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whiplash | 02

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↳ fake dating au | college au

pairing: chanyeol | reader

genre: soft angst + fluff + sexual themes

word count: 6.061

description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, you’re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately — or maybe not — it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

please read pt. 1

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I work in a vegan vegetarian restaurant in London and I work behind the bar, so the other day a guy comes up with his plate and knife and fork in the air and asks me “ do you work in the kitchen ” . I continue to just look at him blankly , like “ what” hahahaha

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sorry guys do you remember a fic where Steve goes on long mission with Clint and has a beard when he comes back? Bucky is really into it but the Avengers thinks it doesn't suit him? I think Bucky helps Steve trim it in one scene? The author has at least one more Stucky fic - Steve gets hit with sleeping curse (like a Sleeping Beauty), Bucky wakes him up with a kiss but doesn't admit it. The villian attacks with spells based on fairy tales - Sam boots start dancing and Bucky eats poisoned apple.

A Piece of Silly Affection by Reccea 

Steve looked good, He looked hale and hearty and uninjured in his leather jacket, too-tight shirt, and jeans. He got off the motorcycle and his movements were graceful and fluid - no obvious signs of injury. He took off his helmet and –


Steve had a beard.

Bucky’s mechanical hand spasmed oddly.

and the other fic

Cynics are Simply Thwarted Romantics by Reccea

“It could be alien technology,” Natasha offered, folding her arms over her chest. “Something he stumbled on. They’re still finding things from the Chitauri so it’s not impossible. But the simplest answer is the most likely.”

“How is magic the simplest answer?” Stark asked.


In which Steve is Sleeping Beauty and true love’s kiss doesn’t have to be requited. Or does it?

You guys I almost cried when I looked at this comparison. 30 lbs down and still quite a few to go but GOD DAMN I’m so happy and proud of how far I’ve come you don’t even understand

Fox On the Run

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Summary: It’s the 1970′s in the U.S. Things for a man like Kylo Ren are going surprisingly well, that is until something unexpected comes up. Just when he thinks he has time to relax, he’s thrown into a witness protection program. While he’s agitated that he was chosen, he finds that this one witness is going to change his life.

A/N: Look who got out another fic finally! And one I came up with that I’m really excited for! So really, I love heist action movies and the 70′s, so I figured why not combine them? Hah, hopefully you guys like it!

Eyes were all glued to the cards before them. Rough hands handling these thin pieces of paper, as if they were chunks of gold. Aside from the soft hum of the radio in the background the room was entirely silent. Cigarette smoke daintly drifted into the air, both from the ash tray and the lips that still held a cigarette between them. The room itself was rather hazey, the dark wood walls making the dim lighting even less effective. 

A collective shifting of seats were made around the room, as if signaling that everyone was ready to announce their lot. Cigarettes were doused as beers bottles kissed the lips of their respective owners once again. After a moment of things shifting from a state of still, the crowd surrounding the table came to life again.

“Alright, you all ready to cough up some cash?”

There was a shared laughter throughout the room as well as shaking heads. Another man spoke up as he brought his cigarette to his lips once again.

“Don’t get too cocky now.”

From among the group one of the other men slapped his hand of cards down onto the tabletop. With a confident cheeky smirk he settled back into his seat.

“Read ‘em and weap.”

A cluster of the men groaned, seeing that their companion had in fact gotten a good hand. Slaps of their cards went down as if in defeat. One of the men grumbled after taking a sip of his beer.

“Damn it.”

The lucky winner sat up with a chuckle as he stretched out his arms to the group around the table. Needless to say he was greeted with nothing but blank expressions and sneers. 

“Maybe next time.”

Suddenly one of the men sat up straight with raised brows, as if he was having a revelation. Moving his round glasses up the bridge of his nose he gestured his hand towards a corner of the table that was surprisingly quiet.

“Ah-ah, wait. We haven’t seen Ren’s hand.”

The man suddenly stopped, as if there was some kind of invisible force constraining his airways and demanding his attention. Instinctively he turned towards the ominous figure which sat three chairs away from him. 

In, ironically, the darkest corner of the table was a tall broad shouldered man with deep dark brown hair. His eyes were intense in their gaze, despite the rather beautiful honey brown toned color they possessed. Even under his white dress shirt it was obvious to anyone who looked at him that he was built with an intimidating physique. The angular features of his face made his clenched jaw look even more apparent to those around him as he leaned forward with his back still slightly hunched. 

The man was Kylo Ren. The Master of the Knights of Ren. The man in charge for this entire group. 

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Imagines & Prompts to look forward to soon...

This is a list of requests for imagines and prompts that will be coming up, just to show you guys what to look forward to. Will be listed by fandom and character and will have a number by it meaning how many there are :)

A/N: REG means regular 



  • Steve Harrington; total (9)
    SMUT (4)
    SMUT w/ Dustin’s sister aka reader (1)
    REG (4)
  • Jonathan Byers; total (1)
  • Billy Hargrove; total (1)
  • Mike Wheeler; total (1)
  • Dustin Henderson (sister reader); total (1)
    ft Billy (1)


  • Scott McCall; total (2)
    REG (1) , REG w/ Stiles’ sister aka reader (1)
  • Liam Dunbar; total (4)
  • Theo Raeken; total (3)
  • Isaac Lahey; total (2)
  • Gabe; total (1)
  • Nolan Holloway; total (4)
  • Lydia (male reader); total (1)


  • Archie Andrews; total (2)
    SMUT (1) , REG (1)
  • Jughead Jones; total (1)

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How could Tyki confess his love to Allen?

To me Tyki comes off as the sort of guy, who says “I love you” in thousand different way, this is one of them:

Tyki let go of him in favour of looking for coats that he deemed to be Allen’s size, while Allen let his gaze wander, tightening Tyki’s coat around himself - while it was a lot better inside it was still inhumanely cold.

His gaze flickered to Tyki seeing something move in his peripheral vision. It was a simple black leather coat with heavy lining in the inside. “Try this.”

Allen shrugged off Tyki’s coat, setting it aside carefully, reaching out , scowling confused when Tyki shook his head. “Turn around, I’ll put it on you.”

Allen raised a delicate eyebrow but complied. “What’s with this huge generosity Tyki, are you trying to sweep me off my feet?”

The warm chuckle Tyki gave fluttered something inside. “Maybe I do”. He slipped the coat on Allen’s shoulders, hands lingering; Allen could feel their warmth even through the coat. “Question is, will you let me?”

Allen’s eyes flickered from his own reflection to Tyki’s, who also used the looking glass to meet his gaze. Despite the fact that Tyki was in his human form, Allen could swear his irises were burning like warm embers.

“I… I’m not against your advances… ” he admitted the undeniable truth he was sure Tyki knew. “During our time apart… I did realise that on that night… you and Road came for me. You wanted to save me. You talked to me. Reassured me.  Not the 14th or the Exorcist… but me.

“Took you long enough,”  Tyki teased with a soft smile on his face, which inched into a grin seeing Allen’s face burn.

“I knew you were attracted to me,” he mumbled. “But I thought I was just a passing interest for you. A shiny toy you wanted to break because you couldn’t. Until you let me get away, I really thought that was the ca-case.”

The last words came out as stutters as Tyki slid his arms down to enclose him in a full embrace, pressing a soft kiss at his nape as a confirmation, a subtle ask for acceptance. Deep down, Allen admitted that he really did not want to refuse-

“But I am worried.”

Tyki paused, his warm breath lingering on the small hairs on Allen’s nape. Allen took this as a sign to carry on.

“What… will happen to you if you push things too far?”

Will the Earl allow it? Will he demand you to prove your loyalty?

Will he use those three to blackmail you?

Will he force you to choose between your human friends and me?

Will he kill you for treason?

Will Neah hurt or even kill you?

Will your heart be able to take the grief of losing someone you think of as precious?

Muscular arms tightened around him as Tyki leaned forward, hot breath raising goosebumps on the shell of his ear.

“Whatever happens, I’m prepared to face the consequences,” he whispered, the deep voice resonating in Allen where his back met Tyki’s broad chest. “Not letting you go is something I could never regret.”

- extract of Patience

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Can you recommend any young adult lgbt series?

Hell yes I can! My two favorites are the Sidekick series by CB Lee (first one is f/f with a bi protag, second one has a trans guy protag, third one comes out next year and looks like it’s gonna have an ace protag - start with Not Your Sidekick) and Sarah Fine’s series that ends in January, starting with The Cursed Queen - first book is bi m/f, second book is bi f/f, and third book I assume alternates between those two bi protags. One I haven’t read but would definitely suggest checking out is Laura Lam’s - first book is Pantomime, and the protag is bi and intersex. A great one that only has one book out so far but has a second one coming in a few months is Timekeeper by Tara Sim, and for a brand-new one, try Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler. 

For a few duologies, check out Adaptation by Malinda Lo, Order in the Court by Casey Lawrence, The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar, and you can find some good rep in Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, though they’re not the most main of the six characters. (They are POV characters, though. Ditto in The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey.)

Hey guys! All of us here at Daily Naughty Dog want to invite our followers to help celebrate 10 years of Uncharted!

From Sunday, November 19th to Saturday, December 9th Daily Naughty Dog will be accepting submissions of all kinds; that includes graphics, icons, gif sets, and written reflections on this franchise and its characters. We look forward to seeing everything you all come up with! 

Please note we will not accept any submissions that are hateful towards users / characters or sexually explicit in nature.

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my bisexual awakening was basically watching supergirl s1, that episode with red kryptonite!kara, when her friends r waiting for her at the club and im watching like full on knowing she's gonna come in looking all hot™ and sexy™ bc it's such a cliche trope, but when she does, my jaw legit drops, i become one of the straight guys ogling the "nerdy transformed into sexy" girl, and i even have to rewind bc i completely missed the dialogue, n im like "....a straight girl doesnt react like this"

god i wish supergirl remained good after this bc this is good content

Im running down the street as I hear shots being fired after me. I take a small glance behind and I duck as I see Caps shield come flying towards me. I hear him shout at me,

“Come on! You don’t have to run from us, we just want to talk!”

I come to a stop and he stops just short of running into me and I say,

“Yeah sure because last time you wanted to just talk”

I turn to walk away and Cap grabs my arm and I turn to face him and I look down at his arm and he’s about to say something but we hear a splash behind us and I turn to see a guy wearing this crazy green black and gold outfit. I pull my arm out of caps hand and I turn and walk away from him. I start walking back towards my apartment when I hear footsteps behind me. I stop and turn around to see the guy from earlier standing behind me. I look up at him and say,

“I don’t know who are you or what you but if I were you I would stop following me before I hurt you!”

He lets out an angelic laugh and says,

“Who are you midgardian to threaten me, Loki god of mischief!”

I take a step back and look at him with a smirk and let a sharp laugh and say,

“So you are the infamous Loki I have heard so much about”

He looks at you and tilts his head and says,

“So you have heard about me?”

You shake your head and start walking towards your apartment. Loki starts walking next to you and you both walk in a peaceful quiet. You reach your apartment and Loki just stands in the doorway as you walk in and you turn to wave in.

•••*time jump*•••

You’re standing in your shared bedroom and you start to gather your things for a shower. You walk into the bathroom and place your stuff down on the vanity when you feel arms wrap around your waist. You turn your head to see Loki smiling down at you and you lean into his arms. He places a kiss on the side of your head and walks out of the bathroom to let you shower.

•••*fast forward after shower*•••

You step out of the shower and dry off and get dressed. You put on your dress than you sit on the toilet and put on your gold gladiator sandals and you put your hair up in some rollers while you do some simple makeup. You put on all your jewellery and pull your hair out of the rollers and it falls down in soft waves. You place a diamond studded star head band on and you walk out of the bathroom to see Loki standing there in his Asgardian attire holding your black cardigan. You walk up to him and he places a kiss on your forehead. You look up at him and ask,

“Do you think Thor will like me, my king?

"Oh my dear queen, I am most positive he will love you dear as much as I do”

“You really- wait you love me?”

“Yes my queen, I love you more than the sweetest candy in all of the nine realms!”

You place a hand on his cheek and and say,  “My dear king, you have made me the happiest midgardian in all the nine realms. Now let’s go meet my future brother in law,” as you a place a kiss on his lips. He helps you put on your cardigan and you both walk out your apartment and make your way down to spot you are getting “beamed,” as you call it, it Asgard.

•••*fast forward to Asgard*•••

You’re looking around at Asgard as you and Loki are walking down the rainbow bridge. You grabbed his hand and he pulled you close to his side as he starts tell you a little about Asgard. He finishes just as you guys reached the palace. You stop just as the two of you are about to enter the palace. Loki stops when he realises you are not beside him and he turns to you and says,

“What worries you now my queen?”

“It is just this will be the first time I am meeting Thor and I am just worried that he will not approve of us, of me.”

He pulls you towards him and places his hands on either side of your face and places a kiss on your forehead and says quietly,

“My sweet beautiful queen, as I have told you at home and many many times before, he will love you just as much as I do.”

You give him a small smile and as you both turn to enter the palace the doors swing open and there stands Thor king of Asgard. You look up at Loki and as he’s about to say something Thor says,

“Brother! This must be the amazing Y/N, you’ve told me so much about!”

falling in love at a coffee shop


find previous parts here: masterlist

a/n: so, we’re at the end. or the beginning depending on how you want to look at it. this was always intended to be a short fic about quietly getting to know someone honestly and simply. just easy words, true emotions, lots of coffee and loads of sugar.
you guys have made my last week so much fun and productive with all the love. thank yous just doesn’t seem to be enough…but they’re all i’ve got so, thank you, thank you, thank you.

i do have other stories in the works, more specifically a niall one shot coming up sometime in the next three days and another harry mini series. if you’re interested, keep an eye on my masterlist.

until then, you know the drill…feedback is love, please leave me some x



The doors are locked and we’re standing outside.

It’s raining.

And I don’t have an umbrella.


“What do you want to do?” I ask her.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Maybe get some coffee?”

I chuckle.

She laughs.

“I’m sorry,” I tell her. “I don’t have an umbrella and we’ll have to walk.”

“I don’t mind,” she says.

She reaches out and takes my hand.

And just like that, our fingers tangle and I am holding Olivia Mason’s hand.

And also just like that, it’s not enough.

I have to kiss her.

I pull her and we’re running.

She’s laughing.

I’m happy.

Overflowing with it.

We duck into an alley on a side street.

I’m standing in front of her.

She’s leaning against the wall.

Out of breath.

Her chest rising and falling as she breathes.

Wide eyes looking at me.

Wet hair and skin…and fucking beautiful.

“There’s something I want to do,” I tell her.




She doesn’t move.


“Do you…?”

She pauses.




A raindrop falls from her lip.

I stare.

And want to taste it.

“Do you want to kiss me?” she asks.

“I’d be happy with holding your hand.”

It’s the truth.

That would make me happy.

She smiles and looks up at me.

Her eyes blinking rapidly from the rain.

“That’s not what I asked.”

I lean closer.

“Ask me again.”



“Do you want to kiss me?”

“So badly.”

Her hands reach up and wrap around my neck.

My hands circle around her waist.

I lean in and whisper, “I’m sorry it’s raining.”

“I’m not.”

And then my lips are on hers.



It’s more than I ever imagined.

And yeah…I’ve imagined it.

Nights and nights of imagining.

Sweet and wonderful and warm…just like her.

My hand strokes her cheek and she opens her mouth, whimpering into mine.

I die.

And live.

And life is good.

I’m breathing her breath, sweet and minty and longing that’s finally requited.

Our tongues touch softly…exploring and tasting.

So good.

And all those nights.

All the coffee and the pie and the nerves and the waiting….

Wanting then.

Wanting still.

They were all worth it.

This kiss is worth it.

Olivia is worth it.

I pull away, panting.

So is she.

I don’t let go.

And neither does she.

“Wow,” she says.

And I agree.



She giggles.

“I almost forgot,” I say.



“What’s that?”

“My surname.”

“Harry Styles,” she says.

“Yeah,” I tell her, kissing her lips once more.

“I like it.”

I smile.

“I like you.”

She smiles.

“A lot?”


I say it.


“Me, too.”

“And Olivia,” I say. “Now you know everything.”


“You know I hate these things,” Daryl moans as you drag him down the street to a birthday party for one of the residents of Alexandria.
“Yep, but that doesn’t matter, we have to make an appearance. For the greater good and all that,” you smile.
“Ugh,” he grunts.
“Oh come on, relax and you might even enjoy yourself a little!”
“Bloody hell, remind me again why I married you.”
“‘Cause I got a massive-“
“Hey guys!” Rick smiles from the porch as you both approach. You look at Daryl and laugh at what you knew he was going to say, then turn back to Rick and wave.
“Hi Rick, how’s the party? Sorry we’re late, it was a nightmare getting this one dressed,” you sigh, pointing back to Daryl.
“Yeah it’s good, ha, I can imagine,” he smirks, looking at Daryl’s crosses arms as he stands there annoyed, “come in, everyone’s here already.”
You follow Rick inside, greeting people as you walk through the house, and get a drink to try and get Daryl to loosen up a bit. He stands in the corner as you work your way around the room talking to people, having a laugh and generally enjoying yourself. When you get back to him, he’s drunk a lot of booze and has a face like thunder.
“Daryl, come and meet people,” you say.
“Nah, I’m fine here.”
You unbutton your shirt dress a little as he stares at your chest, then open one side, showing him your lace bra.
“Please,” you pout. He licks his lips, but shakes his head and looks up at you again.
You slide a hand down his chest and over his belt, feeling him through his jeans.
“Pretty please?” You ask, squeezing him a little. His mouth opens slightly and he grunts.
“Fine,” he relents. You let go and smile at him, then lead him into the crowd of people to mingle. After a while, you’re both getting more and more tipsy, and he can’t help but start getting handsy with you, touching your bum, squeezing your thigh, and purposely brushing against your breasts.
“We need to go,” Daryl whispers in your ear after you both head to the kitchen for another drink.
“Why?” You moan.
“You’ve made my dick so fuckin’ hard,” he slurs against your neck, licking up it in front of everyone. You smirk, then take his hand and you both exit the house, wobbly on your feet, but able to make it down the front steps without falling over thankfully. As you walk back to your house, he grabs you, pulling you into him by your ass, his fingers digging into your dress as he holds you against his body, rocking his hips up into you as you stand against a lamppost kissing sloppily. He hitches your dress up and moves his hand underneath to touch your bare skin.
“Not here!” You say as he attacks your neck with his lips. You push him off and manage to get home, then as soon as the front door closes he sits you up on the kitchen counter, roughly pushing your dress up, then undoes his jeans and slides straight into you with ease.
“Yeah,” he moans as you rock back and forth as he thrusts into you. He buries his face into your neck, biting and sucking at your skin as everything around you shakes with your movements. A cup crashes to the floor, which only makes Daryl go faster, your whole body on fire as he opens your dress, pulls down your bra and takes one of your nipples in between his teeth. You grab a hold of the back of his neck, pulling him into your chest as he continues to pump into you, your heels digging into his cheeks to help him go deeper. He gets to his climax quickly, holding himself inside you as he comes, then pulls you down off of the counter and inserts his fingers inside you as his thumb presses into your clit harshly.
“Let go,” he growls, fingers curling up inside you, his thumb roughly moving over your sensitive spot. You come over his fingers and he continues to rub your clit as you clench around his hand, waves of the orgasm flowing over your body.
“Good girl,” he smirks, taking his fingers out and licking them.


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re: the sheith age thing, 18 year olds can be mature enough to date older people. example: i dated several men who were in their mid twenties when i was around 18 (+/- 1 year, it's a bit fuzzy now lol) and even looking back it doesn't feel creepy or weird. they were just more mature than guys my age and the relationships were respectful and normal. i get where people are coming from but i feel like a lot of the complaints are from people who will say anything to discredit a ship they dislike lol

Right, I agree with all of this! Also there’s real issues to get all riled up about - not an age gap between two fictional cartoon characters who aren’t even canonically in a relationship yet

Chav Request

Goggletann Reply:

Not British but i did my research and found out that Chavs are loudmouthed, lower class, cocky motherfuckers who wear there’re caps sideways or backwards. Theyre into sports brands, track shirts and looking as loud as they most possibly can.

Not sure why you wanna be a Chav but i can see some aspects of it that may be appealing. And lucky for you ive got some clothes that were donated to me by 2 British dudes that match your descriptions of a Chav. Swapping your body with either one is not a problem.

Problem is choosing which one to give you.

First Set of clothes:

First set i got is a track suit. Comes with both pants and jacket.

Apparently this guy is pretty upper middle class and from the looks of it, pretty good looking with great physical features. 

Of course he doesn’t dress like this all the time. And why should he? He’s got all the goods to show. And he isn’t afraid to flaunt it. He fits your description of a typical Chav, Cocky, arrogant and thinking the world revolves around him. But then again he was born with the right to be the center of attention.

I mean, only someone like him can pull off wearing a sexy sleeveless muscle top with that pompadour hairstyle looking as Alpha as he does.

Occasionally he decides to be generous and gives the public a sneak peak of his incredibly Adonis built body glistening in the summer sun.

I also did some research and realized the reason why he isn’t in the lower class bracket is because he earns more than the average British person a month. What does he do you might ask? 

He basically sits back relax and let fags lick his feet clean. Of course he charges extra for the honour of touching his godly cock. And if you beg real hard he might let you suck him off for paying a few thousand more pounds. 

Ok, so he doesn’t fit the description of a lower class stereotypical Chav, in fact he is almost too rich to be one. But he makes up for this shortcoming by being loudmouthed, cocky and flashy enough to be one doncha think? Plus he is trying real hard to speak with a lower class accent. 

We cant blame him for being rich since everyone is so eager to worship his feet right? He’s job in life now is simply to look good. But then again his genes do most of the work so he’s just living the Chav life….


Second Set of clothes:

Second set i got is a track pants and burberry chav cap.

Now this guy is a pretty good fit for a Chav as you requested. He is a lower class white guy who is as loudmouthed as it gets with a strong Liverpool scouse accent.

He usually dresses like this most of the time as he is secretly a pretty self conscious guy. I wouldn’t want to show you his body. It might make him feel like a weak girl. So lets just let him be.

But he is sure to make up for his shortcomings (literally, he’s only 5′4″) by being a cocky little punk. I mean just look at him! Now that i’m taking a closer look at him i have come to realize that he might be the perfect Chav body for you to swap with!

He wears his cap sideways to make up for his skinny body and make himself look as gangster as possible.

And when he doesn’t wear his cap, he makes sure he uses as much hair gel as possible to spike himself up. He knows he aint no Alpha but he makes up for it by being extra intimidating and fierce looking. And i guess his hair does look kindda Alpha now!

He has a big mouth and enjoys talking loudly in public and tries to intimidate others smaller than him. Even when taking the public bus he would blast loud music from his phone just to show everyone how cool he is. And if you were to ask me this is the perfect Chav attitude to have. I honestly think he is one of the best Chav bodies to swap with.

Plus he’s been unemployed for a year and will prolly be stuck as a lower class Chav for some time! 

But who cares about working when you get to live the Chav life like him right?


You know what, i really can’t decide which body to give you. They’re both perfect Chavs! Cocky, flashy, attention seeking loudmouthed motherfuckers. But they both got they’re downsides. One is far too rich to be a chav and the other has self conscious issues.

I’m just gonna flip a coin. Heads you get the first set of clothes. Tails you get the second set.

I don’t have a coin with me right now tho. Can someone flip a coin and comment if you got heads or tails? 

Thanks to @untitled26946 for the request

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You should try out Hollow Knight. If youre up for some nintendo games check out Fire Emblem :) its a great strategy game

Remember guys, in the post, I noted I play on PS4 and PC!

Hollow Knight looks badass, I remember seeing that on a Dunkey video, I believe? 

Yes, please keep coming up with requests for games you’d like for me to stream, I’m writing them all down!