but good try bb


❤  I Believe In You

For @thesparklingpariah, hope all is well, and I’m very glad that Varian helps brighten up your day !! :’Db

More detailed analysis of Yuri on Ice Episode 7

Can I talk to you about what a good boyfriend Victor is trying to be in this episode? 

A LOT to un pack with this episode so visit me under the cut!

But first a little side note about Guang-Hong’s performance 

During the story visions? bit? anyway that his ally that shows up is Leo right? That’s clearly Leo?

Also the bad guy I’m pretty sure is Georgi

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[x] Vanoss: I knew he couldn’t resist that booty


Here are my illustrations for the @hxhbb event (detail shots and character sketches can be found here). 

They’re based on “a thousand miles wandering,” a Silk Road AU Leopika fic written by the marvelous @caseyvalhalla​. Honestly, I read the whole thing in one shot and couldn’t put it down. If you’re looking for a good read, this is it!

A big thank-you to her for the very thoughtful – and often tear-jerking – writing, and to the event mods for running this show!

wtf, like im listening to bb’s old music again [2006 - 2010] and honestly they were so great even as rookies or whatever. there is no group like them ??? 

How this comp needs to go
  • Corey: "So it's a little hard to hold onto this tree but I've got a solid grip so I think I'm good."
  • Nicole: "I don't have a lot of upper body strength but the comp seems easy enough the tree isn't moving or anything so that's good."
  • Tiffany: "Honestly I'm just so relieved BB isn't trying to do us dirty by spraying cold water on us or anything so I know I can hang in here."
  • Glenn: "My tree's so slick to hang onto it's coated in coconut oil and it's shaking back and forth and bucking like a mechanical bull and the next thing I know a wave of cold water hits me and in shock I let go of my branch :/"