but goddamn wardrobe a

I always find it so funny when people interpret Mob’s character in the age swap AU as wearing only black and grey while he is also in an established relationship with Teruki, because we have seen Teru’s effect on Mob’s fashion.  28-year-old Mob would probably wear clashing patterns and colors and be completely indifferent about all of it while 14-year-old Reigen is threatening to burn his goddamn wardrobe.

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kay but like who gave them permission to go out and buy a whole goddamn new wardrobe of Good Ass Clothes

kay but like who gave them permission to subject us to this post new wardrobe universe i wasnt ready

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Personally, I think they were making a statement with the matching jackets. Totally did NOT have to do that. They could have easily changed something up so that they weren't so matchy matchy. And it's now clear that they read the blogs--so they know it would have been noticed and speculated on endlessly. So what you were trying to say, Sam & Cait...???

ok but like. IT WASN’T JUST THE MATCHING JACKETS. Sam changed into jeans for the pictures and they were literally head to toe, every item of clothing, matching. probably down to their fucking socks. maybe they were trying to tell us how goddamn married they are that everything in their wardrobe is coordinating. jesus fucking christ. 

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raven reyes' wardrobe though: her adorable and puffy red jacket. that tattered blue t-shirt that looked so cozy and well-worn. her space suit, especially the raven-imprinted helmet. her boots (especially in the scene where she first steps foot on a bed of crunchy autumn leaves). that white henley shirt with the grey sleeves that's just like A++ and too much for my bi ass. those fingerless gloves she wears for maybe an episode (madonna ain't got nothing on raven).

you asked for this, so expect it to be long. lets geek out about raven’s wardrobe and her general otherwordly fashion sense because goddamn the fashion police is trying to get to her all the time wanting to give her some advice, but? she always looks good.

let’s start with this one

if your otp is raven x a dark greenish sweater vest ft. fingerless gloves then welcome to the club. the ecology between her and this outfit largely revolves around the fact that raven is a smartass. the statement she makes with it: ‘I’m gonna find out your secret and then i’m gonna fuck you up’. why else do you think her gloves are so long? her detecting skillz are on point. the observer is aware and she is going to go hard. also, check the color coordination. she clearly knows her style, a specialist in the arts of colors for sure.

the famous red bomber jacket aka raven’s new clothing line called ‘i’m gonna rip you to shreds’

raven’s clothes are like chopping up onions. they are layered and you end up crying a lot - tears of joy of course. sometimes you wonder if raven’s clothes are just a part of her body anyway because how does one look so cute and fierce with a red bomber at the same time, let alone during a mission? the damn chemistry… it’s not even science anymore. raven x red jacket is pure passion and their love is going to cut you like a razor (watch out alie, she’s coming for you). also, color scheme! red jacket plus well-worn and cozy blue tattered shirt! u know what that means? raven is actually bi. BI.

a little bird in space

whenever i see raven in her space suit i forget that earth is filled with some spooky things like mutated animals or reapers. because why the fuck have that, when you can have this

she just looks super cute in it. how she works a space helmet with her signature on it because yes this is raven fucking reyes in space, the little bird. the lil sticker with her name on it that finn gave her, how big the space boots look, like where the hell are her feet? she is so tiny and you just wanna hug and protect her but goddamn you don’t really need to, because space makes her feel good. the suit makes her feel good. she looks the happiest when she is wearing it, when she gets to explore space in it, see the world from a whole new angle. that’s the thing about the suit. it looks heavy, but raven makes it appear so weightless because she feels so weightless when she is wearing it, just getting to float around (yes, the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), and enjoy life in its fullest. i think we can all agree that she deserves more spacewalks, and less pain. the things i’d do for raven to find the Polaris pod in polis tbh.

moving on.

they say the problems never end, but you know what else really never ends? raven’s great fashion sense. and raven x shirts is what dreams are made of

raven in a dark red wine t-shirt? check

raven in a classic henley shirt with dark grey sleeves? check

raven being so extra and owning a hollister sporty burnout v-neck shirt that looks just a bit different from the henley with the grey sleeves? check

raven in a black tank top with flexing muscles? check. also, you see alie in the bg right? the thing is, alie never controlled raven. raven is actually in control of alie. that woman is so attracted to the unknown magnetic force of raven’s outfits (its fucking raw magnetism i swear), especially that tank top and those arms, that she’s practically hypnotized. alie only knows fashion from ‘bratz fashion boutique’ for the nintendo DS, she’s never seen anyone dress like this before. so in her eyes it ain’t even science anymore, it’s a whole new world. and leave it to raven to dess- i mean, fight like a genius. she’s got this.

or this one? ravens got a thing for darker sleeves. i told you she appreciates color coordination, it sustains her.

also, skinny jeans are out they say. time for raven to hit the streets

the green pants are my aesthetic and the details you can see on the jeans in the picture to your right is my kink.

and then raven’s boots.

her presence is undeniable *crunch crunch* girl is never out of style. also, who needs leg warmers when you can just tug your hands into your boots??? she is about to become the greatest fashion icon, watch her (if she isnt already duh).

one of these days she’s going to bring back heelys and everyone will actually love her for it. cause raven can make everything cool.

So Roots was a story I was going to write about Ruby growing up as a trans girl & figuring out her identity, as well as unraveling the mystery of “why do ruby and yang have different last names? and who is Summer?” but it’s mostly a story about Yang and Summer

When I started writing it we knew NOTHING about Yang, Ruby, or Summer, so in this story Yang isn’t Ruby’s sister, but Summer is. Their dad is named Ash Rose and I never gave their mother a name. Naturally a lot of shit got jossed so I dropped it but @arulaen reminded me I’ve never posted the whole story. I’m literally never going to write any more but I did like the ideas I had. (And it’s very On Brand for the shit I like). 

Anyway, in the last chapter of Roots we met the death-predicting cat named Grimm. (This is based on a real cat.) Summer watches that cat with dread as over the next few days he goes to every single person she saved in the hospital, just hours before they die, until there’s only one person left. Summer is sick with grief at not being able to save these people, and Ruby sees being a huntress isn’t all heroism and fairy tales.

Summer hates that cat. Ruby feels a little bad for him and suggest that maybe predicting death is like his Semblance, he didn’t choose it : ( don’t be mean to the cat, sis. Summer  stays with that last patient until one day Grimm comes back. He always wanders around but every time she sees him, Summer gets a little heart attack. Please take me instead, she thinks weakly, sleep-deprived and weary from days spent in the hospital watching over the sole survivor. Please let me save just one person.

Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t, maybe Summer was praying to a cat. But Grimm never swings by and the last person survives and recovers and wakes up. Her name, of course, is Yang Xiao Long.

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Sebastian Stan x reader

Based on: Rumors - Jake Miller

Warnings: mentions of sex (not really), kissing, drinking, fluff.

Words: 1.3k

All credit goes to Marvel.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posted. I have been swamped with ideas for fics and absolutely no idea where to begin. I have also been busy preparing for my birthday tomorrow and arranging family parties. Thankfully, this one is out and I really hope you guys like it!

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The first time was an accident, I swear. I was in New York for a photo-shoot and had spent the night at The Carlyle. Sebastian Stan had just happened to stay in the same hotel on the same night and got caught with particularly messy hair and a pair of sunglasses the next morning. Granted, they were the ‘suspicious glasses’. Yeah, you know the ones- the ones that are completely blacked out so no one can see their eyes.

Because of Sebastian’s appearance, paparazzi had hidden outside the hotel waiting to see what lucky girl spent the night with the Romanian Sex God. And of course I was the next girl to walk outside, stepping out in full-on photo-shoot wardrobe, looking like I was doing the goddamn walk of shame from a five-star hotel. “Sebastian Stan + Y/N Y/L/N’s Steamy Night in NY!” was plastered all over newsstands and social media only hours later.

Then it was an interview that I was brought up in. This one wasn’t Seb’s fault. No, this was the doing of Anthony Mackie, a close mutual friend who I had worked with in another movie, What’s Your Number?

The interviewer, a perky young redhead, made her rounds doing the usual questions for the cast before she got to the more personal questions. One, of course, was about Sebastian’s love life and if he had any lucky lady waiting for him at home once filming had finished. Before Sebastian could even open his mouth to answer the question, Mackie’s hand clapped down on Seb’s shoulder. “I’ll take this one,” he started, earning a laugh from the interview and the rest of the cast. “Yes, he does.”

He never even said my name and once again, Sebastian and I were trending on twitter. Perez Hilton was eating us up like we were his favorite dessert and he had an unlimited amount of it and didn’t have to share.

Up until two weeks ago, my public relationship with Sebastian had just been two people in the same place at the wrong time. It had gotten to the point where my publicist was nearly begging me to make a statement and say that I was single so her phone would stop blowing up with questions from news reporters. I even dodged some phone calls of my own from friends who would call me up, asking if I was hooking up Bucky Barnes.

But whether it was fate or coincidence, we kept bumping into each other at parties, red carpet events, or even just on the street if we were working in the same place. And sure enough, someone was always there to catch a picture. One of them, taken on a chilly day in Washington, was a picture of the two of us laughing and apologizing after we literally bumped into each other. We were pulled apart at the time of the photo, but we were still caught in a friendly exchange which did make us look like a couple.

The next time I ran into Sebastian Stan was at the airport. I was on my way to board a plane back to New York and he had just gotten off his plane coming from Orlando. This time, I had asked him a question and as he furrowed his brows in thought, we heard the unmistakable click of a camera. Yep, “Y/N AND SEBASTIAN IN HEATED ARGUMENT AT AIRPORT.”

I’d say the article was out for maybe five minutes before my publicist called me threatening to quit if I kept having unplanned run-ins with Sebastian. “Y/N, I swear on my grandmother’s grave that if I get another call from TMZ asking me to confirm your relationship with Sebastian, I’m forwarding them straight to your number.”

Now it was New Year’s Eve and I was currently attending Gwyneth Paltrow’s party. I had on a mermaid-style nearly-sheer silver gown that hugged all of my curves and spilled out beautifully on the ground around me.

At some point during the night, I had acquired a hideous, magenta-colored feather boa that I had dramatically draped in between my two elbows. I was many drinks in by this point, so it was really no surprise that I would’ve picked up such a cheesy accessory.

I had made my rounds during the night, greeting other celebrities and doing the typical mingling. I was in the middle of talking to Mackie when I noticed he kept looking over my shoulder before looking back at me and winking. I followed his gaze.

Sebastian was out on the balcony, a cigarette dangling between his lips as he held a lighter underneath it. Once the flame was lit, he quickly tucked the lighter back into his pocket before taking a long drag of it.

Normally, smoking disgusted me. But something about Sebastian made it seem classy. Like a old-school Hollywood day-dream.

Mackie nudged me, laughing as he caught me staring at Sebastian like I was a deer in the headlights. I glared at him, but welcomingly took the shot that he handed me. He tipped his up in the air and I clinked mine against his before we each downed the burning amber-colored liquid.

I was already fairly tipsy, but a new jolt of confidence struck through me as I winked at Anthony before weaving my way through crowds and out to the balcony. The door was already opened and Sebastian had his back turned to me, looking out over the vast expanse of land in front of him. No one else was out on the balcony besides him, and now me.

“You’ve made my publicist very mad, Mr. Stan.” I all but purred as I came to stand next to him, arching my back as I rested my arms on the cold, metal ledge. He smirked as he took another pull from the cigarette before tapping out the ashes against his finger.

“I’ll be sure to send her some flowers,” He said, turning towards me. His fingers flitted over my hip before grabbing onto it with his hand. “You know, we have given the paparazzi quite the show over the past few weeks. A lot of people think we’re together.”

“Oh, do they?” I asked, smirking along as he continued his game.

“Yeah. See, normally rumors like that bother me. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But for some reason, the rumors between you and me never seem to bother me. In fact, I want to show you off.” He dropped his cigarette between our feet, using the excuse of stomping out the lit end to step closer to me. I could smell the cigarette stench mixed with the Listerine-scent of alcohol on his breath and I know he could smell it on mine. His body heat radiated on to me and it made me forget all about the freezing winter weather.

“Then do it. Show the world that I’m yours.”

With the permission, the hand that rested on my hip slipped around to press against my back, pushing my chest further into him as his other hand slid up my arm and cupped my cheek. His lips harshly crashed against mine. I vaguely heard a countdown going on inside, but I had been counting down to this kiss for weeks now and this was far more enticing than being able to flip the page on your calendar. My arms slid up around his neck to pull him even closer to me. We both jumped, breaking apart when fireworks blasted without warning, causing us to laugh. I watched more as Sebastian licked his lips.

“At least now the tabloids have something real to talk about.” He mumbled as he pulled me in for another heated kiss.

Happy New Years to me.

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MOM what outfit of dans is ur favorite?

this definitely suits him the best he’s such a Fashion Icon™

can we just talk about an au where hartley is a high school physics teacher and cisco is the robotics program instructor and hartley being buttmad because hr hired cisco as the new robotics head when hartley’s been gunning for that position ever since the last guy resigned

but then they keep running into each other in the breakroom and hartley wants to hate him so much but goddamn he’s charming even if his wardrobe is tacky as fuck (and maybe he’s jealous the kids actually like him because, you know, hartley isn’t exactly the most popular teacher … not that he really tries to be)

there’s also hartley calling cisco “mr ramon” and cisco calling hartley “mr rathaway” because hartley is weirdly formal for a high school teacher and cisco just plays along with it because it’s kind of funny until eventually they get to know each other and there’s the transition from last names to first names 

and at some point hartley starts spending his office hours in the robotics room because it’s not like students ever come to see him (they’re all scared of him tbh) and when cisco asks why he’s always visiting him to grade papers hartley makes some excuse about the constant whirring of mechanical parts being soothing and fervently denies there being any correlation with him actually wanting to be around cisco which is obviously a lie because if he had his way he’d spend all his free time with cisco and he wouldn’t spend it grading papers, either

this obviously leads to frantic makeouts later down the line when hartley just can’t take it anymore and cisco is like yo hartley what are you doing i’m pretty sure this is breaking at least three different departmental regulations and hartley is just like i don’t care shut up and kiss me

i bet barry is like one of the chemistry teachers too and he and cisco are bffs and he’s just like damn you and hartley did what and cisco’s like yeah man i’m pretty sure we made out for like ten minutes and barry just sort of laughs because wow cisco’s got game he’s impressed

I do not like thinking about the possibility that there will not be a season 4 of Hannibal. It’s like thinking of the possibility of President Trump *HRK* except less global disaster and genocide. But they both involve crying until I’m sick and unresolved self-righteous anger.

But! In the event there is not a season 4, I have come up with this beautiful headcanon of Mads and Hugh producing THEIR OWN season 4 because no one would be more upset and more gung-ho to ABSOLUTELY fucking do season 4 than these two bbs.

And with that, I present to you… (a special holiday treat inspired by @kristsune)

NOT! Hannibal Season 4:

Early 2017

The youtube video opened to Hugh Dancy sitting down in what appeared to be someone’s garage, “Hi, guys, Hugh Dancy here.”

“And Mads!” the scruffy, lanky Dane leaned over his shoulder, smiling at the camera.

“Yes, and we’re here in Mads’ garage because, as you might know, Hannibal, the show that we were in together two years ago, was cancelled. And we hoped and we prayed and we crossed our fingers really hard that there would be a season 4, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be one,” Hugh and Mads both pouted at the screen.

“And everyone was really sad about this,” Hugh continued.

“Heartbroken,” Mads interrupted.

“None moreso than we ourselves,” Hugh glanced up at Mads knowingly, “but also you guys, the Fannibals out there, and um… well, we didn’t take the cancellation lying down. We thought there was… more of the story to be told, enough of it left that we could make a fourth season, and Mads and I,” Hugh looked up at Mads for confirmation, “we both felt that you guys deserved more. And we wanted to do more, to give you more. So we’re going to produce our own fourth season of Hannibal.”

“Surprise!” Mads beamed, squeezing Hugh’s shoulder in excitement.

“We’ve never done anything like this before. We’re doing it literally out of Mads’ garage, this garage that you see before you,” Hugh lifted his phone, to quickly pan around Mads’ storage space, “We have no production team, no budget, no affiliation with anyone else, we’re just doing it because we really felt Hannibal and Will deserved another chapter. So um…” Hugh cleared his throat, bringing the view back to him and Mads, “I have no idea how this will go. It might flop after one episode, we might make it through a whole season! Who knows! But I hope you’ll come watch this because we really are doing it for you.”

Hugh leaned back, looking up at Mads, “Mads, anything to add?”

Mads crouched down, peering into the lens, “Um… just that we love the Fannibals and thank you for staying strong all this time and never giving up. We’re so sorry we can’t do this properly for you, but we’re gonna try!”

“And! Before I forget, we’re on a really tight time budget as well,” Hugh poked his head under Mads’ arm again, “We’ll be shooting this on… one or both of our phones, I guess, over the next few months because in June, I have to fly back to the states and Mads has that thing… you know that, that thing,” he snapped his fingers, pretending to forget that Mads was in Star Wars, “that thing in space with the infinitely marketable merchandise…”

Hugh grinned widely as Mads shoved him playfully, “Shut it, Dancy.”

Hugh giggled, straightening the frame again, “Okay, I think that’s enough for now. We’ll be back, hopefully soon, with the first episode of Hannibal season 4! Bye!”

(it was at this point I got very tired because Christmas so the rest is included in the style of bullet points)

  • Everyone is half convinced this video is a prank. To the point that Hugh and Mads have to email Bryan to confirm it on twitter on their behalf. Bryan, meanwhile, has been crying and drowning his sorrows in ice cream because HIS BABY WAS CANCELLED AND HE IS NOT OKAY WITH ANOTHER ONE OF HIS PRECIOUS CREATIONS NEVER COMING BACK. But seeing his beloved actors doing this, the fact that they are dedicated to the point of doing this purely out of the generosity of their souls, in their off-time from real work that pays the bills, brings a smile to his face and he wants to do anything he can to help them achieve their dream!
  • Everyone is so moved by this the Fannibals start a kickstarter to back the project, which is immediately shut down because Mads and Hugh freak. out. “NO NO NO NO! We don’t want your money, please, really, we’re happy to do this. We love you guys, but this is not about you supporting us, this is about us giving back. Please don’t send us your money and please don’t give money to anything that says it’s for us because it isn’t, we’re not getting a cent of it, people are literally stealing your money. So don’t give money, just watch and enjoy.”
  • With that taken care of, Mads and Hugh each try their hand at script writing. This goes disastrously.
    “So how do we get out of the sea?”
    “I don’t fucking know, Bryan was keeping that a secret for season 4.”
    “Which we’re not going to have.”
    “Should we just ask Bryan?”
    “He said something about skipping ahead 4 years, giving Hannibal the 4 years he’s owed with Will.”
    “The fans would want to see how we survive though, we have to do something about it.”
    “Do we have to go shoot on the beach?”
    “You on the beach Mads? Even in the dead of night we couldn’t get away with that, you’d be mobbed. I’d be mobbed, probably, if only because I was with you. Also, shooting in the dark and wet on the North Sea? We’ll freeze to death! And I think we need a permit or something, or a lifeguard to make sure we don’t die trying to do this.”
    “So back to skipping ahead 4 years…”
    “But we caaaan’t…”
  • Family members on both sides are enlisted to paint sets. There is one particularly fine and realistic looking pine tree, then everyone realized how fucking time-consuming set design is and gave up. Hannibal’s office became a few cardboard boxes of varying size that have ‘Chair,’ ‘Other Chair,’ and ‘Desk’ written on them respectively. That one pine tree tho, fucking gorgeous. They put it in every shot, indoor or outdoor, just because it’s the one piece of their set that they can be proud of.
  • Hugh and Mads are both forced to forego make up and costume. This is unfortunate on both sides. Hugh, for one, was REALLY looking forward to wearing his first Murder Husbands suit of haute couture and now that will never happen and he’s really kinda bummed. Mads, for another, is impossible to take seriously as the world’s most terrifying serial killer when he’s in Adidas and yet he refuses to change. This proves a topic of stress and dissension for the entire filming process, eventually culminating in Hugh threatening to burn Mads’ entire wardrobe if he won’t fucking put on a goddamn tie YOU’RE HANNIBAL LECTER DAMN IT HE DOES NOT WEAR RUNNING SHOES TO THE OPERA.
  • Beards. Beards are also an issue. Hugh is allowed to keep his, under the qualification that he is Will Graham who has never been clean-shaven in the entire show. As long as he keeps it tidy, he gets to be a scruffy manly man. Mads feels that he is WHOLLY within his rights justifying why Hannibal would wear a beard. And while some of these arguments are convincing, Mads in his natural habitat looks so much like a suburban dad he couldn’t intimidate a skittish gerbil. So, as Hugh’s lighter draws ever closer to his jogging pants, he consents to shave off his fluffy, silver beard that he had been quite proud of, in order to look more the part.
  • However, Mads vetoes cutting his, by now, shoulder-length hair. There is literally zero, in-character justification for this as both he and Hugh know Hannibal is far too tidy and detail-obsessed to miss a hair cut or let it grow out so long it started to become an issue for personal hygiene and/or distinguishing evidence at a crime scene. But he’s already sacrificing his beard and putting on slightly less Adidas themed clothes, so he clings to this as his last dignity and he looks so good with the long hair, it actually accentuates the long, harsh bones of his face, perfect for Hannibal, that Hugh agrees. And thus the Hannibun becomes canon.
  • Hugh and Mads STRONGLY REGRET their decision to film this on their phones and not just break the bank buying a fucking camera, cameras plural even, and set them up around the garage. Their arms ACHE after filming the 20 minute long episode. On top of which, the phones pick up every nudge, jerk, and wobble, their mics are terrible so half the time you can’t hear what they’re saying if the phone isn’t in range, but their terrible light sensitivity means that the new episode is filmed in traditional Hannibal style. No lights, camera, action.
  • Hugh and Mads are introduced to the new and exciting world of Editing Software. They find a new appreciation for the the entire Post-Production crew. They WEEP and prostrate themselves before the digital editing gods that they were because EDITING IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Even considering they can’t do any special effects because they don’t know how to, simply cutting the film and then putting it back together so it runs smoothly and coherently is awful! It’s hours of sitting there staring at the same 5 seconds of film, trying to figure out the least abrupt place to cut and then shove it in where it needs to go. Mads and Hugh instantly agree they need to hire someone to do this for them because neither of them has the patience to sit there and fiddle with it on the computer for hours.
  • Public reception of the first episode is blatant adoration, even though it’s nearly incoherent. Fannibals put up subtitles, gif the fuck out of it, display it everywhere, and are generally as encouraging as humanly possible.
  • Bryan headdesks when he hears how bad the script is and resolves to write them scripts off to the side, even though he’s incredibly busy with American Gods and Amazing Stories. He just CAN’T let the two of them suffer through writing it themselves and he’s SO GODDAMN PROUD that they would do this, he just has to step in. He wishes he could be there in person to cheer them on, but will have to satisfy himself through vigorous emailing for now.
  • The rest of the cast of Hannibal eventually sees it and DEMANDS TO KNOW WHY THEY WERE NOT INVITED. Hugh and Mads are overjoyed and extremely welcoming, but everyone is all tied up with different work schedules so a full episode with everyone back is impossible. But! Little by little they all trickle in, getting at least a cameo in an episode:
    Caroline is the first, which is a little awkward since the Hannibal-Will-Alana reunion will almost certainly end in a bloodbath and it seems cruel to kill her after they haven’t seen her in two years. So they work out a way to put Alana in the episode without her actually interacting with Hannibal or Will. They’re just so happy to see her and they do a bonus video so she can say hi to the Fannibals herself.

    Scott and Aaron manage to coordinate to come together and do a week-long series of vines about wandering around Denmark, with and without Mads, mispronouncing things and making as many Hannibal references as possible. There is one in which they are deeply embarrassing and Mads pretends not to know them as they butcher their way through Danish words. In retaliation, they threaten to draw attention to him, which of course cuts to Mads doing a lovely impromptu Hannibal impression and Scott and Aaron are reminded who they’re fucking with. They don’t get to do much in the actual episodes, but they are a HUGE help with filming and it’s a very lovely, easy week while they stay and help with the odds and ends of production.

    Laurence shows up about half-way through the season, complaining that NO ONE TOLD HIM and loudly suggesting they ought to have flown him out. Hugh and Mads are thrilled to see him and are very excited about attempting to do a fight scene with Jack, something they haven’t safely been able to coordinate thus far in the filming. Laurence is ALL FOR IT and Mads does his best improvising as a fight scene choreographer and teaching them to be graceful, like he is. Not really, but they do film a bonus scene where Mads tries to teach them ballet while both Hugh and Laurence insist that they can do it perfectly! Mads stands off to the side, biting his tongue.

    Gillian manages to fly down, very late in the season, which is awkward, given where we left Bedelia, but she is a delight to have on set again. Mads manages to squeeze in a scene of pure flirtation between Hannibal and Bedelia, with much rolling of the eyes from Hugh (perhaps a trace of jealousy, obviously residual from Will. Obviously.) They do a quick Q&A with international superstar Gillian Anderson and she talks about how much she misses the show and would be missing it anyway since she was clearly about to get eaten. She hopes her leg tasted delicious.
  • There is a plus side to no longer being tied to a production company though and no longer publishing on television. All the episodes are released exclusively on youtube which has much laxer censorship laws. This means that Hugh, Mads, and Bryan no longer have to play to a homophobic audience that couldn’t deal with two men who are clearly soulmates kissing. Which means in episode 10 of the series, when Will makes his first solo kill and brings it home to Hannibal, Hannibal’s bursting heart can be expressed by a full-on kiss on the mouth. For several seconds. Possibly minutes. Just… full minutes of Mads Mikkelsen kissing Hugh Dancy. Because this is fucking youtube and WE FINALLY CAN.
  • After the episode, with full-length kiss intact and unedited, full of heavy breathing and grainy blushes, Bryan reveals that the kiss was not even in his script and he posts a condemning screenshot of said script. Honestly, not one Fannibal is surprised.