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little things that i should do more often:
  • laughing my heart out ‘til my tummy hurts
  • picking fresh fruits and vegetables from our farm with my gramps
  • expressing my true feelings and showing genuine colors to my parents
  • saying “thank you” instead of “sorry”
  • teaching my dogs some cool tricks from youtube
  • having a nice movie break after studying for eternity
  • getting enough & appropriate amount of sleep
  • giving sweets to little stranger children
  • buying books and after reading, giving it to a person who deserves to read it
  • giving sad people the warmest hugs
  • waking up early and watching the sunrise
  • taking random snaps of my friends doing absolutely anything
  • trying out different accents
  • recording myself talking about the things i love
  • reminiscing the past under the moonlight with an old friend
  • conversing with a friendly stranger on a coffee shop
  • buying myself some flowers on the market
  • listing down the things i love about myself
  • exploring the city alone
  • saying spontaneous compliments to my beautiful friends
  • expressing how much i love the people that matter to me
  • buying a tub of ice cream for personal consumption
  • adding sparkles under my eyes
  • going on a date with myself
  • sketching random buildings on public
  • riding the public transit
  • exploring my own self
  • baking a cake for the ppl i love
  • counting the visible stars
  • volunteering to help
  • writing a pointless but heart-felt song
  • going on a road trip with my favorite people
  • writing letters to strangers and leaving then in the front pocket of my airplane seat
  • getting my crap together
  • painting on the bodies of my friends
  • saying hello to random animals
A Personal Connection

Author: @sebastianstandoffish

Pairing: Reader (She/Her) x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.

Word Count: 5,551

Category: Fluff/Very light smut

Warnings: Cursing (per usual), some smutty stuff but not all that explicit, etc.

A/N: A whole month! Time really flies. This was going to include more explicit smut scenes in it, but, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to put that into a separate work. It’ll be a continuation of this with actual smut in it. Hopefully the separation doesn’t disrupt too much and also allows readers that a) don’t enjoy reading explicit smut and b) don’t connect with an explicitly biologically female reader can still enjoy the story. Thank you for reading and understanding!

She had started out as a way to appease Tony, who had insisted that Steve needed a personal assistant. Stark blathered on and on about how much his life had changed after getting a PA and how maybe a little help with coordinating and the day to day tasks would “remove the stick from that star-spangled ass.”  

So, Steve had caved and asked Pepper to set up a couple of interviews with people interested in the job. After a parade of ecstatic fans and sexual propositions, he was just about ready to give up.

Instead, at the end of a very long day of being ogled and fawned over, (Y/N) had appeared with a rose-scented resume and two popsicles she’d bought from the street-vendor outside the Tower. Her smile was sweet and her eyes kind, a little wide at the opulence of the Stark equipment, but not predatory like the previous applicants.

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Shades Of Min Yoongi

Hoii! We here for the Yoongi Edititon of this series and well.. Yoongi can go from grumpy gramps to cute syubs to Agust D real quick..But leggo!

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I swear he has caused me to reconsider my no bias status so many times…But. Loads of love to our hardworking infiring Yoongi! ^^ Yoongi has played an important role in my ARMY life. Next edition will have Seokjin, please anticipate it ^^

In this series :


special1004: .. #SuperJunior #SJ #The team in which I put in everything in my life #It is still the team that I’m putting in everything in my life now #In order to choose #I have given up a lot of things #But I have also received a lot in return #A choice is to bear responsibility in regards to whatever that you did not choose #I will do the same #From now on #this late hours #Feels #Cheesy #JustSaying.. ©

You’re Okay?

So I literally wrote this w my gramps @catyz101 and she’s insisting that I don’t tag her, so I won’t…at least not anymore. This was fun to write lol we just kept switching back and forth. Hope you guys enjoy!

Prompt - Kim’s about to die. Will Trini save her?

Trini felt her hands trembling. She was trying not to cry because she wasn’t the one hurt. “Hold on Kim, okay?” Trini says as she lightly touches Kim’s cheek, afraid to apply any pressure. what if she hurt her more? Trini’s eyes couldn’t help but trace the other girl’s face; the unusually pale skin, the dry lips, the large gash on her forehead, blood still spilling from it. The sight made her stomach coil and her heart beat harshly against her ribs. Her lungs don’t seem to want to work with her as she tries to take in a breath only for it to feel like it something was crawling its way down her throat.

 Kim tries to smile as she looks at Trini, but it’s quickly replaced by a look of pain. Kim opens her mouth to speak, but Trini can’t make out what she is trying to say. Maybe it isn’t that whatever Kim is saying isn’t making sense or loud enough, but more to do with the pounding in Trini’s ears.

 “Trini.” It feels heavy to her ears, Kim’s voice holding a somber tone Trini isn’t used to. Trini can only nod her head in acknowledgement, trying her best to swallow the bile forming at the back of her throat. “Trini.”

Trini does her best to answer, but all she manages is a meek, “yea, I’m here Kim.”

“I have something,” Kim’s voice cuts off as if for a moment she isn’t there, “something important to say.”

“Tell me later.” Trini whispers. Later. She has to pretend - no, believe - and convince herself and the universe that there will be a later. She can’t lose Kim. Can’t even consider a future that doesn’t have Kim in it.

Trini watches as Kim shakes her head. “No.” It’s firm and strong, and Trini feels this spark of hope flash in her chest, but it’s quickly taken away when she sees the deep frown that settles itself on stained lips. “I haven’t said this before.” Kim says before stopping to catch her breath.

“You can tell me later, Princesa.” Trini says, leaning down to kiss her forehead. It draws a gasp from in between her lips when she touches cool skin. It frightens her and makes her hold on a little tighter. “Once you’re feeling better. The-then you can tell me.”

Her stomach coils painfully when she hears pitiful chuckles escape from Kim’s lips. She shakes her head, her eyes leaving Kim to look around her, her eyes searching for anything that could possibly help her. The desperation settles itself deep in her stomach as she feels useless.

“Trini.” Her name is much louder now, a sense of Kim’s own desperation heavy in her tone. It causes Trini to look back at her, the Latina still shaking her head as she bites her lip. “It’s fine.”

Trini hates the resignation in her voice, hates the way Kim seems to be giving up; she hates everything because how could the world be any good, if it takes the only good thing in her life away? She lets out a small growl from in between her lips as she feels a surge of energy rip through her. She’s not giving up this easily. Kim deserves better from her.

“Like hell it is.” Trini huffs. She still feels the panic in her, but she decides to put it to better use.

She isn’t sure where the rest of the team is. She knows that, technically, Jason had told them to stay in this location, but that had been before Kim got hurt.

Trini took a deep breath in.

She positions herself so that she could get ready to stand, as Kim looks at her in confusion. As gently as she could, Trini lifts Kim up, trying her best to ignore the small cries the other girl lets out.

“Listen, I’m going to get you out of here.” Trini says firmly, “None of this tragic it’s fine stuff. We are both getting out of here. If you die on me,” Trini stops; can feel the sob in her throat coming up, but pushes it back on. “I will kill you.”

Kim lets out a weak laugh. “Sound logic.”

Trini doesn’t respond. She doesn’t have a good way to answer. Her focus has all been shifted to being able to get Kim to safety. Their miracle of having a ranger come back to life had already been used. Although Trini is sure that even if that was still an option, it would not be a choice Trini would make. Even if they could live as many lives as they wanted, Trini would protect Kim.

Trini heads in the direction of the ship. She is sure that Alpha 5 will know how to take care of this.

Kim is going to be fine.

Kim is going to live.

Trini is sure of it.

It becomes a chant in her mind. It drives her to take one step after another until she’s running as fast as she can. It helps her ignore how heavy Kim feels in her arms, helps her ignore the burning feeling in her muscles as she strains herself. She’s tired and weak, the many hits she had received now weighing on her as she tried to keep her mind hopeful. She’d get there soon. She had to.

“We’re almost there, Princesa,” Trini reassures, looking down to see Kim closing her eyes. The sight makes her heart stop, makes her realize just how scared she is, how close she is to losing Kim. It makes her run faster, makes her more determined, makes her try harder. “Just a few more minutes and then you can sleep.”

“Okay,” Kim responds. Trini doesn’t hear it, Kim’s voice much too weak and drained to ever reach Trini’s pounding ears, but Trini does feel it; she feels the way Kim’s word seems to vibrate against her sternum, and Trini takes that as a win - gives her a small amount of hope.

“I swear you’re an idiot.” Trini says almost to herself, shaking her head. “I had him. He was right there and you just had to jump in, didn’t you?”

She chuckles mirthlessly along with another shake of her head. She looks down once more, a small relieved sigh escaping her lips as she sees brown eyes looking up at her. She manages a smile, but she’s sure it’s more of a grimace - she figures she’s trying. She looks up again, another sigh of relief escaping from in between her lips when she sees the ship. A large cry seems to rip itself from in between her lips, her muscles burning and her energy depleting, her heart beating loudly against her chest and stomach coiling painfully with fear, but she’s determined to get Kim to Alpha 5. She has to.

And she does. She makes it to the ship, her knees ready to give out and her breaths shallow. She continues on to the medbay while calling for Alpha 5. She isn’t too sure when he comes, but he’s hot on her heels as soon as he sees Kim. Trini vaguely makes out “how did this happen” and “I leave you five alone and you do this”, but she just huffs out as a reply.

As soon as Trini sets Kim down on a bed and sees Alpha 5 working, Trini’s world begins to fade into black. The exhaustion consuming her, and the adrenaline that helped her carry Kim all the way to the ship gone. As long as Kim was fine, she would let herself sleep. It wasn’t much of a choice after all.

 When Trini wakes up, Zack has put her in her own medbay bed. He had smartly put her next to Kim, knowing that if he hadn’t, she’d try to go to her. She doesn’t feel great, but she sees Kim breathing and, honestly, she isn’t sure the world could be better. She had done it. She had saved Kim.

Trini let out a sigh of relief. She was still so tired. She glanced at Kim one last time before willingly going back to sleep.

She wakes with a start; her breath fast and heavy as her heart raced in her chest, the image of Kim stepping in front of her flashing in her mind. She tries to swallow the bile in the back of her throat as she looks around; tries to calm herself as her eyes spot the sleeping form in the medbay bed next to her. Her ears register the continuous beeping of Kim’s heart monitor, and while she feels like she should find it annoying, the pounding in her head harsh against her skull, there’s a comfort that seems to settle itself in her chest. Her shoulders sag in relief as she lets herself fall back for a second, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

She jumps when she feels hands on her arm, her eyes widening in surprise as she turns to look at Zack. She finds comfort in his large smile, finds a sense of safety in the way his brown eyes seem to look bright and hopeful. She manages a smile back - at least she thinks so.

“You’re okay.” Zack comments, his usual boyish smirk slowly spreading on his lips. It brings a sense of normal to Trini’s pounding heart, and she’s grateful.

“I’m always okay,” Trini says with a wave of her hand. Or at least she tries to, her limbs heavier than they should, her muscles aching with every flex she managed. She hears Zack chuckle and she looks away, her eyes locking once again with Kim’s sleeping figure. The smile on her face drops and her stomach flutters as she sits up again, untucking herself from her underneath her blankets, her sock covered feet padding softly against the ship’s metal floors.

“How-” Trini starts, but the word catches itself on the tip of her tongue. She swallows as she lets her eyes scan the girl in front of her. Her skin is still paler than it should ever be and there are dark circles underneath her eyes along with sunken cheeks. Trini shakes her head because Kim should never look this weak, should never look so defeated. Her hands are stretched out in front of her without realizing, a few inches away from Kim’s face. She’s scared to touch her, scared to feel cool instead of warm, and she hesitates on touching her, hesitates on whether she should confront her fears or not.

She dares herself to do it, and that’s how she manages to touch Kim’s forehead. She sighs in relief when she feels warm skin against her own, her shoulders sagging and the weight resting on them being lifted as she shuffles herself closer. She had really done it. It hadn’t been a fevered dream. It was real - this was real. Her lips twitch, her fingers now brushing softly down the side of Kim’s face.

“You’re okay.”

She hears Zack laugh behind her; she turns back to look at him, and he gives her a sheepish look for a second before his grin returns.

“I was going to tell you to get a room.” He sits down on the bed that Trini was in. “She really is okay, though. She was up three hours ago.”

“Yeah?” Trini feels her heart flutter.

“Yeah,” Zack nods. “Tried to do the same thing you’re doing. Apparently, if she hadn’t done what she did, it’d be you in her place.”

Trini rolls her eyes. “I had him.” She looked back at her and whispered, “I had him.” She let her hand move to Kim’s.

“She was offended you called her an idiot.” Zack continues trying to calm Trini. “She called you one too.”

“Mmm,” Is all Trini replies as she holds Kim’s hand.

“Hey, Trini.” Zack calls out. Trini nods in acknowledgement but continues to look at Kim. “She really is going to be okay.” He repeats.

“I almost lost her.” Trini feels her heart sink again.

“But you didn’t.” Zack replies softly. “You saved her. You did good, T.” Trini doesn’t respond. She wishes she had done better, wishes she had prevented the injury to begin with.

Zack sighs. “Come on, Trini.” He pats the bed. “Sleep a little longer. You aren’t exactly in top shape either. Those guys were tough.”

“I’m okay.” Trini stubbornly mutters as she squeezes Kim’s hand.

Zack is about to say something, but stops when Kim murmurs: “So loud.”

Zack laughs. “Oh and she’s pretty cranky too. Didn’t even let me finish my joke on-”

Trini turns to glare at him. She lifts a finger to her mouth to hush him. He grins wider and lifts his hands up as if surrender. He points to the door and then gets up to go.

“Zack,” Trini says before he leaves, “Thank you.”

“I am sorry I wasn’t there. Maybe if I had-”

“You were saving the world somewhere else.” Trini says as she watches the guilty frown deepen on his face. It crushes her, to think he feels at fault, because he isn’t. None of them are. She feels the anger boiling just underneath her skin, but she’s brought out of her thoughts as Zack clears his voice.

“I’m gonna leave you two alone.” He says with a small nod, his smile slowly coming back. “Love you, crazy girl.”

“Love you too.” Trini says with a small smile as she watches him leave. Once he’s gone she registers the small tug on her hand. Her eyes quickly move to look at her girlfriend, brown eyes looking into green; and Trini feels the relief flood her senses again.

“You’re okay.” Kim says, a large smile blooming on her face. Trini nods her head as her tongue feels heavy in her mouth.

“I’m okay.” She manages, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she leans down. “You’re alive.”

“I would hope so.” Kimberly says, and Trini rolls her eyes. She chuckles as she looks into brown eyes and lets herself search them. There’s this mix of relief and concern, of gratitude and anxiousness, and it makes Kim’s eyes that much more intriguing. She lets herself lean down far enough to press her lips against Kim’s chapped ones, the feeling of the other girl’s lips on her own reminding her that this, in fact, was real. She feels Kim try to shift and then there’s a loud hiss that reaches her ear.

“Are you okay!?” Trini asks quickly as she steps back. Kim raises her hand in search for Trini’s as she nods her head.

“Yea, just hurts to move.” Kim assures. Trini looks to where Kim’s abdomen should be underneath her blankets, and frowns. “Hey,” Kim calls out, “I’m okay.”

“You’re still an idiot.” Trini says as she crosses her arms, never letting go of Kim’s hand.

Kim rolls her eyes and tugs her hand back down, careful not to move herself too much. “Rude. You’re just as much of an idiot as I am.”

“Yea, but that’s normal for me.” Trini says exasperated, rolling her eyes before letting a small chuckle escape the confines of her mouth.

Kim laughs along with her before saying, “Zack stole my line you know.”

“What do you mean?” Trini’s eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“Before, what I wanted to tell you.” Kim gives her a gentle, shy smile. “I love you, Trini.”

Trini feels so much all at once. So much that her brilliant response is, “I can’t believe you were going to tell me that before you died. That is so rude.”

“Trini,” Kim grumbles sternly as she rolls her eyes.

“I love you, too, for what it’s worth.” Trini says softly.

“It’s worth a lot.” Kim reaches for her again.

The two share one final kiss before Kim convinces Trini to sleep again. In turn, Trini convinces her that she needs to move her bed closer, so Kim finds herself just staring at the sleeping girl next to her for a while, her mind trying to memorize everything it could about Trini.  Her eyes are drifting now, but she feels her heart swell once more and she can’t help but whisper into the quiet room: “I really do love you, you idiot.”

“Heard that.”


Letter from my great-great grandfather, a military police officer, to my grandmother in 1944. It’s quite likely he was her dad rather than her grandfather.

“Somewhere in Belgium, Nov. 23rd, ‘44
Dear Margy,
Your old Daddy hasn’t forgotten you at all + I hope Santy is good to you again this year. For if he is not Daddy will shoot him will that be O.K. I wish Daddy could be home with you but he can’t so all he can do is be thinking of you on that day. So you be a good girl and maybe Daddy will get to come home to you before very long. So write Daddy a letter won’t you and don’t forget me.
Lots of love, your Daddy”

Picture this:

Grandpa Plisetsky bringing 10-yr-old Yuri to St. Petersburg, getting him set up in his dorm (or wherever kids live when they move to new cities alone).

“Yurochka, I have a surprise for you. A gift so you don’t get lonely.”

“What is it?????”

*pulls cat from behind his back*

Yuri is overjoyed, of course. Gramps asks what he’s going to name him.

Baby Yuri takes a good long look at the kitten and then says, very seriously, with conviction, “Puma Tiger Scorpion.”

Gramps: “…How about Potya for short.”