor. He flexed his hand and looked at you. Priest took another drag of the cigarette. He then clicked and gestured for the boy to be taken away, the knife still taunted you from the floor.

“It’s business,” he stated. “Your boyfriend just got messed up in a big man’s game.”

You shook your head, the anger inside you finally peaking, and pushed the nearest thing to hand which happened to be a stack of crates. The top crate fell and burst open to reveal the guns stashed away inside. You kicked another crate and another crate until somebody dragged you away. You swung at them, not caring who was hurt anymore. They hadn’t cared when it was Mikey. You clawed and scratched at whoever had you, fighting back like Mikey had taught you. He’d always promised he’d be there to stop bad things happening to you but where was he now? Dead. Maybe he was already on a mortician’s table. He wasn’t coming back. And in that moment, you didn’t plan on it either. Not until somebody paid. You kicked and screamed. You felt for the knife when you crashed to the floor, slashing away to get the pack that had descended on you away.

The gun shot surprised you at first. It cut through the atmosphere of chaos. Everybody fell silent. You fell to the floor, your breathing became laboured. Your hand gingerly touched your stomach and came away covered in blood. You looked around at the surprised faces then smiled before the back of your head met the floor. The world closed in on you. You weren’t sure if you were dying, but you knew the police would be there soon. The officer who had given you her number had only been too happy to find out the Vipers had ordered the attack on Michael; she promised that an entire squad were going to be at the warehouse. The Vipers wouldn’t have time to hide your body. Somebody would pay for Mikey’s death. You smiled again before the world turned black.

Part three is here!


I inhaled the fresh ocean air as the scorching hot sun warmed my skin and shone through my black Ray Bans. I tried to catch up with Skye as she skated ahead of me, racing towards the ice-cream truck.

I looked at the guys playing volleyball on the beach a group of girls surrounding them, screaming and shouting at how good they are. I frowned before locking eyes with one of the guys, his mesmerizing blue eyes staring into mine as he gave a dazzling smile. I smiled back but not before colliding with Skye’s back and her knocking into the guy in front of her, his ice-cream messing all over his t-shirt. Skye gave me a dirty look before apologizing profusely to the guy and offering to pay for his ice-cream.

“No way it’s totally fine. It was an accident; you really don’t have to do that.” The guy said as he wiped his t-shirt, the stain just getting bigger and bigger. Skye was silent, I frowned looking at her before realizing what was wrong; Skye was gawking at the guy and could understand why.

He was gorgeous, and when I say gorgeous I mean like Abercrombie & Finch model gorgeous. He had chocolate brown eyes, sun-kissed tan skin, spiky hair and a smile that could make angels faint.

“How about you do one better and suggest a date instead? A hot girl and free ice-cream” I hinted at him, Skye elbowing me hard in my side. The guy smiled, getting all blushy and playing with his hands.

“That sounds like a good idea. What do you say…”

“Skye. My name is Skye.” Skye said a shy smile visible on her face. The guy held out his hand for her to shake.

“Nice to meet you Skye my name is Cameron. You’re really pretty” Cameron blurted out, making Skye blush and a conversation started. My heart melted, seeing Skye this shy around a guy was rare. Suddenly the group of guys that were playing volleyball earlier on came jogging towards us, the guy with the ocean blue eyes leading the pack.

“Dude what’s taking so long? And what’s on your shirt?” The guy asked, looking at Cameron’s spoiled t-shirt confused. Cameron cleared his throat.

“Guys this is Skye, she messed my ice-cream all over my top and now she’s taking me on a date to make up for that.” Skye gaped at him.

“Bullshit YOU asked ME on a date.” Skye shoved him playfully, making all the guys ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. The guy with the mesmerizing blue eyes kept his gaze on me.

“And who’s this pretty lady?” He asked me.

“I’m Lana. I’m the one who got Cameron to go on a date with Skye.” I winked jokingly at Skye and Cameron who didn’t notice anyway, they were too busy making eyes at each other.

“Well I’m Nash and this is…” Nash introduced each one of his friends, I smiled at each of them but mainly focusing on Nash and his facial expressions, I bit my lip trying to hide my smile.

“It’s nice to meet you guys.” Nash scratched the back of his head, the muscles in his arm flexing. I exhaled, realizing I’ve been holding my breath the whole time.

“Um, the guys and I are playing volleyball. You wanna join us?” Nash asked nervously, the rest of the guys begging and Carter and Matt giving me the puppy dog pout. I giggled.

“Sure but I’m warning you now already I suck at sports.” Nash scoffed while the rest of the guys cheered, running off to start the game and Nash and I followed leisurely behind them.

“You can’t be that bad” I scoffed, laughing.

“You don’t believe me? Okay let’s see; I almost stabbed my friend in the eye with a javelin, I knocked myself in the back of the head with a javelin, I got kicked in the eye with a football–” Nash burst out laughing, making me blush at my shitty sportmanship.

“Ok so maybe you are kinda bad.”

“No kidding.”

“Should I get some protection gear or…” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“You should get ready some tissues ready cause you’ll be crying when I beat your ass.” Nash made a mocking “I’m so scared” face

“I think it’s you who should be scared little lady.” I scoffed.

“Are you guys finished with your little date or can we start this game?” Taylor asked making kissy faces at us.

“Whenever you’re ready. Skye, Cameron are you playing with us?” They snapped out of their daze and joined us, Skye on my team and Cameron on Nash’s. I got into position and looked at Nash who winked at me and mouthed “game on”.

~ ¥ ~

“YES!!!!” Skye yelled, running and hugging me, knocking the air of me and Carter, Aaron, Jack G, Sam, Dillon, Matt and Hayes doing the same while Nash, Cam, Taylor, Shawn, Jacob, Mahogany and Jack J groaned in defeat. I didn’t do anything to be honest, it was mostly a very determined Jack G and Matt almost knocking into me and Skye as they basically leaped up behind us and knocking the ball onto Nash’s side, too fast for any of them to respond. I maneuvered out of my teammates grip and I ran over to Nash, hugging him.

“Nice game, sorry about kicking your ass.” I joked, Nash laughing sarcastically.

“It’s okay; you guys were really good to be honest,” Nash said still looking disappointed that he lost.

“Hey I have an idea. How about we go out sometime and go bowling. Surely you must be better at that than you are at volleyball.” Nash chuckled.

“Anytime. How about tomorrow night?” I nodded, blushing as I buried my face in Nash’s t-shirt.

“Lana we have to go!” I turned to Skye, who looked just as sad that we had to leave them.

“I have to go. It was nice meeting you.” I greeted Nash, turning to leave.

“Wait.” I looked at Nash.

“Mind if I walk you to your place? I won’t know where to pick you up tomorrow.” I smiled, nodding. Nash ran ahead, saying something to Cam. Cam’s face lit up as he called Skye, telling her he was walking her home too. Cam ran to Skye, holding her hand as they walked ahead, her skateboard in her other hand.

Nash waited for me to catch up and he held my hand.

“I’m really glad I met you.” Nash admitted, rubbing his thumb along my hand.

“Me too.” I replied, trying to contain the Cheshire cat smile that was threatening to spread across my face.

~ ¥ ~

Nash and I stood outside my house exchanging numbers, Skye and Cam went into town changing their minds about wanting to drop Skye off at home and ending their time together early.

“I changed my mind.” I frowned.

“About what?”

“I can’t wait until tomorrow. How about tonight, at 8?” I looked at my watch; I had enough time to get ready.

“Sure. I can’t wait either.” I looked at Nash, who was already gazing down at me.


“Bye.” But Nash didn’t move. He leaned in closer, kissing me softly. I reciprocated as Nash pulled me closer to him before I pulled away; Nash frowned forming cute frown lines on his forehead.

“Save it for tonight okay?” I unlocked the door, turning back and kissing Nash again before saying bye. I closed the door running to my room and collapsing on my bed, screaming into my pillow.