but gosh they are very adorable

dragonite sprite rating

red/blue- very aggressive boy who means business!! will fight anyone who messes with those close to him. a powerful ally. 8/10

green- a playful dragon! he’s doing the cat thing with his paws. that’s adorable. 8/10

yellow- he’s got one paw on his hip like he’s about to tell you off or something. don’t mess with this dragon! 9/10

gold- gosh, what a cutie! this dragon loves you and will do anything to be your friend. 10/10 

silver- it looks like he’s inviting you to tea! how polite! will you accept his offer to get together and enjoy a nice beverage? 10/10 

crystal- look! he’s so excited to see you! he’s stamping his paws and flapping his wings in excitement! 9/10

ruby / sapphire / emerald- his colors were softened, so now he looks like an even friendlier dragon! look at him bounce! a beautiful dragon with a fresh coat of paint! 9/10 

firered / leafgreen- he’s so relaxed, but he straightened out his horns so they’re neat and tidy! still just as friendly and inviting as before. 8/10 

diamond / pearl / platinum - his color palette was changed again, and now he’s brighter than ever! it looks like he’s conducting a symphony! this dragon has decided to pursue a career in music. i support him and his decisions wholeheartedly. 11/10  

heartgold / soulsilver- back to the softened color palette (although this one was changed a bit)! this dragon fights for his friends! 9/10 

black / white / black 2 / white 2- yes!!! he is so lively and bouncy!!!! look at him!!!!! are you seeing this? oh man. this dragon is the best thing ever. 11/10

x / y / omegaruby / alphasapphire- not as bouncy as his predecessor. this dragon got himself together, and now he’s mellow and composed. 9/10 

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so your thoughts on sugakookie??????

i really really really love yoonkook.

I think they have a really really really underappreciated dynamic. From the way Yoongi once said that Jungkook was his most beloved dongsaeng, to how happy they were when they were roommates in Bon Voyage, to how much Jeongguk grown to be able to express himself to Yoongi.

It’s very obvious that Yoongi thinks that Jeongguk is adorable and is very fond of him. And as for Jeongguk he thinks Yoongi is cool. They seem to get along really well too. Jeongguk’s fucking video with Yoongi should prove that I think, because he was very sassy and playful in it, even though Yoongi is quite a bit older, he didn’t seem to have reservations about teasing him, which I think points to their understanding each other well at this point.

At this point, all of BTS has been together give or take about 7 years so they’ve really gotten to know each other. I think that Yoongi and Jeongguk are a really good example of what time can do for two people. These days they seem to really understand each other very well. I really really really love their dynamic because it’s effortless but playful. One of my favorites tbh.

They’ve gotten really good at expressing themselves to each other and in general. On another level, we’ve got a pisces and a virgo who’s grounding values in a relationship (without influence from a venus sign) are supposed to be trust and deep emotions. Virgo and Pisces sun signs have really good chemistry in general and even though they can face a lot of challenges if they can find a way to make it work it’s supposed to be really fucking great.

Idk man, I love Jeongguk and Yoongi’s personalities a lot, separately, and when you combine them i think you get a really soft and understated dynamic that has a lot of potential.

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Daddy!Noctis is sleeping with baby *everywhere*. Napping on the sofa, the bed, rocking chair--it's super adorable, tiny baby secured to his chest with a hand on their little back or cradled in his arms. Gladio is the one giving you heart attacks every time he playfully launches the baby up into the air and catches them, both laughing. Ignis has them snug against his chest with an arm, humming a lullaby as he prepares bottle and dinner. Prompto records every moment with baby, so very in love.

These are perfect headcanons. Oh my gosh.


I really couldn’t decide which one from @the-holiday-viruses to draw so I did all four that are currently on there for asks! ^^

Gosh I really wanted to draw each and every one of these amazing characters and yes! Finally did it! WOOO!

Anyway I hope your birthday was great and I hope the rest of this year is good for you! ^^

Drawing is not my thing, obvi
But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this adorable & psychopathic creature❤

Thank you for the inspiration, fun and making me falling in love with every single piece of comics of yours

Xedra’s Notes:


I think this looks amazing! :D His expression is great, the text is great, and I’m really digging that cake in the background, haha! Thank you so much hon!

Oh my gosh, I defeated the Vah Ruta boss, had emotional feelings at the cutscenes and talking to Sidon afterwards.

Mipha was way better than I expected. I have learned she’s awesome with a spear and I love her healing powers. She’s a good soul and knows Link is focused on saving Zelda, she’s not letting her own being in love get in the way. A very good champion.

And Sidon’s text things had the words extra large at one point and it was one of my favorite moments. ‘HAVE I MENTIONED YOU ARE MY TREASURED FRIEND’ or something like that. I adore his positivity and that he kneeled down to talk to Link instead of looming over. 

Even the dad was cool. Zora are definitely one of my favorites so far.

“If you’ll be my Star, I’ll be your Sky” 


Death In the Heavens Color Palette Challenge

I got a palette request a while back asking for danny in #314 and sam in #286. So instead of drawing two seperate drawings i did it all in one!! 

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German fan here and honestly I really hope some of the Ducktales team see your doodle comics! partly because it might give them a sense of how integrated Gladstone is in a lot of our childhoods and hearts in a much bigger sense than the Barks comics allow for- not that they are bad I adore his comics, but I fear they may be mistakenly limiting character potential due to loyalty

Oh gosh, thanks man I don’t know if they will/have or what I’d make of it if they did, but I do feel the same way. Carl Barks material is absolutely wonderful and I’ll not say a word against him or his stories, but I do agree that there could be a severe pitfall awaiting writers in not allowing for any evolution or emotional development of characters outside of his works. Having said that we don’t really know yet what the new Ducktales take is going to be on Gander or any of the characters, and while a cautious optimism may be best I don’t want to go anticipating it with a negative attitude. Right now I’m just expecting it to be ‘its own thing’, and whatever happens I’m excited for the new show and hope the team making it are having a good time!

Lance: Let’s play I Spy!

Keith: Sure

Lance: I spy with my little eye…. A guy

Keith: Oh that’s easy, it’s m-

Lance: -with a black emo mullet who is very dense and has a dry sense of humor but is actually not an asshole mostofthetime, contrary to popular belief, and whose smile is genuinely my favorite thing because he’s only got one dimple which might be weird if it wasn’t so cute,, plus his eyes are slanted and angry but I think that they give him personality along with his button nose and oh my gosh don’t even get me started on his ears. They’re so smol??? And adorable??? And every time I’m around him I can’t tell if I want to fight him or cuddle him and then maybe make out a little bit because what’s a better way to end training then a smooch amiright lolololol. He’s also got a nice voice and his style is gucci af I mean WOw. That cut off jacket and tall boots are only for the Most Worthy™. But I just wish he could know how much I actually adore him even though we fight a lot, which is kinda gay,,,, but I wish we were kinda gay together??? And I want to do gay things with him like hold his hand and kiss his angry eyebrows and tell him how freaking adorable he is even if he looks ugly because that’s what a good boyfriend does and I want to be that everyday that he’d allow me too. I just wish he’d get the HINT already.

Keith:…. Did…. Did you just confess to me through playing ISpy?

Lance: ….

Lance: …. Wanna hear a knock, knock joke?

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Bonjour ❤ j'adore t'art! 💕puis-je demander pour un dessin d'Eve (Elsword)? ((Je suis désolée pour ma française. C'est... pas très bien;;; ma l'anglais aussi n'est bien pas...))

Oh gosh, thank you!! Don’t worry, I understand you. (Actually, it’s very cute? You tried!)

So here’s my favorite job (and my first Eve), Code:Empress. :’>

So, I got a package today

Which is strange, because I never get mail. Well, let’s open it!

Oh, purple tissue paper! That’s fun! I wonder what’s under-


IT’’S MY SON!!!!!

Yeah, so, I bought the last original Marik design from the Beamie’s Buddies shop, and he arrived today well, technically Saturday but I didn’t pick him up til today

He’s so frigging cute!! And very well crafted! Every part of him was sewn together very well.

He also came with this adorable note from Jackie (the doll creator.) Serious, look at that Marik doodle!! She drew marik better that I do no fair

Thank you so much @beamiesbuddies !!! I promise to give him a loving home!!

And now that Marik’s flown to his new home from Canada, he’s ready for a nap.

Goodnight Marik ♥


RokuBeni // Benio x Rokuro // Rokuro x Benio // Sousei no Onmyouji // Twin Star Exorcists EP 13 Couple Highlight Screen Captures | Codex Journalism 

“MY HEART, CUTEST COUPLE IN THE EXISTENCE OF ANIME (for me) on another, very good note, really glad Sousei no Onmyouji shall be continuing onto this anime season (summer) because I had a feeling it would not be concluding anytime soon. Good thing because if it did, I would be missing Benio so much :3 gosh she is so unbelievably cute and adorable. The relationship is starting to build up people! It is starting to really get exciting for these two ^w^ WOO!!! ROKUBENI ALL THE FREAKIN’ WAY!!!” 


Benio Adashino ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Rokuro Enmadou 

Day6 reaction to you snorting while laughing

Request: Day6 reaction when u snort when u laugh?

A/N: What sucks about doing gif reactions for these beautiful boys is there is no high quality gifs of them >:( So please bear with me when it comes to the gifs! (ot6 btw, I always do ot whatever unless it’s requested not to)


Jae would be the type to mock you for it, but only to play off how adorable he thinks it is

“Y/n, you sound like a pig when you laugh!” -makes pig noises-

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Oh gosh you would have this boy drooling over you. He would die every time an involuntary snort left your lips when you were laughing!

“Gahh, you did that on purpose! You know it kills me!”

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He’d find it to be the cutest thing ever! He would do everything in his power to make you laugh just to hear it. *cough* not that it would work very well *cough*

-tells lame joke- “Oh c’mon~ Just laugh for me!”

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Something tells me that Brian would be similar to Jae. He’d pretend that he thinks its funny or gross but on the inside it straight up kills him

-looks around- “Did you let a pig in the house or was that you?”

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He’d see it as a normal thing tbh. It might catch him off guard the first few times, but after he got used to it he would be unfazed.

“Your laugh is adorable by the way, just thought you should know that”

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look at this precious littLE MUFFIN PLEASE PROTECT HIM


He would honestly think you just randomly decided to mimic an animal, so he would decide to join in as well!

“That’s an amazing pig impression! I can be a bird, watch!” -flaps arms and runs around making seagull noises making you start snort laughing again-

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A/N: I hope you enjoyed! The gifs actually worked out really well, I’m shocked. We need more gif making Sundays! (that is still our fandom name, right..?)

-Admin Yeonie

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“We left the party, walked / beneath a moon that seemed / more a spotlight than night, / until we found a tree. / We pressed against it / and the grass rose against us, / the sky continued to darken, / and soon days, weeks, migrations, / and metamorphoses passed / as we kissed ourselves out / of our bored lives. / Us–two thousand miles away now, / the grass still growing wild around our feet.”

-B.J. Ward

I feel like this is a mitjo poem

Gosh that’s such a gorgeous poem, I adore it so much!!

Every time I see anything related to romance now I’m just like…. Relating it to mitjo, it feels very THEM too GOSH, I LOVE IT… The line that keeps getting me is “as wee kissed ourselves out of our bored lives” UGHGUHG


<<I really don’t>>, she responded. <<I was hoping you’d have some suggestions>>.

Jacqueline nodded, pulling Fiona up in her arms. <<Sorry about this one>>, she sidetracked for a moment. <<Couldn’t get a babysitter for the day>>.

The lady shook her head, gushing. <<Oh my gosh are you kidding me? No need to apologize. She is adorable>>.

Jacqueline giggled. Yeah, she knew she was. <<Anyways, as far as suggestions go… It really depends on what you are looking for. The animal collection ones are really cute, but they do look very childish which can be an eyesore if your dining room is very well decorated>>, she continued. 

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Hi there 😊 Today (January 23rd) my maths teacher placed your manga 'Swordless' infront of me during class. she said she bought it after meeting you during HyperJapan™ . I took it home and read it AND MY GOSH ARE YOU AMAZING AT ART 😍😍. The story line is fantastic and gave me the feels. I've definitely fallen in love with your creative mind 😊 (ps.I hope you're smiling everyday)

oh my gosh
This is honestly… amazing… I’m
really honoured, beyond happy and incredibly thankful to both you and your lovely teacher..!! Please tell her thank you very much for buying from me and also a giant squishy hug to you for being ultra sweet and adorable and sending me such a lovely message… <3 Thank you soo so much!!! I’m so happy you liked it!!! I hope you are smiling every day too (you’re so lovely omg!!)

MONSTA X  I.M 'Osculum, Basium, Savolium'

anon said: hello !! i just found your blog and gosh what a blessing i was very pleasantly surprised. you have a real understanding of people which is rare for these things (and your horror is really good too ?? wow) even the complex and commonly misunderstood lil beans like i.m, leo or yoongi what i’m trying to say is good work !! also could i please request an expansion for one of i.m’s reactions ?? i don’t care which because they’re all absolutely spot on and amazing anyway have a nice day

A/N: O_O Oh my! You are so adorable and thoughtful! This meant so much to me. Thank you for sending this. I feel bad that I don’t have many I.M reactions to choose from yet, but I hope you’ll enjoy this one. Have a great day! *big squishy hugs*

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

It felt like going back to square one.

You knew Changkyun could be quiet. When you first met it had taken a while for him to open up. Once he did however you were surprised at just how much he had to say. Unlike some people who had the habit of talking a lot, there was substance to what he had to say. Even if you didn’t always understand it. 

He was full of unique observations that often lost context on its way from his brain to his mouth, the result being people couldn’t follow his logic at times. It hurt your heart when someone couldn’t navigate that difference and wrote him off as odd. Just because they couldn’t understand a random comment didn’t mean there was no meaning to be found. 

As enchanted as you were by him it thrilled you to no end when he finally asked you out. You’d been hoping you’d caught his eye, but weren’t really certain. Changkyun stood with his head down and stammering, clearly nervous to be putting himself out there to be shot down. The word ‘yes’ couldn’t pass through your lips fast enough. Your eager reply and beaming smile seemed to boost his confidence. With a grin he exchanged numbers so you could firm up the details later. 

And the two of you had been having such a good time. Street food and a place with a view to sit and talk. It’d been perfect. Both of you were nervous but it wasn’t long before there was a connection. Conversation flowed easily between you like electrical currents. Each time he revealed a glimpse of his multi-faceted nature it only made him all the more attractive. 

But as the evening wore on he began to act subdued. Not exactly pulling away, more like distracted. It even got to the point where he seemed reluctant to look at you. It reminded you of hitting a reset button on a game and you were back at the beginning. Did you say something to offend him? What happened? 

“Changkyun, did I do something wrong?” 

“Nothing’s wrong.” 

His rather lackluster reply wasn’t encouraging. Maybe he’d grown bored of you already. Trying to give him a graceful exit that would hopefully keep your pride from disintegrating, you suggested calling it a night. 

“What?” Wide eyed and flustered, he seemed caught by surprise. 

“It kind of seems like you’re tired or something. And I don’t want the guys to get mad at me for keeping their maknae out late.” Insert weird laughter here, god, you were so lame. 

“No! I mean they don’t care. Well, not about dating anyway. Not that we don’t talk about things. We do. But I wouldn’t tell them anything about kissing you. Which is not what I was thinking about. At all.” 

“Kissing me?” 

“Not you specifically. Um, kissing in general. Like the history of it. A lot of people know that the Greeks have six words for love, but the Romans had three words for kiss. That sort of, ah…thing…is the thing I think about.” 

He was too cute. Hoping that the current shade of red dusting his face indicated that he did want to kiss you, you asked, “Really? What are the words?” 

“I really don’t remember at the moment.” 

“Show me?” You were practically willing him to get a clue. 

After hesitating for a second he leaned in placing a kiss on the apple of your cheek. “Well, the first is here.”  

Stomach filled with butterflies at the simple touch you asked, “And next?” 

“Here.” The kiss he delivered to your lips was light, nearly resting against your own. Soft and lingering but not asking for more. 

“And the next?” Your words came out a breathy squeak. Overwhelmed you didn’t know what you were asking for but it was probably good.

Shyly he confessed. “Hm, let’s wait. I like you a lot and I don’t want to chase you away by going too fast.” 

Touched that he wasn’t pushing for more you agreed. “So does that mean we’ll have a second date?” 

Changkyun wrapped an arm around your shoulders. Leisurely the two of you ambled along. In no hurry to be anywhere but with each other. “I’d really like that.” 

A comfortable silence fell over you as even your strides matched. Then a thought occurred to you. “What are you going to tell the others about tonight?” 

“That I got the third type of kiss.” 

Laughing you swatted him on the tummy and he playfully feigned injury. “Watch it, or you never will.”​

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Oh my gosh imagine a jyushi/homura(that girl from ep 9) fusion. I just though it was weird nobody included girls in the fusions yet ( like a crack fusion like oso/totoko lolol)

That’s a GREAT IDEA.

Jyushi+Homura would probably be very nice, healthy fusion…  I wish we knew more about Homura, other than her implied backstory, how hard she laughs at Jyushi’s jokes, what activities she engaged in with Jyushi, and the fact that she’s somebody the other matsus described as “weird;” but I think that they’d hold together really well.

I’d think that fusions between different sexes wouldn’t be too uncommon; especially since fusion is pretty much always a practical and temporary thing.  A world where you can just fuse with pretty much anybody would definitely have developed some different views on genders ‘n’ such.