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Sally Headcanons

-Sally feeling so helpless as her son takes on the world, and there’s nothing she can do, but he’s just a child and it’s not his job.
-But she doesn’t say anything to him, because he shouldn’t think she’s anything except caring and loving. Because anger is not something she should feel.
-Percy coming home, and Sally feeling so, so mad. Not at him, at the world, and the gods and everyone expect Percy. Everyone except her damaged, little boy.
-The first day he’s back sleeping in his own bed, she sleeps through the whole night without a nightmare.
-Waking up, and that dreadful feeling filling her stomach “where is my son?” but he’s there, he’s with her and he’s safe.
-She cooks so much food, and cleans his clothes and does everything she can because now she finally has someone to do it for.
-And Percy worries for her, and feels so guilty for the stress he’s put her through but he’s “my son, and I don’t care how stressful things are, I’ll always look after you.”
-Things settle down, and when the house is too silent she doesn’t panic that he’s gone. They have karaoke baking sessions together, and Annabeth supplies baking advice (and singing tips).
-Sally realizes Annabeth gets the same anxiety she does sometimes, and soon all 3 of them travel to therapy together in Paul’s car.
-Sally meets the demigods, and adopts them all as extra children (especially nico). She and Jason read tabloids together, Sally and Hazel write and draw with each other and give constructive criticism. Frank is her favorite (not that she’d ever say it out loud). They have movie nights, and Sally loves the bustle and activity and finally being able to look after them.
-She’s relieved to meet Reyna, who is responsible and is the only person (aside from Annabeth) she trusts to keep her children safe.
-She and Percy turn the apartment into a makeshift hostel for demigods that would otherwise stay at camp for years on end.
-Sally being everyone’s mom.

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your imagines are actually so good omg I legit check your blog every day to see if you've updated!! I was wondering if it's not too much trouble could you do an Alex imagine where like the reader is super stressed about school because everyone has high expectations for them but top boyfriend Alex is super cute and calming about it or something like that idk?? Thank you!! <3

I can relate to this so much and I’m sure a lot of you can too, so I hope you like! (Also it makes me so happy that you guys like my writing so much honestly I never expected this kind of following haha) ~

905 words, Alex Standall/reader

You were about as close to hurling your revision guide across your bedroom as your idling hand held your pencil from the paper. You’d always been top of the class, or close enough, so people automatically started saying how great you were going to do when the tests rolled around. It made you feel so anxious that you were the designated person to do well, so worried that you’d let down everyone if you dropped even by a bit. 

You studied hard, barely slept, and had gotten into a fair amount of stress. Alex, your thankfully supportive boyfriend who didn’t care what marks you got, so long as you always made time for yourself; which, of course, you barely did.

Being close to tears when he called that evening (beating yourself up that you kept zoning out through your chemistry revision) you didn’t want to answer the phone and let him know how worked up you were but at the same time, you needed to hear his voice to comfort you.

You shakily pressed ‘accept’.

“Hey Alex, now’s not a good time,”

“Why? You studying?”

“Yeah, actually, I kinda need to get back,” as much as you wanted relief from revision you felt like you couldn’t draw yourself away from it. You had to keep up the reputation of having good marks. You had to.

“No, you don’t. This is as good a time as any, take a break from the books. I’ll be at the park in like ten minutes.” You sighed, thankful that you did have an excuse to close the guide. 

“Alright Standall, I’ll be there.” 

“Hell yeah you will, see you soon y/n,” he hung up, obviously satisfied that he’d persuaded you to choose him over your normal use of your endless nights. 

You saw his bleach-blond hair against the deep navy summer sky, he was leaning against the gate around the park, spinning his phone between a finger and thumb. Smiling when you saw each other you ran over to hug him. Alex kissed your temples and played with the hair that came down to where his hands were placed around you. 

“What were you wasting your time on tonight?” 

“Alex, come on, it’s hardly a waste if I’m gonna do good for myself,” you argued, even though you both knew it wasn’t really for yourself anymore. You knew you could drop a few places and still be the breadwinner in life. “It was chemistry.” 

“Ah, how amazingly fun. Surely more fun than running around town with your boyfriend?” 

“Definitely not.” you were still smiling in his presence but got the overwhelming urge to cry, eyes stinging and nose prickling with that feeling you get before the tears come. Making a mistake, you wiped at your eyes to get rid of the slight dampness, getting him to notice. 

“What’s wrong? Why’re you upset?” he stood before you having to bend slightly at his hips to make sure he was looking you in the eyes and not down on you. You brought your hands away from your face to wrap them around yourself, letting your face twist with the small sniffles and sobs, feeling your cheeks become the rocks behind a waterfall. Was it stupid that you were crying this much over school stress? Not at all, any person would tell you that - but you couldn’t tell yourself. 

“I’m - it’s so stupid to get so weak about this - it’s all too much, baby, the stress, the expectations, I can’t let everyone down by-by failing my exams and-” sometimes you managed to suppress what you were really feeling and just go on with what you needed to do; however, when you got down to thinking about it… this happens. 

“It’s not stupid, not at all. And you’re not stupid for wanting good grades or whatever, but there are so many more important things. Step away from the school environment, god knows we have enough of it. Live your life, you’ll be tied down soon enough,” 

“That’s comforting,”

“It’s honest, y/n. That’s why I try to coax you out of your room all the time, I want you with me. No one cares if you get second, or even last. Most of all, I really don’t care what you do, as long as it’s not making you do, well, this.” he gestured to your puffy face, the tears drying up at his words. “You’re gonna have to work until you’re nearly dead - and right now, you’re alive. Fully alive, and I’m here to live this life with you.” He straightened up, grabbing your arms away from your chest and holding them in his. You both giggled when he swung your arms from side to side, taking in the warm summer breeze and the near-quiet air around you, only broken by the sounds of nature around you. 

It was nice out here, Alex by your side, fresh air inflating your young lungs instead of the stale, stuffiness of your room/second classroom. You barely got out without the help of your boyfriend. 

“I’m ready to live life with you, too, Alex,” 

“I’m glad to hear that. First step of being a normal teenager - break a couple, if not all, of the rules,”

“I think I’m cool with that,” you grinned, allowing him to let go of one of your hands and lead you further into the woods surrounding the park.

Oh by the way….after like TWO MONTHS of stressful interviews and waiting, I GOT THE JOB!! I’m super super excited but also nervous because I start this full time job while still in school 3 weeks from graduation lol (which is why I have no will to do hw anymore oops) so please pray that I have the willpower to finish all of my big assignments up!! I’m so grateful to God that I’ve been able to find a secure full time job that I know I’ll love with great benefits by the time I graduate! God is soooo good! Thanks so much for praying!!! <3

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Nora oh my god you're probably floored with asks right now so u don't have to answer but whY IS DAN LIKE THIS MY ANXIETY CAN'T TAKE IT. I genuinely felt my heart speed up and like almost tears for some reason why do they have such an effect on me I'm freaking out I'm so stressed why did I choose this life

i just got five in like a minute but ur at the top of my inbox so hey

also SAME fuhk

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Hi, I was wondering if you could pray for me as I'm in a tricky life transition trying to decide if changing degrees and cities is the best thing for me or if I'm in the right place right now. I feel a little lost and stressed. I appreciate you and your blog a lot! xx

Hi friend,

Sending so many prayers your way. I appreciate you

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” - James 1:5

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
   and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
   and he will make straight your paths.” - Proverbs 3:5-6

All my love,


◈ ║ YOUR GOD HAS SPOKEN:      I have to finish my animation final, but I’m jumping on the post-despair designs bandwagon, so have a shitty sketch of my vision for Gun.dam’s design.

- His hair is grown out, && is mostly greyed due to a melatonin deficiency caused by stress && other malpractice in regards to the body ( I’ll go into detail when given the time )

- Walking cane needed due to collateral damage && massive scarring of tissue on the entire life side of his body ( he’s got a limp).

- Long scar across the bridge of his nose running from ear-to-ear && a gash-like scar along his lip.

- No more red contacts; he wears his natural eye color, which is a murky blue-gray

paypal told me my first withdrawal request was cancelled by my bank so the money bounced back to my paypal account and i fixed the error and tried to withdraw again. the second withdrawal went through but the first withdrawal ALSO went through so i withdrew 2x the amount i actually wanted to and now my Paypal account is like $500 in the red

i’m trying to fix it now but god this is stressful hahaha

agreste’s afternoon view.

Matt and Shiro's reunion

Shiro: Matt?? Matt is that you?! Oh my god!
Matt: wtf happened to your hair you look like a skunk
Shiro: It’s the stress and yOU KNOW IT
Matt: Yeah trying to get that eyeliner on point must be stressful
Shiro: *looks at the camera like he’s in the office*


Ushishira week  Day 1: New Year (or something like that)/ “Intense Force”

Maybe this will be a year where Shirabu won’t see his boyfriend too often, but every day will have something that remindes his cow!



this week on “weirdly specific headcanons”: Hanzo really loves lemons, Jesse suffers

henlo i am crY ign