but google named it such

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Where do you normally get inspiration for your characters' names?


omg… i made these characters within like 10 seconds each. i usually named them on the spot. 

pik and quat were the two stupidest sounding names i could pull out of my ass. i was so starved to make something, even if it was silly dumb. 

pik is from my DND campaign, my half orc had to open up a restraunt and because they are a were shark and half pathfinder japanese i named the restruant Pik Same cause a quick google said that pik was “cook” in orcish. even tho orcish doesnt exist. 

Quat is cause around the time i made quat, i was REALLLY craving kumquats, like to the max. i wanted to make kumquat marmalade and thats all i thought about for like a week. me and my friend, E went to an asian market and all we could yell was “where the fuck them quats at” and i thought that sounded funny. 

so there you go. 

Deep Lore……

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Okay so @the anon with the hc about Google glitching bc it was a personal question, what if Google can't handle like actual human nature? Like humans tend to personify things and give them personalities and names and stuff (like Mark and us did with Google) and what if Google doesn't know how to function as a "person" i.e. outside of his primary and secondary objectives? As soon as you treat him like a human being he glitches out because he doesn't know how to handle it.

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why did you buy you url? like what makes it worth it?

Hi! I bought it so I could have advertisements on the side of my blog! Google Adsense requires a full domain name in order to set them up. That is really the only necessity for buying a domain name - otherwise it isn’t that much of a deal to buy a url x

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MUSE: Mishima

Name: Mishima, Yuuki
NICKNAME: Mishimoon, bean, my son
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internet tips

-look at people’s pages before asking if they’re on other sites - chances are their links are on their page

-before asking what something is from, check the source’s tags

-if you don’t know the name of a song, google the lyrics

-not sure if someone has blogged about something? use /tagged/ and /search/ on their blog

-read FAQs

-learn how to reverse image search on google (upload the image using the camera button)

-don’t cite wikipedia, but you can cite the sources wikipedia cites

1997: *misplaces a boolean operator while searching AltaVista for local tax code information; ends up on a Geocities fan-page about raccoons*

2017: *Googles “the name of the song from that meme where people spin”; the correct answer is the first result*

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Is there any chance you would be interested in writing or drawing parental/older brother Tim Drake? Bonus points if it involves being undercover/on the run.


don’t know if that’s what you wanted anon but that’s what you get, sorry, i don’t even earn bonus points :’)

Okay real talk… If the Power Rangers writers were trying to make Kimberly seem straight (trying being the operative word)… Why did she have a girl’s nudes in the first place??? 

Not to mention her having the Bisexual Bob and having a date with Trini in Krispy Kreme