but gosh i'm excited for this

Hopping onto that marriage train because goshdarnit I’m so gay for these two

Kobayashi is crying because Tohru is so beautiful. Tohru is crying because she’s so happy. I’m also crying


Oh my gosh!!! I finally hit 5000+ followers???? Really didn’t think this would happen but here we are!

So in celebration of all of you sticking around through my many mood swings and self indulgent posts I  decided to do one of those raffles I see everywhere.


1. Because this is for my followers, you have to be following me to participate. But also dont just follow me for the raffle cause that wouldn’t be cool.

2. Like stated above, one like and one reblog. I don’t want anyone getting spammed. Only one reblog will count!!

And thats it for the rules because I havent really thought this through too much.


3rd place will receive a single character full body piece, fully coloured!

2nd place will get a 2 to 3 character full body, fully coloured

1st place will get a short comic!! Meaning not a full story or anything like that. As in, a scene from a fanfic you really like (with writer’s permission) or a couple of nerds doing some nerd stuff.

What I will draw!!

° Undertale is my obvious specialty, but i’ll draw from any fandom as long as I have proper references.

° Ocs (I love ocs alright??)

° nsfw things. But they’ll be posted on my nsfw blog

What I CANT draw

°Mechas. Please be kind

Deadline is Halloween because I love Halloween

So that gives you a while to reblog ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Good luck and all that!!! And thank you all for being awesome and supportive!! It’s really meant a lot to me these past few months, and I love you guys (*¯ ³¯*)♡

Masking Nerves (peter parker x stark!reader)

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Warnings: My first fic, please be nice!!

Summary: Despite being the daughter of the self-proclaimed billionaire genius playboy philanthropist, Y/N Stark always had an issue with confidence. Maybe it was her sheltered childhood, maybe it’s the fact most of her friends are the Avengers. But maybe, she’s not the only one who needs help.

Word Count: Just short of 1k

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Magickal Margarita Toner

Lime is a kitchen essential in my home, but I just recently learned the more witchy uses for it! Lime is super great for the skin but is also used to promote tranquility, to purify, and protect. I whipped up a little toner water to use as a glamour spell and gosh, does it smell and feel wonderful.

If you’d like to try it yourself, the recipe was super simple:
One Lime
A spritz of citrus vodka (Vodka is surprisingly good for the skin, did you know that? A little bit of lemon or grapefruit juice can work as a substitute though)
Fine Salt
Water of you choice! I recommend moon water as most witches do, and full moon water is good for reinvigorating the soul. New moon is good for cleansing of negativity, though, and (properly treated/diluted) ocean water can be good for washing away the bad or instilling change.

It doesn’t make too much, as these sorts of things don’t tend to keep very long (2-3 weeks at best). It’s a super quick recipe, too! It only took me like 5 minutes to whip up - and that’s including having to find gloves because lime juice is really painful on open wounds ;;

If you’d like to try it, just remember that you have to think real hard about what you want out of your toner water while you’re creating it. Is its purpose to cleanse, to invigorate, to protect you from outside forces? Your intent matters a lot.

Happy witchin’, everyone <3


Guess who just got back from her script read and found out that the next musical the company is doing is The Addams Family and that she was pretty much precast as Mortica Addams for the next musical, and that her as Morticia was a promise that had to be made to the actor who is playing Gomez as a selling point? 

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Guys. GUYS. It’s not completely set in stone, but…oh my God, I might be playing one of my ultimate childhood idols. 

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Summary: This is inspired by the song Boston by Brendan Fletcher. It’s an amazing song you should listen to at some point. I just heard it tonight and started writing and this is what came out.

Word Count: 1,558

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Not requested by anyone but tagging @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The train’s window ices the left side of your face as you lean against it. Snowflakes drift down from the clouded sky, falling past your eyes, each tiny flake with its own design melting before anyone can appreciate it. The train huffs and others around you talk, their voices melding together into an indistinguishable clamor. Shouts come from the open door nearby, the one that lets anyone into the growling machine. You don’t look at the door, just watch the snow float past your window and pile up on the sidewalk nearby.

You sneak down, careful where you place your feet. Climbing into the case with one hand is tricky, but you don’t let that stop you. The sweet scent of the shed surrounds you as you enter it, peering around for Newt. He’s gone, though, so you step out into the field, scanning it. The grass nearby crackles under a foot.

Ducking back into the shed, you crouch behind a wide pot, peeking through the leaves. A pair of dirty boots step onto the creaking wood, sending a cloud of dust into the air. You fight a smile as they step past you, completely unaware of your presence.

Your knees ache and the gift in your hand begins to drip between your fingers as you wait for the boots to turn away from you. They never do, though, instead walking past your hiding spot again. You tense your muscles, preparing to leap from your spot. Before you can, though, the plant hiding your face is swept to the side.

Newt laughs at your stunned expression. “What are you doing?”

You move your hand behind your back, “Looking for your, um, lost cork?”

Newt’s face contorts into a confused frown. “I haven’t lost one, have I?”

You grin. “I haven’t found it yet. Want to know what I did find?”

“I’d love to.”

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i'm a bit new to larry (only like 3 months) but i just finished reading Love Is A Rebellious Bird... and I HATE YOU (love you) !!!! I WAS SOBBING IN MY BED FOR 3 STRAIGHT HOURS AND DIDNT SLEEP UNTIL 4-5am IM A MESS!! I AM A COMPLETE MESS!! oh my god i absolutely loved the fic! thank you and @100percentsassy for being amazing <3

Ahahahaha oh my gosh. Well, I’m sorry about the crying and the late night, but I’m really glad you like it! Thank you!!

We are working on something new that I’m pretty excited about, so keep an eye out! :)))

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I'm very excited to read Do Not Go Gentle, but I was wondering if you happened to know other fics where ether one or both of them are doctors or work at a hospital or paramedics?? Thanks 😅

DO I??  yes.  i couldn’t even find all of them because my bookmark system was nonexistent before fall of 2014 and a few have been deleted (all mourn the loss of our fallen fics and writers), but here’s what i could find for you (and i have them all bookmarked so obvs i loved them…there are more out there that likely means i haven’t read them yet):

love amongst the bubbles by @phd-mama

(at the end of the day) i will return to the city of lakes by @taggiecb (did i get the title right?  sorry if i messed it up)

close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord by @yafookinlousah

shot of pure gold by gezurak 

hold my heart by @phd-mama and @a-writerwrites

falling for me won’t be a mistake by @all-these-larrythings

and for a fic that is super awesome and hilarious and involves them at a hospital but not actually as the doctors you can read: like an animal (i wanna feel you from the inside) by @bottomlinsons

also, I haven’t read this one, but it’s in my to read: fire for a heart

one postscript i will make is these are fics that involve one of them being a doctor but the fics may or may not involve them actually working.  so.  there’s that.  haha  anyway, i hope these help and for real, read do not go gentle by @afirethatcannotdie!!!

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Hi there! Could you please draw Racer Boyfriends or Racer Family or KOBB & Roddy/Drift with puppies? I've saved a pup and taken him to take care of him for a week and tomorrow I'm gonna have to give him to my classmate, and it's kinda hard 'cause he's so wonderful and I fell in love with him. Also, I'm planning something special concerning KOBB and I'm sure it'd help me get it done. Love you and your art, and I hope you feel better <3

This is probably the purest thing i’ve drawn

i didn’t rlly like the art i did earlier so have another Homicidal Suicidal Lesbian
i’m so excited aaa

some people get so judgemental when someone’s “fangirling” over football players, f1 drivers, ski jumpers, athletes in general and they’re like “they’re just normal people, why are you freaking out so much”

and then they go and cry hysterically when they see their fave actor/actress or singer

like… ???