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how about some enfp and intp dating? i turn out to be really good friends and have crushes on xnfp's as an intp

Entp : Hey, Intp ? I need some dating advice.
Intp : Just because I’m dating Enfp doesn’t mean I know how I did it.

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Everyone who said that your art style is awesome are absolutely right, you are a very talented person!! If I was told to describe your work in one word, I would have no words, cuz this masterpiece can't be described in just one word, and I mean it, so keep being a talented person you are right now!

// Okay now I’m actually going to start crying,,, All of you sending sweet messages are truly blessings! Thank you guys so much 8′) I promise to have an update out for y’all later today! <3

Some bad newsies~

Hi guys. Im just letting y'all know that I’m down and out. Im incapacitated~ Pooped out. I’ve been puking a lot and having really bad back pain (which i know now as my poopy kidneys) for 3 days now. I already went to the doctor and they told me i have an infection and stones… I dont know how or why I got it Im so cleeeean! ; O; I am sorry guys I tried but when i sit up I just about like puke. Even when my stomach is empty, I still feel like vomiting air. I will try to get back on soon :‘3. They gave me meds to where I shrink the stones, then i try to go? I hate my life D: (jk I dont hate it I just trying to figure out why i got it…..maybe its the alcohol haaaaaa :D no more of that) Wub you guize just letting y'all know where I’ve been if ya got curious mwah mwah( Im okay Jarry shh)

ddeeric replied to your post “general su fans @ the su critical tag: its kind of offense to be…”

This is really not funny or ok considering a lot of ppl with su critical blogs are lgbt/non white wtf is wrong with you tbh

half of the popular posts about su critical stuff is reeking with alt right™ language and the very fact its called (x) critical makes me think of neo nazi terf stuff like it isnt a conicidence,  like i know there are real people who enjoy hyper analyzing but for every one person, theres five neonazis trying to cause shit under a guize like,,,,always with everything on this site like

 its really super common

So anyway, more on Nygmpowerbottom if anyone’s interested; 

 ●  Apparently Robin actually was uncomfortable with this stuff & its obvious in his body language; the more of it that surfaces the more obvious it becomes. Heres this photo set I was sent this morning thats extended. His first reaction really puts things into perspective. 

 ●  His reaction is embarrassment, he literally hides his face and this girl has the nerve to EXPLAIN to him that powerbottom isn’t dirty. (As she could also see she had wigged him out) No joke, a 20 something year old woman explains to a nearly 40 year old gay man that powerbottom isn’t a sexual term, and then proceeds to try convince him that its something her friend came up with because she can’t pronounce Nygmobblepot ( A gay ship keep in mind ) properly bc of his shocked/embarrassed reaction omfg. His response is literally “okay”.

She even asked him to pass it on to Cory. Her dirty Nygmopowerbottom nonsense she asked him to tell Cory about too. The entire fiasco is tagged with “Smaylor”.  ( the real person ship between Robin & Cory. Robin’s husband is uncomfortable w/ this which Robin’s mentioned too, but its not dirty or inappropriate guiz. ) 

 ●  These uglies approached Robin multiple times so he was stuck dealing with them and this all through the con ( and bc he didn’t tell them to go away and took photo shoots with all of them that were payed for they think he loves them & everyone speaking out about their inappropriate behaviour is wrong 🤢) 

 @rainbowthirteen. ( Nygmobpowerbottom girl ) approached me last night after apparently going on about how she doesn’t care and didn’t make Robin uncomfy and it wasn’t inappropriate because he talked to her & hugged her because shes totally special and like he isn’t a celeb and hasn’t been payed to do so. She called me a bitch, I asked her not to call me or other gay men uncomfortable with her behaviour ( particularly how inappropriate this was to explain to a gay man that powerbottom isn’t a dirty word, because thats blatantly untrue ) “bitches”.

Naturally she refused & of course proceeded to call me a bitch anyway. 

So yeah the full story, highly disrespectful, highly inappropriate. According to 20 something year old white girl “powerbottom” is no longer a “dirty term” and any of us gays who think it is are just “”bitches””. Robin had to deal with these women at a con all day as a professional & they think its an indication that theyre right. omg. 

Confirmed nastiness all around and utter disrespect of gay men. They’ve done nothing but infantilize Robin continually too, showing just how grossly they think of gay men. Hes their ‘pure gay baby uwu’ (THEYRE 20 ODD LMAO) and they actually purposely took advantage of this fantasy they have of his naivety & think its a fact because he was payed to deal with them & was polite to them lmfao.

Okay, three things about the circled segment here: 

  1. Well, gee-golly-willickers, guiz~! Maybe people don’t have enough money to eat out like they used to and those who do only go out once a week!
  2. Fucking what ‘millenials’?! My bitch of a former-coworker was always looking for excuses to go to Applebee’s and one of my current coworkers always goes to Buffalo Wild Wings with his workout buddies after gym nights (unless they decide that said night is a donut type of night).
SNH48 stage units masterpost

Here you can find all units from SNH48, BEJ48 and GNZ48 original stages with their opening day lineups. Enjoy! (Last update: July 2017)

SNH48 Team SII

6th Stage “Xin de Lvcheng” (心的旅程) [2016.05.20]

  • Mashang Chufa (馬上出發): Zenza Girls (Lv Yi, Zhao Hanqian, Pan Yanqi)
  • Haoyou Chuangketie (好友创可贴): Dai Meng, Li Yuqi, Xu Zixuan, Feng Xiaofei
  • Dipingxian (地平线): Wu Zhehan, Qian Beiting, Kong Xiaoyin, Shen Zhilin, Xu Jiaqi
  • Xiayizhan Shi Ni (下一站是你): Chen Guanhui, Chen Si
  • Xin Shijie (新世界): Mo Han, Yuan Danni, Yuan Yuzhen, Jiang Yun
  • Jiangluosan (降落伞): Xu Chenchen

7th Stage “Di 48 Qu” (第48区) [2017.06.30]

SNH48 Team NII

5th Stage “Zhuanshu Paidu” (专属派对) [2016.07.22]

  • Show Time: Zenza Girls (Zhang Yameng, Xu Yi, Liu Juzi)
  • Women Bushi Tianshi (我们不是天使): Wan Lina, Zeng Yanfen, Yi Jiaai
  • Bairimeng (白日梦): Zhao Yue, Luo Lan, Chen Wenyan, Zhou Yi, Wang Xiaojia
  • Mu’ou (木偶): Li Yitong, Wan Lina, He Xiaoyu
  • Don’t Touch: Huang Tingting, 
  • Hei Tian’e (黑天鹅): Lu Ting, Feng Xinduo, Gong Shiqi, Chen Jiaying

SNH48 Team HII

4th Stage “Beautiful World” (美丽世界) [2017.04.08]

SNH48 Team X

3rd Stage “Mengxiang de Qizi” (梦想的旗帜) [2016.10.28]

  • Meng (梦): Song Xinran, Li Jing, Chen Lin
  • Shuishou Fu (水手服): Yang Yunyu, Wang Shu, Qi Jing, Zhang Jiayu
  • Wu Ke Tidai (无可替代): Shao Xuecong, Feng Xiaofei, Yang Bingyi
  • Monster: Wang Xiaojia, Sun Xinwen, Xie Tianyi, Wang Jialing
  • Renyu (人鱼): Li Zhao, Zhang Dansan

SNH48 Team XII

2nd Stage “Daihao XII” (代號XII) [2016.12.23]

  • Ta he Ta (她和她): Liu Zengyan, Chen Yin
  • Love Letter: Yan Jiaojun
  • Chuwen Lianxi Qu (初吻练习曲): Fei Qinyuan, Zou Jiajia, Yu Jiayi, Zhang Wenjing
  • Dou Bu Hui (都不会): Hong Peiyun, Li Jiaen, Song Yushan
  • Zi Yiwei (自以为): Zhang Yi, Jia Shuting, Chen Yunling, Jiang Shan, Lv Mengying, Pan Yingqi

2nd Stage “Daihao XII 2.0″ ( 代號XII 2.0) [2017.06.17] - new songs only

BEJ48 Team E

2nd Stage “Qihuan Jiamian Li” (奇幻加冕禮) [2016.12.24]


2nd Stage “Di 1 Rencheng” (第1人称) [2017.03.24]