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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

Restaurant owners offer free meals in Montreal, no catch

Montreal (CNN) - A free meal and a friendly smile aren’t easy to come by.

But a pair of Muslim immigrants changed that for some in Montreal with a sign in their restaurant window.

Motivated by their own experiences with hunger in Iraq and Iran, they offer a free meal to anyone in their adopted community who needs it – no questions asked.

“We went through this,” said Ali Amiry, 51, who left Iraq in 1992, fleeing the regime of Saddam Hussein and crippling sanctions. “We know what it means to be hungry.”


Amiry’s 16-year-old daughter, Ramin, made a sign about nine months ago to hang at the restaurant, inviting people to eat free if they couldn’t pay.

“People with no money welcome to eat free,” the sign read in English and French.

A man tested the policy and, finding it to be true, shared the sign on social media. Requests for free meals ramped up.

Before long, the duo was giving away as many as 20 meals per day. Demand diminished as other restaurants followed their lead.

Meantime, some customers started giving a bit extra to help offset the costs of free meals.The offer came at the perfect time for 27-year-old Kris Begg. The struggling musician recalled how his mother sent him a link about the restaurant.

“I was having a tough time,” he said. “They gave me rice and meat and potatoes."There was no judgment, just goodwill."I’ve gone there three times,” he said. “I don’t go there everyday, I go maybe once a week. I don’t want to be the guy who’s always asking for free food. Get it when you really need it. It’s a great service. They are really nice; they don’t judge you.”

Much more of the story at the link.

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hiiii~ i just found your blog and it's lovely, thank you for being such a ray of sunshine!! Could I please get some happy thoughts? I'm not in a great mental place rn & I have to work late tonight (& im v anxious about work haha)

hello! thanks for your kind words! some happy thoughts for you:

♡ whatever you’re going through, it will pass

♡ honey bees sleep in flowers.

♡ someone out there knows exactly how you feel.

♡ things will get better!

♡ even though work makes you anxious, you can buy stuff afterwards :)

♡ one day you’ll realize that you don’t care anymore about what’s making you anxious and stressed right now!

♡ you’re growing stronger because of your bad mental place.

♡ good things will happen to you soon.

♡ someone thinks about you and cares a lot about you.

♡ you can always change your life and be the best version of yourself.

♡ your friends and family love you lots.

♡ you’re amazing and wonderful and you can get through anything!

I hope you feel better soon. you’re lovely and you deserve to be happy! good luck for work, it won’t be as bad as you thought. 🌷🌙✨

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I'm exceedingly frustrated with Poldark this season. It seems that every episode has at least 1 instance of Elizabeth staring at Valentine with a "should I just toss you into the bin" expression and at least 1 (or 3) of someone noting Valentine's dark looks. My head is throbbing from the club this show keeps taking to it. Also, I'm fairly vibrating with annoyance over the patchwork representation of Dwight and Caroline's storyline. But damn if Caroline's swoon of relief didnt hit me in the feels

Word! we went in super hard on @poldarkpodcast about the problems with season 3 (particularly on episode 1) and look forward to even more of that good stuff on this weeks episode. Every story line lacks subtlety but its the most striking in the Valentine story line because there is virtually nothing else going on in Elizabeth’s story line other then this in the books, and instead of just showing less Elizabeth and focusing on actual substantial plot you get scene after momentous scene.

Dwight and Caroline getting short changed every week when this is their damn season is pissing me off. Like, really show, do we have to make Dwight’s imprisonment all about Ross? Last week Caroline got shafted for Verity and this week dwights struggle got reduced to “oh look he grew a beard”. Lord give me strength for later events.

What exclusionists need to understand and keep in mind is that inclusionists most of the time are genuinely trying to be a good person and make positive change. Most of tumblr is on default an inclusionist until they’re educated on stuff. You didn’t become an exclusionist because somebody told you to “pee your pants”, you became one because you Realised things after educating yourself. This is hard because the beliefs that lead to inclusionism are usually homophobic/transphobic and historically incorrect etc. but that means that inclusionists just have to grow out of them. Give them time. A lot of inclusionists are lgbtpn and them understanding your point of view is important for them too.

What inclusionists need to understand is that exusionists are, the vast majority of the time, not at all out to hurt or invalidate ace people. Take some time to actually read what they’re saying before you stop after they’ve said “asexuality isn’t inherently lgbt”. I know it’s hard, I know all the red lights and alarms go off, screaming “wrong” and “hurtful” but please, please listen. There’s a reason peole go from being inclusionist to exclusionist and you’re disrespecting a very large group of lgbtpn people by not even trying to understand their arguments and true intentions.

tl;dr: Both inclusionists and exclusionists have to try not to paint the opposing side as evil, even though they think their opinions are wrong and hurtful. Both aren’t out to harm anybody.

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So why Scolipede? Why do you like them as much as you do, was there a certain event that really changed your opinion or something? :)


This is a good question! It’s not a simple answer though~ (or maybe it is, I just tend to be long winded.. haha)

It all started back on Pokéfarm Q. A lot of people had pokesonas, and I figured it’d be fun to make one for myself. I wanted something that was uncommon, mainly to give rarer ‘mons some love, and also to help make myself stand out a bit. Not saying there’s anything wrong with a mew or pikachu ‘sona, but they’re a touch common and I feel it’d be hard to put my own spin on it without straying too far from the simple idea of ‘it’s x species of pokemon’. I’m not a big fan of huge recolours or additions like hair or lots of clothes on existing designs, see, mainly for myself. I do love the idea of alternate forms/seasonal variations/realistic designs for pokemon, however! And I knew I wanted to make whatever I chose have some slight variations.

In the past, for whatever reason, I wanted a shiny magnemite ‘sona. They’re strange little things that I felt were really underused in the fandom, and also they’re genderless which I felt fit my identification as a lump/potato hybrid pretty well. That idea still survives today as my character Zap, one of Rustle’s companions I’ve yet to introduce to the blog. He looks like this:

However, I like to have an in-game counterpart to any special mons I have. Everyone can make a shiny X, Y or Z character, but finding/breeding one in a game? That’s harder. So, due to complications shiny hunting a magnemite in Y, and also because it’s a pokemon that would be hard to make expressive, I ditched it for something else. (I did eventually get that shiny magnemite, but that’s a long story for another time. All you need to know is that it shaped Zap’s personality as a pest~)
I remember spitballing a bit on the PFQ chat about good ideas for sonas, and how I wanted to challenge myself. So I did what I thought was hardest and looked to my least favourite generation; black and white. It was always a touch ‘meh’ for me, and many of the designs I just didn’t enjoy. However, I remembered the big bug and how much I adored it almost immediately, and as a huge fan of anything bug type, it was settled. All I needed was a name! 
I tend to prefer stupid names over typically normal ones (I have or had at some point characters named Fart, October, Whistle and Poptart, just to name a few haha) and for some reason I had that one scene in gates to infinity with the umbreon creeping through the bushes in mind. It made a horrifying rustling sound unfit for a kids’ game (imo), and so I totally wanted that as my buggo’s name. Plus I guess Scolis do lurk in the bushes. Maybe.

Hope that answered your question!

As a quick aside, I am 100% on board with people having recoloured ocs, common pokemon, extra design quirks or not possessing an in game counterpart to any design they make. People are free to do as they please~ However, they’re my own personal preferences for characters I own or create. Do as you want, and don’t let my opinions sway you!

Edit: Tweaked that last paragraph cause it didn’t really read well and might sound like the opposite of what I wanted

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You always give out this amazing advise and stuff so this is a reminder that we care about you too and we're here for you just as you're here for us. How you doing, what's up with you my dude?

Aww thank you so much Nonnie, I really appreciate this ^.^ I’m doing pretty good! Today is my last week at uni, I’m moving back Saturday morning. Yesterday and today I’ve just been doing chores (lots of washing and cleaning) which has been okay! Later today my boyf is coming over, he’s gonna come over then tomorrow we’re gonna go collect my borax so we can make slime properly this time! Then I’ve got some society stuff, then moving back! I’ve been pretty content lately. Although, I’m p sure moving out is gonna suck cause I hate change, so I’ll probably be pretty unstable on Saturday and cry a lot, but once I’m past that I’ll be good! Yesterday I went into town with friends and bought a hella nice dress:

And the shop fucked up so I got an amazing jacket that was supposed to be £25 for £5!!!! So I’m super happy about that (and kinda couldn’t shit up about it and I think i annoyed my friend cause of it and that made me feel kinda shitty but meh)

Thank you for asking ^.^

(tl;dr personal post)

I’m going through my absolute oldest tweets rn (my Twitter account’s nearly a decade old, I think the earliest tweet I saw was from 2009). It’s amazing how much I’ve tweeted in that time - I was at the 77k mark a few days ago. I’m actually cleaning up these tweets rn, keeping only select ones that give me great memories with friends, and removing all the rest (a lot of them were like “I feel like pie right now” anyway so no big loss).

I think that, reading these super-old tweets, I’m mostly shocked (in a good way) at what a different person I’ve become. Looking back at myself, I honestly think I was a really unpleasant person years ago. I’m ashamed at a lot of the stuff I tweeted - how I got annoyed at/condemned people for little things. I recognized that this was a huge problem roughly 6-7 years ago and resolved to change and better myself. I’m relieved to say that I think I’ve done a decent job at this.

Stress is no excuse for terrible behavior. I’ve lost a number of close friends throughout the last decade - pretty much all of them kinda just walked out of my life with no explanation but I’m pretty sure it’s because they wanted to remove themselves from the negativity I brought on a frequent basis. I can’t undo that no matter how much I want to (I really wish I could’ve done things differently and still have those people in my life today). But I accept that it’s happened and all I can do is keep fighting to be a good person every day no matter what.

I don’t deal with stress by exploding or bitching anymore - I watch fun videos and amazing TV shows, go on Tumblr and talk to awesome people, go out and spend time with friends. I’m almost always in a pleasant mood nowadays. I always have a lotta love to give people, like, my chest is pretty much always bursting with it so if any of you get random comments and messages from me about how awesome you are etc. then that’s why haha (and because I love you of course). It’s so shocking to go back through these old tweets and come across all these things I whinged and bitched about and be faced with the reality of what a truly unpleasant person I used to be, but it’s a relief to be shocked knowing that it’s an indication that I really have bettered myself.

It still surprises me to this day any time that people say that I’m sweet/kind etc. because I wouldn’t have called myself those things years ago.

Anyway, I’m grateful for the friends who’ve stuck with me, and even if you’ve only been my friend (or Tumblr friend) for a few weeks/months or don’t talk to me very often, this still includes you too ❤ (I always love making new friends btw so if you follow me and we’ve never talked before then please feel free to come talk to me so that you eventually end up in this category). I’m super-happy that you guys are here and I’m always gonna try really really hard to be someone who’s worthy of your time and friendship.

(( Sooooo, I’m in need of something like a break to sort stuff out and just get a grip on my health and mental state again. Aside from the physical that’s been very draining lately, and that requires me to rest more than usual, I also feel hella disorganized and scatter brained tbh. And thats not good homies OO.. Since I want to give my golden doofus the love and attention he deserves, and since I want to give my partners only the worthy stuffs, and since I want to start new things with new people as well, I need to make some changes, adjust, revamp and recover. 
What does this mean in general?

Starting today until July 9th we’re in Semi-Hiatus Mode

- I’ll be working on my theme and pages ( cuz some are extremely outdated, like legit yikes at some stuff). So that means I’ll be either quiet, M.I.A. or whining about coding a lot, ye have been warned.
- I’ll be around, lurking, and probably doing smols and memes or crack if the mood/inspiration strikes.
-  Longer drafts are pending/won’t be touched any time soon ( or worked on in the background in between things).
- Revamp/reducing of verses and write up of premises.

What does this mean for the current things?
- Obviously it goes without saying ships & verses are staying put.  <3
- Any convos/script/smalls that aren’t titled are hereby dropped. If I wish to keep something specifically I will contact you and add it to my tracker at some point.
-  I will update my tracker and let you know when it’s current/updated.

I’m always around though ( I’m addicted to y’all lets be real ) but I need to get my chill and shit together basically ^^ If I wanna give back to the community and rp more this is necessary for a lil bit. I love you all muchly <3

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any art history book recommendations? I want to be more cultured lol and know more about art than just van gogh and the occasional picasso


1. The original and definitely the best starting place, Gombrich’s The Story of Art. It’s on like the 20th edition but has changed very little so feel free to pick up an old edition at a 2nd hand bookstore or online. It takes you through the dominate narrative of art history and covers all the major stuff in a really accessible and engaging way. Definitely start here.

2. Once you have the foundations, what you move to next is sort of up to you. Gombrich doesn’t cover much modern art so I’d probably recommend something on that next. This is Modern Art by Matthew Collings is quite good, it’s a little out of date now but comfortably gets you up to the 2000′s in a lot of depth. He’s also an artist himself which gives a nice spin on things. It’s written in a very chatty, often very funny way and he doesn’t shy away from opinions, which I really like. 

3. Something that’s less pure art history but more about the art world is Breakfast at Sotheby’s by Phillip Hook. It is laugh out loud funny, he’s a fantastically engaging writer, and it’s just a joy to read. Definitely you have to have a solid art history basis to enjoy it though (and even then, I found myself googling a fair bit) so start with the above first. 

That should give you a pretty solid foundation, definitely enough to give good cocktail chat and be able to give a fun museum tour to friends. From there, if you’re still interested you start getting into more specialized stuff, ie theory or reading about a particular artist or style or time period. But the above is plenty to be decently knowledgable about art and should hopefully be engaging reads. Happy reading!

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HC + Downtime

Everyone already knows that Ron loves a good party in his free time, but he’s got plenty more hobbies than just partying. He’s a really musically inclined guy. He loves sitting around, listening to a good record while he finishes up reports, cleans his flat, or just about anything. Though, he’s not a great singer at all, he likes to pretend he can. He’s a super good dancer though. Like really good. He’s got excellent rhythm and has the time of his life when he’s dancing. As years progressed in his immortality, he loved going to swing dancing clubs and watching burlesque shows in his spare time.
But aside from the theatrical stuff, he’s a big history fan. He likes reading old textbooks sometimes, and loves watching the changes in time as it passes him by. The advancement in technology and culture is something that astounds him, and he’s always keeping up with the change in time. He’s always been really into collecting old newspapers too, and rereading them from time to time. He has boxes of them in his flat.
In short, he’s a closeted nerd.

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okay seriously though what are cain and able what are they from what do they do who are they i want to mess up their pointy hair tips

you can thank @hermannco for getting me into them. they were originally this pair of narrators in old mystery mag series by DC, House of Mysteries and House of Secrets.  they were also in a macabre humor MAD! style comic called PLOP! which is…. really fucking good.  

I’ve literally been binge reading all these 70s comics the last couple days. Leo read more of the more recent stuff where they were revamped.  I haven’t read that stuff. Although it’s remained pretty constant that Cain is constantly killing Abel but it’s ok he’s fine. Abel’s personality changed a lot tho.  In the old comics he’s much more of a jackass. A polite jackass but a jackass nonetheless.


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)

I like to think a lot of shit that Danny, Tucker and Sam attribute to Vlad’s powers is really just aspects of how he is anyway

“Whoa he knew I was coming down the hallway and I wasn’t even walking, maybe he’s got weird superhearing” nope when you’re constantly being targeted by ghosts, government agents and disgruntled employees of the corporations you ran out of business you stay ready

“Dude he’s standing out in the snow in nothing but a tank top and PJs! Guess ghosts are immune to cold” nah he’s from wisconsin

“Damn he can really toss them back, ghosts must not have a problem with processing alcohol” he’s just russian my guy


You asked me, what kind of life we had just surrendering. It wasn’t, It wasn’t a life. What we did back there, what we’re doing now, making a future for Judith and for Glenn and Maggie’s baby, fighting the fight, that’s living. You showed me that.

in honour of mermay, (and also highkey inspired by @pussycat-scribblesbeautiful seijou mermaids au) i present koi fish mermaid! hinata


  • hinata sees visiting mermaid prince kageyama and challenges him to a race and loses
  • kagehina mermaid stuff commences
  • everything is right in the world

“This (scene) was something- we all felt it, we all looked back and everyone was like, you can’t put your finger on it, you know that it’s good but there’s something that’s missing. We took a break and we came back and it’s really something that she (Ashley) did in the scene that completely changed it. It was something improvised, it’s when she says “Everyone has left me, everyone- fucking except for you”. She pushes Joel, it’s the first time she’s gotten physical with him and on the surface it looks like this petulant child but at the same time you see strength […]” - Troy Baker