but guys come on look at these

the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017 by Josh Krause —Kickstarter
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Hey guys! Just want yall’ to take a look at this cool thing coming up at GPVegas!! This is one of those things we def should support in the mtg community

Sadly I can’t attend, but hopefully you will B) Share too! They launch on Tuesday

It doesn’t look that painful

For Laur’s @dancingalone21 Funny Quote AU Challenge 

Quote: “Man! I’m freaking velvety smooth!

Pairing: Mechanic Dean! X Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: Your boyfriend Dean is a tough guy mechanic and comes home one day while you’re waxing your legs and a challenge presents itself.

A/N: This is my first real time posting. Constructive comments are welcome! Hope you enjoy!

“Baby I’m home!” Dean calls out as he enters the apartment hanging his leather jacket up by the door. “Baby? Where are you?”

“I’m in the bathroom baby!” You call back to him. You hear the clomping of Dean’s boot on the hardwood floor as he makes his way to the bathroom.

“Y/n, what do you want to to do for dinner tonig..What the hell do you have on your legs?” exclaims Dean.

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All members raji 3/24

Uruha (reading mail): “I liked this boy all through middle school. He was the cutest boy in school, and after graduating middle school I never saw him again. But the other day, I ran into him for the first time in nine years. He wasn’t the same slim, toned, handsome man he used to be. When he said hi to me I was like ‘ew who is this?’ and that bittersweet memory I had was destroyed. Have you guys every been shocked by meeting an old classmate who looked totally different?”

Ruki: Sorry I didn’t really get any of what u just said [idk if he couldn’t hear or wasn’t paying attention]

(I have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about but Uruha said ‘Abe-chan killer’ what…anyway)

Uruha: But you get it right?

Ruki: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it, like if you saw your first love from high school at your coming of age ceremony and they looked completely different

Kai: (laughing) What that’s such a short period of time

Uruha: But I mean what do you expect? Of course they’re gonna look different.

Reita: And what if that guy was thinking the same thing [about the girl]?

Everyone: Mhm…

Reita: Like what makes you think you’re fine!?


Uruha: But this could happen to us, too. If we let ourselves go people might think the same thing about us.

Reita: A while ago when I was in my hometown I ran into an old classmate from elementary and middle school.

Uruha: But no one would recognize you – you were so skinny back then!

Reita: Well I recognized him first, and I was like “oh!!” and then he made a face like “oh!!” too, so I was like, “do you know who I am?” and he’s like “yeah!” and then he knew my name so…..yeah he recognized me


Reita: Mhm.

Uruha: That’s not really what we were expecting

Reita: But the other guy had aged quite a bit!

Uruha: Right?

Ruki: Right?

Aoi: Right?

Uruha: Like, with what you’re wearing now – I guess I should explain what he looks like today, huh?

Reita: What?

Uruha: He looks like, you know, a hip-hopper.

Reita (immediately): That’s cause I’m a fourth generation J-Soul Brother.

(J-Soul Brother music immediately starts playing)

Uruha: Maaan look at that chaaaaain!!

(while Uruha is making fun of him and the song is still playing u can hear Ruki calmly say “the third generation isn’t over”)


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"It stopped snowing" David noticed, suddenly feeling sad because it meant one thing: the airports are working again, everything goes back to normal and so it's time for her to leave. Again. "I'll drive you to the airport when you're ready." He knows everything but it still hurts him as hell that he will have to watch her leave again. And he'll see the pictures of her standing next to that British guy. That's something he doesn't want to witness. She comes out of his bedroom(their bedroom really)

and he frowns. She’s standing bare foot, only in his favorite t-shirt she bought him years ago. It doesn’t fit any of them - too small for his abs, too long for her tiny body but they both love it so much. She stands by the window and looks at the view of Central Park covered in snow. “Look, it’s snowing again” she says calmly, smiling at him. He pulls his arms around her tiny waist and kisses her neck. “It’s falling from the tree” he whispers to her ear. “Does it matter?” She turns to him puts arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. “It’s snowing again” she repeats. “I think I can’t leave now.” And as much as he hates cold, winter and snow, he wishes New York City would always stay covered in snow while he’s melting at her touch. Love!


This is why I love going through my inbox on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Thank you for this, anon. 

Sooo, remember that graphic novel-thing I announced was out awhile back. The weird dark/urban fantasy with a totally asexual protag?

Well now it’s available on e-book! :D And only 2.99!!! Awesome illustrations, weird creatures, and shovel-wielding badasses, oh my. Here’s the Amazon and Goodreads link, and here’s the blurb, if you missed me freaking out about it before:

Sacrifices of Shadow is a graphic novel in the vein of dark urban fantasy, written by K. Kazul Wolf and illustrated by Matt Edginton. Anya is on her way to visit her mother when she comes upon a strange man lying in the road. It’s the middle of the night, pouring rain, and through the headlights it looks like something has just tried to tear this guy to pieces. He asks if she has a weapon on her, and before she can scoff or run back to the safety of her truck, something large begins to growl behind her…

Anya finds herself drawn into an eldritch world where hellish hounds stalk the between-worlds, magic-infused firearms are bought and traded, and shadowy entities in human guise appear to be eerily common.


Peaky Blinders Season 4 | On location (Day 2)
March 24, 2017.

@wendymarland “Lovely walk in formby beach today. Didn’t expect to bump into tom hardy & cillian murphy filming peaky blinders on our gorgeous beach. Looking fab guys Who’s coming to beachbodyblitz Saturday & Sunday 8:30am you never know who you’ll bump into down there”

@milliedonnelly “On Fridays we watch #tomhardy filming #peakyblinders”

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Netflix and Cuddles || Jeno

Member: Jeno
Word count:602

Request:Hey there! I’ve been pretty stressed these days, was hoping your amazing writing could cheer me up ;w; could you write a cute Jeno scenario of him and his s/o just cuddling and playing video games and kissing etc, thank you! <3
A/n: Omg do you guys ever study so much where like your brain just runs out of fuel and you cant even fous anymore. Well here is that kind of stress in the story. Jeno is literally so cute and boyfriend squish material.

(Gif Not mine)

Originally posted by 10795

“Come on baby close the book you’ve been studying all day” your boyfriend whined next to you. You sighed and looked back at the formula, right now it was all a jumble of words from over reading. It felt like your mind was semi fried from all the studying.

You were stressed upon belief  but Jeno has been watching and studying with you for half the day. He was a great support and understood you needed some extra study time. You and Jeno were stuck in your house trying to make out more formulas and study.

Studying on a Saturday night wasn’t ideal but you needed to study. You studied so much at this point all the letters were fuzzy. While the information wasn’t even processing at this point it was terrible.

Jeno cheered you on and got you snacks and gave you support. Now Jeno gently grabbed your hand and squeezed it lightly.

His small eyes looked at you with seriousness “You can stop studying if you want” he said. You stared at his beautiful eyes, “come on one night of relaxation with yours truly” he asked with those famous puppy dog droopy eyes.

You did want some one on one cuddle session. You bite your lip he was probably right. Studying is needed but relaxation could help your mental state. You slowly closed the binder. Feeling the stress melt away as you closed the book. Jeno smile wide ready for you.

“Back off Jeno” you said pushing your ps4 remote trying to win in the fighting game. You laughed as Jeno pressed the buttons at rapid speed to win. His combos skills way better than yours.

“Try again” he said your character was taking some good hits. You smiled as you played the game. After Jeno told you to distress he was right. The night got so much niver after you closed those damn books.

He threw you one of his large sweaters and made sure he dimmed the lights. Putting the books away and turning on some video games for the both of you. Also ordering pizza which to be honest was a must. And after almost of 30 minutes of debating food you both thought pizza was the way.

Then Jeno pulled the final move in the game and killed your character. “Your such a cheater” you huffed. Jeno smiled “Just get good baby” he teased you picking up a bread stick.

You smiled turning off the game and clicking on Netflix, you looking at the time it was already almost midnight. “Oh my we’ve been at it for hours” you said.

“Doesn’t time fly when your having fun” he said. Jeno smiled leaning over to enveloped you into his warm arms.  You smilled as clicked don a movie on the device, searching for a movie to watch. Which naturally you picked a cute Disney movie.

“Are you relaxed in my arms” he asked in a cheeky manner. His warm body pressed against yours was nice. It felt so safe in his arms.
You played with your sweater paws for a second “ its nice” you admitted. Jeno smiled looking at you “can I get some kisses” he asked.

“Hm does Jeno deserve a kiss” you smiled. Jeno gave you a puppy look “Please” he begged.  

“Hm I guess he does” you said leaning over to give him a small peck on his gentle lips. You sat back to cuddle  into Jeno arms more, sighing in content.

“Now lets watch this movie” you said looking at the screen.

Jeno just grinned resting his head on the side as the movie started. This was probably the best night you could have thought of on the spot. Just a chill night with Jeno.

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Hi! Can you guys help me this jikook fic where JK enlist & in the night before he go in the army they had sex & then JM became pregnant but cant tell since JK is in battleship/sea already. He wrote to him but JK can't read it until he comes back. It's still unfinished last time I read it and it's chaptered. Thank you in advance!!

Hello anon!

I believe you’re looking for this fic:

In which Jimin and Jeongguk’s last night together before Jeongguk has to leave for the military results in nine months worth of stress and the consumption of a frankly ridiculous amount of chocolate covered strawberries.

Let me know if it’s not the one. Happy Reading! ~ Admin P

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Hey rosy! Where do you think Bellamy's head is going to be at in 4x08? Do you think he's completely given up on mending his relationship with Octavia. I found it funny that he had to begin letting Octavia go the same episode it's looking like she's pulling herself out of the darkness.


I don’t find letting go to be a bad thing at all. 

In my experience, when you let go, you then are able to truly appreciate what actually is there. Bellamy is holding onto his relationship with Octavia as it was, with him as the protector and her as the protected. Their singular relationship that was entirely dependent upon their dysfunctional dynamic… or wait… it actually was functional… on The Ark. It kept Octavia alive and together enough that they could get through their horror…. which I’ve begun to think was almost like growing up in a death camp. Right? So their relationship that they’ve been holding onto all this time still comes from that place.

He HAS to let go of Octavia. He’s been trying. But it’s really hard. And she has to be independent. She’s flailing. They have finally both let go. 

They reached the low point. The Ark is gone. The hope for space/nightblood is gone. The Blake siblings are independently at their lowest point in their relationship. His sister his responsibility is gone. He can’t protect anyone. Bellamy needs to find a way to keep going. 

Bellamy Blake needs to find a reason to keep fighting. 

Anyone want to take a guess what I think will be his reason? Something just for himself? Not for his responsibilities to his people or his sister, who he can’t save anyway.

Anyone want to guess how Jasper “I don’t want to survive, I want to live” Jordan is going to push him to come to that conclusion?



He’s going to decide that his feelings for her are worth pursuing because he loves her and the clock is ticking and this is all he’s getting anyway. 

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Hi I've looked through all of the master lists and I can't find this one fic. DnP are together and then dan goes out one night to meet his old friends from uni and he goes to the toilet and a guy comes in locks the door and sexually assaults him, and then he runs home and when he got back to Phils he had a shower and Phil found his clothes and they were bloody, I can't remember the title please help, thankyou!!

Wrestle With Your Demons So You Can Be Left Alone - (tw) Dan learns the hard way that not everyone understands no means no.

- Eliza

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Honestly, Bruce is standing on top a damn grim reaper statue is so funny to me, but all jokes aside they really is a amazing shot and I feel like I'm looking at a comic panel come so life so kudos to Zack

He really climbed his ass on top of that grim reaper statue to look like he’s literally “standing above death”, that’s the level of extra I want from my Batman. Comicbook panels come to life is really Zack’s trademark at this point. You can say whatever you want about this guy, but in my opinion he’s brilliant visual director.

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This isn't really a question but can I just say how excited I am for Saurian and how happy I am its being made? Even since I was a kid I utterly adored dinosaurs and always wanted a dino simulator game yet everything fell short or was a 'you hunt dinosaurs' or a 'dinoVshuman' game which was disappointing. But I'm so looking forward to Saurian and excited over what we've seen in the dev logs and am glad I was able to support you guys with your Kickstarter, I can't wait for it to come out! :D

Thank you so much for you support! We are always glad to hear about people being excited about Saurian.


Little did Hudson know that Paisley had also invited Trent as well.

TRAVIS : What’s he doing here?

PAISLEY : Video games are more fun with company, so I invited you both! Come on, it’ll be fun!

As she wandered into her house, oblivious to the tension between the two men, Trent found himself scowling at the thought of Paisley spending time with another guy.

TRAVIS : Look, I don’t care who you are, but you already get on my nerves and Paisley is sure to realise how annoying you are too, so just back off.

HUDSON : Okay… I mean, I haven’t even said anything yet –



Looking for input! Season 2 is coming out and I’m so PUMPED. I am finally drawing up that snk acrylic charm sets that I’ve wanted to do for years and now that I’m actually doing it I’m feeling overwhelmed by CHOICES. I’m thinking of doing the shutter shades on the back of all of them but do you guys prefer with or without cat/dog ears+tails? Any other ideas?

Story time

So, today I went to the mall with my @smol-babyg , all good and fun, she shopped, I window shopped (ya girl’s a broke bitch). BUT THEN she lost $20 in a dressing room and we could not find it for the life of us. The sales assistant who was helping us look was very optimistic and said “well you lose $20, you’ll probably find $40”. So we shrug and go about our business.

Later on we’re sitting next to the fountain in the mall, kinda bummed because $20 is a lot, and this teenage guy comes up to us and says “hey, follow me on Instagram?” We kinda roll our eyes but say yeah sure whatever to get him to go away. My friend looks over at me and says “maybe that was the $40”.

We joke about it a little and carry on. We go into Yankee candle because I’m looking for a candle for my girlfriend. We smell the candles (as you do) and brag about a specific candle, then move on to looking at candle holders.The sales assistant overhears us talking about a specific candle holder that my friend wants and says “can I help ring you up?” And she explains that she doesn’t have any money because she lost $20 (the candle holder is $10 and she has exactly $10, not enough for tax) and he’s like “well shit, that sucks, I can just ring you up as military.” So we’re like, holy fuCK, this is the $40.

As they’re checking out the cashier says “do you have a candle for this at home” and she says no but it’s okay bc the candle holder is an owl and is just cute to look at. He tells her to grab a mini candle and he’ll cover it, so she grabs a candle, we thank him profusely and leave.