but good lord this cast


westratenick: Two days til the end of #TurnAMC and I am raising a glass to the great @heatherglind! Our Anna Strong and my good friend made life in Virginia just the best. Craig and Barry couldn’t have found a more interesting, complicated, brilliant actor to tell Anna’s story. Here’s to you, @heathergibs! #StrongTownsend


a few highlights from the turn panel:

  • alexander rose asking (and i’m paraphrasing on this one), “what self-respecting actor would really want to wear those wigs?” was priceless. nick was first to respond with, “no one.” ian followed with, “everyone.”
  • ian still has that wig, too. they joked it’s under his bed now.
  • when alex began asking the actors questions, he had to decide in which order they should go. they decided rank, but he still had to muse, “i could go with heather first. ladies first and all.” he paused, considered profusely… annnd carried on with ian. 
  • they did mention the music featured on the show, but nothing of the releasing soundtracks, only how they went about choosing. that said, they were playing full tracks from the first three seasons before the panel began.
  • “love is patient, love is kind.” it was this verse, heather said, which was her inspiration for anna strong.
  • nick’s favorite scene was the rob/arnold moment from the season 3 finale. he thought it was beautifully written and exciting, knowing how robert would be risking his life once more.
  • ROBERT WILL EXPRESS HIS MOTIVES THIS SEASON. nick was excited for this, and rightfully so. 
  • nick also went on to say rob has some of his best scenes this season with with james rivington and abraham woodhull. ngl, my heart soared.
  • alex posed the question of, if we were living in a alt universe where turn got another season, what would it be? of course a musical came up, thanks to hamilton, and someone pitched jamie’s dancing. nick was all nods and grins to that, then pitched his own: a buddy comedy. “like cheers, but with james and robert. he gives one-liners and robert grunts.”


i keep seeing people ask for a Marauders’ Era movie, but a movie is way too short for what i need.

to hell with a movie, give me a TV series starring the Marauders. i want full seasons of them at Hogwarts and sleepovers at each other’s houses during the vacations.

i wanna see some of James and Sirius’s best pranks. James and Lily’s bitching at each other for seasons with that subtextual sexual tension before they get together. Lily and Severus hanging out in the beginning and falling out later on. Severus spiraling into the dark arts and finding himself among his other ambitious Slytherins where he feels he belongs.

Hogsmade trips to the joke shops and all the crap they’d pull on Filch whenever they got the chance. watching Remus turn into wolf form and everyone banding together to turn themselves into Animagi to help him through it. them using the Shrieking Shack as their own private clubhouse for the rest of the term.

Frank and Alice being one of the main ships sailing (though i bet people would likely be shipping the actual Marauders pretty hard) while they hang out with both Lily and her friends and James and his friends. Maybe we’d get to see inside some other house dorms when they sneak in to see friends we never heard about from other houses. 

Quidditch matches every couple of episodes. Seeing James get onto the team and him stealing the Snitch to play with it in the back of the class with Sirius when they’re bored and Lily being totally done with stupid James Potter and his damn snitch. 

There is too much content and character building for a movie.

And don’t get me started on something starring Tom Riddle Jr. growing up and getting into Hogwarts. Him becoming prefect and charming everyone while secretly digging deeper into the Dark Arts, starting the Knights of Walpurgis, realizing he’s the Heir of Slytherin, releasing the Basilisk for the first time, killing Moaning Myrtle and framing Hagrid, joining the Slug Club. Him starting the first steps toward starting the First Wizarding World War and making/hiding Horcruxes.