but good try bb

“I don’t think this is supposed to happen during the summoning…”

Recently gave into my gacha addiction and decided to download the FE:Heroes app and feel in love with this dragon boy who carries my team half the time I play


and Seunghyun’s endless struggle to make an actually funny joke continues… (x)


❤  I Believe In You

For @thesparklingpariah, hope all is well, and I’m very glad that Varian helps brighten up your day !! :’Db

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Nickname: Sunny; Rere if we’re real close
Star sign: Capricorn 🌽
Height: 5′1″
Last thing I googled: “eating disorder resources near ucla” and “mitosis cleavage furrow” on my laptop and my phone respectively
Fave music artist: SO many, but at the moment, I’m vibing really hard with Catey Shaw!
Last movie you watched: Les Mis– is anyone even surprised?
What are you wearing? Black pencil skirt, gray sweater, full makeup, and jewelry 
When did you create your blog? 2012 for this one; 2015 for synchronysymphony 👌
What kind of stuff do you post: Aesthetic things, social justice, linguistics, and things that I think are cute or funny! (On my other blog, it’s memes, academic stuff, and p much anything else I’m interested in)
Why did you choose your url? Because I love sunshine ☀️ (and for the Syncc, it’s because I like synchronic linguistics and classical music)
Gender: Cis girl
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokemon team: Mystic 💙 
Fave color: Pink!
Average hours of sleep: Who even knows at this point? Probably around 6?
Lucky number: 3, 4, 9, and 13
Fave characters: Enjolras and Cosette! And also Violetta and Carmen and Musetta, Eustacia Vye, A.E. Housman’s Terence, Sydney Carton, Raskolnikov (for some reason), Kurapika, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Yoosung and Adrien Agreste, even though I’ve never played Mystic Messenger or watched much of Miraculous Ladybug 💕
How many blankets do you sleep with? If it’s cold (which it usually is, because I like the window open), then three!
Dream job: Professor and researcher, and I wanna own my own lab!
Fun fact: I use way too many emojis 😇 (holy hecc u can italicize emojis what)
Also, I’m adding selfie, because I’m vain:

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Here are my illustrations for the @hxhbb event (detail shots and character sketches can be found here). 

They’re based on “a thousand miles wandering,” a Silk Road AU Leopika fic written by the marvelous @caseyvalhalla​. Honestly, I read the whole thing in one shot and couldn’t put it down. If you’re looking for a good read, this is it!

A big thank-you to her for the very thoughtful – and often tear-jerking – writing, and to the event mods for running this show!


[x] Vanoss: I knew he couldn’t resist that booty

Self Reflection

I have realized that I am a bit of an asshole shipper lately that I fail to see facts. And I have to reflect on some things..and hopefully get them out of my system before I get corrupted as well. Also, because I will feel much better saying it out loud. I’m not trying to be some goody good good boy, just trying to understanding of this whole BB and BS discourse.

1) Not all BS shippers are homophobics. They have their own reasons just not to ship BB. Please understand that not because what you see is right doesn’t mean they are wrong.

2) Not all BB shippers are holy, one in particular had been a whole jerk lately. While I understand his point completely, I still think his methods are wrong. So uhm, less toxicity I guess. In behalf of the BB shippers who are trying their best to uphold the integrity of the BB ship, I apologize about those who brings negativity to both shipping tags. (Myself in the past included, sorry)

3) See, BB shippers mostly want the LGBT representation to be real since up until now, LGBT treatment is still rocky specially in the eastern part of the world so for guys, so please do understand that. The representation means a lot to us.

4) So why BB being canon matters and not other pairs? Well, it’s the most baited so people had hopes. And I just wish people will not give up on this ship just because their fellow shippers are being rude. I hope they stay because of the chemistry of the two and the beauty of their potential relationship. That’s suppose to be the reason why we ship them right?

5) Regarding Sunny-bees, while I am not comfortable with it, I guess people ship what they want to ship right? That’s suppose to be the bottomline in all of this. Thus, respect begets respect.

So i guess, there’s no point in ship wars now. Just ship in peace?

I’m already tired of the negativity and all that. Let this old man have some break and I bet a whole lot of the fandom deserves peace too.

awkwardmorse  asked:

The Fool, the High Priestess, Temperance, and the World for the tarot asks!!! Hope you're having a good day bb!

The Fool: Something you’ve always wanted to try.

I’ve always wanted to try film acting – it seems really cool, but I doubt I could make a living of it. 

The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew.

I wish I knew where I’m going – where my life will take me, ultimately, and whether that matches my ideas and hopes or not. 

Temperance: Your ideal day.

There are multiple versions of this, I suppose. Here’s one version: I wake up late to the light filtering through my window. The morning outside is warm and soft, and I have no obligations, so I take my time eating breakfast and getting ready for the day. All my favorite friends are free; I text them and snapchat them from the comfort of my couch, or the bench on my back deck that faces the mountains. As the day wears on I work on my writing, laying on my stomach on the floor of my bedroom with music playing from the speaker beside me. At night, after dinner, I settle into my beanbag to watch something – most often a murder mystery, most often British – with my parents. I go to bed late, one or two maybe, when the last of my friends turns in for the night.

The World: Your dream job. 

This may change, but as of now I think I’d really like to be a diplomat or ambassador of some kind.

Thanks for the asks! Have a lovely day!

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Do you have any Ted talks you would recommend ??

i haven’t watched tons at this point but these are some i’ve really enjoyed!

  • your body language shapes who you are (highly recommended!!! this is one of my fave ted talks ever, i rewatch it every few months)
  • the power of introverts (another fave!! i’ve read the book by the speaker, susan cain, which is called quiet and expands on everything she talks about in this ted talk and it’s a wonderful book, really thought-provoking, and explains a lot about introversion/extroversion as well as disproving some popular misconceptions)
  • your elusive creative genius (by the author of eat pray love, another very funny and insightful one! particularly good if you’re suffering from artist’s/writer’s block)
  • the surprising science of happiness (hilarious and makes you feel really good afterwards idk. reframes how to think about your past decisions and regrets etc. in a really great way!)
  • the danger of a single story (fascinating, powerful, amazing and all the more important in today’s social and political climate - just such a good talk)
  • my stroke of insight (gets quite spiritual, very interesting and also oddly funny in moments)