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Today’s 1.0 lookback - Heroes’ welcome:

-The adventurer arrives at the Lotus Stand to find lots of familiar faces waiting for them with cheers, salutes, and smiles all around. Raubahn, Kan-E-Senna, and Merlwyb all wait to greet the hero of the hour, and the General congratulates them on a job well done, reminding them, too, that every Eorzean owes them their lives.

-But the adventurer isn’t willing to accept all the credit.  They run back to Cid, and to his own surprise and embarrassment, suddenly all eyes are on him.  He finds himself just as much the subject of celebration.

-Amidst the celebration, Urianger walks up to Louisoix who nods, either at satisfaction of the outcome of all that has transpired, or at something whispered to him by the cloaked Elezen.

-The celebration goes on long enough that, in the end, the adventurer and Cid are the last to leave the Lotus Stand.

-Minfilia is nowhere in the crowd. Neither is the Path Companion. We haven’t seen him since the Ala Mhigan resistance was annihilated in Mor Dhona. The last we heard was that he/she was sent to a healer in Ul’dah following that incident.