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jace/simon, post 2x14 scene

“Simon,” Jace says, pounding at the door, “Simon, come on.” 

The door actually opens, and Jace takes a step back at the fury carved into the lines of Simon’s face. 

You - “ Simon begins, and he cuts himself off, his voice thick, before he starts again. “More than anyone else I don’t want to see you. Get out.” 

“It wasn’t - it’s not like that.” Jace mutters, and he looks intently at Simon, willing him to figure it out through sheer force. 

“Then what was it like? Huh, Jace?” Simon steps forward now, his eyes red rimmed and glittering with anger. He pushes, hard and sudden, and Jace is flying back, hitting the containers on the dock with a clang. He grunts, a sharp pain lancing up his back, and opens his eyes to see Simon bearing down on him. 

Simon is beautiful. Jace doesn’t know how to express it, how to untangle the mess his heart’s become. Clary is fierce and gorgeous and looks at him with a challenge in her eyes and a spring in her step that he’s never seen before - but Simon. He makes Jace feel like he’s lost complete control of the situation, his heart beating out an irregular, confused staccato. Simon unbalances him like nothing before. 

“I love her, and it’s all - you both humiliated me!” Simon shouts, the words echoing around them in the cool night air, and Jace flinches back at the anguish in Simon’s eyes as he slams his forearm across Jace’s chest. “And after all that, you want to come back here and - and what, tell me it wasn’t like that?” 

“It isn’t - Simon.” Jace says, low, and Simon shakes his head, and Jace is - Jace hates it. He’s never seen Simon like this before, a combination of fury and sorrow that Jace is intimately familiar with from his own past; it’s heartbreaking. 

“Clary showed up a while ago to say that she loves me.” Simon spits the words out, trembling, and he laughs bitterly. “And now you want to tell me this. All you guys do is lie to me, right? Poor Simon, always the stupid mundane, running behind Clary and thinking he had a chance when Jace has always been in love with her - “

“Simon,” Jace interrupts harshly, a wild feeling in his chest, “I love her, I do, but that’s not all, and you can’t pin this on me. You can’t.” 

“Can’t I?” Simon asks, shoving harder. “Can’t I? She desires you the most, Jace! You!”

“She loves you too - “

Loving me too makes me a second choice - “

“It doesn’t.” And then Jace is surging up, pressing back against Simon, his hands going to cradle Simon’s face as he kisses him, fast and hard and messy. He’s desperate, swiping his tongue against Simon’s parted lips as Simon groans, surprised, and if this is the only thing he gets he’ll take it. Jace wants Simon, needs him with a confusing ferocity that wars with the ever present ache for Clary that’s settled into his heart and he doesn’t know which one is more real, just knows that Simon is here and under him - 

And Simon is suddenly kissing back for a wild, glorious second, the sound of their lips sliding together slick in the night air, a molten heat pouring in between the two of them and cementing into something real and dangerous, hopeless in the way that anything Jace touches becomes. Simon’s arms slide to Jace’s hips for just a moment, thumb smoothing under the hem of Jace’s shirt, until he jumps back like he’s been burned. 

“You love Clary.” Simon says accusingly, his voice cracking and his eyes pleading. Jace is panting, flushed, his hands clenched into fists, wanting nothing more than to run his fingers across Simon’s skin and see what kind of sounds he can draw out. 

“I did. I do. I don’t know.” Jace says hoarsely. 

“She wants you.” Simon says, shaking his head, and he looks so lost, suddenly small in the vast, empty night. 

“She wants you too.” Jace manages to get out past the lump in the throat. “And to be honest, I know the feeling. Of wanting you.” 

“The kiss you most desire.” Simon repeats helplessly. “The kiss you - Clary kissed you.” 

“It’s very easy to love you, Simon Lewis.” Jace says quietly, finally pushing off the container and running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what I’m doing either, but - you’re breaking my heart a little too, you know.” 

He turns and walks away then, because he can’t be here anymore. He can’t - he can’t deal with this, can’t figure out when he started to let go of Clary and instead fall into Simon’s orbit. 

“Jace.” Simon calls out after him, his voice anguished. “Jace.” 

“If you and Clary had been trapped,” Jace says into the night, not bothering to turn back, “I don’t know who I would kiss.” 


Long after Jace is gone, Simon slumps against the door of the boathouse and runs his thumb across his lower lip, remembering the rasp of Jace’s stubble against his cheek. He thinks about vines twisting around Clary and Jace, pinning them to the spot and demanding he lay his heart out in the open for everyone to see.

“I don’t know either.” He whispers. “I don’t know either.” 

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 13)

“What do you mean she thinks she’s in love with him?” Mark has had it. This is the last sing solitary straw, and he sinks to his knees. Wilford taps his hand against his leg, fidgeting wildly with his other hand in his hair. He doesn’t know how to handle this: a distressed Markiplier.

He didn’t want to be the one to tell him in the first place, but since Dark hasn’t come back from Voidtopia, Wilford was forced to be the bearer of bad news. “It’s likely some kind of concoction love potion that Yandere whipped up.”

“You guys can do that?” Mark mumbles into his knees.

“No, but it’s the only explanation that I can think of,” Wilford says with a shrug, which is lost on Mark, who hasn’t yet looked up from where he’s rested his head on his knees. “Maybe you should talk to her.”

“She probably hates me. Or better yet, Yandere has hypnotized her to want to murder me on sight. Of course, she also could’ve forgotten me altogether; let’s not leave that little gem out.” Mark is shaking with anger and no way to get it out.

Wilford sees this and makes a suggestion, “Here.” He snaps his fingers and a dummy appears. “Pretend it’s Dark and call me when you’re done.” He steps out of the room to the sound of Mark tearing into the dummy.

Host is waiting just outside, nervously fidgeting with one of the buttons on his jacket. “The Host wants Wilford to explain what has happened. Amy is acting strangely and refuses to talk to the Host, and-and he’s afraid that he’s done something wrong!” Host’s kitten rubs against the Ego’s leg, but the Host doesn’t even acknowledge Fitz. “Wilford needs to tell the Host what he’s done wrong!”

“No, no, Hosty,” Wilford tuts. “Amy isn’t mad at you. She thinks she’s in love with Yandereplier. Apparently, he’s got her convinced that he’s her Senpai, and I’m sure that means that a lot of strange things will be cropping up because of it. But it’s nothing that you did wrong.” Wilford seems proud of himself for comforting the Host so well, but this only opens a new can of the Host’s signature worry.

Host starts chattering about what this could mean and what Yandere could’ve done to make this happen, and just about that time, Mark returns from Dark’s office. “I’m done now.” He’s sweaty and tired, but his eyes are clear.

Wilford nods. “She’s in the den.”


Mark pokes his head inside the Ego’s living room where the TV is turned on, but the volume is low. Amy sits on the couch, and he swears he can see the remnants of tears in her eyes. “Amy?” He steps into the room where she can see him, and she quickly wipes the sleeve of her shirt over her face. So she was crying, but why? “Can we talk?”

Amy shakes her head. “I don’t want to talk to you.” She pauses a moment. “Where is Yandere?”

Mark feels a stabbing pain in his stomach and bites back his anger. “No, I don’t know where he is. Wilford didn’t tell me.”

Amy goes rigid, and her eyes fall away from him. “Then you should go. He’ll be angry to find you here with me.”

“No,” Mark insists. “I’m not leaving you here.”

“Why not? I don’t love you. I never really have!” Amy gets to her feet, facing him down. “So you might as well leave and never come back!”

Mark shakes his head. “No, I won’t!”

“Fine. I’ll go back to Yandere’s room,” Amy brushes past him, but he grabs her arm. “Let go of me.”

“Not until you tell me why you were crying then.” Mark is pleading with her to speak to him, to wake up and be his Amy.

But she shuts herself down, cuts off all emotions. “Let go of me, Mark.” And he does because he can’t stand having her look at him like that for one more minute. Amy leaves him there, and once she’s gone, the Host and Wilford wander in.

“So, how did it go?” Wilford asks.

“We were shouting, and you two were standing in the doorway the entire time.” He drops onto the couch. “What are we going to do? How could he have possibly convinced her that she’s in love with him? Host?”

Host shakes his head. “The Host is not sure that even he could do that if he wanted to. He has no idea how Yandere managed to do it.”

Dark storms in moments later. “That pathetic punk won’t be bothering anyone anytime soon,” he growls. “I’ve made sure of that…. For my own purposes, of course.” He sinks to his recliner with a sigh. “Now that you have your precious Amy back, I suggest you leave. I’m not in the mood to…”

“She thinks she’s in love with Yandere.” Mark leans his head in his hands with his elbows on his knees. “She won’t even talk to the others.”

Dark makes a face. “Yandereplier doesn’t have the power to do that.” He pauses and then snorts. “She’s lying to you. She thinks Yandere is still loose somewhere in the building, right?” Dark shakes his head and leans back against his chair. “You’ve got to give her credit. He threatened all of you, threatened to tear you all apart if you even got near her. And he can kill Mark, if he has a mind to, so what does she do?”

“She tells us she’s in love with him so we’ll leave her alone…” Mark jumps to his feet and runs out of the room.

Dark rolls his eyes. “Those two are disgusting.”

Wilford laughs. “You’re just jealous.”

The Host smirks. “You got stabbed, didn’t you?”

New Beginnings - Chapter 3

Thank you so, so much to everyone who commented, reblogged and liked the previous chapters.

Also I have a feeling this is going to turn into a longer multi-chapter fic than I was originally intending so sorry to those readers who thought it was going to be a short story. I don’t want to let these guys go yet.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Ao3 Link

Chapter 3.

The doorbell rang and Betty looked nervously towards Veronica and her mum, Alice. They were in the sitting room, Betty had on the pastel dress, her hair falling to her shoulders in blonde waves, framing her face. Veronica’s smile read encouragement and Alice nodded towards the cookies that were sitting on the table. Betty knew there was an alternative motive to Alice baking the cookies. She wanted him to come in. Betty groaned inwardly at the thought of him being grilled by both Veronica and her mother. It would almost guarantee that he would be running for the hills before they had even had their first date.

She moved towards the door, throwing them both a look of warning to stay where they were, for all the good that it would do her. She opened the door to find him standing there, dressed in a dress shirt and tie, a little over the top for Pop’s perhaps, but it had her rethinking that dark blue dress Veronica had suggested after all. He looked handsome, different to how he had at the park, more nervous and hesitant as if his confidence had waned since their first meeting. He gave her a shy smile.

“You look nice,” he said appreciatively and Betty felt the butterflies in her stomach go into overdrive at his words. “Very nice,” he added lowering his tone slightly.

She bit her bottom lip nervously when he leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“My sister helped. Trust me I am not usually this fashionable.” She laughed at his words and she swore she saw a blush cross his cheeks. “Also you look very nice tonight.” Then it was her turn to blush.

“Thank you and remind me to thank your sister.” She whispered back to him.

“Jackson helped too.”

“Well I’ll thank them both.”

“Would you like to come in?” Betty jumped slightly at the voice to the side of her, Alice was standing beside her with the plate of cookies in her hand. She was too wrapped up in her own special moment to notice. Betty looked into Jughead’s eyes pleading with him to say no as if she had some kind of telekinesis.

“Sure.” He stepped through the doorway and Betty looked up to the sky for some kind of help before shutting the door. Veronica was smirking already, and Alice was lifting the plate full of chocolate chip cookies to Jughead urging him to take one.

“We don’t want to spoil our dinner mum.” Betty said sharply.

“Nonsense Betty, would you like a coffee, Jughead?” Betty noticed her mother struggling with the name as if it sounded foreign on her tongue. Betty had already asked her mum not to be weird about the name.

“Yes, please.” She was glad he had manners, and Alice seemed to as what Betty swore was a genuine smile cross her face.

Alice clasped her hands in delight and made her way to the kitchen where Betty knew she already had a fresh pot brewed and ready to go. Jughead took a seat in the armchair near where Veronica was perched on the couch and she moved forward like a spider who had just caught a fly in her web. Jughead slunk back in the armchair before looking nervously from Betty to Veronica and back to Betty as a realisation dawned on him that he had just walked into an interrogation.

“So Jughead, what do you do?” Veronica asked, as Jughead bit into his cookie. Quickly chewing the mouthful and swallowing.

“I write for an online news journal,” he replied.

“And is that profitable?” She pressed further, leaning in from her position.

“It pays the bills.”

“And you live with your sister?” He swore it was like she never even blinked, her dark eyes piercing into his own, and he could feel a sweat developing on his brow.

“I do, just for now, still settling in here.” The embarrassment of having to live with your sister while you sorted your life out still weighed heavily on him, no matter how many times she told him it was no bother.

“So you’re not going to just up and leave.” Veronica’s eyes pierced through him, her stare intensifying as she waited for his answer.

“Okay,” Betty interrupted, pulling Jughead up from his chair. “20 questions is over for tonight, we need to go.” She was quickly ushering him towards the front door. Passing by a stunned Alice who was returning from the kitchen with the coffee and cups. Betty was impressed she had brought out the fancy dinnerware.

“Where are you going? He hasn’t even had his coffee.” Alice started to follow them to the door as Betty quickened her pace, practically dragging her date behind her.

“Next time mum.” Betty pushed Jughead out of the door as he managed a quick wave with the hand that was not currently secured around one of the most delicious cookies he had ever had in his life. Betty took a deep breath as she leant her back up against the front door shut behind her.

“Your friend Veronica, is a little intense.” Understatement of the year.

“Yeah, she just cares really, but sometimes it’s a little much.”

“But these cookies,” he held up the half eaten cookie in his hand a smile spreading across his face. “Are amazing.”

“I’ll sneak you some out when we get back, but let’s get going before you get dragged back in there.” Betty could already see her mum and Veronica peeking through the curtains the two of them as subtle as a sledgehammer.

“Agreed.” He nodded eagerly, Betty waving at the curtains that were quickly closed at being seen.

They had made small talk in his car on the way over to Pop’s, he told her a little more about his work and Betty mainly gushed over Juliet, which inevitably led to Jughead gushing about Jackson. They felt comfortable already around each other which put Betty at ease, but there was that nagging question in the back of her mind. What about Jackson’s mum? And she wondered if he had the same questions about Juliet’s father.

He opened the car door for her and the diner door and Betty checked off the mental checklist in her mind of qualities that she was looking for in a partner, gentleman, check. She automatically went to the booth where her and Juliet would usually sit, she took a seat and was only slightly disappointed when he took the one opposite her instead of sharing the same side of the booth. She shrugged it off reasoning that it would be better for conversation if they could face each other.

“So what’s good here?” He grabbed the menu from the table and started to take a quick look through, his stomach already grumbling at the prospect of food.

“Well, like I said the milkshakes are one of a kind. They will ruin you permanently for all other milkshakes and if you like burgers-”

“Like burgers?” He held a hand to his chest in mock insult. “Betty, I adore burgers, I would go so far as to say I love burgers. In fact one time Louise and I -” he paused as the memory hit him full force, their late night road trip to get burgers from a place outside of New York because he had read about some place in a random blog, that had a burger challenge and she could never say no to him when it concerned his stomach.

Betty reached her hand out across the booth, capturing his which was still holding the menu, and stroking it lightly. “Sorry I,” he stumbled over his words. Not sure what he was apologising for, or if he even needed to.

“It’s okay.” Her voice was gentle and soothing. “Do you want to talk about it?” Betty didn’t want to pry. She didn’t want to push too hard too fast, putting her foot in her mouth as she so often did. She could see the sadness in his eyes and knew then that she was the ex, Jackson’s mum. Betty knew all too well the pain when you almost forgot that the other person wasn’t still around. That they were no longer a permanent fixture of your life and what were suppose to be happy memories only caused pain. “Let’s order some burgers and milkshakes, we can’t go wrong.” She smiled back at him and he nodded silently.

Betty raised her hand to motion for the waitress, as Jughead continued to let her hand rest over his, taking refuge in the human contact and the sense of safety and belonging that it provided.

He could hear Betty ordering in the background, and the menu being pulled away from him as he let it go. He urged himself to return to the present, to pull himself back from the dark spiral that he had so often let himself fall into thinking about what could have been.

“My ex, Richie, left me over a year ago.” Betty stated, and Jughead looked up to meet her eyes at the confession. “Juliet was 6 months, when he left. There was no note, no phone call, it was like he disappeared one night and just never came back.” He continued to stare at her, listening intently as she twisted up her napkin in her hands on the table. “I always thought he would just come back. One day I would come home and there he would be waiting for me, would tell me how sorry he was and we would be a happy family. But that never happened.”

The waitress placed their milkshakes on the table and Betty gratefully took hers, stirring the liquid and pushing the cream down under the surface. “Eventually I hired a private investigator, almost every last penny went into trying to find him. I wasn’t sure I even wanted him back by that point but I felt he owed it to Juliet, to be a part of her life, just -” she gave a loud sniff and Jughead noted that she had started to cry, a tear splashing onto the table between them. “I wanted him to take some responsibility. I wanted him to love her as much as I did. And -” her fingers tightly gripped the napkin pressing the paper into her palm, hard. “They couldn’t find him, last credit card transaction was in Mexico and then the trail went cold.”

She leant over to take a sip of her milkshake, closing her eyes as she let the sweetness roll over her tongue, as she lost herself in the sensation before pulling herself back together.  She opened them again to see him watching her, his expression something she couldn’t quite make out. “Anyway, I moved back in with mum, couldn’t afford the house anymore and it’s been the three of us ever since.” She felt relief wash over her as if a weight had been lifted just by telling her story. A nervous laugh erupted from her lips. “Probably not exactly first date conversation but -”

“I’m sorry.” His voice was soft and gentle.

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says.” She leant forward, “but secretly I feel like they are thinking how did she not see it coming. How could she not know he was unhappy.”

“We like to think the people we love, love us back. That the way we treat others is the way that they are going to treat us. And you’re a good person, Betty. The world seems to take some sick kind of pleasure in screwing over those who are good and kind.”

“Here come our burgers.” Flashing that brilliant smile at him again and he found himself smiling back at her in response on reflex.

“Great I’m starving.”

“Me too.” Betty agreed.

It comes to something when we’re looking forward more to having Jason on screen (you know, the guy who tortured Aaron for weeks) than Rebecca. Because at least we know what to expect from Jason!! If that’s not the sign of a poorly written character, I don’t know what is.

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For the Most Beautiful Man universe when Geno sees Sid all gross from the gym he already has rose-colored glasses on and can't see him as anything other than beautiful. The Pens know about Mr. Beautiful and all them are waiting for the next installment of the saga while about other half are waiting for Geno to propose to the guy. Meanwhile Sid speaks Russian and is half convinced Geno works for the mob after hearing him say "just you wait, Sasha. We'll win next time," over the phone in Russian.

omg HAHAHAHA Geno is so heartbroken because the love of his life looks so nervous whenever Geno comes into the elevator. 

Just a little thing I did… I read somewhere that after realizing that he’s Captain Underpants, Krupp probably made a rule against snapping your fingers at the school. Unless there’s an emergency, a bad-guy, etc. And of course, Melvin, being Melvin, needs to uphold these rules, right? And let’s just take a moment and imagine…

“Could Principal Krupp please come to the principal’s office?” echoes over the sitcom or whatever it’s called, these things that the principal has, yeah… uh… moving on

The children looks around, confused, of course, because whAt, why would you- what- uh??

There’s a noise in the background, like some glass breaks or something (I’m thinking a teacher enters the office and grabs George, he tries to escape and breaks a little thing), then “George! Harald!” is yelled, and the children just ah.

But there’s a bad guy on the loose, right, and this isn’t just a little bank-robbery, oh no, this is Big Shit happening, on the scale of Poopypants, and George and Harald are desperate, yeah?

So they snap their fingers. And it’s audible over the sitcom shit.

(Krupp, who’s walking fast towards his office ((because he knows that when the boys actually need him it’s, well, it’s bad, and only he, or rather, Captain Underpants can save the city)), sighs before losing consciousness.)

(A kid walking pass stares wide eyed as the principal suddenly strips off all clothing and yells ‘Tra la la!)

The next day, after a big boss fight, Krupp returns to the school. Tired, in pain and pissed. He thinks, when he passes Melvin in the hall, that he should expel everyone who tries to talk to him after someone’s snapped their fingers. Seriously. “Principal,” Melvin yells. “Mr. Krupp!”

“What is it,” groans Krupp. He doesn’t care, he’s just tired, he wants to get to his office and look angry for no reason.

“George and Harald snapped their fingers! That’s against the rules!”

“I know, Melvin,” Krupp says, waving the kid away and walking a bit faster.

“But- they snapped their fingers! They broke the rules!”

“I know, Melvin!”

A few days later, and a new rule is added to the already way-too-long list. No one but George and Harald are allowed to snap their fingers on school grounds.

Two weeks later, when Krupp and the boys find out that oh, Krupp and Captain Underpants can separate from each other by snapping both fingers at the same time, Krupp throws his hands up in the air and goes to fetch something to drink. Preferably vodka. 

High School Band AU: Ch. 7

Hope you all like this! ^^

You turn the light switcher and the ceiling fan in one quick move, giving a quick look around the record store. It looks cleaner than it used to be before summer, but you still have some work to do with the records on the second floor. Hopefully, Jaehee and Jumin won’t feel like climbing up the stairs.

“Make yourself comfortable, guys. Or… at least try to.”

“It looks almost like a library.” Jaehee looks around everywhere. “How many records do you think there are?”

“More than 3000.” Jumin states, flipping though some random albums mindlessly.

“3.647, actually.” Both of them look at you curiously. “According to my uncle, don’t look at me like I counted them all.” You lost count, actually.

“It’s impressive. Do you have profit?” Jumin asks, glancing quickly to the cashier register.

“Come on, people don’t buy even CDs these days, let alone vinyl records. We do have some faithful customers, however. My uncle’s former band mates, some elderly citizens who like bolero and hipsters who are looking for inspiration for t-shirts, I guess.”

“Well, some albums’ covers look like true masterpieces, so it’s understandable.” Not really the point, but yeah, he’s right.

“Anyway, feel free to have a look around. Let me know if you like something, maybe there is a symbolic prize and you’ll pay less for it.”

“Oh yes, V told me about how he bought a Patti Smith’s album almost for free.” Ugh… why did V lie about this to him as well?

“How is he? I mean… how is college?” and Rika? Are they dating? Did he find out she’s a weird girl who throws flirty threats to her cousin’s friend?

“He texted me yesterday, we’re not talking much because he’s been busy. I didn’t know you’ve knew him to know he is in college, MC.”

“Well, we had a casual talk right here a few days ago. He talked about college and told me about the audition, the rest you know by yourself.” He also said you’re talented.

“Well, he’s not one to brag, but he can get very cocky sometimes.” He says flipping through some records again. “Do you have Meatloaf?”

“Do you like Meat Loaf?” you and Jaehee ask at the same time, he rolls his eyes and goes back to flipping through the records. Well, he does, and he’s not proud of it.

“I guess you could say it’s a sort of guilty pleasure.” He mutters.

“I think guilty pleasures are so lame.” Both of them look at you. “I mean, why would you be embarrassed about something that makes you happy? Except it’s something outrageous or… incriminating, I don’t know. Why would you be embarrassed about liking Meat Loaf?”

“Because it’s a band with the name of a food, because it’s not even a great rock band, because… their songs aren’t bad…”

“Yeah? And so what? You like it, it makes you happy. Everybody likes terrible things. Me, for example, I love… the Kardashians.”

“Will it be offensive if I say I’m not that surprised?” he asks. Was that… a joke? Coming from Jumin Han?

“It wouldn’t, because I’m not feeling guilty of my pleasure, or… something like this, I guess. What about you, Jaehee? There’s something you’re embarrassed of liking it?”

“Zen.” Jumin says, still looking at the records, not noticing- or not minding- the surprised eyes from both girls.

“Zen?” you ask, trying to ignore he basically called Zen a “something”. “Jaehee, you…?”

“I don’t. Jumin is getting quite imaginative these days.” Wow, she’s being as formal as him, a sign that she’s nervous? A sign that she’s lying?

“Are you denying you liked him when we were freshmen?”

“Every girl liked Zen in the first year. I was no exception, but… now we are fiends and things changed a lot in two years, Jumin.”

“If you say so.” He shrugs, showing he’s not interested in going on with this conversation, but you are.

“Have you and Zen… ever…?”

“Oh, oh no… it was just a crush, but it faded away as soon as we became friends. He… wanted dancing lessons from me.” She blushes and looks away, which is… amusing somehow.

“You dance?”

“I did ballet and modern dance when I was younger. And Zen… wanted to learn how to dance to join the musical theater club.”

“Oh… why haven’t you joined? We could have been buddies watching the club getting shut down.”

“I…” she starts messing some old show tunes records “Oh! A Chorus Line, have you ever heard this one, MC?”

“I did. We sang ‘One’ in the club once. Ugh… so cheesy, I would have shut down any club who submits their students to such a monstrosity like that… but the real musical is great.”

“Oh, I love ‘At the Ballet’!” and then she hums the melody, oh… judging from what you’re hearing, she is… “Oh, sorry, I’m a little tonedeaf.”

“I see…” you hear, actually.

“Anyway… if you don’t mind me asking, what was your fight with Saeran about?”

“You fought with Saeran?” wow, Jumin isn’t really up to date with things going on around him, except when it comes to Zen, and… Rika? No, don’t think bout Rika right now.

“He was just being rude, as usual, but this time I wasn’t having it. Not that I had the other times, fuck him.”

“He was talking about a girl wanting to kiss you…?” Jaehee asks.

“Oh, yeah… that. Hum… you know what? Maybe he isn’t that wrong, I… I’m just crazy.” You don’t really want to talk about Rika in front of Jumin, though you’re pretty sure if there is a person who can give you some answers, it would be him.

“You just said you weren’t having it. What made you change your mind?” he asks. Shit!

“I… I don’t know. And… who cares if there is a girl wanting to kiss me, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. You two know that better than I do, probably.” They both look at you intently.

“What do…”

“… you mean?”

“Well, because you’re both gay,and…”

“Gay?” they look at each other, confused, and then at you. “Who’s gay, MC?” Jaehee asks, blushing.

“You… two? Aren’t you?”

“No!” Jaehee protests clumsly, getting all flustered. Oh… were you doing the stereotype thing again? Just like you did with Zen’s friend? Ugh… stupid!

“I heard that too many times to even bother to answer.” Jumin rolls his eyes. “Oh, and I’m taking these, MC. How much?” you say a price, wondering if you should have established a symbolic price by yourself after obviously upsetting him. “Keep the change. I’ll get going, do you need a ride, Jaehee?”

“No, I’m fine.” He nods and waves a goodbye to you, heading out of the store. Shit… when you thought you two were starting to get along.

“I really screwed up, didn’t I?”

“With Jumin? Nah, I don’t think so. He just… likes to make dramatic exits.” You both chuckle. Though you’re not fully convinced, you’re a little relieved after her attempt of making you feel better, like a great leader would do. “MC, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Do you… why did you think I was gay?”

“No particular reason beside me thinking of stereotypes. You just… have this really badass haircut, and… walks with this bunch of guys, and… you know? I should stop talking, I feel like I’m sounding more and more stupid.” She chuckles. “I’m sorry for jumping into conclusions, Jaehee, I…”

“It’s fine. Oh… and just so you know, I… don’t think there’s something wrong with kissing girls, either.” She smiles and you smile back. “So… does that phonograph work?”

“It does, my uncle takes a better care of it than he does with his own health, actually.”

“So, uhm… can we hear this?” she shyly takes the Chorus Line out of the pile, and you smile, taking it from her hand.

But you barely listened to the album, you were busy talking. You used to have a lot of girlfriends when you were in middle school, even though you felt oddly dislocated in girl talking. But with her, it was pretty natural. Your mother used to tell you that when two girl laugh together, they become friends for real. And your cheeks were hurting from how much you laughed.

“So Zen asked me if he had to wear a leotard to learn ballet.”

“Oh my God, tell me you told him that was mandatory!”

“Well, I didn’t… but I regret up until these days not to.” You both laugh. “I… really liked him back then, I didn’t want him to make a fool of himself.”

“What happened? Why haven’t you… confessed to him or something?”

“I honestly realized we would work better as friends. There’s always this point with Zen, you’ll see.” What does she mean? Is she… is she thinking you and Zen…?

“Oh, I guess we are at this point already.” Are you? You haven’t talked much with him ever since… that day you sang with Yoosung… “So… how did a tonedeaf great ballet dancer with a badass haircut like you become the manager of these guys?

“Well, Jumin and I were partners in a lot of group tasks, he was going to take over V’s place at the bass and needed someone to fill his place as the manager, so… I was the better option, according to him.” Oh… Jumin was the manager, no wonder he still acts like a leader, somehow. Did he boss Rika around telling her not to shake her hips like he does to you? “And, I have much more fun than I care to admit, you know? They are… well, you are, like a bunch of brothers, teasing, fighting and in the end, having fun. And I’m the momager.”

“Did you just…?”

“You’re not the only one to like the Kardashians, MC. But shhh, I’m not so proud of my guilty pleasures like you.” You both laugh. “Ahh, is that Sing ? This music is perfect for me!” Oh yeah, the Chorus Line soundtrack, you were so focused o your talk you almost forgot about the song. “See, I really couldn’t sing, I could never do was…”

“Sing.” You follow the record playing, and she smiles at you.

“I have trouble with the…”


“It goes all around my… “


“It’s a terrifying…”


And you two keep playing this unusual duet, even waltzing in the part they sing “Still, I’m terrific at a… dance!

And as you dance in the limited space, smiling and having fun, you realize how bad you misjudge her in the first time you’ve met each other. The guys showed who they were to you in the minute you’ve met, Zen was flirty, Saeyoung was crazy, Yoosung was sweet, Jumin was cold and Saeran was… a dick. She’s the only one who didn’t show you much, maybe for you to realize she’s even sweeter, nicer and more caring than what you could possibly expect from your first impression?

She’s an amazing person you’re glad o become friends with. To the point you don’t even want her to go when she looks at her watch and says it’s late.

“I had lots of fun today, MC! I knew convincing Jumin to come with me to meet where you work was a good idea!”

“Oh, I thought it was the other way around, he convinced you…”

“Nah, between the two of us, Jumin thinks he is still the boss, but… he’s not.” You two chuckle. “Though, I have to agree with him and say you can take it easy a little on the hips thing.” Well, it’s not like you really mind if you’re being asked politely like this, just because of her, you will consider. “See you tomorrow, MC!”

This was great! You miss haing fun with other girls, if only your classmates weren’t so pathetic gushing over Zen and…

Zen… Jaehee said she doesn’t like Zen anymore, why do you care so much? It’s not like… it’s not like you’re just like your classmates, are you? No, no you’re not! They probably don’t think there’s nothing wrong with kissing girls.

  Chapter 6 |

Safe Here - Sam’s Gone

Originally posted by canonspngifs

A/N: This is part of my ongoing series Safe Here. Can be read on it’s own, but if it so behooves you, you can find the rest HERE.

This part takes place right after Sam leaves for Stanford, and is the first time Dean confides in Y/N. I hope you guys are enjoying this series, and you like this part too!

Words: 1,005

Warnings: Little angsty. So much cussing. Not a beta in sight.

“Told you not to come.”

“Yeah, well listening has never been one of my strong suits.”

“You got that right.”

“Where’s John?”

Dean’s face hardened and his body tensed at the mention of his father’s name. He hated Sammy leaving just as much, shit probably more, but the way his dad acted made the situation so much worse. He didn’t acknowledge the question, just turned back to his drink.

Keep reading

Most of class a hanging out and having fun together in the dorms when they hat dramatic piano music playing so they curiously look for the origin of said music, and end up outside of Tokoyami’s room. They slowly open the door to reveal Tokoyami in a cape, playing his keyboard along with Dark Shadow. (A keyboard because his piano didn’t fit)

I couldn’t not like you - Harrison Osterfield Imagine

Request : Can you do a Harrison imagine where the reader and Harrison get in a argument because Harrison gets jealous over the reader talking to her ex and it ends all fluffy and what not? Thanks so much!

Y/N looked her at her phone, reading Y/Ex’s/Name’s last text and chuckling at how silly that guy was. The two of you had ended things off almost two years ago but had managed to remain civil and friendly, you had broken things off when you had started travelling because of your acting job. He didn’t really handle how rare it became for you to come home and you two drifted apart. It had hurt but you weren’t in love and you were still friends so it was fine. You showed the text to your hair stylist Sarah,and she giggled when she saw the text. You quickly texted him back, saying how weird and silly he was and then waited.

“What’s so funny?”

You turned towards Harrison, who was chilling on the couch in your trailer; he was staring at you, his eyebrows furrowed, and his jaw clenched. Harrison was your co-star on this film, you were playing his love interest and you two had hit it off since the very first day. To be completely honest, you had quite the crush on him. You had been aware of him, because you were a fan of Tom Holland and since Tom and Harrison , you had been aware of his existence. But when you had met in person, you had been mesmerized at how nice and talented he was. He was obviously even more handsome in person, and it was hard to act sometimes as you would forget your lines, looking into those deep blue eyes of his.

You cleared your throatand waved your hand, holding your phone. “Just some sitty joke Y/ex’s name sent.”

“If it’s shitty, why are you laughing?”

You frowned at Haz, he was never like this, unless not that you recalled. “ Hum, because I have a shitty sense of humor, I guess?” You said.

Haz stared at you for a couple of minutes before shrugging. “ Yeh whatever.”

You looked at Sarah, who just shook her head, smirking. You didn’t answer, and she continued doing your hair. When she was done, she had to leave to go do your co-stars’ hair too. You turned to Haz, still laying on your couch. You walked to the couch, and sat next to him.

“Haz.” He didn’t answer you, he was typing furiously on his phone. “Haaaaz..” You dragged out his little petname, but still no answer. “Hazza bear.. talk to me..”

“Oh, so you notice I’m here now. Great.”

“Huh, okaay, what the hell, Harrison?” You asked. “Wanna tell me what the hell is going on with you?”

“Oh,you wanna know? Well I’ll tell you, I’m kinda sick of you always texting your ex when you guys aren’t together anymore. Like seriously, who texts their ex on a regular basis?!”

You listened to him and slowly registered his words, he was looking at you, clear hurt and anger on his face.

“Haz, why are you reacting like this?” You tried to stay calm, eventhough you could tell he was holding back a lot of things.

“Just forget it.”

He tried to get up but you stopped him and hold him by his arm.

“No, Haz, talk to me.” He wouldn’t meet your eyes, and you really felt something was off here. You grabbed his face with your hands and forced him to look at you. He was reluctant at first but he eventually hold our gaze. For a few minutes, all you did was stare at eachother and you couldn’t help but notice how Harrison’s eyes sometimes feel to your lips but he didn’t kiss you. You wanted him to, wouldn’t have stopped him if he did.

“Y/N..” His eyes found yours and they were full of fondness and you smiled at the way he said your name.

“You don’t want me to talk to Y/Ex’s/Name.”

“I don’t.”


“Because.. I am a jealous little shit. And I am jealous little shit because I like you.”

Your hands slowly fell from his face as his words made their way to your brain, you couldn’t believe it. Were you dreaming? Had you somehow fallen asleep in your chair while Sara was doing your hair?

“You like me?”

“I know it’s cliché, because we work together and all that and movie couples never last but I just.. You’re just so intelligent and funny and I couldn’t not like you..” His voice trails off as he looks away from you, hiding his little blush. You were blushing yourself at all his words, but you had to make a move,otherwise you would lose your chance. You’ve had a crush on Harrison for so long and now it was mutual, you were just sitting there? Nope, you were Y/N , you could do this, you leaned in and pecked Harrison’s cheek. He turned to you, and you took your chance, and kissed his lips this time. It was quick, and brief, and you backed away but you were still close, only centimeters away from his face.

“I like you too, silly.”

He stared at you for a few minutes, shock written all over his face. “ You..do?”

You nod yes and add “ Have been  for a little while now.” His eyes widened even more. “ You have? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why didn’t you?” You chuckle. He blushes and lowers his eyes. “ I was afraid you still liked your ex or whatever..”

“Nah, me and him have been looong over.” You said, and Harrison looked up at you. He was staring at your lips now, and  you so badly wanted him to kiss you. Apparently, his mind was on the same track as yours as he asked “ Can I kiss you?”

“Do you need to ask?” And with a smile he leaned in to kiss you, and it was only the first of many.


A/N : I really hope this is okay anon , hope you enjoy it ! Send me requests for more if you like! 

shamelesslyradiant  asked:

Hi guys! Wanted to ask what your recs are for soul mate fics. Went throught the accidental bonding tag and AO3 but still haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

Hi, we have quite a few under Tags > Themes (N-W) > Soulmates. We add to it often and we posted an extensive list with the help of our followers right here.

As for my personal favourites, here you go:

Nonsense, chapter 2 of Soul Scars by ShayaLonnie - M -
“Scars can come in handy.” — Magic gives the gift of a soulmate. Separated by war, alliances, beliefs, and blood, but connected by skin. What if you shared the scars of the person that magic has given you? What if you really, really wished that you didn’t?

The Endless In Between by DarkRiverTempest - M, one-shot -
No matter his name or hers, no matter what forms they take or what identities they bear, Draco and Hermione are destined to meet

Strings on us by Elantil - M, one shot -
There is a belief that everyone who is born is connected to another intimately through a red string tied around their ankles. It should have been easy, but with Draco and Hermione, things have never been quite as clear cut as that. A Dramione fic, one-shot. Soul Mate / Red String of Fate

The Thin White Line, chapter 69 of Dramione Drabbles & Ficlets by Colubrina  - M -
A series of drabbles and short ficlets. All dramione pairing, ranges from fluffy to angsty. They will not be expanded, and are each meant to stand alone as it is.


anonymous asked:

I think it's great you guys are so helpful AND respectful in your answers. Just wondering what's sapphic? When I looked it up it seemed like it was just another term for lesbian; but Maddie (I think) used it as a term for something similar but not quite it sounded like in someone's ask about bi v lesbian.

Hey :) thanks for you kind words.

“sapphic” comes from the Greek philosopher Sappho. She wrote poems about her love for women as well for men so it’s safe to say that - using our modern terminology - she was a bisexual woman. The word “sapphic” is often used to describe love between two women, so it’s a term that can unite the lesbian communty with the community of bi women as in “the thing we have in common is that we are attracted to women* = sapphic”.

It’s also cool to call wlw couples a “sapphic couple” (or “wlw couple” or “same gender couple”, instead of “lesbian couple”) because it acknowledges the fact that just because those are two women in love doesn’t mean both of them have to necessarily be lesbians and unless they explicitly tell you “we’re both lesbians” you cannot know whether one or both of them might actually be bisexual.

So… yeah… sapphic? 10/10. Would recommend!


*note that you can also be bisexual and just be attracted to men and non-binary people so not ~all bisexual women would also be sapphic but I guess most bi women are.

Shape of You: A Theo Raeken Imagine

So, here’s a little imagine based on Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, which gets a little suggestive, but no actual smut, and it’s really bad. It also says that you have a best friend called Tamsyn, purely because one of my best friends, Tamsyn, wanted to be in this. Hope you guys like it x 

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow
You come over and start up a conversation with just me

It was supposed to be just a girls’ night. 

You and your best friend, Tamsyn, drowning your problems, and getting drunk. Seemed sufficient.

The heat of the shot scorched your throat; it was your fifth, Tamsyn’s sixth. 

“Hey, Y/N. That guy’s looking at you,” she pointed to him, the one with the green eyes that pierced through you, smiling with a toothy grin when he noticed you staring back. 

“He’s cute.”

“He’s coming over.”

“I’ll leave you to it,” Tamsyn walked away, leaving you to deal with the mysterious stranger. The attractive mysterious stranger. 

“So fancy a dance, Princess?”

God, his voice. It was just as intoxicating as his looks.

“Do I get a name?”


And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop
Put Van The Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance
And now I’m singing like

It wasn’t long before you found your own body against Theo’s, his hands on your waist, fingers dancing across the exposed skin. 

Your back was against his chest, and you felt yourself shiver as his nose buried itself in your hair, inhaling your scent.

His mouth moved to the shell of your, his breath causing heat to flood to every inch of your being. 

“You know, you didn’t give me your name, princess.”

“Y/N. It’s Y/N.”

He gave an approving chuckle, before gently biting down on your lobe, earning a surprised squeal to escape your mouth. 

“Well Y/N. You drive me crazy.”

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me

He suggested that you two leave, find somewhere more private. 

You normally wouldn’t have said yes, but considering the amount of alcohol in your system, not just the shots but the drinks you’d had at Tamsyn’s house before you left, and the heat flaming through your veins, a night alone with Theo seemed totally worth it. 

Which explained why you were in the position you were in right now. 

He pressed your body against the door of his apartment, his lips devouring your own, that fire inside you burning more and more brightly. 

Hands wandered, tracing patterns over each other’s bodies, pushing jackets off shoulders, and messing up perfectly styled hair. 

You felt his tongue swipe across your bottom lip, and eagerly granting him access, you felt a surge of confidence. 

“I want you,” you mumbled against him.

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

You pushed Theo back, pulling his shirt off over his head, reveling in the smirk that graced his lips. 

You walked towards him, unbuttoning your own shirt, heat blooming in your core as his eyes traced over every inch of you, lust clouding his gaze. 

Damn him.

When you reached him, hands were back to wandering bare skin, breath mingling, his lips pressing harsh kisses against your neck as he picked you up and practically threw you across the bed. 

He climbed onto you, his hands moving to your waist, and hooking into your belt loops, before pulling the shorts down revealing only more skin for him to devour and worship.

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body

Bodies merged, moved in sync. 

Words weren’t exchanged nor needed as a rhythm was formed, one of gasps and screams of pure ecstasy. 

It continued for hours, neither of you wanting to leave the other. 

It was an addiction that neither of you were prepared to give up.

At least not until morning.

And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body

When Theo woke up the next morning, you were gone. 

The room smelled like sex, and like you. He breathed it in, the first image in his mind being your body rolling beneath him. 

He missed you. 

Theo Raeken didn’t miss one night stands. 

So maybe you were more than that.

Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with the shape of you

When you got to school the next morning, you tried to ignore the dull ache between your legs, and your poor attempt to cover up the purple splotches on your neck. 

Tamsyn caught up to you. 

“So, how was that guy last night?”

“Good. He was nice.”

More than good. More than nice. Perfection summed it up nicely. Mind-blowing, maybe. 

The two of you walked to class, taking your usual seats, before your teacher spoke. 

“So, we have a new student joining us today. I’d like you all to meet Theo Raeken.”

Your mouth dropped as your heart beat faster and that familiar heat sparked inside you. 

Theo gave you a smirk as he sat down, one that could only mean one thing. 

You could only guess you’d be seeing him in the locker room later.

Something’s weird with Natalie. (Or, more accurately, something was weird with Natalie.)

The fact that she was acting cagey when Major found her this season has been pointed out by other viewers already. But with her return, the general off-ness of her story intensified.

She refused to leave with Major when she had the chance because she was, she claimed, too scared that her captor, the diamond guy, would track her down anywhere she went. Like Major flat out told her he had connections that could protect her, and she wasn’t hearing it. That was how certain she was she couldn’t get away from this guy, how big a threat she saw him as, how unwilling to put Major in his path she was.

Now she turns up human looking for Major after jet-setting around the world at her leisure? Now it somehow worked out that she could not only get away, but felt comfortable enough to come back to Seattle, and to seek Major out and invite him to go with her?

There’s weirdness afoot there.

aesthetically-pleasing-hoe  asked:

hey i think my ask was eaten by tumblr cause i can't find it but im looking for a fic where basically everything this fanfiction writer writes comes true in dnp lives and everything's super cliche, like they keep saving these fainting joggers and they're constantly meeting girls in coffee shops, and when they go to vidcon they have to track down the writer cause she's trying to kill them off. there's a fanfiction writers support group at some point as well. thanks for everything you guys do!

When You Wish Upon a Star: A Phanfiction Parody - Fifteen-year-old Melanie Ruso didn’t mean any harm; she just wanted Dan and Phil to be happy. That’s why she wrote them eighty-three phanfics. But what happens when, through some magical circumstances, she accidentally forces her idols to live out her fantasies?


Riley leaned against the bar, looking around, trying to scope out the men, none of them fit her fantasy. She took another sip of her drink, thinking about her fantasy from earlier in the shower, only now realizing that she’d been thinking about this guy she saw most mornings in the coffee shop. Maybe if she didn’t find someone tonight she would go after that guy.
“You looking for someone?” Maya scanned the club filling with people.
“Just seeing what’s available tonight.”
“Who are you?”
“A woman who doesn’t want the last man she had sex with to be Charlie Gardner.” Riley took a final sip of her drink.
—  Confetti, A Rucas One-Shot coming soon.

jarebear20  asked:

Nomura as a dad: him being super anxious when his baby girl ends up taking after him and being super friendly (and flirty) with others. MC finds it hilarious, but has to quickly talk him out of using his police contacts to keep tabs on all of the guys (or girls) his daughter shows interest in

HE KEEPS COMING HOME LATE EVEN WHEN THERE ARE NO MAJOR INVESTIGATIONS GOING ON so you go check on him and see this stack of reports on his table and he is going through them and you realize they are reports on every boy in her elementary school. “Honey, she is still in second grade do you really think this is necessary ????” And he gives you a look and you see the bags under his eyes and Omg im dying 😂😂😂

small talk

read on AO3

“What is with that guy?” Dean wonders, leaning over the deli counter to watch his most recent customer leave.

“What guy?” Meg wonders from the register.

“That guy! The one you just rang up.”

“Seems fine to me.”

“He’s so polite .”

Meg shoots him a look and sidles over, barely missing putting her hand directly into a pool of spilled mayonnaise on the counter. “What’s wrong with polite?”

“Nothing wrong with it. Just, you know, nobody is that polite. What’s his deal.”

Meg sighs and gazes with him out the window. “He’s cute, don’t you think?”


“Oh come on . I saw that mooney look on your dumb face.”

“I mean- he’s not ugly .”


“I’m serious though. He’s weird .”

“Why don’t you just ask him? He’s in every day.”

“What the hell am I supposed to say?” Dean wonders, “ Did you grow up in a cult, you fucking weirdo?

“Hey, i’m offering solutions here. I don’t see you having any bright ideas.” She gives him one last long look before flicking him in the elbow and walking away. Leaving Dean to chew thoughtfully on his bottom lip and gaze out the window.

He’s not sure why he’s so hung up on this guy, honestly. Yeah, he’s a pretty cute dude. He always looks like he’s just rolled out of bed; tired eyes, bedhead, and a rumpled work uniform. It’s not really just that though, Dean is curious. He’s curious about that tight posture and quiet voice, all theplease and thank you ’s, the averted eyes. He looks about Dean’s age, early twenties, but Dean doesn’t remember him from school.

Added up, it all makes Dean a little twitchy. There’s just so much to wonder about.

Keep reading

We’re coming back!

Hey guys! I hope everyone has been doing well.

So, as you may have noticed, activity on this blog has been kinda stagnant the past few months, and I only have myself and high school to blame. :)

But, now that it’s summer vacation, I can definitely spend more time with this blog! I know the Asagao fandom has died down a bit, but I still appreciate all of the support this blog has gotten while I was away. We’re almost to 700 followers!

Look out for some posts later today! And feel free to send some summer related asks in the spirit of summer vacation!