but good try bb

King of Hell

“Once….we are ruled by a king who controlled us with an iron fist. There was a semblance of control under his reign - no one dared to act out of line and those who do were swiftly dealt with.

One day, without a word, he vanished

- and we all descend into chaos.”


Have you ever… kissed someone?

“I don’t think this is supposed to happen during the summoning…”

Recently gave into my gacha addiction and decided to download the FE:Heroes app and feel in love with this dragon boy who carries my team half the time I play


❤  I Believe In You

For @thesparklingpariah, hope all is well, and I’m very glad that Varian helps brighten up your day !! :’Db


and Seunghyun’s endless struggle to make an actually funny joke continues… (x)

Like honestly, there’s doesn’t need to be an Angsty origin for Nightwing. NOBODY WANTS TO BE A KID SIDEKICK FOREVER. MOST KIDS WANT TO MOVE OUT OF THEIR PARENT’S HOUSE EVENTUALLY. 

That’s literally what his original origin is in the comics 

Dick:“well i’m an adult now, I have my own team, I still love Bruce but I don’t feel comfortable being a sidekick anymore, time for a new identity, Bruce I’m moving out”

 Bruce: “ok good luck you are an adult and I trust you to make good decisions.” 


Bruce: “Dick…why…”

Later they angstified it because comics can’t leave well enough alone but YEAH. i mean THAT’S LITERALLY ALL IT HAS TO BE.

this is a commission i did for someone from the da amino i’m in and idk if they have a tumblr but if i find it, i’ll tag them

but these are their babies!!!! they are precious and beautiful and i absolutely loved drawing them!!! 


Here are my illustrations for the @hxhbb event (detail shots and character sketches can be found here). 

They’re based on “a thousand miles wandering,” a Silk Road AU Leopika fic written by the marvelous @caseyvalhalla​. Honestly, I read the whole thing in one shot and couldn’t put it down. If you’re looking for a good read, this is it!

A big thank-you to her for the very thoughtful – and often tear-jerking – writing, and to the event mods for running this show!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any kind of make up tips?? Or just tips for the cleaner skin??

makeup tips:
👑 know what look suits you
🍒 skincare > makeup
🦄 when blending makeup, dab on the skin. dont drag it across the skin. that’ll cause micro-exfoliation and make your skin peely and patchy.
🌹 use lip balm as a primer before any lip products
🐰 try to stick to the same brands (especially if you have sensitive skin) - this’ll reduce the risk of breakouts
🎈 always set your makeup with transluscent powder and setting spray. always
🎀 if you want a lighter, less suffocating alternative to foundation, try bb cream!! its the best. LA Girl makes good bb cream for darker shades!!
💌 sometimes less is more. i always see the white girls here with minecraft blocks as eyebrows and honestly its tragic