but gosh

(listening to Steven Universe theme song)
Pearl: We were amazed to find… your beauty and your worth!
Me: (goes into the comment section)
Everyone is calling each other idiots and swearing/using abusive threats towards children. How are you fans of a show that preaches friendship and kindness? I really? Just don’t? Understand?

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A bouquet of red roses arrives at James' doorstep. There is a card that reads, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I know I fucked up, but I'm still in love with you. From Thomas" ~thomass-jefferson


James frowned a bit after he read the card. He place his flowers on the counter and tossed the card on the table. He pulled out his phone and debated if he should call or not. James sighed before he decided to call him.

If snakes could talk

Me: *comes home to find that Noel has shed and is doing her stakeout by the door* Oh great, you shed finally!

Noel: *shoving face against screen* I wanna come out

Me: Well, I’m about to have dinner, can you wait?

Noel: NO. NOW. *aggressive shoving of snoot at the door lock*

Me: sorry, you’ll have to wait a little bit ok? *Starts getting my food ready*

Noel: I DEMAND YOU RELEASE ME *Tiny snek screaming as Noel climbs higher up the door and curls around the locks* HUMAN HOW DARE YOU IGNORE ME I’M CUTE


Artist/Circle: Naizou // Yojouhan
Pairing: Oikawa Tooru x Hinata Shouyou
Series: Haikyuu!!
Summary: The Grand King awoke in his castle with only the memory of who he was - a being who could instill anxiety, anger, and strife into anyone he pleased. After many centuries passed, the Grand King’s greatest enemy, a “hero”, was born.

Raws provided by: @harue-haikyuu-fan
Translation, etc: Mooks
Special Thanks: @hinatas-smile, @monozu
Download: http://bit.ly/20EinMD
Notes: This doujinshi is a prologue to Final Haikyuu Quest and is set in Oikawa’s perspective. Please note that while it’s not my first time translating or editing, there may be mistakes.

**If you can, please support the original artist!!**